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Silver Springs signal. (Silver Springs, N.Y. ;) 1892-19??, November 04, 1915, Image 5

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TEE SILVER SPRINGS SIGNAL T 1 v--- ^ SIIiVEH SP $If4GS GOSSIP The Weekly Chroniclings of a Lively Town was bome from to work on , tbe of B. E. M M. Hawley was up \from Rock - Glt-a o° business Wedneaday morn- ing. W J Kennedy Caledonia Tuesday election board. Mr and Mrs. Elmer Mack of Wis coy were Sunday guests Granger and family. Mrs Clarence Thomson and little son of Dale are visiting at the home of her father, S. R. Bush. Mrs. F. W Enstace of LeRoy is a visitor at tbe home of her husband 's parents, Mr. and Mra. K Eustace. Chas. Crist waa home from the Hornell Sanitarium Saturday and Sunday He is getting relief from tbe rheumatism. Misses Marie, Mildred, Anna and William Somers and Gus. Barron of Nunda were gDesta of B. E Granger] snd fsmily Sunday. Miss Lila Mason waa home from ber scbooi work at Orchard Park and Miss Marion Mason from tbe Geneseo Normal tor the week end. MrB. A. H. Clark, • Mrs. Lida Stewart and Mrs. Ohas. Crist were in Rochester Friday attending a Past Matrons banquet of the O. E. S Mies Qeanie Crichton is bome from Buffalo, spending a short time with ber parents, Mr. and Mrs. Geo Crichton. She is reoov'ering' nicely from ber recent operation for appen dicitla. Lloyd Denton and family and bis father, Chester Denton, former resi dents of Silver Springs, motored here from Ossian Tuesday and spent tbe da; witb the latter'a slater, Mrs. 0 E Luce Will Bloss motored here from Rochester Saturday night accompan led by bis mother, Mrs. Jobn T Bloss, wbo had been visiting ber sons and families in tbat olty. Will returned to hia home in Rochester Sunday night. Kev. W.^H. Smith, pastor of the M E churches of Warsaw and North Gainesville, delivered a temperance address at tbe M. E. ohnrcb in this village Sunday evening and Rev, bome fron Johnson occupied the pulpit at North Gainesville. M. Whelan presented us witb a generous sample of apples of the Wealthy variety which were simply great—the handsomest and best flav ored applea we ever pnt our teeth in to Wm. Washburn also brought to this office samples of the same vari­ ety which were fine. A man would indeed be wealthy if he bad a bear ing orchard of the Wealthy variety. Tbe Afternoon Study Club held a reception for tbe High Scbooi girls and ihe faculty at the home of Mra. Geo T. Monroe Saturday afternoon. Miss Louise Farman of Waraaw, wbo was in France at the beginning of the war, gave a very interesting and instructive talk on \ France in War Time.\ Music and refreshment* added to the occasion, which was a most deligbtfnl one to those present. Mr and Mrs. T. H. Tuttle arrived here from Seneca Pall's Monday and are stopping wltb Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wbelan until they can find a suitable house to' rent. Mr. Tuttle baa assomed the management o r the LucaB-Tuttle Mfg. Co'e. factory, wticb has started up with a small force of men. More help, is to be added as fast as needed and before long the former Brown & Kearney factory will doubtless be running to its foil capacity. Here's hoping the new fi rm will jj e hjghjy Buccessful and will soon outgrow their present quarters. ,. Hade Strong 1 By Vinol i , Greenville, S. C.,— \I want others.to know of the great benefit I have de­ rived from Vinol. I-am -81 years \old. Md Vinol has given me strength, a healthy appetite and overcame nervous- i n ess. It is the best, tonic recon- structor I ever used.\ —Mrs. M. A. Hutchison. * . vinol is a delicious cod liver and Hon tonic without oil, guaranteed to overcome run down, weak; devitalized conditions and for chronic coughs \ad colds. J A. Corbett, Silver Springs, N. Leo Pierce had business in Angel ica Tuesday Louis Ribaud was Rochester for election. A little daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Todd last Thursday morning Sunday was a beautiful Indian summer day, tbe roads were fine and the automobilists very numerous. Mrs Frank Gillease, who was re­ ported seriously ill last week, is much improved, we are pleased to state. The Warsaw Times last week said: Mrs. Albert Barratt and daughter of Rochester are visiting at the bome of Mrs. Geo. Tuttle. Several large flocks of wild geese bave passed over tbe past week on their way south for the winter. Get out tbe storm doors. Mrs. Chas. Crist was in Perry one night last week to attend a banquet given in honor of some of tbe grand officers of the O. £. S. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Sprague bave moved from the Berkery bouBe, near Bloss' crosaing, to Mra. Geo. E. Piper's bouse on Mechanic St, Several large droves of cattle have passed through town the pant week, dealers picking them up in Allegany county apd taking them north for sale. Frank Baker of this .village has sold his 60 acre farm in Lyndou, Catt. Co, to Henry Bopp of that town lot $1300, and gave possession Nov. 1st. Stated meeting of Ella Chapter No 435, a E 8., Thursday even ing, Nov. 11, 1915> Seventh anni versary, also a birthday party All master Masons cordially invited — Sec'y. Several Italian families from Mt. Morris have moved here for the win­ ter and are occupying tbe tenement house at the end ot Orchard St. They When irfTain there's nothing irr the world so sooth­ ing and restful as. & Hot Water Bag Especially valuable for relieving pain in any of the followinti casess Rheumatism, Pain in the Back Indigestion, Sick Headache Neuralgia, Chills and Fever Cramps You never can tell when you will need badly. Buy it noW. one S/L VER SPRINGS CRESCENT THEATRE Friday Special three part Vita graph Comedy LOVE, SNOW and ICE Scenes taken in the Adirondack Mountains Hearst Selijj News, current events Saturday Five Reel Program to be announced later. are employed as bean pickers in thej Belden & Co. warehouse. A. I Marriott, a brother in law of Carl and John Richards of this] place, who has been running a bar­ ber shop in Hume, Is moving his family to Angelica, where lie has ac­ cepted the position of farm manager j at the County Home. Matthew Shirley, a former reside! t of this place, who at one time rnn tbe blacksmith shop on Perry Aven­ ue, died recently in Hornell at tbe age of 60 years. Five daughters aod one son survive, Mrs M. A. Quinn, Misses Minnie and Helen and Matthew Shirley of Hornell, MisB Jennie Shirley of Rock Glen and Miss Eva Shirley of Moscow. Tuesday, Nov. 9 - Third episode of \Neal of the Navy\ This is proving a great success by all who see it. and Veast In Bread. In the dough from which bread Is made there la a lot of sugar, which contains carbon^ydrogen and oxygen. It is necessary to ferment this sugar to make bread edible, and yeast is used because i t has the power to-do this. It is made from a plant having this quality. Fermenting sugar is equiva' lent to burning It, and there are two results. One la the formation of car­ bonic acid gas. A. great deal of this gas is caught in the dough in the form of large or small bubbles, and some of It escapes into the air^. The part that cannot escape causes the dough t o rise and makes the bread light The holes in bread are the little pockets which held the carbonic add gas. The effect of the bubbles Is to lift the body of dough so that the heat can penetrate readily and bake It properly.—Boston Herald. A Morbid Desire. Two octogenarian darkies at White Sulphur Springs, having been employed by one hotel management since old time war days, are now retained as pensioners, though they occasionally do light and pottering jobs about the place., One day not long ago they were languidly raking leaves on the lawn. As a lady passed she heard them quar­ reling and stopped to listen. 'Nigger,\ stated the older of the pair, \does you know whut I wlsh't? I *wish'tdat hotel yonder had a thousan' rooms in It and you wuz laid out dald in ev'y room!\—Saturday Evening Post overcharged. ' In a\ western, town the attorney for the gas company was-making a popular address.\ t , •Think' of the good the gas company has done,\ he cried. \If 1 were per­ mitted a pun I would say In the-words of the Immortal poet 'Honor the light brigade'*\ Whereupon a shrill voice came from the rear, J'Oh, what a charge tbey made!\—New York Times. Qalllpoll. Oalllpoll is the door through which in 1-858 the Turks first entered into their European possessions. And tho entrance came about in a surprising manner. In that year an earthquake shattered all the cities of Thrace and overthrew the walls of Gallipoli. The inhabitants fled, while tho Turks, for whom earthquakes bad no terror, cross­ ed the Hellespont and marched upon the deserted city. Emperor Cantacu- zenus protested, but Sultan Orkhan calmly replied that \Providence had opened a way to bis troops, and he could'not disregard so clear an Indica­ tion of divine interposition.\ Thus was taken the first plunge that kept the near east bathed in blood for centuries. —London Standard. Cornmeal For th* Fe*t. Men as well as women are finding cornmeal very beneficial to aching and sore feet Simply soak tbe feet in warm water into which a handful of meal has been thrown, and the meal when rubbed over the feet opens up the pores in such a manner as to stop the very disagreeable annoyance of painful feet' It is far superior to Bait baths for the feet—Philadelphia North Amer­ ican. Home Made BREAD Fresh Every Day It is the Biggest and Best Loaf ia Town Try a Loaf today W. Hr~Whiting , Bakery and Variitr Store The Store of Quality Watches Clocks Diamonds Cut Glass Silverware Jewelry C. L. KERR WARSAW JEWELRY STORE Waraaw, N. ¥ Get One Today If Not Today then Tomorrow Sure The Home Savings Bank offers one of the easiest ways of saving money. Drop coins Into it each day; then bring It to tho bank every mohth, and have the contents credited to your account, where it will earn 4 per cent interest. An account for $1 gets you one of these banks. The Silver Springs National Bank SILVER SPRINGS, N. Y. » Open Friday evenings from 7 to 8. 4 per cent Intareat paid on Certificates of Deposit. We have on sale our new Outings. The largest line and best quality at 10c per yd, 11 yds. for $1.00 Also the new line of Bed Blankets, a large as* sortment. Secure what you wish early as sales on these goods is rapid. 65c to $4.50 a pair 0. R. Mason, Silver Springs i Fine Furniture We carry a large line of all kinds of. furniture of the best makes and can supply your demands In that line, at very reasonable prices. Should you want any* thing a little better than that carried in stock, you can choose from any of our catalogues just what you want @ and it will be ordered for you on short notice. Come L in and look over our stock and get our prices before buying. Geo. E. Piper, Silver Springs Licensed Bmbalmer and Undertaker a Get Busy and Buy a Heating Stove Feed, Coal and Wood Grandin's Stock Feed al­ ways on hand, the best on the market. Chicken Feed of all kinda Lehigh Valley Coal, Seasoned Wood in any quantity deBired, deliver­ ed at a very reasonable price. F. J. AUSTIN The Whistle Signals. One Long Blast Fair Weather Two Long Blasts Rain or Snow Three Long Blasts Local Rains One Short Blast.. ..LowerTemperature Two Short Blasts.. Higher Temperature Three Short Blasts Cold Wave F ob S ale : A second hand sideboard in good condition. Enqnlre at this of­ fice. Wo have a good line of bale burners, Acorni, Ambertas, Jew­ els and Sucocia. Prices from $32.00 to $40.00 If yon don't wsnt a now 01.0 we bave Just aa good bargains ID second band onea. 1 nearly new $50 00 BloveWw^. $30,00 Othor base burners from $8.00 to $10.00 Oaks tbat born coal or w,ood from $10.00 to $13.00 011 boards, vinced olotb roga and stove Como In snd be con- Marsh's Hardware :• i: i: i: i: 1: i; i; i: ii S: i: i: i; ii Ii l! Ii i \Dr. M. L. Ogden DENTIST Silver Springs, N» Y. OfRc*Boar»: 9to 13a.m.; 1 toSp.m.; 1 toS p. m. and by appointment OfflclnTrUr Block AtWalker House Every Month C* S. HAWKINS of RoctHHtaf GRADUATE OPTIOIAN Doatnogleotroar eye*. X emsll raftsettT! erro* propertycorrected, may e&ve jrou fiew total bllndnei* UUMn life Send us $1 and get alllthc news for a year

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