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The Medina Register. (Medina, N.Y.) 1877-1931, November 17, 1910, Image 1

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->-- VOL. 35 MEDINA, 3ST. YU TKCTJBSD^Y, iTOV^EMBIDB 17, 193,0 NO, 38 THE MEDINA-REGISTER M. A- BOWEN, Esitsr an* Pwsrlelsr. $1.00 PER YEAR IN ADVANCE. BUSINESS CARDS PHYSICIANS -rTt-r K. <JUA0K«NBO8n, W • FtoaWen and Surgeon, • Moat., K. Y. Offloa hourt-WO to »J)Y a. m.; a 00, * on 8 00 n. m, Oflo^ana r&dsnet, *» ?»*l «*• «.0aand \ POWM-KMTMJ-BltfOk^ 0»oeho«n8:90t»»;«l».ni.. »to*p,m„ I Sunday by Awomtams . Botaston* Offlo. «4 J^gJHBgj^-WH* Avenue OBce hont»T30*o 9:80*. >»„W;80 to Jena n W, SCOTT. Jt B- ]}, physlciaUsniSurjwn . OlBoe and Besidenoe, Park Avenue , _ Offlca bonn-Until? a. m., * to 9v. nx., : I to i p. m, NlgHt o»U» at resiaen«, Par* AY?, C a WHIUNS , M „ - i jqiMlolan and Surgeon ^ lUTtui Street. • „ gmo»to«rsfte»a. : »»,,ltQap,in,,eu»8p.in. nD-WABPMTOJSON.M.B. . Vi r K>Y»lol*a end Surgeon; . , 1M anil resldenoe on Wat Avenue between W*et Center Street •jd-ftrlcAvanuo, Offloahonrs 1 to 10 a. m., * to 4 end T to 8 p, m. & T JAY WAWCBIt, », , , O .' Osteopathia Pbjjlelaa, _ , iWin»-U9 Park Avenue, Bonn, Tuoilay, Wetneidv. Tanrioey end Saturday, 8 to Ji»p.nira«liplonM, UliioUeport-Orer WDonald * CookTa Qro- wrr. Hour*, Monday and Friday, a to S!Mi>.jn, Bath pbnnee. OalUJKtSlli forenoonn «ndaronInKi. s B.W.UW*M* W So* la Kearney * DownsBloek, West Center Street. Brldn work a «p«J»ltr- BOjrl G K SIMOKDS/, M. D™ J>. D. 8.. offloD at . BMIdsnoe, first dootwutof Main St. v onPaatl Street G EOSQB 8. OAT.IiAanAMrf-\'. Biorlff ot Orleans County, OaseiaOoutHaua. 0! tOBOE V. POSSON. KttparlnHBdeat ot Poor torOrteeaiOottatr... \Woe at Opart HUM*. ante ••«« Ike hmSatardar la »MB, soonta, DOWM-I?earnerll!oe* Hell I'noaa S903 Offl&s Hoars-S to If A. HV I to i P. it. \Father to th« Thought.\ 7b* *Jttor Ot ths Ixndoa Dally Mir- we tt Spwa to fie*, devoted; two HO* ot aa Issue to provlngr that srimsui's \ideal m\ JIM * \P»» tact a»4 light Mae. •TM.\ Whereat till *dltor ot tha to\*4° (<M Sands* Sum*!. declare*!, nt U said tha ed- itor of\ the Daiir Mirror has a plwu dc» una light blo« wsa.\ FRATERNAL DIRECTORY 1.1>., Chart* A. y.Mowell. >. II, meets second lp.m. t ln&A40nlo Medina loJjo.Ko.»», FJ andA.lt . Stools HntaadlUrd Wedaetdajra at the month at Mtuttlo n»l|. W. U., CharKa A. 5I»ck SMratary. Qterg* A» HtwelU Medina Chuptor, No. Mt, B. A. St. Mwls ««nmd and toatth tCn*id»jj of month, at 1 a) p. ra„ In Muonlo Hall. SWok. S«i»tary,<36orit* Alpha Omtgi Council. Kj Wednsadajiof mttath atTi! Hill T. r. M,Oeorgo A.tfewoll- Recorder neorgett. Shutinok. Uodlea todge. No, SSI, O. E, 8. Moetn tlio AMI nnd third Mondays Ot each month nlTUS P in, to jlasonlo Hull. 'Worthy Matron Ills) t^na Barker. Socretnrjt, 11m lllimle B WeUa. Orloanj lodge Xo. 3tf, 1. O. O. P. Jleola ewr/ Monday eTantag la Odd Follows* Hall, fc 5f. Brown, Nohla Stand, h. t. Btma, Hjorotary. Wotoamo Sebokan lodge Ko, Un. Moots the ant and third Wednesdays In each month in Ola. Fellowa* ITalbat 8 p, m. Mtsa Mnr MoalgomMj.JfobleQrand. Mn. Alma Spoon 1 SecratarT. MsdisB xodgs No. as, D. F. o. B. mat every SCnnrjday evonlnglnB. p.O.E.H»ll l>r.B.H.SIm6nas,i»aTtciTJulor. JamoiiJ. Tnoher.BoeretarT. Branoi No'. 10, a M. B. A»- tiaais flret -ffod- »»diy »i ttdhtt at 0, it B. A» HaU. Xttid- dent, Jmmee Ohrlaty. Financial S*sretarjf, B. J.Shsa. Brsneli NO. *T,X*. C. B. A. JleoU first and ttlrd !Euesdaya of month. atl< OAAJil' Presldsnt, Hra Alice Oleary. SoorctaryMra ( tonaSCWMaUey. Toht H6iS81, K-O. 1 *. M. MeeU first and third Tneadaya of the montih at Maocatiiffl Hall. Sedrotary,B,H.,Barrelf, Hire No. §87, 1,. O E H. Ueeta orory Frt- dayeTentngat Maoiahoo Hall; lommandor, Mrs. Iannis Lysett. Seorotary, Mrs. Martin Smith- Court Medlna^o, 1168.1 O. P. .Moots last Thursday In taoriih at Macoooeo Ho'l. Cblol Rong6f» -4, h. Wilttloton. Flnanolai Seore ^«rjr,C.JI.phllUpi. '• Medina Camp, Mo. MU, M. W. A. 31681s first and third Tuesdays ot montb In 1. 0.8. T. Hall. Vonerablo Consdl, V?> H. Taylor. Olorlf, 6i, M. Bjrewor. «s - «art Camp Ho. tijixi, Boyal Noluhbora of Amerlea, Mebti aoooHi and-iourth Tnesdays of month id-MBpoabeo Hall. Oracle, Jtrt. John \BebhobB. BcbordOr, Miss Anna Mo< TIgde* / . . .* Medina Council JJo.Ool, K.OfC. Moats »oo- oud ana fourth iuesdays ot month in K. ot 0. Hall, Henry-MoElweo, rinanoiai Sooretnry, Sandstone Connoll ifo. 21J8, Boyal Arcanum. Meets seoond and fourth Wednesdays of the month. Lodgp rooms over 430 Main Street. Kagont, Orlu Cnraon. Secretary, Dr. Dan B Howo. CounoiUJo W, Catholib Belief and Benefit. Association. Meets second oind fourth JtoW aaysotSnoUthat I . b.'d.'T. Hall, Prosldout, Mrs. Anna fcifert. £ feoordor, Miss Aouo MoTlguo. JicdinaXodgoHb.2i3,J!conomlo Belioi As- aooiatlon, Meotaflrat and; third Thursdmys of goath at I, .0, Q. 3\. Hall, OonolajtOr J. .B. Helhg, Beor^tary, John.ftWood! * Medina todge, No. 72, t O.ft. !T. IMoets every Wednesday atoning inl.O.G.T. Halh OhletT6,mplir.AxtHM i Harrold, S'ooretary, SainudlT.Cooke. . . HoiictPosttNd..Bli.a.A«ft,. Meots the last ' Tnesaaykthe.monthinG.A.BiHail. Silas M.'Hooa,i.Ctamarker.* Women's Belief Corps No, W, a. A, B. Meets ihOi irst and Ithird Tuesdays In tho month, i n % A. B. Bail. Mrs., <Jora Lbke, President, Utia. Btiiol St Bleokmon, Secre- tary, Medina, Orange, .No, ilCO. Meets first and thlra Saturday evenings of month at I. 0, Q. TiHaU, Worthy Master, M. B. Weld. Seore. tary, Walter Freeman, Musldians' Protective Union, Local No. M2,,A,. P„ ot hi- -Jfeeta iaati.W.ednesday8jn Maroh, Juno r September „»nd Dooembor, PresliJent,,H, Ti Xrompart s ...Secretary, B. •VHawiey. , OF MAN IS THIS? Even the WJntJs and the Wave, - lObey Him,\ On the Atlaatlc, Nov. do.-;-Pastor BussfeU ot the Bfpoklyn. Tttber- SSde Is liowijvvavil boiinii, He declares tlint lie greiitly en- joyed, iis: visit to Great Britain, •whore he preach- ed in twelvj ot the ritlnclpal-citles, in- cluding Unco Sun- days in Lonflon. E[o greatiyflumjrea the reverential gtib-stmta* ot ielTgloni tltought i n Britain. Whether or not die people ore really more holy than theltbrethren In the United States anil Canada, thoy are, ho says, aa a rale, iuoro' reverontlol In tliolraemoanpr—in their attitude toward Dlvino things. Pastor Russell eoiwlders public IliougUt to Groat Britain to be at least twenty year? uohlnathatof tlio States In respect to the Bible as a Divine rovolaUon. This Is much In tEelr favor, he says. Tho Evolution theory and io-caBed Higher Criticism ot tha Blblo, have, ho sayj, wrought great havoo amongst the clergy and more educated people of America. Ho undo la Great Britain tho same destroetive sentiments at wort, hut they have not yot reached tho masses with such force and poisoning power, Faith in God and In the Bible as Ills Worn Pastor Bussoll has specially sought to Incul- cate. Ho feels greatly encouraged and lopes t o see hla friends and the pub- lic of Great Britain soon again, as they request. Hla lovo for our British cousins has not, however, diminished his loro and Interest In God's people ot Amorlca. If Americans are leas rever- ential It may also bo said that ninny of thorn nia mow Iritlcpondenl and more eouwgeoua In their convictions respect- ing tho Iruth. Too British trWds should, her thinks, cultivate, miyfude- jiendcnco o( thought; while American Christians, losing none of their cour- age, should cultivate • spirit of revcr- enca for God, for his Word and for all holy things. IVulor Russell Is enjoying his usual xood health and continues his literary -work o n tlio sea, as on tho laud. A representative ot the American Press Association and a stenographer accom- pany him. Pastor Itusscirs address lor today was from tho following texti \What manntr ot man la this! For even tha winds and tho waves obey him.\ -Malthevr vlll, 17. This test Is taken from the Gospel narrative o{ the storm, on the Sea rt Galilee, during which Jesus wnn asleep In tho hinder part of tho vessel, until tha sturdy seamen, appalled by the storm, cried to him, Master, carest thou not that we perish? Then tho parlor arose and rebuked tho storm and there was a great calm. When the Jlshcrmen disciples beheld this they said, What kind of person Is this tlint even the winds and tho sea obey him! The speaker declared that although moro than eighteen centuries bad jpasseil, the snuio question i s going the rounds of most civilised peoples of the •world—\What manner of man Is this?\ Some of the beat thinkers and noblest hearts i of all nationalities, Jow and Ocnllle, agree .that Jesus of Nniareth was a most wonderful man. It Is still agreed, as In the days ot his presence, that \never man spake like this man!\ Some, indeed, called him a deceiver. Others sai<* thnt he was under tho con- trol ot evil spirits. Others, going to tlio opposito extreme, declared that this great Jew was Jehovah himself, -who, for tho time, was masquerading as a man. \Wonderful Words of Life.\ Pastor Russell contends thnt the Breatest of nil Jews told the truth about himself, as well as about other matters. When he prayed to the Fa- ther with strong crylngs and tears in Gethscmane (Hebrews v. 7) he Was not shamming. He was uot perpetrat- ing a fraud and deceiving his disciples then and since; We have great synfpnfliy for the fel- low-countrymen of Jesus who, falling to understand him. caused his execu- tion, considering him a menace to their institutions. His wonderful worfes, nls Tvonderfui words ot life, of which it Is recorded that the public declared, \never man spoke iilte this man,\ and in general his wonderful personality, seemed really Incongruous with his general demomioi-. Not claiming to bo Jehovah, not claiming to be his own Father, as some now teach, lint, on tho contrary, declaring. \Jly Father- is Bicnter than 1,\ he nevertheless claim- ed a special relationship to God; and this ho demonstrated by such miracles as the one ,of our lesson. Had ho done and said these things as a member, of one of the popular sects of lite dny, fee would have been reverenced. Had bo joined In with the Pharisees and winked at their Interpreting the- tow lii one way for the people and In. an- other manner for themselves, ho Would nave received much honor fronl tb« rich and tbe poor, the loarned and the Ignorant. But ho antagonized- allTlreise by his humility In mingling with the common people, accepting some jof them as, his special disciples and send- ing them out as hut representatives. This jpecially branded biin as foolish ifn tho eyes of the worldly-wlsei This specially discredited him, not ofily as a. man and a teacher, but particularly as one who claimed to be the Messiah, tho King of glory who was to sotnp *n/ Empire. JVe can Well see Why worldly-wise people of that day Or this flay would consider such a -person .a fraud, a pretender, a deceiver. Ap- pearances were'against him. Jesus declared that the Fathor sent biin and that he delighted to come in obedience t o Jehovah's will, to be Ills agent and servant in .the outworking of a.-great plan-for- human redemption. Xiioso who deny all of this, and who tiave aWokened so much confusion amongst Christians, and novo made the Gospel of Christ Impossible to the JfeWj Bhould give an account of them- selves and explain by what authority tbey conbadlcted the Great Teacher— \The Patbfer Is greater than I. 1 ' And When they claim that tho death of Jesus was merely a farce, and that he. as Jehovah merely stepped o,ut of „tha oody.p'tJesus and perpetrated a fraud anil pretended to be dead and aroused J4$ disciples so to think and so to teachi and pretended later to beralsjet \ftoraitiie 4ea,d^those who,thW4<$ifc and who, thus contuse tha-mind^^iali* Christendom and Jewry, should ex-.- .plafcyiwayi,«thoy can* .tho.plain state-. ment of the Apostle that God raised up Jesus from the. dead by tils qwn power on the third day. \Art \Thou a King fhehf Picture the Glroat Teacher walking I with bis twelve Apostlesf a nondescript crowd Q? those who heard him gladly —not many groat ls nor. many jearned, not many rich, n,qt msfny nonte. -fleat him telling them--thoso who acknowl- edge thomaelves to bo ignorant and un-. learned, (ActsJv, 13}-tua;t, If ^altlitul to him, he would .\grant; tlienx to sit with him In, his Throne\ \Judging tho twelve tribes of..Israel, 11 TUe-.state- : ment surely seemed fraudulent^ and bo had not the heart to condemn tho Jews Who so misinterpreted hluu St. Peter did not condemn them,- but«dlstlnetly said, J woti brethren, theft in igno- rance ye cruclfled the Prince of Life, ns did also your, rulers (Acts 111, 1847), Can wo wonder that tho learned Iowa ot that day wore contused? They, did. Indeed,, hoar of nls mlracloS'B'his recovering of sight to tho blind and of strength to tho withered hand ot tho impotent man; and, in tho case. ,of Xaz?. arus, at; least, thoy had demonstration, of his power over the dead, ^Xioy per- ceived that these miraclos wcroT baying an Influence\ upon tho masaesr-tbat they detracted from their own esteem amongst the people. Thoy knew that many of Jesus' saylnga ware wandor* fully wlso and that hla criticisms of thclf own inconsistencies were re- markably sharp, Xet withal, thoy said, we know that bo i s a fraud, because, of bis peculiar claim to bo the ilcsilu'h and tho Son of God. Tills claim; ot his discountenances all of his teachings and mighty works, it cannot bo true that ho 1B tho Messlab that our. nation baa waited for these moro than sixteen centuries, God woutt surely. send Messiah a sufficiency of demonstration of glory and power to convince tho moot intelligent of our nation,. the Scribes ami Pharisees and Prints. What they all dissent from, repudlalo and .denounce, mutt be.falie. Forth* dood of th» Nation, Tho Jewish wlio men of eighteen centuries ago concluded .that a man who act tho masses agog with, antici- pation of himself as the Messiah-King, yot was without an army and without financial backing for a campaign, would present tholr nation to tho Bo- mans In n ludicrous light, As a result they might have taken from thorn, at tho word of tho Emperor, tlio civil and religious privileges and rights they were enjoying. They took counsel and determined that in the Interests) of the), peace of the nation tins golden-tongued miracle-worker should either bo ex- posed as a fraud or be killed.. Thoy. tried first to expose him by trapping htm la his language i n tho pr*»«nc* of his followers and tho multitude.. Bat his Intellect was keener than theirs and tho thrusts they made a t him ro-| bounded to their own discomfort and 'established his own standing i n tbe estimation 1 of bis follovfcrs^ud in tho oyes of the people. One of these ef- forts to show up tho hollowncss of his claims and tholr frnuduloncy and to discourago his followers is worthy of particular notice, OB It furnishes us the key to the sentiment of the rulers and also the key to tho teal facts ot the cnao which those rulers failed to discern. n Ths Kingdom In Your Mtast. The Influential' Jews Bald, Let us question this fraudulent Messiah re- specting bis pretentions, not with any, hope of correcting him, but with a view to opening tho eyes of his follow- ers to tho weakness and fallacy, of hla teachings. Then thoy will see the- iso!« Iowhess of the hopes thoy are enter- taining and their ^poUshness-iny-loav- ihg their various avocations to be- come his followers. In tho hope of alt-. ting with him In Ms Throne. They\ will see that he has noprospeet of ever securing a Throne and that they are merely deluded by him in such expec- tations. They inquired of him, \When will ybnr JKingdom appear? How long will i t be before you sit upon your throne and have your followers with you i n the 'Throne? How long; -before this Messlunlc, Blngdom vein rule In Palestine, and oxtendsfrbra-its. borders to the ends of tho earth?, After you have answered ns these questions we will ask you others respecting your financial support and resources—your own quallfleatlons, and your subordi- nate dfflccrs; the arms for your sinV diers and tbe supplies necessary for such a world-campaign ns you are about to begin, according to your teachings. The Great Teacher's brief answer entirely Blleucod every objection, ills questions, had these men been \Is- iTaelltes Indeed,\ would have been so (deeply Impressed upon them that thoy (would have—foilowcdr-Tip—lire matter> 'with ah entirely diHercntiine of ques- tioning than at first contemplated? 1 But they ore Insincere. Hence When their questions, Intended to entrap tbn Teacher ana Master,. Wore answerdo: and foiled they iiiercly acknowledged their defeat by their silence. The an- swer was not, as imperfectly trans- lated, in our Common Version—The Itingdomoi heaven i s wtthinii/mh, hyp? ocritical Pharisees,' but, My Kingdom, the Kingdom ojt heaven, of which I am tbe rang, will not apvear at all. It will be an invisible Kingdom—it comes riot With observation or outward-show. Ye shall neither say, Lo, It IS here', nor, £o, It is there) for it will bo every- where in''the Jnidst of you,-amongst, you, invisible but all-powerful (Luke xvll, 20-22). • * \ Truly, what .manner of man Was; this, and* what manner of message and Kingdom was his, so different from anything the Jews hod over expected? Can wo wonder that only a compara- tively small proportion of them:.were' . in the heart attitude to receive? this message; respecting n Splrlttfal King- dom? TVe cannot Wonder! Even his most Intimate disciples did not grasp the depth of his teaching until, after his death and resurrection, they, at Pentecost, received the special cn- llghtenmeht foretold for the servants and handmaidens; (Joelil, 29). Then understood they the.true depth- of the teachings\ of •,jfeim' WhoTspjAa. as never Jna^ipako.; Then they, corupre- hendeajthit-h* jr?as,,the only,begotten Bon of God who, in Qbedleucorto. tho Divine program for Israel and k the world, had left the heavenly,courts and glory of tho spirit nature. «nd been mads flesU- ,, The man, 'GhrlsMeius!' <i,.Tj[raotby 31, T).^acn^hey, < uader- satocd, not only thsfeha t wasna.|!eief*5t; .Iinao^buiijthat,. thwnigh tte.iajipwtfiig: of the holy Spirit which,. qamjUu\T»n} him at baptism, .be was -indeed,#odls,j Anointed, the aiitltyp|c*al Priesfe aiitl' •typical Erophet'aridantltiPlcailiiihjgp,; -not that he was theso la tho flesb^asiit that the new aj»ir|t;mft.tnrc, batten lnj .hinv, t!jfough,<,tMt. anolatlug, iwas perfected in tlio resurrection, nfl'i) thai it is the glorified; s ChrIst on th? spirit plana,, .who * •wilt, iecftmpilsh;all -, tho great \things predicted through,-ihe propheti, blessingaillsraelandsall-na-: tlons, i» .God's,,dno^UmOi. ^Tbonjithey -u.sdei»to^4ho'ineanlng*'Of»^tUo«JIas- tor's words to the Itoman Governor,, My Ktagdom Is HOtpt iuls Agej it at, Iwerajsthen. my^setrants^'wouldj fight, for mo and I should hot bo ddlvjerod: to death. Then thoy percclvouVdhats h)«4'a*g4.omo T a^h*!nofethe l 'loas.rcAl and powerful,, but the more 6p, be- causo a heavenly ono, a spiritual one, Which, te.dpQ <tttno,-(n the. Ago-to come,..wlll.opcrato)ituvougli theiuation' of ismel, just aa Was orlglnnlijr. prom- ised and expected, Israel'a H»p«,ai»rerjfr.l3«f*rMd^. Tho Apostles discerned that < tlio hopes o f their nation wore not blitsted,- npt desfroyedj but, will, all have Jtut- -tlUmont; -though-tho*tlme> -of fulftllUig wa« deferred, Tbpy »aw thafe in or- der to xnnko the Mossjanle blc«stogs.ns- great aa God intended that it should bor-world-wldo and unto eternaWllfe— \ was necessary that » great, 1 sacrl< flee for sinSt should ba nJadOr-n isacrl- flco typed for centuries -In Israel's Atonement Day sncilllcca—a siicrlllco la two- parts. Them '.two,pacta, are, ahowa In IsraoV* At<Woment.P«yR-tho, bnliock of tha ainoSerlng aud the Lord's goat of tho «ln-onterlng,,,JoKua himself fulflllod tho first of these, tho merit of which baa been, applicnblo to the talntlr.fdws of Jews., »nd, QcuUIes -who have* during, this-..Gospel, Age, amdo-ft, full consecration, to walk In tho Hcdoomor's footsteps. The second- ary part of the sjicrlflco, iho.offo.rJag of tho goat;.P.teturiwi too sacrificing com- pany of tho Lord's faithful disciples throughout this Ago, These, .under cover of his righteousness, suffer with him lacriaclally. .Their reward Is to be a sliaro with .-tiw-iRsdeemor on tiio heavenly,, spirit -plana, participating In htx glory, honor and Immortality and In hla great work of dispensing tho Messianic blessing to' • Israel.and through Israel t o tho world. Surely, neither Jew hor Gontlio cnu object t o tha Dlvino arrangement by -which s o gnat blessings aro about to coma to tho whole world. Israel and the world In general hare no part in those spiritual blessings. Nor do they gouorally doalro that gift. Tlio,bless- ing that Is for them Is restitution to human perfection—to all thnt was lost ln»Adam. The restitution blessings ot Messiah's! reign will embrace not only humanity, hut also all of their Inter eats. Including the earth, which shall • become Paradise restored, tho glorious , horns .of Israel alone: for lie II noted, the Divine arrangement Is that all who iiwill. jever receive blessings .under ,Messiah's' rolgn must receive it na Israelites, since the New Corennnt Is to'bft.mado with Israel. How ashamed will alt mon ho when tho \times fit rostitution\ mentioned by St Peter (Acts ill, 10-23) shall bo ushered-In I. How..nelounded. alt will be at the gtodnesa. of God.nnd his falthtulnfsa. In respect to nil his.prom- ises I HOW tho eyes of nil humanity will lookback, to ih^days of Jesus in , th«-flesli,\When .be 'appeared amongst men to Uty,*^fo(Und«li6n for bin, gtorl- ^r^ < i|fe»aiar4c'' > .^!ngdom by ottering himself In \sacrifice for the sins of all the. people, that tlicreby ho might purge from Sin all Who ever will come to Oie-B'aHler through blnu nijd will thus have the rlghtao restore the will- ing and obedient to full perfection and todestroy-tho-rebelllous ijl the Second Death. Ah, then all will kn6w, ns never before, the forco of the words ol our text, wiiat.mnnncc of man Is this? They will know bipi na having been when a manY The Sent o f God,' They will know him a s tho now Highly Ex, alted One r far,abovo,men and angels, rewarded JrfitlL-the very highest re ward which Jehovah-couiA giro ,to hla Beloved Son, In whom he was Well JBrjaSed* -and- by. jvhose .stripes Israel and-we- aU. shftll-jie-healed- MiLLSltQ:RESUME Little Falls Knit Goods,Manufacturing Company Will Start Business Shortly. At a hearing beforojCederal, judge Ray at Norwich, N, Y., It, was an- nounced that the chief creditors, of Robert MaoKlnnon, the - liftllo (.Falls knit goods manufacturer^wlio.trecent-' ly failed with liabilities* of«$2,0()0,Ci0ui have reached an understanding!'as a result of which the nig .mllla of the corporation at Little Piitfs-wjifcahortly . resMmstopofatloft's- under the direction of ithe, trustee.- .Representatives of a .nutdorily pf the creditors met In New York find an agreement was reached. M the. hear- ing in court this -agreement, was sub- mitted t o Judge: Ray and it, met with W*,.approval;. The operation of the \mills will continue until the sale of the property is effected. This action will result in .a bettor price'for tho property: .when it is sold. . TJhe) iippeflrahce Of Mr. MacKinnon :pn his• petition to he,dlsj|hnrgfed In bankruptcy brought out some inside facts, about his investments .in min- ing; ventures which are- claimed to have played; a part Iri his financial collapse IWBiBROJHEfiS DIE, ^thflRJUes.JSuspect That the t B»t^«M;j^Mt-.ir?ai;nit!»ntlli and Ulvstf > WUhjb«IftiQ>y»*^QidP«tb»r, / AfVho . W«j*Alio4',rTarmhaniir»Tt!ioir Fatheri Manlfestec(. So Much Indifference; .That\ Suspicion. .Was Directed ^aalngtHlpi. ' District Attorney StrAoris-tif Wayne scoitnty. Pa., and Justice, ot th« Peac* Smttti. ot White ^IIUs, Pa., had. isopio. physicians .pertornv an an* topsy.' on the bodies ot the two. weak- .minded .brotiwm,. Edward and Charles j|fiink% who aro suspected of having .heohV poisoned.- The body o,t Edward, aged it.uana^Cliarles,. »god 49, w*re foundi ,vho first, jn, the barn anil tho Second-under,*, bed, -;, Tha brothel-s were farmhands and lived, wlili their 70-yonr-oid Jather, -Prank. Kiinkle, who la Mlso a tarm- liattd,- When the bodies wpro found by a domesUo. the father-manttqated so much Indifference that suspicions, were .aroused, It is known that the men gave .much trouble to their father and that rooonOy he was -heard to romarlr •that ho wlBiied h,o waa; able to placo his boys hi some InstliiUIon. It scorns, that it was hours attor tho body of Edward Kunklo Was found that the body of Charles was disbor« ercd under tho bod. In tho jneantlmo a local contitablo had searched tbe liousa and he asserted that when; he did ao there was no body wndor the bed, ACCUSED OF MURDER Oltan Woman Held For the Killing ot Her Sister. Mary O'Connor, aged 05 years, of Olean, fl, Y,, w|io was' round In «torrlbly mutilated cqaditton by hor sister, Mrs. Margaret Dean, on tho evening of No- vember 10th, died at tho Olean Gonor> at hospital Saturday morning^ at SMC, Tho\auto|isy tovealod a much worse condition than was first thought. Two ribs -we're broken, six teeth knocked out, and her body from tho waist up Yas ouo mass of bruises, District Attorney Gcorgo \W. Colo and Chief of Pollco Thorno gave Mrs. Peas a searching examination but learned no now facta concerning tho crlmo. Mrs, Dean, who is a slater ct the dead.woman, still holds firmly to her first story, that alio was not homo at tlio time of tho crime. Martin O'Connor, a brother ot Mrs. Dean and Mrs. O'Connor, Is authority for the alatoraont that there was a quarrel at tlio house whore tho deed was committed, on Thursday after- noon, between him and his sister, Mrs. Dean when'he rcfinosted that a third alalor, Caroline O'donnor. who |9 a prlpple, bo brought from hla homo to Hvo with the sisters at Olean. During the quarrel, 1 Mrs, Dean told 'Martin that ho must take \that thing away too,\ referring to her sister, Mary. Some months ago an action for an accounting Was brought by Mrs. D?nn against hor brothor, 'Martin O'Connor, After two days of investigation by Chief of Pdllce Thome and District At- torney Cole, It Was decided to have a warrant Issued charging Mrs. Dean with murder in tho first degree, Pa- trolman Allen read the warrant to Mrs. Demi in her celt and sbe.snid; \Is my sister'dead?\ She Was brought before Justice Shaffer and asked for counsel. 8hc sent for Attorney Allen J. Hastings. Mrs. L-ean was held for the grand Jsry by Peltee Justice Shaffer charged with the murder ot her sister, Mary O'Connor. She remained Indfforent to the terrible descriptions ot the doctor and police officers nnd contin- ually aided her*-counsel during the erbss examination of witnesses. 3RAKEMAN ROLLS OFF CAR Palls Across Ralls, but Loses Only. His Left Arm—Accident.Occursat NIaht. In the heavy snowstorm about mid- night Monday night, William Burke, employed as a yard brakeman by the Erie at Hornell, tost ids balance and tell from the top of a box car in the Ibeai yards. He fell across rails In front of a string ot moving cars. Ho.managed to.draw most,of his body ou{ of danger, but his left arm was caught and cut off near tho shoul- o'er, He WasVeak from loss of blood When, found by other workmen a few minutes, later. He- was rushed to the hospital, where it was said he haB a, good Chanco ot recovery. Burke Is 30 years old, unmarried, and resides at 55 Maple s|feet,' Hornell. Born and Died In Same.Room. john-lBeatty died ttt s Iisrtrobe, Pa„ In^the. same room In which, he Was born. 8i .years ago, He waa a grand- son of Benjamin Beatty, wno..crossed., the Delaware with George*Washing- ton tb take part in the battle of Tren- ton. The taititiy had ilved.ontlieBeat- if farm hers for more than a .hundred years. ^__. i„_ Americano Purchase Big Ranch. * j. M. Chuiu and A. J. Viek, who have extensive ranch and livestock holdings in Southwest Texas,* have Just purchased a ranch .of one andione- half.mlHlon,.acr ] ea..in Northern ilexlcPy near,,th> A^ssonw border'. ,.T|tey will istook. thevrahoii ^m cattao;, • i • ., ',: Gypsies Prepare for Winter. A largo band of Gypsies in several covered wagons passed through Nun- da, N. J., and will locate for tbo winter two miles east of the village on the Wesle-Balley farm* They have a large double tent which they wlH line wJthf stray and locate near a <piece of woods for a wind breaker. Several young children are In the the party. Sir Hugh • Grafiam Denies Report. London) Nov. IB.—Sir Hugh Graham of Montreal, in an interview In refer- ence to the report ihaj, he is to suc- ceed Lord Strathcona as Can^tan high commissioner at London, said the story was absurd. Canadians, Sir Hugh said, hoped Lord StruthcOiia would remain as high commissioner for, at least another 10 years, It would be almost a calamity, he said. It Lord .Straticona should resign. MR, AND MRS. CHRISTY efforts to Effect RsconcllVlon Bt- twin. Cotinje H*y» Fallad, CHRI8TYS TO UVE APART Will Rosume (rivestigatiftn Friday. New York, Nov. 16.—M. Linji Bruce, chief counsel for the legislative In- vestigating eomrnitteev.nnhoimces.that the hearings will be resumed at thO City Hall tin Friday at 11 a. m. Artist Says Efforts For Reconciliation Have. Gone For Nauoht. In spite of tho hopes and ef- forts of relatives that a * aottlC' mont could be effected between the two people;, thero Is to bo no reooip dilation between Howard Chandler Christy, aitist and illustrator, and his wire, Mrs, Mayboilo - ChiWy. Mr, Christy was seen at hla homo a t Dun- can, alls, near ZancavlUo, 0„ ami aakctl when his wlto was coming back homo to live, \As far a» 1 know, and 'from the present indications, she will uov«r re- turn to Duncan. Falls,\ »ald tho artist, \I wilt not Join hor In Now York, nor will our daughter, Nalflllo. Mrs, Ohrlaty has wade no arrangements at an for coming to Duncan Falls, and I am making no arrnngcmonUi whatever, for going away. My w^rk Is so heavy that I have to stay hero If It Is to bs dono. \I do not know If she will be hero for Thanknglvirur or Christmas. She has written nothing about It, Like so many things undertaken Willi tho best ot intentions and with tho slnccroal ot motive!, thoso arrangement* have gone for nothing,\ GIRL AS CAPITAL PRIZE Want* to Self 10,000 Ttlokets at II a Ticket. Miss Llvlngstono, ot Tacoma, Wash,, agod 20 years, who la recently from Petosky, Mlch„ and born In Virginia, offered herself as'a capital nrlzo in a lottery which sho requests one of the local nowspapexa or aomo society to conduct. She says tbe law does not provont lottery prises offering them- Delves; , Getting hjbr Ideas from tho play \The Lottoijy Man,\ Miss Livingston proposes to sell 10,000 tloliota at a dollar each. The man getting the lucky number will bo entitled to hor and halt tlio monoy, If tho winner bo unwilling to mar- ry hor, he forfeits his half-, If she bo untitling to marry him,, she forfeits her half. It. both are unwilling, thoy divide tho monoy. She wants foreign- ers barred, , Should a married man win, »he will be released from (harrying tlio wlnnor, The girl declares she la In earnest, her motive being \I need the money.\ Her relatives aro dead. Since leav- ing high school sho has been em- ployed as a bookkeeper. Tlio girl has black balr, blue eyos, rosy checks and a trim figure. — FIFTY KILLED IH RIOTS Demonstration m NicaryuaMty Develop Into RevQlHtlon. liberal Party, CamurlilrijB. Abu 11 * 80 Per Cant of lnhahttanWOf..th» i Nlq- - «raiiM*rt Metropolis, InaUt t|pon * Populi.r E|to # tlott FeriijasiPresldianoy, Estrada Wat Prepared F?r- Event- ualities. Mapagua, Nicaragua, Nov. 16,—Tho XslhWl party's demonstration, against tbe hew Estrada. isc?vorriinon£ that bs- K«n In, Leon on Sunday continued and it is' now tented may develop Into a costly revolution unless the, govern' jnent l» strong enough to suppress the disorder immediately, The trfltihle bad bemv expected and, Itorada'ai otllcora w«ro not taken unawares. Thirty per- «KJUS wore killed in rioting, in Loon MoRdW, Added to Sunday's >(ataltf, ties the death list now (Hnpunta. to 50 or mere, Permanent ninrUol l«w will he noc- essary in. LeoH It order 1» to he. main- tained thero. Vhot Liberal party, com- prising at ieaat 80 per cont of (he in- habitants of the Nlenraguan metropo Us, has Insisted upon popular okctlon for the presidency. When Estrada, loader o f the jovolu- tipn, was named a s president\ by rv con- *v<Mtlon which a apcclsl Washjngtqn commissioner signed, the Liberals threatened trouble and Sunday.'K,me©b. lags In Leon and Corlnto were Meant to protest .against Estrada's cemmis- alon, A number of lessor Conservative loaders Joined with the X.thornts In the; demonstration. Bntrada wfta for- merly a Liberal, His aot lij going over to th* Con- seryntivca angered *ome of tho mom- bers of that patty. They quit-and went with the Liberals, \ Tho govern- ment had bused public political,meet* luga, It Li hoped by strict represstva method* to keep tho situation fa hand, SUSPECTREFUSES TO SPEAK Colorsd Man Accussd of Killing Smith Olrl Maintains Sullen Silence. Freehold, N. J., Nov, 16.—Maintain- Ittg a-sullon attltndo,'yat giving ovl- ctenco of relief in. having been spirited away from tlio scene of tlio crlmo In tho dead of night. Thomas Williams, nccuBcd of tho murder ot ip-yqar-old Marie Smith of Asbnry Park, cowed in the corner of his coll a t the county jail hcrt, refimlng to speak to any one. When William*, arrived hero jut t:ne yesterday morning Jail Wnftlon Ed- ward Cash ion was awaiting hla com- ing. To Warden fashion thu tiegro do. elnrod In Injured and nlmoA piteous tones: \I don't know nnythlng about this hynr caei 1 , boss.\ _Slnco then he has refused to talk to anyone further than lo repent \I did not do It.\ No funelml services ovetj tho body , Of Mlirio Slinllh wtl! bo lie-id at Asbury Park Tho body was taUon t() tho norm of tho parents In a^onroa aye- nno,|WhUosv(llo, yestordnyi nftorlnoon. Tl|ls morning It was taken to Now York on tho 7;12 train, Sdrvlool woro hold In St. Patrick's Ciuhollo church, Brooklyn, this morning at 10 o'clock. Interment will bo made In Flatbujh cemetery, i Famous Danish Painter Dead. Copenhagen, Nov, 16,—Professor Ju- stus J. E.iner, the. Danish painter, Js ofeaa\. Hewas 1 borh at Copenhagen in \0- . ... ••- «._ GOVERNOff-ELECT AT'lfTfCA Said That He Would Make No Politi- cal Engagements For November. Utlca, N. Y\. Nov, 1G. — Governor- elect Dlx was in this city a few min- utes on his way to his Adirondack camp, at McKeever. tie came up from Albany on the Empire Stnte Express, having motored from Thomsen last evening to Albany, where ho spent the night at Ills town house. Ho may leave his camp today for a business trip of several days to Quebec. The govornor-eioct reiterat, ed yesterday afternoon that lie would malio no political engagements for No- vember requiring practically all tho month to adjust Ills buslhes3 affairs. Ho Said that the ongagemont to dints w.l.tlt tho Merchants' democratic asso- ciation hi New York on Thanksgiving evening was made before election. He has no other soclii! engagements In view. FORTIFICATIONS FOR PANAMA ~ ProsMsnt XJelag Oyer Plapa For Pro- tection ef OrsNit ,W»telrway, , .j?aip>tu«* Nov, 16- — frewldjpt T*tt • • hold a;'cotilereao» yesterday atternooa_ with Ijlsutenant Colonel Qoathali, tho v ' .chia*;-enttnofV'iOt tho,Wnal,; ijieiitsjk- ; antifailwell'etthi* VnJtvd-.aistes-saVsr . and illefiiaard'Hsksi; of ,Balilntef», I* rofiaraio ihe-feWfloatlena for prowt- lo* thik creat/ wwtotway. The cost- torenco w«3 iielS *t the resSdenpo o* ; I.Ieutonsnt Colonel Qosthala at Cul»- • hra. Lileutenaunt MaxwoU li»i boon her* for ^yersti weak* looltlns; oy« in* altuatloiv wjth a vl«(Wflf malclng .«eom- mendstlona to the president In, rsgard - , to tlie (ortlflcailonii. Aft«»r the ooh- ferohea Lieutenant; Coiohel Oeethaia aaldl thnt no anixowtcement Wfltlld 'be* made.at prosent in. regard to the rt?c- ommendatidna madft by Weuteuant, • Maxwell, PreiiidenLt faft reunalned *t Weuten- antColqnea-Goothsas'.tesldonooaliday , Monday, He sSa.i-toet.on . his toitr ot lu- «poctlon 0 P^the.ciu^y«N.rj«»y. This* WOrit will looouny tw'odayn. Tomor. row night the' prewldeut will hoard the armored cruiser T»mie«»«i at Co- • Ion. The.srtviWp .wUUUrt s* ORO« OB. ' . her return: trip, v. Positive, official d«nl»l la srivon hero of the rer^rt<lnt*ntti» ot the Unlt- ad sjates to »nn*x tlie jisipuhllo ot Panama, rresldent Tail.saw the ofll- oersot tl\* ^namsv^epwblioyMterday • aftcrtoop. The subject under dtious- sloa wit) the tolls to b« charged on the cenal, ^ GUNBOATS' LONG TRIP Wh«»llna and F«r«i Left »an Fran* olito dune 10 an* Arrived'at lir- »nud» V«al»rd»y. Hamilton,, Ijetmuda,' Nov. iil.T~Th« Ainor((!»ns6 gunboats Wheeling, Com- mander Eterlo, and tilt i'otrol, Com- mander Taylor, arrlytd hero on th» way heme -from their lonr trip from, the PaclHc \const j > The guiboabi loft San Kmnclseo on Juno 10 and vliltcxi the navy yard* at Piigot Sound, Thence they lillod to TJnalSslsa, yoUobams, Hong Komr and 8llls^^orl , , When th» ships •** rlvad at Colomlio, Ceylon, at the end of August the)' h*d beamed-10,1»* miles, spending IS hours at s«a and 3* In port, «>- | Slnco then they havo vlalted Bom- bay, Karachi, Aden, Suet, Fort Bald, Gibraltar and Punehal. Naples was on. tho Itinerary, but was cut oat because of the prevalence of cholor* at that jiort, Wl»«n tho vcmels arrived ae tholr homo .jjort, Portslnoutli, N, H.» thoy will havo completed at - trip oC 20,000 miles, with 102 days »t sea ana 60 to port. Plterier Soanlop Married, t'tlcn, H. Y„ Kov. lG(««Brt'Wrlluua D. Scnnloia ot Syracustf, a rnomher of the pitching staff of tho Brooklyn Na- tional League club, nnd Miss Helen N- Tnnner, a. school teacher of Utlca, woro married In this, city, Thjo couplet will onjoy a honeytnteon trijp to Plorl- c da, .and later will tiko up tholr ro»i- denco la Brooklyn, ,whero tho bride- groom will practice rnodictno during- tho whiter and rcaumo Ills position u» a slab artist with the Ilrooklyn team, next spring. TEST WAS SATISFACTORY Monitor Puritan Badly Damagid by Newly Invented 'Explosive, Fort Monroe, Vn., Nov. 16. — Tho monitor Puritan was badly damaged In the ordnance experiment In Hamp- ton roads t o determine the aestfuetfvd energy ot a high power explosive In- vented by Wlllard S. Jsham, an ord- nance engineer. Hor after turret was BO badly injured by the forco of tho Ignition of 200 pounds of explosive, gelatin that It will have t o be practb caMy rebuilt. The side plate of the turret was blown Inward about eight Inches frorh Its normal position. The top plato was bulged and many Tlvots broken. Tho side armor p!a<u.yisss*crackod In sev- eral ,.ptnso£^-.^ \ . Mt;, I.ibam'a pet cat and two chick- ens lu'llie turret were unharmed. The 1 damage caused by/lho explosion on the water line armor belt was very se- rious. Tbe plates, were dented out of shape gad much damage was hlso in- flleted on the hull below tho water armor belt line. Water poured into one of her compnrtmontR nnd she set ; tied rapidly. The quarter deck was awash a few moments after the explosion. The Puritan will be towed to tho Norfolk yard for docking and ropairs. MARKET REPORT N«w Vork Provision Marktt. Now Yotk, Nov. IB, WHEATS-NO. Z red, t. o. b„ HMa No. 2 hardt, winter. $1.01Kc COItN—No. 2 red, f. 0. b.. domestic, OATS — No, 2 white, In elevator, 3S&CI -whlto, on track, i7%<til FORK — Meii, $1M0, ETOTTEB. — Cr«»miry sjeolala, S3c; do, oitrao, ii%ai state dairy, good to prime, 27©29o| fac- tory flfsts, 2i92*iib. CHEESE - State specials, 16ftt> 17c EGOS — State and Pennsylvania, 52@6Sc, POTATOES-Long Wand, J2.00» 2.12; state, per has. 41.2501.50. HORSE SAVK HIS MASTER Policeman's .Mount Chewed Knife Hand of Would-Be Assassin. Philadelphia, Nov, 16.—Hi attempt- ing to break up a gang of Italians en- gaged- in a holiday celebration anil using firearms to make things mora realistic, E, I „ Mollonkotf, a mounted poiieenian, had a narrow escape. m Had li tiot been for the timely inlor- Terence of his pet hbrsp, Joe, ho might have-httd a serious knife wound. One of the Italians, resenting the policeman's interference, attempted lo sneak up behind the officer and stab Mm, but joe, who had been trained lo follow his master during numerous round-ups out In the stale of \Vyo- tningg grabbed the uplifted hand in his teeth and crunched it. Got $18,000 Rift For Negroes. Xenia, 0,, Nov, 16.—A gift of $U- OOO^lo Wllberforcn university has been announced by Miss Hattio Cj, Brown, lit the university, The money is a gift from a pr-pmlnent London {Eng- land) philanthropist who is greatly In- terested In the education of tho negro, MISS Brown, who Just return from Europe', obtained the gift by personal aojjditatien, * EXECUTOR MUST PAY FOR ENTERTAINING Judge Refused ID Allow Hams For Hef reshmsnts at Funeral. Wllkos-Barre, Pa., Nov. lfj.—Declar- ing that funerals are not the piaee for entertaining friends ot the deceased, Judge Preas surcharged John H. Jones of Srcelaiidf executor of the late Isaac Davis Of the same place, v^th a nnmber of items. He refused to allow $27.60 for pro- viding refreshments for friends who attended the funeral at the house, say- ing friends of the dead did not g o to funerals to be entertained; refused to allow Jones $35 fbt nursing tho dying man, Baying Biieh services should be prompted solely by humanity: declined to sanction expenditures for friends who were fed In this city after the fu- neral, hut allowed for feeding the ministei-B and pall bearers here be- cause they had come ,25 miles and al- lowed $3 each for the four pall bear- ers, only because they had come that distance. Then he refused to allow Executor Jones $20 olatmed for his services at the funeral,.. ( ^_^ ^_^. Buffalo Provision Market. , Buffalo, Nov, 15, i WHEAT—No. 1 northern, carload*, $Li2tf: No. 2redjSSe, CORN — No. 2 yellow, 58c t, o. b. afloat} No- 3 yellow, 57HO. OATS — Sfo, 2 white, 3S$ic fl o. t>. afloat! No- 3 white, 86Sc. • FLOUR — Fancy blended patent, per hbl„ ?fl.00ffi6.75; wlnt«c family, patent, $C2B®e,Q0v BUTTER— Creamery, western tubs,- • 32'4c| state creamery, fair to good, 29® 300. ' CHEESE — flood, to choice, lSftty 16c EGGS—State, selected whlto, 426. . POTATOES—White, chofed to fan-. cy, per but., 50c, East Buffalo Livestock Markst. - CATTLE — Prime dteers, ,i6,50a> C.75; good tb choice butcher, ?Uera, $5.26®6,8&; choice cpWs, |4..? 4@5.06 ;, : choice heifers, $5.50@G'.65; commoii tolf fair heifers, $i,0O@B,25i coinrnon tor fair bulls, $3, 25@4.O0 ; choice veois,} $ll6.25@10,SO; fair to good, $9,'76a>f itf.ob. * SHEEP AND LAJIBS —' Clipped ' • yearlings, $4,76^5.00; clipped Weth.-- ets, Ji.00lgt4.25 , ' •) HO08—Xight Yorkefs, $7.70; heavy i hogs, '$7,75@7;80; pigs, $7.85@8,00. |. Buffalo Hay Market. Timothy, No, 1, how, on track* - $ 19.O0@19.5O ; No. 2 timothy,,$i7.PQ({» . t8.00| straw, wheat and oat, $7<6o»J> 8.0O. ' J GUN'SCUTTLES BOAT ^ ----- 1^ _ f Accidental Discharge Imperils Uvea of blick HUntera. -Golumbi'a, Ps„ Nov. 12. — John. 0; and Fred Stono nearly lost their lives through a peculiar accident, While on the Susquehanna liver duck shoot- ing; one of the guns,was accidentally, discharged, the load blowing a big hole in tbe bottom ot tho. boat and causing it to sink in a^hort time. Tho gunnels were nearly exhausted by a long swim when reined by Har- ry Walk, a boatman, M m . i *• i : 1, l '-\A

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