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The Medina Register. (Medina, N.Y.) 1877-1931, September 16, 1909, Image 3

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§§SS2S38SS£3£i inncnnonciehnanaEiaD inoQaeaaagDiaaBnyBu : :100lhm0i ' Clatf*e>» I MM* TABUS, rw?- HB, ea an BB BO'. OB HC ea aa. ea . .DC • BU nn ea na BB BB I BB'. '.';'••'• : A $5E,R hit vacation romp theBoy will certainly. *;^ Jaeea^il .good, durable! ScJjobl Suit, Start. \:- Xivx:fap0&X$s<>ss Hm\n a iie'at: looking School \.*:l«ifc;j&'tt make befter progress. In School and y- eiflfCfinin more respect tor Hmsetf, > BHngthe£oy feere and wafce-ja, selection from _. Oiif stock of excellent'School Snita' Every, suit ' will do its dflty — we guarantee it t o do so. Boy^'Suits in Double Breasted or.JJorfolk styje^ plain or Eniekcfbpck^f iffottsefSi ' . . . Sizesg to15 years • BB' na BB BB -BB: .&: .BB' urn BB 133 «a BB: 1 BB: on 13: 09' BO na sa. BB.' ,U» ! BF Ei. na MB BB. BB BB BB •fflt •. BB BB na El cu BB ua ua BB BB KB. BB BO BB na El CJ,OTlHEK,Ti!lp«, HATXfiR, FlIWHSflliK, 424 Main §£ledyiaN,Y. l ffi 42:00* *4,0O lo $6,0a BB BB BB Ott BB n5 •.»,\• DO na,- UB> Da BB loys'JRttssian Siuts>,41,0 & years old 42.00, $3,50 to $5.00 * iU. 'BR Rcll5hQB6S6 ( 7I | Tell Us Your tauts | Sunday Hours ISto 1 p. m. MACK'S REXALL DRUG STORE SCHOOL BOOIIS Mew and Second-Hand School Books We have nil School Books, both in new and second- hand stock, that arc used in the local schools, A Ifirge number of some kinds-^only a few of others. COME EARLY .AND SELECT,THEM* Tell its what urnde you arc in and we will fix you up, . Anything notrigat can be returned. DON'T WAIT TILL TDESDAY-COME NOW. CHARLES A. MACK DRUG MERCHANT . , THE REXALL STORE faMaMMMMMMaaMaVaVM _, . ^ ,...., » . . ,', . , „ ,. r ,.,,.|,„,„ n „ . . . ,. , '-••• • i n^^^T This Is, The Store ifyoii want the lrATBST PALL and WINTER clothing. New patterns and styles throughout. Just the weather for TOP COAT or MJN COAT. Yes-we have our FALL HATS; olso CLOVES. \Costs Nothing To Look.\ - * Suits and\ Ovcrconts made to order. xJ. DlBRR LO/TTT Clothier and Furnisher, Medina, N. Y. GROCERIES iinHanaBBnBBeiHnpjjsapaRnnasaBnpnnflBBdgnEiBncnMuoaBaBaHn Ea ca BB ca BB ua -• • • BB - - B\ _ IB Steel Cut Coffee-New Electric Mill § i Finest Japan Tea 40c and 50c II _ ua 8 cakes Good Laundry Soap 25c. i CASH FOR BUTTER AND EGGS. WILSON & BENNETT • The Square Grocers ma EH BB BB BB BB CEr EB B3 BB BB ca BB S§ BB gg 442 MAIN 133 cSBgHBBBBnBBBnhaEHEaHriEias LauauaaanauHBaHacauatiUBas BB 1 BB BB gBnBaBEraaHBnnrjHBaEarjaHsnana JuanauacuuucauaBHBUcauacaca !BJ>9.miBtB.St.pcli,«4Wi^.tiwNew Jfork t\intf»KM»8swl?V become effective Sao- <l»?,,Jus? W'#9* i'm« ot train* Isav- W* V^lh* o n jni|atteHba\to>te willbe ;asfpl|ow.s: •• ^ Np,3IV7Sl9\a;,.m., daily; 2Jo,87,»;« ». f .. dally? UMli UilS a. h*.,«x. Sundays %. d*!ln STP, *?,.(!ria ?..?».> ex..Sund»j; Ko, e^.TJia p.m., daily! No, tn, 18:54, midnight. BiSTBCtoKD, • . No;30,l;a.m.,«»yph'day,(orAlbion; No. SS/tar a. w.vaailjrjNq, 48, 9:44 a. m»'4allirj No,.i8,ia# p,W„dallrj No. 63,3:38 p. ja .dally; No? si, 4:g6 p, m., esc. Snna»y; 1^>, 70,JQ:ao..p. 1<„ dalljr^ No, 74, 7-1*8 P. BJ.,aa!ljr, ' tffata*.No*.«, «»nd 7iea8tbou D *»ntt trsmsNp*.87,48 »n4 ^9 w«itW)U|ic(> IfUl tun wtolfscheaule,*!ja.;m»Wj atop* onlr at thp inoio|mppitMj|«i«,tfijn^ WK34I. DKBTKTIK*. JT laa 130 ca ca ca ca no ua na ca ELI CEI en ca -EB Bin DEI BB ca ca ca BB ca BiS ca Ba ea S n BB EH ua En . ga ca na ua BB ca 1§ §i pa CO ga EQ na Union Bank of Medina with its tis 100,000.00 35,000.00 P^fer& al>solute safety to ^pdsltors and ample ac= commodations to borrow- ^oii good security only. Courtesy Prompt Attention and Honorable Deal- 'i , ' . |ng With ail HOMER J. LUTHER, Vice-President m G$Qt<$$ A, jJ^BLL, m '•••••• \ .President oa SB HAfiRYF. WALTON, Cashier na BB, BB BB' BB 13 SO SB; na BB: BB- BB E3 BB BB- B9 BB' BB BB BB na BB BB ca -BB' BB BB' BB BB BB BB E3 BB B9 r.a BB Eta BB BB, BB BB BB BB C3 BB BB BB BB BB BB DO EB BB na BB BB BB' BB' BB BB EB BB BB. BB OB C^E[3P^Eae3S3ES^ESI]0E3^3^E^[][i3B3EE!G3E;i!0ElE352[]30303 lakotldo liotol hm oltuwl for tho iea»on §t»mptng^-»liaaoir.ainHtne'it6 patinaa tot Air* w»f«t»H8 pjiarl Btnti. Thlttr.oijp ome« «r« to bo tried at tha tormofoprirt.HBldinAlbldtt iifit week.; Tlio flnpit lino ot fKjhboI «ho«i ay^r pffored In Maaiqa.ona Up hnd only »t ' . B 4 Sn*A.'8; WorkUjjpv?belniE'Jtiilied Intlia*ow vjlliigp (mil, ^ho Ipfaf aolayci mftteiial haying arrived, .• ; ; My ontlre, hoaaaliolil gopd^ >ti prlvnto «atp for tlianBxt ton d«ya. • Kn. IrAWN, SMParkAvannp, \%*'» Npw Htt«l)»nd\ prPdnbod *t tlio opera bouao iait iload*y8yenliig'w»a'n« opmloal a« aSHirday.anpploiaont.. An axporlpnpod farmor tplta w« tint the applo trooa fa plant tor prqlit noVaro the Bound Swoeta, i'Jipy Iipw oVwy ro»r»nd ylold well.. a'lm small boy may *tl|l fly • Mtojrttn- outdangouof having tlio WTrtgbta «a»yo an ipjanoyon on Mm fpr an inftlngo- montot their patent, a'hoAlortt.mll nttsitd tha county fair on-Saturday, lo.nlng Medina on a ipaolal trolloy oar ot I o'clock ana returning lea« Albion at 0p,m, Seats hare t>«lt raservotflttthVgrandtuna, \ .. eooournowatookpe Weber ihtmi jmt received, \No bottor ihoea man ever \>»*».\ / 14. J, SrtltA. Hanlon Bro» vflll ba at the county fair astmiat thla year iiha-,wlll giveaway a Hound 'Oak heater and « Watte I41r washor. Soptholr »dTO(Htomontin tfcl* Isioo. Kitracted Clover Honey xor Sale.—Pnt iiplnclunrtfrult cant, apoundtntt^Oo. For tnblo uio; thick and Jollcloni, Ordari dPUverod, G. M, Brewer, Boll phone 3»UtS Tho atato autborltlot are tlm ya»t tondihglntpectorato all county fair* to •ea that tha law- l> observed which for- blda immoral ahowa and gambling do- vlcoa at auott oihibltlonj. Premluiu lun ot tha Orleant Oonn,«y Fair can ba acoored of Clark AJlli, C«a«e & Spn'a itore. MlUvIlle {Irving We»*\i atore, Shelby; Martin & Braco anil Central Bank, Medina. Tho elghteonth annusat ebnTantlon et the Orleant County ChrUtlan. £ndwror Union will bo hold In. tha PraibyMH«n Church, Uolley, on Tueiaay, Septambar Sltt. A-n interelllng program hm boari prepared. Xba government Ii aaklng tho pn'btlf h.owIt«kM the naif (iriyKlollarTjIll, bat, how In tho world la tho pnbllo going to know how It likes it when i t 1» ve*j much agalut tho law ta olrcolnta pttc twos ct money, A itray flockot theop have located OO the firm owned by Engcna Wallh nod cauicd coniiileralilo damage to crop*. Tha owner of the animals can rrfcdvothli property by calling at tha farm and settling the damaga. Whllo attempting to catoh a xfile on » work train pt tha New XojkCentral Bali* road In Albion Monday, iphn Powatek,* Polish boy II yoarioidimlHadhlstootlna: and fell to tho ground/ One foot Wtoi under tho wheels. It was nooeiiary to amputate abo ut one-third of the (cot, FirP of Incendfiary origin .at 1 o'olook Tuesday morning did illjht damage, to * shed adjacent to the barn ot, Andrew Downey McPheP, the kedlna ahewman. Tho bliiw woi ottlngnlshcd tjtfPro it roBohcdri qnantlly ot ahbvr equipment stored in tho barn.; Four men wont aground with ji gaio- ltno Iannoh In the Nlagtra, River just above Iho Falls last Saturday night an! woroooBJpallsdtdwHliilBSBgfo ail Shi- day morning. There was a heavy fog at tho tuna and tho boat was In a vary dnn- gerous rtPsttlllQ. Tho men were in a state of collapse when rescued. For tho beat eompositleiii written by » cbiid, about \ \VTiymkoto Wear Edu- cator Shoes,\ 83S prfcea to bo awardect tsyRKs S Butcnfns, mannfactnrors of this famous shoo. Every child between 8 and li years should try for one of the prizes. B.J, Shea sella Educator Shoes' and ran toll you all about the conditions A now broorn, which is practically fnado of .a substitute lor broomcorn, tho interior or body being constructed of hay, Is new being placed on the market. Only tho outer edges or exterior ot tha brooms are made of broomoorn. Tha brooms aro neat in appearance, are Sahl to possess good Sweeping qualities and as much durability as cheap broomoorn. Tho now test Weils drilled on the Holt farm about three miles south; ot Albion are bainir pumped night and day at the rate of about 600 gallon* a minute and show no sign of a shortage of water either whon tfhmped individually or ooiieotivPly. Four wells have been sunk about CO reds apart .The water is reportad to bo excel- lent; It is to be hoped that these wdlla will prove a sPlutloh to the water problem of that village. The Orleans Society of Koohostor will hold tbelr plcnlo at tbe Orleans Oottbtr. H.-itr Ground at Albion, rfoptcimlMr 17, 1909, Uodina i)ay, leaving Lyoll Ave. station at 1 p. m. via trolloy. Redncod admission, to the Fair Grounds has' been scoured. Dinner Is to ho served on thn grounds by the Assoolatton before leaving and all members are earnestly request ed to go and take their friends and make this a day long to be Toinombered, Or- Ieabs County friends In attendance at the Fair orPlnvlted to meet wifeh them at dinner. Arratigemonti may be mado with AWUKrH Taylor. AlBldn, As nnnounocd In The Register last week,, the property of tho AlblStt Power Company has passed into tho hands of tho A. ii. Swett Electric Light and Power Company of thlsvillsge, and here' after .tho lights and power for Albion, Brookport, Clark'; ilills and 'vTabsrpprt will conio from the energy developed at Glenwoodloko. The sale by the Mferoe was confirmed on Friday by tho court nud on Saturday the property wn* dellv^ ored to the new owners; Mr. gwett has a large ferae Of men. at work metalling new trnneformors, gonorators and mak- ing connections with hl« line to Albion, nnd already ho has progressed so fares to do oway With oiia engine In the Aibjon plant. Both parties in jaie.trariSaotloh are to bo oongratnlated—Jtr., Swett on his shopessiniho electrloal.llno and the peo^ie on the toproveme'niind oertslnty of service, t • \ mm Curtis In \Wllsoni ganaral hardwmw, plumblhgandbesUng. Friday Is to be Medina day at tha oounty Ulr. Are you going! When st th* f*Ir grounds call at Hanlon Bro*.' axqlblt and gat a scuvanlr, Vroylds your oeildreu With the best sohool shoe*. Sow sella them Girl Wanted—lfoc general housework. SIR*. O. N. floon, Cor Paar) and Proipcot. Mulllion & Souoltt have baen awarded the oontrsct for the building of a 950,000 OatnollcChurch a* Clinton, N,r. The local contractors are to be congratulated on tbelr success. flokett (or the Hood Course art being taken rspMly. It opens October 6th with the;E*ifts'C|om»6»»we«lth: (>rohe|*r» of: :<8o|top\. ||x great. *ttr»ottpn#/pr li.OT, Mrs. Io I?liley Is explaining tho merits .;oftiu*;.ant«riatl|f< - .. . .'Tn» joilowinjr/'*x* the\ forecasts X 0 K Septembsr: 46th tp Mth, cloudy and rain iisth *o lDth.' ooW wa«.- iookput f<>r frost. '90»h to 81it, T l»a*ant. »idto83d, showars. jitn to SSth, cola wave. DOth to 87»h, olpuxty. 0*^*98* the .graft •qnlnoctUl storin will lornxpYor^^the^^^nlt Pf Mexico »ud move northward, 20th to 80th, opld #»T*. •0WDAY MRV1CKP. . M.tkMlut M|>IMDP»I VkMreb; . * BBy.BjBMO!r3i,Bl|OCKWAT»?*ttor. Bundsy mornlnji aervjoe 10.9}; The pastor will preach to tha youhg women. Subject ''UraoiouaYoims Womaphopd.\ A cordial Intltatioh l» *xtended to all. Those of botlt SSXH will And this Jorm'oo Intereatlng,,.young rtnd old. Young woman who are earning their own living may find this *ef vice Jielpful, Sunday School at is o'clock, Kpwoith Loagap strati at a;30-7.3O Sunday evealnx tosrylp* 7^:80. SubJrol, \Samuei Johnson a Tonlo- (pr bar Time*.\ Satnrdaj'WMthatwQhundredtlii annlrorMrjr of tho birth ot Samnol John- tan. Oarlylo »ay», \Johnson w«s a n ortglnavl man, Jjolaieoond-hana bofrow- jng, or begging man, In no wita * olothe* hanger, or intoiit digester, but at genuine man. Kvotywhero ha .axprawed. a rooted coatesapt for whlmng.'- Milton lays ot him, '•What he koops principally in \view is the benedolal effect* of reli- gious belief on human conduct\ Yoii •ro alt cordially Invisod to attend thl* wrvloa. Prayer niMtlng tl\la ovanlng 7:30-8;9O. Yon are asked -to read, the Qotpal ot St. John thronghawd not« what ha says con- oornlnr the \kingdom of God,\ or \king* dom orhoavtu-*' l'r«fcjt.rl»». Ohuroh, ' BKT. H. K. Ku,lh-«fOon, PAWOir, \ Bnnd»y,Sept.Hi Servlooi wilt \bs remm«l next Sunday s» followi: 10:90—Morning worship and sermon. allbi»ok,\Th»Gr»•ki• Keqnsst.\ U:0O-Sondsy Schooland Ulbl* Classes. 7)80—Xvanlntv wonWp and sermon* Th* obolr will slngMarsspont* after prayat»comfoidtlonot th* organlit.Hrs. Mortimer Tanner. . Tha xnld-wtek aervSot on Thursday. 8abi»«t» \Olotn«d\wlt«t Hnmlllty,\ The Sunday Soboct Is planning to obiorro lUllrDay on Sunday, Saptem-' bstSoV Uartlis Oavarati, HtV» TH0«AJ »X OBBCBV, D. D„ Pallor. There will be »onrIto«,Snnday morning atlOtStt.\ , Sunday School at 13 o'clock noon, with spidal eisstti and department* tor alt »*»«- \ ' The pastor's class wilt meat at the close of the morning iirtlca for organ* nation. Kroolng icrvloo at JISO. I'ralso and song service followed by th* third sirmon In tha asrlu so* being giT*n. Teplc, ••BohlsroM and Dermr,\ Y.P.S.O.K. prayer meeting at 8.90. lJj«dor ( D N.Bacon. <Th*pa*torw(rt«dJbil(rlt4 tomcat in' ths ttudy sit 8 any fntaruaed tn*^«glnnlng tht Christian Ufa or any 1 one desiring to unlto With the ohuWh by letter of ex- perience. . - , Prayer mcctln* Thursday aVenliig at ItlS. ilerproient audiirinr someone else with yobt. Stramtt«rt anal visitors. «ra cordially weteorhea to all the privileges of our church, anil tha pulor I« always gl.id to meet thora. * St. JTeha's CXplaooral) dharek, J. H. H«IWHD*r». RxOTbrl. Holy Uommunlon at 7:80, MSfBlHg PiJySr, £ittaay antt sarWOU at 10:80. Suridar School, 13. . (lerman r,nther«o Trinity Chnroh UKV. 0, Po«cKi*B. PAtron. Church, council mocis She first Tuesday after the acoonil bundar of each month.. fh* yonng pedpla's society, \Con- ocraia, 1 ' xneots:e*rery Thufadar evening. Chota rohca't»al3 trery Wednesday NMtsomii MBimpir. Mis* Var|ou Wells ot Buffalo is vHlt- lngaCys A, R Miller. TVM.Dowdleot Parrr is tlsiUng- his •liter. Mrs Ii F- Stinpion, Mra Hswer of Torouto, Out, la the gutst ot Mrs. George Forrescor. Mra. Calvin Warner ot tltnt, Mich., is tha guest of Mra, Alt* Austin. Hujb<«rt Burnbam of New Tork City is the guest of hla parents in town. Mis* Mlnnett Feldnian or Brooklyn lies been vliltlng frlendi In town. Carl Barry left yesterday for Syraonsc, Where he will attend the University. A. P-Q.rlliwol^, and wlfp of Utlcaaro yliltlug relr-tlrcs and frlenda m Medina, Df, J Siiflputf* «hd Vilte if Ppr^ Ewon .VferoKjUestipf-W* sister* |n, Shelby Jast Sunday . - , Mr. »na«r8.¥ t -P,Bctafp^^e>pantt* iji(ta,fpwda>sloSyracuse attending; the State Balr, \ l \ ... .Mra t C, V. Pos*oh, vfho ba* been spend* log somes thno in MioWgaa, returned hjnne. Friday, James Cock, who- he* boon vlfltlngi reiatlveai!! town, loft Sunday evening for phlpatto, Mhse* Msy\witl«aTOS sudM*rlon Swole of iKJokport wa« W)o peafcof Mlm tlfla Ora,trlok yetterflay, ' Dr. tjiopdse,|i liaJi'soia' hli wtidtnoe. to Dr. George y.KosT»« and wiaieavo.oBxf weeJcforNewMexJcp, - - / Miss Mayflurton of Buffalo, Wha lias been the guests of Mri. Slartln SnUtli, returned ho'iue on Snnflpy. ^ Miu TJnn QrfktWok £av« a variety tliower last evening In honor of Miss Mao Williams of Xfflokport , l)r. Myra A, QlHatte's ennday Sohool ojisshelda corn ro»«t In »Ch»nvberl»lni's. Grovo on Tjwsday evening. l*ort« Soot* wit town Tueiday tor Brooklyn whdrp he will takp a poet- graduate coursp at »ratt institute. Miss Margsrot Mwnson leaves Medina next Tuesday to resume her studies at the Itandolp-MaooQ collego Ins Virginia, Wis Beatrice Hamlin' o( Philadelphia, P»„ who has boon visiting friends in tPwn, returned horuo the Ural Pt tha (ftok. v Mis* Ida Raymonjaok and- Urover TTader were married yesterday morning at St. Mary's parochial rjildenoe by Bov, FalherjUnlny, Mrs, John Wa*ton and Hits Olive Moss ot Chicago, 111,, who havo been visiting relative* in tswn, returned homo on Friday last. Mrs, R Jfattlrigton, wha ha* been tha guoit ot her sister. Mrs. O. Babcook, at NisgaraJfalls, for tha. put three week*, hal returned home. h MIssiaaAmiaMttiuoB snd Marlon 3, iBowen and Mr. Brownoll Kurd left Medina yesterday to return* thalr studies at the Roohtittr Unlterslty, Miss lona Uy»n lelt town Sunday night for Wells Cojlega, whora she will take up a course of study, Mt was acpcmpatilcd by her fsiher, John Jf, Ryan, Air*. Oeorgc Forrciter, Mil* Florcnco Forrester and ills* Alloa Chase, who have been ipcndinjr the paps twowoefca In Toronto, Ont, raturnod home on Monday. O, B. Mudgo, who hat b«eo the ptlyata secretary and expert acccuntant in tha Bell T.leplionoonioa here, lias been ttana- ietred to Albion. R. J, MPody of Mtey tuccwds him her*. Mr. and Mrs. Howard O. Mann let* town ,yeat«Tday for Brlllsh Columbia, where they Intend to loosto. On Toe** day evening the 89th Separate .-Company Band, of which Mr. Mann was n mem- ber, tarsnadtd him and presented a pnrm ot«0, IhelocallodgeotKlk* alio pre- sented a purse of *8S in gold. nrmxXKAt, 1IWM-COUUAK. J Avery pretty homta wedding occurred yesterday artetneoh at one o'olook at the home of Mr, and Mr*, James Coleman,. when their daughter* Flftvl».Harriett,w»« united to Harry O, Hinds ot BrookpPrfc oyll6v.ffitf,MUhwood, The house waa tastefully IdccoratedV and tha bride wo* th* recipient of many beautiful and mostly presents, Only- tlm immediate relatives of the bride and. groom weHf present. Vhe happy cohple left on at* extended eastern tour which will trtotnde SyraCutcBosten and Newark whom they will BtUnd tho Hndson.Fultott Bxposltlon. Mr. and Mrs. Hinds will make their home in Boohoiler, ( ' sototoipeiKAitT. At St, Mary's Church yealerd ay morn- ing ocourrcd tin marrltgo ct Miss Mae Cleary, danghtor of Mr, and Mrs. Thorn** Cloary, to Joseph Scanlon of Buffalo, Bar. Daniel Mutoy performing the cor*^ mony, A. wedding hreakfait at the homo of the bride** parents followed and about ilfty gnosts were preaonfc Mr. and Mrs. Scanlon will mat™ their home In Buffalo. Uoaro u( Atdaruwu J A reguhir meeting of tlio hj.ird of , trustees was held in the village hill at 8 o'olook ou Friday evening, September IQtb. President Dowui in chair, Preieot, Crowley, Agnow, Q'Donpell, StocXilig, Bruit and Garrett, Tho minutes ot tho last inoetlnK wcro vend and approval. The following bills wore reported favor- able bv the auditing comnjitteo and ordered paid? Street labor, »T8.«I; street sprinkling, ftf; vtllago hall labor, ID 83; Ohaao & Breed, fits 09; Frank J. Kearney, 15.76; Homo Phono Co,, 400; 0. A. Ingor- soil, 4>SS. A ten-cent script lilued by tho vtllago ot Medina if* I8(l9 t nloeiy ttamed, wis; prpaonted to the board et trastaei by Itobert ft, WlftlM P< .AlbipDi *. 1 0H4« resident or MwUua, as a'aotmtlon for the new yillage hall. Ou motion, ot Ajjnow, That-tho gif t of Mr, WllklBS h» »ooo|if»4- on behalf o( tho village, and that« vow ofthanltjiof tbi* boarA bo extona.cit %• lljin for hj* thoughtfulofiM »wd Wild* Moss. Carried^ ThaoieWajcppptt on thpctirbiugf q«o«t lion was prcaohted and >read, Qn motion otCrowloy, That hereafter When any curbing and gutter is pluooil pyth*,Vhlsgatha,t.0rte-haHpftiia«xpliiiM of same- \hall bo aliened to tho property benontc4 aud tha otliorMft let tho vil- lage The work to bo dono under the direction and sttpervition pf tlio. hosMti) pt; trustees, who shall alio decide on the luaterjlal to bo uicd. And tlmt JDqwnt iinaFullorihnll payth* Ylliaga for one, half of tho cost ot repairing the curbing around tiio bank Pernor, CanteHl, oh njptlon of Stoeking, That the 0, h.Ssli. Kailroad Company be notifloilto repair Kait.Center Struct and place (nine in good condition at onoo. Curried. A letter and outot a llllng cam Irom the Xawman & Krlw MnnuiaoturluB 0o, was presontod and resd. on motion o't Orowley. That the olwk be authorised ,to purchaso a llllng csie lultablo for our need* in tli» vlllago hall. Carried. Quotations ou chairs for tho village hall wai prosantcd and read and tbe urn plea wcro Inveitlgatcd by tbe botrd. On motion of Orowley, That tile nintsorot purohaslng chairs lor thevlb luge hall be.left to tho purohailng own- nntto*. Carried, Mr. Maxwell appeared and called iho board'* attention to the SUIMIIIIK water on QwinnStreet and *»k«dtheboawlto furpiah Mle to build a now Untoo neiir Frank Street to carry off the lurlMo w«Wr. On motion of AKIICW, tChat tho matter be referred to tho street oommltlw. Carried, • * On motion of Crowley. That I)r, Stocking bo requested to lookup a good team tor ths ilro department and rccom- moii J same to the puVehestng corrtraittijo. Carried, On motion Pt Stocking. That ths hill ct M. J, Wiodon bo reterred to Hit charter committee for recommendation as to the amount to be paid said Whoden for the work performed on the charier. Carried. Adjourned. I TheNewFallFashiq. Have Arrived!' t am now showing n swell lino of JSTow U(i-(o-Dtttu Woolens tutSititSjOvoireoiitaimJ^iiieoats, 'AlltbcsiSfor'JEhwga Jit -tow $tzi0, Vci-y- Swell NrnvKobby Sha«|«of (Smp iu Woi'9i«ls Sn(l feotpli »o(s, . , Tbq N\e\v Slone Own Shade will also he veiy potj«» lwBloeksiiiaU tlio New Cloths,for Fino Dress- U|» Clothes, 'Citll nud Jouk over (niv niiy nnd lcavo your meas-. pro for a Suit timt will please you, both in fit, stylo mid Maks, Got« Salt timt has n Swell Up-to-Duto I^ook. PHIUPJ.BRUST Clothier, Tailor and Furnisher MEDINA ' LYNDONVILLE I OBiTPArt-r, TJCS& '• Sophia Barker 2\eek wife pt A,lvak J, Peek, and mother of Sirs, Asa B, Hli!, pasted away lis* Friday afternoon, Sep- tember Itt, W09, a* her horme near Maple Ridge,. \Em sevaral months M*a. Feck had been very ill and-liore tier |ntehip Buffering with groat piitlonoo and fortl- tudo. Beildoiher hnnbani and daugh- ter she 1* survived By two little grand, children, Eleanor and Floyd Hill, alio two sister*, Mn. Charles Boss of Sponcor- port,and Mn. S. A.- Snbll of thl* place and one brother, Franc!* Barkor of this: place, Fnnerai servlPei were held Mon- day afternoon at the family home con- ducted by Rov. H. It,^rookway *with burial In Boxwood Cemetery. • Wllllsia Wayno dleii at his home,on Orient' Street Taesday flight, aged 83: years, *t?wo dantrbters.— Mrs;. Charles' VVllmnrth. and Hiss Carrie Way no iiir- vlve him. Funeral tronz the bouse this afternoon a£ 8 o'clock, Mr. Woyiio ims resided in Modliia.'for ilrty; years, , . Illuitrntoa programme of tho Hudion- yaltom Celebration. Tho Ndwr York Oentrat lines have just issued a handsomely lllustratod booklet' containing a complete program of tho Hndson-Falton Celebration together' with intoreitlng historioai data regard- InuHonry HudlonandRobert Fulton. Tho covers of the booklet aro In four colors, representing a group Pf Indians watohfng thp prdgreis- pf tho \Half Moon\ headed up the (Ivor, 4nd alstt n grohp of men and women dressed in tho costttrnes of the period of Bobort Fulton watching tho \Clerrriiont\ at she atoanicd : past the- Palliadea. Tho booklet elao contains •& hlatorjonl. map in colors of the Hudson River, from iSaw Torfc Bay-td iroy, on whloh the routes of tho \Half Moon\ and \Cler- mont\ aro Indicated In rod. A copy of tho booklet will bo Bont'free on reoelpt pt a tvvo-oent stanip'by the Advertising Department. Grand Central . Station, ITeiwYorlc. Wi O. *i tl- Cohrenlion. The twertty-ilxth anntui obnventlon of the W. O.T. TT.'Wa* hold lest Thursday and Friday In the Boptlit Ohnroh; There was a large- gathering; and uiuoh In toresfe taken In the proceedings. The principal. addroMOS wore mads by Mr*, Cora V. Monger, tho county president, and Rev. 3T, Sofionoldlol Albion,. l both pf whom urged that steps be taken ts bring tho local option iisiio up for tho next elootlon In tho towns. The next convention will ho hold In April nt tyndehvillo. Ths following oflicors wero oleoted for tho on* suing yearr , Prosiaenfe—Mrs. Cora V, Wuhgor of Honey, VUe'FreBident-^MUS Battle Elliott pt Hplifcy, Corresponding Secrethry^-Mrs, DoIIa St Marker «f flaihes; Recording Score tary—Miss Marlon Jon- nlnRBotWclit Kendall. TreSsurer—Mrs. Kllsa Woolaion of Qain.oi, District Seprotory-^Mlsa Helen Whip-, plo of Morton. After a protracted soflilbn by the oillciol hoard these superintendents, nmonK others, woro appointed; Win Marlon A. •ffennlngs of Woit Kendall, county organ- Tix'er; Dr. Myra A **Uifttte of ijcdlna, Mrs. Ida B. Fancher ot Albion and Mts. iMary Williamioti of Watorport p6unty evangollsts. llelurn „f t yaverlt* Drams, \lias . Ifaarls.\ Any play that teaches a great moral loiion Is bound to do good to a commiu. nlty. Soma of th* grsatsst sermons omr preached ngslnst avll.decds and associa- tion, are^mbodlsd In the playi at the stage. Tha lesson ot life 1* preiented to tbi listener In a way that makes an tin- pniilon on tha mind and gim him food for thought. While tho apactatorl* III- letting- to tho text of th* play, hla vlaunl scnio Is being attracted by seeing the scenes enacted before his eyes that are lrtlng described in tho words to which he IslliUnlng, In reoh a play as \Human Hearts,\ which will be liiown at Bont'a Opera Homo on Monday, September 5oth, the contrast between virtue and vloo I» sharply drawn. The anther ha* not minced matter* In drawing, hit chnrno- ton. and as tho Incidents nf tho play are hai0d oh real occurrences,.ha lias not liiid to draw upon, bis Imagination to invent ft motive for \Human Heatts,\ Iho character* of Jcnnrictto ami Fred- erick Arrnidate, In \Human llenrts,\ ahohld; be carefully Studied by everyone. Wo meet their prototypes In dally life. In nosrly all largo communities, new often do no »co men and women who, with all. the advantages ot education, cnmfotUiblo home* and the loving care ot pnreatsatid frJtndX: still go astray, and ilnte lffwof and lower In ths social scales, until tfaoy reaoh tho lowest depths of dpgrad,itIoh. Wo meet thonl otory day. AnPthor hovel character drawing In this play (a that ot \Jem Union; » i»an born amidst the lowest surrounding!, with no advantage in early life, knowing nothing: of the difference fcotweim r%1it and wrong; a criminal because ho hm bad no opportunities to ba anything olao, But hero is a character that complros to better things Tho inherent Imtlnct tn raise hlnuelf nbovs the level ot his sac- rounding* Ii lying dormant, but when the ieallxattpn ot the difforenco botwcoi; right and wrong Is brought homo to him he ohooscs the proper path Prices SB, 85 and 60 cents. Seats rc> servedat Cumminga', IV • , ^_—- Landauer Bros. Landauer Bros. T$UEPHO:?*E SERVICE i »«II»M»A » Drj(lnoJ« Mome i*JU | (Caihler) gSir,V4«\«Mtar SSie'Slti^'J-Mtar. You are especially Invited to visit 0URFA8IHON8HOW ait the Fair, where we shall make a Special Exhibit of New Toll Coats, Capes, Suits, Furs, Etc, Buttpviuk J'nttewis Rnill'iiblientioiis for Oclobor m\Y B15A»Y $100 For a Good Name Have you seen tho new S'ft^RGlUU?'! GOAl'.mia trlod (OJiiimoU? It's lite Wggest fashion hit of tlife wnaon. It's A-dfgtinctivc, ttnlijiio ixKKlclj ia tlio 'btsst of 8t>\lo ami pjoflil liwte—mmk tn maiiy falirlcs ami volors. It finn overytbliic l( sliould havo HI style nmt qimlity. All It lnel<s I« n gootl nninc. Tho makers offer- n prucq el $It)O,00 for tlm lusst immo sug- gested, with ten oilier pflws of $10,00 caoli for tlio ten next beat MiggestiQna. Qo«te«t Is utativtirttl, ODCII tn AJJT/ A\'OMl'5N —0])cn to YOll-^iiniil Novcnalwr IStli. Hut you rfiould see the coat at Our Exhibit at the Orleans County Pair to get the right idea for a prize winning name. ' PARTICULARS THERE For Bale. House and lot on Park Avenue. Splen- did looatlon. Apply tejp.j^ WB AST. Attempted Suicide, Mrs. Anna Coughlin attempted suicide lost week Wednesday by shooting horSelt in the left broait. Tho bnllot did not Btrlko a vital spot and on Thursday night *he wes^taEon to tho llary Louies Hospi- tal, where she died on Sunday from blood poisonings Mr*. Oougblln was 85 yonrsold and camo to Medina about two years ago irorhJJliiodttsvilie:. Sbo; mado an anto-mortom statement to Coroner Eokorson in which she aoknowleilgod thatslio shot hcrsolf, Thpromninswore taken to Elllootlaylllo tor interraont, A Maar Snrglar. , Tho recent hnrglnrlos in this village have mado our peopio watohful anti* per, hapi a triflo norvous. The other evening into a prominent citizen residing on 1'oarl Stroet returned homo on hit wheel, and as ho turned tho corner ot ills house on rcuto; to the born to put nway his bike he ran head on Into a man, Bath rolled around on tho ground a mlnuto, than TJO- gab aaplrlt race Inwhloit thapreindnont. pad heavy oitiisaii was! dlstanood, lihil- whon ho gavo up the pursued innri \nlao stopped and came back to whore the bpr- glorohas'or stood, and opened o oou»vors>i- tlon with the BSrflarkthaV\lJio*JivaS no gontlomah,\ After a warni'dobjto otter this and other propositions tho fnoOIonkod oat that the young man bad just said good night to tho prom. olt.'B meld whoii the collision occurred. Tho oontorohco lirpke/ up with ;th? yfiung man feeling aoro to think ths,t ho oonld not ao a. little courting sans band, olectri'cr-llghtB, etc, without being taken for » burglar, while thP other quietly returned homo,.toioto t nerve- tonic aSd Is still gasplnit »r breath. And to think the girl could JiaVo p'roTontea the oxoltomont if sho hadn't run into tho house. ''New Amerlcdn Sliape\ Corset^ are recognized in every fashion center of Europe and America 'as producing tfie correct contour for the fashions of-1909. Come ami learn \how lo lie ennifortable &8!fgli stylisli \=4mw lo be idiiiiBsbly slenclor \rfllinut brealting tlte IIIIVB JOF limtllw There*s a Memo Model for Every Figure WoJiitcrfnity new models in tbe Anions jfwiiij Seir-Rittuuliig: Oc»rsel«, wail eqii- ally itnilorliini 8]iecia1Hs<* for slcmler mill iiiodiiim ffgtin 1 .*, Landauep Bros. The Dry Goods, Cloak and Carpet House f>f Orleans Co, Qphoiiterer* Wanted. Must bo experienced pd parlor work Highost wafees. Stcaay Work, Cbroo at oh6e ilfoparcd for w orlc, TVASNfift CotlCB C6„ 20WS Herklinef, Sf T V. Bxeltlag ItnnaWay. Just before noon yesterday, as Bert Howell whs driving south on West Ave- nu>in' a covered carriage, atlabopt Son til Avenue thn horsobeoamo frightened at an automopiie and Jumped, breaking the bridle, and started to run: toward homo at breakneck spood. Mr. Howoll, realiz- ing the danger Pf • remaining in, tlio. buggy, ollmbcd over the top, lotting. Mm- ' Sbif dbwh.nhtit ho ooUid grasp tho;. ailo,, .whoh ho managed.to fPrcp.his 7?ot ahead under the buggy. In this position he let go, and while he slid quite a distance, suatalned no injury. The hono ran on home and into tiie barn, hreakthfc one, thill to the tmggy, Tho horse was null! jured, * \' , ' I Our exjiibttloii of Stoves and Ranges ypu wllj. firtd tomplete. We wilt also show the'RIchiBrtl^ son 4 Boyiitpn\Perfect'* Furnace-»twehtHiveof which we have Installed tihis season; ». Don't fail to seie ftur Suggy display* We have\ just the one you are looking for* We are going to 61VE AMY a Round Oak Hegt» fng^tove' and a ^Vlhlte Wly\ Washing Machine* Meet Us at the falrr-Vott may be the lucky one. i ': r L i* i a\ .1*/, ; *|

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