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The Medina Register. (Medina, N.Y.) 1877-1931, March 02, 1911, Image 2

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The Medina Register, Entered In the ,po»tp»oe *t Mealriaj N. Y., a« »Boond'Ola«» mall matter. fJlUBSpAX., MARCH 8, 1911. tOOAI. OOKBBIFONDKKCJI, KNOWlKSVItMC. Al.arge conddnrso of people from north, south, osst nnii west gathered In tho j?/q«iirtari«n aiiiitou laat Sunday inow- lug to lliton to tlm farewell aornion of Key 8,D t \VBtpr()itrjri Dr. Wllllami, dlatrtot Huponhtiwiliint ot this conference dlatrlot preached In: • tho M, E Oh.urbh pulpit Sunday '••' evening. , . 3eiqo ot the church frlori.a* of W» jiohiso Barry tendered hor » I»skc4 sur- prise party !Tuo«tll!r evening anil'Tmila . ploMsnt soolol tliuo. o ' A Birthday 8ool*^fmijbQ, iield In the • JProabytcriau OlmroU PMJ&M FrlOnj' ' evening, Maroh 8ril IV)(roahmont tnblos roproaonttng o\\ 1 ' month lu tho yoar and a booth wboro yonc flnt picture will lit on exhibition oud tba ouo gnesslng thu moit ot them correctly will receive a pr(», »rotobd prominent fonturo* ot tho aoonniun Mr. una MM. Q 11. JPottloglU uttondttl Mm tenth annual banquet of tho Kmplrti State imploinunt Mor»'» Olub »t Powora' Hotrfl la Boolmitur on Washington!* Blrtlul ,y ana roport a rlKlit royal goon tlino. Dover* wuro luUltor two nunilruu iniiuibara una their wlvo«. B, I'ertor and wife of Hoolioitop ipont. Sunday with her brother*, l)r, IS. 11, and W, I'oiupkln* nml their Isnill jo*. Jumuj.l'. lllgkqic ot KoglioKtor uml bride (una Hutllu riooflold) vulwet at I 0, ltoat'* lout Xrturiday. Mra Oeoolla ifroit hat returned from horvlilt to Buffalo wlmto she. attended the twenty-filth wedding nnnlYOMitry roQoptlon of hor ion. l)r JB. Kraut, Mid wife, Mr* Krnost BU'oriio* U vlnlung hor daughter, Uu Will Allport, In Niagara County. Thu itork •ooina to bo no roapeotgr of time* ana nomoni. illi lull arrival to ' date w*» 06 tho homo ot Mr, and Mra. Altroil Kirkpatriok wlmru ho left n bounolnjf baby boy. \Wo nro.Informed that several nt tho KnowlMvlllu Initio* mentioned In tho list »ro w of king fpr Tho Medina Kegliter Now York anil llormad* Tour Uantoit. ( OO0HTV\ 1.1S8. artht Clark, I). K, Kenyan, M. J, Tad' kill nud wives apont Wodnoidny nltor noon una evening itt Omni Tripp**. . MIu Pranklo Konyon U homo from Boohotler. MM. 1) K, Konyon ip«nt Vrtday at liTndonvlllu with bar mother, Mrt. Krankl'orwr, It. J, Oannarumn mid wlfo vlillcd nt Ch«rli« a'hmlo'i Wsanmday, Atlollna l'ayno ol Mlllorj rUltcJ ovtr Sunday** DarrKenyon't. Koy l'rotrlo and family «p«nt lait weak at Kdgar ilol)oa«|d'a. , Tbolnw Thloli iponl a tow daya Inn wMk with bar aunt, Mr«, llobort Ilan- normaaot tot Lsko Boad, Qalohl Lat'ort la hong from Buffalo, Mra. U.rt WoUoimld, who h»« boon 111 for loino Umo.had it bad tpotl Sunday morning. Mra. UUnn Olnrk and ion, Denton, of Kuokvlli* Tlaltoil ovor Sunday at Oharla. B. Thlalo'i. IIuttori Konyon la on tbo ilok Hat. Mr. I'araoa and family of llnrkor nwnl Baturdny at A. \V, MantaRua'a. MIM Ida Thiols of Wait aomonot •pinv Sonday with hor broihar, 0, a*. ThHla, Mtt-UEHI Mra, August Molaad la apindlng a tow 'ilnya nlth hor, ion, Albert Maland ol llnrkor, MIu Hot« Kregar wnt tho guest of hor •UK)r,«alra. Jolin lltwkhor, of Lyndon' vilio hut wstik. Mtaa Una diode ot NurtU 'fannwanda •pent Buudtiy with har parulita, Mr. and Mra. 1'. a aloilo. MUa OhrUtlno Kenyan gave * dinner Ot ltvo cuvura laat _ l'hnradny •¥«nlug y«brnarr 83— ~ MUa tlolw tlilai'la fpwidfitg a tow day* With her »i«ur, Mr», Wurman Kb«rling ui AahWoiid. Ml»< U rs Sornioll returned Hume t UUihUlor Moudiy. _Ni»» MarBUOMteKolly ajioiit Monday •i Barker iho gttest of ~Mlis Illauoli AldriOli. Buiiior haa It that «hora wo* a. beggar on our atresia ono nl»ht Imi woo*, {a good to thu pour). Nothing doing on Ballrond Avantio e Mile writing. Mrt,tf O. Maion ratftrBeil hQma friittt Medina where alio hi* boon for aev,fal day* oarlng-Tor lior Utile graiiddaughter Charlotte Qnxe, whu tuu been yor/ ill, Jws. Webb una Grout Jrlpp apont Saturday In Medina, Iieo Mohair wot aorifliKtl to tho home Monday by itlnoiia. Mia* ilarle O'Malley of Barker wo» the «Uoat of iltltt Adeline PayUd Thunday ovenlng,-\ ' Mls*.Ad6lald Smith of Barker will live with Mra, John. Itlordan for n ahort time Mr imd Mra. (Jhnrlea Grant ontwrtalii- o4 1Q. T, Venoaa onil wife. Win Aiihla and-wlfoS. Jl Potter and wlfo lnhonpr • of tholr father's, \Vntson Orant, birthday on Tuoiday^obruirySS. Jf. 0, Mnaon la nursing a aprnluod wrlit. t Q Kenyan apont Friday nt Modlna. Wo are pleased to hsar that Boiotta' Obraor la oonroioioont . * PtEttmEB teSiAfEi,, • Whllotho'Uttlol-j'oar-old'dnughtor ,of Mr. and Mra. John Onlyer wn* playing oh tho loo Saturday afternoon tho loo broko.and tho llttlo girl tailing In wai drowned, Mlae Bortha Mundlon apont Satufday and Sunday with Mlaa Oynthla QHbort ot Alabama. Mr. ahd Mra, George Mundloh and . ohlldron and her ilitiSr, Mra. Bakor.apanl Sunday wltb ila parerita,' Mr, and Mr*. James Mundlon, •. • I Mlu Jottnip Mohteojpory Is enlterlrjg frorn;* te>y iov.Ore itrojee otparalyala. ' Tho Mliaoa Georgia and'iToiaW Mandlen -very. :ploiBantly entprsatnOd a abnipany ot ybubgMondaalthelthainoinura'day ovenlng, . • '.\.'••'. tar. an^ajra, OharJea Vail arid, dnugh-day .ter. Mr». Wllll*iua ( ' apoitt Th«»doy at F. V, LundV, • . . MlafeOynthia tjllbort was the gnostqf taia«-Geprgia;Mttnd!o;n Friday, - MlaaKtholOuiyer dntertalncd a oom* paWaf heic'HttlefrlondaThursday even- ing,- ioo bro.anj and aoltq woro seryod, \ .^-*All reporfra. terj^lttton'tfilrae. • JliliviiiE^ ,, .• The Iiailoal Aldtiobloty will hold their, tegular mooting In, tho iohhrbh jiarlota next a'hu'rsa'By, Maroh $ Mra. Obnrloa Thonrai , 'dt«eipn , wUi Mrvo'.dlnnorl; ;• Theaoetaf-whloU'traahbritit William ATnifn'.liat Ifrtday ovenkg\ *** Well »*• •'•:. , tended ,itttt fietteU the Borne Guartle about %,6G r mmm Frank?yuk«* li««allyi'iwtit tliB^eelf en4 with 'Mn Ifrwt'liwr, p; l'a»k of £ln» BUI, olra. AMWiaillPO.t «ntprt*liiea a ooni- •pshy at 9 tt*«|oel!'blinn^;.fiatni[4*y. Mrs Henry 1'nttit, Jr., of Maplejtiage: (in4A|« Jpitn II Spoil of IiledlDa were calling In town F«rM»yi Victor Standltli and'famUy of Wert. Albion apoiit Md»y aatBarroy Strpu»a!«. 6. 3, WoU and. wife entert^lboii the, Shelby ani^iliiUibwohettr/* lait Wed? neaduy evening In honor of Waiiblng- too'a birthday,- Mr» A. B, Poltr of MIddleport apont a fowdaya tho pait wec-k with iter daugh- ter, Mn, J. 0. 1'onoa.. Mlw Miiry lloiiBBtt ot Wnterport la •pendingaonie ilwe Tvlthhpr annt, Mr*,- flonry Foantalih -. a'hpohilirert »f Obrarloa Thoma|, who hare boon very «|olc (or tho pas; three, weoki, »ro dirflin.ssala.' 1 ' * B»r r y P««_k anjt, wife, who- have been apSndlng tthe :(^f wok with their' dauglitor In Baltvla; ato oxpeoted home the fowparfrpf (lio week. Or*. IioeJf,, «nd wife ineht Sunday with hi* aiater, ilrs. Prwl Humphrey. Jolm Arnett, Jr , of .Buffalo Medical College Was Willi !il« parents over Sun flay; Mra Henry tiny anc30uaghtor, Dorothy apont the wcikeni with friend* In fjookport. \' Mr, and Mn, W. A, BeBtloy very plosiantly onlortoiaod tho •'Doable Dozen\ lnic Taiiiny ovonlng. ^8I>»0 Theron Book nlllwork for Carl Munzol the opining sonion. Be began work Monday ratwnini, Mra WtHlunrBlrut and aou, Horaoo havo boon epomlUig n fovr day* with frliimli la Hrook|it>rt. Upward Katoi) and fiimlly havo moved noar Middluport «?ht»xo they will work tho owning ammgu for Mr. AUnu. Mra 1), l), I'oibor lia5.ror.urnod.from New Vort Oil/ wliuri aha b*i been vla(tlng har dnu||li««r». Mra, Bpone, Qoorgo Udyno nml J U, Snoll apeut rue«d»yln llufl«lo. Hta. OhaTlea Awlqnaoit outertalnod the builiioii rnuetllig at Iho a. K. Society on tueidey avoninK, Mill tVlolfreil Puynol* opnOned to her homo by alokueii ' Mil. J. B. rJnpll ana ion, Warran ipont aerornl day» lot! YMOle Vlalllng friend* In Medina, Mra, dborgo Ilayno I* In a private hoapttal la Buffalo tooelrlng niodloal. trsatmOnt. Iter nsanjr Irlpnda wlah her a •peody repotery. 8H|II«V CKKTkll Mra?A S. Ulmr Iiwety alok with pneu- monia. Friday avoulliR of thl* week the Ohrlillan Undwror will hara a JI*w Kngland aupiur at m olmroh. A pro- Kramnip will bo given nml »lt are oardlally invlltJ to attend. Supper toned fpr l5o, •louph Comiloek liaufferlng; from an attack of tho grl|ipo, Mr. and Jar*, I*. Ad, Vail have bean apondlng av few daya In ltochtaler thi* wouk on baalnoii. ' Burt Oolsman snlcrlnlnoa hi* Bonday School Olaaa at III* home hit W»dn«aU*y evening, ffifte ieaio \ya* pntttly decor- ated with Jlagl, Atl enjoyed A wy plaoiant erwilog, Mra. Mary Kskanuji la conflnod to har homo by l.Itnoai, O. 1'aat of lluSdlo tvai the nuiit at hi* parent* last 8anda»<r, The body ot llltto adnrgant, daughter at Mr*. John Cutvir-, who w** drowned laat Satucdoy night a iliort diatanoa from har homo, boat not a* yet been found. Th» putonti luve tho sympathy ot tin commuiilly Ira lh»lr a*d bereari m*nl. SpecialmcotHKa will b) hold at the ohnroh for two Ko«Bk* tommejnelng nax* Sunday morning. -A great ovangnlut and linger-will Iw h*to to eondnot tba** meeltnga. Kenneth, thpyonngDott child ot Mr. and. Mr*, W. Boornin who* has beon yery it'ok with pnontnonlitlavoK. tho gain Mr. Hall atnl faintly eipeot In moirV 'thl* week into Itatjort Seal's tonah homo. . • The Social Olnb) uE Medina met {with Mr* Jjtnea Qotiil«Hi£«H I'tiunday aft.r- nojn. . . -*r*&r - • ;• A ypgultr xa»)tm$l4it \H Boajd nt I'rustao* was j(«ld iu *ho Oltjr S»il..»t t o'ejpok Friasy evening, Pyeajdeni .DpffM. ia tho chair, Prpjianti' Crowley, -OlJonnen, Set yossJPls nnd fitooktrtg, The minutes of tie last meeting w«» roau ; pnd approved, The folipwiag bill* wpte jejiprted, fttvprabie by fife-AuaitJbjg Committe? and or4ered yaldi Street Iiab'oy, *33;6*r Ilan^ft- Bre% Baraware, *S*,C!8i Prank H. :Hli|(lj ErinWng Treamtjer'*: Bepprt,. ttttOO) mfSivm 8»a£ f - 8upp1te»> >85; 'Wrl|Ut & itpasj g'ijlpliijrle Aeltl, |,9!!;. 8; P; Blood * Oa., S|i»yl8«t», |?,5l ! J \H t K BPiveif ?dn|hij/ iW,S0j \, :ii. gtvetl E. Ji).-* P, Oo w .guppll«w, 4,80; A Hat ol jneiSbt?* £zom \%6 UPWPS.. HosO Oomp*ui^r «lklpa« ifof Fir«» ^py fknts wa.a^ preatantea imS, }%&, 6z> ntPtion of Sersroas,. \ajiiat' iii Warraift lie i»»M8 it>. tie t oBiJwlng' oamod membera pf the Bpwn» How Oompanyj. Carle Pl.onjunerj'Ohaa..Mor: gnu, Jolnv frocykuski, Frinces Molz. Deo Morjarty, SinHli pirUpm'pB, -Spbeft Ba6pn/ v Tpm rpj 0, Caws - Charjea Bich. Carries, ffhp rtport of the Police Ja*i3e« for tho Mpath ot TetotT nil. prewnied and read ^bowing that bo h»d iad 83 cases before Untduring tho month and bad opllectea *«;0P in tm>. * On> Button flf Q'Bonnoil, 33»a' lad report be axseaptid, plaeedi'on fiie, itpd a oheck inaued for fht> JmtJce'a ml- ory, Oarrted.\ Tho ropott o( tlip Chljf pf Police for the rnontb. -of February iron present ed »tnd wad, *uu1 wat »» SQ1IPW*« Intoxication In public pl*«ea, 13) Trampa, 7; Ajiiiilt, *; iltpraeriy, if Potlt .Irtttceny, lj • Ocand Larceny, 1. Total, S?. Exnonics for the month, •21.31. On motion of Ei'It, Tint the report bo accepted and placed on file, and chocks iaaued tor all at Hip ofllcors 1 salaries' and alio ono for the Garbage Colloctpr. Carried, A pp|ltlon aljood by iorly propotiy owners wn* proieatcd and toad^ niklng that th« following propoilllPn to nib-\ mlttcd to tba Tax Payers nt tba> anmul election to bo hold the 711; of 3(ar;u; PBOTOSECJON, Shall the' Village of W(dina p»y a «um not to exceed Tyro Jlundrod Fifty Dollar* (*250) \for tho purpose of liny lug six public band comeetlt to to held in tho month* .ot June, July and An(t- uat ot tlte attmntet o( X011, at tb-e tlmoa and places to bo detignalci by the•orlber. Board ot Trustees una tho «»luV sum to bo included in tho annual I at levy of said vllligol ,0n motion of Stoelclnn. That the tcquot bo granted ana the Cleric make necessary preparations to anbanit the matter at tba Annua) XUeCllon, Carried, On motion of Slocking, Taat the; Clerk bo aathorlrod to i»3ilo permlta for sower eonnectioni to txt mads on and after March lit, anil that said work •hall be done tmder the direct super- vision ot tho Street Ooenmlulonayr. Car tied. On motion ot O'Donnell. Adjourneil. FBANK J. XEAK2TCY, Village, Clerk. e £&M*Sf§: tiOH mo M Phone Dialogue Brings Light to fair Inori»»*d atandlng raeana progn aufflownt, progreaa mean* Tletory oanjw: a winner aa well u, anydn usrx mmvat tt. X SnUth mid f (i Berry otwndcu hu Inymou'K llmpaot m Albtuu la** f ui«d,iy CVMUIIII, Atl klmls «t \»oa»h«r m»» bJ lojkod to •hlii month it uM Ktiinu pruve true People *h»t etaeiige reatuenoo thl* »EHas hnBe fejjUB. ta laeve *\rlid loado* »IHJ m\fo ot Ziyndonvlllo word in town r?i|d*»y A mooting uflhu- \rilllng Workora wo* hfld tueaduy alteriioon, the eWotfon ot .jfBcora van pjitjjpo«d fpr tw<t weak*. Olvhlon N *. I ««wd lofroahmenta Mra. Maty llOgwrK and son, kraost, WwegBoitsuf S.S Vlooent and family recently wins aiaulya lBInor bai been out oj sohoolfor atAwil*y'oUaooPan» of slok- Ho*«. Mr..fitnd Mn. Ohaatloi Rnteell and daughter, Leon/i, -vlaitikl Mra. Bartoll'a b^attiot reoaintiy, *ra. Bermon Kcilich died at hor home Friday, February Si. The family have shot eyinpntlsy of lb* oonlmuntty, Mia* Ma Fialurr .jpVrnt the week w.lth friends In A.lb(on, \*\ The drowning ot llttlo Margaret Bess ha* enllatod the sympathy of people for miles around. Wo arc ploawl to hoar that Mia* Laboy will rosulno he* dntlns as tonohor Monday ntornlng, >Ir, and Mra 1'totl Hooper ontortalnod eampauv Monday eryonong The ma«q.uor«i|j baUwaa well attaad- Tuoiday ovonlngr.' i war Sit3Kt,nv* The Willing Workers and tholr friend* will meet at tho fapnao ot Ollvo Pink next biiturdny ovonlng to remind her thatltlahpc bltllnlay Kir, and Mir*. 1', K, Sunkioborgor and daaghters, Butli anil Ithoa, with Mr. No»l ot Eo»t Shiilby altoudcd th'o'Fire- man's dance- at Akbon afebruary S3, MldB Lubtla Hojor wiio has boon horde for two Jwooka, hsx .school at Angelica being oloaoJ. on fccoount of dlptborie, roturrted SUtaday, . t XhPBPX SooinlthJt was to bo held at tho M, K; Ohutili Friday, Maroh 8d, i* pdatponpd tot onO ivoetk, JoySholp Was In Allilori last week on jury, • Mra,\loy Sholpvyast in lobkport Mon- calling on friends. Mr, and Mere, M««r freeman of Mld- dloportj Dfi Walkoii and wife arid Mr. Martin and. wlto ot alOdlno iindL Fonn Wnlkornnd wlto siurxt Suuday at Jud- aoni, Wallwr'a, Wanted 1 —By « married iudn with tarnliyj to hire oat op a farm by tho month. Know all about farming. Salary deslrod (IB. n. month. Soo Joo JbriBky, ISO Byatl Street, wost side house. Tho'lluv. Mr Spn.tlliilog.for seven years pastor of the UapllstUburoliat Juhmon's Crpok, has resigned to accept a pulpit call to a Nebraska tows, VARMHR9,' IKtTRITXK IK M1SD1K* TUltSDAT AMD WKUNKSDA* Thar*will b*a Jfarmar*' Imtllato hild la the Uadln* City Hall on Maroh th* 7lhandeihandUbaliPT«« aWryons who la lntareikd in laming to be present, Tho Isdlas are ciptoltlly lnvllwl. A very tntereatlng program hju bun planned, whloh run* a* followil Tueiday 10:80 a, in.—Tho Institute, F B, Qptt, Sponawporl; The Faturo ol Frull drawing Id Mew York State. Prut TJ.P Uondrtok, flt-ita ExfJotllnsnt Sta- tion, UenoTa TneadayalttarnoonliSO—Queatltxt box) IboOultdra of Alfalfa. F II. Hall. Stele Kxporlmont Station, Qeraayai aeleot read ing, MIM Z< Klwhi 3TnnilimeQtala of Insect ttf*, Prot, P I F«roM»^.atate Gxnerlment Stathln, Qaraava, *~ Paonday eTenlng, 1:90— qpeatton box; What to do In Kroerj<noioi, Mrs. D A .tonoaj The Sohoel 1'tobtem, B F. Mo- Donald. Stats Iducitlon Daniurtraant. Albany. Wednesday 10 s. n»—Qiteitioa hoxj. Borne Sanitation, Mr, S*U; App)e» P.iok- log—Dompnstrated, Prof 0,S. Wllion, Stato Oollegei ot Ajrlonlture, Ithaca. Wednesday. 1:0O p, m—question boi) illsouiilon on Pear* sad P«ir Growing, ied by P*cfc^tUv*i*«*liiai daesv Hre. 3, K, Allll and Mn. W. J. Biioh; Dlioui- slon on Peaob. Qrowlngt. led by Georu Prudom, Medina. ORKATKST OAIBHtXirO Or v SJKK KVKR AISBMBUO, «t ORLEANS topwry. ' The Laymen** Mlnlonary lldnqtxot hold In the Lyconm at Albion Tueaaaar even- ing was the greattit naemblsgs ot men ever witneaaed in thl'i oomniy, That over 360 ot our men ahonld meelio ooniHer tho greateat qnettlon of -our day,' the mlaaionary moTement, u Iniieod •> hope- ful sign, For to hare *uoh * httniber of onr beat cltlxena enlightened npon tba oondltionl and need* ot our fillowmen In tho heatbeh landi cannot help but en- oourogo a iplttt ot altra>«m. Botwoen forty and fifty inon from Medina attended the banquet, and each and ovoryone of them Paine heme full of enthnalaam, The pomroon exproiilon was 'tho grandest meeting I iver attend- ed.\ This being the oaae ho \doubt meaaurca will bo adopted in tho near iuturo'whloh w>ll bring ns all Into-closer harmony i»ltb/tho great problem* of the missionary. \ irpgrptMhd'- \\\»•. 3J«* ,.„ i T . .ne el»*i ._ r . r orgeifetliat there are OthiM.»i«i:,»et. ibont to »»e how enormous you pan make yonr ponnt* Add toll from ?ve,ry quiirr- t«t IB Whloh 3 , bttrfrlend» I .r»l*tiye»,pr ; apT qoalntano** m*y ra*ido. Take the tlmo Mogo»ftera*BP«!rlpM9rt tbat,B*ja Jjfpn- proihlied you, **k thevn When you„inay call and'get their aubaorlptloii; or give them a snbsorlptlbh blank when th^y have wlohed; you tppoe**, Gpp.d wlshe* are \very aoePptablo- but .nubacriptlon* will vrln the,pijn test - ' •'• ,;.. Although yott- way «ot have ^nferei the race ttntil;ye»t«raay, a,r do riot enter twtlltPrnorrow, there 1* praoBoally IHtleV T»andlo»p, Ths- liberal offer pf Votes 1* attohthat*riyl»dyyrlth energyandabll- Ity to ie'e. her friend* arid: roeejyo their united aopport, can. Ip a few. d*ya' tlmo •eoure en6ugh,ihbiorlptlon»to hlape her- standing in the paper tip wltU thphlghe*^: For a two-year mbsorlptioii forty-five hundred Votee aro given. How many two-yearaub«rlotlon« would It takb to E lue you ahead ot tho lady with tho lghtat standing In your dlatriot f - Note the laadera In your diatrldt and then figure out jnit how many anbiorlp- tlona wonld be required to plaoo yon among them, Subscriptions may be ee- oursdanywwre In the TJnlted.Statp*. No raatrlotlon* are plaoiHl on ponteatant* whatevw In aprb\fying |he territory In whiohtneyttUyxeoeJyo yot**. . Ib> member yonr territory |* not UinJtod In any way .and * letter to a fr|e_nd In •ome other oity or atato may bring yon Very pleasing and aubitantlal roanlta Muoh weloome asilatancp will bo given by friend* ont of the pity Gbnnmtanta ahauld boar In mind that the ipeolal ballota leaned on aubscrlptidn paymonta do not need to be voted when the lubeoriptlon 1* turned in. The vote ballot may bo retained by tho oontoatanc and voted any time during\ the oontoat Contestant* ahonld turn InJ aubacrlptlona promptly and bavp the paper* atarted to' rObpiiubaarlber* at onoo,itat they do not need tohave the vote ah«lfn in the paper, at otios'nnloea they o«re-«r) do spji . BY f ELEPHQ«r Sweet Voice at tho Phono—la this the er-er Touring Mamger ? Tontlng Manager—Yea, thl* 1* he 8.V.A.T.P— Here'* a poser! You*eo my friend gets tho Beglater every week by mall, that make* him an old aubaorlb- er-I know that. T, M,'—You're right *bout-r- , 8,-V,—But wall. He'* going to qui* next wook, read his nolghbor'i paper,• prph*bly- Thonho Is going to ooma to. me with hi* aubaorlptlon money. What l*helhonf T, K—An old aubtcilbor. 8. V,—Bnt you dpn't uuderatauil. Now he's Bolng to stop for a week or ao. -T.M.~-W*II, my dear young lady, In oaies of that kind— 8, V.—And he thinks ho'* a now tub- T.M —If ho wa* taking Ihe paper regu- larly, at tho time tho ennteet began, he la an old anbaorlber during the entire con- sul. You ahow tact, ao dot* be, bat ho remain* an old *ub*orlber 8, V.—Bo won't llku It, I know He was aura of 3,000 vote*, ao wo* 1, T. M,-^Unfortunate. I Join In *yra- ^B V.-Bnt T. M —That doesn't alter It. KohoJ-Br-r-r-r-rlll ' Dhtrlet No. l-VIIItio of Medina. Jlles Alloo I,. Cliaao MliaQraooIlioo MUa Edna Pago Hies Kntliarlno McGrath Mlu Albortlna YagRO MUa Helena Cuinuunga Jllst Anna Fox \*» Mlsa Kathtrino Bradley Mls« Winnl* Comorford Miss Kotborlno Comerfonl Mlu lone Boyor Mies K. Ryan, Park Ave. 1,000 Hits Kathorino Ityan, Eaglo St. Mil* Iron* Mead Ills* Francos Ooruian 1,000 MliaEtbolHartt Mlu Margarnt Morlarty 11,000 Mlu Bc**ie Eokcrt MlisMullaly Mies Eva Hands, MtssAlIIa French Mlaa Carrio Smith MIssEdytUBuraholl 1,007 Mlsa Amanda McQraw Mies Maude McGinn 'Miss Anon Livingston 1,000 Miss Florence Ives .Miss Mildred Dutcher WluLlnaliaahor 1,002 Mia. Bessio Gaze Sirs. Goorgp Benton 2,001 Mrt. M. D. Orlnnell Miss Irrna Weaver Mlas Gertrude Casey Miss Bertha Rico ' Mr* Myron Post Mist Margaret Gormnn , Miss Anna Lynch Mist Cora Nswnhnm Miss l?IorcBoe Krompnrt Mlsa Helen Lacey Mlsa Edna Gilbert MIBB Knthvrino O'Brien 3,003 Mies Louiso Johnson Mlaa Florence Bloc **- MlssMaiyHtird Miss Margaret Len&han -Md.OOO MtBrEdnsAllotiin Mlsa Louise Qnlnn Mr*. Francis O'Keefe 12,030 Miss Olorlbel Colburn Mlsa THlio Falter Mrs.AaaFixley Miss Dora Wame Miss Francos Curry Miss Gertrude Rico JIlss Eulella Bnyno Mlsg Jessie Fitigernld • 3,007' i>007 *,co3 %OQ8 : %OQ7 3,010 3.QO0 ••M)«« Mary H.Baker * . MiM^dhaP-Diainara \ ' Mtt*£l«ra;0r>V' »' -'•Wra»»'Mar*-HIrifc> \ : Miw»«rwt .Oond? \ \MlsalreiJie , '' i Mfta-Mablo Conoyer \ :WraBpy'Pietir!er ; .•'. . \ • JilBS'WandeaJudfi • >* :MissIj*ui»*l)e,3iamator, V - jyfi^3Etbei:H«adorjv *'• MigserWeOakeS '•\ »s:,A«tK5rHbueei \ . .-.Aiiss-CJafaQray :-. '\ .sMlsSJaartbaWara \ .iMIia Mu?rrel.Tuttia .\ Miss Ethel Platoii *' MisaHattle Edmonds \ MissFIorenoe Jfallist U • Misalrpa Millis • . H Mrs DavidBangliam \ Miss JesSle PluuiiiSoj: '! : Miss Bessie MoKoe ,l Mrs. Carrie Turner J* 'Mlss-Beaf rioo Helsdon '< Miss Florence Merritt\ Miss Bona Tripp, Millers Mrs-G.Eelley V « Mlsa Pftit* Payne, Jeddo Mts« So«>borough \ MtssValpdaBeok \ Miss Hilda Foster \ ' Mrs Bobert Watson '\ MigsEtlit'iHowlett, Bldgoway ' 1,006\ Mtss Bortha Pruddow \ MisaBeithaXOhnga \ Miss Grace Oakca \ MIssHasolHouai \ Mlssi Gertf ndo MoNally \ 20 Miaa PearlBiaith \ Mlsa Hazel Brown *' MlsaMdrrlll Hoopar \ Mrs- Loo I> Wells <\ Miss Emm* Miller, 'Wnterport Miss Mable Cann \ Mlaa Bertha Juno *' MissInaKuolln \ Mlsa Anna, Stlokroot \ Miss Euth Bennett V Miss Mary Beok ''* Misa Mable \EvanB \ MtasFranpc*Plowman\ - Mf«*Saa!o6are<mt \ Miss Adolaido Baldwin ,r w Mlaa Georgia Broadwoll\ Mis* Mary 0. Bennett\ Mlaa Holpn Porter \ Miss Anabel Mann \ Mlaa Mary Bennett •\ Mis* Elnora Sobuopny\ Miss RuthMerritl, Kouyoilvlllo Miss Edna, Miller, Kuckvtllo Mts* Holono Simon, Carlton Mrs. Thoa. Witkin, Pt, Breezo Miss Addle Johmon, Yates MtssVctlaTimmerman\ 2,000 3.O07 DUtrlet No. 3. 1,004 Miss Luln, Lonnon, Shelby Miss Tlllle Sohrador «* MlieBcrnlooBllloott \ Mlaa Rosett* Bowl \ M^tssMabolNcni \ Mrs. Georto Eouch \ Mrs, Bert Vail \ Mra. Jay Shclp, Weit Shelby MiaaButh Dunkiebpreer\ Mrs. Glenn Hoyor '* Mlaa Jean Dewey \ MIsaAltaCoIton . \ Mlaa Olivo Fink \ MlMFlorobcoOluto \ MlaaGracoFfert* \ Mis* Lena, Davoy \ Mlsa Luclla Hoyor \ Mrs. Jean Dawey \ Mlaa Mnrjr Dunlap \ \ MiaaBeUoyBarry.EastSnelby Mrs.-Wm.NoAi » Mlsa Pearl Barleinoro, MUlvillo Miss Mable Gotts, Barker Mlsa Frances Skinner\ Mia^JjilllanGrlnntill ••« 8,007 Mnr-P Parker, Fletcher Chapel 1,004 Mrs-HJaTohlar, MIddleport 1,003 Mrs. Barnard Maher \' Miss Elizabeth H*saey \ Miss Kelllo Mack \ 2,001 •1,000 SEND IN YOUR NOMINATIONS Ulattlet Mo. 2 Miss Carrie Potter, Snowlestjiilo 1,000 Mra. Harriet Barry \ ' 9 MfsCarrie Pratt \ 1,008 Mrs Sadie O'Grady \ • Miss Alice Rccgan, Lyudonville Mlsa Etnol Robinson \ Miss Nina Vanaornum \ Mts) Mettle Fuller \ Mlsa Inez HlokB \ Mlsa Leila Puippany \ —2,002 I., f ts*3 S3. £d K 1 •S.O if St* it 1 r* Iff B B §\ \' tt 5\ 3, ni- p 1 * | 1 ; /F l\ \ I } \ • *, : ; : Q § 3 90 a n S / . i *« 0 c o o 3 ^ 9 £ (b fr •Oft. »-i« Hi rt. itt W w \p. s c| 0 > VH.t.J.01 tLKCXIOtf. Notloe ia hereby glToh that the annual election ot the Village of Medina will be held at the City Halt, cotter of Main Street and Park Avenue, on Taoaday, March 7th, 1011, at which tho polls ot auph .election will be- opened at 8:00 o'olooklntha forenoon and will remain open continuously until 6:00 o'clock In tho afternoon of that day, at which time theeiectPts of said Village qualified to vote thereat .will vote tor tho following ofllcora; Two trustee* In place ot John Crowloy and Warren K. Siooklng for full term, A trustee In plaoo of Tboruja Garrett to Oli vaoanoy. An aaaeaior in plaoo of \Ward Beynplda tor full form. An assessor lit plaoo of John Lewis tP Oil vaoanoy, A troaiuror in plaoe of tieortre A, Nowoll. By order ot the Board of Trnilee*. FIIANKJ' K«»ntnrs-, 63«8 , •VliUp) Clerk, Dated Medina, N. Y, February 83,1011, Farmers' Inltltutei Lilt ot plscoi, dates and loool corres- pondents for Formora' Institutes In this vicinity tor March. Fred E. Gott, con- ductor, Spenperport. M»roh 8—Barker. Bert Swab, Barkor. Maroh 8—BanaomvlUe. W. D. Wlsnor. Maroh 8-4—Newfano. B. J..M60Iow. Maroh 0—Johnson's Creek. Fred J. Swift, MIddleport.' Maroh 7-8—Medina, jav E. Allis. Maroh 0-10-11 — Albion In*. Sohobl. JohnBldelman, Albion, Maroh lS-^-Bolley, B; S. Gllddeh. ' Maroh lt^Brookpo'rt. E. W. Brlghain. Maroh 16 — Spenoerport. 'WHilant M., Clark* Maroh 10—Greece. F.- 3. Mltohell, Barnards. Falth'ul Japanese Wive*. In one of the dramas of the immor- tal Chlkanmtsu; tho Shakespeare of Japan, there Is a passage representing the Ideas of a devoted Japanese wife: \For the sake of my hUBband I would even flay my nails from my hands and feet\ Such are the ideals ot dirty cherlohed and obeyed by tha faithful wives ot Japan, *ho hot only bear their sacrifices Tvlthout any sens* of loss but art delighted that they can ahow their desire to ba Pt signal iorr- Ic* to their busbaud* WKSXJBRS NKW *OBK NEWS Gatno Protector DoWolf of Genoaes County, who waa rembveii by H. Lpitoy Austinlaat November opphrobtiy with- out eanse, has been reinstated by tho hew State Qoino Commlsslonor, Thomas M. OabPrhe. John Roynor, a prdmlnont business man of Canahdolguashot himself throug ft the heart last Thursday aftornoon. N o oause has as yot been diicoyprod. Thomas l^dboh ha* snoWn plainly In recent arUoloa ' that olthprig ji he la King of EleCtrlolahs be 11 apoor.fheoioglan, HAINES OPTICAL Co. bfcHAiNES the Eye anil Ear SpeolalUt ' Will be at C. t HUttD'S 3d.iFriaay'-ahet Sattifdkjr la id* month, AlbIoB^.4Ve(,aoa**.^aii*ar.Mak?., loj %% iw« point*, io e+ery g fa*| we sell to makeyottieoj »iao ibbk #*Ht HOMBS OKFIOB AT AOOHBSTiiB Olo«od artiiltyj, Batnrdiyi 328 CUTLER BLDG. MEDINA B-tf GOODS CO. I MEDINA' DRY GOODS CO. \ MEDIM PRY 60QD8 CO. Home Phone 80-A. BettPi!Plie307.R Mail and Telephone Orders Will receive Prompt Attention. tM J Cadet Hosiery Ja* MARK //« J )t ~ Reg&tercd V. S, Pat Offico • • Np*f*|\f| {] C SCIEN'W FIC i 12 l-2c a Pr. STOCK FNGS Rebforced with Linen for Men, Women and Children STORE NEWS On account of the.arrivat of the many new Spring models, Corspt IJepartttient Jiaa been moved t o more commodious quarters on Second Floor. We. have also trnnsferred Shirt- wnist* and Muslin XJnderwenr from Mnm Floor to Second Floor, where yon will find manyiiew and nobbycrentians for Spring Tho netv Fi\slupn Boolii arc 'ready nud each one contains n transfer pattern which is given without fcxtra charge. This ajmounceroeitt will serve to answer &tw as to when we are to have another sale of \those (Gadet Secon^^s. ,, ^ Friday morning, March 3rd, we will plm on sale three cases, or to be more exact, One Thousand Eight Hundred and Seyenty-Two pairsqf these Hosiery Seconds which foil yr$ fifid on spwisd tables in center aisle. ,; . tt The Ladies' hose are fast black and seamless with garter tops, genuine Irish Linen is used in the heels and toes to insure wear. In the ribbed-hose -there are two weights; the heavy kind for the boys and the medium weight for the girls. BOTH KINDS HAV- ING STOUT IRISH LINEN IN THE FOOT AND THE SPECIAL WEAVE KNEES. You will be wise if you buy a full season's supply of these stockings as they are the best lot of Seconds we have ever placed on sale. . •'» f 12 l-2c a pair New Wash Goods What better sign of Spring thcXn New Wash Goods? Come in and see these beauti- ful fabrics for Spring. TJie s-ght of them is as good as atonic j it makes otic forget .the long, hard winter we have just passed through. 36-incli percales in light and nark patterns I2I.2c yd ^?7-inch dress ginghams in handsome plaid effects 12 l-2cyd 2?-mcli New Palmer Ginghams 15c yd 32-inch New Scotch Zephyr Ginghams , \ , ~# J ;/ Ipcyd aa-itjth New Scotch Plaid Gnghims J i • I 45c yd. J Strong and durable fast color Galatea cloth / ii 5c yd New^laxonin a wide range of patterns and colorings , 19c)d New Dress Goods Probably at no time was dress goods department better ,pW pared to meet your deraifids thnn at the present time. 86-inch Poplar Cloth in Green, Tan, Gra5-,Red,Blacfc and Cream 2«5cy<i* 86-inch Black and WhiteShcp- herd Checks I5c f 25c,50cydi 86-inch Cashmere and Serges in a wide range of colors 50c yd 60-inch Sidiian Cloth in Black and Navy /' / /1 50c ^d 4:2-ihch Navy Blue Serge 7i5cyd 40-inch Silk and Wool JPoplla in beautiful light shades, pot Up in dress lengths of seven .yards $1.25 yd New: Silks Fashion says \It's Silks\ and -wc are ready with the classiest line ever shown in Medina, Makeita point to see these beuiitifol itilks, it will be time •well spent, 2Wnch Granite silk in beaati- foljnccinard patterns. Colors Navy, Sky, Green, Helio.Gray, Champagne, Royal, Wisterin, Bliick and Cream 29c yd 27-inch Princess Poulard Silks inwhitse with hlack figure and Navy and Copenhagen with -white figures' 39c yd 2£lneh Foulard Sllks...50c yd 24;inch \ \ ...YScyd 24-irtch , l » ...85c yd 3e.ilich \' \ 31.00 yd MEDINA DRY GOODS COMPANY. NOTICE Or 8EECIAT. JtKETING. *l Ulitnct Ko. 13 of Towns of itl*i«w»y . - and Shelby. lbs undersigned Board ot Education ol Union Site School, District No. 12, Towns of Blilffowsr And Shelby, County ot Orleans, beroby gtyo notice ot a. special meeting of the Inhabltanta ot such dis- trict qusllDcil ti) voto thereat will bo bold st tho TIIISRO Hall, situato in the Vit- Isga of - Medina In said alstrlot on (no 20ih day of March, 1011, at 7:80 o'clock In tho evening, tor tbe pur- pose of docldinf: by'voter of tho district tbe action that afiall be\token on tho fol- lowing queitlon*: ' 1st. {ap. Whotilior' or not tba duttrlbt shall authgrkio tho erection of a now hlub school and grade building upon the site now .ocouplcd by tbe Oontrsl Sohool iinlldlng and raise therofor by tax, upon tho tniablo properly of tho district tho sunt of iloB.OOO, to he collooted in annual Ibatallmonts as provided by Sootlons 467 and 480 of tho Education Law of the State of New TorTc, . • , (b) Whether or ivo.t the distrlot shall authorize tho repalrinsvrcmodeiing and hosting of the present mgh scbooi bulid- log son* to convert It Into a grado build. Ing, and raise by tax upon taxable prop- erty ot tho illstrlot the snm of .18.000, to bo colieoted in annual Installments aa provided by Seotlona iff! and 480 of the Eduoatlon.Law of the State of New York Sii. (a) 'Whettier Or not- tie diatrlot shall anthorizc the oreotlon of a new nigh: sohool building' upon the present high school grounds and rnlao thoretor by tax upon the taxable property ot the distrlot tho sum of tSB.OOO, to-bo oolleoted In an- nual ffi*talinTonl», as provided by Seo-; tioh* 487 and 480 of the Kdncation 'tarr of i tho State qt New'ycik, -.'.'' ' (b) Whothar or hot the UUtrlo't shall authorlzo the repair, roroodollng and re- heating; of the present high sohool bulld- ibg.ahd raise thoroior by tax npon the taxable property ot the dlitrlot the aurn oMB.OOO, to be colieoted In annual in- atallrnehts,: as provided by Seotlons 407. and-480 of the Education iUvr of tho Uiaflfllowyotit'i.' . *;• . (o) Whbthpr, or.UbVthbjdiiltrlo.ts.ban nuthprizb/ the rpniodoling,. ventilating hn|b,MHriie;oJt|ho : Central SChboi'finild-- Ing and raise, therofor by tax npbn tho taxablo property ot the district the Bum ot 18,000, to bo collected In annual In- itailrhents, as nrpvidod-fcy SobtlbB* 467' «iid 180 of the Education Law of the, State of Newyorfc, . . •• Sd 'Whether or not tha district sh»U aothorho tba erection of a now- grade, school honse in plaoe ot the Elizabeth Btrcet Sohool and ralso therefor by tax. npon tho taxable property of the £UattItt the snm. of $23,000, to.be collected, in an- nnai inatallmehta, a* provided try KM- tloos 467 and 480 of the Education Iiair ot the State of Hew York. 4}h. Whether or not the district shall enlarge the present site of the Elizabeth Street School Dy 'the pnrchaie ot land ail' joining the same and'raise lor said pur- poao the snm of 1900 by tax npon tbe tax- able property of tha district, to t » col- lected in annual 'Installment*, ma. pro- vided by Section* 407 and 480 of tho Eda- cation Law of the State of New York. \She land proposed:'to be purohaacd l« bounded and deaorlbed as follows, to wltl liots No*. 144,;i46, 146 and 147 of the Moad Tract In the \Village of Medina, Orlcaril County,N.Y.,boundedontbenorthby lots Noi, 178,179 and 174 and on the caat by lot No, 148, on tho south by Worthy A.vonU8 and on the west by lot* Nos, 148 and 1<9. AlHf the said Mead Tract in .lald-'Vll- lagb of Medina, N/3T.\ JDitedFebrnary 18,i9il-. ] \ '^teOirots H.,\WjItPfe£K B. KDWAKD SLACK, - jt W. OdOBKBj * WATBOII K BABitXV , -CHAtoKS N. Hooi), \OHABtis J, BRiNtriiTi' ''•; . M.-A..BOWEN, , ' ' Aj. J..'Coki \' .\' 1 - \ Board ot Education. ' HOT cosiPETino.'* FOR irjsiiroN or MSU AND OASIE PBOTECXOK. < A oo'inpetit.tvb examinitlpn for, titf positionbt.flsh arid- garng-.prdtSotprt-ifir; Orloan* dbbnty was heid In the Kranpc liiryroom ot the. O'dnrk Hohae at Aibioji:; gatrirday,6y ( State Olvll SefWoe' jfexsmi; inetf dofifc Among the -teri •' examine^ wore 'threo Medina , rnqrt,,'.. iiawatd- MoGittrn,. Me'irrUt rjaliSgbari and Jamei' p'Brleri; eb&rles Bonnet j pf .Virateirx)qr.,t;i; : Qharlbs Lbefllo* orGainesr^H Ooleniari dl SnpwiesviiiBj Cheifer Sheiloy Of; Gainosj: George :hnd ieb -§tnnd|Sh» fiotli 1 b^Earfe, .\ . • -' •.'' '•\.'• Carriages ! res! We Sell Nothing But The BEST No Cheap goods. No make believes. No wonderful bargains. Nothing but the best vehi- cles I' can get Glad to have you inspect my large stock of Carriages, Surrles arid Spring Wagons any time. f.mlSwOOD ^ Park Ave., Medina, N.V. '•'•• lit -mUNtSt 'MiBN WANTEt> tfas Anybody Here lifer, Martin About plumbing, gasfltting, steam or hot watbr heatingt Oh yes 1 , quite *'n;niht)er.- ifa»oandiihose wbo have Jibt wljl'-finrit; tdSholradtaintagetddbiri); BellaSBi,\* SOVB^iSiBS* RAM B*M,WAY HAH. 'vOinxit 'Woo to ti.too A VEAB ' . ^'irrtW-:g'ei,0lar*Wi.a Are off.red ' TJliole ^am holds' examlnalloni i\ r raliifsy 'xnaii'oierik:,po»toffloo clerk or fearrlSf, oastdni house^and aepartmon ta .6lerjt(.-'ferepir* at bnoefor thB commK examinations,, . . trhe jailor aitei. hbnrs sre ebcr, .Alar^ivrloe mbntlilyand vacation. *•' aariyVpunK-mah Wrio^asenergyonoagn *o,»hafer',thi«ts tbo opportunity or . J'iteiltne. .'.-.,, ,„ ,,„ •^iibMandSJbi appdlnttnents aro K. mado, OorninbB- *ohooi fduooHonlsai *onhe*d; ibityaM country vwy™ eoinal chance,. Start to prepare now--\ a<sholaranip*,Mhl«- ; ; iddnth. vm * t madlafciy ttf. pentrii Schools, WP JB-7J^oohetter,:K.Y ' \\-\* M*k-4ttii>r1 *iw , _ 'M.

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