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The Medina Register. (Medina, N.Y.) 1877-1931, December 28, 1882, Image 3

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\ll- . *-*trr^V „ 1?fF 1PHE MEliXM^ BEaiSTEK; THIfftSDAY; AFTERNOGC DEcfc&BEE 28, r< m / - & O. THAYER* CO . ' NEW DRUG STORE! anSBOOftHOETttfitEEST'SBLOCt. E. G. THAYER & CO DEALERS IK DRUGS, MEDICINES, > PATENT MEDICINES Drugget's Sundries. WINKS AND LIQUOB& FOR MEDICINA L PURPOSES . E. G. Thayer. Dr. Geo. Thayer- an f a .4 H 0 SB J Ed '6 o H w I Ho- c -i CG SOB i - p I- a < H B. ABELL, Proprietor of lite Center^ Grocery Store, 53 Main St., Medina, N. Y. ht* In stock i rPTj fl»*t actectton of GROCERIES which ho aflta» to to * rwo|ilt> nt ItodHftinonrfram- TEAS and COFFEEvS A SPBCAI.TY. CANNED GOODS a gretl twioty In stock. Fruits Always on Hani to Season, pTGoods Delivered Promptly ^&J 33B. ILT. TOItTZBS, •m#&Mim~ 111 II SEWING lil * The following iro th e lending machines • • HOUSEHOLD,\ ' \ELDBKDOE \WniTB \ '•STEWART,\ WTIKELER & WII^Ow, \ No. 8, (Improved,) EVcry Machlno Warranted Five Yearn InHmc- lotl giveii an d i«tlafactlon guaranteed. Rjjjalr- Dg of all kind s a f peel ally. .It nplet e wit ytjilnp desirable, Inclndloj; Conble an d Shiglfl Breecu lading $ho t «nns. \ r Eiffel, Kiflo and Shot ComUmed. Powdnr and . . Shot, Wholesale and Retail. Cartridges, etc., otc. / T \TfgfflNG TACKLE. lly'fltock or theao goods Is the largest and most mpleto ever shown In Medina. Call and exam othisUno of tnck'ts Deforo baling elsewhere- 1 •- ska It a study to know tho wants of the public my lino and strive to supply thorn with the est to be procu e . H» N. £ff$JE8. General Agent ( r Baker & •JratC> Jaanuliolnr- ' *ot.tlis-*Iilmnvn l, SiohooJJ>6ik.'SffftdsaliSttia * I kiaa. of Schooiyataltfirinaa-Supplies. - - ^ , Beat's Opera.Hcmse P,J. VfPiSON, Lesseo and \Manager\. One Night Only! A HAPPY NEW YEAfe. • Monday Eve. Jan. 1,'88 Engagement of tlio Renowned Robert McWade, In Hu own origin^ varBion ol • \RIP VAN WINKLE,\ Supported by ft first-class Drnmatio Company. 75, ADMISSION, - Reserved seats on salo Murdoch's Friday noon. 50, and 85 cents, at Html an d Bent's Opera Houss! MEDINA, >, Y. Jan. 84, 4tih & 5tli, '83 ' Fo r tho Benefit of Barnea Post, Nov 91, O. A. K. Tlntt' t Inrgnt t o g o nnd nop Charlie Collins, TkoGredt Qorjjuiia Comedian, in- hi8 Fivo Aot piny, entitled REWARD, GERMAN VOLUNTEER This i s ono of th o fluent plays over pnt upon tlio stago i n Medina, and only needs to be soon t o bo appreciated. PRICE S OF ADMISSION. Raised Seats 60o. Body of Hottao 30c. Gallery 25 cents. GREAT EXCITEMENT SMITH'S fuLTflfj MARKET The Finest Display in Orleans County. CITATION. A T K STJMKOGATE'S COUUT hold In tbo County of Orli'fim, at thp Surrpganj'tj (»0Jcfi, in tliuvlllago of Athlon, (in. tho M\h day of Do- cemhiir. 18^ Prpeoiit. Uo n Jobn G. Sawjor, SurroRftio. I n Procpcdimt« ibr Prfbutu e.r lh e l*st Will and Teatitmont of Joyce Umo . dec ased. On rpndlnti au d filing proof to tho wUli'ractton of tho said Surrogate, that Hanna h Polar, Merlon Wiukosha Co. . Wis., KHon Harrott, Neoga. fujn- berlatid Co. , 111., Mrauol I.ane, rOKldemjd uu knuwn. Sara h HoraorB Marcy* Wauheaha Co., »Ma. Miirv B S^ft . 1418 Huron M., MUwaakeo, WIB . and Thomn a MoMimleiil. MllwauUe*, Wlfl , are npcesaary paxtiofl io this procofedmn lirtra a t law and mfict ot bi n of said decoaaed, aud tha t (hay aro non-repidentB.of thU State. It 1B ordered that the Citation Insuetl In this matler b«.«orviMl up'ftu th*» above naiuctl .pewontt tfy tho publication tbereor hi two county nowe- papore, Medina Trlhnno. puhllshed fit Medina, N. V. nleo In th o Medina HeuUto. pubUhnd at Me- dina. N Y for i>ls wcpfe*, once In oach miect^n Ive week o r a t thd nation of the pciHon-r, by d«- llvorlnir a cop y nl ijia Olmilon without th e Stalo to each p-Ti*oo *o named or debcrlbed t n poreon. Ttiu pQtHionor fbnll alee deposit on or tioforo tho Orel day of tho publication of said t'ltaliou and thlaorder i n th e posj, offlco at Medina. OrloanB bounty N Y. % contained in a uecowly closed, po-'i-paid wrapper, directed to tho above named pemmti n* abov e written. And it appearing wit Ufnctorily t o B'lid Siirrogato that the iwldence of Samuol Lane cunnoi b« ascertained und themlnro diepcuBOB wit h tho mailing of a d-py of aald Cita- tion and ih U orilar to enlrt ^rauc l Lano. JUHN O. 8AWYEK , 3siv7 • SnrToeatu. Citation-Proof of Will. milB PEOPL E OK TH E STATU OF NKW 1 \OKK . t o Joseph Kmlth, rcsldluii a t Dawloy. County of >alo,i, tihrop*hlrw, Kngaad ; **arah A. Ltjjd, recidin« on Market Sirwet. ILfdnw^foyl Cuun'iy of Staff inl.Hiigiaud.Su*au CoHlns.re-ldlfB at llnrtiand, NlgnraCo.. W Y. . Kanalo Smith , to, nidiivj at Jctido Urleane Co , N Y-. Alouzo Brailb reaidlng a t Jeddo , Ur't'aoc t'o. N V.. ai« Psectil or «[ ib» eatat e ol Ann Smith- deceased, and to all other persona hiterei>ied a» n«ir» at taw and next of ki n of Klclmrd Smith, la'o of th e the town of Uliineway; hi ire « \uu*-\ «»r Ortuia*. deceased Whereas. Jatae a Flit4;oratd, of J.eddis N -Y..aoU «(ieiltur name d In thtt la*t Will and T«*tacieul»\ ihfi>antdec«m»cd.tas«pimwl t o ih^Sm-royata -f thoiafd r-onnty of Oilcan*, for the'proof of.MW Will, whlcb Will tvlau-*to Uwal and Perwinat K» talo Von ar e hernbj cited to api«-»r beforo tin Sanogate. a l bis oJUce. 'In ilu- vlllago of Athlon lo*nldconoty.on ttwfilb day of tVbrt.ary. tStC! Nt 10 o'clock In the foronoon, to alU.-nd the pro bate of toe eald Will Tn testimony whereof wo hav e caaw-' thv> Ben! ol offl>-« of our>aid Burrogatt t o b e hereunto affix, d Wiuni«» Hon. Jihn O. bawr>f«r Surro- ft. i,] gat f of Iho «ald County, at Albion. N. the la b d«y of Dee«nbnr. in'tho mr B r t ~»1 ..^ thn.y.f.n^ ^^\ Pi?T\^H paadytpy s ttt Fuller's ArbuokteH'CJoffeo—best/iu tho nfor- kct, ut Aruold & Tttoker'« / f/ Ortlor your New ytur'a/oalliutf oayds at this ulllce. Oouia eurlv Midi/at beat, TheKisGiSTEU wiehoa/utou tind ovory cu e of its renders u vfxf li«ppy T^a% \^ear. The beet- sixty-five £inl ttmUuudried shirt ever sold io toyrp, nt th o Broad way Hat Btor«. The Ohimea _pf JNoVmnnday; by local Udont, will b e produced here some time next mouth. / / The lBrgebt/asEprtmeat o f wutohos, olookBitud plated/wtue iu towa a t A. Winutird's, M\io street. The poor Louse form yielded-a uot profit of S2,010;BO to tbe county dnripg 1882. not costing iutereat or money in- vested in the property. * Exohanges tell us thnt not far from LeRoy lives a man who resides i u Or- leans county, gets hia wail in Genesee county, an a goes to ohuroh i n Monroe county. ^ Reserved seats for'^ip'\\^an Winkle will bo cm sale at Hurd aud Murdock's, Friday noon. Call at ArooH &> joker's and get- a Patngoo oignr—tbtrbest five cent ci - gar iu tbo markot. a»w7 and olebty-two. E. W. T*Ti-on. Clerk of Harrogate'!* Court Citation—Proof of Will. mil K Pt-Ol'LK <'f TH. TUT. tlK NBW 1 YOltK. to Laara Aon HtnOn*), u( Htdj-ownr urlcan* C o N Y . aarab Jan e J£CR»<>O nf lln*er hill New Hauipitilre. Edward K Bu r beck uf Pljmooih Mar*., and 'oj.Uo her nervous loturvi't- ed a« bnim at u w anil nei ' «f klu ut Kbo. tuier L. Uurbixrkiaie of the lovra of iUdgnway I n tho Cunn iyufOn«an» (UCMWMI tt'h«pw Aadrow C Stiu Wsj Kxrctitor named In lb« last W)tl an d T-ilu tnent of Ibn oald ilecea*e«l. hu applied to the **ur- rogito of tow .mid CwotfTV «>f Urlcant for the proof of tho »«ld •% IU, wfctch \t*i!| relalrilo rv»l and wf winai K*l««.» \oaai e iherwfortt ut-rebty cited i« «IH»ar hefuro tb« Hurtoiraie. at trli ofnc .tn tb< rll lagnol Al»»t«>H. Iu *»ld cooti»t.'on th* t«tb day of roanr l^rCt si ten ii'c»»-k to the forvnuon. to tttcod th e I'robau <>T th e raid Will. lu \fe»i!mo»y>Vb*feuf Wea»«ttH» ed ibo Hral ol ('fflcB of oar aatd Surro It- lil emt- to bo hnreaatu afQxrd Wlta«>i Ho a J«o n G. Biwyor, Surro S ie (if »a'd t «oniy, at Albiun. N Y . » TJth daj of Dcwmbei ( n tb « year of on* Ltird oo« (Quaaaod slfht hand ted aod oighty tw a «)wl JNi» 0 . «A»VY8U, »arros*lC; Notice to Creditor*- ilbt o d*T < roH K AN D (*EB TT1K NEW MEAT MARKET RoftM Hoof, Rotilotto. Roast Pork. Bacon. Roast Lamb. Shoulders, Sirloin Steak, Hams, • ~~ ^orfcT House \SteaE rTcaf PorJT. Tenderloin. PiffS Feet, HuITalo Sausage, Tiipe, Boiagna Sausage, Sauer Kraut, Werner Sausage. Leaf Lard. Lcona Sausage, Oysters. mas i w mil u naTTmir mod Ina Local Blarlcat. ICorroctoJ Wookly for tho RBOI.TKTU] Bntte t 25® Eggs Potatoes MeUinm beans Pea d o Red-kidney'do Marrow d o Onions buah .. Apple s per bb l Whit e wheat Ko 1 Bed do Fnltz .do Oata.,.^,^.,.,.^ BWlayji.ij^i,.,,,. 30 26 ...60® 60 , ..1 75'@2 '25 ...1 75@ 2 25 .. .2 50@ 3 00 .\.2 40®2 75 60 .. .2 00@ 2 50 ...1 OO@l-05 ..-...:'. ..i 00 ...\.. 95® 1 Of ,,. 36® iO P !'U**t'ANX '\» o OnJfr ol John O- »*WTOT rturTu^.jo ot Ihn t ooDly 01 (lrl«mo». ontlrt i. tiBccbv civvn That .11 pcr»««n aavtnR clslm- as.iitti tb n nisi, ot WttiifttD Pr»t mtr«. laic of tbo lown uf Hb«.t>, lo \.hi tV^lntj. dowm^^l. .n , 10 nulm] t o pnweut ia* unt« wt«b lb « ^oucU\t« .b.n>o( t o In* un«JOf»l'.-D«l \doilnl*tr.to. nl tattl cta\ . .t fi-, i.atiloocvin the town of Kbwlb; «,m t «ut) N ¥ .cmo t before lt>«t Mth Krhdj.r*. ISO. nl l b default ItwlWif their claim, .,11 h» dabwirmt st>d t.tv<lO(!rd from pajtnoul n isid Aumlnl.tratuf out of .sill «Ub l»l« l Ibl . lib d»J of Aoco.t . A II IR>3. t -»A. 0. ««>OHB. njrtl AdmloUlimlo. TUB PEOPI.Bi>PTIIE9TATR\FNK\ V YOUK I II. lb. *.r.r . »l Ood Pr«M> l\d looep-odPOt I u 4ob a «c<^o,bl . rowl«f IMnt..o O«BI » lo.i . &IBttWsB Urllonald. M Jnaa', . % ' tcblcli Hnd.rcSt WclfcoabJ O.tbft. M.'i. n Pot t toantT. r.lltorat.^ f*-Bh S*pao««osr MKW-P-.I* Nuernl, crotnlT N \ • N«ncT Ult. tftwoj . tlnrao, tnon-i. N V KO» MclU»aal Kb elbj UflntC. eonntT N V . Uas*1e rfl^iwl^ rct£t~nl l.tan.> cnoat?. Mlrbljran. ilAf> J K.l»r*c<. Koltnn Otaifburoiiity Ulcblfto- t\ba*S\« iw^ds?*. Potion lliatlot coqot , Mleairan. Jobn V U«dr . mtoH. FNiitno. ar^tlot rr«otj . MK&irao- t «t, l**l£- Fottoo Ofaun* count, Mu-hl^n . M'^ Ti;o MnsoniQ frateuuty/f loaKlonvilla. lind a, pleasant drno uuft Wedui^aivs f TOcauig, -nhoJitli6yi\oMMsited.by $51- ejfttwus from Looltporf ona Mijhni. John HMgo qxatmw Uio M W do- git.0 The lodge meotnig wa s Jollo-ncd ov ft svunptuoUB fiuppor —O^Biuis Be - pnblican,. I £ The \M \V\ digrce poiaxi b ) John Hodg e mw<^\J'liQ i ^W' : w! : S worae\ degree, isn't it, Beiioli ? We learli iiopis'oWiexolHKngo tiuit,? ooUple ol £cim9a tjifoliinj tw^w tWe aume of Vf. Q, iiudjpeorgo Fcnifsti bnv& bcim B^yihdUng gqldiers 1 TvJdowa In neighboring eounJIoB, Thoy qlaim to bo government iionmoij ugenta looking up porsous entitloiy to mn increase of pen- sion. The y daaionjl 85 in advnnoo, to look u p tlioioasej If they visit this comity, Hick Uiem put. The grand brgsvtfMuoert on. tlio' now Odoll orgSuij presented by John. H. Deano, of Now York, t o the Brookport Baptist Chiiroh, cornea off lMdrty even- ing, Jon. Bthi Twjua run to and froms Brookport mwtacoominoiWtegly and i\o donbt many \vil l go. 'With Prot Wil- kiusat tbeoi-gau and Miaa Tyrell to sing there seems to bo no chance for disap- pointment. Tickets may b e purohoaed •at Topliff i Davis'. v - A. oorreapondeat of do exchange oir- Onq hundred casks ol sweet How eider I „ n m V eptejlioep-3cilllng dog* by £uttlug Oods* ***t* BWi . _ ctvttttji MlrW W ,.«»*- ™.l«w t*oHoo t*T»lt*« ewittt» M*<ht| he».r» »t c*w »xntt B**t •*( klo of H«r»t. Hel»<m*id 1 **e, n( M*»»:i»3r nl«n # enaOVj N t €*•*» a*- d. and not*? t*«dse, »niton Or«io * rwntl M.ehtr»o fiirtnr •»!* IK- ».«»»« rssiiD»^ ft*tnnr» «li \ (e»td* •I'll fttra and m *'• er*-«Jli. r* ••( *u«8> Mr l*rae-«nt v jl«r>i|«1 S\iliq »r h»n*tr» et»r«J nati T qrjliril t«t lip|«>»r bwt?«r-oar \orei-iiT*'* * ' nni •••^•TWI •'»• •art • ••or *»ort'-tta:«\ ' Wl on t(*w t»'fid*r of ¥*br*mty 1&*3 »l eo O tUm k t\ tb«- I»!»ft>«ir> \I ia*l -my •• lhe Nnrrrx*^ • \(See. ID AIWOD -bee- »rtd ib^e« t.j #Be-w e^o««» w hj- » <*err*i» •\>• aid »«>* l> n>«<£# d'-'ei'ti Itie •.» ef b' i » p' f I '-f til- >i d .«w>-**ed •*« *t» He -mi d t^r *•> P.r:- b th-'—.( •• m«j b- oec—•-arj fc-» tt»#> i«sai\i>t t <t»' <!• I»t» Aftd t»^ bo*w nr-»\T' «r >*.- .»\\»r t»tiB •b*»m •%*$ 'no \ r— d »»e »•»•» f.<).lf-il ' •t*P- f ** * « '*> •**'* L *** «K«* tUnO^-d ibeli »»n«t* ttiprr •'« -h .w rw*r w . • tj- ,- \ N*««t. P-*q of •• m« .-»»h»-' •(?' \h * psur-iwrf', • u«t»'*1 .- .' I*-* p-i Bte*l *h«tr ••p • t*t l*e-.rd • t . ih i* pe.«-.-*llns l a lr»'tit>r>n' T «••»*•! -nt \• h*»» ei»4«-l h*> M... «( • (Bre -»I -<*it #»!U 'MifP'^a-e I\ >*e h^fatii\ »fflx«t L * Wnm\» J.J.ti tl f**«r»ef Ha»Tt»xs'e *f Hi-««W t'oanlt of «»• e«n« »* Mhmn ti, *«id L (.Tin*j, (tn* rT.h d*/ »f (i«-*tinbei' A I> 1*^3 ,m,« JOH V •• ».A W V KH • A r*!TT« At'ornrr f\ T f'rtittttm^r LOCAL BREVITIES SftT5?H38- AS© -BOHSSS- glSK} 1 ^ AND OTHEBWISE,' for salo by'cnsk or barrel, by. S . H. Goodman.—10-tf. \JReward or Tho Qorman Volnatoer,\ for three nights next neck. Dun't fail to Bee Oliarloy Collins. - Every kind of Book aud Job Printing executed promptly, neatly atd obeuply, at tho Register offloe. EtUUUii UUll lul fur sulu uu—Elm otrcetr- TuruiBoosy. Enquire ol Dic k Wilm rtb or of J,.hn O'Erien, 40>v8 . _ A little son of Charles Fuller was run over on Center street last Saturday, but happened to eseapo iujnr% s Mr. Ja y Qratriek and Mite Ettie Bai- ley, of Shelby, were rowjftly married a t the 11. E . parsonage in MJUviUe. Those who ettn get to tfie lUdgeway ohuroli next Sunday moroiug will b e npociaily pleused witli the Berviwai. Maher Broa. are selling nruro Furui- ture than has over been sold in this place bef oru by any ono. The Supremo Court haa rendered a decision that taxes paid aatiur a tntnU&e of low cannot bo recovered by Tbe tax- payer. Tho Proleolivoa presented eaoh of Uioir uelgbbors in tho Brown building aud their steward with a turkey Oil Christmas. Tbo New York Central and Erio mil . roatU have givou notice tha t after Jan. 1st, 18S3, no jjpecUl ratea oa fmigbl will bo givou. Don't furgtU It Sntphpu & Lyon can and will sell Uooto ,alld Shoes ol»'a|»er than any house in Medina. No. 3tf Kearney Block. W. A- Bowen, who ispending his holi- day vacation home, led tbo Y. M. t \ A. •meeting last Sabbath Hi* subjeet was \Christmas glfta.\ Ladies. Jobusuu sells a kid bnttun shoo baud made and hand InnuM, mon eUcturcd by Phulaa ei lUjebeatei. Tboy .re light and dnrabln. Paper cot&nn are the latrst notreltv. Stirt'ly tltfy wtmhl l*. a tltttiig rt^ei.,ta- c|i' for tho remains of tit*. dt<atl WatH on an nhtttr'a fmtmrriptuiu U»l. N ,w tit »t tlio it <h lir *«it<u is 'np.*n n» itunfe >( you? Ittiln ,«Mt « ,-l tf«> !<• Charter. F'i **t'» <*nsi „fd- r .,«u«. ol l,m tine'caiitiW f.r (ln'm a Ol.nslinas pr«»*- Mtint.«>k ha. nearly 10,000 piooos ,,( 5 ivnt mimi<\ Man, iu-. JH.K^TI liav,- lately l»^.|i nihled to tb«> list. Coil «>r aoml by mail and g^-t new catalogue. l l it* Oi.w \lh e llilii^\ tit l«.llt » lo flelut purl\ I \ ffenlU'tne-n wh.»m 'IM-I wi.ti l/> rai l Ne w Y, nr' « tl it Ijoll. a ru n tin.! nen l etinU lur tlna pnrpuB, . at 111.- KK.trHTKIl \tll.-e. I'ho ttltni'ilM llol,' l MnWmln IR t o op peur In th e (frritl h'topentnot t plti l ''Hi p Va n Winkle \ n t Uent'rt Open, H'HIFO, ou Muuday evening, ^auuary I. Orlsflnadn f Trorn Varlon. Ronrcca and Cnannllr Caatttt b, tlio Itoglator Fellow. Tb^ \Creole\ t«*-ni$rht Diarya for 1IW3 at Mnnloc-k's. Hav e ym got over Chnatmas yet ' Cnndioa made every day a t Dodd'a. Holidny trade is just booming nt proa- eot, \ll the standard brands of cigars at DtHld'B. Oo to Pnild's for yonr frpah contoo- tinn^ry. Fin e roiie.1 randiea a* Arnold A Tnck- er. IV^tt five cent eigar in th e conntv ot DoxW'a. Boston Mixed Coffee 25 cents nl Hen- ly A- Son's. BeRt qnnllty tens, e-henp a t Arnold & Tncker'n. Healy A Son give foor cbromos with n p.>nnjl of Ten. Tb n flnest New .lapnn Ten in th e Cbiltlrons festival at 8t' John's olmroh this evening, world nt Smith's, Heal y A Son sell Mince Ment, San - -aage an d Qmtora. . Tf yo u wmrt griorr gp)ci'i\ieft- > ~-calf i on - -skrfled 1 pguoVaii-wnd-atr'SKw' Arnold A Tnolter. , Fine photographs and low prices at Belden's~gnllory. Froth linked bread every day nt John Dodd'a, 45 Main street. 1000 pounds Chrtice Bologna Sniisnge ree'd daily at Smith's. : Q o see the Baby Wngona, (3nrts, Bar- rows, etc., at Smith's. |A fnll nssortment of men's and boyB cTotbing at Adler & Co'. ,. Formers a b , wish a good mitt go to lhe Broadway, Hat store. -All\ bonk paper filling dn e oh Ne w Years mnRt be J ai l Saturday. The dayB ore now' iocreiinmg very pereeptably in length. Ste p iuto any one of onr drug stores and got an almanac for 1883. It is illegal to bnnt rabbits, with a fer- ret. A One of S25 ie imposed for a vio- lation of the Inw. The Medina Social Clnb give their first party this season io th e Hart Hoase hall to-morrow night. Do not bny cheap poisonona oan ly, bu t go to Fuller's where jsptt can get lp pnrp nrtiole. ^ r YesT^otb. Powder is pul y twenty-five cents. f Bia»cw«y. I Last Saturday nigh t the eaproity q t tins Ridgewivy ohuioh van t*xed to lb) utteimoat t o accommodate tb o immjjUBO onnvd thnt gathered thiro to beholcj tho conUst between tbo Muo SivutaOlaua nnd tho genuine Old Nlok lnmaelf All •who found it postublo to ho there ^ore more thou plowed •with what thoy hf ard and BUY/, -Tbo folao SnutK^lattsilfbo tried in a most talented uiannei: to ifrove to tlft),-obiltlsoii that thoy HotTheen fooled about Bt. NioholM, an d that they, would giit no mor e from bis winijoox packs won bandscaaely heaten by JJicA Frost and bis wife tuidtho real old Sa^uta himself. Thoy oelebralod tlieir Tlotoiiy by adiung to their ^owla a morerheaytty lndon Christinas troo tlnui we ever ^tvw before, All tho Sunday School ohildreiji and teaohera \found Uio fruit pleaaontto look upon\ and oi good many others \to bo desired to undue ouo wise.\ In th e distribution of gifts tho beloved palter was tho recipient o f many valuable gifts tho last being a eardinal brocaded plnali. ohair,' upholstered in 'tokiBlr^ style, Aeoompanying this was a. hmidsornp foot rest. »*« FBOa YATES. JSur««clc)aprIiaS>rawlnr- ^ All iuba )»«v,o\ gnbuoribotl for th6l« Newspapers au»d JlagasuiM witb mo smoa November tat, or \sb o do now aub- sontobeforo tbo drawing,' are invited to b e presont at my Btovo n t ono o'olook, on New Tear's Day, (Monday next), A, uno Sowing Mncluoio will there, bo given away to my Buhsowpfirs. ! \All .who have, liot yetJubBoribeti- for thoir nowspapors are jjiyited to do* BO a^'onpe afld .eeoure a tjeko^ Oi^ei^.roieiy(?(jt;^ymfdl. Onta- )ogv)«free,, , ,... 0, Si- SIfjBDooK,: •; -o^.^ .. , , «jjre|ih R , N. ?, ' '\ ^,.„w'-*ri- \<m i ».i •»» • 'T-v,,- AuotUo r SUtgo Accident, eot tlic best nrttclo /on cao givo ta n ton nt font ur n enrrt n f TCUOCI, •wbtch yon «i a bny at tbo Eleaoti yard, foot of Ol.nrt?b BtreoL Wont is a utror for ChnBtmna prf>*«»iil ttino a Pntrnt R>*ekor, Willow Cti^ir, (Viiioh or M»rblo lop table. Mfiber Hros bftvr tbrm in grvat bciiuty ami nl low pneeR. It.lifts brpn fonml by eiprriment tbnt R crevicp ntidcr n door l»rRo enough U) pn»b » pvnny tbrongb wiU let enooglt eoKl nir tn to n room lo rt*t)tiiro 400 eitrn poumlfl of coal per montb. Tbe largest anportment of snliiiBilvrT waro tn town at A. Wmuarti't*. Main FnHer mnkea fcatnly every day and Be^a it. Contspfiaetilly b e bsa no ptale gooils i^n band. Call ru>U be con TI need Tbe regular apnnwa will ho b*>!d Dnit Snoday morning nt tbe £*resbyt«*rfao obnrcb. In the PTemog a oabballi Hebool concert will he given iu place of tbe rfgnliir evening service, A New Year's sootnl wilt be given to yonr.g men oud tbei'rlfldv frieadH by the... Ladies' AtmUinry on Monday pvoniup, .Tan. Ut , nt the Y. M. O. A. B-'-ima. A niiiaicai programmo will be givpn. Mr. George K. DemnrA will ope>n n writing Rcb'ool in tho •Armory flail next Thnrsday eveninc. Mr . Drimnni in n be t*nre of gaining Rome feuowledgf uf bolla d o Uia abeop., Bfe B»y»: \I bave tried it tbirly y^re nnd nover lost one. My neighbors havo lost sboepall arouud ma. Tbey havo uot bod bells. I uue ono bell for ton eheop. I Ustvo ao nxuoh faith In bolls that I think the law should uot pay a man fo r his nucop if b e ha s DO bells on them.\ ,The thing is eaeily tried. S- -^ —. «i A Block oompany baa been formed in Tlbfc*agb with a capital of two and a half uiillionB who ar« iiegotiiitiue with Oapt. Lina Bceaber for tho uoaolr-l torritory of tho Vibrating Sprtug Tolopboito io tbe Ouited Qtntea and Oauttla. Tbo oom- pany takefl tb e uftnie of Tbo tTuitetl Siatea Vibrating BpnugTolephoco Oom- paoy. TIlO Optni u will go to Chicago on tbo fifth ot aoit mouth to porfeot ar- rangficoutrt wttb Uiin ootupauj. -Verily Oapt, Bt»ohcr ban itrnok * ^wjnaoxa. J A t a regular mcotmg of the Medina OoaooU, No. 1 3 & T of T. tho follow* tug otBcen were ol oted: # tr— Alex. 'WtoDBrt. N. a-Mra. E Uke. •Cbap.-U. H . Htakoly. Q%^-~ 8. Tucker. F 8»c.-^Tra. Alex. Wlnoard, Trcaa.-MrK. W. M. Wood. H.—D . 0 . Bow. Goaxd.—J. V\«dlo.BU. 8oo.—E, LfOkt>. ItopTcaonUUvuti 8. 0 .to bo bold at UiDgbamton, B . Tnckrr, aH«irunto A. T . Bmltb, Wo haw rvcuirw! a copy af VIPJK'B Annnnl Plarul Outdo which fully equxtin if it do** not vxtvl auyUilUK of tho kind OTTT iawneil b y tlw Vtck*. Tito Ixxilc lias a hthographptl enver aud ta printed an tbo twM of i»»i*cr, IIM thnw colored platen of Flowvrs and Ve^gptahlwi, and fall af UACIUI tnfnimatlnn, Th«w wh o »r>ud 10 wnti* f«r tt t*nnnot lx» dlsappdint- ed, u» tlie piali« nJ»*tw tkiv wtirth Uiu ainouut AcUtrt'SA. a* in |w>t ytmra, JAUKSS WK. Hocbacntcr, N. Y A certain (ji ntl'-niaii n**t a thmucuid mtl-'* fnim M«^bnrt, who IMW aJirnp* oi- prvttM*^! a vrry drrtdr«l dt^ilki 1 U\ Wt*aT' tnji^wi'lrr, a rtnft rw^iortaiW, wtw prt»- M*t.t.<l h\ but wifti ai.d »t*ii, on Cbrtat- m*A. wilh a tivr rfut nnji. put in a v*?ry iu**** *-2UM\ an a joke. Mr ti*ik it for tho r»-ui «rti^l<\ ontl tr u «> «-%nlin.*ly pt«tw- ,, l with tt, tlii»t n< w th p tUklinp* HT> wm .|.n.! K li> w 6*» |^ t \til *t lb** i«t*ra| U U* tbr T ti> f^r-% ft rrt'W gt-l«i rttifc i n lt« pU«N-. i«r tok* 1 the ehauevi* of«lhe> rxpt'ct- t\\ t--Afiti«p»kr> when the happy man di»- c*-v. r« that \nil w n,«>l fpd»l that Rbtt«»r» *' TU»- (linstmas arrvtrr nt tb*» M K. Cburi'li on Hunting « v Ti<iiiniar fnui all that t-«ml.l IMI ih'rttr.Ml. Tln< ehnreh wtw v»*ry ttift eft illy d»KVifati>*l witli I'vorf-twonn. Tin* i'hittlr**U iKHptitttHl febrmHolvos. IIH tt!*utd. \itb |srr*»at i*rtHlit. The (utdi**iire Irfj*t . vniitn^ n rary larvrt* utimlwr pntli- urwti. -ui thu pa-rlnw of tb e some church fur tb.' annual Sunday School \3*«*inl. Tw.i bnndrt^i and fifty [Barents and rhil* dr. n fillinl tb*» i»|*ari«»U\» p»rJnrs with glw ibr wh'»li' ev«*ninR. C«k»»a, candies nnd ntluT nfn>»braents. of |Jt*» very ohuicvat mi.»lib 8->-w- s^ni^l by tt*¥= Isdi*:* - A very enjoyfihlr lime wap bad tit the IVipMst <*hnrrli on Tn**«lay evening, th*» ixviBtonof their ('lirisUmasncrciseA Tb* 1 r*T* «•*•*» e>'WM*letl of re«p m«i»e Rinirinffhy Mr. Hwott and Mr. Bntnrk and p»-*ponsive rendingo Hy tbe acbool irjt«T-'p»'rBeil with Ringing, nitor wbioh ttw jjiftfl, wbich wr-re nrrnuged upon a bn«t ami whtoh pnesentod A moat pleas- ing and nttr»<*ltrp sight, were diatnbu- t»ni anmng *he wboUrs and teacbera. At tbe cl.iBr Mr, Snmner pn-«e.tited the Snpcnrjtendent, Mr. L F. Ztmroerman, •i patent rocker chair, prefaced by pleas- ing remarks, snilnbly responded t o by Mr. Z. N**Ttt Monday evening;, Jan. 1st, Rolv **rt MeWadp'. the w*>ll-kxiown actor ap- pour* at Bent's Opera llonse as Rip Van Winkle. Th«> Toronto tV/ofo of the 15th \\\L saya : \Mr. Robert McWade must be congratulated on his portrayal of Rip Van Winkle*. He never leaven himself open to adycra.c erHieism, It ia a .care- No aleiablug fo r tibrtstmaa, , Having failoa ,tb salute th e readern ot the RKOISTBI. with a merry Obrlfltaip, wo not only hasten to wish them * bnppy Now Year but also many bappy retowB of tbo Bame, Horace 3topbeuaaa of Ohio la viaitipg trioinlsTa iowi£\~ Mr. Btepbenaon ia a graudfioa of tbe Uou, John. H. Tyler, ouo of the pioneers of Yutea. . UG (ion atiuij iov tlio ucnou> , \v(- Kov. Mr. Doniela, last Wednesday V^IB a splondid suocess. Ouo hnfiuted and aixty-oigut dollars, nearly »U oaab, was tbe net result. W o must no t forgot to mention'Mr. Da.vid Hunt of Riilgowsy who wan present with his .oholr ot train- ed Dingers, who, together with Bomo of our native lalont, gavo ua in lino stylo aomo of tbose ol d fashioned tanea our fa- thera loved so well. Our Methodist frloinl. hold a Ohriat- mas Sabbath gchool onterUiomont on Bncday evening, ooniisting pnnoipadly of recitations, mnslo sod song by ttlo Sabbath Boboot Tlw exereiiM wote My-appreciated by a denaely-gaoked audience. The following ofllocra woro ohosen at tbo aeuual olootion ol tho Tatot Lodge F. and A. M. fo r tho onsuiog yow, »il : \ \V. M.~0bsxle » E. Fairmsn. S. tv*.—Morel Dates, J. W.-H. Fnllor. Treas.—N. E. Ives. Boo.—O. E . Thurbor. 8. D.—Will Timmormsn. J. D.—Oaylord Dolsnooy. Ohap.—8. Q . Joh'iion. Marshal—A. Ayor. B. M.-J.O. Btokci. J. M. 0— O. A Wsterbnry. Orusuist— D 0. Wood. . Tfnatec—A B. Fi.k, Ttler—B. O. Hiohsrdaon. If Ohjrtstnuu leslivities were not emwdtng your correspondent so hanl. bo wonlil like to n'Oiiitl oertaio bymcoiaJ oxptoiU, alar, th e adveutarOA ol atfiaoi- pln o t .EwoUpilia wit h a white owl . Aa ll l a the r moat IreBiiflf^re*! i \ fall inl o iitilmoo. R E. Porrnin. the art of penintiuall.'p. t Call nnd fleenre u a.ltuig nt <,nce miii »vo»l tbe lioluiity rimli. U\ „i ti,»« ninkitiR cnbinrla nl three iJoll.irM p,r dozen an eimU iit'hvti dollura per doz- en. Tile same claafi uf work wna never before offered erj 'ow. Over 56 Main Ktrect, Minims, N. Y. Tbe Maber Br-ia IMVP got the largeai atonk ot Patent Rjokers, Willow Chairs, Fancy Work Baskets, BraokotR, etc r ver Birmvn in Medina. Tbo*e wanting nn^ thing in tbeir line f„r CtnlBttnaa pr, a putp wtmlii d\ *ell M give them a cad. - Heveral ol trie \IJOYB\ pot\ a turkey for a Chrietmna fenal either hy exprcaa or mail. It IH needless to any that th*y were ail },!< 'Red and if the turkey WIIH II Btnall ooe it went \.it aroumi.\ The one received from the old country by mail wa8 probably tli« ricleat joko of the season , Tbe numerous air hole s in the ic e oni< the canal and its thinness in places makes the sport of skating, which the boys are extensively indulging in, very precarious. Parents should see„..that- their children do not iridnlgo*\i'n tlMs sport until the moroury drops for enough to solidify the ice. fiiT TthpefRorintifH) ffnni the npeliiiig Hct'he t^i the closinrr one, and with Mr. Me- Wade's ability the erereise of this care is siiilleient to make Ins pietnre ot Rip Van Winkle an intensely interesting and affecting one. T\e kruUng characteris tics of the candess Dntehman never leave him, and tbe quiet humor i n the first expression frnrn the awakened wan- dertir on th o Catskilla reveals a n un- ohnnged Rip , despite th e flowing \white beard and long grey locks which had stol- en uprA hi s twenty years' sleep. The best iniperarniflted\ characters in the .cast, exclusive of the title role, were those as- sumed by the two children, Ivutie and Annio Elmore who were Pcti Stuyves- ant and Uttle Bteenie respectively, Mr. McWade ha s made som e slight altera- tions in hi s version of Rip Van Winkle since it Was last presented here.\ _£ r—~* ~ — Real Kstato. Parties who are dosirons' of Brryiiflfi selling or reotine renl estate of an y de scription will Bod it to their iuterest to visit tue'renl estate ngenoy of Bowen & Downs. Money to lean on good seenri ty. Office in Medina House bloo'k, first floor, over Union Book. , Soarcroly Ui»4;tU(! psbjjtrj $0tM$fl t o ctia- ensa'with'ltwscojHho sUootiiij of Anne Vo n Bebrsii bj ^rauk Jfrayno o n the' Stogoof a thyestoi, .1.9, Ojnojnnatl whop it was agaiu BUrlled last Tuesday uight by tho pbooting of^lfw JilllIav| v SpBaoet by Atihtir E. Miml npofti%a'»t»gaot' ae'Oor!uthti>n,;Ao«doi^ % l RrJoUe«tor, Thopartioul«rao! : the ««d aooldent »ro aa.tollows! Mlu Bponoer was glaying \Oorft\ *n(l SrXr, Forreat, <'Goorse Dp, hnrad,\ iu theomotioDsdnlayof \Artlolo 17.\ Tho plot o! tho giooo hauga upon shooting ot Oora by\ Duhamol a t the close of tlio first not, Th o wospon usu- ally used fo r thla purpose was, iTtoy re- volver »nd blank oartrldger*w«fe.-Tajte plodrxk This had bjeoomb. JOiB«id_ and initsplnoo a Harrington' & Riohards' novon-obnt revolver ot U calibre wat used, bolng loaded with blank cart- ridges, two of whloli-exploded^bldSiioB their oontonts into Mil s Bponoct's fooe and oar. Tboaooident was more pain- ful than dangerous, but notsrtholoM suggests tbe propriety qt saoriQalng; aomo of thcteaflstio ottsMt ot emotional playingkrfh o safety dt tbo sotors on- gagod nrit. Pumlliarity with Ore arms usually breeds ooDtompt of tho danger involved in handling thorn and for that reason itwool d be well for tho safety of both tho actors and nudlenoo if thoy -uBed-wUb-tbe-gmatJat precaution, or if this oan uo>t bo don e thoy should bo banished from tlio atsge, and thosodienoo left to Imsgino what l a reality la a shook to the strongest nerves. OTHER COTOTOp WITHHT TH!E LINE3 OI\ THll> OI, D SJSPISB 8TATB, Ab« an Abridgemen t ot Soai a Tottr. ««li>« Ma'ten an a Tnlac*\ . Obnce^uIiiK Tlssai, , s Our re«derg;Biriil'^6Mbet th e horri- ble oatasWpUo^uftwbjpj&iag Ellen (lay 'loititft life My thoi bnrniag of ho r houxo qSj'Oolii BtU., dooasipiiori b y the oxplo. aiou of akoroabrio lamp; tho inveatign- tion by.jlri Albert (Jolbyi ot th o State'''' Bptrd of Health, the ooronor'a lnn.ne»t,-, and tho oollootionfrom tlio moroh»nt»of «M»pjaa of oil whioh .new »9aly«od,W found to bolow tho tost. • Aaan ontwuta' of all this Nowtuan J. Nublea, who)for soma timrrh*sr*uppliod tho local doalors herewithoil , wasarroated ou \WWoes- day on charge of Belling oi l beloV tb* toatspooiflod by law, it,being alleged that ho sold tho oil to Dolauo, who sold - it t o Mm. Gay, .Tho case, Whioh lil a teat-one, will bo prosoonteil by JJUtrtot. Attorney North and defended bj| floa. Qcao. Bowon.-rl^avfati, i ) • - aiosoenw^weJeiljMhjeairxthenrjit, second nndipnrtb aoto ot \|8jii aim, Winthtop\ ot SlacUaon Sqwot* jftiwtro tecojtatruotod..ot;-vr^and/braM, JCho -metal-wtuHrotby-liand In-Indiator Iiouia- q.-Tifrafly*0,' , who imported il, la India, this motal i s (Ued for decorating roonia dodioated to special oor- omoulala. T^o wnlla an d ocuV ingot Qtosoonoat the Madison Square~ Xhofvlwoontoln ovor twohundrpd Ori- ental designs. Its full beauty oan only be appreciated by a minute inspection pcrlal Offer. We Itave maUe arrnlurement a tty wblp h we ran fnraliah von ether pnhneallons io eJtnopeiio'i with Ii,\ ItRorsTTiti, amonrr Wltieh ore th e fill WlllK. EnOll pol'll - rnlior. will tw» aent te Ton. ptial paid, fnr one year, earth witb Ibe e«rtler. • Ib-trnlar inc of the UEOifnT.il , 81 SO n-si.tvr and N Y World, 3 16 \ \ Ra'tifflter Dern and Climnlele, 2 15 \ Kocliaater Post El., 2 15 \ •• Youth's Onmpnninn, {new anbaoribora), % 75 \ M.mlrn'l Faintly ller. 2 15 \ Hnrpr's Monthly, 4 75 \ Wide A*ake, 8 25 \ \ Home (Jin.le, 2 BO •• \ The'tMorninp, (rom- peuluwV), 4-U&- Ortlers oan bo left at IhoRsotsnu i of- Uratorwt'lb'C- & Murdoch. Inalallallnn e l Offleera. At tbe nnnnal ehVlion of MedinaTxidge Nn. 33A, hold laat Wednesday evening, the fnUuwing oflleeii were ele/ted for the ensuing year : W M.—fidward Possojf. 8. W.-W. P. Tarineis' J. W.-Oeo. Hnaltt), Treas.—G«>. W. Fiftry. Hee'v—.John Allon. ^ o t).—F. R. UowiiJ. ,1. D. —Harvey finydW. S. M. a—Davfd Arn&trong. ,T. M. 0.—Pnfd L. Drrwna. • Tvler. —Petei F. Hevenor. Cliaplain—Et 0. Blake. The Installation of tho officers will take place at the Masonic Hall next Fri- day evening, at seven o'clock Refresh- ments will 1M* served in th e banquet hall to members o f tho fraternity and their families. The Glee quartette have been engaged for the occasion. It is request-' ed that all donations b e sent in b y four o'clock on th e day named BO that th e committee ma y havo time to arrange the tables. HEAL ESTATE SALES. Tbo following transfers of real estate have been recoidt'tl in th e oonnty olerk'a office Jackson A Clued tn jjyron H. Colby inuil in Medina fur r>150. Michael\Sullivan to Robert Coleman 1.48 acres m Ri.lgr.wny for 8529. Frank W Hnrdick to Lonisu Peaso lot in Kuowlesvillo for 8750. Cbnrlea H . Olinae tn Patrick Casey two acres tn Meilinn fur 8350. Lucy Elliott lo John D. Bnckland property in Albion for 81 . L. F. Zimmerman t o Charles Hcdley lot in .Medina for tJJOO. Mary Mailey to John MeWamara six acres in Clarendon for gUO. Michael Morphy to P. A. Maloy land iu Clarendon for S240. Albert L . Swell to Lyman R. Swett lot ifl Medina f..r 8200. Samuel DimielK' beirs to John Lo- Vultiy, Jr., 81i nores in Ridgeduy for $4,100 Unnnnb Cleaver to Fred Cleaver land in S'lbion forSGOO. Win. Atkin to Aaron Hinsdale land in Yates for 8800. Jnno Potter to Lueinu Hnrdenbrook 5 45 nores i n Clarendon for $1,000. George \W. Gotta to George Gotta land io RidgewayTor «700., John Casey ta,0ora E . Loke land in Medina for S&m PEMUIONAI . JUllrfTlOH. Miaaca Mario and Kittio Van Dnson, of Lookport, an d woll known In Medina olrclea, will take an aotlvo part in tho* concert to bo given by tho BroekpUrl band tliis ervonlng, Mr. Albert jpco an d Jolo Darts aro homo from tho'Kocheater Buainosa Uni- versity for tlio holiday vacation. Mr. Z. T. Clark la home for a week. Mr. Dan Digelow i a homo far a two week*, vacation. Miss Cynthia Merrill la homd from Oswego t o apaud tlio holidays. Prof. J. T. Cothrmn and wife go to Lookport lo r their Ne w Year. , Mrs. Dr . H. T. Chamboilln of Brock- port was Ui o gneat of Dr. Cbambcrlin of this place last week. Ibr. W. H. Ohiunberlin returned last night from Ilandolph, where wa s hastily callcdjaat Satunlay to attend hia atiter, Mrs. Bsbbdt, In hor hast illneaa and doatli. Will Kingaly haa'gono t* hi s tome at \Lyons lo r a visit. Mrs. A. V. Polls o f Rochester is ex- pected hc-xc to-tlay to visit her brother 0. H. Martlock, an d other friends i n Medina. Mrs. Daniel Starr, who ha s bean l o very ill, is considered out ot danger. Dx. K. Mnnaon left on tho Atlantic ex- prtxis yej^terday for Canandaigua and other eastern points for a holiday viaiL John Oonuingham has gone to Roch- ester for m ahiai visit te bis parents. Wm. Rcslloy is snffering from an at- tach of typhoid puenraonta. John Carney, of Cleveland, Ohio, Is homo Tor the liolidaya, Miss Lillian Bpcmcor will appear in the ••Croohi\'at-tho Opera novum HUB oycjiiiig. Tl |u accident alio mo t with on Tuesday evening wa a uot s o aevuro but that she appeared tile following evening. Can t Xjina JfecchjBl anil Fjsnk, Strat- tnrough an, dpora, glass, It abovm tUa kind , ot nottso doooration whioh the *noro_weBlthy aro now latroduolng i n Now York city Ironies., ^ . At tho ProtootlvjaUBooial rooontly held in Brookport, Mr. Schloesor, tho foreman of the Dowey Hooka, was voted tho moat popular fireman in tb o village, and presented \With a beautiful bongo by th e Protective* Arthur Fisher baa been sentenoed to 2 0 years at hard labor ia Auburn prison for Betting Oro t o Mr. Sago'a homo i n sjcwlaton, , 8oma t-jonty-dve teams and lUty men are working on tho WABlwro In, Alabama. S,. Porter Poat, G. A B. , will gtra a \Oamp • Fire\ at Wilson, to-inorrowA evening, / — i* ' t fcn——~—« MTatskuliHI BarrtaM. Watchntght sertloes will IJB held to \ tho Methodist Episcopal oharob Buuday evening, Deo. 81st, 1883. oirnia or Eiaaoaia. 8:80 Prai n Borvloe, OflO.—Sermon by lha pastor, Kov. J. E. Williams. Bnbjeot: ''Th o fleotueaa of tlmo, n Job vii 0. 0an.—Praise, Promise and Teillmooy 10aXV-T-Bibl» reading—W. A. Bowan. Subject; \I am not-so vory bad.\ lOao—Gospel Sarrlco, Prayer tod Testimony, U«0-Bibls reading-J. A. Djooka. Subject: \Looh\ 11 $0—Ooosecration. 12-i-Openlng ot tha. No w Voar by prayer. ' Mours, Gledhill, Winnanl, BtandoTon, Slork, Hoaly and others, with a number of ladles, have oousonted to assist In tha stoglng. , A cordial Invitation is extended to all . Briug-yonr Bibles snut Qospol ujmna No's. 1, a snd 3. ton rchurned from their aonthern trip last Hntrrrdny nigjit. Sehutil Commissioner Ptxiaon la--oa- hia tmvel» inspecting tho schools through the county. Fsial Loal 3J.onday fatal aoeMtcot iming fi probably at/Hw Shelby street crossing of th e Central railroad. James Kouo, an 4mploye of Post & Frary, wa s walking across, tho race bridgo and wlion about bilf way aoroaa lhe bridge ho stepped or/the main track. The morning train wrist) was coming in at s very high rato ef' speed, whioh fad Mr. Kane appeared (A take no notice and walked along i n a! diagonal manner across tbo trsok. - Tho engineer btew the whistle but Mr. j&kno did not ge t oat of the way in time. Th e beam t o wbioh tba pilot is fsBtepcd struck him andHhrew bim against lhe switch post witb terrific force frioturiwr bi s skull a t the base of tbo brain., {The accident was unquestionably tho result of his own neglionce. Mr. Kane,' although still nlivo cannot live much ldnger. Ho ha s a largo family that were-- dependent o n his support and wbioh th&y will bo de- prived of—at least for s long timo. I — m ~ . Now year's Calls. .TJiejgJonvj.ottj..« Y. M. O. A. will b o has a tri-weeily lecturo Kendall cour-e. Mr, Newton Hood of Knowlosvillo, has sold hia farm to Mr. John UUl. o f Gaines, consideration $10,000, Prnt Yalo wsnts to start a singing school in Albion, There are now over 1800 Good Toxn- plara in this county. Rosotto socials aro tho latest Eaglo Htvrtior has had ono. Oysters, dams, candy an d olgars a t Fullor's. Tho Good Templars of Oak Orchard bav-e-giH>y atcf -i Barnard Sawyer, of KondsJl, hsssbont lOOO-aheoti onhani this winter.' Lyndonville ia having a eourao of lec- tures by her homo physicisnB. Nb t a bad notion. •Miaa Ella Woodford, of MfllvtUe, bad hor right arm broken tho other day by being thrown from a sleigh. Oharies Trowioy, of Rich's Corners, in tho possessor of a seven months old bear cub, sent him from Michigan. House decoration is tho rago in Ken - dall, and tho interior of many houaea i i being touched up in. various colors bj artistic brushes. Oysters by tho dish o r measures at Oharies Fnller's. - » open Tor The reception\ 6T calla off New\ Year's day 1 , from 1 to 5 p. 'm. undor the aiiBpices of the Ladies' Auxiliary, The following ladICB will -b e in atten- dance:' Mrs. It S. Bishop, Mrs. D. D .Hdldrcdge, Mrs. S. E . Filklns. Mrs. L. D . ttobtnson Mrs. J. Me,CormicK, Miss H. Thayer, Mra E. Thurston,' Misses' Gates, Mrs. tl. S\ Dennis, Miss Alma Breed, Mrs. F. <3. Olnpp, Miss Clara Barstow, Mrs. G. H. Hill, Miss E. Mcrritt Mis. J. E. Willian-s, Mrs. G. M. Frary, Mrs. -0: Ed -James; -and Miss Tibbie Firth will reoeivo at tbo residence of Mrs. Williams. Mrs. M. A. Bowen, Miss Mary Ken - nan, MIBB Anna Hill, M'ias Ella Wilkin- son an d Miss Nellie Genu will receive at Miaa Gnun's, No . 6 Main street, dar- ing th e afternoon. MiBBea J, Houghton, Hattio Lyman, and Emm n Gorton will receive with Miss Doll Frary, Notice. All persona having bntter, eggs, poultry or other oou&trl produoe will do well to call o n the Bnjbsoribor before sailing flio siime. ' ' 87w6 . Gms^Watdia, Agt. ' ••_ ' • ^,'''-.*¥i .-.' ; - . , Dresa maklaa*. Miss M. E . Murphy, formerly of (tochester, has opened a dress making establishment in Ide's new block snd i s prepsred to do first-ohus dross making at reasonable prices. Th e cutting, an d fltting will be done by the 8. T. Taylor system. Wheat. Fsrmors boar in 'mind that Weld i- Hill are grinding from twelve to fifteen bu&dred bushels ot wheat per day. Consult your own interests snd got their prioos before you sell. Yon oan have all tho timo yon want to draw. - JOSEP H T t Moons . -~ves«ji&-&&~Kwsr- The thing desired found ot Inst. As k Druggists for \Rough o n Rata.\ It olears oo t rats,-mioe, roaches, flica, bed-, bogs. 16o boxes, 37w 4 \BnchnpalbsL \ Now, quick,complete cure 4 days, urinary affcotion, smarting, frequent or difficult urination, kidney diseases. %\, at druggists. Prepaid by express $1.26. 6 for $5 K8,' WILLS, Jersey City, N. J. 37W* For Sale or Exchang e For property in the villagl),'a farm \of sixty-one aores on the Ridge. For f par- tiamars-iSall-Dr. ~ •\ - -ASjSrrBowaS: \ Medina, Iff, Y., Sent. 27,1882. 1 i » • Oeclliio tn Flou r and Fee*. We will sell floor and feed at th e fol- lowing reduced prices until further no- » tioe: ' , Haxnll ....S7.5&-•' •'• Hill's XSXX BoUer 6,60 *<? Blue JaOket ;, 6.2 5 •/• 4 Middlings nerton..;....$20.00 •'••*: .. • Sproenihga per ton ,' aOltrQk\ V, • Feed per'tott,., „ '%%, ModJnSj.'^jti'le^liiW-k'

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