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VOL. Xin, NO. 38. MECHANICVILLE, SARATOGA COUNTY, N Y.. SATURDAY MORNING, JANUARY 19, 1895. W H O L E NO. 66 2 JiliCknt%Qt%tr>'XTt\\c^ located on the upper Hudson at the mouth of Tenendaho Creek, the outlet of iV l . C C j n i 3 . l l l C y lllC B a llston Lake and Round Lake. It is midway between Albany and Saratoga, the political and social capitals of the Empire State. I t is twelve miles from tide-water navigation a t Troy and eighteen miles from Schenectady. It is on the line of the Champlain Canal and has railroads diverging in sevek niFFEBENi dibections . A street railroad extends through the main business portion of the village and reaches Stillwater, three miles up the Hudson, Mechanicville has facilities for passenger and freight transportation that are surpassed by only a few cities.. -The United States census of 1880 gave Mechanicville a population of 1,265. It now has a population of fully 6,000, Its growth has been rapid and substantial. The Saturday Mercury is Printed ^ A L L AT H O M E .^ Advertisers Appreciate a Home Newspaper. The Same Publisher has Issued this Paper ^ Nearly Thirteen Years- ^ This cannot be said by Any Other Newspaper in Saratoga C'c I V l p r l l J I f l l r v l t l p Po'■eeses two immense water powers on the Hudson River and has one of the i T l C V / I l d l l l v V 1 j . v C largest pulp and paper mills in the world. Its other manufacturing enterprises include Fitchburg Railroad car shop, Delaware & Hudson ear chops, three large knitting mills, three sash, blind and door factories, two shirt factories, two brick yards, a factory for elee- trical supplies, iron and brass foundries, lime kilns and fertilizer works. Mechanicville has six churches, a new |40,000 academy and public school building, a fine new opera honae, a bank, two telegraph offices and a driving park. The Y. M, C. A. maintain a public library, reading rooms, gymnasium and bath rooms. The village is lighted by electricity and has unequalled water works, supplying the public with pure spring water by the gravity system. Electric street cars will soon be in use J. P. H e Q I R R & CO. P a RK-AVE, MECHANICVILLE, ANNOUNCE A BIG CLOSING OUT SALE of all VTinter Dry Goods D T J R I N G T H I S M O N T H . Ladies’ & Children’s Cloaks lowpr I^ s THSY ^ ABE OFPEBINai^ NOW IS THE TIME TO BUY A CLOAK. As we don’t propose to carry any over to Next Season. Everything in Cloaks to be Closed Out This Month. ^ R E M N A N T S I ^ All Remnants of every department will b^jlplaced ou'J Ceiitei Table, marktdja plain figures. ClOSGd O U t fOr H a l l P r i c e . Somejv-jry dt-sirable Ciemnants, suitable for Child- dren’s g school dresses will be an.ongJJ the assortment, J . P . M c G i r r & CO. 5 PRBSTOl CHANaB! # Watch This Space Every Week- Park=ave. 5hoe Parlor, Righttauon Rubber Goods. JEvery Cent Counts Pure Gum Boots. S3 24 Beet Bull Finish, 2 74 2d Grade Boots, 2 49 Net Lined Boots, 2 19 Arctics, 74c to 2,24 Leggins, 70c to 1,24 GOODS GUARANTEED AG RtPR£SENTE0 WaTch TJsI 51 Park Avenue Shoe Parlor, N E W g u i l d b l o c k . ^ D . O. BJhGiil, P r o p r i e t o r . Watch Our Pine Window Display. w. B- GUY, THE OPTICIAN, Will Visit I\ Park-ave. Shoe Mechanicville, At ihe-^ Parlor, New G-uild N. Y., i Block, JANUARY 28th, 29th and 30th. Free Examination of Eyes Made. Highest of all in Leavening Power.—Latest U. S. Gov't Report ABSOUITEE.Y PURE LOCAL L IN E S The hardware meichantB of this vU* laRp, hy ron'tial agrerment, will hereaf­ ter close their stores at six o’clock, See, the P ’Hk-nve. shoe merchant, is offering robber goods at highly attractive prices. His new advertisement on our first page tells the story. The grip was unheard of this t-eason nntil the recent thaw, hut It now seems to be very prevalent. New York city has many fatal ea«e« to report every day. The ouUof k for new bnUdlugs In town this season Is very favorable, Nearly ten new houses have already been plan­ ned, and there are whispers of larger en- terprl.ses. _ ______________ Joseph Dodd has sold more cutters this season than during any previous sea­ son in ten years. His cutters are well made and he sells them at right prices. His big warernoms are always attractive. The Hudson river at this point pre­ sented a broad and gleaming snrface of ice, Monday and Tuesday, and a host of merry ekaters enj ived the old-time sport of i-katlog thereon. Thei damp snow storm Wednesday, spoiled further sport. LOCAL LINES. The Fitchburg pay car was In town, T u e s d a y . ____________________ Note the changes in the Rchermerhnrn “nnt'mJcement, He offers some big bar- Read the new advertisement of Mrs. C. 0, Barnes. A nice stock of goods for the ladies is dlsnlaved at her Park-ave, store. Hotel Leland was crowded with tax­ payers all day Wednesday, and the col­ lector of taxes for the town of Halfraoop secured a fine harvest. Dickinson, the men’s furnisher. Is mak­ ing a special drive on unlaundrled shirts. He has a big stock in men’s fnrnlsh- inss of all kinds, and being a veteran dealer In his line, his judgment is right. new announcement appears in our ad- yertlsiug columns. George Whet ler, the iceman, has se­ cured nearly 2,000 tons of choice Ice In pite of the “ break op\ in weather. He had kept bis tee field on the Hudson clear of snow, and was not troubled with “slush\ when the thsw came. Mr. Wheeler ex­ pects to complete the building of another icehouse already commenced, and will fill It with ice. If possible. The grand carniyal of winter sports to be held at Ottawa, the Canadian capital, January 21 to 26, will include an Ice castle, skating races, snowsboe races, hockey matches, a grand ball, a fancy dress carnival, illnminatlGns, etc. Many features will be similar to the famous ice carnivals held at Montreal. The D. & H. railroad have provided for the low excui- sion rate of 88 30 from Mechanicville to Ottawa and renirn. Tickets will be good soing .January 18 to 25, inclusive, and re­ turning on or before January 28. The Two .lohns company will appear at Park-ave. opera hou-^r, Thursday even­ ing, January 24, and a great treat Is promised those who hear them, J. C, Stewart and John Hart, the two fat men, nave united after a separation of many years, and their droll antics and comedy situations will delight all theatre-goers, the company. See advertisement in amusement column. Miss Mable Meredith, the operotlo prims doDDa,-and the BlJou quartet, are with The Saratoga County Agricultural so­ ciety at the recent annual meeting in Ball- ston, laid on the table for one year the resolution to make the society a stock company. The attendance was large. The officers elected were: President, W. C. Tallmarige, Mechanicville; vice.presi* dent, W. W. Worden, Saratoga; secre- 'ary, Frank Smith, Galway; treasurer, 'Seymour Rowley, Ballston-, directors, Nathaniel Mann, Ballston; G, C. Valen­ tine, Charlton; George C. Collamer, Mal­ ta ;R, D. Wood, Clifton Park; J. T. Smith, for two years, to fill vacancy caused by the resignation of F. L. Smith. The people of the state of New York are just now enjoying the spectacle pre­ sented by members of the iegislaiure at Albany. Owing to the constitutional amendment prohibiting the granting of free passes on the railroads to public of- flcials, members of the legislature in many cases are now compelled to remain at Albany on Saturdays and Sundays in­ stead of at home, Some of these mem­ bers now propose to hold regular sessions on Saturdays. It is stated that many of the railroad companies expect the legis­ lature to enact a law this session provid­ ing that no railroad company In the state shall charge a greater sum than two cents a mile for passenger cransportatlon. A partial attempt in that direction was made last winter. At Massey’s they have 200 boys’ cape overcoats which he will sell at twenty per cent, less than cost to clear them off. Also 600 pairs of boys’ pants, good stock, winter weight, for 60 cents to 81.25 to clear them off. Estimates on the cost of putting Plnm brook water in your house can be had at J. 8. Safford & Son’s hardware store. Samtary plumbing of all kinds at reason­ able prices. Call and see us, McGlrr & Co., Park-ave., are Closing Out Men’s Winter Caps less than Cost, this month. See the one they sell for a quarter. The best Is the best. Best market price paid for rye, at Riee * Howlaxd’e. The Mechanicville Citizens’ corps has been awaiting orders all the week to march to Brooklyn and put down the street car riot. The boys stand ready to don their uniforms and shoulder arms at any time Governor Morton may issue the command. ' Mary Nolan, an inmate of the county poorhonsp, has commenced an action at law against Mortimer Salisbnry, alleging seduction. She is a sister of the Nolan girls now in the county ja'.l charged with the murder of their brother, a former resident of this village. Many expected to see the ice go oot of the BurJson rlyer, Sunday. The water was high and the Ice had worn away sev­ eral Inches. Great cracks expended through the Ice from bank to bank. There was a movement of ice at Troy, but colder weather checked it. Collector Sherman for the Ballston Spa villacc and school tax, reports collections very slow. He says he never had such a time before collecting t«xes as ho has had tills season. M<-d who were formerly asking to pay taxes before his regnl«> da'GS are now delinquent and ask him to wait,—Troy Times. Some smart wood polo man has recent­ ly 1nven*^ed a soft and pliable pulp paper which is now “ all the rage” for lining ladies’ dresses. Sulphite fibre appears to have been used In the preparation of this new msterlal. The article has beer paten'ed and retails at 86 cents a yard, so we are informed. The mills cannot begin to supply the demand and as ye» only limited quantities of the material are in the market. Only one store in town is now allowed to sell the goods. BoBlneis Pointers Wnen a meichant stops advertiatpa people get the Idea into their heads that his business In “going down.”—Printers’ Bulletins, circulars, handbUls, cards and all other devices have their day and placer, but they cannot compare with the liberal, free hand advertising which le done hy the newspaper.—Press and Prin- If good goods advertise themselves, it Is strange that the names of the non ad­ vertised brands of soap, baking powder, proprietary medicine, etc., are not more famSllar to us.-*JVint«»'s’ Inlc. Country people aro not reached by the papers of large cities even in these days of rapid travel. The circulation of clti papers In country towns Is comparatively small, and the local paper is the one in Which they are naturally interested; con­ sequently, the local town or country pa­ per is the very best for all adverMsInp which is of a general nature—Press and Printer. _ _____ The Trouble Over. A prominent man in town exclaimed the other day; “ My wife has been wear­ ing out her life from the effects of dys- pepsl», liver complaint and indigestion. Her case baffled the skUl of our best phy- siciana. After using three packages of Bacon’s Celery King for the nerves she Is almost entirely well.” Keep the blood in a healthy condition by the nse of this great vegetable compound. Call at G. H. Whitney’s, sole agent, and get a trial package free. Large alz-s 60a and 26c. Warron Baker Is prepared t6 take or­ ders for rinrscry stock for delivery next spring. He has been engaged in this business for eight years or more, ami every year his list of customers in­ creases. Mr. Baker warrants hla stock to be first class and be sells it at astonish­ ingly low prices. Think of No. 1 apple trees. 6 to 7 feet high, at 7 1-2 cents, standard pear trees at 10 to 14 cents, cherry trees at 9 to 11 cents, plums at 7 to 11 cents, Fay’s Vroliflc currants 8 1-2 cents, blackberries 1 3-4 cents, Concord grapes 3 1-2 cents, Niagara grapes 6 cents and other fine stock at similar prices. Send your order, by postal card, to War­ ren Baker, MechanlcviUo, N. Y. His prices for medium and light medium stock are still lower. The folly of prejudice is frequently shown by people who prefer to suffer for years rather than try an advertised reme­ dy. The millions who have no such no­ tions, take Ayer’s Sarsaparilla for blood diseases, and are cured. So much for common sense. LIGHT AND AIRY. No Inspiration. The table roars when Kitty speaks. She neither halts nor stutters, And every maid and matron seeks To catch each word she utters. “Just like a man I” the girls all say, And some say. “Even better!’’ tSTio once has hc..r I her fancy play Can never quite forget her. But when I hear her praises ring The wonder, I declare, is That any girl can do this thing On plain apollinarlsl —Vogue, Once upon a time it obai hild accosted a Man, saying; “Papa, may we play in the street?\ The Man replied and spake; “I should say not. Today Is Sunday.” And the>e Childild camear bdbk at the Man Ch c presently and quoth: “ But, papa, we will call it a sacred con- New York Journal. The Cheerful Idiot. The typewriter boarder was in the par­ lor doing her best to sing “ AuBevoir, but Not Goodhy.” “ Somehow,” laid the cheerful Idiot, “that reminds me of a canyon 1 o B w out west,” “ Don't see it,\ remarked the good na- tnred boarder. “ I t iB Buoh a rooky holler,” Bald the oheerful idiot.—'Cincinnati Tribune. A W om an StUl. In anything men are known to wear Her wardrobe doesn’t lack— Coats, vests, and pants, and ties, and, there- She’s an andromaniac. She struts and poses about the house, Displaying her fancy shirts. But she screams at the sight of a little monse Just the same as a girl in skirts. —New York Frees. U isfit Talents. “How did Smithers get along out west?” “ Not very well.” “ He was a remarkable fellow—so quick %t repartee.” “Yes, that’s bow the trouble riz. Ef he ___ __ _______ ___________ had been not quite 80 quick at repartee and coroners announces that ho pro; a little bit quicker with a gun, he—he conduct the affairs of his office on might be Injyin this climateyID.”—Wash- jy nonpartisan basis. This Is ohee togton Star. _ _ _ _ _ _ serves to confii ' ’ ' The Lim it. Mrs, Blnks (bouse hunting)—I hope there are no screeching poll parrots in this neighborhood. Agent—Not one, madam. Mrs. Binks (with a sigh of relief)—! nin glad oi that, because we have two, and 1 really couldn't stand any more,—New York Weekly. ________ A Song o f Freece. Froezol froezel freeze! Prom early room till night. And freeze! freezel freeze! While the stars are shining bright. It’s, Ob, for one brief hour To feel as we used to feel Ere we pawned our coat for a dollar note And a melon made a meal I —Atlanta Constitntion. N ot W h at He Meant. “Now, a bribe,” said the statesman, “ a bribe, as I take it”— But the roar of de- lighted' interruption that followed con­ vinced jhiin that further remarks would utterances of a man Cincinnati Tribuj Bis will, which has left me no gold. I’ll contest without any delay, And I’ll break it as well, for I'm told That “where there’s a will there's a vi Bomance and Business. “ The dear boy, how be does lovo mel” •he sighed as she replaced the sheet within the envelope. Going softly to tho pearl lined csoritoiro, she took the pen and thoughtfully wrote on the letter, “Exhib­ it A,”—St. Louis Poflt-DJspatoli, Sleigh lUdos. Oh, tho jingling of the sleigh boils And the toot, toot of tho horn Is tho sign that some poor fellow Win bo dead broke in the mom. ________ —Harlem Life. The Bight Number. Jersey Miss (in city store)—I want to got some etoekinge. C lerk—W h a t n u m b e r, please? Jersey Miss—Two, you Idiotl Do you think I ’m a thousand legged worm?—Phil­ adelphia Inquirer. The Poor Poet. When haplessly his poems fare And months of rent and board are due, His harp be hangs up in despair And hangs up his landlady tool —New York Herald. Impressed. Penderson—Evidently my friends think I ’m smart, whatever you may say. I know that whenever I say a bright thing they remember it for months. Fogg—I should think they might.—Bos­ ton Transcript.________ Reaction. fie hired a neat little sleigh And rode about feeling quite gfigh, But when the bill came Ho called it a shame And very near fainted awelgh. —Chicago Inter Ocean. A spankin I—Clevelat Artistic Beauty. She’s pretty as a picture, But her rivals meanly say That she gets her roseate beauty In precisely the same way. ________—Harlem Lite. Xiemler Besort. First Flea—I don’t know how I am go­ ing to make a living. Second Flea—Have you tried it on a dog?—Detroit Trlbuna Soluble. The tempest howled; the fragile girl Clung frantic to tho wreck. Wave swept; the color fled her cheek, And ran adown her neck. —Detroit Free Press. pboto>lbHtn« at the Gem Phzrtnaey, A Gcnnine W elcom e, “I’m awfully glad you’ve come, grand- ma,\ said Willie. “I wouldn’t have missed seeing you for four moalsl”—Chicago Tribune. True In His Case. This fat man in his chair wooes sleep, Or he’l) iver close an eye. Whatever ' jrue of figures In general, his won’t lie. —Detroit Free Press. CURRENT COMMENT. Pay up your little bills, and other peo­ ple can pay theirs.—Boston Globe, The Russlan^thistlo, pressed and baled, is said to furnish an excellent substitute for coal.—Iowa State Register. Professor Behring’s competent declara­ tion that diphtheria has been conquered Is the greatest piece of medical news of the present generation,—New York Telegram. It has taken sclenoo 6,000 years to dis­ cover that kissing la deadly, and It will take scionoe 6,000 years longer to get any one to pay attention to the discovery.— Detroit Sun. company better Louis Republic. lan most men.- cept his resignation one Cake walk that failed to oome off.— Washington Post. Pardoning prisoners Is easily done, and the young ozar seems to like it. But what Russia needs is more freedom outside of the jails. Will Czar Nicholas yield that? —Baltimore American. Suln]g a doctor for carrying contagion is of course an outcome of the germ dls- covory4 Doctors were no doubt tho com­ mon carriers of disease In the good old tlmes.-i-Nev s-Sonator James Q. Fair, the bonanza king, is dead. With his multimillions he ranked no better than the wretohedest of the poor when the grim gleaner got ready to scoop him In.—New York World. Poor Boston I The police board of that sanctlned town has revoked the licenses of Sunday “ sacred” concerts, and hereafter Boston will have nothing to do on the Sabbath but sit down and wonder at her own greatness.—Baltimore News. Renewed efforts to put the Lincoln tomb into tke hands of competent trusteeship and to’ provide funds to keep it in order should > receive the hearty support of the people.' We do not want to be taunted with meaner meanness than New York.— Chicago Herald. One of the newly elected New York ho proposes to See on a striot- Is cheering. It lar -impression THE STAMP OF STYLE, Alaska sablo, seal and ottor aro among the most popular furs for general use. Th( ' silk! A popular fancy Is the use of Persian iamb and seal; also seal and ermine, tho latter being exceptionally elegant for very dressy wear. Lace sleeves over silk are pretty and lar. It takes a full yard of laoo for GeMia] Mii&Lmry portion, as it Is so liable to wear. Honseho^Gooda Moved L Stored. SiDfifln or Double Higs PuTiiehed. AU Orders promptly filled. Soma new petticoats are of satin, with narrow bias ruffles bound with the mate- riaL Others have ruffles with bright rib­ bon stitched on as binding, and one spe­ cially handsome one has the ruffles bound with velvet. Beav.er id a popular fur. In golden brown, 'yellow and the natural color it is very nraoh liked and is combined with other furs. As a rule, however, combina­ tions in this material must be very care­ fully uBed to be effective. An imported skirt of black moire has a lining find dust ruffles of old rose taffeta silk, and a skirt of India camel’s hair is lined with cardinal taffeta, with a dust ruffle made of double rows of black and cardinal taffeta with pinked edges. Ermine is essentially a full dress mate­ rial and is not so appropriate for ordinary wear as most other furs. Indeed it is like diamonds ond point luco, having its spe­ cial field of usefulness, outside of which the best taste will never bring it.—New York Ledger. BILL COOK’S NERVE. Bill Cook presents t at he lie' ____ the compliments of tho seasbn and Bays that he never felt bet­ ter in his life.— S t. Louis Repul ings in the body of Cook, dead or alive. There’s ' Chicago Dispatch. ^Bill Coo: government that commands respect from every nation on the globe ought to mus­ ter up strength enough to suppress the “gang.”—Kansas City Times. A ROYAL FLUSH. Tho Llliuokalanl suffers from the Tho emperor and empress of Russlahope to go to England next summer on a visit to the queen. ing.” The Empress Frederick i s once more re­ siding in her Berlin palace. She has been away nine months while family troubles wore being quietly arranged. Tho dowager empress of Russia has had an eventful life. Her father before he be­ came king of Denmark was duke of Sles- wiok-HoIsteln and was so poor that he gave drawing lessons. His daughters made their own dresses. SOME FRENCH MAXIMS. To translate a book is to undress ideas. To talk ljud and firmly is to use tho ar- umonts of fools. Moral tloughts Improve nobody, not ven the porson who writei the porson who writes them, A book of notes and impressions which does not contain contradictory ideas is not a sincere work. Lack of logic Is one of tho oondltlons of ihann. Martyrs lack Irony, and this Is an nnpardonablo fault, beonuso without irony the world would be similar to a forest without birds. Irony is the gayety of le- fiectlon and tho joy of wisdom.—“French Folly In Maxims,\ H. P. Du Bios. Saved His Life BY DSIN& AYER’S C herry pectoral “yhenmy adopt- o ed son was seven o years of age, he had ® as severe a cough o as I ever knew any- o one to suffer from, g He coughed luces- - L ’sSntly, and spit up L blood, I tried every- F thing I could think q r of, but he constant- O ly grew worse, and ® ^ J feared the poor © little fellow would surely die. At last, I O gave him Ayer’s Cherry Pectoral, being 9 recommended to do so by the physleia\ - This medicine gave the child speedy r lief and effected a permanent odre.’’- Mrs. M. E. D ebat , Liberty, Texas. Ayer's Cherry Pectoral I Received Highest Awards | AT THE WORLD’S FAIR g p e e o o e o o o o e e o ooe^^^ Business Cards- Fresh Candy Chewing Gum, Fine To- Viacco Cigars^ Pippb and Smokers’ Supplies, Play- iDg Cards, Chips, Games of All Kinds, Come a nd lo o t at onr acsortmeut. L ave your ord>-r.s for magazines and newspapers. Fresh peanuts always on band, St BUFFINTON’St I t t & URKiN, Leading Livery, Boarding and SALE STABLE, Ultch up, ive can, tho tontest rig, noId« the family, little and big; Horiea well trained and easy to guide, Handiomc pliae'cni and aurreya to rido. Hie to the country, forest or lake. Hero wo can suit 'yond no mistake j Have Tour team here ted and sttdled, Hitch np in a jiffy will be when called. L e e & L a r h i n i Broadwt Clemem-ave. Near depot, Mrcbaul ilcvllle E D . J . B D S H , No 34 HazoI-Bt„ JloohanicviUe, N. V. S. ARNOLD; Livery & Boarding Stable Opposite rark.ave. Opera House. MechauievUe, New York. ELMER E. WOOD, GENERAL TRUCKING. M oving Dianna and ITuinlture a Npeolaitv. Stone and sand for sale and deiivorod at reasona­ ble rates. Ofllco and residence, No. 12 Broadway. W.J. STEVES, Contractor and Builder Plans tnd specifications drawn. Kstimates far- nlehed on ail kinds of work. Plumbing and steam fitting a specialty. Address, pestoflJee box fiflO, M e c h a n i o v i U e 0VE:R0CK^R BROa, Contractors Builders^ E n s i g n A v e n n e - OYSTEKS Opened Fresh, Daily, at Mawbey’s ' Grand Central B.<.tel Block. Oysters served on the Half Shell at Mawbey'a. First class stock of Candy for the holidays. COME AND SEE US. W. P BRYAR, Painter & Paper Hanger Orders may be left at Safford’s hardware store. Kalsomimng, Whitening. B- A. STARKS, ANb DEALER IN FURNITURB. JOHN B. THOMSON, J e w e l e r ’ W a t o b m a k e r a n d O p t i c i a n - Agent of all the leading stCHmshlp companies. ~ ■ “ le at the lowest rates. HMhsfieTiUe. Real Estate Choice New Building Lots ON THE MARKET. 50 LOTS On Broadway and Chestmf-sU , Immediately Southwest of Hnion Depot. High Ground, DeliBbtfm Lwation, Cholc* Nrfgb- Park . Tree* already 4S\Pric«B Low and terms veiy reasonable. Oall on or address. HOWLAND BAKER. Lots for Sale. Six Desirable Building Lots for Sale, on south side of North -St. Applj’ to T. L. Pratt, Agt. Building lots For Sale! A Choice Block o f Building Lots, Comprising Six Acres o f L and imme­ diately north o f the Union Depot, Mechanicville, N. 7., is now in the market f o r sale, a t very reasonable prices. Lots fronting Railrocd-st., VlaU-ave. and Round Lake-ave., all have electric lights and Tillage water, and are near the new knitting mill, the door, sash and blind fac­ tory, and tlie railroad freight yards. Tiie ‘ -------- —ty \itast risingising in value and now is - proper is f r in val flae time to buy.*\Inquire of Mrs. F, Jennie Bonteeou, OPPOSITE —OPPOSITE— P u lp Mm> MechanicylUe This property Is high ground and Is lo­ cated immediately north of the railroad shops and directly opposite the big mills of the Hudson River Water Power Com­ pany. It is the best location to be found for the homes of the hundreds of wofk- men employed in the big mills. Call on or address, Mrs. Ezra Swartout, Mechanicville, N, Y. Do You Know? Why Our Photographs are so Much Admired. It is because we spare neither time nor money to produce [the best. Children’s Photos A s p e c i a l t y . Don’t neglect the little ones but take ' them to HIBBARP&ALLBNf Main Street, Mcchanlorlll*, N. Y Dr. T.S. Childs, Veterinary Surgeon, will be at Hotel Lelanrt liyery stables Every Saturday from 9 a. m., to 4 p. m. Only Graduate Veterinarian in this County. Residence, Saratoga Springs. Y You W ant Crayons or Photogaphs POK > H R 1 -.TWC PB»:..E.-<Ta. Come at once and give lue time to fill your orders. Q T 'D 'D T ? ! ? ! V i - e a d i n o O I I T A JCLt£l>JU X , PHOTUOBAPHBE. Lee’s Market- . Shefibr Blocbry Pju*k-ftT 0 » is tb& plgce to go for Choice Cuts of Beef, Pork and Lamb. Nice Poultry, Fish and Oysters, Try Lee’s Prime Sausage. It’s very toothsome Lee’s Market is New, Neat and Clean. CASH B-AZAAR, HEADQUARTERS FOB Housefurnishing Goods which are being opened every day. J. B. M E E K E R 'S B A Z A A R , Park-ave. and Main-at. A. McQUEEN, Schuyler, Saratoga county. New York. Who has a powerful horse power drilling machine with which he is able to drill wells in all kind* of soil, granite, limestone, clay, gravel, qnicktand or rook on short notica Drink pure water from a vein in the solid rock id give np your surface water “ Qeulan addreit the abs?*-

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