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Silver Springs signal. (Silver Springs, N.Y. ;) 1892-19??, July 13, 1916, Image 8

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THE SILVER SPRINGS SIGNAL Mrs. Geo. Houston of Portageville was tb e guest of Miss Harriott Droit last Wednesday. Harriett accompani­ ed ber borne and will remain a week. Mrs. Floyd Blowers entertained ber sister of Middlebary last week. Fran k Taffolla of Philadelphia, Pa., was the guest of his aunt, Mrs. Frank Chimera. Leo Lafferty of Silver Springs and Miss Ev a Howe of Warsaw wer e Sun­ day guests of Mis* Celestine Hesly. . Misses Gertrude and Florence Don- ion spent Thursday in Rochester. From Our Correspondents in Other Places ROCK GLEN feOUTH WARSAW T. tbe GAINESVILLE. Allen of evening War- with with to Miss Ethel Brinkerhsjff of Aubnrn has been visiting Miss Leslie Bray. Frank Kemp and M. D. Smith bave new Maxwells Mr. and Mra. S. A. saw spent Thursday Mrs. D. C. Wiseman. Mrs. Ht*ry Aldricb and Mrs. Ro- maine Brewer visited relatives in Warsaw Thursday. Mrs. L. S. Duggan visited Rev. G. E. Morse and family at Pavilion Thursday. A. W. Smith, W. F. Hirscb and Frank Abl and their wives attended tbe funeral of MrB. Ohas. Fisher at Halls Corners recently. F. M. Kemp and wife are enter­ taining tl eir daughter, Mrs. Hon- dorf from Detroit. Mr. and Mrs. Harry T. Watson of Koobester are the parents of a daugh­ ter bora Thursday. She has been named Dorothy Ruth. Mr. and Mrs. Loren Duggan spent tbe week end iu Rochester to see tbe new granddaugh­ ter. Ned Brown of Wales Center is vis­ iting friends in town. Mrs. D. C. Wiseman and daughter Mildred, W. C. Wiseman and Mrs. Angie Wiseman were in Warsaw Sat­ urday. Dr. Geo. S. Skiff has a new Ford runabout. Mrs Geo. Latbrop is spending sev­ eral weeks visiting ber mother in Buffalo. Chester Skiff spent last week relatives in Hume. Mrs. Dexter Ketcbum, who has been visiting the Wiseman relatives in town for two weeks, returned her home in Rochester Tuesday. Mrs. Inez Keepers of Washington is visiting ber parents. -Cbas. Ely and wife. Bert Forman has a new Chevrolet car. He has purchased a garage of Harry Brainerd and has move d the same on a lot near L S. Duggan's mill. Ruby Mead and Lellavene Hughes are attending the summer Geneseo. Miss Caroline Fox and Leslie Fox of Ellicottville vyere reoent guests of Miss Mildred Wiseman. Mr, and Mrs. Ray Abl wer e in War saw Saturday. Frank Sherwood and family enter tained on Thursday, Mrs. Schuttee and obildren of Silver Springs. Robt Mann and wife of Warsaw were in town Friday evening, Mrs. R. M. Oongh attended the fun­ eral of Mrs. Ward at Bliss Monday. Burton Marks of Franklinville vis­ ited C. V. Woodruff and family sev eral days recently. Mrs. Fred Per^eJ) gave a picnic ber S. S. class on Wednesday noon. A. C. Orandall and G. A accompanied by R. G. Sburnaker, D. C. Scott and Henry Dilgard, wer e in Perry Monday evening t o install the L O. O. F. officers. Mrs. A. C. Crandall and son Alva are visiting her sister, Mrs. Handy - side, at Perry this week. Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Hirscb and daughter Charlotte were in Buffalo Wednesday. The Missionary Societies meet in tbe M . E. cbarcb this p. ni. Mrs. C. N. Hiokey has the program in charge and Mrs. W. F. Johnson is tbe hostess. Miss Winifred Prey of Arcade is spending the week with Miss Flor­ ence Johnson. A very interestingr meetingn was­ hold at the regula sessio of Gaines ville Lodge, No. 896, I. 0. 0. F., Tuesday evening, July 11th, D. D G. M., A. C. Orandall, being present tbe officers for tbe ensuing term were installed. He was assisted by the following Past Grands: D. D. G. W., L. H. Donnelley, Silver Lake Lodge, D. D. G. S., C. E. Hatchings, Crys­ tal Salt Lodge; D. D. G. 0., J. A. McFarlin, Crystal Salt Lodge; D. D. G. G., C. I. Hewitt , 8ilver Lake Lodge; D. D. G. Mar., G. A. Powers, Gainesville Lodge. After tbe Instal­ lation refreshments were served, fol­ lowed by a smoker and a sooial hour, which was enjoyed by all, several being present from Warsaw and Perry Lodges. The following officers were installed: N. G., H. C. Dilgard, V. G., R. G . Shumaker; F. 8., A. C. Crandall; Warden, C. E. Pinney, Cond., Louis Wilson, Chap., A. D. Decker; N. S. N. Q., J. M. Skiff, L S. N. G., J. E. Wiseman; R. S. S., S. W. Scott, L. S. 8., Albert Durable ton; R. 8. V. G., W. E. Young, L S. V. G., Harry Torrey; I. G., Chas Johnson; O. G., H. B. Wiseman. The young people of tbe W. C. U. held an ice cream social at school house Tuesday evening. Henry Smith and wife of Salaman­ ca wer e recent guests of his parents, Frank Smith and wife. Tbe W. C. T. U. held a pleasant meeting with Mrs. Hattie Pratt, Thursday. A large number of mem­ bers wer e present and an interesting program was given in charge of the young people. The next meeting will be a children's meeting and picnio held with Mrs. Isabelle Keeney Thursday, July 20th. All are cor dially invited. William McKeman of Ellicottville spent Snnday with his mother, Mra. Susan MoKernan. Leon Baker and wife are spending tb e week at Shinglebouse, Pa. George Luce and wife, accompanied by Mrs. Pearl Baker and children, Lacile and Omen, of the West Hill, and Mrs. Harry Harris of Warsaw, a a toed to Niagara Falls Thursday Mrs. Ledru Webster of Warsaw was guest of Misses Carrie and Edith 8tearns Friday night Clyde Wolcott and wife of Oak field were Sunday' guests of Earl Goodenow and family. C. J. Burse and wife of Newark, N. J,. were recent guests of W. 8. Morley. Lucian Gotro and wif* of Portage­ ville were oalllers on N. Taylor and wife Sunday. William Pratt, wile and son Ernest Were in Castile Sunday. Mrs. Harriet Knapp of Newark , N. J., spent Wednesday with Mrs. Edith Andrews. HARDYS A Theory Of Progress By ETHEL HOLMES NEW PERFECTION KITCHEN PPJMED ~i I ~. HOEHANDLE. and wife attended the Ward's annt at Bliss school at for alter- Powers, H. M. Ward funeral of Mr. Monday. Leo Johnon is doing some mason work for J. P. Watson. Frank Bean is enjoying rides in new auto. F. H. Wolfe and wife spent Satur­ day and Sunday with friends at Home. Mrs. Patten and father, G. W. Dolph. were in Pik e Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. O. S. Jenison and son Harry and Mrs. Elizabeth Warren and son Ellis of Castile were Sunday afternoon callers at L. H. Taylor's. Mrs. Ella Ormiston and two chil­ dren from Rochester are spending some time with her parents, Elmer Fox and wife. The aid society will bave a picnic at tbe borne of Mrs. C. W. Rissinger Friday, July 14tb. Mrs. Ella Wolverton and daughter Maude spent Saturday and Sunday at L. H. Taylor's. Last Saturday evening Miss Martha Norton entertained for her brother John and bride. There were about fifty present. Ice. cream, cake and lemonade were served. A purse of money was presented to the bride. All enjoyed/tbe evening very much. P. W. Michael and wife attended tbe funeral of their aunt, Mrs. Ann Sootc. of Castile Thursday afternoon. F. A. Wilson took Schuyler Dahn and family and Mrs. Carrie Dahn for an auto ride Sunday. Tbe Ladies Aid of Lamon t will hold an ice cream Bocial at the home of W. H. Washburn Saturday evening. You are invited t o oome and bave a good time. Mrs. John Smith and daughter Mary of Hardys wer e callers at Mrs. P. W. Michael's Monday afternoon, Mrs. Miobael's cousin. Mrs. Sarah Smith, returned hom e with them. F. O. and F. W. Michae l and their wives spent Sunday with P. W, Michael and wife. George and Joe Sohanmbnrger and Willie Bump took a bicyole trip to Nunda and took dinner with friends in Brooksgrove Sunday. Gordon and Earl Wilson an toed to Rochester Saturday and came bome Sunday. Mrs. Chas. Wilson arrived in Cali­ fornia Sunday at 3.30 o'clock p. m. and surprised ber daughter and fam ily. Mrs. Lynn Owens and daugter Lena of Buffalo are visiting ber parents, J. M. Marble and wife. O. V. Winegar and wife were call­ ers in Pike Monday. PIKE Frank Waite has purchased anoth­ er car. Lorron Caryl has moved back onto the Watts farm. Jesse Watson has purchased a n< car. Also Frank Bean. James Fisher has purchased Harry Decker's house in rear of* the Semi­ nary. Consideration $900. Wm. T. Youngs and Mrs. George Zeliff were married on the evening of July 3rd by Rev. J. N. McCoy. Miss Milderd G. Martin, teacher in a New York school, will arrive in Pike (bis p. m. to spend ber vaca ­ tion with ber parents, Mr. And Mr*, Frank H. Martin. Frank M. Newcomb and Miss Elizabeth Mather were married last Saturday evening at the nome of tb e bride's mother, Mrs. Theodore Math er, Rev. J. N. McCoy officiating. - Gazette. Wanted: Girl who i« willing to help in kitchen. Good wages and permanent'position to tbe right girl —Minor's. IN FLAT! OH AS A DEFENSE. Easy For th« Puffer FUh ta Balk Its Natural Enemlss. The puffer fish affords a novel exam­ ple of the way nature sometimes works to protect her creatures. The many different species inhabit all tropical and other warm seas and certain large riv­ ers. Few of them reach a length of more than two feet. The peculiar characteristic common to all of them is their ability to Inflate themselves with air or water until they become almost spherical In shape. The air or water that fills the abdomen or the esophageal sac is retained by a valve in the throat and can be dis­ charged almost instantly. A fe w good sized scup were placed in one of the exhibition tanks of tbe New York Zoological society with a dozen puffers about two Inchest long. The hungry scup at once attacked the puff­ ers, but In an Instant every puffer in­ flated Itself so completely with water that It became almost globular. All the scup could do was to knock them about Hke toy balloons, too big to be swal­ lowed, too smooth, to afford any hold to the jaws. Puffers that become frightened near the surface of tbe sea and are Inflated with air sometimes drift ashore, where they roll along the sands until they die and are dried by the sun and wind. The Japanese make lanterns of their dried Inflated bodies:, for the stretched skin is as transparent aa oiled paper.— Youth's Companion. Subscribe for tbe Signal Miss Mary Medford and Miss Gwen­ dolen Tracy, chums, twenty-two and twenty-three years old respectively, both rich in their own right, thought much on the same lines. \Gwen said Miss Medford, \I have an idea that progress is the only means to happiness. We must be constantly going onward and upward. You and I are apparently at the end of our rope and still very young. We have Inde­ pendent fortunes. If we marry ordi­ nary men we'll be bored through life. Let us go abroad and each marry a title.\ \What kind of a titter' \A knight, for instance.\ Then, I suppose, according to your theory, in time we'd have to divorce the knight and marry a baron. From the baron we'd have to rise to an earl, then a duke, and so on till we got a king. But I'm with you.\ The two girls sailed for Germany, where every other respectable man Is a noble—at least a Von—but that was not the kind of nobility they wanted. So they went on into France. Here they found it difficult to understand what a title was worth. France being a republic, they couldn't see what ad­ vantage a count or a duke bad over a commoner. Besides, tbe old nobility were all either legitimists or Orleanlsts and the most recent ones, Bonapart- lsts. If the sovereign of either wo n the government tbe others would be down and out Our heroines, being practical American girls, had no use for uncertainties. So they went over into England. Britain has always been considered the best preserve In the world for noble game The law of primogeniture provides for one branch of the family at the expense of the others. But tbe prizes were correspondingly few. The scions of some of tbe oldest blueblood- ed titles were or had been married to music hall girls, and this further re­ duced the American girls' chances. Though they had brought letters to families in England and were admit­ ted socially, neither of them saw any- thing worth purchasing, for really that Is what their Intentions meant After spending several months in Ens> land looking over the bargain counters they made up their minds to return to America and take up some fad. Gwen said she would prefer a dog. But what they had been bunting for all over Europe came to tbem on the steamer coming home. They had met a young woman In England whom they had asked to help tbem In their quest This lady Informed tbem that two young noblemen, the Earl of Elm- hurst and the Marquis of Babllngton, were going to America Incog. Whether the glrhvpurposely bought tickets on the same steamer as the nobleman, or vice versa, does not appear. At any rate, the four crossed together, and before they had been out twenty-four hours they were as thick as peas in a pod. The noblemen passed by ordinary names, Elmhurst as Mr. Calkins and Babllngton being Mr. Strynger. They did not tell the girls that they were noblemen incog, and the girls did not tell them that they had been informed concerning them. Calkins frose to Mary; Strynger made up to Gwen. Th e men both declared that If they ever married they would wish to be mar­ ried for love. Naturally, after such a statement the girls would have been very foolish to tell tbem that they knew them to be British peers. Of course it could not be expected that the two American girls would snare two such men within the few days of a voyage, but they came very near together. The night before they made the port of New York both cou­ ples were on deck sitting close In dark corners. Calkins told Mary that be wished to give her some memento of the voyage which she had made so happy for him, and she promised t o ac­ cept a silk umbrella that he had in­ tended for an American lady friend of his in Boston. Strynger prevailed upon Gwen to accept a box containing a dozen pairs of gloves. In the morning while the vessel was steaming up New York bay the ladies gave the gentlemen their addresses and the gentlemen gave the ladles the mementoes of the trip. When the ship was docked the ladles went down the gangway together and were driven home. During the ride Mary, while comparing notes with her friend as to the probability of a conquest was fin­ gering the handle of the umbrella that bad been given her. \Why It unscrews,\ she said. She twisted it tin it came off, and something dropped from .it into her lap. Picking It up, the examined It \Why It's a diamond 1\ she exclaim­ ed. From the head of the umbrella that she had removed she poured out a couple of doaen more. \Good gracious, what a gift! It's worthy of an em­ peror.\ Gwen at once examined her glove box. She found nothing but the glorea at the time, but after she got home a further examination revealed a falsa bottom and more diamonds. During the day a customs Inspector called with an order for the contents of the gifts. Two smugglers had been announced from the other side of the water, had been arrested, and a com promise had been made by which they were to escape with their liberty. \Well I declare!\ exclaimed Mary. \Strained at a gnat and swallowed a camel.\ \In other words,\ added Gwen, \aimed at two noblemen and caught a p'atr of smugglers.\ i WE BOW*\* By equipping the kitchen TOI • New Perfection Oil ~ * c *ovc h a a ejuiek and teliMe as gas; the e chimney prevents smoke tnd odor. I&exper j; cost! only about six ceatt a day for fuel -*•- <nna blue chimney —- that is the way to ' nroven its moni in 1** V* tW t£ S**\** thef -„„\re tW coo *_ i.„meB. TW l 9. _ A mtn x other gtotes) Models We the Ae»lct» •» IjOOKEORTHELQNXS BHJECHIMM 30 DAYS Trial Colara an* Your Choice of Hiiety-Fonr (94) Stylos ssg of \Jtaftftwr\ Bieyclea. shown la full color In our bis new Catslogw Just off th Vifjj jj.fl are eighty-three (83) others, also, shown at priees.ranartnr_'«?5. *i.f^.ibie only t>r up. There is a tmEAB J\ ** ~ FJ.CT0RY-DIREOT-TO: at tor mvi*V rider, at a price made possible only \BaaleapUn. , BlcjeW , _ Tiresand i full particulars of our great new offer to deliw CEMI Hfl MAMEY butirrtteTOI>A-?forthUnewab^eoi JrS*>> OEM) Ml •UNCI Tiresand SundriMOtt>r^»olo«)tA<yt£fl««»'^ h ^ c ,rf,or - \ :LIT *r to you oU thamf £%&gl r 0 l r a mar (elect, for ONW MONTHS F This wonderful offer la aBaotaWv genuine. 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