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FANCIES AND FADS OF FASHION By Julia Bottomley When Autumn Has Blown Will they be wider than they have bum nr uiil they be slimmer nnd Is It true tlmt they nre to be longer? These are tin- <iu. -:lons Hint nre asked about the iii'u c .nits and frocks for uutumn, ami they wait an nuthorltutive answer The up >\ models In coats nre just as •tuple In width as those of the past season nnd they nre longer. And. since innuy costuiners have already presenti'il designs Incorporating these features, it is evident that they are plnnlnc their fnlth to a mode not greatly changed. As t<> emits, In some of them, bodies ire a little closer fitting, but skirts are fall—very full—nnd longer than they ive lnvii Hut the cont cut on full lines, wnli loose adjustment to the figun- like that shown in the picture, need imi c. -i-n Itself about the Intest whim \f Mjle, because It Is always 6< k» I This Is one of the first of the new mndc Is nnd one need not fear that an\ ntlier, however orlglnnl, will discredit it There nre several cloths, tried and tree, for n cont like that in the plc- fira t inn lot, jersey, broadcloth, i velours and other stnndnrd weaves nre the best choice for It Buttons, cov­ ered with silk or satin matching the cloth In color, and narrow but full bands of fur at the neck nnd cuffs give it Just the right kind of Unlsh. The narrow belt, which makes a pre­ tense of confining the wrap nt tho waistline, really holds the fullness of the gnnnent In carefully disposed plaits. It fastens at the frout with a big hook and eye of metal. At the left front buttons, and loops made of silk cord, make a secure fas­ tening. Besides Its Increased length this cont Introduces us to the latest idea In enpes—short at the front nnd very, much lengthened nt the bnck. Thus, by displaying two new style fea­ tures, It proclaims Its ncceptnnce of them nnd Its pluce in the styles of tomorrow. To Clean Kid Shoes. Those who nre troubled with the expense of keeping their white kid shoes clean will And gasoline to which a little cornstarch has been added quite an Improvement on many prepared cleansers. uiuiumiii.um.uiijiijmiuiuluiuiuiu Winery „f Tomorrow J e \ ,,( ' f \re September begins, and \ Aiiuu-t proclaims the high tide •all, sunn,,, i- %e ivet and felt hnts make •to' vi.u-atn.-e Into the world of fash- i K.. r M-\ernI years past black vel- ,et h.ii Mmred with white satin, and wh - r \I »hite huts, n midsummer The combination of these two \\\i^ i uhes the coolest-looking and Oov < -i'-i! ix-ms millinery and comes In l '»Ki .-ul elegance, when women have '*» ' \-I of all the beautiful, color- hau vnh which they welcome the tyring. Bn( Min-< anu white are used for •tan smi dress lints nnd not for sports m outlne hats. These are In vividly wlorei) f,.| ! s with raany-.colored, odd, : <° s '->> fantastic, trimmings. Many 'hem e S1PCia uy those designed for ™m.z »„,..,.„ an(1 girlSi con tent them- * lrt ' s with a band and bow, or rather trim, of ribbon, •hree „t tDe handsomest new hats la <* Minimcr and early fall nre Wn In the picture above. Af the ' 1 1 'H -u .tifm design for the matron ' r >'^-'..ied in n moderately lurge wii covered with taupe gray velvet 1 edged with mnllues. A feather bund, ending In small wings, makes n lovely finish fo r it. At the left a big, black- velvet, off-the-ftice tarn Is one of the most picturesque nnd nrtlstlc of the new season's designs. The wide puff of velvet Is held bnck at the front by nn ornnment made of small bends. The hat at the right Is of gold-col­ ored velours, in a beautiful shade with a greenish cast. Its crown 1st deco­ rated with wheels of chenille In sev­ eral brilliant colors. Among the ninny models brought out for Immediate nod future wear these three have already scored a success that is emphatic. Smock of the Moment. Made of heavy blue cotton crepe with n shallow collar and suug protec­ tive waistbands is the smock of the moment It reaches the skirt hem and a3 far as looks Is concerned there Is no need of a skirt beneath. It may serve ns an overall and keep a dainty dress from garden stains and kitchen grime, for the bottom of tbe hem Is sewn together, leaving slits for tbe feet to co through, producing thus t sort of bloomer. OFNEMDESIGN As Attractive as When Made ot Wood, and Less Expensive j in Long Run. ODD PORCH ROOF SUPPORT Peculiar Method Adds Note of Distinc­ tion to the Front—Living Room Designed to Be Pleassnt Both Day and Evening. By WILtlAM A. RADFORD. Mr. William A. Radford will answer questions, nnd give advice FREE OF COST\on all subjects pertaining to tho subject of building, for the readers ot this paper On account of his wldo experience ob Editor. Author and Manufacturer, he Is. without doubt, the highest authority on all theso subjects. Address all Inquiries to William A. Kadford. No. 1S27 Prairie avenue, Chicago. III., and only enclose two-cent stomp for reply. The value of brick as n building ma­ terial has been established nnd, dur­ ing recent yenrs, a grent deal lins been done to promote the possibilities of beauty In this type of construction. Decorative brick of many tints blend ed together to produce n pleasing ef­ fect when used In the construction of the proper hind of a house may now be obtained In almost any brickyard. The original bungalow ldeu seemed to Imply the use of some form of dis­ tinctive wooden siding, but this Iden has long since passed out of exist­ ence nnd the modern, bungalow Is Just as attractive with a permnnent typo of construction nnd a grent deal less expensive- In the long run. In fact, there aro a great ninny bungalow de­ signs which would entirely lose their charm If not dressed In an exterior finish of brickwork Further than the pleasing appearance which Is obtained when tho house Is Just finished, tho fact that this appearance will remain a permnnent part of the house for nn Indefinitely long time with very little uttentlon being pnld to It, Is nn ns- 8urunco which means a great deal to Its owner. This Is one of the great­ est recommendations which brick used for house construction can mid. When once properly In Id n brick wall Is a finished and permanent structure In Itself, without nnytlilng being ndded to It. The owner of a little bungalow built of brick does not linve to think about upkeep cost because It Is too small nn Item to require planning. A cont of palnl over the little wooden hallway which Is really a part ot the living room. Ono end ot the Uvtng room Is taken up across Its entire length by a mass­ ive brick fireplace and mantel on either side of which Is a built-in book­ case set beueath a small window. Tho frout wall of the living room Is prac­ tically nil given up to the largo win­ dow seen from the street This room Is large enougn to permit the uso of Floor Plan. sotno carefully selected furnlturo which will hnrmonizo with the flro- place nnd other architectural details of tho room. With proper wall finish nnd furniture tho living room should bo very pleasant both during the day and throughout the evonlng. Living rooms nre, quite often especially nttrnctlvo nt night with a fireplace grato covered with glowing coals, but during the day the pleasing effect Is lost becouso of Insufficient light or light directed Into the wrong part of the room. Tho liv­ ing room of this little brick bungalow Is sure to be Inviting nt nil times. A colonnade and cased opening Is built between the living room nnd tho dining Tfrotn The bitter Is a pleasant square room tilted with n buffet set Into a nook In the center wall of tho building. A swinging door lends to tho kitchen, which Is a spot ml feature of this house. The outside wnll of tho kitchen has a bench built along Its entlro length with the sink placed di­ rectly below tho two windows. Two Pretty Five-Room Bungalow of Brick. surface which Is necessnry for win­ dow frames, door frames and roof con­ struction In all that Is necessary to keep the house In excellent condition for a year. A Ove-room bungalow which has many distinctive features In addition to Its permanency Is Illustrated here. The white trim of the woodwork fur­ nished a good contrast to the brick and Its ninlnteuanco will require the expenditure of very little money nnd energy. Tho peculiar method of porch roof support adils u note of distinction to the front of I he house which Is carried out to greater degree by the exceptional expunse of wall taken up by windows. The porch has a low rail uround It except at the corners, where solid brick columns run higher up to receive the wooden columns nnd braces of the roof support. Tho con­ crete floor of the porch Is drained through two unique little arched open­ ings on either side of the steps. The broad expnnse of roof Is broken by a low dormer placed In the center with three paneled windows running neur- ly ncross the front of It. The arrangement of rooms Is very- con vcnlent und n great many special devices ure employed lo make the home us cozy and inviting .is possible. A very useful little reception hnll Is entered from the front porch Tills bull has n seat built Into the cm) to the left of the door. At one end of this seat a closet Is provided for wraps. A lurge window ut the other end of tbe seat allows plenty of light to en­ ter. A cased opening leads Into a Word From Br\er Williams. I don^t-Jose no sleep ovor de riddles de good Lawd didn't intend fer me to unriddle, an' I don't keer how fur off heaven is ef I only git a chance ter work fer de wings ter fly dar.—Atlan­ ta Constitution. Might Try This. If a shoe plncheB In any particular part, a cloth wrung out In hot water and laid over the place while the shoe is on the foot will expand the leather and give relleL enses nre set Into the corners nt either end of this bench. Across the room Is tho cupboard In one.corner und tho stove In the other. This kitchen 's so well arranged that no pantry Is neces­ sary The refrigerator Is placed In the renr entry where It Is onslly Iced, being only a step from the renr door. A storage room Is provided which Is entered from the renr entry. Stairs Into the basement also lead from this room. The other side of the house contains two bedrooms with n both between them. Each bedroom has a Inrgo closet nnd Is lighter) with two win­ dows. In the pnssngc between fho bed­ rooms Is n linen closet The bath­ room Is entered from this passage. Tho bath Is fitted out In accordance with modern practice. A Inrge storage space Is furnished in the attic which Is lighted through narrow paneled windows. The base­ ment may also be used to advantage In furnishing a pluce fur the various articles which nccumtilntc In' every house. The usual handy arrangement of basement rooms Is furnished, sup­ plying accommodations for the laun­ dry, furnace, conl storage and vege- inble stotnge. By the uso of proper precautions In the construction of tho walls and floor, the basement niny be made dry Increasing Its usefulness ma­ terially. A home of this type Is nn Invest­ ment In pleasure and comfort which will pay dividends during the life of Its owner nnd still stnnil u welcome In­ heritance to the younger generation. Dally Thought. Finish every day and be dono with It. • You have done what you could; some blunders and absurdities no doubt crept In; forget them as soon as you can. Tbls day for all that is good and fair.—Emerson. Lucille Too Busy; Kenneth, being reprimanded for quarreling with his sister, a couple of years his senior, replied, \Well.-Ludlla always bosses me around just like she raised me.\ WANTED 30,000 MEN For Harvest Work Western Canada Immense crops; wages $3.00 per day and board. Cheap railway rates from boundary points. Employment bureaus ' at Winnipeg, Regina, North Portal, Saskatoon, Fort Frances, Kingsgate, B. C, Coutts and Calgary, Alberta. Mo Conmoriptlon— Absolutely No Military IntmrfmrmncQ For all particulars apply to W. S. NETHCRY, Reem 82, latemrfcaa Sts. Bids., CelMsaaus, O. Canadian Government Agent LOBELIA USED AS A DRUG American Indians Gathered Plant for Their Chests—Called \Indian Tobacco.\ American Indians found ono plant growing In dnmp woods, handsome In spikes of pale blue flowers, which they used as medicine. When tho white man enmo tho sntno plant won tho favor both of tho apoth­ ecary and tho gardener, but the gnr- doner has paid more attention to Its cultivation than bus.the apothecary, llcnco we know it more as a llowor than as a drug. It Is .tho lobelln. nniued for Matthias Loliel, n Flemish physician and botanist, says tho Phil­ adelphia North Aniorlcnn. The medicinal substance In the plant 1 That Hungry FeellnQ. \1 put my feelings Into this nulnt» Ing.\ suld the poor but proud urtlaL \Thtit probably accounts for U,\_r©» Joined tho critic. \Accounts for what?\ queried the sllnger of paints. \For the fact that tho -sky of the background looks llko n scrambled egg,\ explnlued tho critic DON'T LOSE ANOTHER HAIR Treat Your Scalp With Cutlcura and Prevt.nt Hair Falling. Trkil Free. For dandruff. ItchliiK. burning sculp, tho cause of dry, thin and miling hair, Cutlcura Soap and Ointment are most offoctlve. Touch spots of dandruff and Itching with Cutlcura Ointment. Then Is called lobelln. nn alkaloid, although j shampoo with Cutlcura Soap and hot tho Indlnns proluibly didn't know It, Tho common uso of the plum nniong tho aborigines led tbo early settlers to call It \Indian tobacco.\ When It Is cultivated for commerce tho seeds are scattered on the sur- fnco of the ground late In fnll or inrly In spring. They geruilnnto curly in spring and send down roots. When tho flowers nre blooming tbo plnnts nro cut nnd dried In tbo shade. An aero of good soil will yield 1,000 to 1,200 pounds of herbs. Important to Mothers Examine carofully every bottle ot CASTORIA, a safe and suro reraody for Infants and children, and seo that It Signature of ^C^^^di^ In Use for Over 30 Years. i Children Cry for I'letchor'e Custoria What Impressed Her. Shortly after Will Crooks, tho lubor leuder.wns elected to parliament, says an English weekly, ho took his little daughter to Westminster. She was evidently awed at tbo splendors around her, and maintained n profound nnd wondering silence nil the time. Mr. Crooks was much Impressed. \Well snld lie to her at last, \wlmt nro you thinking ho deeply about, tletir?\ \I was thinking daddy.\ answered the little girl, \that you're a big inuu In our kitchen, but yon aren't very much hero.\ Taken at His Word. Snrcnstlc Father—Julia, that young man Klley hits been here three nights In succession, and It has been nearly midnight when be left. Hadn't you better Invite him to bring his trunk and make his home with us? Innocent Daughter— Oh, papa, may I? It Is just ubut he wanted, but be was too bashful to nsk you He'll bo delighted when 1 tell lilm this evening. The Two Dimensions. Tho temporary pulpit orator had preached a very long sermon. Even he realized that be lind exceeded the modern limit of sermons, und he suld to tho gentlemnn to whose homo he went for Stindny dinner: \1 hope I did not worry you by the length of my senium.\ \Not nt nil,\ snld tho gentleman, nor by Its depth.\ water. No troattnont moro successful. Froo samplo each by mall with Book. Address postcard. Cutlcura. Dept. L, Boston. Sold ovorywhoro.—Adv. NOTHING IS WASTED THERE People of Boxes Haiti Treasure and Above All, Cans. Packing Tin Haiti Is one country where utmost everything Is utilized, pnrtleulm-ly It tho substance bo wood or tin. I.uiutior Is $00 per thousand, unit nny substi­ tute for It Is eagerly welcomed For Instance, a partition fence bo- longing to some well to-do people on a prominent street I H made of the tops, bottoms und sides of pm-klng boxes that contained cans of condensed milk; two doors further on Is n fence muile of old barrel staves, ami n combina­ tion of barrel staves and piicklng-box strips fo r fencing Is by no menus un­ common. Tin cans, with the solder melted off and tho tops ami bottoms removed, nre lliitteueil out and used as shingles, In mending fences, patching hole*, nnd for numerous other purposes. The live-gallon oil cans, however, nre prl/.ed ami cherished faintly pos­ sessions. These cans have n regular market value of 13 to L'O <-entn gold. It Is no unusual occurrence for a wom­ an to buy a five-gallon enn of kero­ sene, hoist It to ber bend, nnd trump all day peddling the oil In nmiill quan­ tities—at cost, If she can do no hot­ ter—Ju.st for the sake of obtaining the tin. These receptacles nro used for car­ rying water, boiling clothes ami stor­ ing mill cooking fond The tins in which five pounds of lard come have u value of ten cent* cold, and nre n standard int'iimne, known-— locally its n \niamlte.\ They\ nre used as a dry measure generally for corn, bonus, suit and the like. Hven the square tins In which mutches ore shipped are sold nt Ave to ton cents cm h. His Weakness. \I married Jack to reform him.\ \Of wlmt?\ \Of telling other glrln tlmt lie Invert them.\ A man visits his relations when has nowhere clso to go. he Fresh From the Ovens— New Post Toastiet rep­ resent the most appetizing form in which choice, nutritious Indian corn ha* ever been prepared. A new patented pro­ cess which includes rotary toasting under quick, in­ tense heat gives these flakes a delicious, new and distinctive flavour. The New Toastiet are featured by the bubbly appearance of the surface of the flakes—due to thi» new art of toasting which releases the wonderful new and attractive true corn taste. New Post Toastiet are not \chaffy\ in the package? and they don't mush down when milk or cream is added like common \corn flakes.\ For tomorrow's breakfast— New Post Toasties —•your Grocer has them,

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