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Silver springs Signal. VOL. XXIV. SILVER SPRINGS, N. Y., THURSDAY, JUNE 15. 1916 No. 46 Closed Another Prosperous Year Crsamery Company Pays 20 Per Cent on the Capital Stock. The stockholders of the Spring Brook Co-operative Batter & Cheese Co. of this village held their annual meeting for tbe election of directors for the coming year at tbe creamery Tuesday morning. The following W ere elected: J. M. Porcell, 8. R. Bush, F. M. Danforth, W. P. Sullivan tad Jobn H. Kershaw. This practic­ ally insures tbe election of tbe pres­ ent efficient officers and a contin­ ence of the present prosperous con­ dition of tb e company. The year just closed bas been a very prosperous one fo r the stock­ holders, as wel l as one of goodly sited dividends for the patrons. The stockholders have made a profit of 20 per cent on tbe capital stock the past rear, which is tar ahead of any like institution in these parts, and the way milk and oream is coming in at present, and witb a continuance of the same officials, should show a lareer increase another year. A glance at the secretary's book shows tba t tbe company started witb s capital stock of $3500, and the total cost of tbeir property to date is |6,g65.17. The differenc e has all been paid oat of tbe profits of the com­ pany, besides several dividends of 10 per cent, tbat bave been declared. Tbe company Is now entirely out of debt and has cas h on hand to declare another dividend soon. This i s a re­ markable showing, when yon take into consideration that co-operative companies aronnd us bave been run at a loss and some were finally forced ont of business. Last year was the only ooe i n which tbe local company showed a loss. Following is the secretary's report to tbe patrons for the past year: BUTTER REPORT Received for butter $24367.10 Sales a t creamer y fo r butter­ milk and milk 112.73 Total receipt s $2447J9.83 Paid for makin g butter -2860.92 Amount paid to patrons $21618.91 Total amount milk received 219,537 lbs Total amount cream received 180,986 lbs Total amount butter fat 68,667 lbs Total amount butter 81,819 lbs Over-run 13,152 lbs Average price of butter 30 cents Average price of butter fat... .36 6-10c CHEES E REPOR T Received for cheese $6764.24 Received for whey butter 123.61 Total receipt s $6887.85 Paid for making cheese 627.57 Amount paid to patrons $6260.28 Total amount milk received 461557 lb s Total amount butter fat 17084 lbs Total amount cheese 46487 lbs Average price per 100 pounds of milk $1,386 Average test of milk 0378 OATKA. Rev. Qraber of Perry Baptist church will hold services here at 3 p. n> on Sunday. Mrs. Arthur Fenner spent the first of the week in Bradford. Thomas Dixon was a oalleT at R. Keller 's on Sunday afternoon. Mrs. O. I. Hewitt entertained her niece, Miss Oaks, of Rochester the first of the week. Mr. Barnes and family have moved to Warsaw. Geo. Penner and wife spent Sunday in Warsaw. Earl Hewitt and family are spend­ ing the week in Prankllnville. Burr Standish and Ohas. Perkins and family autoed to Batavia on Wednesday and attende d the graduat­ ing exercises at th e Blind Asylum of which Mrs. Perkins' brothe r Is a member. Gilbert Main and A. Glasier and w >ves attended th e wedding o f their nephew, Roy Main, at the MetbodlsJ church in Warsaw on 'Wednesday. George Bryan t and family of War. •aw were recen t guests o f Mr. and Chas. Handyside . Bom, on Sunday , to Mr. and Mrs. Loais Baxter, a ion. M r, »nd Mrs. George! Perkins antLJ K»nds<m Harlon spent Saturday and aanday at Lamont Mm. Chas. Handyside and sons, •^mest.and Everett , were recent Wests of George Bryant.and .family. Hughes and Fairbanks. Tbe nomination of ex-Governor Charles E. Hughes for president of the United States by the Republican delegates in the convention at Chi­ cago Saturday is very pleasing to lo­ cal Republicans as well as to tbe great majority of tbe members of tbat party in tbe state and nation. No more popular candidate could have been nominated, and his nomi­ nation is the direct result of his call by tbe common people of the country to be their candidate. He has an­ swered the call and accepted the nomination. Theodore Roosevelt, the nominee of the Progressive party, declined tbe nomination and it is quite probable will throw his support to Mr. Hughes, thu s insuring a re-united Republican part y tbat will be victorious at tbe polls next November. A Morning Hike. At 5 45 o'clock on a recent Satur­ day morning nine girls, students at the Geneseo State Normal School started on a ten-mile bike to Livonia to attend a week end house party at the hom e of Margaret Brisbane, a member of the party. The nine miles from Geneseo to the village of Livon­ ia were made in three hours. Every member of the party arrived fresh an d ready fo r a three mile hike which was made tbat evening. Tbe girls returned to Geneseo Sun­ day afternoon stopping at tbe home of Mildred Backus where they were entertained for a short time. The party consisted of tbe Misses Anne an d \B\ Freedman of Sea Cliff, Long Island ; Miss Helen Wil­ liams of Warsaw , Miss Anne Walker of Newport, N. Y., Miss Helen O'Mear a of Belfast, N. Y. ; Miss Nel­ lie Griffin of Olean, Mis* MUdred Backu s of Lima ; Miss Margaret Bris­ bane of Livonia and Miss Marion Mason of Silver Springs. Program of Regent's Exams. to be held June 19-23, at the Silver Spring s High School: Monday, 9.15 a. m.—Intermediate algehra, Elementary representation Monday, 1:15 p. m.—Elementary English, English 2, English 3. Tuesday, 9:16 a. m.—Arithmetic, American history with civics 1 . Tuesday, 1.15 p. m.—Spell Ing, En­ glish 4, Elementary algebra, Latin 2 (Caesar). Wednesday, 9:15 a. m.—Geogra­ phy, German 2. Wednesday, 1 15 p. m.—Elem. U. S. history with civics. Thursday, 9 15 a. m.— Elem. bot­ any, Physiology and hygiene. Chem­ istry. Thursday, 1.15 p. m.—Plane geom­ etry, Cborus singing and rudiments of music. Friday, 9.16 a . m.—History of Great Britain and Ireland. School Standings. A n interesting report has just been issued by the State Department of Eduoation giving the standings of the schools of tbe state In regard to Regents examinations.' The stand­ ings are based on tbe percentage of paper s written that are accepted, and some of tbe nearby schools are as fol­ lows: The first figures represent tbe number of papers written, and the second figure s the percentage of pa­ pers accepted. Warsaw , 853, 61.9; Perry, 747, 52.7; Castile, 159, 79.5; Attioa, 533 , 62.7; Arcade , 859, 65.4' ; Silver Springs, 131, 67.8; Wyoming, 156, 53.2; Gainesville 95, 48.3; LeRoy, 687, 73.7; Nunda, 247, 58.6. Tbe average standing of all the schools of the state is 71.2. All the Important News Occurring About Us And the Dog Came Back. A few weeks ago. Dr. L. H. Hum­ phrey gave his dog, \Don to L. R. Grover , wbo took him to the home of bis brother near North Java to spend the remainder of his days on tbe farm. The dog evidently didn't like farm life in Java for last Thursday he came back home, finding his way alone, a distance of abont fifteen miles. Class of 1916. The class of 1916 of the Silver SprineB High School has issued invi tat Ions to the commencement exer­ cises to be held in the M. E. church Tuesday evening, June 27th. The officers of the class are John Cullinan president; James Cullinan vice presi dent; Clayton L. Hutted secretary, and treasurer. Barn for rent Lebn. Enquire of John Perry fans are raising money to run a first class ball team this sea­ son. Christian Dilgard and Marie R. Laird, both of Gainesville, were mar­ ried June 1st. Sylvester George and Miss Isabelle Stemper of Strykersville were mar­ ried last week. Miss Florence Redding of Johnson- hurg and Francis Elmore of Batavia were married Monday. Mark Merwin of Hume bas been adjudged insane and taken to tbe state hospital at Gowanda. Mary Teresa Weldgen of Benning­ ton and Howard J. Palser of Roches­ ter were married June 7tb . The state asssessors will moot the town assessors and the supervisors at Warsaw on Tuesday June 20th. The Fillmore-Belfast Dairy Prod­ ucts Co. has transferred its business office from Fillmore to East Aurora. John Olnte of East Koy has a new twin six Packard auto—tbe first 12 cylinder car to be owned in that sootion. Batavia is having an epidemic of typhoid fever, caused it is thought, from the stagnant water remaining in low places since the recent floods. The contract for' bnilding an im­ proved highway from Nnnda to Dal­ ton was let last week to William Madden of Rochester at bis bid of $39,948.50. Winfield C. Mapes, a lifelong resi­ dent of tbe town of Bennington, died June 3rd, just five weeks after the death of bis wife . He was born in Bennington in 1841. William Bnrge, aged 73 years, a veteran of the Civil Wur, died at his home in Nnnda last Thursday night. He had been a resident of Nunda practically all bis life. Mrs. Eliza J Drake, widow of Al­ bert Drake, died at ber home in Perry Saturday evening, aged 77 years She was born in Pnltney, Vt, and had lived in Perry about fifty years. Charles E. Mnrpby, a son of the late Capt. Murphy of Campbell Hill, and Miss katberine M. Clark were married June 3r d at tbe born e of tbe bride on University Heights, New York City. Five pupils tried the Cornell Schol­ arship examinations In tbis county. They were Harold Bush, Delphine Charles and Frank Dutton of Warsaw, Miss Warner of Castile and Mr . Wat­ son of Perry. Stephen T. Gilboy, for tbe past five years B. R. & P. station agent at Pa vilion, and Miss Mildred M. Hexam er of Buffalo will be married this week Saturday. Mr. Gilboy has been promoted to a position in the dis­ patcher's office in Rochester. Prof. Burkbolder, plant pathologist from the state college of agriculture at Ithaca, will be stationed at Perry again this summer and make a study of bean diseases. He will divide bis time with Genesee county which will pay $400 of bis salary and Wyo ming county $460. Mrs. M. N. Ogden of Perry was quite badly hurt when sh e was run down by an automobile at Main and St Paul Sts. in Rochester Sunday afternoon. A driver lost control of bis car and ran into a group of pedes­ trians, wbo all lumped out of the way except Mrs. Ogden. She receiv­ ed an injury to the bead. The Wyoming County Rural Letter Carriers' Association has elected the following new officers; President, Paul Stevens, Warsaw, vice president, James MoCormick, North Java; sec­ retary, Bert Duggan, Gainesville, treasurer, William Barlow, Warsaw. Tbe two delegates chosen to attend tbe state convention to be held in Lockport, July 13th and 14th, were James McCormick, North Java, and J. H. Connors of Arcade, with Wll Ham Nevinger of Varysburg and Frank Bennett of Arcade, alternates. John Bennett or Short Tract died last Wednesday night Harry Seligman of Attica and Miss Inez Bock of Bennington were mar­ ried last week. Albert Gibney and Miss Mary Mo­ Cormick of Java Conter were mar­ ried last Wednesday. Gerald E. VanValkenburg of Ar­ cade and Miss Gladys S. Boll of Del- evan were married June 6th. Dr. Roy Lawrence Main of Wyom­ ing and Miss Ethel Barton of War­ saw were ma rried yestordny. Mr. Vader, aged 80 years, ond Mrs. Vanderhayden, 70 years old, were married at Dale last Wednesday night. L. V. Clark of Middleport has pur­ chased tbe furnitnre and undertaking business of tbe late Jobn Ulmor in Attica. Mr. and Mrs. Julius Pierce, -well known residents of Bennington, cele­ brated their golden wedding last Wednesday. Mrs. Sophia Armstrong, widow of the late Cicero Armstrong, died at ber home is Pavilion Friday. She was born in 1841. Albert Dumbleton of Gainesville bad the index finger of his right hand badly mangled by getting it caught in a potato planter. Tbe marriage banB of Miss Sarah Noteman and Arthur George of North Java havo been announced. The marriage will take place June 20tb. Grace Bentley, daughter of Mr . and Mrs. Nod Bentley of Arcado, fell from a swing at Crystal Lake park and had several ribs broken besides receiving an injury to her back. Miss Elizaboth Newton? daughter of Senator and Mrs. O. D. Newton of Geneseo, and T. Jerome Gilmore, son of County Superintendent of the Poor and Mrs . James J. Gilmore of Liv­ ingston county, were married yester­ day. James Henry Brookins died last Wednesday afternoon at tbe home of bis daughter, Mrs. C. J. Taylor, three miles south of Pavilion. He was born at South Dansville in 1832 an d most of his life was spent near Mt. Morris. Letters of administration havo been granted to Rein ford J. Boddy of Brooklyn on the estate of bis mother, Fannie E. Boddy, wbo died in Castile on May 26th. Tbe petitioner is the only heir to the estate, which i s val­ ue d at $5,500 real and $250 personal property. * Tbe body of Horace G. Cushing, wbo died in Niagara Falls, was brought to his old home at Wyoming Snnday for burial in tbe family lot He was 80 years of age. For many years he was proprietor ot a drog store in Wyoming and also held tbe office of postmaster. The petition of John F. Grieve ot Perry fo r letters of administration in tbe estate of Rev. Joseph Rudzinski, tbe Polish priest of Perry, wbo died June 5th, has been granted. The es­ tate consists entirely of personal pro­ perty valued at $8,000. Tbe deceased left a brother In Warsaw, Poland. At the convention of tbe Western New York Federation of Women'a Oloos held at Webster the first of the week, Mrs. Edwin O. Sornborger of Buffalo was elected president, Mrs. Clarence Rioker of Belmont first vice president, Mrs. L. A. Walker of Perry third vice president and Mrs. H. G. McCatoheon of Arcade recording sec­ retary. A record breaking price was paid Monday for 67 head of fat Herford steers owned by Louis E. Sands, a well known Albion wholesale produce dealer and farmer when Jake NIckey, a representative of the Williamson Sc. Son s company of Buffal o bought tbe steers, which have an average weight of over 1060 pounds each, paying more than $7,600 fo r them. \ Is This a Joke ? On account of tb» scarcity of water for fire protection the use of water for sprinkling is prohibited until fur. th^er notice. Consumers are caution­ ed by the Gowanda*>Water Works Co. not to waste any wafer.—Gowanda News. The Signal—All the news—II An Erie Guide to the Fish. The fishin g fever will soon be upon us, and tho veterans ln the ganio will bo looking their old haunts or, if their luck was not the best last year, turn their attention toward spots which aro new to them and offer a more abundant return. Every year there are thousands moro wbo are touched with the fever and join tho throng of followers of tho ro d and reel. But tbe question of where to go and how confronts many. Tbo Erie Railroad Company has issued a guide whiob Will rollove tbe minds of thoso who bave had a longing for game fresh water fishing, bat havo been puzzled as to just whoro to go. The npper Delaware river offers one of tho beat locations In tho oountry fo r black bass. The number taken from its waters eaob year Is Immonso, and thero is no body of water In tho world inhabited by this splendid flsh so reploto with Nature's rarest works; none that can be oompared to this romantlo and beautiful homo of the courageous mioroptorua. Piokorol and wall-eyod pike aro also plenti­ fully taken in the upper .reaches ot the Dolaws.ro . The black baas and the moskallongn\tlger of fresh water flsh\—are taken tn abundance from Chautauqua Lake. Mnakallonge weighing as high an forty-six pounds bave been caught, tbo avorago size being.about flftoon pounds. Accord­ ing to tho Erie's guide tho trout streams omptying into tho upper Del­ aware are unsut passed. Conductors Long Service. Nearly 25 por cent of tho conduc­ tors In regular passonger, freight and yard service on tjie Buffalo, Roohes­ ter & Pittsburgh Railway have sorvod tbat company over 20 years, tbo aver- ago length of sorvioo among those men being 24K years. Included In tbe number are 14 wbo havo sorvod over 25 years and six who havo boon on tbe company payroll 30 years and over. The dean of oonduotors of tbe en­ tire system is Timothy Oronln, woll known to patrons between Rochester ond Porry. N. Y. , who began as brakeman ln tho days of tbo old Rochoster & Stato Lino Railway In 1879. Next to Mr. Cronln in length of servloo on tbo Rochester Division Is Claronco J. Widner, who has boon 80 years witb tbe company. Mr. Widner runs between Roohester and Bala- manca, N. Y. Mr. H. G. Haman, In looal service between Rochester and LeRoy, i s just rounding out his 80t h year as a Buffalo, Rochester & Pittsburgh Rail­ way employ. OAK HILL. Edw. Solomon and wlfo roturnod from a visit in Buffalo Monday. Mrs. Mary Taylor returned to ber home in New York Friday, after spending some time witb her mother, Mrs. A. E. Robbins. Robt. Lennox and wife entertained party of young people Saturday evening in honor of the birthday of tholr daughter, Louise. Ohas. Abbott and wife visited Will Brian an d family near Moscow Tburs' day. Chas. Nowcomb and wife of Gaines­ ville spent Friday at Spencer Voor bees'. Mrs. Frank Spencer and son Shir­ ley are spending a few days In Olean. Karl Sobwartzenbach and wife of Homell were calling on friend* here Saturday. Bought a Home. Mauric e Oody bas purchased of Laurenc e O'Donnell, the boose snd lo t on Church St, which be and bis family axe occupying. H. J. Lary would like to sel^ rent or exchange for otber property, bis pool psrlor at Castile station. Warsaw Fair Catalogs Ready Premiums Aggregating Ovsr $5000 Of­ fered to People of This County. PIKE to Premium books ot tho Wyoming County Fair for 1918, aro now ready fo r distribution, and may be had by applying to James E. Jennings, War­ saw, or at tbe Times Offico, Warsaw. A postal card to either place will bring a book by return mail. Tho book this year contains 43 pages and every list bas bon revised and brought up to da to. Every olass of horses, cattle, poultry, sheep and swino bas been carefully constdorod and mado to cover, so far as possible evory entry thut might bo mado by any porson In Wyoming County. Last yoar tho society paid out noarly $4000 In premiums, and tho premium list as printed represents fully $6000 that might bo had by the farmers of the county, by exhibiting tholr atook aud farm products at this Fair. Competent and fair mended Judges will be provided fo r eaob de­ partment and all premiums will be awarded on tbo morlts of tho article Judgod. Thoro will ho absolutely no favorlteism. Entries of farm produoo and cattle are limited to Wyoming County, so that pro fenalonal oxbibltorn will not corao In competition with looal ex­ hibitors, and till* rule should prove , a strong Incentive for home grown exhibits. Evorybody In the county is Invitod to participate in tho dis­ tribution of this premium money. A number of tbo premium Hats havo boen loft at tbis offloo, where tboy oan be secured by thoso doslr- Ing thorn. PORTAGEVILLE Albort Redanz died at hia home hero last Tuesday, ngod sixty-nine. years. Tho funoral, whioh was largely attended, was bold from the house Thursday p. m, at 1.30 o'olook. Burial In tho Portegovlllo cemotory. He leaves one daughter, Mrs. Flint ot Castile, six brothers and ono sister. Mr. and Mrs, Koagabond and chil­ dren and Miss Poarl Clark autoed from Grand Island to Mrs. L. II. Clark's Sunday. Mrs. P. W. Maok spont several days last week In Buffalo, roturnlng Sunday ovontng. Mrs. E. D. Howard and children of Hunt spont Saturday with Mrs. Leh­ man, It being Mr. Lehman's 01st and Mrs. Mary Gallop's 80tb birthday. Dr. O. A. Doolittlo attended the fifteenth annual conference of sani­ tary officers of Now York state, last week at Saratoga Springs. Thomas Brogan of Yonkers Is vis­ iting bis mothor, Mrs. J. E. Brogan. Sanford Funlun was taken to the General Hospital ln Buffalo Saturday to have an operation performed on his loft oye, tbo result ot an abioesa forming baok of tbe eyo. LAMONT. The VanGorder family returne d Pike for tbe Bommer last week. L A. 8hano expects to move his family to Buffalo soon, where he has employment Twelve cans o f brook trout finger- lings were placed io the streams here last week. George A. Scott has traded his run­ about ca r for F. J.Walto'a hone and buggy. Iren e Barnes, who is emptoyed in the home of F. J. Youmans at Gainesville, bas been spending the week at ber borne in Pike. Wm. Powers says ne.has purchased the Smith lot on tbe corner o f Main and Water streets and will erect a two story building thereon of tbe dimen­ sions of 32x80 feet Born, to Mr. and Mrs. John Powers, Saturday, June 3rd, a son; to Mr. and Mrs. Clau d Ack'erman, Sunday, June 4th, a son; to Mr. and Mrs. Carey Albro, Monday, Jnne 6th, a son; to Mr. and Mrs. Earl Miller, Thursday, June 8th, a son.—Gazette. Herman Shanmwebbor has a new Saxon car. t Midilough Tioe took A. S. Ties snd Albert Gsgo to Warsaw Friday Is his car. J. O. Matter visited bis son, L. W. Maber, in tbe Warsaw hospital Son- day. Mrs. Frank Harris visited Mrs. Swartz o f the Portage road Friday. Miss Violet Grey was a woek end guest oi Miss Margaret Tloe. Mlises Minnie and Alice Akin were i n Perry to a dance Friday evening. Charlie Orano went to tbe dance at Perry last Friday nlgbt. LostThnrsday afternoon thore was a\ladles aid meeting at tbe church to elect officers for th e coming year. Mrs. O. O. Davis was elected presi­ dent; Mrs. N. Ames, vice piealdent; Mrs. Forest Holmes secretary and Mrs. L. W. Maber, treasurer. Mrs.- C. O. Davis and sister. Miss Viola Weager, visited Mrs. George Rockel of Pike Sunday afternoon. Alva Davis and Frank Veith spent Baadsy on tbe Greek road. Rev. Rlobmlra's sister died very suddenly so there were no serrloss hare 8unday. Mr. VanAllen, A. & Tioe, Albert Gage and MIddaugh Tice were at Warsaw Saturday nlgbt Quantity o f small seed potatoes fur sale.-C. F. Bills, Castile, N. Y. Ladles and mens suits cleaned and pressed at Beardsley*s at a reason­ able price. Subscribe for the S IGNAL

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