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Newark courier-gazette. (Newark, N.Y.) 1967-1968, December 07, 1967, Image 17

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I SCHOOL n e w s! /[4slewark,N.Y.Couri®r-GaieH« . ;Thursday, Dec. 7, 1967 '\ ■ * I 1 5S 'l!A tU -tD e c .l3 mot.hpr’5 ir» ‘ I It was to C lyde'a t Grand\ ' 'dtroduce I m other’s and a fa m ily deer i hu n tin g party. Charieen Vane encouraged to nearby Ontario to \^^ke ( dmother's. She en-jov FamUy on TV. ,-„p p y b irtt Goetzman- trea ting his classmates. ,jj ; ; Wide Horizons Sessions to Open Junior Lifesaving Badge at-NCS ir girls w ill be inior life-say iiig 3 are; Debby ic k , Cindy Da- ..r.\ s 5;,“ iiirs.sjsK '.in da Scolleld, Kath y .panning, 'Ihdy Freelove, Lucinda Har- discussion. -I-A schedule has 'and our fo ur stud. r tl iM r w L ' B t L ^ ^ L n H-untley. _The Chapter 2 test in a r it h - ‘ Arts & ™ e n whi T w A ty hours of instru cti. ebty f on leded to complete the .Under Miss Eleanor 1 ,the g irls at- Gregory M ark Goetzman, Joseph DeLuca ,Hafne'r w ill disc..™ ..............tied fo r a close fourth. ^ o th e r Worlds.” We . are learn ing' t o ' make • Imaguung What -We iin o w” .change inour grocerey store, w ill be th e-th em e of the pro- So fa r, David VanDerlinde has gram w ith .Mr. Robert B. H ir- eamed the honor o f being top man o f the English Department, cashier which goes to show that M r Dean H. Obrecht. a linguis- experience is th .; best teacher, tics professor, w ill discuss \L ai He helps in the fa m ily store. guage and C ultu ral Communici * * ,• 'lion Miss R uth T. Walanabe c k i n d e r g a r t e n t o p i c s Eastman School of Musi w ill lead a discussion on her Roosevelt Kindergarten is topic. \M usic as a M irro r to Our watching fo r signs of winter. We Times.\ have seen a television program it is evident from te titles of about animals in winter. We are the proposed programs liia t tlic for rabbits, deer, and areas covered are diversified O ur Servicetnen to those who took or thanks the life, a-Given to them by the fife .of *“ tim e of war—in tim e - ................ ..., : watching other forest animals and hope - to see th eir tracks in the snow We are noticing the changes in hers liKiked like frog legs and the weather._ and we made Da -.v .n W irth had two liu rk c n s weather charts that we can appear in her blot Jimm y EjlioU change from day to day. felt liis sluiwed space creatures We took paint and made ink K e itli W.i.inder.sec reineiivber- ■inter ,.s eobnng and he .saw ilake.s David G arrett s.i-w !'v e giv( Yes, we’ ve given th em honor Salutes, parades, medals and Nothing more can we hide. For weWc even given them our pride. —M ark W irth (Grade 8) looked i led wliat blots and decidi look like. .?cr thought ................ .. .. .......... ....... . __ leopard spots and Jcllre y ink blot reiuindcd lier: ..Cseplo's turned out to be a print.s N.iincy . S( liratfenberger giraffe. Tanvic Deary's l.ioked,, s kv a tree and Kertiv Waivner like a deer and Todd Wojfe .s.c.v looked .d l.i.s t,s .ind -, .alL, a b u t te r r ly . Laura Cole thouiJiiT'e d tiiem li.rOkcn ___..................tliey .snowflakes m ig ht Todd S clirai-the brid'ac that Is m the fenberger -liis looked“ London Bridge \Dawn song d'.er s and t.imelv Each se.ssion .should nrov-e very - .enliehtenmg.—toC4 Kat,l;y. Judy, R.rlph and Bill. You may subs\ibe foryoufself — or as a gift for friends _we’ll even s ^ C h r i s t m a s Gift Card ,n your name to the recipient. This offer good for subscriptions m W AYNE and ONTARIO Counties only. W e ^ s c ir RENT h a p p e n i n g s was on th e menu 'ii.it Uie tra d itio n a l .bird iop choice along w ith :»c fo\ dessert. :»cfo\ dessert. cl they ,gd? Cheryl ...veled fa rth e s t, to Ky, to see her-cous- ^o attends Ky, to see her-cous- Ridley, w ^o attends W -esleyan. Tam m y cip.m '\ .'uurnoyed to W ater- her a u n t'a n d uncle, a...dcd to make a la s t trip ..nvie's cottage a t T hou- Pulver visited his is at .South B n tler. there was a lo t of deer and a hu ntin g accident. .R.,mph enjoyed tu rke y yjnt s .w ith fa m ily fun Yettuee and M ic higan had planned to go ,.-fd so it ended ^vith t;.. :ici at home w^th fa v o r- ■p - pr crams. K e v in H arris Grandm other’s a t • .:-f :>'ewark - Penn Yan '.np Missouri, plans ,.-fd so it ended ^vith :>'ewark Penn Yan 'game an d Tom IMark Q-jetzman had Isfv .nd all the trim m ing s , , : .1 n .usin's in Rochester -,.,d a new puppy there. M,„tr .had turkey a t4 :0 0 .:, .;1 Heald reports a 1 6 ,.ra traced th e ir table. M uos reports th a t her c .t .s Went deer hu n tin g • , :rk« y was enjoyeci on .Gr.mdpa brought home r >ear G randm other • lu'ine. Taking tu rns, D',,.i,ne Pagner says he a; ins fa m ily, also, .'.:reported a laden creatures W.i.inder.sec reineiivber- eobnng and he .saw sta: David G arrett s.i-w the that Is m the song plared d'.er s to w e l.- IRON ON r e v e r s e .Monograms on llnenS .....lnd out if they are Ironed on ong side and the desigri face down on a tu rk is h w e ' re i r F t h e AND Her6S Out Gift to You

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