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Newark courier-gazette. (Newark, N.Y.) 1967-1968, August 10, 1967, Image 5

Image and text provided by Newark Public Library

Persistent link: http://nyshistoricnewspapers.org/lccn/sn88074233/1967-08-10/ed-1/seq-5/

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élc MewarlN .V.Courier-Gazette 3 Thurriay , A“9-10' ^ ywecare K ‘ Choose \Super-Right\ Qud|ifyI<Medts!~ A ‘ CKUiCH sjgyicES ywecare h“:\ J 2“) ;.v\’\« ‘ 4.; -‘~*«:‘ T. ““\‘2£9y-,‘v<\\-'.i~k~\<x\“. €:.‘»’ Q‘ ‘&“§‘3“‘\§§\ \ “ \V \ \\“V\\\\\s~r“-.\ §‘\§. §V/.\V, '\~%\g¢:w “SUPER-RIGHT’ QUALiTY-FUTLY QUALiTY-FUTLY DRESSED •'Super-Kighr Quality , Fresh E‘-\a\y@:r§ S j a p k e d ■C®oked WHOLE FRYERS CUT UP, SPLIT OR QUARTERED arm -12: 97 YPU .V irs W IT NE SS E S ,N , ».irk I m ig reg atio n ) p.cMiii tg»Min i te P3rl:s;i ' APhas nalionally . ^ o u s b m n d s nooneelseiias J i g r ,s.rv ic e Ul at g T,3U D.m lk a t 3 p.m 4 p m U. S. Govern m s nt I n s p s c i e d! aald rNi ^ weighin ind -512: f 414 (‘a try G1‘! .I'dniund Kohiitbon, Sr. ’ b 3 8 c Sliced Perk Chops— —— F tesh Roasting Chickens- «-U gg e 4 r.° :;l;F ry e rs .° ‘Q„°;;,:'.r:,i;;o::^ I>«rr*$ SiJnny F ranks ‘ pig. 6 9 c »7Ss Turkey Legs---- Boneless Chuck Roast—' 6£e Freeier Queen Steaks-—71c Sliced, Bacon— l7;t— ------6Sc Cap’n. John’s Fish S tic k s -———-'“ c 39c Oap’n. John’s Breaded Haddock—2 IT, $1.29 Fresh Shrimp--------36j.T c U--------“■ 99c Fresh Bl ams—59c M l Fartisn j'u p & errii-e, P U ;4 5 a . m.; D :Y oung Pe o p le ’ <■ W ard en , le ad Uinolieon Meat BoneIes$ Beef Stew - - - - - - — ^ib tg e “Super-RIgM” Sliced Bacon——79c Fiied Ocean Perch Fillets-—-.-/v.-r-\’ - 59c Stew- - - - - - — ^ib Center EUVRK S T \T E 5CH O O I •(alhi)lif S e r vu es Dpi I , C h a rles B au e r -■ ■ s. in th e M..- .with M a ss a t .s' ■Ha'i4s'a C h a p e l is . |\.i;iic with M a ss a t .,x c..i\3 e x ce p t T u es- M FARRELL] Good Buys on Fine Groceries! _0 n o m i _0 ^ Ann Page Tomato Soup Fine Granulated Sugar Anil Page Mayonnaise Scot Tissue-AssS*^is Bright Sail Lic}uid Bleach Red Circle Coffee A&P Ajjplesauce — r * —mk3T io. 35c *2lb.-9or Sultana Pork & Beans Sultana Olives—-—Tor- la n e Parker A r Potato Chips— A^P Orange Drink p„ce ^ - 29c ■ — ’V or-69c -‘ r t ^ , ”„.89c ‘ T. 89c i Bag4 9 ' 'ja /* 4 9 ' K.?e^ets9' B«t 3 9 ' bS5 5 ' '\ cln\' 8 ' Sunnyfield Family Flour Sultana Salad Dressing Nutley Margarine A&P \p” Coffee dexo pJrTveSbie shorteiiing Ann Page Salad Dressing 5 - v 3 9 ‘ ^ 3 7 ' 1 4 S . 6 5 ' 6 9 ' 3 Sn 5 9 ' Percolator 3 9 ' j j-ib,M. 13 29c . We ha ‘re tigl IK STATE SCHO' to st^ iu 'S e rv ic e s lin Prescott L. t a u n d ri e .u n tra ta to ry pa- eship a t M'.rmng vvor, J3f S.tt.iv School cate that^ Y our A&P h as all th e hrantl narnes you hnow a n d w a n t, . . D el Monte, Campbell, N abisco,Heinz, K r a f t . . .ju s t to n a m e a few LII;-\l';;\1-:1 .n i l R( H OK CH RIST The l.ord s C h u rc h IPt West .'^ve. l avne Bass 'n-..rs,i.y Billie c la s s e s a B u ty o u r A fiP h as more b ra n d s like A&P, A nn Page, J a n e P a rk e r. .. j u s t to n am e a few . be snlv lr. It shun gala: int! T h ese exclusive A&P Brands h a v e earned th e ir n ationally fa m o u s reputation. How? E % „ Phone .v ' Ht r.ild of X riitll” rv e l.iim e l 9 a.m T - I , .i’ ;u a m .; W o rsh ip .ad C -m m u n io n a t 1.’ : ■ r Wor.sliip 11 a.m ..; R,.|:o-WHAM :i8 0 a t , • . niiig se rv ice a t A 6 P s OW.V LIQUID j j-ib, 13 M. 29c Cold Stream Pink Salmon-----65e Sandwich Creme Cookies— '7:z — ’ 39c Our Own Tea. B ag s--5'.%1’?’ $1.09 Evaporated Milk-----—-4 -fi!. 65c Blackberry Preserves -----—^ 2 fo , 69c Cheeri-flid-—— -6 X t 19c A&P z : Sweet Peas-----------2 ’ ‘L 'r 55e Curtiss Msrslimallows---------------’b1^ 25c Ann-Page-Puddlng^r^. - — 4 29c ' O a k H ili F re e sto n e P e a c h e s p j „i , fi n B y v irtu e o f quality. Q uality so outstanding, w e guarantee* w ith o u t condition, t h a t th e y are th e e q u a l o f or b e t t e r th a n a n y b ra n d you know Q,. $ 1 . 0 0 Btls. J k ahoy Pink Betergent Orange p„ce A&P Reart Cream T o p p i n g - F resh White. Eggs— Naryel Ice Cream- i s . ' n s s s -----^o• 49c — c — -’ -’r'-59c 39c IIVVRK \ssK A m L Y O F CO B l.incoln Road Rri. 1 ced P a rk iso n ‘? :::;s rjn rtrs“ \tr rr tl- I f assured quality isn’t enough, -an4-if y o u ’i’e concerned ab o u t your food c o sts, th in k o f th is; A&P’s own nationally fam ous b ra n d s offer you assu re d s a v in g s. EPY9 ,'7‘ School 9:45 !re welcc m eaningful savings. Chase & Sanborn Instant Coffee 7 p .m .> S tu d y a n d N o t every store can offei* you this. A&P ca n ...a n d does. .^ ]& OFF LABEL Downy Fabric Softener- 1 Qt. 1 FI. Oz. Btl. Deal Pack FRIT. MFTH O D IST l.incoln R o ad Re. Ha TV L. G ir ts .r .V sp,,.(j,,y School a t 10 'Ti.r. :s'... Bible S tu d y .V :y ngo g r ou p in trh.r:, ,v M .m in e W o rsh ip ■ .Ill A m essage ........r - f • a t d a y p ro b - :.>fl e a c h S un d a y • Service a t 7 '•Ti e r IS for th e V - :: •.itatiom is ex - 1 ’ - ih e C o m m u n ity ■ <:lter C h u r c h Shouldn’t A&P be your sto re? Section . \ o . 9 of the F am ily B u n d yn m n E ncyclopedia Amh The Eneyetopedia o f CooUiny Noiv on S a le Only 79c ea. With Mailer Coupon. Binder Parts No-Only SSirea. R edeem Your A&P M ailer Coupons This W ee k For The CROW ^ STAEFORDSHIRE Fine EnijUsh B one China Cake Plate or Cup & Sau cer-$1.99 each With Coupon -^ 4 Jane Parker Bakery Features! la] /1 / Tasty Pickins—Fresh |)\/ «r Fresh Fancy Cultiv.'ited .ii.yev ening . M lcMveek S e rv - ..lui P ra ise a t th e JANE PARKER — OVEN -FRESH, ENRICHED White Bread - ' . larjge 1 -Itbi 6-Oz. Loaves CALIFORNIA FRESH Cantaloupes S iie Beauties I $ f 0 0 Bluelierries“~ \3 Home Grown °r.B e an s-2 29' Fresh Lhnes--J~ti--:S 29* Home Grown Peppers” 5e ST MUlK s E P ISC O PA L Rfi. Bern-Ird D. G ra n j [ > . ger h ie h a r is t an d u c h a rlst\ a t o rsh ip a t 10 Jane Parker Pie—'. 7 - Caramel Pecan Rolls— Jane Parker O o n u ls-2 \-'.nt\\ 49c Plain Raisin Bread ------------------U 'S 29c Frozen Food Value Variet/! I\?- SETS H !y E u c h a r is t a t ( in Ki SI OF C HR IS T, ir \ T I S T ----------S E N D F O R --------------------------- f ------- -----------------------------------^ n m C A S H R E F V N III W hen y o u m ail 1 1 C ash R eg ister Tape w ith: 2 CHEER BOXTOPS (G ant or Ring S'^o) . ^ 2 JOV LABELS (Qant OP King S>7») ^ O N E V E R Y T H IN G Y O U P i B U Y IN T H I S S T O R E ^ mO^REfUKI* ON ALCOHOUO SWEBMES , CIOABCTItS AND OAIW PBOSJtlS Ant L NUWia Ar . 'O MAY Hot Bt ctA MID c P-ID\ | T ni, 1S7 ■m emb . — U MAXIMUM REFUNCt *3.00 IN CASH SEE - CAOEB BIA - .A '■:» ;d . viput£ DOWI OFFER EXmES SEPT. IS,1S6T a m ...1111 'blood Af a i)riife.ssion. ip yen 4 in ii - A&P FROZEN SLICED Frozen Per)r~»’:15'^^^29‘ Grape Juice—4tr;;69‘ A&P French Fries 5 b.,89' S V ? ; aetic-bi ;J wct-k'.s B Strawberries A I ’\ ’’ A Q ^ N ew pkgS. Pack u r G o d ; Upton Tea Bags — Pacquin’s ^sn in\ Lotlon- Keebler cr,o,.Cfemi 9 Lives Tuna For Cai Ann Page Root Beer Barrels—49c —A 69c 2t< ^^29c i l BE A ONE-STAMP W O M A N ! SHOP AiiP AND GET.. Kraft Mayonnalse- -t f 7 9 a Maxwell House“ C offee-—77e Comstock Blueberry Pie Filling—’ 'Vn”\ 49c Comstock Apple Pie Fllling- Bfue Boy Sweet Peas 39c ■ZZA U T.'s m will '■'* F rid a y f n in g m ee t- Slort bi Continue Plbying A&P's Game and Voo Caald Be Listed Hera As One of Our \Prize P ayoff WINNERS! t: ears! in Vito d $100 W IN N ER ! Glfin T. Williams Other ^V arious Prize W inners! $100 fflNHER n - Mrs .laurence Hills _____Box U3 ; Richvilie .Y .$ 25 hMHfS—Mrs. Jean Mitcliell, 115 Itewell St.; Camndaigua , H.l $ 25 WIHNER - L idarion Ernst____1115 Hatt^ws Ave.; UtlC3 , 'N.Y .$100 WJliNER^Mrs. Robert F . Stevens, 101 Stevens St.. Newark. N Y. $100 WiNNER - Virginia Condes H , ____^31 Cottage St .; Anbufn , N.Y .O et Y ou r F R E E GAME S L IP W ith Each V isit fo Y o u r A 4 P I N o P urc liM B N e c e s s try j Ills I H ■ Wonderful Plaid Stamps i l l All P rices In This A d E ffe c tiv e A t Your A&P F ood S to r e s In N e w ark . N. Y. Thru S o t.. A ug. 1 2th tnreiinc at \1 .'p ro v u l- .Ivory Snow Soap Granvleg Salvo Tjibleis \A Dry Detergent Grisco SbotteniDg * • % *\ r o * S e t B9* Armour’s Vlonsa Sausage r 49\ R'cse Baptl.sl Reynold’s Aiuminum Wrap ConfGGiionery Sugar OT Light sklw m Poly Bagged Schuler’s Poiafe Frills Gheer DetergSnt .Ivory H errlrk Cla.s.s 'r y e SepK Q '.ina a t Ben.- 2: ' , 38* 3 9« |.lb^<Lo*. 1 0 9 l ^ a y

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