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THE uBtmm n&^m EaMtqi •»«' Prosfletot, $1.00 PER ;VlEAn;JK''Apy^N4 BUS!N*?S$£ARP;Sr \ pnvsiciANSj;\ office hoars-«.8Q to\ »,8p'«,>%.; ftW, 4P0 and 7,00.8.00 p. W, i Omooana.resia«nq». ttj.gaaxl- H|, msixm-^,^ ^ h r^s^am>A^r, MABCH 9. wxx 3SI.O. S Hi Downs-Kearney Bloolt Boiday *>r Appointment •JJUJOIt, Bqta.Pbpatv C H.TUBI»Ktt,»«.l>. .„ Office »Bd Keetdsnoa Comer W«* AyatniH 1 andi\earl6twe*.\ Offiee l»ns»TS»a.to,»:»»*.»fc«- M;M to * anil .10 9 , HA, p W, SOOTT, » B . „ , r , PnyaloianaadSorioon Office and Keaidance, Park Avenne offlcehom^Cata»a.in,, I twJp,m., T to( 0 n. wmnm,. FnyalolsB, sad Bargeon 111 Peart Blroot. ' Office hoarst tosa, m., 1 to 8 p.m., JtoS p. m flDWABD MTO8OH, H,B. JCJ physloiaa ami bargeon Office and residence on West Avenue betwaeg Wert Center 8tr**t and Park Avenue. Office noorstto l»a, m.,8lo*«ui4J|o8j». «. J JAT WAUKKB, , . Osteopathic Phyatalanr Medina—11« Park Anna* Hours, Tue«-i»y, We ineeday.Thor«a*y «nd Saturday, 2 to o;B0p«*x* Both pnoawi M!iidI«jiort--OT«r UoDomli Jk Cook'i Ore eery, Hon\ Hoidar »nd Stlitr, 8 to VM p. m. Bom phones' ontiUe calls Xoreooons andevwnlnti, Mi B.W.ttWW-t»,, Paatlat 'fflee I* Kearney * Down* Bloc*, Waal Peate? Street. Bridf* wotk»tp*>l»Hr- SOxl YET ONLY A CHILD, ELECTROaUTED Might Have Lived a Thousand Years G n. aixoNCs, x.o.,u.r>.8, niooo at • BMtdneMnt door waatof Data S». on Pearl Blrwt /3.S0R0* 8, 0Af4l^QEAH, V3f , _ Stertif o£ Ortam Ooosty, OfflM U OHUtBOBHk farOrieaaeOoojilT, (iBtoa i t Ooart bono*. OJaHoteataalMlBaaartUr I» *M& moaUi, •ETA*** •\\• TAXHKB, D, 3B. 8, O. Dewat-Koar Offlw nwwXft^U A . M. t' Dowa«-KMilrn«y jHpok «*» I'hont 3*03 tP.X, & r/vvTr\ 5 12 MARCB Igffj 6 W1M2I 7 13I4P w 1 8 22 T1FIS 2 9 10 34 10111 17118 ICT.MB H 2W FRATERNAL DIRBCTORV Jf*Un»Lodtf,K».»«, r.'iuid A.M. It**** flr»t«aa third W«dne«<Jay* or the month »t HMOOIS Bait. W. It, Jf. 17. CMM*. S*cr«t«rx, G«orf • A. Jewell. M*dlii«Ck»ptor. Ko.3etJl.A- Jt . ton rtjood mad fonrth Ttt«d»rs 6t month, >l ias» p. m., l a Uaaonlo I1U1. II, 1?., OutttM A, Vaak. gecntarr, OsoriBi At W«*rell. Mph*tlm»lrA Cflntictl, HojiBjpeeU ««onil ftdnwftkyof rQonth»t7:»)(p,1tS'.»liiJt»MtiIo H*a. »,ff,3«.,qMf((»A.mweit. Itoootder flMjtlBidiatl&tk. ' _ '' 'j£*Uiii'kad'j., Ko, Sat.O.Ha. SteeUUie 8r«t»odthlriMowUx«of uch month »t\:«S p. JUJ, la MMOOIO Hall. WorOij- M«tron Mian /Kli» BatJiar. 3«erc!«r, JCr» Mlttnle- D.Wolt*. Orionns Lodgft Ho. 317, L 0 . O- F. lints ttrttj .MinJarnTtatng In Odd Fellows' llatt. CharlM T. Co*, Nobto Qra.ut. IV L. lincon. Weloomo JUixiknh todga Ko. lis. Meets (he lint ati& tUrd W«dtesdajr< l a each month. ta Oil Pillow^ Hall a| 8 p. fl. Hra, ABce Brown, Kotta QrafltL Hri. Alma Spoor, Hadlna Lodps No. 806, D. 1'. O. B Hwts «Terjf TEiifidajr OTehtog In B P. a S. Bali Bart S. *rars> £ialted Bolw. Jaatt VJ. Slack, Seoretirr. BranoaKo.1B,ait.B»A. Meets drat Wed- nfcsamrof ow.tS.t O if.li.A.Sail. l'rcsi- dent,Jatt M Ohriatj. Rnandal Secrelatj. R- J.Baaa. Branch No. <f, If. a B. A Meets Unit and «Mrd ToMdaj* ot'siooHt ajti G. B A. Ball- Prastdent, Kra, Alice Oiearjr. BceretarriSlrs. Lena It. O'Malloj-. Tent $o~m t & 0. !C it Beets first and; third Tnesdaj-i of the month at Xaccabee HaU. SSeMftarr. K. it-Barrotfc HITB So. m t i. 0 T. U, atcets eren ?*• dayetehlng;»ta»MaheeHall. t omm»ndor, Mrs. Jennto tijrtoW. Seoretatx, Mrs. MorUn Smith Contt Medina, i«6.1193, X 0. F. ilcots iast Thnrsdaif In month at Jaacoaijce Sail . Chief Banget, J, ta Whltilotdn. Ftnanoiai Score tary,0^M.l?nllBpJi Medina Camp, So. »W, M, WV A. Meets \ret andthlrd *ne?daya of Moailr ial. 6.». T H6H. Venorahie Conaol, S» B, Tailor. Olerk.Cf.M. Brewer, j Peart Giinp M6i (Wiio. Koyal KTelRhhors of America. Meets s^bnd arid fonrtli Taesdays. or month in ^aooabira Hall, Ornate, Mrs; John Holftol*, Recorder, Miss Anna Mo- Tigne. Medina Oonncili,'di.iSSt< K. 6i0. Sleolssec- ond and-fourta faoJdnya of month. In K. of O. antl. Josoplr K)to,. Mnanolal Secretary. Sand8tonopoiindll»o y iiM,Ko>alArcannin. Meets SMondl'arid. fourth, Wednesdays of the month, lodge, .rooms over M ilaln Street. iegent, Orinr Car&h; • Sedretorft JDr, Dan B. Howe. OonncUNa &3; OathoUo Eeliof and Benefit Association, Meeissecond and fourth Mon-. asys of ihontu at I. d/d. T. -Hall. President, Mrs. Anna Biferl. Recorder, Miss Anna MeTjgno, • ... . . ^naiodgipi^jjij..Eoooonfo. Hol j ei M . ™„ A V y^ft**!!! »ndthird Xhntsdaya of H =tUg. Sedrotary.JdhnBl^rood. ™3* e,to , ei *Vopening.lh.1,0.a.t. Hall. 8™\tSeV rtl1 ** B •\ 0ld ' - Sedr8 ^- • ^Zt^^-^A-^- Hoeta-the last M-ffood, Commander, Jtllr!^ ®^';«»p» Novior r A A, ft. monS. ^ ° ^** *S 4 *^** WneSdays Jn. tha President; Mr*. ?thet ifc-,Bieekimrf;. Secret thlr^°J S^* 6 ' % llS *- » Mts *»* »ni' T^nt.i \^^\(SlhS* of \month afi. 0, S.. tary w^S^ ^ter, Ml f e^. tore- «ry. Walter fteeman.•>• i if mTZK *\^^3Son^«»l No. P7*rtL» aa °\ t r»°i>t\>'^ tod. K^cemtor. BrooiilyD. March 6.—Pastor Rnsqell preaciied this aft- ernoon in Brook- lyn's largest Au- ditorium and in the evening held n Question Meet- ing. Both services (ffiUftSToft-KosoEul at bpth eager ana deep interest wna manifest. U'ue text of the after- noon (service was. \THENCEFORTH THERE SHAit, BE NO MORE nmvTu on AN INFANT OP DA..V8. NOtt OF AN OLD MAN WHO HA.TH NOT FILLED HIS DAYS. FC«t THE DYING ONE SHALL BE BEPT THE CHILD AT AN HUN DRED YEAJ1S 0LD-A S1NNEK AT A HONDRED YEARS OLD. HE 8H-ALL BB ACCDRSED ,, -CDT OFF FROM LIF&(ISAIAU LSV. 20), Tlio speaker sald:- Owr text la n part of the Dlvlno propuecy of the blessing* whlcli will coroe to Israel and to the whole world during Messiah's glorious' reign of a thoosand years-beginning with tha etc** of tnTg (Impel Era. Succeeding verses tell that In that slorlou« Epoch IantSordlam will bo a thing of the past. \Tbev/ stroll build douses and Inhabit them; they shall plant vine- j-anSa aud cat tho fruit of them; tnoy sliaH not build and another Inhabit; tnejr shall not plant and another eat.\ Additionally we read, \They shall not labour In vain nor bring forth for trou- ble.\' Further wo read that then tho \Wolf and ibo lamb shall teed togeth- er and the Uoa thall eat fodder like the fcullock.\ No Spiritual Shaop, Oxtn. Wolvss, Etc No» end of ednfualon has been cre- ated by the Intent of well-meaning people to apply these prophecies as Ina sreward of the Chnrob In bea«n. KotMns In tbo Scriptures warrants ns la tfcilnklng thnt tbcro will bo spirit- ual. Sicavonly aheep and oxen, wolves sQd lions, vines and houses, planting and tnlldlng. Thoae who reject tito clear Bible teaching respecting a Mes- itantc reign of righteousness cannot undeMand tbc Bible at alt. Not. a ilngl* paKMgB of tha Old Testament letli of heavealjr hopes or promises. Onljr a few of them teach heavenly- Ihlnspt at all. and (hen Indirectly. *• As. for Instance, ID (lie- types of (lie Old TXcstameDt tho garments of tha Ulgte Priest, glorious and beautiful, lytntMllte, w* believe, the heavenly granateuf, honors and glories of ilea- Hah ^InrlnjsJlierjwflod of His telgn. Glmitarly God's- promise to Abraham doclaws that His Seed, Bis posterity, thall be as .tbo stars of beaten and M th*> sands of the seashore. Noth- ing' In this statement would necessa- rily twteb a heawnly state or condl- llin. Only bfikt* nld of ^he- New Tes- lament and tho Holy Scriptures' llln- Wtaataop cab we sco Hint two Seeds of Abraham n» dlstlaetly referred to, |lio stars ludfrectly Implying the Spir- itual Seed, While the sands of the era- thore refer to Abraham^ Natural Seed. As it tsj written, \I have con. ttltoted Thee a father of many na<J ll0B<s*--llae , UBtO God. So the Splrltoat Semi of Abraham is liow feeing developed. With lis corni pletioij this Age will end. and the Nat- ural' Seed of Abraham wilt return to ipeclstl favor snd become the leading naUoa of the world under the guid- ance stnd direction of the spiritual and InvtsHSIc, yet AtM*owerfttl» Kingdom o[ aleaslab. The blessing; throngh natural Is- rael mrlll gradnolly eitend to every (Miot*, la (hat the door wilt be open- ed by which all nations may come Into send became a part of Abraham's Seed, and thus Into harmony with Messiah's Kingdom. Whosoever re- fuses this great privilege and blessing. Of Messiah's Kingdom will be destroy- ed froom amongst the people In the Sec- ond Dxeatb. Hundrtd-Year Old Children. . Centenarians of the present time are few. «ad they by no means are lite cdfidren. Usually they are wrinkled and bngjrard. We are to remember how- oror, the Bible record that, several of Hie earlier membefa of Adnmjs race lived atne hundred years, or rather, they -were mqre than nine hundred years in 'coming fully under the sen- tence against sInnersT-r\By one, man's disobedience sin, entered into the wridV and death its.a result of sin; and thus death passed upon all men, because all are sinners (Romans v. 12) Gractunlly, and especially since the Hood, Tjben a great change took place In our cosmogony, human longevity has decreased, wljlle mental, moral, and physical ailments have Incrcasea. Several of Adam's children did not hare their Ofst born child until after they vsrere a century old. In confirma- tion ot this, aid cOrrcsDondlngly In J contraaicfion'of (tie Evplntion ffieory, ite Snd tbat the Ancients were strong- er than we, mentally ns well ns phys- ically; for they intermarried brothers with sisters and cousins without in- jury, wberens today the mentai weak- ness o f tfae race is such that one out of ev\ery one hundred and fifty adults Is In £eri Insane asylum, and the mar- riage^ of brothers and sisters Is pro; bibjtedj an3 even tbe mnSagO of; see- ond conslns Is disapproved and held responsible for increasing weak-mind- edness. \7e see, then, tbat our text, describ- ing Messiah's Kingdom, merely ex- plains that Restitution blessings Will recover mankind from the effects of the fail, so that It shall then be as It •was. in Adam's dny-that full human Tightness, maturity, will be reached In a oentary and that a man dying then •wouid he dying In childhood as com- pared with the remainder of the race. Tilo farther guarantee Is tint none •Wlli die even at a hundred years of ago, except wliful sinners who, refus- ing to submit themselves to the regu- itlons of Missian'a__pagdom ) will ; then be cut off from life as unwoftby of any further favor at tbo hands o( tho great Redeembr^MossIah-aH of whose dealings wilt represent Dlvlns Justice, Wisdom, Love and Power, Man's Years <• a Ti-e.'t. The Scriptures tell us that under Messiah's Kingdom tbo days of a man shall be as the days of a tree And it is believed that some trecB live to bo at least a thousand years old Tbls 1? God's provision for every man—e>\- ery member of tbo human (anally— after He ahnll have accompllshea the work of this Gospel Age, the selection of tbe Spiritual Seed of Abraham, typ> fled by the priests aud Leyltes; ?'Tho Church of the First-born, whoso names aro written In heaven,\ Messiah's Kingdom Is to dominate the earth for a thousand years, with a view to bicsslug Adain and all of his posterity - with a view to uplifting them from sin and degradation, and death. Tho uplifting uiflnencos will begin at once, following the great time of trouble with which the\ Kingdom will ba Inaugurated. The judgments of the Lord will bo abroad'In the earth and. the Inhabitants of-tho world will learn righteousness. Nono »bai! longer need say to his neighbor of-his brother, \Know thou tho Lord! for ail shall know Him, from tho least unto tho greatest of them,\ for \tho knowl- edge of the Lord shall jflft the whole earth\ «cr. iwl, 84; Ishfati *l, 0). Whoever, ihon, by obotltedco to the laws of tho Kingdom, will avail himself of tho blessed privileges of ItestUa- tion (Acts HI. 10-21), will not only b« helped upward out ot mental, moral and physical Imperfection, step by step to^ ward perfection, but, so long as be progresses, bo may live—clear down to the end of tbat blessed, thousand years, If \wo had never seejj trees; If our own exiwlences bad been with y eg- station such ns perishes within a year, wo might bave difficulty in MIOTIOS somo one who would tell n» of haTiua! seen trees centuries old. Such a state- ment would teem as unreasonable to us as to tell us that humanity coulcl live for a thousand years or forover. Dave wo not Indeed seen children old and wrinkled looking, yet. only la their teens} And baro we not seen others cheerful, fresh and compstra.- tlvcly young-looking at sixty and sev- enty? All UnrlghUouaniit Is 31n, . At tho present time God \winks'* •t much ot tbo wrong-doing that there Is in tha world. Be dees sot interfere with It But of conn*. «r- ery transgretilofl carries with It jaat- nrally more or less ot a depraving- In- fluence on tho transgressor's -mind and body. \Tlio conaclanco Is the most ten- der and the most Important element of our human nature. Whoever violates It, whoever Injures it, much or little, will proportionately be disadvantage! la tho future and will have all the mora difficulty In rising up gradually ottt of hla df gradation and vreaknetaos, even wlth.«ll tha helps that will then. beTvaitable. Thus will bo fulflllcd the Scriptural declaration, \ffbatsoovai: a man towetb, (bat also shall be reap/* With all mankind redeemed then will ba nothing whatever of the put chargeable against any oh tha books of Divine Justice. Tbe great \High Erieat,\ by his bett«r sacrifice*,-'will hare made full satisfaction to tho de- mands of Joslico. but tbo weakness**, mental, moral and , physical, resulting from mora) or IfcW (wilful ana deliber- ate sin, radst tflll bo jeckonepionr and thus even 1 idle Word' and every Idle thought, every'idlb and vlcibus nctloa ot the present time,' by linking' its, ronrk.tipon the characters of men. It providing for corresponding dlfflcruU ties en thetr pnrtjn that glorious day of their opportunity. The suggestion of our text la that th» great Meeilah will not temporjtxe, for the entiro period of His rebjen, with those who do not show a proper appreciation ot opportunities *hen fnHy brooght In, contact with them and clearly understanding the terms of Divine grace. But one hundred years is quite a considerable period of probation and safreiy, etery t^sOriabie mind, will concede, that t so long a Se- tay in-meeting put tie full'penalty of sin, Second Death, manifests the extreme limit of. reasonable mercy. The Church's Triumph Shorter, The Church, whose trial Is In pro* during this Gospel Age. receives Individually a much shorter period of probation than our text'declares will bo granted to mankind In the future, God's saintly people are expected to develop character and to approve themselves to Qod as \overcomora\ within a very brief-space of life. And not only so, bnt they are required to \walk\ by faith and not by sight.* They merely have God's \Word as re- spects His Justice and Lore and gra- cious plans, while, In tbo next Age, J the worid will have the„actnailty'in- stead of the promls?-rthe\ world wfll walk, by sight \ithe glory, of the Lord, shall he revealed,and all flesh shall see.ft together* (IsnlaTS xl,'S). . The world during Messiah's feign will be priyUeSed to waik in a high- way of holiness, from, \which all the stumbling \stones' will have been gath- ered out. Bot the overcomers vf the 1 iii T^^^^^^^^^^^MMSTPB* * eternal life. T^tlR others may a^fuuy appreciate Divine Wisdom, Justice, Love and,Bower «a4 may become so obedleuC thereto ,th*> qpj; wliin»V pleased to Kraut (hem eternal life. Their days, thtbf Ufeav^nj - be ,far more than, the dayVof a tr*e,' « The world of mauldnd, at the con- clusion of Messiah's reign of righteous- ness, will have attained, again, the.ncr- faction originally enjoyed by father Adam. Like him they wlllbe in EAen, which then wllf bo world-wl'de. Those perfect human'jicloge wljl'bej required to stand a test-to demQnitrtite,' to prove their abTrtla^^oyyt^f!^ and. m righteous layt ^Mmim: tried, festedf proven.4tt. i ^d>5k' M. Adam was prorahj^^tefajal,llfe4fJ!l» t test proved hlm;loyaUtahI».Maicr, ICK hut restored race* nlll^aTfc&fqra^Uoai (be offer of etfrnai ilf*\!j; tpey sbi^Jl manifest-their y^^^trsf^prtly. .Sat.* Le«Mo;.J^jsjy!*lMBw.. We are hot intotp^^ofjaie^rjihx ticnltrii,of thja test.that.wlU then b« applied to mawtfnd. W^e\ > aiere}y,pav| f the. s figurative' ^eelaratton^lhat ^a^.| '\W^I 1 \ ^\W»:\,\\ son at- the clo^e ofv.gMjh^V rcli of the Beashoro,'] Wl^JliMIBitfciSWl to tho teat. Butbone.jniny.jjir what proporfloni of the whole, \will provV loyal, and whjt, jiropc^(o^dbi}«;fg yte aro not infopned. All that we^know^^M.WSM. and all that is, necefasjy.&c^nsT.ta. know, is that tft«^m.'ir81.'•!* thorough and jusyjcSlhji^ilVifpunS, faithfu; will have siwgRalJif^anitaUi 1 found, unfaithful wHl-Jtte'coutitaaai; followers of Satan snd. with'him, will' be destroyed ft the Sicoiid\l>tai nth. J„I. _•:•--«.« ^.V*-_^rtKrfi»_<^. vmi IWted States Troofe May Cross Bqun^ry lntpMextco. The -test •whiel* OoJirwa^VpWwi bo'sp .searching, JK;Jboroujrt,.a*t,a,l though- hls-cre^tM^m^fr* f gents, b£tf^41m£m enceforth ,l (h|r^»s,hj||fT|e M n,e t , [blng, no morft,43arJpf,jB(jjBoiti, ixcause -all tha JCprmot thl»js and death shall Svih passed' • ' *-<•-•\--•••« Tha R.iyjril,, Uft^J^^iUjflrVnWJt PWUK- Not.a word Is »i,li about tho hun- dred-year old klnnerr-ohlld'-belng sent to eternal torment, just asthere Is not a word said lulhb'Dtble\ to the effect that Adam o'r hls.cbildreii .went con- demned to eternal torments. The, son- ience upon A^sm.'VhJfch'bif r«« sharas by Bet^W'*a^f .aj*g^«a., fence. ThU JosOiie*wfS*p«ijilty. bay .wroaght fiat«.;wM;wJi^eor sickness, sorrow, p«In.*,dylij(r,,.deil^. f ) God;a mercy ha%.DroJ«& ^Vr* demptlon • of .Adam spafl bis. XAM through-His Sou, who. .died, (ha Just for the unjust Slid death of 3M'US is the price wfleh frill efe|tunljry-*ie*r' cure the roleasji^tof A'aam'anoT.alt of! bis posterity from the 'aeatf.se-Dtenct and give to them'Wiw^Ma!ptW»\ leges provided fJhrongbpair^^jh^^Djgi dom reign. \ But etery on* who Uas~b«ia,eallght- eood, and brought to. a clcsr.inawl-. edge of (Jod *nd*to ,lh« Ppnortanltlei PtoTlded for fat ttA^t$n r ffyja.MfiJ<xiap and* tho.inability oMlio Dini Church clan's are required to, walk* its the harrow way, steep,, narrow, nig- ged, and bijset with, snarei'of.the Ad- versary. \For we are. not ignorant of his, snares\ (ii Corinthians; U,*ii)!\ We are not to forget^ hojyever, that these dlrferehccs between the Church and tbe, wovJd,nre.fully.otfsqt by (be dlffereilces of reward The ov'ercomers | of the Church aro to be re,wa^ded with glory, honor, Immortality, \the divine nature,\ and be joint-heirs In the Kingdom ns menJbjers'of the .grejjt Messiah, The world is to have no such clmngo of nature from human to spirit, but Is to hrfve tho earthly na- ture restored or perfected in* them, If obedient, and Jo enjoy the earthly Eden. Truly God's Tyays, arei'eejuaJl \True) ahdrighteous aroThy'wayg.'Cord'Goa Aimightyl (Be^ejation xv, 3, 4.) Humanity's Final' Test, The Church's test takes place In the present life. And In. each member thereof the matter of \tforthiness or nnworfbiness of eternal life on the spirit plane for all timo is determined at death. Not so with humanity in) j general. As wo have just seen, sonlo may live for only a hundred years, anct then be cat-off In the SecondDeath*be- cause found •tmworthy of furthet op- portunity. Others, by availing, them.- seives of the privileges and rendecbisrJ' obedience to tho laws'-'of thevKIngdoai, | may live to the Very close of the' thou- sand years, and be found unworthy of' and dfalh.-ls ^jro)espo^slbi»';fJir\t|i l \the gift of God^elfi^Otfjih^gn, Jesua »Cbrlat oar,tcrtl«'* ; ' At'j&* -TOT fUL Intolllgont .slunor. ta tho .Chprcb now Is*sentenced to tha Second Death: (Hebraws T L fl:* af,, iS-9I),*,*6, our tcif tells ns, it wiu^^i^tis'fajiuwl bf maikind during tbo Stesalahtc Tefgn, it the'y wllfolIyJmJeot. irecohcillaflbri Jo, God, thcy,wUlJrlu>thaSeejind. t poatb. jQoai bat providea! a reaempupn afitf mo^efy a fi3^rfii'i,(lftf Jleatb, bnt a*- turea us that the Second Death will be an eternal one. Electrocution. i Instant d'ath frbm electric shock will be the method of eiccntlng the penai(- ty of wilfnl /sinners daring tbe next Age^aud not Hanging \nor decapita- tion, \i^hns it was that an olden ti^ir two\of. Aaron's sons, having violated Jheir reiatlonshlp with <%o& and Jitr }ag l d|sobeyed Him, wero saltten'fo dMUk Flra from tho tasS Sfflete ISem --an e^ctrlc fla^S. Vfa majf be' r s^ that tqrture wlfljhdt bet Jiee^lessly; fi- nlcted'on^such.\ ichoy will lose etriry- th|ng,bhtTf§lnotbetortnrid; Btttp^r or p,nilsbnj|ntsU. cbairasemenis, \ajt iometj^es tised^qf fbe^tordj bntjaj- wfy»*ln a.refpjmatoryr manner—i*H,e chajteneih every, son whom Her\ r»- ce^ve'th^' , »&e dufstens jnoijo\ others- hqne *ior w^on^chasUsSn«-* > wotiipl\ac- complish no blemlng, \Such will\\ b» imit^n.do^rj. in. the Becond Death. H^LiJjS^IGHfA OjJEL Aftef-Qnt Hadj^een VVounded They % Kiss and Embrace. •Piore.nce, March Si^-cjnnt di Bruno and Cphnt Bastonl fougnt a duel wlj^ fiVOrJsIn t the garden of a secluded. Vlfla'on the outskirts of the cfty. The eacouiit^r was the result of rejrehV JionS injade by Count, fiastohi coneSrS- ing Lieutenant Paterho, who recently mur4ef|d T tho beautiful Countess Qui- •list Trlgona dl Saht Ella and who was a c!6|efriend of Count dl Bruno; At \the Second assault Baton! was wounded. In the scalp, whereupon' th6 antagonists announced that\{belt• nolfc' or was appease'd\ an<i'r|jBj'nit% ! kissed 1 and embraced. *', •* BADLY;4|r^^AVWG DOLL Child Attempts to Take i t iFrohi Stoyb and JSefs \Fire '{o _press, Trenton, March 8.— FIoren.ee Wag- her, 13 months old, daughter of Mf, and Mrs. Henry \Wagner wis fright- fully bjirnef .whlleiaftenigtliig to.save jie* dejl frohiflire. Shejs ^n, a critical condition in St. Francis' hospital. The^clilld placeii \t6ii cefluloid doll oa a \stove. The toy was soon in. tlames, and; she tried to rescue it. jseir own cfotfc.!ngljesamejgul\t.ed. Drawihg For, Lawn /fpHrif* Matches. Syivrineyi'isf. a:. W,, March.8. ,~ The. drawWg for' the Plajf, la the llavls Ih ; terhatton Ja.?i'rij teniiis .matches tpoij place, yestodiy. fho United States will iiay Soiftii Afrlca^and. the winner wlli compete with Breat Britain; Pre- liminary ties must be decided in time enptigt to permit the ohallengo round j With Australia, being* played In \New I Zeajiand in December. kaiser's Son Has Appendicitis.. | Berlin, March 8.4-It Is'rep^Jrfed here: that Prince Adelbert, thethird Bdn of the kaiser, Is Buffering from appendi- citis. * The attack Is said to' Be a .ailghl:,on»,; . . This Government Is Confronted by a 8«r!ou« Sltuatiqp In Mexico—Prett- .C«nt-PiMv.W*t^B»eri t UDahUitOi Smother; the Revolution and-MllHopii ?fB«I'»i'i .Worth of -P.reofifty of?<>h : signer* Is at the InVrcy of the, f\*iv elf, .-Whloh Must .Be •protaisted by, This CejiJwJry, . , Washington, Maroh 8. —* Tinder the* pretext ot holding jolhtarmy and. nayy \h^neuyo'esf the* Vfiited Sta,'es iias uh- der^ikea a formldaW'a inHit,ary dewoa.' ; sfratipn. fpj the jBjpje'ejbjon. pt Amipji- Can and. other fpreignprpiiortleBV in: •afe-tlco. This is the only logiQai- J.n» ierence that can bp drawn from;prd'C;j:a.| whloh. hive (iuddeniy been' issued' hi' tho war ^epirthieivf sending' £6,09'l): trp^pB.pr, tfo,-thli'da,ot the entire teg.: nlar, arrny-rthat remains in the; TTniteji: atatta—iq tho Mexican, bqrd.er, In a^'ttPft to (h'^W troops'J^Oo mar- ines, nmc.tioaU)? all of tite mathvea oni the* AtJantio coast,; »rp unge? orders (o, prqeesa Irnmedlately to Gnan'tanamp which is in striking distance ot Mexi- co and the fifth, division of tbe Atlan- tic (loot, consisting ot five fast crulsors and auxHlarioa are* sailing for the port of Galveston, i Moblliation of Trobas, This monllliation ot troops an. the department of Texas, is tho. largest that has taken; placo»lti thla'cpuntty since the Spanish, war and it designed, or more maneuvers purposes la iinproo edentcd in many of Ita oharact.orlstlcs, Tho cail for the troops incjudpa dp- tuchompnta front eyary important mili- tary post iiiilip \United States, Many of thoso detaohments ar* already un- der way and It la expected to have the entire force in Texas at, Guantanamo and Sail Diego, Cal., Tvlthlrt (ITO days, omolsls ot tho war and nivy do- • pattrflBnta wl|i acknowlodgp np reason for this extnooiinary mlHtaty display except a desire to conduct Joint ma- neuvers. Tholr statomeats, however, are ontlroly unepnvlnclng and. lacking In all'do tails which have hiyarlahly been given out on previous ptcasiona of army and ta-vy maneuvers, They are generally accepted hero as merp sttbtorfuges to coror the real purpose of tho moYpmont. This sudden military demonstration* follows a conference which Henry kano Wilapn, United States ambas- sador to Mexico, has had .here for at least two days wjth officers ot the atato department He made a gloomy statement of conditions In Mexico. It is understood that ho*was pessimistic jorer the extppt of \he revolution iii F. AUGUSTUS riEfNZS Former Copper King Strikes 'It Rlch-ln Northern Canada, IT government to suppress it Th6-Mexlcan'\.re has now been in progress fqr several months and President Dlar lies failed to choke It with the energy that his hand has displayed on former occasions, These circumstances . together with contin- gencies that\n!lgh£ arise In tho 1 event of Djas' death worefjWrefu'Iy consld- 4red In the confercjtccs betjvoon the state department omtjals and Amfcna-' aadof Wilson, • Our Interests lit Mexico Immense. Tho'Untied States interests |u Jttex- Ico have been estimated as high as $1,- noO.OOO.OOO and the protection ot thesp Interests would alone acount for tho proposed mobilisation of troops if the officlnis of this government wera con- viaced tor a. moment that the Mexican government might not ho able (o cope with, the situation. There is, iowever, another consideration, which undoubt- edly has influenced tbo president ami the state department oTucTals. lp make this formable dbmonstraUoit, Great Britain also has extensive rail- road and mining Interosts In Mexico and there Is praot'loalfy ftp doubt now that that government has communicat- ed- through the British* ambassador with the state department In regard to steps taken to the protection of the Interests of rorelgners in MPxicoT Tho Pearson synddoato,\a largo Brit- ish construction firm\ has complained bitterly to that government Of Inter- fprence by insurfeotos In Chihauhua. The* cbmpany asked th'e^British, gov- ernment to extend protection which It has failed to receive from the govern- ment of'Mexico, ' • r \~ / The British government, in .keeping tjlth lis poiipy to aVohJ entangjements On. tills side of the Atlantic, which might Involve tl\e 'Moritpe\' doctrine, has,.it is underatood, \consulted with the Washington.authoritles in regard to the, Bltya.tiprt.ln Mexico. The British government undoubted- ly Informed the Slate department, How- ever, that it might feel, obliged to look a|ter tho interests of Its own subjects, if the United slates could\not. extend protection to fofelgners (n',Mexlc6. The general Trn'presslph In Wasbing- (dn iast night \Vas that; ib'A Sttu^d'e; of the English governrh^f pas' bad,\ a : gpod deal to do wftli the stj^don de- ctsipn oh the part of the war and'iiayy departments to tindertake extensive m3,n,e.uvers hear the, \Mexican bprdon. '. Ctiorus Glr,I...Marrles English Lord. LPhdon, March 8, '<— Mrs. John A % Stirling, formerjy Clara EJIzabeth* Taylor, the American chorus glri of Washingtor —hose divpj;ce from Gap- tain John Av Stirling, formerly of the Scots Guards caused a sensation two years ago, w^a married at a registry nfrice yesterday, to Lord George Hugo Chpimondfelrj', second son of ;th.e jiar- tniis of cijoinipBdeli'y.'.'..' Freight Conductor Fined, Clarence Curtis of -Oil ,Oity, Pa., jlleaded guilty f oreceiving stoleh prop- erty in connection with a burglary In the Pennsylvania railroad a few morjfiisjigo; Curtis was a, freight con- ductor running between Buffalo and Oil City. Jitdge Ottaway flned him 160. * ~ Will Head Republloan f rcket, w:illutm Colllihs Casey, who received the nomlnatioii on the village ticket for mayor of Batavla, N. Y., on the' Uciipbilcan tiPKet, and W as later put at the head of the pemodratlc ticket, has dsciifleclihp iatiierhdhof.i CeOWP MQBDED COURTHOUSE Hundreds of Men an.d ttorrferj Try to Catch a Glimpse of Mrs. M-elbsr, .Alleged Murderer of Her Child. Albany, March 8,—. Albany^ coitrt- houso was mobbed by hnmSrods of men and wppien detlronli of Belting a gUmpsa of Mrs. Edith Alolber, tho girl- ish widow of George Wolher «f Sche- nectady:, on trial before Justice Brown for tho murder of her baby boy. , \Nuvcr betoro la the> history of the Uocal court have so many women, crowded to a, trial, » lira, Melbcr was taken from, horoell in tho Albany jail at an early hour In th« morning and by a, circuitous routo taken to tlte courthouse In tho ciistody ot the aherlff. She had had ft good night and was in her usml roraurkaule good Imroqr and spirits. She break- fasted well. Tho tedlotia task ot aclectinsr a Jury occupied the time and attention of court and counsel. Seven Jurors In alt had been selocteuV when iho court art- Jorunod yesterday afternoon, *nd the work of securing the remaining Ave began this rooming ImmeillaleJy after tha court opened. Attorney John H. Dugnn who Is do- fending Mrs; Molbor nsalilod by ox-As- •emblyinan George M. Palmer o t Sclio- harlo, has insisted upon iiitving none but married men upon tlio jury and It t is behoved he will make it a point to appeal to tholr common len.ic- as lay- men than to rely upon tho expeii teati- niony for hla Insanity dolense. ftelnz-) Finds Fortune In Gojd Fields of »i|orti>tjrn Canada. 'it la Estlmatid That 125,000 Wilt Be ai««n«d During the Pr«teptY*»r. Claim Ownsr Offsrsd fHOOO a Shot ,-for Al( Or* Thaj Cpuja'B* i|lown , Out With Two Sticks of bynarnlti,\ m mm From: cobalt ' F, A;ug()|lt\i8 HpinBe, th« termor cop- K«e ittng ( ':has Mrttck it rlp^ again. This time h£;BSB foUn<l a fortune \in the Porqupihe^oldfielda In Northern flauada. * - « • •|!hari.e» B, Hprrpn Of Tlcbma, Wash, tho weUkonwni' Nome honing; tiutp, who baa Just rotvirhed frord tlie riow ipldiields is .authority for the atkte- rotn,t thnt lIoint«a Ja onco n\Pre \In- sl(lp-big\ money*\ II* has prpcurpd tho Foster group of claima adJjSWing the cetobrated I lima mine from which it ia estimated MbftalStJ.tiOO.OOJ 'will bo gleangd dur- ing the present year and for the devel- pjitnent pt Whloh a railroad la now tin- dor oonstfuetlon, The \PoVcupJno goldfleld, according to Herron, is one of the wonders of tfio ago. One prospeotpi* has atripped, a vein tor a illHtunca at 50 toot and libllahed ft in places, so that the gold la vlsiftle all nlpraj, Ills trenfih Is three feet do'op and ho asks ?30O,00O cash for it as It stands. A party ot Alaskan* offered the own- er of yds plalm JS0.000 a shot for all ofo that could bo blown out with t*a sitcks ot.tlynnmlto bttt tho offer was refused. The flald Is situated 155 ml|es from Cobalt end the Toronto and Northern railroad has already shipped Its construction for 10Q mllos, WOMAN HUMAN TORCH Hair Was Burned fctom Her H«ad by Gasoline. Mrs. Alhort Sattora, a realdent ot Cuylervlllo, a hamlot about tour mllos north of Mount Morris, N, Y., had n narrow escape Wont being burneil to death while moving a gasoline atPYO. Mrs. Sattara was cooking upnn the store and dcajring to hnvo it in anoth- er part of tho room started to pull It around. 7 Some of the gasnllno was spilled on- to the blase and in an Instant tho a^ovo was In flames and she could not get out ot the way quick enough to es- cape the blaze, Her hair was burned from her head, and her face is one mass, ot burns. Had It not been for assistance being close at hand it la probable thnt she would have beon burned to death, as her clothing wns on tiro, and she was too frightened to protect herself. T3«C RESCUER PERISHED \, j IN THE FUMES Saved AM 20 Persons In limlnu Picture Slip Fire, St. Petersburg, March !,—Tlio fuol that only 20 pbfsons out ot J4Q> saved in thoilfejrjfcthe Tnoving intone show at Bolbgoe on Monday night wa» large- ly duo to tho showman telling tbe audionco beforohand that the pictures would be accompanied by appropriate sounds and that they njod not bo fllaraeil. When tlio explosion oc- curred a majority ot tho spectators, therefore, thought that It was part ot the entertainment. Byen the cxlos ot \fire\ Were received with iaughrtof. K number ot hieft escaped tjy tramp- ing the wome-n and children under their foot,, On the other hand iv.wqlrk- man brdved the names M times and rescued \about 56 persons, but finally perished himself. Baron Traube, the noted railway en- gineer, who was supposed (o bo among the dead, is all right Ho was not present at the show. \ KID'S NARROW ESCAPE Fell Into Sewar Trough Manhole and Was Taken Out Alive. J tawi Yjprit, March S,»—Edd'lo Burrsll il a/niitow oscape from death yes- terday/, if Ho was for an hour and flf- tcon rjiiMos It) the black vattlE 6f tho sowar under Eastpth street with the froorinfe wntor tripping his chin and With tho river ino/ilit Pf the sower le$s thun a block nwaJ from him. When (die nlarni' was given pat Eddie had fallen In, policemen \searched tho cavern on- ly for his body;, but thoy found Kddlo alive and with his face turned towardif tholight. ,' An ambtilance took the hoy to the Vresbyterian hospital whore aside from n chill the doctors found noth- ing wrong witlis^ddle. He was kept at the hospital) over night as a pre- eatittan against pneumonia. MOROCCAN REVOLUTION Tribesmen Desire to Restore Deposed Abdul Ajli to wie throrie- Mielllltt, March 8.-pkccordlng to ad- vices received herei from fsngl«r the son of the Mppri'sll iminlBler pt war killed the head of «bfe Feriioh mission At Fez because the, latter Imd two na- tives executed. I I Wo further advIcdVhave heeh receiv- ed as to the uprlsingfOf all Iho Moroc- can., tr then between Pea and Alcnssar- Kebir. Tho revolution Is against Hitiey Iloritl, the present miitan, and it Is said 'that the tiibesmoli dosire td restore Abdul Ariz to the tlircnes- STILL BALLpTlljie AT ALB^FJY No Choice as Yet For United States senator. Albany, MarCh 8.— There Was no ohpice for United States lonator oil the 42d,hallot'yesterday.nildi no de- sertions fi'bm the SJhpehan ritnlts. frhe <l2'd ballot reiuitebl ai follows: Democrats •— Sheehairi 80y E,itfeloton 18; O'tirfen -*, Stib.er i, .Hooper 2j Glynn 1, Earker 1, Kapger 1, Hetmau Bidder 1, , ftopubllcaji^—Depew74, Tpt&i Vote cast ,i|4,. STecjiBsary for Choice ii. RerladX. Wfrit Michelirt Prl?e. Paris, March' 8; — Eugene Eeiiaux, 'the aviate iylth: M. geniuesk.s,, :-a piissengeiv arid usi»S a Fiij-mta^ 61- •plajip^wPii' tjie Micheiin.p.rl|a pf \|SQ 00 pffei'Cd fp'r tile airman: wlip, vvith' ,d, pafisPngof, would ily\ ffornihd -s^?' citib's. pdrl'c at. St. Oiaud) lioa'r''Paris, to Cie^mont-S'erraiidj circle tfie steeple pf, the Caftedra'Afiere' arid .[digfit .bit\' fop;, of the Puyide Dprae. Tile cXISCanSe is 26b miles, jflSs iaiidihg :poliit is at a height of>,&W td« nnd tg,e timoj limit wail elxli^iics.' v.'„-,.-. V'-.. ..'-'^ DAIRYMEN ORGANIZING Will Soon Be Ready to Dlctatt Terms to Milk Exchange and Nev/York Dealers. Mlddlrtowns N. Y., March 8.—At a meoting ot the Dairymens' league, an organization formed for the purpose of controlling the price ot milk, it was announced that tha league had gained control of 80,000 cows and that It will aoojif-be ready\ to dictate terms to the Milk Exchange and dealers In New York, _ Dalrym'en representing 3,000 cows signed the league agreement. The tug-of-war-will soon be on, Tho leagus Is organized throughout New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Con- necticut and 'vaa incorporated last Atigust in New Jerapy, 8ulcldes by Drinking Amonla. Miss Alice Woods, aged 57 years \of Buffalo committed suicide at Titus> vllle, Pa., by drinking ammonia. She had been, visiting Mrs, Januss Hartrup of Breed street for a few days, and It is supposed that Shi) became despond- ent from frequent headnches, which she tliought incurable. Dr. H. H. Dlght was palled, but medical aid was in vain. She was'born in Tidioute, Pa. Engineer and Fireman Killed. Engineer Ardem il, Lymanand Fire- man Frank ttdrfiSi both, of BJngham- tpn, N. Y., were killed Monday morn-;; Ing when ^ Delaware & Hudson rail- road extra, freight No. 829. crashed in- to the rear .end of Delaware *> Hud- son, No. 89,. thrse hilles west of Oneon* ta. The body of Mpri-h Has been re- covered from the wreck. Council bf EyanfleHpal cHUrshe*. Portsmouth, Engldnd, afarpfi 8.-—. The annual council of tho Slyarig'clieal i'reechurches'Bpeii^dherp, Thecoun- pil presented an iiddbss t'p the Rev. Or, Jbhn It JoWett, tliP retiririg presi- dent, on .the occasion of bis departure for the United States. Dr. Joweft Will preach-Bis ni'si sermon at the. Eifth Avenue Presbyterian church; New Sork'pity next month. ,Kills Mayor In Sreet Ciuari;e( t /'.jrijn^vlile, -t,n„ March 8,-^J. % walk- e?H'™sOt' ; |i of this city.; was shot arid fcillid.'festerday by William MpMiutus, . tolid*jhsf a street quarrel about Jftigas.?j tioh ii(. th'e district court, JIcMahUa ifcfaiJiUtt* • . -•.•>-,-.j-.^. Sale) Hla Dead WW Invited Him to Join Hfrj\8o' He* Trl»3'auifeldav , \ Claiming to have seen the vision of his dead wife and being commanded by aor to, join her* in her celestial home, Samuel Bohwarts. 73, or Sharon, Pa, Uiebrta, carry Out her request by taking morphine, Ho was unconscious when found hut was reylvod. He said h's wife's spirit smnmonod htm, and Sohwartt, expressing doubt as to ^whathef no*c*uld\ko W'o«a«en, , thb spirit (PliJ, Win It cO«id Wftxed, T|hh v ho'hogged bff |oira-d*ytci\iret'tte : his kecpuati?,- ' This %*i$i grantect'hp . tried, suicide, \ * * Ontario'.County Appelntmentav Thfl aupipvlgoys, aasdmble^' at' C^n'-., (indajgua, N» Y;, MairipoWtM ?r ,1*. Leahy- of jljpnev% pounty ait^rnty:, | ( ; ah. Inqroasp orsaiary^ also named,Miss Trances Mointyre as stenographsr, Dr. S. ft. Wheeler, sup»rlntond«ht'of the county tuberouloslf hospital, asked that phJ'Bioian?''enpoura»olp«fapn* \fa njfl'ed pt 'tr*M[mont to*'ito tliert' bo,- tors their ca«eVb'6bom»hopolesa'.*>ri»« Ij, Ida Curry otlho State C.hMft.1?* Aid aaaoolatton' asked, the bpard to appro- priaW WOO to\ help'defray (he expinsa ot maintaining a compeit«nt\ag»'nt \a iook; after' the, dependent chl)dr«it of this cotthty, deolWIag\ the noed 'w»» great ailrf 'Jh,at jitwould prove not only a httmano; but im ccononvtcal movefof the ijonnty, - \ Whirled Around Shafting and K)II«d, Oscar Johnson, aged it yenrs, was Instantly killed at Lamount Station, J?n., where h« wait employed In .the Standard gas pump station. He-was oiling an engine, whehrhls clothing caught in the whebl. lfo*w«a whirled around aud around, hla shbujder and head striking the floor at oVenr r«T0' lutlon of the wheel until' something gave way and be foil to tho flosr. John- son's body was found some time, later by a tnnn «ent Irt sfeiirch ot hlni, '• Wsllavllta's Mayor Renomtnatsd. Hon, T% J. Egan was rcnomlnafed for mayor ot tho village of Weltavlllo, X. Y» Friday night without op*po*Itton by a caucus of Republicans and\DSW- ocrats. Truiteos Allen* anft Haroler wore also renominated\. * Kgah,\ will have ho opposition for tlectlpn, Col- lector, J, rt, Beckwith; treaaurei 1 , George D, Booth, Jr.; esseiaor, WilU lam Opp, and police justice,' F, M. Leonard, wero also rendminlted. Mltohtll Mentioned For Editor. ft Is reported at'the unlpn** hea4- quarters in Indianapolis that John Mitchell Is to become tha editor ot tho • Min»\Worker»' Journal, the official or- gan ot that organisation. Tbe present editor has resigned and the executive board will select his'successor. It ta understood hat Mitchell baa been of- fered the place at an Increased salary. Fatally Hurt by Cartridge Explosion Pitt Looghtnl Ilea In a Rochester m. Y.) hospital at thtf-jmint of death as the result of an explosion ot a car- tridge hits was holding in his hand while at work in the Stirling Salt thine Just outside Geneva, N, Y. He Is'foreman over tpe BOO miners emplpyeH by the BtnrllnR' concern, * MARKET REPORT h New York Provision Market / New York, Maroh 7, WHEAT — No. 2 rod, t. o,\b 5)5c} No. 1 ttorthtro spring, }1.08. COHN—No. 2, t. o. b„ Ba#e, OATS—Standard, 86o. PORK—MesS, 122.50033.00. BUTTER — Crcjamefy,'\' speplalsr, 27c; do extras, 25c; state flnest, Sic; packing stock, held, H^fjloc. CHEESE—State specials; 14Wt3>iec. Ea\(3S=State Snd PehjvsylvaBte, \~Zi ©28c. POTATOES — Bermuda, per bbl. # J5.OO06.2C, state In bulk, 41.J2esi.50 . Buffalo Provision Market .. Buffalo, %aria 7, 'WHEAT—No. 1 northern\ carioadav ft.C5?4r»o. 2\ red, 92c. ' •>>-,.. CORN—No- 2 yellow, S0*4c, f,'i<t„ afloat; No, 3 yellow, »9c. ? OATS — No. white, 34c f. * b^ afloat, No. !i white, 3354c FLOUR — Fancy blended .patent* per bbl„ $5,75®G;S0' winter family, patent, $5.00®B.7ff. BUTTER—Creamery, Western tubs> j extra, 26t*cS creamery state fair to good, \23#Sfic. OHEESl&-Gobd to choice, 12012«C- E^aS—State 'selected white, 23c,' PpTATdES—White, chplco to fan- cy, per bu., 46048c. \ ., East Buffalo Livestock Market. < CATTLE — Prime steers, JoJdd 6.6(1: i.260@l,400 lb., Ste&s, J5.7o®- *,00; c-hdice ,W covvs, jS.OrjgifelTt choice heifers', ?S.75#6.00; commPnc bulls, S3.7i!@4.2S; choice veats, 'fiotfov ©30,76; fair to good; i9.76#10.25. SHEEP AND LAMBS ~ Yearilngs,. ' ? B.16@B.75 ; mixed sheep. J4i90@4;6!i, ' HOGS—Light TToriieH; »7:7G'53i7;-80: - heavy hogs, $7.SO@i.6o; i , i pigs, $f.S0# \ 7,85. '• \' ' \ ! •' •'_• Killed by Erie'Yralji, John Muff of AddlBon, '&[ Y. ( was •' struck and instahtiy itliled by ah Et'ift ' passenger train at «&t~yiliage:. Huff was S5 ypars old affd ieives~»*'6rpther, Ceorgpof Addlbbn*.\ Jnf! 8 \ *\ ; ; ' I 4 iCtNiR-r! v Ll\l -, •ndWa , Jont s^lanaily '^aWt'tfciretig|n®tpr*,'.>' '•' . ......*^y^J*s»:io*--~™ ... JS.^1 : -'•::.; *-'*!*!)pfr'S^>W* ; 'I ci*4>r -Tt

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