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'f5pEESS30ESai^3Ei beys too, as boys ever vul, aped die fa­ ther began to strut the gentleman, and to look up for office and dignities. As in­ dustry departed prodigality entered, and soon wasted the frugal earnings of former years. At length the illusion vanished. Alter ton found himself deeply in debt, without means and without office, with ari indolent, extravagant family to support. Offices had ruined him. In his distress he mustered resolution to do what hun­ dreds have failed to do, and who have done worse. With the wreak of a former com­ petence, he pulled up stakes, and leaving behind him his official habit-3 and official pride, fled to the wilds of Indiana, where J am happy to say, he has resumed again thehabiliments of the farmer, and is profit­ ing by the lessons of experience. Who is there that among his acquaint­ ance does not recognize a Job A Her ton ?— Genesee Farmer. B . D e d ica t io n . —The Universalist Church in this Village, wiil be dedicated to the worship of Our God and Father, on Thursday, the IGth inst. Services to commence at hal f past 10, A. M. Auburn, May 7, 1833. ' N E W M I L L I N E RY~GOODSL ‘RS. E. CHOATE has just returned fronc New-York with a very fine assortment of ISPRING & SUMMER comprising almost every article in the above line— among which are several NEW AND FASHIONABLE PATTERNS. She is now prepared to furnish Milliners from the country, and other customers, with GOODS, and P A T T E R N S of almost every kind. STRAW S by the wholesale or retail. S ILKS.—Matteona Lustring, Gro de Swiss, Gro de nap, and Italian SILKS, just received for sale “ cheaper than ever,” at No. Centre Buddings, by L. tl. CHURCH & Co. f May 15. ]T |Q C T . LANSING H BRIGGS gTwS . OIBce> Wes*>™ Exchange, ---------- Auburn. I f l l l i f & M M & L.- I I . & J J tal!e,n tim Store’ No- 4. Cwtre (re?emly occupied by Steele & Marvine,) are now furnishing the same with an assortment o f choice selected STAPLE AND FANCY DRY GOODS where they Will be happy to receive the calls of k p / ^ f ” fv k16 Pub,ic> to whom they will feel s raterul for a share of patronage. Among their assortment may be found a variety 0 ew S ty le Chintz Calicoes; P rinted Mus­ ics3 C raps H d k h , & Shawls, Btind Gaum 1 etls and Hosiery of all colours—which are of­ fered .or sale at reduced prices. _ AuLum, May 8, 1833.—51 tf xrNf r ,™ T ^ L E G H O R N h a t s ! jg T E E L E & MARVINE have .just received 3 3SSSTSS3C S?ggp3 f a s h i o n a b l e TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT. K E Y E 9 S c C t L I C K , M e r c h a n t T a i ­ l o r s , opposite the Western Exchange, A u ­ burn, have just returned from New-York with the LATEST FASHIONS for Frock and Dress Coats, V ests and Pantaloons. They are' also re- cases Leghorn, Imitation Tuscan, Open Straw, and English Straw HATS, which they o f fer unusually low. U T I C A T O O L S . USP received at the cheap Hardware Store, a large and general assortment of John Reed’s Carpenters’^and Joiners’ TOOLS, which are offered for sale at the l o w e s t r a t e s , by H. S. HIGGINS & CO. Auburn, May 8, 1833. ' v Jeiving their stock of cons J UST received, I doz. BEAD BAGS, assort­ ed patterns; 1 doz. Plain and Variegated Gold, Miniature Cases; a lot Cut Glass and Plain Seed Beads, all colours, with a.few other articles, for sale at the old stand opposite the Exchange. J. H. CHEDELL. May 8, 1833. f ■1 si M S . r n G G I N S , (JO . Have just received in addition to their farmer Stock, a general assortment of heavy Goods, consistingT of IRON, STEEL, NAILS, HOLLOW-WARE, Anvils, Vices, Sheet and Bar Lead. Likewise of the latest and most improved patterns, Sec. &c. for sale at the lowest prices. Auburn, May 8, 1833. $ 1 0 0 , 0 0 0 E XTRA CLASS 15, New York Lottery, will be drawn on Wednesday, 29th insf. with Capital Prizes of $20,000—® 10.000—g5,000—p , 000, & 1 0 0 P r izes ° f $ 1 , 0 0 0 0 0 each. Tickets §>10—Shares in proportion—for sale ’by the package or single, at Chodell’s Offices, •opposite the Exchange, and at No. 3, Centre Buildings. Genesee-st. Auburn. J. H. CHEDELL. M a y 15. V J l L U J l B E E . * FOSGATE’S ANODYNE CORDIAL, a safe and effectual cure for the Diarrheas, 'Cholera Morbu?, Flatulent and Spasmodic Cho- lics, and the having been tested for mure than ten years with complete success, accompanied with recommen­ dations and certificates from physicians and oth- ers of the most satisfactory nature. The propri- e tors entertain P.ie most perfect confidence in ih e efficacy of this medicine, particularly in tuarsLcea, and. trust these afflicted, with that com- wiil venture to give it a fair Lest. Also, FOS-G A T E ’S W O R M P O W D E R S , ■a never-failing remedy for worms in children and adults, carefully put up wil h directions for j u&2, and warranted perfectly safe in its effects, j ffj’ T h e above articles are-retailed by the sev­ eral druggists in Auburn, and sold xvhclesale by IS. Fosgnte & Co. at their Medical Labratory. June 22, 1832— 4Gtf P I A N O F O R T E IN S T R U C T IO N S . _ UST received, Morans’, Challoner’s Meri- neke’s, Jouse’s, Vigurie’s and Cramers’ in­ struction Books—and for sale by J. H. CHEDELL. H Y G E I A N M E D I C I N E S FIE genuine Hysreian Vegetable Universal Medicines o f the British College of Health, For sale by U. F. DOUBLEDAY, sole Agent for the Counties of Cayuga, Onondaga, Tomp­ kins, and Seneca. T A u b u r n , M a rch 27th . 1833. W 1 N E W CousoW A ated \Lottery.* EXTRA CLASS No.. 14, FOR 1833. To bo drawn in Nov/ York, on Wednesday, May 22, 1833. GO No. Lottery—10 drawn ballots. 4 : prizes of 10,000 ‘s 1 4 0 ,000 1 2,260 2,260 10 1,000 10,000 10 500 5,000 10 300 3,000 20 200 4,000 65 100 6,500 oo 50 2,890 56 40 2,240 112 30 3,360 112 25 2,800 224 20 4,480 1960 10 19,600 15400 (E F 5 77,000 HERE AS Winant Williams, of' Mentz, in the county of Cayuga, on the ninth day of September, one thousand eight hundred and thirty, for securing the payment o f one thousand dollars, besides interest, did mortgage unto Willy3 Lotbrop, of Aurelius, in said county, ali that certain piece or parcel ofland, situate in Tbroopsvill^, in tbe said town of Mentz, being part oflot No. sixteen, in the township of Au­ relius, known as village lots No. 1 and 2, on a map of said village made by David Thomas— . No. 1 being in the north-west corner, made by the intersection of the turnpike road and the north and south road, on which lot now stands a public house. No. 2 is bounded on the east by the north and south road—on the north and west by David Verplank—on the south by a tier of lots fronting the turnpike road. And also one other piece ofland, being part of the aforesaid lot, bounded as follows, viz. begin- f ning in the middle of the Owasco creek where tbe north line of Enos Throop and David Akin’s land crosses said creek, and running thence west on said line twelve chains and thir­ ty links to the centre of the highway—thence north eleven degrees and twenty minutes west, seven chains and sixteen links to the south line of land formeriy owned by Russel Palmer— thence east five chains and four links—thence north two chains ami fifty iinks—thence east five chains—thence south two chains and fifty links—thence east five chains and thirty-eight links, to the middle of the Owasco creek— thence up the middle of said creek the several courses of it, to the place of beginning—con­ taining ten acres, two roods, and thirty-eight perches ofland—which said mortgage was re­ corded in the Clerk’s Office of said county of Cayuga, in Book R. of Mortgages, on thesixth day of May instant, at half past eight o’clock in the forenoon—and on which mortgage there is claimed to bs this day due, six hundred and sixty-five dollars and forty cents :—And where­ as default has been made in the condition of said mortgage—Notice is therefore hereby giv­ en that by virtue of the power of sale contained in said mortgage, the said mortgaged premises will be sold at public auction, at the American Hotel, in the village of Auburn, in said county, on tho twenty-eighth day of Octobei next, at tea o’clock in the forenoon.—Dated May 8, 1 8 3 3 .— 5 i m 6 W iLLYS S j O T H R O P . P. Bronson, Att'y. 18040 P r izes, $183,040 All prizes in the Scheme, payable in C ash , forty days after the drawing, and s u b j e c t to tne usual deduction of fifteen per cent. A discount of five per cent made to those who buy a package, and all packages warrant© O draw a given sum, which usually amount nearly one half o f the cost o f the package.^ Tickets $5, halves $2,50 quarters $1 2o, may be had by the package or single, in n great vaneiy of numbers at either of CHEDELL S opposite the Western Exchange, and at No. , Cmtre Buildings, Genesee Street, Auburn. JNO. II. CHEDELL. Specud Agent. P ENSION BLANKS, for Revolutionary Sol­ diers, and MORTGAGES on personal pros petty, for sale by H. IVISON & ^CO. FR E N C H m e r i n o c l o t h s , a n d CJERCASSIANS j O F FASHIONABLE colours, and superiour qualities, will bo sold at low prices, by JAMES D. WALLACE & Co. 39 O p p o s i t e W e s t e r n Exchange. SY R A C U S E B R A S S F O U N D B R Y - T H E s u b s c r i b e r s ? a g e n t s f o r t h i s e s t a b l i s h ­ m e n t w i l l r e c e i v e o r d e r s f o r a l l k i n d s 01 C O P P E R , B R A S S & C O M P O S I T I O N W O R K usually done at a manufactory of this kind. F A C T O R Y , A C A D E M f Y , T A V E R N & H O U S E B E L . J L . S . Leather Rollers, Mill and Machinery Casting^, 'B r a s s C o c k s , and Beer Pumps, Door Knockers Plates, Stove Balls,,all sizes Spelter SoldS*, Copper Rivets, &c. &c. &e. e Most ofthe above articles on hand, and or sale at very low prices—all o»*u • • eexecuted wi -punctuality, 1 }. B. HYDF & Co. Fire brasses &. hooks, Gun Mountings, Y virtue of a power contained in a certain mortgage, dated the 29th day of August, 1831, executed by John Ostrander, (thou) of Owasco, Cayuga county, and. S u te of New- York, lo Truman Southwick, (then) of Locke, in said county, ahd recorded in Cayuga county Clerk’s Office, in Book P. of Mortgages, on pages 548, fee. the 12th day of September. 1831, at ten o ’c l o c k , A. M. and duly assigned by said Truman Southwick to John White, Junior, the 26th day of January, 1832, and on which there is n o W claimed to be due sixty-eight dollars and eighty cents—the premises described in said mortgage, viz.—“ All those three pieces of land situate in the township of Locke, bounded and described as follows, to w it: the first being on lot number two in said town, beginning at a s t a k e and stones standing in the highway eight rods north of the south line oflot number two— thence east on the line ofland owned by Wm, N. Bennett twenty rods—thence in a north­ easterly course eight rods—thence west twenty rods to the centre of the road—thence south in the centre of the road to the place of begin- aiag—containing one acre of land : the second piece is situated on the lot aforesaid, commenc­ ing in the centre of the highway, twenty-four feet north of the north-west corner of land owned by Stephen Birdsali—thence easterly and parallel to Birdsall’s north line to the east line of the lot thence north on the said lot line to the centre ofthe highway—thence south-westerly alon“- the saidffiighway to the place of begm- ni0o-Z_eontaining about one acre of land : and the third p^cce is situated on lot number thir- teen, bounded as follows, to w it: beginning in the west line ofthe lot six chains and thirty-six links s o u t h o f the north-west corner of said lot— thence south eight chains and twenty-three links—-thence east two chains and ninety links thence north seven chains and twenty-three links—thence north seventy degrees west three chains and six links to,the place of beginning containing two acres and one roou of land, or so much thereof as may be necessary to satisfy imeres, a fasmonriblo article; a large and gpLndid assort­ ment of French, English, Polish and Tri-coloured Testings, a new article; also a superior piece of Black Satin and Bombazine for Testa; a large and fashionable assortment of Satin, Bombazine* Vel­ vet and Hair Stocks ; fine Jinen Collars and Bo­ soms ; Pantaloon Straps, Linen Gloves, &c» READY MADE CLOTHING, a good assortment. .T r i m m in g s f o r C l o t h e s , of every description, and of the best quality. At this establishment, garments of every de­ scription fitted and made in superior style—bavin** workmen in their employ from “ Broadway, having made arrangements with one of the best shops in tho city of New- York for all improvements in cutting and making garments that may come to hand. [CF Cutting attended to at all times for those who wish to make up their own garments. K e y e s S c Q u i c k , h a v i n g | b e e n a p p o i n t e d .A g e n t s hr James G. Willson’s reports of the Fall and Spring Fashions, beg leave to inform the profes­ sion that the Reports will be regularly received Fall and Spring, Those wishing to receive them will please to apply for them in season, as but few copies more than are ordered will be receiv­ ed : also constantly on band Willson’s Patent Square and Rule with diagrams; ’Tape Measures and Measure Books, &e. May 8, 1833.—5itf N E W Q E E X . E & M p T m E are now [O' receiving and opening (at their new stand a few doors west of Mr. H. Hills’) an extensive assortment of which for cheapness and variety is not to fee surpassed by any establishment in (he country. They have made sueh arrangements in New York as to enable them to keep their assortment in general complete during the season, They would invite tbe attention of their cus­ tomers, particularly to their assortment of BROADCLOTHS, which consists in part ofthe lol'owing : 60 Ps Blue, Blk, Brown, Olive, mixt, oiarct, and olive-green Broadcloths, and Cassimeres.tt^ Their assortment of S um m e r C juoths for men’s and children’s wear,is particularly worthy of at­ tention. It consists of 75 pieces— assorted qual­ ities—among -which are tbe followmg:—Merino Cassimers, assorted colours—Blk Crape Cam­ bist—French and English Bombazines—Mixt Erminett—Blk Lastings—Twilled Stormants— Cotton aud Mixt Angolo Cassimers—Striped Jean—French Striped Linen Drills—Twill’d Jean, assorted colours—Mixt French Linen Drills—English Fustian, Bangup Cord, &c. &c. Also, 25 ps., F r e n c h F ig ’ d Mur., of different qualities and prices—Large and small Crape Dress Hdkfs.—3 cases Leghorn, Imitation Tus. can, open straw and English straw Hals— 6-4 White Blond Gauze veils—Blk and'white Lace, Green Gauze, and Berrage do. 500 ps Calico, at all prices, 15 ps red, green, yellow and white Flannels, Green Baize and Frigze Cloth, 10 ps moleskin and fancy corded Velvets, 60 “ bleach’d shirtings & sheetings, very low. 6 “ red, blue and white Canton Flannels, 50 blk, white and scarlet Merino I 100 Thibet, Cashmere, Valencia > Shawls, German aud Prussian ) 500 Fancy Dress Hdkfs. from Is. to 20s. 10 doz Velveteen do. a handsome article for 3s 6cf. 15 ps Flagg, Bandanna, and Pongee Hdkfs. Blk, Italian and Baicelona “ 15 ps Russia Diapers, 15 doz Ladies’ horseskin Gloves, from Is to 5s per pair, 15 doz Men’s horseskin, Woodstock & Buck do 25 ps light and dark Gingham, 30 ps stampt and plain col’d Cambricks, 60 ps blk and col’d Matteona, Lustring, Italian, Gro de Swiss, 1 Gro de nap, Gro de Berlin. y S ilk s . Marcelline, Sinchew, Sarsanet, j Florence, Sirtin aud Camblet J Blk, white, slate and striped Worsted Hose, Bl&. white, slate and brown cotton do Blk and white Silk do Lamb’s Wool and Merino do 4, 6, 8, and 10-4 Damask Table Linen, French and English Bombazin, Blue Broadcloth Table Covers, Genoa Velvefi a superior article forVests, Blue, blk and drab Tabby Velvet, Corded and plain Cambricks, Linen and Imitation linen do. B ish o p s ’ L a w n , Plain and fig’d Swiss Mull, Plain and fig’d Mnll Mulls, Plain and fig’d Book Muslins, Plain and fig’d BobinetLaces, Bobinet and Mull Inserlings and Edgings, L:nen Lace and Edgings, Blk and while Lace Veils, Green fig’d Worsted Berage do. B l k , w h i t e a n d g r e e n G a u z e d o . Garniture, Belting, and Gauze Cap Ribbons, Blk and coil’d Cut Velvet Beltings, Silk, Valencia, Swansdown aud Marseilles Vesting, Silk and Cotton Web Suspenders, Cotton and Worsted Knit do Silk and Colton Umbrellas. 4-4 add 6-4 Ticking, at the Factory prices, W hite Counterpanes, 12-4 Rose Blankets, Horse do Tailor’s Trimmings, a first rate assortment. Blk and colored Circassians, French Navarino Cloths. 6 Bales C gttott - YARK,WAimrNG, B atting , and W ick in g . BOOTS & SHOES. Also a choice and well selected assortment of G R O C E R I E S , Consisting of Hyson, Young Hyson, Hyson Skin, Tonkay , and Pouchong T E A S , Loaf and Lump Porto Rico and New Orleans SUGAR, Molasses, Java Coffee, Rice. Indigo, Pepper, Pimento, Cloves, Cassia, Ginger, Keg and Box Raisins, Starch, Nutmegs,Caven­ dish, Plug, and Paper Tobacco, Scotch and Maccaba Snuff, &c. &c. &c. 8£b. Together with a few bbls. of Fall and Winer-strained L am ^ O il , A v e r y choice and g e n e r a l assortm e n t o f Q& OQKERY and G L A S S W A R E , Sc?. &c. Ac. The above Goods, together -with a great va­ riety of others, too numerous to particularize, are offered to the public, at great bargains, at their new stand .west of H . Hills’. May 8,1833. the . am o u n t d u e on s a i d mortgage, will he sold at jfciblic auction, on the thirty-first (lay 0 tobeF next, at ooe o’clock in the afternoon, at Z. Cady’s inn, in the town of Moravia, m sa county of Cayuga.—Datud May 8*1833. 51 JOHN W HITE, J u n i o r , Assignee. L. O. Aihih-, Att'y. S A I i T by the Bushel and Barrel, for salt by . FITCH, BARTLETT .& Co. WILLIAMS 5 ANNUAL REGISTER f o r 1 8 1 5 1 1 $ J UST received by H. IVISON & Co. who have on the wav. and will bo hero this week, extraordinaries excepted, a choice assortment of BOOKS, PAPER, STATIONARY, FANCY ARTICLES. &e. &c. Blank Books made, and Binding done as usual, at the New* Bookstore a few doors below the Ex change. _________ May 1st, 1833. NEW GOODS! NEW GOODS! C ALL at STEELE &■ MARVINE’S, 2d door east of A. Coek &c Son’s, where you may find an elegant assortment of Spring STA P L E $ this day received—not to be surpassed in style, or Cheapness of prices in this village. A u b u r n , A p r il 29th , 1833. C * LOVER SEED for sale by MUNGER & PERRY. April 29th, 1833. MAY 1, 1833. F i t c h , b a b t l e t t & c o . at the old stand, have just received an un­ u s u a lly large su p p ly o f SPRING & SUMMER GOODS, which they offer to their friends and the public at very low prices. LANK LICENSES and BONDS for Ta7- ern Keepers and Grocers, for sale at this office. SUESMO’F i k X i . S T E E I . E & 'n i A K V I j * B have remo- ved to the second door east of Ambrose Cock & Son’s, and a short distance west of Mr. Horace Hills’ store, where they will be happy to wait on their customers and tlie public generally, and will endeavour to merit a continuance of the patronage they have heretofore received. Auburn, April 24,1833. D ISSOLUTION.—The Copartnership here­ tofore existing between COCK, THOMAS & Co. and JOHN CULVER, is this day dissolved by mutual consent. April 20, 1833. AMBROSE COCK, D. D. THOMAS, HENRY F. COCK, JOHN CULVER. QXThe MACHINE BUSINESS will be car­ ried on as heretofore, by Cock, Thomas Co. at the old stand. A M P O f £ i . —Fall, Winter and Summer strained L a m p O i l , for sale by STEELE & MARVINE. 3 0 0 0 Pieces Paper Hangings, Borders, Fire Board Prints, &c. comprising the greatest variety ever offered in Auburn, just receiving and fox sale at the lowest prices, at the Bookstore of U. F. DOUBLEDAY. April 23, 1833. __________________________ m s w B O O K S , T HIS day received from New-York, By H. IVISON & Co. Letters on Natural Magic, addressed to Sir W al­ ter Scott, Bqrt. By David Brewster, R. H. LL. D. &c. &.c. L vol. 18 mo. Historical and Descriptive Account o f British India , from the most remote period to the present time; including a narrative of the early Portuguese aud English voyages, the revolutions in the Mogul Empire, and the origin, progress, and establishment of the British p ower; with illus­ trations of the Zoology, Botany, Climate, Geo- ology, and Mineralogy. Also Medical obser­ vations,—an account of the Hindoo Astrono­ my—the Trigonometrical surveys,—and the navigation pf the Indian seas. By Hugh Mur­ ray, Esq- F. R. S. E. James Wilson, Esq. F. R. S. E. and M. W. S. R. K. Greenville, LL. D.. Professor Jameson. Whitelaw Ainslie, M. D., M. R. A. S., Late of the Medical Staff of Southern India. William.Rhind, Esq. M.R.C.S. Professor Wallace, and Captain Clarence Bal- rimple, Hon. East India Company’s Service, with a map and.Engravings, in 3 vols. 18 mo. History q f Ireland, from the Anglo-Norman Inva­ sion till the Union of the country with Great Britain* By W. C. Taylor, Esq. A. B. of T rin­ ity College, Dublin; with additions, by Wil­ liam Sampson, Esq. in 2 vols. A Memoir of Felix Neff, Pastor of the High Alps, and of his labours among the French Protes­ tants of Dauphine, a remnant of the Primitive Christians of Gaul. By William S. Gilley, M. A. In 2 vols. Travels in various parts of Peru, including a year’s residence in Potosi. by Edmund Temple, Knight of the Royal Order of Charles 3d. Match-Making , and other Tales, by Miss Mitford, Mrs. S. C. Hall, Leitch Ritchie, L. E. L,, and others, in 2 vols. The Outlaw's Bride, and other Tales, by Mrs. A- laric Watts, Miss Sheridan, the Author of Granby, and others, in 2 vols. The Rtfugee in America, a Novel, hy Mrs. Trol lope, author of Domestic Manners of the Ame­ ricans, in 2 vols. Auburn, March 5, 1833. TO UJST, DWELLING ia the Building opposite the American Hotel. _________ Apply to J. B. HYDE. Auburn, April I7th, 1833. 48 N E W 7 S t € 0 . 4 RE now receiving an extensive assortment of HARDWARE. CUTLERY, SADDLE­ RY, CABINET T R I M M I N G S , Farmers, Car­ penters and Blacksmiths’ TOOLS,—Housekeep ing Articles. IRON, STEED , NAIiLS, (ETCOOK, HALL, BOX, FRANKLIN, and OVEN STOVES, warranted mostly o f Philadel­ phia Castings, comprising a very complete assort­ ment, for sale at the lowest prices. L A M P S . C B. DE RIEM E R & Co. (at No. 5, Cen- • tre Buildings) have ju s t received a hand­ som e a s s o r t m e n t of Astral, Hall, Mantle, Liver pool, and Side Lamps, with plain, Ground and Cnt Glass Shades. Auburn, May 2 3 t \ 1832. J)E J \T .fiL i S U R G E R Y . O p e r a t i o n s on ihe t e e t h of every description, performed one Door feast of the Bank, Auburn, By S. BALL, DmlUl, Dec. 11th, 1832. F I S H , —Cod Fish,Connecticut River Shad and No. i. and 2 Mackerel, for sale low by S T E E L E & M A R V I N E . T1 NOTICE. HE Co-partneship heretofore existing under the firm of CURTIS STEVENS & CO. is this day d i s s o l v e d by m u t u a l consent. Those who are indebted to the said firm, axe hereby re­ spectfully notified that a speedy payment is ex­ pected, and will be enforced. The business will henceforth be conducted by C u r tis S t e v e n s solely; who is authorized to receive and coliect all demands due the said firm. W A LTER WEED, CURTIS STEVENS. Auburn, April Sth, 1833.—48\v4 H . IV ISO N & Co. BOOKSELLERS, STATIONERS&BINDERSrf A FEW DOORS EAST OF ^THE WESTERN EXCHANGE, AUBURN, N. Y. . J t ■ ' * Keep constantly on hand, in addition to a R E F E R E N C E F A M I L Y B I B L E . W ILBUR’S Reference Family Bible, with an Index and Key Sheet of Questions, geo­ graphical, historical, doctrinal, practical and ex­ perimental; accompanied with valuable chrono­ logical Harmonies of both Testaments, correct and highly useful Tables of Scripture names, &c. The whole designed to facilitate the acquisition of scriptural knowledge. The Bible has already obtained very extensive circulation. Besides the recommendations from the General Associations of Ministers in Massa­ chusetts, and in Nevv-Hampshire, the following names have been given with testimonials of high approbation:—Presidents Day, Griffin, Lindslv, Moore, and Tyler ; Drs. Miller, Wilson, Jarvis, and Dewey; Rev. Messrs. Jenks j Eaton, Dwight, Merwin, Baldwin, Snodgrass*. Patton,.Sommers, Wisner, Green, and Skinner; and Messrs. Her­ rick and Barnes. Published by N. & J. W HITE, 108, Pearl street, and for sale by H. IVISON & Co. Nov. 28th, 1832._______________ 37m6 TO DISCHARGE FROM DEBT. [Pursuant tn Revised Statutes, part second, chap­ ter V. title 1, article 3 ; f elating to ‘1 voluntary assignments made pursuant to the application of an insolvent and his creditors .” ] R OYAL TORREY, of Mentz, in Cayuga county, notice first published April 3d, 1833; creditors to appear before hon. J. L. Richardson, first Judge of the said County, a i his office, in Auburn, on the thirteenth day of June next, at ten o’clock A. M. 46 J AMES MOTT, of Scipio, in Cayuga county, notice first published, April 17th, 1833; creditors to appear before hon. J. L. Richardson, first Judge of the said County,’at his office, in Au­ burn, on the first day of June next, at nine o’clock A. M. 48 BOOKS, Classical, 'theological/ Medical and Miscellane­ ous, together with every School Book in common’ use in this part o f the country. H. I. & Co. particularly invite- th.e attention' of Merchants and others to their sopply of BLANK BOOKS, which are of their own manufacture and warranted to be of the first quality, both as to Paper and Binding. BOOKS, PERIODICALS & PAMPHLETS, Bound in tbe neatest manner, and on the nihsi reasonable terms. J B. HYDE & CO. have lately receivod a large lot of LOOKING G L A S S E S , comprising an extensive assortment, with elegana Gilt and Common Frames, warranted of good w o ' r k i r i a n s h i p . A m o n g t h e i r a s s o r t m e n t are large sizes and splendid patterns, for sale either at at the lowest prices,a t the new Hardware Store, 3 doofs qast o f the-Postoffice.' . Feb. 15* 1S32. E . R U M M E R , W ISHES to inform the Public that he has re­ moved his Barber Shop back to his former stand, under the Free Press office, where he will be happy to ivait upon all who are pleased to fa­ vor him with their Custom. RAZORS put in complete order orf short Notice. FALSE BOSOMS and COLLARS for sale, a large assortment of STOCKS of the latest fash­ ions made and kept on hand, wholesale and re­ tail. STOCKS repaired ofthe best materials, or made to order. * * CLOTHES SCOURED as usual. A HOUSE TO L E T , A DWELLING HOUSE on Cen­ tre Street, nearly opposite the dwelling of John H. Hardenburgh Esq. For particulars inquire of R. PEAT. P IA N O ' F O R T E S . - A variety of Pi­ ano Fortes, from different makers, which cannot fail to please customers both as to price & quality, kept constantly oh hand, at the Music Store, opposite the Western Exchange. J. H. CHEDELL. A UBURN C H E A P BOOKSTORE. U F. DOUBLEDAY, is receiving an ex- ^ tensive assortment of School, Classical and Miscellaneous BOOKS, Stationary, &c. all of which he will sell as cheap as Ihe cheapest, and many articles cheaper than tbey can be pur­ chased elsewhere. He has on hand a great va­ riety of F am ily BrnLES— Justices, and other B l a n k s - SURVEYORS’ COMPASSES, of superior workmanship and finish. — P aper . H a n g in g s , and Borders, a great assortmeut-^- Also * TICKETS AND SHARES in the New-York Lotteries, a Class o/ which draws every Wednesday. May 30th, 1832. 24tf April 1 0 ,1833.-47. JVOTICE. W S. GARRATT having left Auburn • hereby gives notice to those having Jeft WATCHES with him to be repaired that they can have them by calling on John H. Chedell. Also his notes and accounts are left with Mr. Che­ dell who is authorised to collect and settle the same. WM. S. GARRATT. F O 15 S A L IE. —The building Lot next south of Mr. H. Hill’s dwelling. For particulars, enquire at the Auburn Cash Store. E. R. VREDENBURGH. Auburn, April 3d 1833. i B O O K B I N D I N G . T HE Bindery of H. IVISON & Co. has beeir fbrnished With a new supply of Stock and a good workman, so that they are now prepared to do JOB WORK in a m a n n e r not to be surpassed in any city or village west of New-York. Their supply of Blank Books and Paper is as extensive as can be found elsewhere. Legers, Day Books, Journals, Cash Books, Bill Books, Invoice Books, Blotters, Alphabets, Index­ es, &c. &c. Cap Paper of evety quality, Ruled and unruled, Letter, Billet, and Note Paper, Pink, Bh-e, Yellow, Green, Whi to. Embossed and Plain, with every article in their line. The new publications received. March 12th, 1833. b E A S E S . —Blank LEASES neatiy-prin­ ted, for sale at OLIPHANT’S Press. C A R P E T IN G S . | pg Pieces Scotch Ingrain and Venetian JL $ 3 Floor and Stair C a r p e t i n g s — H e a r t h F l o o r and Table O i l C l o t h s , of all kinds and patterns, for sale at the Auburn Cash Store. E. R . VREDENBURGH. November 7. B Y order of Joseph L. Richardson, Esquire first Judge of the court of common plaas, in and for the county of Cayuga—Notice is here­ by given, that an attachment has issued agamst the estate of Jonathan D. Davis, now, or late of the town of Conquest, in the said county, an absconding or coucealed debtor, on due proof made to the said Judge, p ursuant to the direc tion ot tbe Statute concerning “ attachments a- gainst absconding, concealed, or nonresident debtors,” and that the same will be sold for the payment o f bis debts, unless be, the said Jona­ than D. Davis, appear and discharge su c h at­ tachment according to laWj within three months from the first publication of this notice — And that the payment of any dehts, and the delivery of any property belonging to the Said debtor, to him, or for his use, and the transfer of any pro­ perty by him for any purpose whatever, are for­ bidden by law, and are void.—D a ted the 39th day of M a r c h , 1833.— 4 4 m 3 A. GOULD, Attorney for Attaching Creditoy. B O O K B I D D I N G . T HE Bindery of the subscribers is in com­ plete order, and they have a first rate workman employed, who will promptly accor­ ding to agreement, do any Job Work that may be offered, in a sty l e o f w o r k m a n s h ip n o t su r ­ passed in this place, and at fair* p r ices. O ld cu s ­ tomers and the public generally are invited to call with their work. B L A N K B O O K S of every description, either on hand or made to order, warranted of superiour materials*and workmanship.' P A P E R M A K IN G. Their Paper Mill is in full operation, ahd thev have on hand Printing Paper, Cap and Letter Paper, white and fancy colored W rap­ ping do. different sizes, all of superiour quality constantly for sale in large or small quantities, for paper of any description promptly a.- tended to. CASH paid for R A G S , delivered at the Pa­ per Mill. SKINNERS & HILLSs AubUrn. Jan. 1833. C E L E B R A T E D 3 SLIT PEN S , J U S T received, one gross, and for sale by March, 1833. J, H. CHEDELL, F O R S A L E , A GOOD Two Story Dwelfing HOUSE, situated on Prison Street, and formerly occupied by David Jenkins. Possession given immediately. Enquire at the Druggist Store of RICHARD STEEL. Auburn, 19th March, 1833- 44 H IVISON & Co. have this day become • agents for the cheap American*; Edition of the Foreign Quarterly and Westminster Re­ views, published in Philadelphia. For Westminster Review (pCr annum) For Foreign Quarterly t l For both, to same address . $5. For a single number $1, Auburn, April 3d, 1833, i o e n c . & B A T H , (Late from London,) U M BRELLA & PARASOL M A KER,’ AU B U R N , H AS commenced business in this village, iu an office at the Western Exchange. He begs leave very respectfully to return his g rate­ ful thanks for the liberal patronage he has re­ ceived, and solicits a continuance. Ladies and gentlemen having Umbrellas or Parasols to cover or repair, may depend on hi* work being done in a superior style< and at mo­ derate charges. — Auburn , 18 th Dec , 1832.-3I N E W ARRANGEM E N T . W M. D. PADDOCK & fe. A. WARDEN have dissolved partnership by mutual consent ............................... E . A . W A R D E N Assumes and continues the business of-selling Goods on his own a’cconnt—and now offers,' an cf will continue to keep on hand,, a t his store in Demarec’s Buildings, opposite the stone mill, a very general assortmeut of D R Y G O O D S , DRY GROCERIES, & CRO C K E R Y , all of which are offered on the most reasonable terms. November 14.1832., . r , PROSPECTUS OF THE C O M P L E T E P E R I O D I C A L L I ­ B R A R Y . Forty-eight Pages Weekly—nearly 2,500 large Octavo pages a year, for five Dollars, furnishing annually select reading equal to Fifty Volumes common size. The Library will contain nearly all the new works of merit as they appear; viz. Voyages a n d T r a v e l s — H i s t o r y — B i o g r a p h y — S e l e c t M e ­ m o i r s — T h e m o s t a p p r o v e d E u r o p e a n A n n u a l s — : Adventures—Tales of unexceptionable character, &c. &c.' The “ Complete Periodical Library ” will be' found indispensable to all lovers of good reading in town or country. Every number will contain 48 pages, in a size expressly adapted for binding when the book is completed ; printed with type so large as not to fatigue the^ weakest eye. Its immense size will enable the Editor to crowd any common sized Look into two numbers, frequently into one. New works will thus be despatched as they arrive from Europe, and sent off fresh to its patrons. The subscriber in Missouri will he brought as it were to the very fountain of Litera­ ture. Works printed in this library will be fur­ nished to him, when, without it,' he would be wholly unable to procure them: A hook that will cost us six dollars to import, can be re-printed and distributed to Subscribers, owing to our pecul­ iar facilities, for about twenty or thirty cents, with’ the important addition of its being fresh and new. We shall give near 2,500 pages annually, equal to fifty common sized books ! Every work publish­ ed in the Library will be complete in itself. A title page will be given with each volume, so that the subscriber, if be.please; may sell, or give it awayj without injury to any ofthe .others; or it may be bound up at the pleasure ofthe subscriber. This work presents an extraordinary feature, un­ known to any other periodical in the country.— The subscription price may be considered a mere loan for a year; as* the work, at the year’s end, will sell for cost, and in many parts ofthe United States it will bring double its original cost to the subscriber. The works published in “ The Complete Peri­ odical Library” will he ofthe highest sharacter,' both as regards the author and his subject. New works of approved merit, will be sent out to tho Editor by every arrival from Europe, giving- him an unlimited field to select from, while care ,wHI be taken to make his publication equal any thing ofthe kind in America. The first number will be issued by the 8th of May, 1833, and regularly every Wednesday there­ a f t e r , s e c u r e d m h a n d s o m e p r i n t e d e o k e r s . a n d o n f i n e w h i t e p a p e r j a t $5 p e r a n n u m , p a y a b l e in a d vance. Clubs remitting $20 will be supplied with five copies for that sum; agents jatthe same rate. Address T. K GREENBANK, No. 9. Franklin Place , FfricadeepMa. LEGHORN H A T S , & D U N S T A B L E S TRAW.-” The public are respectfully invitetf to call dud examine these articles, as they will be sold a great bargain, by . JAMES D. WALLACE & Co. 39 Opposite the Western Exchange. *>

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