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mmmmi riMrdnaBmjacananncgHanannE^aBnnsEaMCFinBBaBanBiEanaBn i j^^k^^^ j^§|pS!I^ TIlttVK TABUS. SOURSPRING SUITS ea RB OB BD eg • B5 nn BO I F clotte have any in- aa fluence on the World's g§ opinion of a Man—and they ga -certainly have—the Man na •we Suit this Spring -will g| bisk in the sunlight of ga puhlic esteem. on Our Clothes are fashion- gg ed for critical ejes, and gg they are Tailored for criti- on cal tastes by Master hands, gg The Season's choice and BB correct Models are ready Bi for inspection or choosing. g| Suits $6, $8 and $10 jj| along by tiasy steps to.$13. aa Que $14, $iS and.$301| Suits will prove a great na surprise to the Man who '§i has neveps .iouglit hi§ g| Bu i Effective Novpmber 81,1009. Time ot BH trains leaving Medina on and alter that (Into will be as follow*, WESTBOUND No 38, 7.18 n,m .dally, jfo 37,p;48 « m„daily. Ifo,«,H:45a m., ex,Sunday, J»o, 45,4:10 p l 'm.,.a»u,. No. 19, 6:10 p. m.,er Sunday, No, 6$ l 7-*0T>,m„daHy l Ko 09 J( IS qi, midnight, H&STBOWtt. •No, 80, J, a m.ex Monday, for Albion; No, 88,7-17 a. m„ dally; No. 43, «,18 a in.,dally; No. 18,12:89 p m., dally; No, 63,8 88 p. in , dally; No, 64, 4 SO p. ja Clothe here. -ir* ga So aa w , We touch your pufse as lightly p. possible and our If ng splendid values help you t o he happy in your Clothes. ia 0! BQ oa aa BD BQ ca na DO ca GE^O, I^r OWKINS, I CLOTHIER, TAIWW* HATIBR, FURNISHER, 42* Bnio St, Jedta, N.Y, §§ ^ppg§|iii B §siggg^io^^giia^g a Big^iigg|g|igi^ngg Rell Phone 267l\| tell TJs Yonr Wants | Sunday Hours l?to 1 p.m. MACK'S REXALL DRUG STORE JUST_ON SALE! A NEW LOT OF Mack's Compound Syrup White Pine and Tar One of the two best Cough Remedies ever made Try d- bottIe—2Sc Old JasHioned Horeh.oun.d Drops 20c the Found CHARLES A. MACK DRUG MERCHANT THE REXALL STORE i ., • • . - - ! ' r \•': ::::;=a BUYING A NEW SUIT is a happy medium of hope deferred. Certainly, \if you think clothes are just \clothes\ and not mncli difference between them, you can buy ANYWHERE. But, if you want all-wool fabrics!, best hand tailored, correct \city\ styles, wide range of sizes and a suit that is certain to fit and. haiig properly and always hold its shape, we would invite YOU to inspect OUR SPECIAL XJN13 and you will be certain of th*e best value for the price that money fan buy. Wc GUARANTEE them all, should you find imperfection in the tailoring or cloth we are much pleased to make the same right. Summer Shifts, TJacterwear, Hosiery, Neckwear, Belts, Trunks and Bags in a very complete line. i r—» iz?»- w~» t~3» r rf\\S T* TP' Clothier And Furpisher^ / Medina, N. V,. OFFICIAL eBMQtt STOKE OF WESTON NEW YORK \1 : Carpets and Rugs EK Such a fine assdrtmen of new patterns in Carpets and Rugst of all kinds'never was shown in our mammoth establishment in any previous season j and the prices too are not extrava- gant* Rijgs come in all sizes to fit almost any size room. Our line of Straw Mattings is exceptionally fine, pfices ranging from 15c to SOc per yard. Linoleums and OH Cloths, of every description. Wc give S. & fi Green Trading Stamps WEIS & FISHER CO. <* «rn»intt (50-S4-State Street dS ™\ M J 441-443 Clinton Avenue N. ROCHESTER,N. Y. | 373.37S Lyeli Avenne ex Sunday, No, 70, 6.80 p. in., dally; No. 7*. 7 43p. m, dally, i TralnaNoa 48,64 and 74 oastbopnd and trains Nos, 87 and 41) wosthouud Will ran on last aobodulo and make stops only at thp more Important stations Ko 57 dally, Buffalo express, 10-Oo'p. in. This train win lea^o Bochoater 8-SO P- m , arriving Lookport 1Q SS p, m, Bur. raloll.40p.nl No. 59 leaving.Boqhojtor H.,S0 p,, nit I U r MgMhawUinqtraflSimaiyja, , ( ? ' MOAli VBtKftrtim./- J * For thp next 30 days | offer for • sale the largest and most com- plete line of High Grade Auto-Seat •Carriages and Surries also Heavy Spring; Wagons on sale in Medina. No old shopworn stock, all new and up-to-date this season. BiG reduction in the price, and see me before buying. I I r 4.'ho Hndaona of Rophtator at Oat;' Orohata Part on Saturday, \ : , ,BfMrililng-ali»apwatta atll^tto jutterni fOr^lrt^alatnllSPearlStreet,- ' Wkdlng bolU will ring- at Bent'r Qpera Housi) Miiy 17th awl MToy 18th, ^Qteral ottho local ICiil£[ht« oi Qoloin-> f bai atteria the degree Vpft-la Alljlon oa Sanday; . \So Ob« ? |n( ! 'tmtrio.n l t6oEasy,i' Tery Kood adyloo jflyon by MiQhaelin aJheCq. Eds of •Qleawood, ItisfiRia'that by 1915 tuts on.d of the sfcatqwlU havo booonm the swat peaoh belt of tho ooantry. An infant ohlld i)t Mr, and Mrs. Jobn *eglpvr dlqd pit Sunday at the family honio on Starr Btreob. Got noxt to oOhnse Robo and a woolen blanket a t Alloa's harnoaa storo, Fries from «to fio. 83tf Try Vicar, tho new Ilavan* olgar. S0t( JflnoeoBnory, brlRhe tongs, loosil alts.' pretty oostnnw. All at Beat'a Opera House May 17, IB. Oo-l?daor Glonwood. Tho Bodiea stored in tho vault at Box- wopd during tho past winter wro taken oat last weok and Intoirod In tho family, barlol Iota. TliotaxroUtor. tha third liutnllraeat of tho East Bldoaewerwaa plnoed in tho bands ot tho elork for oollooslon in,t yji* dayorentng, . •, Have you loonthat »wo|l salt of grey which your nolghborjawoarlag* (Chat la ono ot thoso mado to order mlta at JSO.00 at Bruat' big bargaln'a: A boy will forgot in a moment when Ma mother roMBed him ttorn, drowning, buShomttlwmombor allths-Cayiot bit Ufothetimohu mother made him wait utul< tho company had oaton. Ttl« reported that work lina rinally boon started on tba oroaslng; for tho B, Ii..&R trolley ot Xyoll Avenno, Roch- ester. It thl. la trao tho cars will be running into tho city In about a month. At a mooting ot ths> Woman's Hoipltal Aisoolatlon hold on Tliuriday'Jnit Airs. F. i\ Perry tondered hor re«Ignatlon aa prcildent. Mri. B. F. Wolcon aacceodl Mrs, Perry aj president oi tnn Alioola- tton. Don't lot tho baol: atop 1» unilghtly with awllt polls, oat dlihes and hon food, tana strewlntr food and attracting flloa and disease. Cart away all tho old cans, brobn dlsbea, old coats and bootifrom baoV places and yards. The Medlna-Holley High Sohool ball tramo on Tucadsy Ja»t waa iotfollea by Holloy In the sixth inning after a dispute over anbititutlng a runner toe an Injured playor. Tho nraplra flooldoa In (nror ot Medina and Hollay quit. Tho High School Athtotlo -^uooiatlon havoa number AC entries lxu the field •ports ana, dobiti) at Hobart onS|tnrJaay next. About ai liizan of the t>oJsj^vlli jro In charge of Shpt. VonEtton land they ought to briilg homo sramo tr6phlol II. 1). Mot)on»ld & Co, Au.t|) Jul car- riage pointing, piano finishing! pollBblng, furniture llnlahtns, Uphoisterlllg, bed en nincllng. Work called for- anil deliv- ered. Fassott Factory, 0»i Orchard Street. Ball Phono 231 H-8. 10w3 Sinoko Reciprocity Crocontolgor. GOtf A horse driven by Karl Smith of Shelby ran away on West Avonno oh Sunday last, air. Smith, who was t n the car- riage, jumped out when near St. Mary's Chhroh nnd received only sllgbt Injuries, rholiorso wns oanght ami no lorloafl il.™«{» was done. Aniasa Shoemaker and Buaktoy Stew- ard, arrested last wool; for stealing wire, etc, from the Swotfc K. L, & P. Co., got ISO days each at tho- M, 0. P. n« n. toward for their efforts, tfadge Brnlnard has thus made an ojcollont start toward the spring hortsecleanlng . At tho annual meeting ot the Mount Pleasant Cemetery Association ot West Shelby a resolution was passed that any person wishing to have thbur lot or lots in the conlotorr talcen Care of by tho association perpetually can 'by paying eight conta per square foot; any time, before July 1,1910. After July fleas? tho charge will be ten cents por square foot. Wc don't believe nny nowspapor will- fully makes mistakes or lets errors creep into its columns .unless by mistake, and yet, no- doubt, some -BonBltlvo roadors Imagine newspaperman delight In omit- ting something with a sole view to giving offense. Names are apt to got twisted and errors miido In the best papers, Aoxohango gives the following remedy for! rheumatism : Bathe tho ports afteoted In water as hot aa can bo borne, In frhloh potatoes have boon b.blied, just before going tVbed. By the noxt morn- ing tho pain wlil bcTmuoh relieved. It not entirely gone. A few bppllciitlona will euro the most obsMnate cases B. T. Brooks, a carpenter employed on Frod Howell's now hoMe on West Cen- ter Street, Slipped and fell wbllo walking across the joists last Taesday morning, striking on his face • and cutting a bad gash in the undor lip, breaking bla xtoso' and brnlslng his lace, bra, Munson and Soott drossod the wounds ana ^Ir. Brooks returned to his work. He wos not np early enough to see .the comet, but when be toll severaj oonsteilatlona of atnra'wero clearly visible to hls.vlo.ion, OUr gardens do not got nearly enough llnio, Ifyoiirsoll appears \worn but\ In spite of lortllteationi lime \Will restore It. If green scum or \ moss *-' is seen on top of the soil, the need ot lime la indi- cated. lr your lawn Is troubled With \sorrel\ or oinlls, glvo a liberal sprink- ling of olrslaoited. limo, and tho sorrel will quibkly disappear, tor lt> thrivos only inaold 6r \BOUC\ soila, Tbero ttto a few plants and shrubs that do not like limo, but they aro liidood few. Don't forget that In making provisions for tho card ona malntalnnnco of yonr final resting plnoe lit your last will and testament, .that our benevolent state govofnineht steps In and .preys off a ohttrik of your bequest td'tbo eoinetery commissioners and loaves thorn short on the itlpuloted;prloe k Bettor put up your morioy wbllo living and then you may be sure of tho, result. . If you don't thia beautiful ohild of tbo sf. o. jp. ohrlsteried \'•Inhoritaneo tfax\' will sure- got five por LSentUih first 'and thon tbe> lawjors^el' thefc lnhiiigs..\'\ Basaball at Oat Orchard Pari. Satur- day, The dates ot tha Orleans County Fnlc Is September 14,16,10,17, Tho W. q. T. tJ. will moot o,fe tho homo, of ICra J. D Loit Wednesday, Mar 18th, tit 8:30 o'clock The Hothor'a Club will bold their next meeting at the. high school o n Tuesday afternoon nex^at 8.80 o'oloolc,, \We're only the Freshmen.\ Dome and see them, at Bent's Qpera, House May IT, 18 Co-Kds of Glonwood, 1? X Boynolds Is tho onlymortihnnt In the village who bus had tha ll»i\o to dlaplay strawhats this seasop Judge Brsklno wilt sing, \That's How I Got to be a, Judg*\ Tuesday and Wed- nesday evenings at Bout's Opera House. Be euro you'see the swell line of /suits which Brust is showing inado to measure for-yonr- own ideas.,- Made ilrst-closs lor 120 00 Several of our baseball enthusl,iats wont to Koeheator and Buffalo Monday to b e .presont' at the opening games pf. th e [.Eastern Loogue in thoao cltloa. '• Tb^ annpal qonvehtlon of tho Bholby and Uarrn Sunday School-As9<kil.»tiou willboioid^n the libthpdlst<3^iw>hat Wost aaro ou' Friday, IJjey Ipih', At toe Wwtarn jfow Yock BopMstj ForoiKn Missionary Convention hold in Bliighamton oh Friday lastit was deoid'- ed to hold thenaxt mooting in Albion, Speolal fio- Blnglo hnnisss trunks, satonels, sulfas os, evefyfhiiiK'at Ibyy est prices In iown at Sarry Allen's Bast donter Sfreeti 89tf Look»(the goods iu opr south window ahdwo w|ll bo pteasod to show ypuvrnoire of tbatiLltyou will drdp'in', This suit sale will last 10 days only. So loavo your moasuro for one of these suits early Al l work; guaranteed tho beak Pniu p I, BHIIBT, .Medina's Popular Prloo Tailor, The weather last Saturday was hardly up to a low grade standard for ehjoylug a baseball game yet a fair sized -crowd assornbled at Oak Orchard Park to witness tha opening of tho season hera between the 'locals and the Cresoonts of Niagara Falls. Our boys oleaned up tho visitors by asopre of 0 to 4. If the weather moderates enough there will *bo a muob larger attendance at the next came, The longest elootrio tour ever under- taken waj started by Si residents ot Utiort on Tuesday morning. The objective point is Xontsvulo, Ky., and stops will be mado at 40 oltlei and villages, *Xha party will travel In a special oar equipped for the purpose. The objoot Is to lnvoitlgato park systems, waterworks, manulnotur- lng plants and munlolpal govornmont during tho two-wook trip, The oar pass* od throtush Medina yosterday tnornlng. The highest grade star entertalnmont conrso over offorml tho publlo ot Woiturn New ^,'ork will be given this coming sea- son in the M, K. Church of Midilloport, undor the auspices of the Ladles' Ai d Society. It has uvo numbers—two popu- lar lectures and three entertainments consisting of readers, quartettes and orchestras. The prime object et the dourso la not money—not for tho finan- cial benefit of the church or society! bu t rather to give tho publto some place to go for enjoyment, entertainment, culture, and a higher, nobler outlook upon life. FiRgoirax Mrjntnotr, m, Mrs. A J,Shislerls\riilt|nghoraaMR!i- tai laNewXorkCity \' ' £ William A. Coon of Hjta-yla has been; vlaltlng filonds in tQ.wnu Mrs. Charles K Brawn 1st vlsU'PK\ friends in Hunllton, Oauija, ' Mrs. ^ 8. Buwley i\ vliltlng har daughter in Amltyvillo, h X, Rev. P. T, Latham ot Oneida, was osll- Ing on his Medina frivndiyestcrday. .* Mrs. Iioulso Morgan oJt-nglnBkW, Mloh-. is tho guest, of Mrs Chavilel Maok. Mrs, Alta Anstlh entertained the Bridge Wh|st Olnb on Monday afternoon. Mrs. 'William Stockton of Watorport has been \lsltlug her alitor, Mrs F E. Colburn John Lewis attended (ha.. Knights of Columbus convention at >riagavra Vnlln yosterday, Miss Mabel Tlnkhpiu sunt tbo first of tho week with Mrs w-tnion Brookwoy at Falrport, Mrs. Goprgo.Fooney nndtlMliJ of Akrou aro vlsltia'g, her parontsj. jar ( and Mrs«, OhoriesBurtheil.. . • ••• JJ -\- Mr. ,an4Mre. Eyolynt 1|QWO o£ B,oohos>> : tor.iiaye-,hoi!n visiting .-Jitf -parent?,;$»-,. nud' Mrs. Goorgo Allah. i!rs«.M, V. Grinuoll qii^artatSxted tli'o- roomb'ers ot the GIllofetqtai)(ir»y fjofjool olsss 6b .Tuesday evohlng, Miss Carrie Hpzzard mi, Mr. Hansard ( ot Buffalo wore gneatallie .flrit of the'| week ot lira, ff. A, ObiM);' ' i Tha ;S, T, Circle p£\ tb.e> Mothoillst Sunday Sph'ool. mot ,wfi|li Jlra. VV; H\« Mocsa on l'uosday oftorrxoon. '• Mrs. /J. M, Sh.a'rpsteBiv, btw roturhod homo from Jaoksphvlllo, Pla,, whore she has been spending thp wlplbx-. Bruco Olmsted leaves tills evening lor Ohipogb, whore ho hot acoiptcd m position With an electrical onglnndlag oonooru, Mr. and Mrs. ICdward WhIMslcton ot the Bates. Koad are revolting oyer the arrival of a daughter wriiltit vaaboruon; .Tuesday morning, Mrs. 3. t) Lott Bpont last Xhursday in Newfano where she S«o a n address boforo the h'eretgn aliBaXeiincy Sooloty en \Jltssion Work in tho Philippines.\ OBITUARY. 11m Co-Kds ot Ol.nwood Nest Tuesday and Wednesday even- ings. May 17 and IS, tho Ladios' Auxiliary ot tbo X M. 0. A. will present tho new opera \Tho Co-Eds ot Glonwood' 1 by H. T. htrompart. This opera Is highly enter- taining and no lover of muslo can afford to miss it.- The oast Is at follows: Tho Faculty—Tho Old Protesaor, H. T. Krompmt; Miss Douglas, Preceptress of Collogc, Mrs, Frank Howard; Margaret Gordon, Mrs. Loo Parsons; Violet Blake, Mrs. E. 1 Bill,! Edith Demand, Mrs. A. H. Miller; JoibphlnoBale,jMlh Harriot Knox. Evolyjn Monttord, Gtionwdod's prettlost co-ed, Miss Pearl Curtis; Lillian Kent. Evelyn's college ohum, Miss Lena Clark i Catherine Wood, a general favor- ite, Miss Dorothy Hood; Normal) Gray, In love with Evelyn. Louis &, Nnol, Barry Moore, bosom friend ot Norman's, Everett Lacoy; Dick Eaton, baaoball captain, liavmond Howard; Sam Benson friend of Blok's, C.;B. Colburn; Jaofc Thayer, head of the Freshman olass, Elwooi I>. Maok; Mlchaol, eoretakor of tho grounds, Codrlo Dygort; John Mont- ford, Evelyn's father, J. Q. Dresser, Jr.; Judge Eraklne, the man With a million, H. T. Krompart, SYNOPSIS ASII. Scene—On the osmpus. Time—Morn- ing. Chorus ot mate students, \We Are Stu- dents Bravo and True.\ Greeting song, \Good Morning, Merry OernHoraon,\ ladles' of f Faculty. \Ladles' quintette, \'HowPuro and Fresh' the Morning Air,\ Preceptress and Faculty, Solo, Precep- tress, \d rduth, Thou Art the Spring- time.\ The arrival of the Freshmen. Song; ond ohorns,-''Wo'ro only the Frcsb- trien.\ \All Off for tho Diamond.\ Song, Nbrmon. \Why Should I Blush to Own tho Truth.\ Duet, Josephine Halo and Norman, \^Nothing's Evor Gained By Worry.\ ,!}brfnan*s resolution. Chorus of Co-Eda. \O'er the Campus Lightly Tripping.\ The return from tbo ball ground^ ''We've elceted a now captain.\ Sang, Dlok and ononis, \I'd Bather be the Captain of the Baseball Team.\ \All on yonr good behavior, here colnos the old Professor,\ Song, Professor, \I'm Palled the Old Professor.\ Chorus, '[We're Proud of Glonwood,\ Dramatlo s'oono, \The Purpbse We Aro Horo For.\ Tableau nnd full chorus, \HallI Educa- tion.\ Within fifteen .minutes of the study hour. The mysterious letter, \At lasf I bavo found her,\. Love mating on . the campus. Duet, Kvetyn and Norman,. \You Say You Love Me \ An engage- ment with a proviso. Tho eoliege bell. Duet, Preceptress and Professor, \Fare- well to Bouts Of Play.\ Finale of Act I , \We'll All Uphold the Honor of Old GrlenWood's Name.\ ACT II. Scene—Same. Time—Evoning. Michael the caretaker at work. Dis- missal ot the olassos. Chorus ot students \Another Day of Study's O'er.'' Solo, Preceptress, \What AUnlvorsary. Is Tblaf\ Full chorus, \Arbor s Day.\ Solo, Margaret, \O Maple, Book-Bibbed' Maple.\ The planting ot the treo. \We'll get Mlohael to help us.\ Song, Mioboel. \Be 0biiging, But Don't be Bosyi\ More obo.ut tho nvysteriouB let- ter. Duet, Kvelyn ondljillla'ni \College- OhuniB.\ The arrival of John Monttord. An unpleasant surprise • Song, Evelyn, \The Passing Hours Seem Long,\ A trying position. Song, Norman, '*AS Long as Life Shall Last,\ Dramatic soene, Josephine and Evelyn, \Fear noth- ing, my ohild, leave Judge Krskine to me.\ She Judge arrives and has some trouble with Mlohael. Song, Judge Ers- klne, \That's thp Way I Got to Be 1 a Judge.\ The Judge unexpectedly meets an old trlorid. Dramatlo soene, Josephine arid the Judge, \After you hsvo done What I OBk I will hand you the papers, and hot till theb.\. Evelyn's decision. Still mors surprises, Song, John Mont- ford and ohorus, \Isn't H e a Noble Judge?'' The lovers renhlteid. Olbsirigt POI.1IB. Nancy D , widow ot tho late Avery Polor, passed away on •Sunilay last at the) roaldanco ot her daugnltr, Mrs. P. A . Davis, aged 89 years. Mrs. Polor was ono oC llio pioneers, ot this seotlan, Born in Simtoga County in IKiS, and In the foilwl^ig year her parenta mado the ovorlniid. Jonrnoy to 'Western Now York vrilli an ox.team, which transported thexn andi- their be- louglngs. A brief stop wai made a t EagloHarbor and then tlnlaiiilly leoated permanently in Shelby, It has Xnlluii to her lot to witness durlnslier lltotlmo the transformation ot this notion' from the tlmo It was emerging from a wilderness to the making or ona of tlio garden spots Ot tbo world, Mrs. Polar is survived bj three sons, A Blair, Emmott J., F, il«rlon and two daughters, Mrs P. A.Dalll of this vil- lage and Mrs, F. V. Bord of Olovorsvllle, N Y. Tho iuneral soxtlees, woro hold from tho roildenco ot P. A, Envle yester- day afternoon, Bey. F. I, iatbnm, for- rnor pastor ot the Bnptlil Charoh horo, conducting tho service- llarlal at Mt. Pleasant Comotory, Wost filiolby. v StniJAT SIIRVIC*!\. M«thoW *t>ts«0Dail Oaanh, B?v W. W, RKK^K, i ) J>„ PAbtoK, Proaohtag by B'ev.WauV i'lntt.D, 11„ of Philadelphia, »u M.UO Dr, Piatt Is QUO of the secretaries of the Board of Boipo Missions and Ohuroh Kxtenaion of tho Methodist Episcopal Ohuroh. He Is an eloquent speaker aud should he heard by all who can do so The pastor will preach at 7:80. The Bible School meets at IS o'clock, and the League at 6:1)0, bcaderj W, C. Booltwlth, faubject *'Ouv Motto. Tho, Upward Look and tho Up- lift\ . , - Tho Ladles'Aid bqoloty xucota Friday otO . ' Preibytertan vrtureb* BKV. H, F. Ktt»wopi>. PASTOU. Servtooa uoxt Sunday \il\X be as fol- lows; 10.89—' Morning worship and Sermon, hi—Sunday Sohool nhd Bible classes ,JiSO-^-l!yehInjr worsl^Ip and'sermpn, $Ubjebi,\-a;ho Syrniptjeonlelan;\ F^ftrth In.tho series on >'Anqnyxnous Characters, oitheBlbUy'.; ' ' Tho topip,^ the mld-wppk sdrvlse, Thursday pyoulng wlU bo. \ qOho hotter and enduring substanoo.\ The Wonjai}'? Misslonnry S^odlety will •meet, with Mrs. jtoObesney. on. Friday afternoon at S;0O oolook. Hliptilt CliUTOh, Bsy, Tft0MA8PB.«Rrjliiprib,D., Pastor, ThpSundaySphopl wWhe hold as usual; Every «no is to wear !i iiloisonv whljpthe Sunday Sphp'oi rogiij is to be olabprateiy deoorntod with blossoius ot all/kinds,. Pastor's JllWo Olosa at 19. This olnss la for anyone who desires to romnin and study the W6rd. y. P, S . 0, a, at O'.SO o'olook. Ail young people are welcome. Kv/inmg sprvlco at 7lS0.. . A series of ovoulng BorviooB given to tho itnay and discussion of the '\ttenson. abiones* dt the Christian itcllglQii, 1 ' pre- paredin answer to thptohulatUo arraign- ment of ths piiuroh and the word ot Qod. topfovothp'roasortablenpisot our faith and that thp Bible nill remains the breath ot Qod, In ilicso days at groat, religious liberality, whom poiltonoss and compliments am more In demand than facts or argument; It Is well to find put for oursulvos, It tho foundation of our faith is assured. In the desire to avoid contention we havo coated to bo defendors ot tho faith onoo delivered to the saints. Como, lot us reason togothor, and sue whether tho audncloiiB deolaratmn ot recent skoptlcnl uttorancoi aro so. Firs t address Sunday evening, May 15th, at 7:30. Toplo, \What la QhrlstlanltyS'' Toxt, Aots SO, 1. Men and brethren hear ye my detenus which I make uuto you, Prayer mooting noxt 'Thursday evening at 7iDO. Subject, \1'ho Parable of tiio lost ahcop and the lost money.\ BAltltr. Mrs. alary Groat Barry, wUo of Charles Barry, died at her homo, en Pork Aronuo ycaterday morning alter t brief Illness, aged 6S years. Mrs. Barry was born at Oeanasvillo, NT. Y„whero she resided until aha and her mother located in this: tounty In 1871. Fifteen (yohra ago she mauled fdr. Barry, She waa a member ot tin Presbyterian Church and took an aullve Interest In ohuroh work. She li survived by her husband, a sistor, Mrs. A, B. Hunt, ot this placo, a brother, John Qroat, ot Ohteo, Cat,, and eorocnl nephaws and nelcos. Tho f unoral services will bo hold trom tho honso tomorrow—E'rlday—oitornoon ntS:80. nvcERD Marcia Ann RykorJ, widow of E.G. Bykerd, a termer residentof this village, died a t hor homo In Allies, 27, X., pu May 6th and was turloil In Boxwood Cemetery in this vltlssgi on Slay 7th. Mri. Bykerd was born in Shelby In 1830, her HBiHon name Being Sxcgory. She married and lived In thus vlllago many years where her husbancl was engaged lu tho manufacture of carriages and wagons. Thoy moved trom Medina |o Attica. McoAWriCEV Tho death ot Mrs. Selllia McCartney occurred at her home on Csnscr Street on Sunday morning last, ligod 75 years. The lunoral sorvioos wexolield yesterday from her late residence at 13130 o'clock. Tho remains were taken la Albion (or interment. St. John's [Kpi»oop»l) Church. 3, B. IIKIUUDUKN. KXOTOn. Sunday, May 10 Whitsunday. Holy Communion 7;30 a. m. Morning Litany and sermon 10:30 Sunday Sohool11 Special cradlo roll service, 3,110. Evening prayer and sermon 7:90 Next woo* at. Agnea Guild moots with Mrs. Kandolpli. La'dies* Sowing Society Thursday nttor- noon, with Mrs. James Beyor. Tho Girls' Friendly Boaioty meets Thursday ovoninS. i • nudsonsoritocheiteraLONkOralxardPar& Medina plays the straog Hudsons of Rochester on Saturday altbrnoon ot this week a t Oak Orchard I'lrB, tho game being called at 4:15 sharp, Tliore should bo no question about ths itns Bnpportlng a toam this season, from tho showing whloh tho locals mado n|«lnst the pick of Niagara Falls last SatuiJay. Manager Gallagher Is tlttermine.d this year to make a reoord fox liedltia, it pos- slblo. Tho teams have done BO Iwoll In years gone by that it Is latdiy possible to improve on their reoord, bat Mr. Galla- gher has on the walling lilt a largo num- ber ot players, who are noxious to wear tho Medina Uniform. Of coarse it Incurs a large expense and It .will bo necessary for Medina to unite and. tarn cut In large numbers If Mr. Gnllopjlior's program is to be carried obt. The team -is working nicely and Im- provements are rapidly going on at the Park for the convenient ot tho fans, therefore let every tan bo in his aeods- temed seat ready to root for the home team Saturday. KvtknaT. Lutheran Trlutty Church BKV. C. POBOK1KB.-PABTOI1. Confirmation seryloea at Trinity Luth- eran Ohuroh. Tho following class will be confirmed: Kno Blouicr, Nina Tanger, Gertrude Zabol, Ida Sohultz. Leona Koch, Christina Woltor. The order of sorvlooawill be as iollows; Prelude. , Song by confirmation ol.nen. Hymn by congrogntlen. Honpturo loaion nfid prnjer. Hymn by congregation. Bonding of Gospel for tha day. Hymn by congregation. Sermon. , Anthem by choir. Hymn by congregation. Introduction to confirmation. Examination of cbntlrmntlon. Confirmation. Anthem by malo quartette. Prayer and benediction, poxology by congregation. German sorvioos every Sunday at 10:00 a. in. except the last Sunday of each month o o whlcli fihorg wiU U§ BtlgUsh sorvioos at the usual hour. I Ohuroh counoll moots tho first Tnoaday nttor the aeoond bundav ofoaoh month. Tho young peoplo'a society, \ Con. cordlo,\ mcots Ibo first and third Thurs- days ot each month, : »- , For *VOQ Days I will take your xueaaure and make yon a suit to order for ISQ.OO ot a large assort- ment of woolens, Inoludlng blue serges, plain or fancy, Scotch suitings, grey striped worsteds, nobby grey plaids, grey worsteds and tweeds, black; cloths and some ot the nobby light brown suitings mado to your Individual measure and made nrst-olass In our own tailor shops and by skilled workmen. Every suit wilt have tho class and style usually found in Brust's tailor made oloths, Our bolng able to buy a large assortment ot woolens 1 has enabled me to offer you these goods at this low price, whloh hro cheaper than roody-to-woor houses can offer, P I For $20.00 Made to Measure I Fine Blue Sergei Indigo Dye, Past Color, Fine Quality, Neat Striped Effects, also Color Plaids, New Greys fn Striped Effects, and Plaids. All the. New things in Grey Suitings. Mode Two Piece Suit well tailored and finely trimmed. A swell Individual suit made to your measure. Ne\y Styles, in Hats. Soft or Derby Styles; All the New Things in Hawes flats. $2,50 to $3.00. [tew Things In Mote Toggeryi Neckwear,^ Underwear, Hosiery, Caps, Suspenders and all the I Small Fixingis for Men. i i i i PHILIP L BRUST | MEDINA TWO Stores' ' tYNDONVILLE j| I |^i)tifiv^j'iiiinrriv'' r; > : : UB. sBM •ajHassaaaaasaaMStaSStasiBsasi Semiannual Sate of Women's Trimmed Hats at $5.00 In no other way except through the purchase of i»n extraordinary quantity^ v/ouW this twice-yearly nde of J Trimmed Hats be possible. The maker who supplies us deals only with the bluest American houses. He contracts with these houses and with Us far In advance for a certain number of hats; then he gathers the ma- terials. He thinks nothing of buying a thousand of a shape or style or a hundred thousand Sowers- - And It's tlicseenorjnouj qusntl- Hc»hcU»hUi*oh»ndIeth»t mikes possible a Fhre Dollar selling price for these hkts. To produce the suae models here in oxrown work- rooms, i few at a time, would neces- sitate a charge to you of very close to doaMe. There is • distinct type of hats suited to every face and figure, in this vast assortment. Alt are the • newest creations of the season. Hundreds of Rochesteruuis ate availiaa theioaclves of this execp- tlostal crpporttrnity, why not \yenr? Two hits at five dottam apiece wouldn't begin to cover wkat you'd ordinarily pay for theprlceof one, Two Thing* to Relmem, Your carfare is refunded on reasonable purchases. You get S. &' H. Stamps with every purchase. na.IVs o'v* *. & fat. Qreoo TrtKlIng Stamp*—ask tor tnamassao COOAL aOKKKSrOSTDKNCK. * .Eleotion df Onjoeri. A the annual meotlna ot the Orleans County Bod and Gun Club hold in Mac cabeo Hall on Thursday evening last the following ofitoers wore elected for the ensuing yoart .President—Jacob WisilUeton. Vbe-?resident—William Buoiwitz. SPoretary—H. A,-Eofc»rt, Treasurer—S. P. Blood, .., Sargeoht-aWorms—Ijeon Barrus. . Attorney—lioBoy JuSklnnor. DlreotorS' for three fears — Thomas Barnes, 3, P. Sohuyle*, Edward Solly, Dr. John Llddle. Director to fill Vaeanoy—Fxed Moore. , Fixio Cattle, A, H. Martin and son Charles ot Shelby shipped a carload of fine steers to New York yosterday, and tliey wore probably tho finest lot ever shipped from ono farm In Western Now York, There woro thirty of them and they avoraged 1410 pounds each. This lot Bold tor $7.60 per hundred weight. John Baher, also of Sholby, shipped a lino lot of steers to tbo New York market yostorday. All ot whloh goes to show that there Is no financial reason why our fnriiiore should not own joy wagons, \ -^ „ »'•> ^ Bean Growers Wanted To plant beans on contract sped fur- nished and fall particulars given upon application by letter, Slthor phono No. 351 at our expense, or a personal onll at Orosmsn Bros;, 903 Monroe Avonno, HoohoBter, N. Y. . \ k 10w3 KNOWX,KSVlI,t.E.@ Wo aro pained to ohroalole the doath ot Mrs. Itobort James. She dopartcd this lite Sunday morning, after runny months of suffering patiently borne. Sho loaves a sorrowing husband and little daughter too young to Understand hor loss, and many rolatlvoa nnd. friends. Mrs. Clark Is again quite 111. Mrs. E. H, Achilles Is able to be about again after her recant illness., Mr. Breightaman was taken to a Buf- falo hospital for an operation last Satur- day, after a consultation ot phyalolans, Jesss Kllnor, who has been under tho doctot's earo with an attnolc ot grippe. Is recovering. Mrs. Lucy Kllner of the Erie County Hospital visited hor mother, Mrs. Jack- son, lost Friday. She was accompanied by one of bor friends in tho bnrso's train- ing olass. I Frnnols Hathaway ot Syracnso Is visit- ing her grandparents. J. A. Whltwoll and family entertained friends from Syracuse the first ot (ho weok. ' James Dlokonson and wlto have re- turned trora a visit to their old homo friends In Brighton. ' F..O. Dean of Henrietta, a former-hotel proprietor hero, was%i town rooently. Kloy, Spenopr Flshor, a former pastor of the' Baptist Ohficob. horo, stopped off for a fow brief Calls when passing through hero last' wook. Charles Sponoer of Birmingham, Ala., 1B vUltlng relatives and friends horo. Charles Trow o t Buffalo spent Sunday horo with his parents. Leo hloAlltster of Nova Scotia Is spend- ing his vacation with his parents. He arrived In town Monday, The Misses buella Fitch, Ella Bell and Laura Spencer spent Monday at Niagara Foils. Jesso Sinclair bas purchased a new auto to oxpedlto business In tho butcher- ing lino. \ Hood Post and tho Womon's Rollof Corps of Medina tendered S. M, Hood a birthday surprise yostotday. This little pig went to market and lie is now here—corn-fed and right. Also Larnb, Mutton, BeefT' Veal and Poultry always in : prime condition. Experienced handling and prices that really Save. | W. I. O'BRIEN. KealgnatM Miss Myra Coon ban tendered hor resig- nation as superintendent of the hospital to take effeet when everything Is in readiness tp miove into lee pew hospital budding. It is to be> hoped that ,tho Help Wanted Iilvo, energotlo man for goneral work in large vinegar plant—one who under- stands Inspecting and ganging barrels. Address Orleans, Or. Medina Register, Medina, N. Y. IOWS _ _ physiolans' oommlttee Will 6e , able tot ohoruBV'WiSjIdiiigBolls, Weridlnp^iBellSj. Ipersuade .MtSs Coon -in r'eOonslior .the. GallyTijeySbdnWiltiUsgt'' ' • ' 'I'raatter. ', '. , I. BUSINESS Business in the building line will soon be booming so NOW Is tho time to make arrangements for your PLUMBING and HEATING. . By 80 doing you avoid delays when your building is ready, i'or estimates or Information call or phono '.''\'• T. J, MArWiii, ; ( .8lf '.* b^ltnjfle Street, liioaifln,'; ' LVNDONVlLLK. Mr. and Mrs. F. B. TVatklna of Rooh - ester havo boon visiting relatives In town. ilr. and Mrs. B. Stanglan'd are rejolo- lng over the arrival of a son which was born on Wednesday, May 4bh, Tho Utorary arid Historical Sooloty met with. Miss Tattle oh Saturday. Frank Aummer Was in New York City last WOok and attended tho Grand ij Lod'go of the Masons, • Mr. and Mrs, Monloy Barryond-famlly, whii havo been spondlng tho winter in Florida, bavo returned home. Lyndonvlllo Grange worked the third and fourth degrees on Saturday evening. The In-as-Muoh Circle olKing'S Daugh- ters meet today (Thursday) with Mra,.^,, H,.A.ndersott, ... ' \aTlulom Oiiorry spent Sunday yvlth liie iinojoto Modlfiri. , , HAINES OPTICAL, CO. DR.HAINES Will be at ' C. E. HURD'S MEDINA 8rd' Friday in Month May 20tli LVND6NVII,I,E-I5. SI. mil's, ni»y si AX.U10K—JackionV, May 13 ana 1-1 HOME OxTiflCE A T BOOBESTJEIi OloNod Fridays and Saturdays^ 32S Cutler-BtJticlirig • Attention Farmers! J • It will pay you to see lis J • if you, are itr need 6f &iiy J • wire fence.\ J' • I10LDKI3DGL', 1IARTT & HILL I » ' . • •. •••••••••••••••••••••ta»«syi , »* U** The upright portion ot the. jbayv'sbn :. honso now - oooupielby Br;. J*. #. Waikors tiorpota for halhstairs, upjpor '^l^an'i•'''•' parlors.go with house, Alsp*r^ms'qy,ei!,' '. Maiikey's market, ifor fuli ^riftlouTlairsv calldn •'.'.'''>'•:'.' •'.'•'. •','.'.),• \' 6tr ; ..... :-UM-& t £ y $taifQi,\ : '\ v --

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