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The Medina Register. (Medina, N.Y.) 1877-1931, September 15, 1910, Image 3

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% / ^^^^^^^^^^^&^^^^ eg 33- 3 Q aa 33 2 a- .US* •-. .•' \ 'tm ym : airg always on view to other §f ; pfo|3»I?; an«! that It depends In ; §i '-•'•••- , BE* your i| ai great measure on *CIofhfes ftpwyou are sized up. || I1»B TAUtK. •\-; : ^ou. : pan finff&ere, Sir, the new f § fabrics.that -vviil be-worn this Season M .-o^the best \dressers -'HB, You will see the handiwork of |§' , the. Artist |n the out of the liberal W iapel-~the drape of Coat tliat out- jjj§ toes the figure-and the graceful ease |g- \and hang of tlicTrousefs.. ; ' gg Twp and Three Button Models. || Suits$10, $12, $15 to $2»| Every Man, that wears Stilt what it Is to be weli dressed. a ua bought here, will know j§ DO' no tan DO BO Da ea BQ ca in WESTBOUKD. -No. 88, 7-18 a, m ., dally; Wo 37,0:48 «, mi dally; Ng 11,11.45 a m.,ex Sunday Ho, 45, iilO J> m , dally, No 49, 6:10 p. TjV.o?. Sunday; No 53,7,10 p in, daily, •No,-.©, J3.-5I, Dally '- , SASTBOUND, * Ko, SOj 1:09 6 m , ex Suuday.for Albion; No,68,7:14 a, m , mull dally, No 18, Otfs JMi,, aailviflo 48,1D.B0 p, zn, dally;Wo. 5a,,\8:88,p, in, dally, No H, 4-S5 p, jn ex. Sunday; No 70. 6,80 p, m„ dally; No. 74,7l-itVp, in., dolly. Trains. TStfa, 13,64 anil u eaatbound and .t*ams_Kos. 87 and 49 westbound -will rnn qii'fasS sijlivflule amlrniaio stops; only trt (bo iiiore ininprtsant stations, •No. 67 aally, Buffalo express, 10;OQ p. in, TMstratnwUt lpayo-Rochester 3:80 p.m., nrriylne boofcport JO-So\P. hi., Buf- .falolMO p..ii\, ~\ '\ : No. m leavlngBPoiestor JMO p, to. fo r M(»)!niv will not tun'SunSays, GEO^'JU OWE£i>i», B i CLOTHIER, TAlWJf, HAiTER> FIII{KISHE«H26 Main St., Medina, ff.Y. | QE3 . - - fig SfinananaonnaBaDciHanncinnacnriannocirianncJi-icanrinnnnnnnnnnBa I BellPhoiie2671 SundayKotirsl3tolp.m. I MACK'S REXALL DRUG STORE School Books School Supplies It will pay you to see our Second-Hand School Books. Many of them good as new and cost much (ess. Everything for the School Room. L CHARtES A. MACIC DRUG MERCHANT THE REXALl STORE E, FALL SUIT AND TOP COAT Time Step m find nskio sec the ninny nevy things. We believe you could not buy better for the money anywhere. We've a fine big assortment to show you-^-every desirable weave and pattern—lavish variety of styles. We Guarantee Every Garment Should you find any defect in the cloth, rtny imperfection in the tailoring, return the garment and get a new garment or your nWmcy refunded. EVERYTHING NEW IN FVlLL GOODS \J> DEF?R Clothier and Furnisher, LOTT Medina, N. Y. ^if r OFFICIAL ORANGE STORE OF WESTERS NEW YORK -® : — - — ^~ Comior tahle ] Morris Chairs The choicest line of Morris Chairs of new designs In the latest'style of upholstery range in price from $6.75 to $38.00 Weis & Fisher C6, f^iS'S^Ave* 3 STORES ,. . 373-378 Iarell Ave. ROCH)SSTEiR, N. Y. Jj 1 Wapi-eii Biisiio;n We \ Want . 'Your REAt,-JJJS*A:TSJ Patronage The k, Sf«SS»^s£t8Sr tw - AI! New Drive Barn yonrV.'JM*.-.. OWoIftha-aeS me.lot t'inai L e I° 70 \ a «qiia*e deal,- Una nlghlv \lr.l^h ¥ th moderately and »«o nna a ST < % « *80.to..{100 .per »n« bijliriirtt??.? 11 ? 10 ? n^testniont. Also John nf^Hi 0 '^ 114 * 0611161100 ^\ fc °wii- 'MatoSav^!? U \ ¥r '^ lithefeonifotiMtf, vlllo. -?d? 1 ' i '?^2 u6 ^?^'teom Lyndon. • s awtia h? 5\\? 9Waloo ojpplb drohard \hfihilanoh ri,^^ 0 ?., ^ d KtapBB i n Having purchased the Gris- wold Drive Barn v?e are in the business to accommodate our patrons and we wknt your patronage. , Prices reasonable. Best service. Call and be convinced. Billings $ Co. Bg not inlss lliojaW-wayat the fair. Kpoolnl-gala at Brnsts'for th«-n«k<i'80 v days, *Milny« SeptMuuer lOtli, will be tag <lay afe tlio ooaoty fair. .. Sowot pipe (or salo* aS Boyd.*a ooal yaid; A-lsolsblKhooraoBfe. 87tit, I)f. JIainfia ff |ii T) 8 n t o. BVItu.rd's Jewelry Btore on Saturday, Septembpr 17, \Woloome Bobp.kalii Iiodgo, So, IK, -will' oelobroto, fli0 57th onntvorsary of Its degroson WpilnoadBy OVOH|DK next, : 3)i aura yon sco the siyoll lino of ralta wiiloh BraatUdiowinRinote tonw/uroro tor your own liloa?, Mndo flist-olnw tot mm. • , Straw hats oftar a* llttlo temptation to taifialn hmntora in SoptomW aaaout- tato prloai on' hair .loatpror to a y»nne footliali giant. Big hata ore wing to bo bigger thli tail, according to a fashion note, and small *»*! smaller. Trout tbo mllllnar'to stj?Jlio tlo 5lght arorago. Have yoa aeon that awoll «ru|t of grey whloliy(iiirnol(ihbor»woartngr That is «n« of thojo mado to order «nll» at taa.OO'atBjTOBt' big bargains. An auto belonging; to Andra-w J . ¥Uko of Holloy iras destroyed by Are on Satur- day whilo being Urtvon alon« the Swett Road, Too loss la Qitlmntod as |3,000. pook out lor Hnnlon Bros.' »nnual ox- *lbn at the Albion Fair. In addition to giving away tho M5.O0 rang*'.they will sol* throorangoinnd throohoatlngstoves at actual cost. En France Instead of our abrajit \llallo\ tbe> lolophono oparators say \I Uiton.\ Hero tho pcoplo aro not to frauk about it buc Mint i* \rbti tuakog troublo and faeastburnUjRa on th«r|>af ty linos, Kavo von scon tho bargain* Brustia offering» SulU, ovemoaU. raincoats, hat«, onps, shirts, ondorooar, trousor* and itraw bats must bo closed out to maSuirooiu, for alterations in tbo store. .V liorsobalodglng t o OllvorpJanno;feU tnta Ihu canal from tho old dock this morning amd caused consldorabla exclta- mont for a clmo, Tho reiculnar party got a bailor on tbo animal mill it wai.gulded annul to shu flip whoro it scot outsit eight , j Porhnpi «ho time Is coralnis yrhm it will lako ball tho people to see that tho other half- obey the laws, Vfe rosy bo divided Into the wafeohars ana watched, sole will take about all tho Industry of the -Kntchcil to pay tho. salaries of tba walchurs ana kcoyallro thonisalTO*. Tbo New York Telephone Company hrtro ornamented tho plato glass front ot ^bo local exohango with soraxal hand- Iroraolf excontoa gold lost signs announc- ing «ho buslneisconaueWdwltailn. Tbo slgnaarenot vary largo but tbay jcrrs. nicely at a screen to bids tho manager. Look at tbo goods In oufiontfc window awnd -we will bo pluasod/to show yon mors of tboth.lfyou will drbp Id. this salt sale -will las* lodayaonly. Soleaviyonr measraro for one of these suits eitrlyJ All iror* gnarantood the beat. ' Paaip 1. BmiBT, MoSlnn'i P>pnlat Prloa Tailor. A Western scientist says that lit two thousand years, wo vrill loso tsso of one test That shouldn't worry us. Those- wbo aro no* qullo young can. expect to lose tho use of thorn in lets, than fifty years and tbo generations of two thou- sand years benco will doubtless- nava more uso for wings than feat anyt»ay\ Tbo Introduction of tho hobble skirt seems to have sllrred tho wrath of tho pnlpltmuoh. morothan tho advent ot the big bat, olthongh tho tatter la decidedly m&te teJtasStee of the poaoa o£ mind si masculine memoota ot tho congregation, A. X«w Jersey minister declares that wenrers of tho hoDble skirt arc godless lunatics. J. D. Uotrlgtyn and wife ret urjied ftora a visit lo the Thousand Islands tho first of tbo week and brought wltb theni twetrtr-twopound mffseailorgs. a-ifrotrm to tbc piscatorial wiles ot .7-. B,, and a UvM pound and ono onnco blaok bass who succumbed to tho prowess of Mrs, H«rrl- gan. No record was kept of the nnmer- ons other flsb caught b y these experts, U'ho Agrldnlturat Department reports that the amonnt of hoot sugar jiroduocd In the United States has Increased from \3.000.000 poanda In 1S99 to 1,085,000,000 pounds !n 1010, nil increase of 959,000,000) pounds as compared to an Increase of 131,000,000 pounds of enno sugar for the svruo period. Over one seventh-of the BQgnr consumed for the flsonl year ondod Juno 80,1910-was beet sngor. W. D, Eokert, Successor of W. B. Mar pby, ss general manager of (lip Indepen- dence League of Western Now York has Issnod a onll for the prliniirlos of that party lo bo held on(Satarday next In 0, D. TInkbani'B warehouse bot;Teon tbo hours oE sis and ton p. m. It may bo that the next Democratic snap mid-winter four day notlco primaries may bo managed by •ft\. B. liokorfe. ^Tlio following are tho woatbor fore- casts for the month of Soptoifiber: This month will be noted for Its Buildon ohnnges In Its toinuoraturo. Uth to 15th. plensau't. On the llith a heavy storm will advance from tho PooUIo Const. 17 th to 18th, heavy rainB. loth, oold ware and Irosts. 91st to 2Sd, pleasant, 83d to 3Hh, oloudy followed by rain. S6th to 20th, rain. 37th t o SStli, cold wave. 20th to 80th, cold nna-ploasint. , It Is now believed that tho droad dla- caso known as Infantile paralysis Is spread by a Hying Insect known as the \buffalo gnaft,\ tho history of -whioh Is pracbicnlly -nnknewn, except that It makes its first appearance In Juno and. dtsnppcars with the first frost In autumn. Tnls malady has been responsible for many deaths In various parts of the country this summer and has been par- ticularly troublesome to the. .-medical profession, i This hns been the busiest- tourist season that Niagara Falls has, known slnoo the Pan-Amorlcan. Inst year, ono of the busiest sonsons \in tho history of the town, Was surpassed by more than SO.OOO 1 excursionists, according to tho llgnres of the joint tlbfcefc agency, ropro- Sontlng tho Central Passongor Aesoola- tton. Tho office will close on Saturday, bat tbo excursions will continue to come Into toyrn for tho remainder of tho month, and up to the middle of October, it is expected that the mtniber'bt tour l6tg this BOasbri will be neailyS.OOO,^. % Bis hargauis At Brnsti' this woot, This la your county -fair kelp mnko it tho beet e>or Sunday will bo Aster Da} at Mt, Albion Cemetery, Bargains, in,clothing ami men's fur- nishings at Brust's. Fre,d Smith died in Albion on Satur- day last, aged 8b years. Tho Monroe County Agricultural As- sociation has received 13,833.?$ aa Us Bhnro of state funds Pcoplo who have usod tho Monarch Field Tfonoo say It 1B tho best on the mar- ket ror-salo by Sltf , HASI,os B«os. The Canton Whlto Co NO 71 I. 0. O. F. will glvo a free exhibition drill at the pountyfalr Saturdajr, SoptomnarIT at3. II-nj All the vojuntoou llro companies In Western tfaw York are lnyltedio gqio Rootieatcrpn Ootobor Uth andjoltiina parad.ai i ] \ •-• - She hqdy of Joseph HUU -was t»)con from, the canal eastof Holley on Satur- day morning. Be had worked In Kendall aud-vlolhlty for^soVerai ^ears.' Tha-fiawson rosldohoeoh JIaIn Street: Is beingromofleladand made into flats. Will be. ready fpr renting about mlddlq of September, Khqulro' MISS(J,A.NlOHOli' 28a?B KB Pearl Si. Prohibitionists In Orleaus oounty have nominated Howard B, Anderson of Gaines for the A'sembly, \George! H. Van Ston.6 • of Albion for sheriff and Wilbur H. Srlnnell of Albloi) for oounty olerk,. A regular meeting of Medina Chapter, No. 8$1, O, B, S„ will bo hold nax^t Hon-, dny evening. Thoro will be a memorial soryjoo in memory of N. J, Hohbard, Senior Past Grand Patron of the State of ;New Tork^hp passed away a few wooks ago The Goneioo Uonferonoo ot tho Uetho- dlst Eplsoopal ehuroh will bo hold this year In the First Methodist ohuroh of Roohesteri beginning on Soptembor Q3th. ItwlUprObabiylast- oyer the following- Sunday, Iiaymoti aro ellgiblo to attend. It ts at this mooting that ministers are assigned for tho following year. { Tne trial ot the village ot Medina against the Spranton Bonding Company adjourned to the 18th of this month was again adjourned to Xueidsy ot noxt week. Billy Taylor, tho lupa, employed by tho village to «.nf«h tho sower, It showing his good will by dodging the subpoena. Sohool mootlDga hereafter ivlllbohold on the first Tuesday lu May Instead of tho first Tuesday In August as has bton the custom heretofore There aro many advantages in this change, tho principle ono being that It will onablo trustees ami tenohors to have much more tlina tor ninklug oontroots before the term boglns. All slngors ot Medina, who destro to organlia aehorut, aro inrltod to.moctat tho homo of Mrs. .Tnnnor on frospoot Avenue Saturday c'vonlng at B o'olook. Mr. Alfred Wcolor, Mm. Doo.,of Buffalo, whose services can be obtained as dlrso- tor ot this chorus, will bo there to meet the musicians of tho town Ho will alio sing In the Presbyterian Church the following Sunday. The ladles of tho M. K Church will hold a sale of all kinds ot lauoy work In tho ehuroh parlors beginning next Tues- day afternoon at two o'olook and con- tlnulnjr; through Weduosdoy, Light ro- froihmonta will he served. Tuesday ovonlDR there wilt bo a musical given by local talent to which an admlsilon of ton cents will bo charged arid on 'Wednesday beginning at Ore o'clock p m a cblokon pie supper will bo served at thirty cents per plato. • OniXDABY. HlUINAnu. airs. Seymour Bralnard died at her homo on West Cantor Street early yester- day morning after an llltiess of nearly a year and a half, and during moit of tbl« period she was confined to her bed, Of er a year ago the was stricken with paralysis and slnoo that time (gradually failed until tho end oamo, J , Mrs. Bralnard was bom In MoMlna November IS, 1837, and enjoyed tho'dis- tinction of being one of the first children born In this place. On Novombor 11, 181\ at tho ago of SO sho was united In marriage to Mr. Bralnard with Whom sho has lived I n happiness and contentment tor SS years. Deceased was ot a kind and lovable disposition, an notivo worker In church and charltablo matters up fib the tlmo ot hor last Illness and highly esteemed by every ens whs knew her. Shslssaf-firat by her husband, throe sons, Morgan L,, R, Stanley and J. Seymour Bralnard, Jr., one daughter, .Mrs. Warren E, Johnson, and two sisters. Misses Ann and Julln K. Clark, all of Medina The tnneral servlcos will bo hold from tho family rcsldenoe Friday afternoon. KASPBAZAK Josephine, the 4 year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs, Lawrence Kaiprasak, died on Tuesday afternoon, Tho ittneral occurred this morning fromSaored Beart Church aid Interment In Sacred .Heart Cemetery. snKLnos. William Sheldon, aged 86years, died at his home on East Avenue on Tuesday, Ho Is survived by a widow and one daugh- ter. The funeral occurs this afternoon ut 2 o'olook and tho interment will be at Lyndonvllle. UB80WAI. MBtmOX. Miss. Wlnnio Shoroy Is visitingr«lntl\os in Chicago Bayraoud falnolalrlsud Knymohd Slnok spent Sundavat Seneca Falls, h. M Shorwood was i u Now York on business the first ot tho weok, M>B Oscar Acer gavo n. variety ahowor lor Miss Jessie Polor on Monday. Charlos Carjwntor ot Kyrlo, Ohio. Is a, gliost at tho rosldonoo ot A, .1, RIohards, Mrs, bortrudo Kvoroat of Kalamazoo, Uloh , Is visiting at tho rosldonoo of 0 , K Brown. Mrs. Mary \Whlto ot Boohostor spout tho first of tho weok with rolatlvos In town. sTMrs, Grace Knickerbocker, has goiio to Detroit, M.!oh., tp finish her studios In jn^slo. - Mrs. Evelyn Bp.wo pf Boohostw Ii Visiting her paronts,.Mr, and Mrs.-.Qobrgo- Allen, •' ' . Mrs, B. S,- Olmsted and daughter^ ae!on ( 'v|slted frlshdatn iRoohestor over \Suauw. \ 'Miss Edith Malllson leaves noxtwpok tor Aurora whore'sno vrill pntor Hjfells College. / Mrs. Herbert Coon entertained; the Stptps SundSy-SohPQl plass ^n Tuesday, afternoon. illas Alice Cook pt areonsbprqugh,.N. 0., has boon vlultlng at tho rosldonoo ot H, VT. Sandi Mrs, Bohort Barr and grandohtldron of Pittsburg, Pa.t spent last week wltij rolatlvos In town. Mr. and Mrs. bowls Adlor of Rochester wwp tho guests of Mrs. O, H. Turhoti the first ot the woek. Mrs. liUcloKelioyand granddaughter,. Miss Maobello Kplaej' of Alpxander are visiting relatives In town. , Miss Zoio Cpmpton of Jdlddloport gavo a Hn«u showor on Wednesday for Miss, JCBSIO Polor ot thlspldoe. ' Miss qraooByam loft town pn Thurs- day last for Massachusetts where she Will Attend Northfleld Seminary, Mr, and Mrs. Joseph Bconlon ot Bul- falo spent thai latter part ot Init weok with Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Clqary. Mrs. James VonSlolIn and son, Robert, of Jamaica, L I, aro visiting her mother, Mrs. Charles Fisher of lildgo- way, Mr. and Mrs. B. X, Hill and Mr. and Mrs, Henry TjVUson are attending the StaW Fair at Syraouso taking the trip by auto. Jaooh and Miss Clara Banbnok o t Buf- falo and MUt Clara Brunlng of bookport attended tho Coon-Undko wedding on Wednesday. Mrs.B, W, Monagto eutertaiuoil about twontr-ttvo ypung ladles* at a variety showor on Thursday -ovonlng for Miss Bernloo Boss. Krvin Bowoti. who has BMcrod ths KTsntuoky military seboel lort last-Snn. day evening ier tho camp accompanied by his mother. Horn to lWv, and Mrs. Max Kucokwatd of bookport a son, Rev. Uucokwalil was formerly pastor ot tho German Church at this plnoe Mr, and Mrs. A. K Wris-Df-2i$grk, J» J., and Mrs Ferguson of Grand Rapids, Mloh., haw bsen tho guests of Mr, and Mrs, Klmor French Miss Carolyn Duokwlti, who has been Mrs, Helniohn, returned to her homo In Philadelphia on Tuesday last, A pretty homo wedding occurred at 0 o'clock on Thursday evening at tho homo ot Mr. and Mrs 1). 1). Foster ot Jcdilo when their daughter, Ulldroth W, was united In marriage to Bills P. Boons ot Brooklyn. W. U. Munson ot Washington, B 0*., Is spending tho weak with nit brother, Dr. Munson, and calling on old Medina friends Years ago Will was the power behind tho throne In'the Register ofllco but ho found that ho could got mora money for.less hours In Washington, hnd dtscretly resigned In time. Mr. and Mrs. M. Cleary, Mr. and Mrs, A. W. Rookfollor, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Gnrvey and William Butlor of Roohpstor, Mr. and Mrs Mtohaol Bonis, Mr, and Mra Thomas Etinls and Misses Mary and Nellie Ensls at Holloy and Mr. and Mrs. John J. Ennls at Brockport attended the Ennla-Ktmncdy wedding on Wednesday, \ •• . - » IIV.MRNKAL. SOWnAY S«I(V1CJS«, Metlioillat Episcopal Oluiron. Rsv W. H. Riiiiaj:, l) D., pAwojR, Pioaohlngby thopastorfttlQ'DOaud 7 110 The morning sermon will be followed by tho Saowmont of tlio Lord's Supper Tho Bible School moots at 18 Epwprth League at 0 89. AVoek tlmo prayer? mooting Thursday at 7.80. , Xho quarterly oonforQWeo will bp hold with Dr. Williams Tuesday at 8 o'olook The salo, under the aus'plocs ot tho badlos' AldSooloty.'ooouris noxt Tuesday mid Wodnosilay, Baptist Ohuroh, RKY, rciioMAsnBGRCfinx, p. Bj.^Pasftor. Proaohlpp; at I0:!jtf,' All friends and strangers drp pprdlally InvltPd^ tq ujcot *lth.U8^ • •\•._; The Biblp Sohool wiunicet ntla. o'pipo,k A,:?', BraUghtpn, supo?lntonoiont. . The Pastor's Blmp; olasj \yll| rftopt at 1.8 »• usual,\ ,_ . Young Poopto's Soolely wilt nxoofe «t fliSO. . • Evening Borvlpa at 7f80, Pratsp aii(l song sorvwo folipwpd b>a shora sormoiv on \OhaStity;\ A sorniqft pspnolally fo.r the young pcoplo, A neettod niosiage>fpr us nil. ' Wo pre glad tp aeo that largo conew : Rations are attending tlio ministry o.t tl\e word 1 , lti» onoouraiflng to tho pastor. • QucBally Day and B»\e*t Wouvp w||| ; takeplaooonthpsOpondSuudayln Ooto- bor the fruit decorations ate to be, nn'^W thin jrear and tho pastor will present! cooh Sunday Sohopl loholar with a ba|. kok ot grapes Wtlaro planing to hpvo an old folk? aervlqo noxt Sahhnth morning wltb a special sermon by tho pastor, Thoio haying autos sihpuld soo that tho older people of pur oongrej;atlon are brought to this service, ' freabytertan (Ihurab. KKV. H. F, EUaswOQPy PABTQB, 10:80—MornlnR worship and sermon. ^ ISsOO—Sunday Sohopl and Bible plassei, \ 7i80—Bvoulng w orshlp and sarmon. At tbo morning servioo Mr. Alfred Woolor, Mui. Doc., a will known innsl- clan pt Buffalo, will sing a tenor solo, His selection will ba a composition of bis own entitled, \Qonitderltiid Hoar Mo,\ Thomld-woek: servioo will behold on Thursday ovenlug. ' (ft, Joliu'a (Kplsooiml) OUutoh, 3. H. HXltXNDXICN, HKOTOH, Holy Communion 8:00 a, m. Morning prayer and sorinou at loiiio. -Stwday Sohool at 13i00. Beginning thtsiwook the Blrls* friendly Sooluty will moot every Thursday ovnn. Ing at 7 p. ui, I Brust's BigCIosingOatandAltcrationSale I I I I lie f ^ Here are n iew of the »rent bargains -youotuigel at Bmst's this week: / Bargains In Clothing to Made-to-Orcler Suits, in Hats, Caps, Underwear, Sliii ts, Hosiery, Necltwearand all kinds oi'Meu's Furnishings . Summer Underwear 5, Balbriggau l/nderwear-.„.....Speoiul 2Sc u garment PorosKnit Und©r\year.... M „..Sgeqi(tl 39c a gunuQiit B.^,C,.A*talqtic Ifticlerwear, ,...,,.„3|»eciiil 396 each B. V. D, IJnioii -Suits,,,^...', ..,.,„„.».,.8pcaa} 85e $1.5Q tTiiiOn Sufts,,,,..,,,,..,,..'..,., ,..*„.,.$t.0Q each Men's NeaHgee Shlrtis Plaited Ff pntCoatStyle, Cuffs attached or Separate, $1,50 Shitts...,;*, „..,.....,......„..,„.,..„ ,.,.$140 $1.23 Shirts,...,, ,. „„ 3..00 $1 .OOShirts,,,!,..,!,,.,. -,„...« ....,.„ ».. ,...* 76e Broken X,ot 6f $1.00 Shirts to Close Out at BQe Men's Work Shirts ..*„«„...„ »•„.. 37c Men's Negligee Shirts with attached, Collars t All Colors i.„.v,.„„.,.,..„;„u.,....,i „.. » 78c Slue Negligee Shirts with two Separate GoJi laV8, A Fine Shirt ,..„.„.„,.,.,..,..,.*....,.. 60c Raincoats Rubberized Raincoats. Spepial „ $4.2(5 English Slip on Raincoats. Regular §12,00 Coat, at„„.,.,. t „„.,„.,..,,„„.„.,„„„..>.,„„„„„$S|60 I I I PHILIP I. BRUST I BEFORE THE MAST. \- \Bay where did you fellows get that picture o f tho training sMp In Nor- wnyt\ said n young man who put bis fade close to tho grating o f the Oar- riclt Thoatro, (PbUa.) ticket window d lookod seriously at tho treasurer Btncl lool wwlp the umlieiu'o of Lyman if. Ilu\ve-'a spondlng tho summer with hor aunt, Tmvl rVatlval wn» paialng out loxu ADTO CLUH BUNS Several Modlnla nutolsts will attend tho fair at Albion today, but It was arranged at a meeting ot the olnb InBt evening to make a olub run to Albtcu on Saturday and to tho Batayla fair on Friday of noxt woek, Saturday is a had eoleotion for a club run as mnny owners of machines cannot leave their business, but nevertheless tho olub oxpPctB to have a goodly representation at Albion on that day. ^ BAUTXETT I'EAItS WANTED' Persons having Bartlott Pears to Boll will do well to oall us Up by phono br In po rson o nd'arrange for sale of their crop Wc are putting Up pears this season and need large quentty. We also want a quantity of lonibard plums. SOtf MEDINA CANNING CO. tho lobby. \I've been on that itltip, not it year ago, too, and I know iuo<>t of tbq boys on that shin bettor than I know anybody around here. Tlutt pic- ture was certainly a surprise to me. It must hav'o been tnken vrry soon •after I left Norway.\ It «li!velo{K»d that tho youngster is an .Vmcrleun but has spent several years In tho train- ing servJca abroad} The pietinres show linndrods o£ bys at drill ittclud Has Anybody Hero Seen nfartlh About plumbing, gosflttlnK, steam or hot wator heating f Oh yes, qulto a number novo and' thoso who havo not will find It to their advantage to do so. Bell 2954. MOSAOW-BOSS. A quiet wedding wai solomlztd at the Holy Angola' rectory In Porter Avenue, Saturday morning, when Silas Katherlns Bernlco Ross, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Boss, of-JersoT street, was nnltod la masrrlagts to C. Ward MonaglB, the HJV. Father O'Brien offlclatlng. The bride was attended by her cousin. Miss Bessie It. Feoney, of Medina, and Goorgo F. Bonaher, also of Medina, noted as belt man, Alter the ceremony a breakfast was served at tho honnot the bride's par onts, Tho bride's table was decorated with pink nail whits asters, covers being laid lor fourteen. Mr. and Mrs. Monaglo lott for a short Southern trio. At home at No. 813 West Avenne, Medina, after October 1st—Buffalo Tlmos. SSNIS-KBIfKEDT..* Tho marriage ot Franols M. Kennedy, daughter ot Mr. and Mrs, Michael Ken- nedy, to Arthur P. Ennls Ocourred at St Mary's Chnroh on Wednesday morning atSilB. Tho Rev. Father Daniel Muloy offlclatlng. The bride was attended by Miss Florenco M. Mote and John J, Ennls of Brockport, a brother of tho groom, wns best man. Tho brldo's drosa was white Swiss embroidery and she wore a whlto picture hat and carried a proyor book. Alter tho Ceremony an olaborato wed- ding breakfast was served at tho home of tho bride on South Avenue, oovors being laid tor twelve. Mr. and Mrs, Ennls will take a wedding trip which- will tnclndo Boston and Now York City. -LniDKK. A protty homo wedding occurred on Wednesday at tho honiff of Fred LlndKo of Frank Strnot whon his daughter, Miss tldo Anna bindke, was united' In marri- age to Goorgo W. Coon of Mlddleport, Bov. H. F. ElllnWood officiating. Tho bridowas attired In a white lace dross over whlto' satin and .carried brides roses. Showas attended by her sister. Miss Clara Llndko, and Frank Boljzln of Middloport was best innn, The homo was tastefully decorated In nlnk and white, A wedding supper wo.9 served to about 40 guosts. The happy couple loft on tho' ovening train for' an oastern trip whloh will, in- elude Syraouso. Poaltry Wanted. ^ Highest market price paid for all kinds of Ave poultry. > Boll phono 145 E-9. Home 280 A. 88w3 J. B. BAliBIBON. • ' • • Attention Farmers I J • It will pay you to see us J • if you are \in need of any J • »Vire fence, . • • BOtPKEDOE, HA8TT & 1IJLL . « • ^•••••(••••••••••••t*l»*aa« Y, M. C. A. Notes. Tho regular mooting of tho Lndiea' Auxllllary of tho Y. M. C. A. was hold at the Presbyterian Church on Monday alternooM. Tho rooolpts from tho Car- nival woro a llttlo over tl.OflO. The ex- penses, including, band $60,' wiring and putting up of tontond wall$00. $83, (37.50 forcarpentor work, brought tho profits down to $410. The annual rummage sale la to bo post- poned for ono year. Tlio ladies will put on H. T. Kroinparl's new opera, \The CpJtds of.GlonwOod\ about the 1st of November. . ing iuiuiy humorous positions In the riggig and were obtained by Lyman H. Itowo only a few weeks ago. This particular picture appealed to him boemtso ho \had boon there,\ To thoso who havo not, it will awoken a new conception of the elnbryo sailor's life. This incident showB the value of Lyman It. Howo's attrnction to th o stay-nt-homo ns well as thoso who travel much, It, is educational without nny of tho torrars implied by that grnvo nsj- jectivo. For it provides topics for conversation. In many pictures yoa will sec much moro than you could ac- tually BOO by travel. For instance, if you went to London lo witness tSo King's Funeral, it would be simply impossible for you to BOO all tliut Mx. Howo shows of i t its his scones repre- sent tlio views of a dozen photogra- phers in tho most advantageous 'loca- tions both in Loudon and in \Windsor. If you ever journeyed thru Switzerland in winter, language, ne doubt, failed you at tbo boauty of what you saw. But the-day was probably not such a perfect wiutry day as thut depicted by Mr. Jiovvo. His photographer hatl \loafed around\ for many wooks to got just suhp a picture' on exactly tbo right day and at exactly the right hour, to show wintry wonders of tlio Alps which hardly, one tourist lu \a thousand Boca. So, too, you may havo hud your rido up tho Eiffel Tov.'&r tmd thru the fiords of Norway and longed lo linger at tlio compelling boauly of it all. Mr. IIOWO'B Travel'Festival gives you that opportunity at Bent's Opera House on Thursday, Sept. 22. Again you may en- joy tito exhilaration that can bo in - spired not only by thoso same scones, but many others. And if you arp a Btuy- ot-homo you will havo the pleasure of experiencing a \revolution aud of curry- ing away a now thought of life ns it is somowhero else. Charles Bnttrlcfc, a sign paintor, who has lived in Medina for eomo time past, wont wronji inontalty the first of the -week and was takon to the State Hos- pital at ROoiieater. -&*, racuse NEW YORK STATE FAIR September !2to 17, 1910.\... $5.25 . Round Trip Tickets on aide daily, September 10th to 17th, in- clusive, good go- inj» only on date of sate,, good re- turning until Sep- tember lOtli. $3.70 Round Trip Tickets on sale daily, September 12th to 17th, in- elusive, good go- ing only on- date of sale, good re- turning within three toys includ- ing date of sale. $3.10 Round Trip Tickets good go- ing Monday, Sep- tember 12th and Saturday, S e p- teinberl7th,g(!»od returning only oo— date ol sale. f M.VVVORK X^NTRAI k k I.IM.S • \AMERICA?? GREATEST RAILWAY SYSTEM\ All tickets are good Roiug and returning on regular, except limited trains, and include transfer -at Syracuse to and from the Fair Grounds and nduiissiou to the Pnir. For particulars, Mma of trains, and all Information, tall on Ticket Agent, Now York Central Wnej. GENESEE VALLEY TRUST COMPANY ROCHESTER, N. Y. Havo You Seen Our tiew Armor Plate Vault? The only ono of its kind in this city We cordially invite you to inspect it and to make use of our waiting and retiring rooms when in the city Safe Deposit Boxes to Rent from $2,50 to .$100.00 Per Annum Isn't this a chefl.i ir.S'.'fancc for your valuables ? Ho necc* to worry about burglars or tire if you have one. WE PAY INTEREST AT THE rAJE OF Per Annum on Dcpojiti. Compounded Twice Yearly BANKING BY MAIL A Special Feature. Send foi Free tl> .-.Met. RESOURCES Ovet - - .'fci.fK'O.O^.CO \VI \ m iff .' )S«1 ••-k • •a- The opening mooting of tho Wo,sfc uilnStor Olub will bo hold some tlmo dur- ing the month of Ootobor, at whioh time therowlllbo a apoakor ot note present and tho regular mooting mid bonquot hPldi AUTUMN I3XCUHSIONS TO THE Thousand Islands ana |Adirondack Alountains One Fore plus $2.00 for Ron^d-Tfip September 15tli to October 3lst, inclusive. Return Limit Oct. 31st For tickets, tlmo of trains and all lnfor.me.tton apply to local ticket agent, 28w4 N j) , M V'« M)KK (ENIKAI \ . I.IM '•* . \AMERIOA'S GREATEST RAiLwAV'sYaTeM\ Thursday Sept. 22 King's VrtiMr'nl,. Lanflou nml Wintlsori c's _... 1'iruptton of Mt. Etna.: Japanese Jubilee; Hide up tlio Mitel Tower ; Norway Fiords; Switzerland iii-Wtalor; Bife on a Training Ship: Spcotacular Artillery Manoeuvres; Marvelous Trnclc laying ataohitio; Goo- motrogrnpli. Many Others. Hoal Comedy*. Prices ^5cj SBc, 50c • i.—'— : For Salo Ford Roadster, excellent condition SJhdulro dtttohn Hjwlon, , BUFFALO NIAfiAKA FAtiS Round trip BUFFALO* $CKP0»tt $k HOGHESTElt pILWAV.

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