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[Uf- fcD' ,5' 1968 ■ . , ; IP \ MF(H-J f- CLASS „ m .>.sioit!» for gl' r-:r;:„a:aoc{ Twshay- [,..,. o u t e r g j 't n . HOOP WOKKOCT THh.ftciyark Reds,will take on two huwil f.^s.in tlu’\Wlyr.e 1 report Finper Lakes Confercni'e on -Friday. Feb 16. ,i:ar\Veiln. mI iv Feb ill ha: n m :n . !'■ r a btrs- 21 . ••!. (imi.m-umly Coach Gary Miller's basKe trnrs • ’ , Friday night engagpirteru and, on \ , ^ Wednesday will pluy hosf to the last-Ateppmg Geneva,.Puiitliers. The Reds know they 11 have a ball game ua -their hands. jn both 11 VV-trrlbn t,x-, been looking loLinuu to the return ’game Since itg 6 l to GO less to Newark on Dee.. 18. The Indians were so tar ahead of the Reds in the Newark meeting that, eve­ ning that no one '.would- have r, given a, plugged nickel for New- sinrr ,t!lej.r ark's chances. to Waterloo m the f - gut n t l y a m a n .iid- w ife w ill ha v e a b u s y ,m - i a l life, b u t /-<>>>;• 4 'Shers h a r d e v e r y d a y | s„d rarely 'take- tim e o p t to -T.hftt.'ra; S.O.. \ ‘ I in their . a change of-scene. If tftjiv chores have gut you | M then take your Wile our |on the town. HfjourrraR performance- -is? | Ef[lins vou diiv.n, bring it in “toms- It’Pays to give -your car I tiie best of cart -and that s Lint oiif service is all about,; ■ Shop-at Farrell’s Service Sta­ llion 148 \rst rnion Streep, L Wrk. Phone 331-2525. w* ,1 pvir.-'eii 1 ” 1 po ii*, in, ,1-e N'*Wa 1 'k v-anie th e to o i ’i ri r w ith I IP p o i n t s f'-'i -'a - 4- H- j it\. C -n' . n t w j.ii if.i .-.’-ii p . , .bv D n l r . i . i . 'r t e r w itu an. . ever. 1110 . fhe New irk-Cenevn attrnc- t’ori nrnnisey. to he n ('ve)v m o ' in that the\ Puirihers haven't * 'opped a dor is'.on anywhere) 9 >u 74 loss at Sene- ea Falls nn noonino- night Go-' Coach Bill Olihski's rampae- n«*vn. a b>\ 77 t> N wmrer over Ihg Indians had raced to a 42 t j Newark uv (lie t.rst ineetmr has 22 bulge with two minutes stffl a vvell-b vl n~M chib left in the first half and appear- around D«\pv udliams v » ’- iso ed tQ have the Reds on the run no.ints, -Rickie Flue with 143 I-to the-hills, The game suddenly Herb Setters witli iSfi. Iienrv I tpok a different aspect for in the Howard with 137 arid Steve Lahr n n t i t ^ l S S F w m * j.ttju r t t r •' »>, . mororf llnwia flirrlik vnointcn in ' _ mered home eight points ta cut , Coach . Guv Spader’s Waterloo’s margin to 43-34 at. PantH?rs have -h-alf-vKwer - - --------- **— ---- : ------ ^ swept. go-go to .16; Hawks,1-1, •By • DA.VID HANNAN (High Times Sports Reporter) • The I ikors'nipped the Hawks - > ™ e Newark Reds snapped a tw«-garhe losing streak by com- . 28 to 26 in a Midgef\ League' lbg from behind to overtake Canandaigua Academy, 62 to S3, to-, game in the Com m unity Center 1 the,local gym Friday night. • , —- ~ - 7 ’ gym ’* , Couch Gary Milter's club ■os-- l ■jve j p 0 in{s going into the filial dilii Westbruok spaced out- 1’5 evs to. Penn ’.Van and V-ictor 1 period. • • % points tor the winners iilid Joins .dnce the Jan. 19 victory ov:er The Reds could do no Wrong1\ Santoro added seven Nik. Tam i.ynn.s. trailed the last-plnfc! . ..c n thiov h i - , prints in a -tos- Braves'by 10 points aFhaimrne-j^ ^ Iaurt^ penod be§a^. Be­ ing • oaust'. The Lakers rolled to The second half was all New- ,.f0*e Canandaigua coiud score a 9-G fust p. ritHl lead nn West- ark's, however, and the Reds, the Newark squad had-turned &• brook s pair uf luvups and made finished with -their seventh, vie- Uve-puiiit deficit into a four-% it 21-10 at the intermission on. tory in 1-1 W.ayne-Fmuer Lakes I aavamage py scoring'nine three hoops b)v Westbrouk. League starts. The Hawks threatened in the, iA.adimi all Scorers With 2C' consecutive -the streak points. Baueh ended; with a jump shot DICK RAGO . . s’traig'ftt in Ihe conference with- ! V 'Waterloo than had the fight of | out as -much'as losing a 'toWel ‘jits ll|e in the ensuing periods as 1 along the way.' Thev've* been tre- * Newark - whittled away with a ] mendpus oil both offense and de- I basket here and a basket therelfense and on w.hat they have and finally went ahead for keeps : been' dofng- on the ' local' hoop' | in the\ greatest “comebacks1*’ | ever seen, in the local gym .' j Waterloo s onry victories (pri- '.or to- Tuesday night’s games.'- j this season have been over Can- landaigua and DeSales. George for FAST. ERECTIOti - QUICK OCCUPANCY in nil A T L A N TAKEItO BEAM 1C S T E E l B U I L D I N G S RIOID- FRAME Building pl 3 n‘?', I* will - y-ea-'-fro-- fa^st-igat-e • these ad-va n t a g e s-td save you time and mopey-and still hate -^iiGt the buitdirigr -you - l-need-the style, de­ sign •' artif quality you want in Steel buiidmg ATLANTIC , STEEL 1 BUILDINGS 1 AVON, N.Y. » ?*:' ?v.. C lear Sparr F r a m ing ----- « A its. t;vf ... Colorful ”, ^v. :„s.ive Trim Feature » v.\ pie to Erect I, Package Prices . CTSTOM STRUCTURAL STEEL HU, U.v.. WE WILL GLADLY biSCLSS YOUR NEEDS .. NO ............. obligation - . - - ROCHE-KIMBERLY CONSTRUCtiON, INC. , . __ General Contractors f.o. BOX 55 PH. 315-597-4191 ' PALMYRA,. N. Y. front they must get the' nod as] one of the pre-tournament favor-: Lies in the Wonderful Sectionals ! in March. -- The Reds will go with. Ra Nash, Dick Rago', Rick Gravino. Paul Priebe and either Joe Lu- ■?tbbotts Divide f our Points with ' The Abbotts split .four points j with the Old \Vorld Motel In the j Vyomen's Independent League to ! reiain first place with 78 wins, j Wally Abbott rolled a 243-488 In, tv,Q Joe DeAngelis put. -together | for the loop leaders. The Fresh S . w I S ' sames of 206,-214 and 194 for a silkers took three. points from coming tests. Jon . Moon . has cfnuJrv 1 c 1 l)ers to a 3' 1 wln over ftose Sowl, es -DuBois and in other matches ciplinaireasons ^nd John Ga-; \ Rosf* Rnwi Tipas:ue/; MMrthciHo cnnrmH j thmn fvmw vin has be.^n, follrd by .academic 61,4 series in leading the Klip-' the Blondells On a 470 by Dolor- pets to a 3-i win over Rose Bow’ ‘ Lanes, in the Rose Bowl League.-j Northside copped. - three from bi - o is nnooihiii ■ Mike Ghelenza slammed a 245 j Marvin’s. Bootery, - Daileys lost ■ ^ t i H E H l 1 r i ^ u S 1 g:^fa j gets t r m a r k s un in S or ' Paul Faiermo tossed a , un-Huraw-ciL .disuicU^uL.witb whatever svstem the-school uses ^ ^ ^ °DS\ S'Bankmafi leci! ^ pickel.s Dorothy .Colacino Electric to a 31 win.VUbrc.ht 4-5-7. Phyllis Lynch 3- fmal ptiiod wheii Tanea ocove uoiajs wa.s, Ralph Nash. Rick '• ^.hich was good for two, points- tn foi imir buckets and sank Gravino and Paul Priebe added :,but, tj1P Reds retaliated withu font ,sti.im.it frem the foul line eacli while Dick R.ifto llvi, mure, points, to make it 51- onl-y to have time run out on. ^ John Langenstein had nine V 4 ^ ' tlieni. A., basket by Westbrook• an(t sevcni respectively.- Joe Lu- _ . ended the- and a tree throw by Santoro rep- k ..hiooed in with two For the Before the period enaea tne ----------- r r...X4scmpptain wunnvo. ror me Redg h&d dunked in u m0re, r.e.sented the Lakers' scoring in'Bra.ves Don Bauch- and Toni the period1. - I Murphy tossed in 14, each. Len in the second game the Rpy-! j oy had . 11 , Tom Curtin eight, als had little trouble defeating . and paul Nice BiU Kane, and the 76ers. 42 to 22. behind the | Denny Cunningham accounted -ba-sieet—bmirbiitg-im-fci<»'--of^»verfQpTwb' eacTC ' Rauch got the graves off to an C o instock and Je f f P e t e r s . The Comstock-Pet'ers tandem i . • *.-* . „ .,_h# tallied all 42 points with Com-ba!1]’ , ^fvind tn stock, netting 22 and Peters, get - S the oPenmg' peiiod to ting 20. Dave Pulver and Gre'g ^ I 'cA incTeLsed its ad^ Sloape listed 12 and .eight points, KecF' LA mcreasea lls aavaH points, seven of these by.Rago,, to account for a fourth-, period’; total of 25; points,--the largest jingle period output of the sea-: -j-son- for the Recfk..... J7 NT W ARK G F respectively, for. the loseiis. The Royals jumped to 14-1 and 24*3 leads jn the . early .periods, behind Comstock and Peters. ~ C e n t e r L i s t s D a i l y E v e n t s tage by four - in the second pe­ riod with. Murphy pumping, in five* points to lead-the \yaY-. At -the halt the: score was. CA.. 33, ‘Reds 23. • At the opening Of the second half. Joy tossed in a layup to give Canandaigua a 12-point lead,.,..X!.iaL. was as far as the Braves could pull away, how­ ever, as the Reds roared back Naah .... ■pripbe Gravino Rago La'Vt&in. I.iikaa 'MuU-ftSWt M'.colino 1 CAN’ANDAICllI^ * Tl ^ • G . F * 4 JOlBauch ■ 7 O 14 O 12lMurphy §‘ $ o l>2fj#oy 3 5 J1 a Gifiiifit 2 4 ■ J, 7' Nico 1 0 - 2'^ O 2‘Kan© . 0 2 S* &■ -4 a a n' Total® a t 8 62! Totals' 20 IS Mi Sqorirvfr by pRT-iodal Canunclxirvrua* ‘ T « Newark...... H 13 1.1 2 fi—- 58* TRAMPOLINE CLASS y Trampoline lessons for girls:: will be offered Tuesday at. 3:15; p.m. in the Center gym under* in the latter half of the third the supervision of Miss Mary, ’ j period and were only down by ! Lou Erb. girls’ supervisor, , ,over Utica Club despite a 246-: 10. DuLu'es DuBois 3-1Q, Pat Ar- ,579 by Chuck DeVries, a 586 by : hold 5-10. Shirley Clark 2-7, San- j-hi Ihcse cusps . Nash and Rago have been | Newark's oae-two scorina lead- _ _____ _ ____ _ ,(ers.wi'h 180 and lOa POints. re-' Sjd F^jtzgeralcl anci a 567 by Jake :clra Mables 2-7. Jane Cornwell !SI’:rt^ -f2Ur f'd IbV ^ V!n°.Frank. • ' ; 2-7. Beatrice Cornwell 6 -iQ. Mar- with 83. Nash has plaved in one j zappia Vending shut out Safah ’ garet Williams 3-8-10. Delores less game in conference action, i c oventry on. a 558 bv Pete De-. Farnsworth 5-10, Katherine Grif- :) ' Wolf and a 222-545 .by Dean Van- fin 5-10 and Lucille Tack 5-6. j Gorder. Tlie Berns tightened the • - .standings by virtug o( a 3-1,nod j over Margroves on the strength I of a 566 bv Earl Lockner. i Standings: Rosp Bowl 58, Berns 55. Margroves 53, Klipn I pers 52l2. Utica Club. 52, Zap-. ; pias*43. Colacino Electric 28 and ] Sarah Coventry 26 *2 ; G O O O f T E A R ■ r a n r V ATA. v, \ *• % m M A R A T H O N Another NEW G o o d y e a r long distance runner Best tire buy in its PFieerangefo quality and performance ■ Bob Garvey liried a 223-582 se-1 r.ies to lend the Pepsis to a 3-1 • win over Morrison Radio in the I M i d g e t T e a m S t o p s L y o n s . C a g e T s 6 Q - 5 S In Junior Loop ■ f The _76ers defeated the Shad- % Thufsday- Workmen's Com ,p t'n ^ .itiim Board.. 10 a in,,. S i x e r - , ettes basketball. 3:30 p.m.; Men's Basketball League, 7 p.m., [ two games. \ 1 T Friday—Workmen's ' Compen-1 salion Board. 10 a.m.; Midger-1 ettes basketball practice, 3:30; p.m.; dance class, 7 p.m.; open: play in gym. 8:36 p.m.: Boys' Rifle Club, 3:30 p.m. Saturday—Pee Wee Basket­ ball,. 9 a.m.; Midget basketball league, 10 a.m.. two games; Clifton Springs MIdgerette K i l l s j play Newark TVltdgerettea at 1:15 p,m.; V-aientine Dance for the 7, 8 and 9th grade students, 7-11 p.m.; Corn-Center Junior All- Stars play St. MichaeFs.-.O. p.m. Mouday—Junlorettes . basket­ ball pr act!,cre;—3:36—p-m-di Men’s Voltevball L’oague, ' four matehes, 6 30 pm. Tuesday—Newark Folk Club, 10 a.m.; Girls' trampoline, 3:15 p.m.: tops ub club, 6:3(1 p.m. two games. 77_pmn Newark^ Craft Club, 7:30 p.m. Wednesday—Centerettes bas­ ketball practice, 3:30 p.m.; Jun­ ior boys basketball league, 7 NOTICE WE HAVE PLUMBING SUPPLIES FOR THE \DO IT YOUR5ELFER\ ball League, 8:30 p.m. one game. Kiffy Goossen Records 501 in League Match __ _________ ____ . __ _ _ ows, 52 to 44. in a Juninf Bns- Major League. flfr t A ^ C f i f l - S ^ ketball L-eague game in the Uom- The BUottas took a 3-1 se t , W W y d J W w : munity center gym. -from DeRoos on a 226-550 by Ed ' ) Greg Cooper topped the win- Brockhuizen, a 547 by Pete Min- The .Newark Midget Leauue ners With 17 points followed by utolo and a 53t4 by Ken Filippel- All-Stars outlasted the Lyons Ken Grar with 13.and Doug Free- 10 . A 564 By John Logash and a ; Midget All-Stars. 60 to 55. in ! love with 11- Buckv Contario net-T,PI^'l £..g ™n„'_ „ _ 546 by Ftank Nittolo led the the Community Center gym f ted 15 and Mike -Ferguson 10 .Petes to a 3-pointer over- the; Mike .Tanea sparked the 'vin-, fOT yie i„SPi'S who held their op- Servicef Centers whose Tom Co- ners with 22 points followed Ivy : ponents to a 32-32 standoff for ■ lacino was high with 542. Dave Pulver with 13. Jim West-' three quarters nnlv to yield to a : * The Berns copped three points brook with 10. Jeff Peters, with 2fi-j2 final quarter. . from the Old World Inn entrv eieht and Dave Comstock with.: Frank Lagana poured in 33 'a n d 'V other pairing - the-.-seven. Joe. Shtoly topped th«- hm-, pomts and.DiC.k.Suinje threw in Carlings annexed • three points ers with 22 points. j 26 as the Triumphs registered a - from the-McClelians on a 225-527 Lyons jumped to a 12-11 first 6S 41 wjn over the Pros in the I series bv Jake Jorgenson. Harry I Period edge on a pair oFfioops — - - - - - - - - • Smith rolled a 215-549 for the! each by Sholly and Joe Santelli ' insprs i but Tanea s five layups and sin- •. eo „ __ . , gletons by Westbrook, Peters Standings. Pepsi 3e • c and pu!ver grave the Newark 1 Centers 63, Petes 6 g. Bilottas 60. fK.p py,ig hnlftiine bulge. N°w-- Berns 58, DMWosT.dTrin Mur- ark broke the game wjde orn-n risons 38. McClellans 33. DeRoos jn thr -hird w;th 24 points 23 and Carlings 20. ________ but Lvons rallied for 20 in the “ ' while holding New- second game. Ernie Heise chip­ ped m with 18 for the winners who broke the game wide open with 39 points in tlie last half. Hill Van Tyle scored 13 points and Faui Scott IT for the losers • Ccnioar shoulder to give positive control end stability * Lo9S'we5jing. Tufsyn rubber body \id tread ' - 6.50<h-hil>elHS'ei«**i|1 plus ji:ao Fed: is. t*s and a trade-in tire OtAer sizes low priced too! BUY NOW ON OPK EASY PAY PLAN! W I N T E R O F F E R ! 'Sally Edgett Rolls i High 569 Series ^ I n L e a g u e M a t c h Sally -Edgett rolling a ' : 207-569 series'ana Frances De- , final quarter With Tom Chappell Hitting for 25 points and Dali Graf fisting to. thp coltics defeated the Stars. 58 to 41. Bob Woife flipped in. 22 . ark to nine points. Two, buckets • and M,ke Snyder 15 for the . By Pulver clinched the outcome j §tars, ’ for Newark. \Dick Lynch Records 587 in County League F r a n k L isc o N e t s 2 6 P o i n t s in 105-66 D u s t y L o o p G a m e jrrank Llsco scored 26 points on 13 field goals th lead the Ly­ ons Merchants to a 105 to 66 rout over Zappia s Restaurant five in a Dusty League encount- icann adding a 533, the DePauws i ^d the Abbotts to a svmeP ° ver had little trouble taking four {Hydesville Market ur the Twin ! points from the Schlitz entry fn | County League, the Women's \Wednesday Nignt 1 ^ etl Blondell s-544 enabled the 1 i L l I Agways to share four points with ; League. . . . . . . u th e Wahls. The Newark Market , A 547 by Mary Petrus helped gntry copped three from the i the Essos share four points with. gjahkenbergs’r Flying “A\ split j er. In the Center gym I the- Domimcos whose LavellAl-| with Jim's Rotary, the Scofields I Ed POlecki hefted 22 and Milt Ivaro had.a 501. In other ' blanked \the Albrechts and in es the Schaffers lost four to Wes ^be bther match the Rollers lost , five, the Columbia Bankers lost. jour *0 {be Nfovsens despite a .three to Mario's -Arcadia - Oil. 5Ba by teach-. Top four: : took three from the Carrollsiahd • Hydesville 62Vz, Norsens 57 1 2. I To.Dn'o tirrvti threp frnm .17 ___ _____________ -mv. Kitty Goossen rolled a 501 sp- rles to* Trad the RockweTTs To a ] 3-1 win over the Nine Pins in the—Newark-Wayne Community Girls League. In other matches the Fire­ men’s Auxiliary lost three to the Limelighters, the Fairviile Fire­ balls split -with the_Question Marks and the Odd Balls lost four to the Loose Screws. Stand­ ings: Rockwells 66 , Loose Screws ST. iLimellgmers 991 Fireball? 44. Question Marks 43, Odd Balls 43. Firemen’s Auxiliary 41 and Nine Pins 26. BASKETBALL DRILL The Centerettes will hold a basketball workout Wednesday at 3:30 p.m. in the Center gym. For Service Call DEI-2785 ELECTRIC SERVICE WEST UNION ST. NEWARK C A P I T 0 - L l - f f i W A Y . i . r a l s u n d a y ; F e R 16-1E KuSTXllUSaMKiUHSB A U B R E Y H E P B U R N A L A N A R K L R I C H A R D C R E N N A W A I T U N T I L D A R K 1 'AtfvulSXfc.*i: > a-fc..1. m ^ E F R E M Z I M B A L I S T , J R . TECHNICOLOR*FROM WA1TNER BROS.-SEVEN ARTS lff JRI. & SAT, AT 7!0O & 9:35 — SUN, AT 2:00-7:00 A 9:35 STARTS WEDNESDAY\ FEB. 21st - W a K f l H W ) WED. AT 7:00 A .9:23. THUN, thru SAT. AT 2:00-7:00 A 9:25 won three from | Mbrechts 55, Rollers 53%. Rose Bowl. | Split pickers included Dorothy D b f f f l ; . R i i c k ^ R n l U , Boynton 5-10 ahd 5-6. Betty De-j IV e g g ie h t o l t e W l l l b j May 3-10, Barbara Guenthner 3-| f 7-, jean Buttaccio m (twice); H i g h 5 7 4 S e r i e s I and Vivian Bailey 4-7*10. Top 3 four: Schlitz 6,5, DhPauws 64, . u - J | Essos' 6 OV 2 and ja-RU’s 67 .* '\ ’ I n M i x e c I L e a g u e ‘ Front-End Alignment For greater satiety & longer ttre life fr ^gnment specialists willdo allthia work.. .inspect ontr®h^’ springs, shock absorbers and steering whee embly; align front-end: correct camber, caster and 8-m. Service now \... use our easy pay plan! Q U A L I T Y T I R E , I N C . 7 ? w * -b'niha S t . . .331“4L42 . N e w a rk, Tf. % Lake Ave. 589-4661 W illiam s o h , N. Y. } General Dynamics Quint i O v e rtakesJr oes, 78-73 I Bill Snover scored 24 gointa i and Ed Percy adn Bud Nayaert 21 each as General Dynamics rallied in’ the final quarter' to. overtake the Arcadia Oil five, 78 to 73, in a Dusty League., en­ counter in the Community Cen­ ter gym Ed Ryan and Mike D’Augiis tine led the losers with 24 and 16 points, respectively. The Gen­ eral Dynamics entry exploded for 22 points in the final period to catch their opponents who were held to 13. Percy sparked the* flurry With three field goals and a pair of free throws. Reggie Rush rolled a 235-574 series to lead the Schmidts to a sweep over the Man’s Shop in the Mixed League. The Owens five split witbuthe three points from Muscolinos and in the other match toe Serv­ ice Centers took three from Cross & Shield on a 653 by Bob mason, George Clark tossed a 214-543 for the losers. Standings: Muscolinos 71- Schmidts 60, Cross & Shield 57. Service Centers 45, Man’s Shop 42, Utica 38%, Owens 32% and Rose City 22. BASKETBALL dr ill The Junlorettes. will hold a Basketball practice Monday at 3:30 p.m. to the Center V o 'n H a g e n , t a l l i e d 19 foi th e win­ ners. M a r 'v O t t n o d h a d 18 a n d Bill Bumpus 16 for th e l o s e r s . The Stuarts outlasted Mutual Benefit, 62 to 57, in the' Second contest. BoP DeJohn listed 18 Bob Nteo letta getting 12 and Ray Fiseh- ette and Bill Moon 10 apiece. Bill Tanea to 1 ''toed- in* 22 and Steve Thompson 16 for the los­ ers.,, . - Baker Registers fjicjti 567 in VFW League A ' 231-567 by Roger- -Baker failed to help the -Corregidors Utica entfv Rosfe Citv still lost three points-to toe Utica entry, Rose oity jronrNormandiPs in the VFW League. The Grans-took three from .the Pearl Harbors on a 536 hy Bob Metz and in the other pairing toe Gelas swept fo u r frdm the Bulges on a 5i9 by Bill Pierson. Standings: Gelas 62, Pearl Har­ bors 58-, Normandies 53%, Bul­ ges 37. Orans 86 % and Corregi- dors 29. t BASKETBALL GAME The Community Center junior all-stars will play the St. Mi­ chael School .quintet Saturday at 6 p.rn. to the Center gym. i* ^ \ *'* ! > *• * J -1 ? m * S' *.' Belhiirst’ Casrie - Route 14, Geneva, N. Y. Long famous for...;„lt8 fine foods, and congenial atmos­ phere high on.the shores of beautiful Seneca Lake. Prime 'ribs, roast duck, lobster tails are our specialties. Catering .to small parties, weddings. Dancini on ’ Friday,; SatilrdAy and Sunday nights, Cinelli’s Country House Rest. Lake. M . (RteT W) S«a«(* For those who want a new dining experience make the ■ happy discovery of Cinelli’S Country House, a royal wel­ come • awaits you and your fanrfly, whether It be tor luncheon, dinners, banquet -or an outdoor affair; lues, to Fri. 12-2, 5-9. Call HT 3- 950ft. ' Hotal Sellen Rbute 31. Palmyra. N. Y, • ' Our Specialty Smorgasbord each Sunday 1 to 7 P.M Also open for dinners Tues. thru Sat. from 5 to 9 serving char­ coal steaks and seafoods. Closed Mondays. Lefty • and Don! Your Hosts.. • FratPs Restaurant ~ m S, Main Sto-Newark\ N-Y- C 1 Completely remodeled fpx Family atmosphere. Special­ izing in Italiu.n-Aineriean lunches and dtonersi Home­ made PiSza. Serving 11 A,M. to midnight.. Your Hosts, John & Mary Prati. Connelly's Covo Lake Bluff Rd., Sodus B V Are you to the mood tor fa­ bulous food? Th<bs#B**H go -tor the outstanding meals served on scenic Sodus Bay, Try our specialty—Delmpnlco steak. Catering to parties, all legaT heyeragKSJ, Reseryations -c a n North Rose LT 7-9000. ZapjpioTs R e staurant ~r 224 N. Main St„ Newark N.Y. Italian iFoods- a specially of the house. Also American... menu. Fine facilities for banquets and parties. Opea daily at 4 P.M. D i M ( ^ f t o # » 5:30-9:30 except Monday, Your Hosts Frank and Pat Zappia. DE 1-3000. . /

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