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The Medina Register. (Medina, N.Y.) 1877-1931, May 26, 1910, Image 2

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m^^ ^ &-- The flKe4liaa Register, $nr«Bj:ed in the ppstoflloo at Medina* Jf.'y.,)!? jpopnd.pJnsittpiall mattor, • THURSDAY, WAY SB, MO. Tilt out /yonr Moniorlril Day. flog next MontJay —r Mpoafs nearly a, Jhonsand dollar* to fl'ro » aitogle »bof> from the M'fosWj? Dakota, ' Tho cornet is aavovttmi (to .ainoppsw in twowseiu. Wo hope It will mako more p( a show than iti hps p( its appearance*, Thp Seriato 1ms dofootoil tbo Mnolton.- jilp bill to Movent the dumping of sow- sgq lufco wajors eontrolloil by tlio atato.. Tho state hna appropriated tl.GQO to- ward aefroylrigtho oxponao of thu 8th N YrHeavy Artillery In thotr trip to Oold Harbor, Vii., unil return. •i'ho McOroHi bill, permitting tho piny- Ing Q£ uoiepnll on Sunday afternoon by ainstoors vrnit defeated In tlio Sonata iJCuoadaybyovotoof 17 to SS. Tho bill had passed tlio AMorobly. Tho total appropriation! of tho Loglsln.- turo for this your aru now plnood at IM,- 000.000 nnd tbo ravonuo nt |3i,C00,0QO. Tlio failure to Adopt nny monsnro for m- orMtlDR tho revenue may bo another ground for on extra eosilon. Ilia apilt log drat; U o grunt luiplouiunt (or building dirt highways With Ua uso ipUwdhl ronda may bo built nt trill- ing co»t A onrd tout to the Department pt Agriculture nt Washington mil bring you a Inillollnhow to mako and uau the ilrag. A newspaper for hungry peoplo, which can t» eaton aftor It hoi bean road, thug affording nourhihraonl for tho body na woll M tlis mlnil, in publlihml In Parla, alifl l« called Tlio Regal. It la printed with an Ink guaranteed non-polionoua on thin aboota of duugb.-lix. Vha Department of Justleo In Invest! «ntlii|t tliaiubjwjtol tho prlco or lumber In tha United Statra, with tho vlovr of ilotartulnlng whethor Ihn'ao colled luni- bor truat nmy lw runolioil by tlio Shor. man ewtl-tmat Inn on tbo jtround that It la a combination tn rcatmtnt nt twin That Idgistnturo tin* passed n Inn which tlio UoYurnor ha* signed, fixing tho salary ot town auiliton at 13 per day ami for period of not over ton ilaya for mir one roar. Tola applies to towna baying less than awoWo thousand Inhabltanti, for I n other towns over that alts, tho length ot lima ftlvon tha auditor! la flxad nt thirty ilny• or leu. Tbo contention hna boon made that a prlteflnlit la low brutal than a lootoavll gama. Tho Presbyterians ot tho United Htatea, as tho roaalt ol an adtlroaa by tho retiring moderator ot tha General Altera- bly, may try t o prawn t tho JoffrlM- Johnson tight In San Ifnanaluo, Was over aw groat an lofluonoo exerted agnlnat football t A bill In Oonjcreia proposoa to limit tho franchises for dams In streams eontrollsd by tha fcdtral itorarnmont to W years, OapttalUU Intarcsltd In tbo power do*eb opmant at Uastena, N. Y., protaat that thla -will Intartara villh thotr enjoyment of tho perpetual franchlsa granted thain by thaatoloof New York and with tho latoorlngofdeaired privileges from C&n- /aila. NotorthalMa, It law aoundoonaor- I ration mcniuro. I 1 Thai Intornattpnat Iwundry bntw oon tho BntSed Slatoa and Oartndn, along tho lonMiaai^ooaat ot Malno, hat boon tlxed, aooWrdinijtontwatyalgnea byAmbasan. dorprjeoand Saorotaryof tflatoKnos, aa Irunnlng from a point in Poaaa: quAddyDaybatweon Threat Ialand Jfrlas Htad and extondtng through bay, *o tho middt« of Qmnil Manan 0 not .Tito treaty. It la oipealcd. 1» tnbraltted to tbo Sonato appttiTal. The Uno wa* loontoil without roirort to tho arbltrnllon prorhlod for In Uw treaty of 1B0S bolwoen Oroat' Britain nnd tho Unltrd SUtoi. ' Aa tbo oommonoomont aooaon appro- aohea a proteat agnlnat tho nnmao ex- ponaiturea of largo anrna ot money for gowni and other acooaaortoa la In ordor KTeryoffortouirhttobo »n»ko to oUml. «»r« tbo apootaonlnr. Commoncomont aojwon ahottld bs a time of congratula- tion and pleasure and that It tho roaaop whr tha few who can afford extravagance «t areaa ahoaltt not indulgo in them, Tho daysahould bo froa t roradlitlnetlont whlohwill.roar tho pleaauroa or thoio Who oannat afford tho nnOrloa ot dreai, Tbaf Joya of graduation ahould bo ahareil oqu»lly, Slmplloltj of attlro and tho abaenco ot thoio ahowy ilnorlca whloh tar tho individual pur» 0 and dlstlmtnlali dlrreronooatothoohngrln ot olhora can acoonipllih thia. Thus tho end of years ot BjwBolntion will always bo romombor- ed with ploaouro-Buffalo Rtprosa. r.KPJWAl'UHK WlAOg A(.0»0,_,„ • \if0 fins!» tliotpiijfiat S«ato».lo!f»nT«»ra; Kxpopt Only iPor, ( • -; l^peelol Albany Correspondence.) Albans, Mlly .23,-TIJO- IrjcronWng Inugtb, of tjfip loglltlfttlve batons ;l!J.. : wprthy of' rofKiarb. To go-'tetftR bu^ ton yeass tbp HOBSIOH of 1000 ondefl on April 0; 1001,. April 23s 1°<>2, MATcU.27; li03, April SSj 1001, April IB; 19011, May .5; 1008, May 3! 3807, Juno 30; liNS. AprH-23; 1000, April' 80, The .grpient I» tap longest vcgalor Bcsston of tlio legteiftturft In ten yours 03tWliC only that of 1007. pf'.co»r»' thoro la ti 'special rwmon for this, be< pnuBO o f tbo many wookB consurnea by tl^Q^8e^(!to In Invustlgatlne tho bribery phnrges (pndo aBaiijst Jotnaifl P, Aildfl^ nt tiiat tlmo temporary \.pvosidont of tbo aennto, ,by big foil«\y Republican goimtor Owigor. . , ' Aliptner rpn»On pjioratlvo this year nnft tUrougbout the term of Oovornor UugUeaj htw been tbo strained Nnt!on# botwen tbo governor and the lenders ot hl» party to tho-logtefnUiro. But lisldo from nil that tlioroln nn tqorcas- Ing tondonoy to procrastinate during tho early weeks of tbo session and loavo tlio Important matters to be bur- rlcdly disposed of at tbo tail end of a long aesulon. . It is Interesting to romombor that tbo Democratic rtato platform of 18S8 (loclapod (Tor biennial scaslonn of tha leglatattrw, nnd Governor Itoonovelt (bo following year In lib) natron) nieo- sngo rccouinuuidod Uieni, but sot only wcro annual eoeslons retained, but tbolr luiitftli bns steadily Increased since tlint time. It la prepostOrouH td miiipoBo tlint tho lntorcsta ot a stato BO old and cttnbllabcd as Now iork re- quire-tuinupl sessions of from four to flvo months, to sny nothing of fre- quent extraordinary sogalons. A Republican loglstat'or whimsically said In allusion to tbo length ot the session and tlio bullc of tlio npproprln tlons that bo- \supposed wo must stick to the glilp of Btnte as long n« there U n dollar In the locker.\ Income Tax ln'8an«t». llepubllcnus have boon wont lu dnyn gone by to vaunt themselves upon the ability ot their party to present At will a united front ou public questions nnd bnvo Inunteil tbo DeiuoernU with .Inability so to do. Tbo lucamo tax proceedings In tho atato legislature linvu shown tlio Uomocrnts vlrtilnlly a unit In support of tlio federal lucoma tax {pursmint to Democratic platform ilct'liirniluiin), but ana Deinoertit In Uio sonute anil thrca In tho nasembly op- IKnlriK riitlllcattun ot tlio proposed con- Htltutlonal nmeiidment, wlillo tho Ite- publtcatu have boon na thoroughly di- vided on thta question sa on direct primaries. Not less romnrknblo is tbo division of tbo \Hughe* sonntora,\ who tn tbo Ten Eyck hotel conferenco In Janu- nry laat retoacd to support Aiida for president pro torn, nnd llopubllcitn loader on tbo Income tax question. Governor iiughea, be i t remembered, having constituted himself tbo fore* moat opponent of tbo Tuft administra- tion on this question. Of thorn aix HiiRlica senators, Bracket!, Davenport and Hinumn voted for tbo Incomo tax, while Agnow, Nowoomb and Itoso vot- ed against It, Urackctt gnvo tho cast- ing voto for tho measure. Senator Nowcotnu declared that tbo Incomo tax proposed wng merely a\ de- vice ot ospecilcncy to satisfy discon- tented western Itepubltcans with tna tariff; law, whllo Senator Harvey D. Hlnmnn. putattvo tmrcnt of tho Uutchcs UlnnianrQreen direct primary lilw. 00,(10 tills Mrlking ndrnlsslon In tlio debAtO! | / ! It thay but Knelll \Wo nro piling extrnvrtgnnco upon oxtravngnnce umlor our present nyo- te|n of Indirect tnxntlon. tf tbo peo- nib back In the couutry knew how neatly wo nro umkluR them pay they would got up on their hind legs nnd klcfe tho roof off tho cnpltol. Tha men Who have stood for this amendment nro\ wlso and honest mill fnrslghted. If you wont to create n political Issue yon can do It tight now. Aa for me, I shnll tnko to tho oyclono collnr when the atorni # comes this fall.\ Charpaa and Countarohargat. Tfee air la ftlU of ohargos nnd epii»**»r- cbnrgcs concerning tho graft Inquiry. Tho Iltigliea Hcpnbtlcmis charge tho machine ltepnbllcnns with conspiracy to kill'or completely Iinmatrlut: tlio projected Inquiry. The mnchlno men retort with cltnrges Unit Governor IIUKUCS, KinwrliKMHleiit llotchktsa nnd HettatorHlnmttltliavc alwnys sought to protect Industrial lnsurnnco companleK from aearcliltig Investigation, Tbo bnd blood In the Republican camp was strikingly attested a few days ago when Senator lllmmui Inquired wheth- er the senators wero \crooks or weak- lings\ ami Senate Lender Cobb shook his flat in Hlnman's face and demand- ed an npology. A. E. H. .v- .*pil'|,l(Ji '\ T-. BOA8D ovmvsams.. (•OOAti COHHEBVONllKNOK. J.TND011Vtt.LK. Mr*. If, It. Herring la aponillntt aomo tlmo with bor daughter In Oswego. Mlas Mortlo Fuller apont last woofc in •Plttatord with hor alstor. Mrs, Kmma Frasor, who has boon visit- ing Boohoator for some tlmo has returned homo, Seorgo Bradsbnw, who wna called taoro by tho death ot hla lather, haa returned to hla homo In Kiton, Wis. igovernor 1 '*; B, *fWwt #'jiiili4!l»-X ; •'jiJlo. jSoifjeit- IXnie JIOJ- neea=:»uipfe&! sedeij t>y »i6 raie ot 'gold, -tBj-ijbin.. n)lin«nient \Thott s,bal{ not.|t,eal'' :; by : -\Taou' ^balt flot bo convicted,'; Sucv (ess has, uwrped tbo throne of coil' selonce, anif'piljsre'lseur-only.^lme,.. (jQiiscdeneo iin» bwonie tlt'o vermb form appendix &!t hlgbffnance, JfeTvos iio't Wrltten\Tliotx sbalt not stesT'nfrom (lioAtnericp people to build tlio Pan- liiilil eknali but, lo; jt \was written \Tiiou sltnlt'liot squpfuf' Tliorer isajpirlt of unrest abroad* a feeling .tlint meii do not ptand/eijual- jy botoxo tho law. Seven years in the reformatory (Of stealing a hnm-a seat |p tiio *ennto.of tho; Halted States for oxplolttog tlio coal lauds'of Alasfcal [Uxjeovernor JT. TV. Felkot'Ml|i91»rl-3 . Tills BO per cent Increase %-tbe cpst of living HBOlnc Into the pockets of a coinpn,r»t4yg!y small class of men— TOOMVIIP bnvo been enabled ti.nJcr Be- pulillaxn' rule to exact a tttx'frb.m tho gcuoral, public. Tho ujx Is exacted by ropiws of tho tnrAff, inlbroad rnhja, mo. iioiiolle»i In Meat. o:i nnd tho.ljke. In tbo clUea it is oltiarly feltln tbo higher prices -which the public Is paying for article** of foofl and clothing. And oven In tho country, throughout tho west, tho farmers pud cattle breeder,* nro discovering;\ that, although they create th o foodstuffs, they nro not got- ting tbo bonollt of |bo higher prices, Tim prices nro flxqd by the combining middlemen, who pocket the whole of tbo Incronao, leaving the farmer and emtio raiser an poor p« ever. Tlio jpreseut protective tariff la one of the inoit corrupting- Influences to- day In. America. Jinny members of congress hold stock tn protected Industries. By their votes those consrcBBinen take money from the people in the form of tariff taxation to increase their own for- tunes. By campaign contributions thi beneOcIarlci of \protection\ purchiso the Influence of tho Itepubllcan organl- xntlon. \Wo condemn on Individual for sollInK bin vote for a fe w thousand dollar*. What »ro tbo peoplo ot this couatry going to do In tho next elec- tion a,tH>ut tlio stent political organlxa. . lion 'which sells Its InOuenco for mil- lions of dollars lutniupnlgn (midaT IHx-Juattue D-Cady Harriett ot Albany.) When It coat* nearly «,000,OOO.O00 per year lo administer the federal gov- ernment and over $-10,000,000 per year to aamlnlHter tho itate government leum one has sot to pay, What they bavo to pay necessarily outers Into their coat of llrlng, Whil* authorising protected lutereats to lenqr tribute upon the people ot tho wholaa country, tho Itepubllcan organ- Italian lu payment therefor in turn lovloase tribute upon tlio protected Inter- ests, in other words, tho protected Intoreata have bought tho legislation whlcU protochm thorn, and with tho purchase prlxe tho Itepubllcan organi- sation hn« debauched the country, turn- ed tbo tldo lu presidential elections and elected lta party, majorities In con- gress. The financial culmination of sixteen yennt of llcpubllcnn administration of Stat* affairs l« an Increase In the ex- penses of Uio atato from less than SIM.- 000,000 to ovsex $10,000,000, and Uio ond 3* not yet. for we are now told that -we must resort to at direct atato tax to moot the Increased expenses of llater government Hut tho Bepnbllc- nn organisation of the atato of Now Vorfc la lo be indicted for more than mere exlrsvagpeuice. The recent revelations of legislative corruption, upon tjio details ot vvhlch 1 will xfotdwell. -WCRO matterslhat rotot havelbwon kno-wn fo the lenders of 'tho Itepabllcnn orgapf aUon. Tho legisla- tive, careers of tho men Implicated liavs been known for years, and it Is nut possible that tlio knowledge should hive escaped the natute lenders of tho Ilopxibllcou orsanlintlpn, and yet Uiesi men .wero not/ only' kept In plnco, which, porhtipaj/ may have been tno fault: of their constituents, to whom their misbehavior at the capltol wis unknown, but they wero promoted 'to high ofllce ana held there by the pow- er and Influence ot the Republican ON ganhwitlon. Furthermore, It nppears that tho llcpubllcnn organization Itself nod its leaders tn the !cg!sS»tat« bought nnd sold legislation. In return for contributions to campaign funds they caused some legislation to be en- acted and proposed legislation to bo defeated, JQWH CHOWLEV Tha thi OAK OnOHARD Horatio Forrls boa Rono to Buffalo where ho will run a morry-go.ronnd for tho season, W. 11; Konslon and wire, who have boon tlofc with tho grip, nro oonvolosoont. Georgo Hoyres hod the misfortune to lose a voluablo horse last wook. Fred Odorklrk and OharlosKorlek hnvo now Onrtoifoars. JeiaoOdorjclrk has MB newstoro nonrly ooinplotctl, Suporvisor Ji'raak Waters lias added a fine now veranda on hla house whloh . makoa a groat Improvement. Stockholders' Mcminn The annual mooting of tho stockholders ot Tho Blgnoll Uompany, hold at tbolr offloo Medina. N. Y„ on May Slth, 1010, was aajournod until l o'olook p. m., on SVldayj Juno 24th, 1010, to bo held at tho samo place. i>ntod. May SJth, lOlo. lawli O^-HotiMK^Sooy, »—• • - .... Card ot Xhaiika We wish to thonk all trionda and nelBhboraforeaohpxprOsaioh of sympa- thy andklndness ahowh tia during pur .. recent bjrpavhioiiti, »1,6 i 0 tho'.oinplbyoos of tho AVIi. Bwottlroh Works, monxhirs ofthOfgoolal Union -and Others for tlio . beatitlfutfloVatotferlngSi U0OK1NQ EARTHWARD. Parable of the Kino and Rainmaker. There was onco a gront king, whost uaino wns G-0-l\ nnd bis dominions wero to Uio uttermost parts of the earth; nnd ho had ninny sons anil daughtcra. i And lo, there wore two clouds In th« sky, 'the uue upon the Enat, tho othei upon tho West, no bigger than o man's band; yet did they wax great, nnd of III portent. Wliorent King a-O-r, being sore nfraid, sent for (ho Court Unuunaker, urn! said: O Unlumnker, interpret me the portent ot tlio Two Clouds, Tho Rnlumtiker bid slay two Sn traps, and having examined tlio entrails, lift- ed np bis voice and soldi 0 king, these bo two clouds^ tbo one on the East Is named Direct Trlmnry, tho one on the' West, House Cleaning. Wherefore, 0 King G-O-P, bespeak thetn well, thou,-'and thy sons and daughters nnd all they that bo within ' thy gates; so shall It be wotl with the* and thine. But If not, then shall it bo 111 with theo and thine. And may the. Mug live forever. But presently King G-O-P npd.thoy that wero with him, being full ol much wine and made glad by many years of feasting, did deride the Rain- maker, nnd mndo n mock of him, and hearkened not unto hla rede. And the Rainmaker xuuttcred in bis heard. And tho floods game, and beat upon the house of King G-O-P, 80 that he or his sons or ills daughters or hid .manservants Or his mhldgerVanfcs ot \the.sh'angei thdtwas within his gates —there was, left hot so ruuch as one o( them to ask another, 'Wltero were yoll when It Bit?' But thoTtalnmaker, 10, he was i n nh nrfc -which ho had miido privily for ' himself, the name bt tbo whloh -was The Supreme' Coirrfc,,- - . 'THfliidAlif tiP A TfeBB. \ThOBhtfalo Bipresi (daily) and- The .Begtstor, Oho yOar,for $8,00. • 'Sttbsorilo :aowV. •..-. f tftiuator J, P. Solllvor, itepubllcan. Iowa.] Bo- far as the public Is concerned, the tnrlfr revision In fact carries rates as high as or higher than the Dlnglcy tariff law on most articles Ot general uso In their finished condition. Host ot the Teductlons wcro so triv- ial «-a to he ridiculous and were either upon articles \which we do not import to any client, but, on the contrary, ex- port. In enormous quantities, or were for the purpose of further protecting tho manufacturer, especially by reduc- ing the duties ion tow materials. In tho many- attempts to defend tho Payne-Aldrlch tariff frequent use has been, made off a very remarkable table of figures quoted by the president at Winona, This would indeed tend to prove n most substantial downward rovtelou'lf th e figures wcro accurate. Fortunately the necessary statistics to render nn analysis cohiparntlvely easy are available In a public document pre- pared undcrl the direction ot the finance committee by one of its employees, Sucb nn analysis ot the figures will Boos* convince nny one how deceptive, nnd misleading this much quoted table really Is, _ THE EASTT JOINS THE WEST. The Massachusetts houso of repre- sentative!! has adopted by a vote.ol US to 110 a resolution culling on con gress tor a constitutional convention for the purpose of amending the con- stitution so that Dinted Stntos senators shall be elected by direct popular vote tn adopting this resolution flfty-orit Kepubllclms jollied with the Demo- crats, who £>tood unitedly f6r>. the pro posed reform. She linrtlculur reason for the insur- gency of these Massachusetts Eopiib- llcans js that United States Senatoi Henry„fjnbot Lodge is a candidate foi. ro-elecilon next year and the low tarlli nnti-cOrporatlon itepubllcnus belloVed that tlioy conld dofeat him in a direct populnr election, The resolution was defeated In thi Massachusetts senate, but nevertheless the ^olo In tho lower house i s nn hv tosrestlug symptom of the growth ol this populnr- Democratic reform as tveil as of tb,e ( lndrcasing.inipatlenc0 ol IniSeiehdont 3T(opubllcail> against thi bossslsm whlcl^ his s o long prevaUed Ih thclrparty,' - Up iio this time ,twehty-e|[ght. state. les^slotureB havo petitiohcd congros^i to cail a tonstltutlbnai cohTentibnfo;i the purpose lndlCateo. Only thret nvore4ire necessary to' cottpei' 'coiigr'esJ. ,i6.-*c't«- . . -. :•!*-•.;\'. - - . :;•\-' A regtilar Micgtjng of lue-BBpjtTfd 1 Ol trustees wris liejd, },u tjje Oi|v IJtiil ]E^id,ay- evening at 8 <f OIQCI. yFespnti—Growled S'fi-rvp,t5.% 0arrq{t, gjlis an4 Stocltiijg. ' On wotioa o| -Oro^vloy.; - Bfc Sfpefcirig^ was .called to the cliaiy, Oarrietl, Tie following pills-wore renac!;- ed favorable, by the andifing, coirt-*; mittee and ordered paid: Street Ettborj \$150 •' •fitreet Sprinkling ? $17,83; 3*nmes Burrtaj $22.00; Fred h Bowiis, $18,00'; l?raiiT<; H..-Hwd, $3.40; ITscd S', Meada $5.20.; AmericaitI<8,E'mriee Fire Engine Co., $95,40; Jamoa; Mathowa & Co., $7.00; Doelbofy & Bensley, $43.60; O. 1, Ingoiwll, $fj3.Q0; Medina Stamping & Mcli. Co., $8.81. A-cOinTuunicnQtion from tliq Me- dina Automobile Club was pre- sented and read, petitloniing tlie Botwd to romovo all crosswalks from improved streets. On motion of Ganott. 'JCliftt- the conimimioation \be wceived and laid on table. Carried, , A potition for an arc ligUt to bo placed nt tbo jntersecjion of Elm ittrcet nnd Iligliland nvwiuu was presented and road. By Mr. Ellis. That the matter be referred to tho light conimittce with power toaet. Carried. A protest ' uganist sprinkling South avenuo was presented, By Mr. Crowley. That the re- quest of the petitioner!) bo granted and that no sprinkling bo done on South avenuo tlijs yenr, Curried. By Mr, Crowley. That tlio bills of Luke Smith for $9ji.7!i and Koamoy, Barrett &. Cot, for $12.- 50 lie paid nt tho prieo ahargod and that no more stone be erusliwl for tho Village until n price is ngroctl upon, Carried. A request for a sidownlk grade (or residents on East Center street wan referred to tho Wnlk Commit- tee of that district. The'question of allowing the Coroner to hold inquests in the City Hall wns hronglil up for dis- cussion. By Mr. Crowley. That the Clerk notify the Coroner that horet- after he may have tlio use of tho auditorium by paying the \sum of $3.00 for cleaning up same. Car- ried. - 1 * j Several complnints in relation to the collection of garbage were made, claiming tltnt the Contractor failed to collect same. The mntter of allowing stone to. be delivered on the corporation by contract was discussed, .By Mr. Crowley. / That the mat- tier bo referred to flio Street Com- mittee with power 'to act, to make tho best arrangement possible for the Village for stono nt so much per load, delivered on street. Car- ried. Erod Gaylord appeared nnd made a protest in relation to -tlio matter of sprinkling on Church street. By Mr. Garrett. That the mat tor bo referred to the Street Com- nuttcp. Carried, Miss Addio Simmons appeared in relation to the Clinrch street bridge affair and asltnd as to when the thing is' to be decided, protest- ing against any delay. By Mr. Servoss. That the mat- ter bo tabled for ono week. Car- ried. The matter of relaying tlio curb on improved streets when the same is out of repair, was brought up. By Mr. Garrett That tho Cleric look up the matter as to what pro- portion of the cost of same is to be charged to the property o\htcr end report at the next mojeting. Carried. By Mr. Crowley, tlint the Street Commissioner be empower- ed to sorvo notices 'U all property owners on Chestnut Btrcet and on the East sidq'of West avenue from Frank street to corporation lino, to trim tlioir' trees to sufficient hoigth. Carried. By Mr . Crowley. That the Streot Commissioner be authorized and empowered to sorvo notices on any property owner to trim their trees to the required heiglUh'when same is? necessary. Carried. FRJ&HX J, KBABtntV, ' . Village Clerk, : etooct, how. house'and barn JfiasfcsW* :•#aat Avenue with all modern Invpioy* -njohtS; , „ , •- .- - .-.- - - } . House with good' barn and9#aoresot laid w'eatiiltle; awfnh Street. . HOU'BO and barn with 8 aores oflantl oh; the North side of North Street,. , Large ten room;BouB«; 17 sqroa of-Jana, About 8 a0»« fruit on the westtiae of Gwlnh;8t*e*t.: ..'.'-' •'-'•,* .. • Qo'od'hbutei largo lot running,to aaUey on tho;north side of BatjleSereet botriveon Oathe^lhe and Ann Streets.; rvviillarn Kiion'l large \honse witih all rnoftoVn linprovefherita, on Soji'h aaaln, less than ooieti of Dulldinirhonio. ' Mrs> Quiring house, uti-to-date, TVest AvenuofoVsalef... •. •.•.•••' ., ., .Eighty aoreT, S miles sontheajat of Shelby Oentei, About ? aore» of orcshwd PrlriOf86;pet aore. Al bnildlnga, Tho George Olarke realdenoo, corner 'Pearl aha; Catherine street]*. Ohoo* the finest looatloDa in Medina with »U Im- provoments, Lot66x117, !Fobo sold at onoo. Largo house with good barn with all Improvements. Elootrio lighted. On west side Ue'oesoe street. This property will be sold at a bargain. a'wp-atoryhrlo)c blooic with basement, for salo at halt what bunding coat, In Mlddtoport. Ka*y torrns.. A good blooic on oast side Alain S»Mt Two good atores/ I'oraaleata baorgala to settle np estate, inter (Ave to settle np estate, ThoWal Olonyvood Avenuo, property on woit side of Wll be sold at onus lira, Blake\! house-on Park A-renne will be sold atonoe. This Is one of the finest locations in Medina. I, M. \Whipple's •.•osidenoe on Hagls Stroet, bettwoon Ann and Ohio Street. In good repafewill bo sold cheap. Some flno building Iota on West Am and Oak Orohard S». Prloei way aowi, I also have a number of other vllbw property and farms for sals. MEDINA DRY GOODS cd, I MEWNA DRY GOODS (?a*i MBPI^A DRV, GOODS co. MIstilftncI Telephoine Orders Wilt receive prompt Attentiqm ^ Bell Phone 2()72^0.me ghp/rie BO^-A S-TQRE WILL 3E (CLQSEP ALL DAT MONDAY. DEICOI^ti^N BAT •Warren Ezisifi?! BEAT, EJSaCATE- I havo a list otfarms for sale In QxIeaM Niagara and Qonotea Oountloa. All kinds, oil prloos, all loo*tlons, lloaldenoes In nearly all parts of tno villages to -suit all pooiot books from 11,605 to 10,000. Oeina and see xne.lel your wantaibo-known, and wo wltt talk It over. Also one ot tho beat ootmtry hotola m Wottorn New York, Dome and soe an old resident—aa man that will give you a sonaro deal. UM tarma all shies, both moderately, anil highly Improved, hom 180 to UOO pot aero ana np. Yon make no mlstaks when yon deal through Ensign. See him eraonnlly for ohotoo Invoatmont. Alio no building lots and realdeneea tn town, John Bumble odors his valuable fruit farm tor sale, oontlttlnK of fa) acroaol rloh, mellow soil-right In tho poseii bolt,, looatod SJi miles southeast train byndon vlllo. .Ton noroa ot oholco apple osohstd 5 aores ot posoboa, 8 and i years old, pears, plums, oborrloa and gravpoe In abundance-, aoodbulldlngs. Form will fenced. Six aores ot timber M E are justly proud of these dainty undergarments which this Annual May Sale presents. Many, superior values are shown which later in the season will* be impossible to get at these prices. Great care has been taken In selecting every garment, materials and trimmings are the best and particular attention has been given to the cutting and fitting of each garment. G0WN8 Real Estate and Insurance F. F. PERRY, Director FOE THB Orleans Comity Farmers* - Mutual Lnsnrance k Real Estate of All Kinds OFFICE—Second floor tn the Downs & Kearney block. Medina, 2*. Y. #e / Want Your Patronage The New Drive Barn at 89c Gowns of good quality cotton •scith ronnd neck trimmed with embroidery, yoke of clusters of pin tucks. at 50c Extra Size Gowns of an excel- lent grade of cotton, neck and sleeves trimmed with hemstitch- ed ruffles. Yoke of hemstitched tricks. at 50c Gowns -with high round neck trimmC'd with embroidery, yoke formed -with tacks nnd embroid- ery insertion. at 50c Gowns of good cotton with neck and sleeves trimmed with lace edge, yoke of clusters of tucks. at 59c Gowns of extra quality cotton \V neck and long sleeves trimmed -with hemstitchied raffle, yoke of alternate rows of tucks and em broidery insertion, at 59c Gowns with high round neck trimmed with embroidery, yoke of hemstitched tacks, sleeves '^fi lislied with hemstitched ruffle GOWNS at W Fine Mn Having purchased the Gris- wold Drive Barn we are in the business to accommodate ear g&trens and we tir-ant your patronage. Prices reasonable. Best sentrice, Call and be convinced. Billings & Co. /V Rare Oifer! By special antaigement f with the publisher, -we For Tan Days I will tako your moaauro and- make you & salt to ordor tor fSO.OO of a largo assort- ment Qt wooionB, inoluillng blue serges, plain or fahoy, Soo'toli - aul&ings, grey atrlpod Worsteds,' nobby grey plaids, groy worsteds and tweeds, lilaok' cloths and amino ot the nobby light brown suitings m'ado to your Individual measuro and made urst-elass In onr own tailor shops and by skilled workmen. Every suit will havo the olasa and stylo usually fonnil In Brust'e tailor ntade olotlia.' Our being ablo to buy a largo assortment of .wpjajons has enabled, mo |to- offer you thoso goods at this low prieo, -nhloh are oheapor than roady-to-woar houses can oSer, • • \ . OS^tebPATBtY B BiH*tokBTA,tCHAl(KB. I>B.HKIiSH iJOMW Q'rWTtVBiaaTifl'toistei AV]Bl^,,. s OjB«o>atH5|toMor^ ni^^^. He%»tm»sa»v aunt Wday. tJatnrda' - W' ^•^*)'w«aii«iila* and are enabled a limited til offer for The Buffalo Express (DAILY) AND The Medina Register FOR ONLY $3.00 f M.NYOKIv (LNTKAL k LINKS \AatEBieVs OnfeAfEST * ilMUWAY-'OVSTEM\ Is, Societies it j other organizations.shoidd iiinko montsifor Summer Outing NOW. Ifyondoslro information rof- arrsiige- rcior'ta and railroad faros writ* to H,Porr j-, Gomral Agont, NwYork Control, S7T Main BttiaM nnffolo, N. Y. ' iisu|' AilTenliei iettera, MBBISA. N. T.,'May 26,1010, E, P. tb,wl8j , Mrs, Minnie.RIoiiBtdiijii, itr, and- Sirs. Henry BeSt'tooen,- Mrilii JOenoh, ;Mrs.,j; H. >Vesley Johneton^Mfs, tttiuyn Bero; .Harry Blaok'bhrnv Augntt Bergmahi >Mrs, M, '% SurrSiiB,' Mrs, aatlWaFryeft; . ':-; -.,',-;.'.; ^uslm Gowns with low round neck rind short sleeves -trimmed withflace, neck finished with beading jand ribbon. at^5c Extra Quality Muslin Gowns with liigh round neck and sleeves trimmed with embroid- ery, yoke of pin tucks and hem- stitched tucks. at 75c Ladies' Chemise Gowns with round neck and short sleeves trimmed with convent embroid- ery. at 89c Gowns with-round neck trim- med -with embroidery, yoke of •wide embroidery insertion and tucks, sleeves finished with em- broidery insertion. at 89c Ladies' Chemise Gowns of long cloth, low round neck and short sleeves trimmed with lace, yoke of embroidery. at 98c Ladies' Chemise Gowns of hatred muslin, low round neck and snort sleeves trimmed with Valenciennes lace. at 98c Ladies' Chemise Gowns of lontf cloth, low neck and short sleeves trimmed with embroid- ery\) yoke formed with embroid-i cry insertion. at 9S>~ Ladies-' V neck Muslin Gowns with lono; sleeves finished with featherstitch braid and embroid- ery, yoke of wide embroidery in- sertion and pin tucks. at $1.25 ' Ladles' Gowns made of long cloth, square neck and long sleeves trimmed with embroid- fcry edging, yoke of alternate rows of embroidery insertion and pin tucks, at $$.25 : _ . Ladies' Chemise Gowns of harred muslin., round low neck and'short sleeves finished with embroidery beading and satin ribhoii. at $1.29 Ladies' Empire Gowns of long cloth, low round neck and short sleeves trimmed with lace, belt of lace insertion ran with rib- bon. The sleeves nnd front above the belt made ot dotted muslin. at $1.29 Ladies' Chemise Gowns made of barred muslin, low round neck and short sleeves trimmed with lace, yoke of eyelet em broidery. At $1.50 Ladies' Chemise Gowns of fine long cloth, low V. shaped neck and short sleeves trimmed with Swiss embroidery, neck finished with beading and satin ribbon. At $1.50 Ladies' Chemise Gowns of long cloth, low ronnd neck and short sleeves, trimmed with beading and ribbon and finished with dotted embroidery in colors. Princess Slips At $1.25 Slips made of barred muslin trimmed with lace and beading with ribbon. it$li50 ' ; •• I Slips made of fine la-Wn, neck and arm sizes trimmed with lace and skirt trimmed with pin tucks and lace. $2.00 slips made of extra fine lawn with wide lace insertion and beading to form the yoke. Skirt has two rows lace insertion and one row lace edge. At $3.00 Slips of Persian lawn, front and back of yoke very elabor- ately trimmed with lace inser- tion and edge and dotted mull. .Poatmasttt, or i: ne of em- Corset Covers at 19c Corset Covers of good cotjoii trimmed with lace and beading with ribbon. at 25c Corset Covers of fine cotton trimmed with torchon lace. ' at 25c Round neck Corset Covers of long cloth trimmed with em - hroidery insertion and lace edge at 39c Corset Covers with round neck, yoke formed f with wide embroidery, neck an d arm shies finished with lace edge, at 50c i Corset Covers made long cloth with yoke broidery insertion, neck and arm sizes finished with embroid-. ery edge and beading with rib- bon., Drawers at 25c Ladies'Mlislin Drawers with floiince trimmed with pin tucks. at 2Sc Ladies' extra quality Muslin Drawers trimmed -with lace in- sertion and edge. at 35c Ladies' fine M!uslin Drawers with ruffle trimmed with pin tucks and embroidery. at 39c ]Ladies' Muslin Drawers with lawn flb'unce trintmed with tucks and embroidery* at 50c Ladies' DraWeSrs of barred miislin with flounce: trimmed with hemstitched' tucks. Skirts at 25c Ladies' Short Skirts of good quality cotton trimmed with hemstitched rufllc- at35c Ladies' Short Skirts of gond cott-oruwitn hemstitched raffle trimmed with pin tticks. at 50c Ladies' Short Skirts Of good quality cotton with lawn ruffle finished with embroidery. at 75c Ladies' Short Skirts of long cloth, with wide lawn ruffle trimmed with tucks and lace. at 50c Ladies' Long Skirts of good quality cotton with wide ruffle trimmed with tucks and lace in- sertion. at 75c Ladies' Long Slkirts of extra quality muslin, with 15-ineh lawn ruffle trimmed with two rows pin tucks in clusters \nnd one row wade lace insertion nnd finished with lace edge.' at 89c Ladies' Long Skirts of fine cotton wfth wide ruffle of barred muslin finished with hemstitched tucks. at 98c Ladies' Long Skirts of fine cotton with 18-inch flounce trimmed with hemstitched tucks and finished with Wide embroid- ery- edge. at 98c . , LadieS'..Long Skirts of line muslin .with 12 r inch flounce trimmed with pin' tucks and embroidery. • • • - , • at 98c - Ladies' Long Skirts of an ex- tra high grade of cotton with IS-inetr flonnce trimmed with fine pin tucks and one row wide lace insertion and finished with wide lace edge. ]at98c | Ladies' Long Cambric Skirts with wide raffle ot barred mus- lin trimmed with hemstitched tucks. at $1.25 Ladies' Long Muslin Skirts with lawn ruffle trimmed with one row beading with ribbon and wide embroidery edge. at $1.25 Ladies' Long Cambric Skirts with 18-inch lawn flounce trim- med with cluster Of pin tucks and wide embroidery. at $1.50 Ladies' Long Skirts of fine cambric with 15-inch lawn ruffle trimmed with clusters of tucks and lace insertion and! edge. at $1.50 Ladies' Long Skirts of cam brie with 13-inch ruffle trimmed With tucks and embroidery. at $1.75 Ladies' Long Skirts with cam- bric top and lawn ruffle trim- med with hemstitched tucks and embroidery, at $1.75 Ladies' Long Skirts of cam brie muslin with ±8iincb flounce trimmed with pin tucks and ,tw6 rows heavy lace insertion and finished with \wide laceec' MEDINA DB^r <*©®©S fcO. BB Ea OB B U nn U u nn uu nn uu nn LIU nn gr, an nti. BU nn eu nn KU rin BU nn Cti na B U net BU gg BO nn Utl BO ESQ aa na B B nn ao BB BB BB DO na Cti na BB BB na nn B U si B B ESSE uat Rel . ' - ; V (••\••\'•fffff ;. . n-- - i , '• \ill -'ik^H •••••\(\\.sWB < MW EsUMaaJMaaaaaaVt < 'iba^L^laaaaaaal ABBaaaaaa H ^ffia^aaaaaaaVaaai Ifflt^Hl^laS • nJDaaaaaaBH • YTBHMH nMMBHfl Klaaaaaal Paem^LaaflM l.flaHtaflfl avVBilHtl 'L-Aalaaaaaaaffa . \'ffalaaaaaSI rMaaaaaaaaaaal t^FTR m C=3,s jUPBl i \ We splendii aaatweiaaiBBaaaiBaai c aoTmi nnanan SQQDEIG Phone: AJA< JU ^

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