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r J/* -.V £ / *~^Sffl-JBEMKi^^ A:FTEENQON, SEPTEMBER 7^1882. ^E. • O. THA1EB * CO. NEW DRUG STORE! MDOORMRTHoinrSBUKX E. G. THAYER & CO, - * . i ' •- DEALEltS IH—=• DRUCS, i, MEDICINES, \ jtol PAlJEiW Druggist' DHIX1S Sundries. WINES AN» LIQUORS FOB MEDICINAL BUBPOSES. E. G, Thayer.. Dr. Geo. Thayer- NEW YORK STORE It will pay you to see the Bargains in dress goods, flan- nels, table- linen, uuderwcar, hosiery, gloves, corsets and fane^ goods of all kinds now being sold so low at this great bargain store of .Medina. Re- meijiber the NE W YO.RK STORE, BENT'S ULOCK. LOCAL BEEVITLES SAYINGS AND DOINGS WIS^B AHD OTHEHWISE, • Originating From Varlona Source . aud Crisuailr Caugbl by i U e lleglstor Follow. OTllBLLd's APOLOGY. t'TOffttaBntat\ Did 1 careforUiij old nuiiii'B lovb;. *'\ \\\\\ '•'\'But 1 preloaded to reciprocate his afleellon, Aud in thin way did I make myself - A verjr Jduldoon witiLhiai lu sulldity. • He oft luvittil'iuu to tell the Btory of my life ; I tun.ll tbroutjU e'en from ray boyhood days, . Aud you ciui bet your sweet Uvea That 1 spread the confectionery on pretty thick. Ladies, UBC YES T»O4HI JJOWDEBL \: -.-XisfHKnes made ever ; 4 a / a ^ Dodd's. Bermuda Onians-nt Litton & Son's. 'Dentists tfioommendlntes TOOTH POW - DER. , \'..• R * Best line of teas irfjtojra at Healy & Son's. \ l'i All the standard) brands of cigars a t Dodd's. / ; Go to. Dodd's /o r your fresh oouieo- Uonery. / '; . * Dog days—or/paper—ended on. Tups- day lost. v ~' i -— Bes t five oai Dodd'a.' By the wa; toy pistol 1 A fine Ealey Organ for sale cheap a t 0. S. Murttoob's. The Qutot Nov Japan Tea' i n the world at ^mith's. Go see<Uio Baby Wagons, Carts, Bar- rowa. eh?., at-SaitIA ' ~ iug at this pointpiiTid-rlriHindcBd strange 'that many boats hare not-already boon 'smashed. _,... ,, S.'t, Mary's ohnrobt feeld,V pipnio in Hunlon's Grove during ye,&&rdy,atid a bull at Oooper Hall in t|i\jeyenuig. Splendid time-reported, l,,\ An elegant comb^inatipn of the hog- pipe man , th e phrenology hian, ami tho irrepressible soiesor \grinder fcawe struck th* (Awn in n hnrly. Great orneiB. '• \oigar in th e oonntv at what? has become of the JBO •A''<KH,AB3t, ; \'• ;,Kjoil«o»Crowd, 1000 pbtindB Choice Bologna Bahaage 'Mr. Jama } Beardrof|.Cio's,li a new an d fall line'of gubB, Smmunitijn etc.; whioh the Bporting men, when in pioLoj: BnoU nrtiol6Bu,will M wel l to bear inlSin\dU_ .. _\!. _ I; I'lit^^'lj In a case wfere.&e'heast'B aottonhns been strsponded by the • admiaistratibu of chloroform, tho application of a large oloUt we t with boiling, water mil restoro' Iteration. Being highly moonvontait/foE Moiiut & Bobertsdn to take theirMiler and en- gine in nights, that firm h)(ve oausod the otbotiou of a auitaKlfo^glue.. room at their foundry, \'\ s Som e observant individual has discov- ered that the difference between .a dog aud a small boy consists in. th e (sot that when th e dog duds a scent he doesn't spend i t for gam. A eab'soriber wrote to an editor \ I don't WMit yonr paper any longer,\ To which th e editor replied: \ I would not make i t any longer oven ifypx i did j its present length jnsr. enits me.\ It is a popular fawllnny (lint nr»o«c;nH<>eB take only the Uud blood from -tho body. They take just what; they oan get . Aud they get more bad out of a ma n than gmd, ^>^Itn'; l -^''• l *' w ;»t t * ^ • n, «h\l\<v r ^ TOe American pc-oplo,'llk» to bo nwabni!8e6J ; \»*?*_ tlfr Ijw tll» hnnHmt, thn !'>''<\• fi^y »trt 1 iHHI D. B. ABELL, rrapfletar at Eft* Center Grocery Store, 53 Main St M Medina, N. Y. h*> In ifock ft •«TT flo* ««lectJmj of GROCERIES -w«gJM»-fifflrrt In I'm a^Tfrr *1^- roa'd dally stSrnith's. Fresh baked bread every day at John Dodd's, 45 Main street. A fall assortment of men's *nd boye clothing at Adfer & Co'. Medina is now in telopbonio oom- mnnicatiOD with JBufTulo. '\\' Goal tar makes the best proteetiTe covering for wounds of trees. Boston Mixed CofToo twenty.Ave gents per ponnd at He&ly k Son's. Wa s somothing said abont an appro- priation for Oak Orchard crock 1 Parmon have cximmertced plowing preparatory to sowing winter wheat. If yon wish teoth like pearls, and a pure breath, us e YES TOOTH POWD&O. Hoaao and lot on Shelby street for sale. For terms etc, apply at thin office. Tanks attached to loonmnUrca bold about three thousand gallons of war, r. Healy It Sou give four beautiful ohro- niuj) Willi n jKinnd olBtandant Java otiff,-e A hotel keeper may no t bo a prnottrol imu, bat ha daily'displays bis (ecs-abll- ity. -• T o obaorvo Jumbo \ is tho more acstbotio vcrsioQJof \to BOO tho elo- phsnt. Soma dovioo for bettor protection of horses against dies should now bo forth- coming. Tramp* will.aoon rotnru from their summer wanderings and took np- a now frets lunch Krata. It is now lawful to shoot iqoirrela if you happen t o moot them and sro any good with a gun . Tho clergy now pr*y>oanco round dauocfl harmless,- provfdod obairs are used for partners. ' Any aiogfe\ yoaog ma n wishing for a good place t o board oa n learn of one by oslllogat this office Tho Prarjr Engioo Company's picnic at Bancroft's Grove o n Friday lost was a very enjoyable affair. It is now definitely decided that abiok- eos cannot b o raised from cgg-plauU, nor calves from cowcatchers. Beef at tho preseat pno o reminds one of tho tlmo when tho Israelites wore on hand with tho golden onlf. ^ Tho dook e n tbo Bancroft dous e is o[ great public utility. Aud^ so is tho grand stand at tbo ball ground. it.—i 1 . T. Barnum, Aud never has. Barnphi more fully demonstrated the truth of his assertion than thti presjiit season. \\ \ The largest orowd ever seen in Albion assembled i n that plaoe to-day to witnes? th e greatbst of printers' ink shows in th e known world. The street parade 'wag a largo one , ba t not so gigatitio' a s mauy were hoping to aeo. Jumbo wa s there, but ho was hot th e \mastodon ol by-^ono ages\ that so mauy had foolishly piotnred. H e i s a lean, sooly ojd beast, and if this be th e Jumbo over whom Queen TOotorift wept, so profusely upon his departure from England, it must b e observed that He r MajtBty i s a lady of very peculiar taste, to say tue least. There have been soma elephapts in this country that would compare most favorably with Jumbo In height, an d others thai it would\ be safe to venture would outwoigh him. His exact height and weight is no t known, for it i s said that Soott,. hiB keeper:, •' Insists 'that if his height JVAB. taken it would be measuring him for hi s oofBn at the Bame time, an d he is so sincere i u his belief that he threatens to return to England if anything of the kind 1B at- Last Tuesday pjtemoluu-thjo.jflrat hine of the Medipa BaBeball A8Bggin,tion.'went ^go^pprtvtopla y a Jetiirn-glinie'wHh -TJ^heHiiatishSls \of Wa l oityv The. nine was composed Of th e following persona : Hwy\Binlie of.; Hollenbook, rf.i H, F . WtAn, -lf.;T. GVWodhamB^lh.; Ohaa. •Woodford, 2b. j J. P. Galloglier, \8b.\j R 0. Fero, p.; S . A. Rosa, o.; Pardy fliiM, rii. Th e garna was called ahnut dlxMirECHOES NEWf S FKOM ALLX»VEB THE GOOD OLD COUNTY, M5TTEH sa»dHLX«aCS9_ MT.oaUy oondonacil prom «U» Ool - uuiua o t Noway Nolglibor- _' _ tu g Eicasiigoa . Here is tho motto to which a Medina. Rock Bottom Prices. TEAS and COFFEES A EPE0AX.TT. CANNED GOODS % great Tarloty In itoek. From always Jin Ban. in Season. OTOooda Detrnral ProopUj._£I •B-'IT. JOKES, a II smi Tho lashion of tracing tbo veins with bin e pssto i s gaining favor.., And so is the fashion of being hopelesd idiots. Biggest and best stock of Clothing and Oeot's Furnishing floods ever brought to Medina, at Adlor & Go's. It requires conRidrrsblo tact to so distribute taffy that th e recipient will imagioo he is getting piiro maple sugar. A mso never fully understands tho differooco between probability and pos- sibihty until h s ross for office and gets left. An effort i s on foot t o perfect arrange- ments for tb e rendition of the \Chimes of Nurmaody\ by local talent in Medina soon. The RKOISTKB is pleased lo place upon its exchange list the Lyons DomocraTio Press, one of the neatest papers in, the country. * Some youn g men wh o have solemnly pledged tu< rnpelvefl no t to drink nl n pnblio bar, now hove it sent n p on tbo dumb waiter. Viewed through tho miortwripe a hnir has rough ndjres like a tile. N o wotnl-r a young mnn's monstacho so frequently tickles a girl's noso. trade, and sellB many of the best brands _ in thnmnrlrpt Hn also Bells th e Post- ssloon keeper tragically points when tbe hoys tr y to Btaud him off ; To trait i» well; To bu« 1ML b— 1 Nu trait, no bust. It Is said that oUirts opoo in front are oomiug in stylo again. It will bo a great relief when a man can button his collar band withont going around there to do it , and standing on the ends of his toss. Tho pulpit of th e ProsbytrfHsn chuioh had been beautifully ilycorstiHl with llowers by ladies (SI tho ooigregatlon, o n HimJay loBt, in honor ofl the return of liov. J . D. Oounterminel fro m bis va- cutioU. j ' All Medina turned out to chaap a rat ' one day last woek.— Orleans ISepubllcar* Shortly after, au Albion ekonk oruolly •bau3ht.red sixteen young ohidsons In a IKjultry yard in tha t villogo, and all Al- lium fouud eou^emal atnaaoinant lo rtmniag the skunk. IVrry WadLama, tholtolegrnph man . ,m.I l>u-k Martin's barbcr/sbop man, lo- dnlKed in a foot raoo 1(1 front of' tho Uort o u Monday OToniDg last. Perry gems under tho wir e about two lengths abmd, amid thnniioroos lapplaiuo from tho nmHItndo preuenr. \ An editor, in reaiponso to a subscriber who gmmblcd tha t h|s paper wis in- tolerably damp, told him thuat It was on ooooant of thoro being so muoh duo on It. Th o IlcaisTKn has a few of thoao subsonbera, aud it is a wropder, tho^T paj>cr is not soaking wet. Soo a woman in anothor column, nestx 8poor> Vineyards, picking Rnipca from which H|wer'» Por t Oni|«! Wino la msdo that ta «o highly esteemed by tho ib.o«i»- eai profcasinn, forr tbo us e of invahda, wenkly porsoUB stud tbo atre^d. . Bold by druggist. For salo by Ii Q. Thayor A Co. Bear in mind that Jnmbo is tho elo- pbnot whoao departure from England caused bitter, bemra to (lo w down tbe cheeks of Qnoeti Victoria^. Also tbo probability that Her Majesty was ne-v*»r oVcn awaro of tbe oxtstsoco of any sni- mai o t that name throaghoat tho British Isles. Speaking of Britton.nnt Great Btitiuri, bnt Brittou & So n wo should remark that -Miuy keep as flno a lino of grooories and provisions as can bo found iu Me- dina. We do no t w.&u tbe pnhlio to to take onr statement for i t but call and ~5eeToT youmett~ tJinrTtsR\w11T TsnrrtCRJi! tempted.\ This is good. An d ot the* imo\ 'finnriil did not participate i n tbe PArodj), from the faot that he is th e speoial attraotiou offered b y tho ingenous Barnum, and to exhibit hi m lu publio would b o to huny. bug tbe people free of charge, whioh oduuioja Viith tho so\tnd buBitioM prin olple of their being humbugged at Of ty coots a, heauT i The majority of those wh o attended the \ grand performance \ i n tho hint this afternoon were free iu expressing their disappointment. It is tho general vordiot that the menagerie was good, but the ring performance in quality wu not bey,ouu that given by some smaller and lefts, pretentions shows that have bcuo upon the road this seaaou. , That- Bnruum Is tbu inoat sneceaSfnl humbug in thu world will nut admit of a donbt. two o_'Qloob, .the Medluoa goin g to th e bat end getting a-goose egg. HCheLook- pdrta followed and brought in one More. The Modiuos came iu ngiun and secured a seoaud whitewash. Th e game was hQtlyjjo.utested o n Both sides, but up t o thejixth iuniuga_ eyerytliini; looked de- oidediy in\ favor qf the Natiopala and they felt sure pf winning the game, bu t at the same, time realized th e fact that they woufd have t o work \to keep the score where it was— 6 to 2—in theix favor. Our boys brought ia four scores on tho sixth - innings and mado it a tie, Tho ninth innings the soore WUB 10 to 8 in favor of Medina bat the Loekports whitewashed onr poys again and made two runs for their side making the gome a tie. Onr boys gave them a gooso eg g and brougbtjhi ono..score thnB winning the game. Of oourso the'Tgrjjat Anieri- cuu National base ball olu b felt BO euro of llie~game up t o the six^h inuings that they and somo of tho Lookport gamin, when they saw tho gamo*-' - gpug agoiuBt them, tried to bulldoze tho^implre, Mr. J?. M. Ives, 'and win the giarjio by \kiok- ing.\ But tho \umpire was not \lb\\BS bulldozed and his deolaions were BUB- UiUcd t y tbe respcotablo element of the Lookport spectators. The game was oloeo'auij well played bnbot h »idoa.\ Th« irHje-^oohed^-forward- -to- withinturoal b y all who wituossod tbe last. Au alarming amount of siekness pre- iis in West Barre, _^ \Siimmy Latvs died at the almshouse last Wednesday. Ho WBB insaue. James Kennedy, died at-his homo in Alb^oujou Monday, ngod sixty-two years. Phebe Qunokeubush diedUast week i n Knpwlesvillo, aged Beventy-ono years.- The Ropublloun Congressional Con - ventiou will beheld ia Albion, Oatobor 0. Whilo playing on n ladder, Mian Ber- tha Seoor ot Albion tell and broke her wrist. y A Ifoudoll mun swallowed a whole box of liver pills, by mistake. B y mis- tako for what f A twenty.flve horso-powor ougino ha s been purchased tor tho Tyler pump works at Albion.—' 0 . J. Blood obtainod two hundred and sixty bushels of wheat from six acres of land in the trrau of Yates, \Sbo W. 0 . T. D . of Holley are mak- ing zealous offorta to eatabllah a free reading room at that plaoo. Ou Friday last a drunken quarrymnn named Payne jumped into the canal at AlUkiu ,uud was rosoned with difOoulty. Dr. R M. Tompkina'of KuoSleerrtHo, and Miss Hattio Morrill of Albiou were worried at tho latter plum o n Tuesday J'Wt. . _ • . . Two of Wat«ou;GraTlt'a'ohiiareu dfed last week.-wifh, that droadfut disease, diptheria. Bis other children are re- covering slowly, B^y. Mr. Pjojiardot tfilopn will atl-< dress thOjUnion teuxperauoe meeting a t tho Baptist Ohuroh next- Sunday ovon- iug.* ' * A'Srather Hvoly^party from, MHB plaoo with their wives una 1 best girls weut^-to fatesrde~rinit--WBdBeBday fc».»-Btt|e. m,T«Nj,ia,HEvI5^8 O^HE , OLD EMPIRE STATE, / ' 'l\r. •- K ' \--' '. t And an XbUdgomont ol Dome Iuuih eatin g Manors an* Thlu«a Coucorntna; Vliem. *^ •'-'-';, , v PollUos'ore waxing warm lu Lyons The population of Ejtva. county Is 919,884 PEIISONAI. MENTION. returned from reoroation. They report haying a finer time even if the supper was one sine to small for them. Tbe Methodist Ohuroh have onught thesunflower orase. Oar base ball, olub appears in blu e They played-that return game with tbo Bomorset olub last week and lengthened their faoes with a soqre ot thirty-uvo to .one. They also played the Uttines olub with a score ot twenty-live to twenty iu favor of the former. William Gray thinks hie now.soo.loa co.uld tell Jumbo's weight to a sixteenth of au oiiuoo. ' Miss Huuunh Ohuroh ha s gone t o Stow. Xork tayjait trieuds. W, E. Stookwoll has acoeptod a posi- tion as telegraph operator at Medina.- We wish him euooess,, A new doctor ia about to locate at Xatoa CBntor.^ - \ Eli Clark uas returuod'trom Vitgioin. Our Bohool commenoed last Monday (or the fall term. Gilbert Jobuson has returned (torn bis western visit. ~ That's right friend \ Curt,\ yon can't catch \B\-ig Osh unless yo u use good bait. Arllm^ Utile mnnjlhP, B. WrighL jiEirriNo rou unu.i: NTIIDY. Ou Tuesday ovenlug a large and high- ly oultured audience gathered at the Bap- tist Church to hear the address of Hev W. J. Erdmtn of Jamostown. Ho had ohoeoafor hla aubjoct '^h«--Blblo . ita Main Idea ; Its BookA\ Hi s address was well reoelrod, and nono could deny that tho apodtcrwaa more than at homo with affairs rolaSogTo Ills Good Book. Yesterday morning tbo mooting was held a t the Presbyterian Ohuroh,. at which highly Interesting Bible readings were given by Rev. Ii P. Mom n of Lookport sod Bov . J. E. Williams of Modtna. In .tho afternoon tho sodtonce listened to somo pleasant remarks by Ilov- Itobort Qamer-on ot Oaoailo, sitcr which tho time was dorotod \p Bible study. In tbo oronlng th e andtonoo was greatly interested in tho discourses of Mr. John Carrie the Bvangolist, and Mr. Robert Garry of lookport. Among tho speakers to-day were Rev. T. E. Babb of Victor, llov. D^&ldy of Urookporl, Bov. R. P. Oardotirof Fair- port. Thisovoning at 7-30 ROT. W . J. Erdman of Jamestown and others wi II Bpcak. Mr. L Goballo has SoiViork.' Charles Smith of Detroit is In town visiting friends, Mr. Anson Dutouer ot Albion was in town uver Sunday. < Mr. Purdy Csso ot Jabnstown la in town visiting fncuds. Qeo, G. Castle of Buffalo has' been la town during the week. - Dr. F . W. Adnanoo of Watkins Is visiting bis parents ua \V«Bt street Bocchor Marvin, of thu BullTetupht no Company of BiitTalu, wa s tO'-tliWu on Silliduy. Charles V. Hnrtl and Will Beecbor attended tho Biuyslo Tournamuut tu BufTiilo yesterday. -Captain limn.Boeohor anil 'Mr. Frank Stratton are tu Ctiiciuuati, attendlug Uio Industrial lixpositiou. Billy Uackott the worluVrnnownixl oommormal traveler made- Uas olBco a pleasant call yesterday-. Mrs. Nichols and dariichtor of Albany, and Mrs. Iioag.of Lookport, havo beeu visiting at J : N Hhorwood'a, Shelby Baain, daring tho past week. BUND A T SBII VICES. 1st Door'Weat of Postofllco, Center St, The- following arc the leading machines: ' HOUSEHOLD,\ \BLDRKDOE ' \WD.tT3 \BOVAL ST. JOHN,\ '•STSWABT,\ WTTEgLBU * WILSON,\ Ne. S, (improved.) Ivory Macaloo WarllDted Five Ycarfl Inetruc ion elvenasd satisfaction guaranteed. Bcpala- ! ot i you pf tho fact. Aeeonllnp; to Loorport psponi tire Smith Wheel Company ha-we located in that place. Thi s is good. But accord- ing t o tbo statements of the company tbey bsvo not yet located at all. I t is Bimply a question of* veracity between tho company an d the esteemed. newspa- pers of Hodgptown. Our local fishermen report oicelTent fishing at Yates pier and , by tho way , parties who contemplate going to tbo lake for finning or for pleasure will do well to visit lh« pier, as Mr. Qardner, proprietor of tho OoUrio house baa every occoa>a>odatiou possiblo for ( par- ties visiting tba t place. Men who advertise in their borne papers are the men who do the bnsioesa of tbe town, every time. Yon can. pirk np anv newppapor, and in five inmates IFII who the me n an uho do tbe btiyiog aoU wiling sod keep ali-ve tbe interest of tin pinee. A newspaper invariably rerVcla the worth, enterprise and intelli- gence of ilie comniiuuLy in which it is published. 1 >r. Warren romovrd a tnibor weigh. iap funrteeu ponntls Inim tiie abflomen of Mrs. Michael Ci'SRruve on Tuesday last. It' is not often \tbat tbToTpBtiont The usual services will b o obHorvcd at St. Mnry's church tho coming Sabbath- Mr. OUrrle th s Souflilf Evangelist who apnko last oveuing witli^noh great force aud aeeeptunoe, Willi preach i n tho Presbyterian Ohuroh Sdbbath moraiug wn**»eBtDg: f--^— Rev. Mr. Brink, the able gentleman who officiated a t the Bspltst-Cbnrch last Sabbath, will deliver 0 sermon both morning and evening at that ohuroh tho coming Sabbath. It is understood tbst the Bov. H. B. Denois will retnru borne <aithor to-mor- row or next day, in the £vent of whioh tho usual services will be obflorved at St, John's Obnrch, , i On Sunday morning Bov. J. E. Wil- liams of tbe Methodist Ouarcb will preach from tho subject \Prayer; ita Plaoe ; its Power.\ Subject for evening disconrso, \The Prescut jn Relation to the Development of tbo Bible Plan.\ TiTt? BACKSTOP AMD- DIAMOND. Uneasy boa tho bead tbat has been hit with a base ball. Op SaturUay last tb o Iiyndonvillea oncimnterod a Clnb fn*m Oatuea on tbo grounds of tbo former-? Tho LyuddU- villea were vtctonons by a aeoro of twenty live t o tweuty. The employes of th o Bignall Works and these of Bowen'a di d uot play last Friday aa advertlaed, owing to tho fact tbat their employers would not consent to the cunscqnont loss of Umc Busi- ness wss too good. Tbo game which wa s to have taken place yesterday morning at nine o'eloott between the Scanlons an d Clippers did ont onmo off. Tho Clippers falling to show up, tho umpire deolnreil tho game in fnvnr of tho Seanlona by a score ot tune to nothing. Tbo Lyndouwllos played tho Homer- Tho OrleanB QOUBO at Albion Is of- fered for Balo, owing to Mr. Taylor's ill- ness. \ In tbo ovont- of its sale -tho travel- ing pnblio will loao a good landlord. Mr. James C. Allto; who resides south of Holloy, has piokod ouo hundred and ftftj-tw» quarts of blaokboxrios at one picking from ufty-lwo rods of ground. Levi Hard died in Kendall on Friday lsBt fmnj injuttes received in a runaway aooidont not long ago. It will bo re- membered that bis horse took flight St a\ bioyele. , - Orleans Legion No. 3 will bold their annual plonio at Lake View uuxt week Thursday. All liKlges of tho A. O. C. W. in tbe county ore oonllollj invited to atteud. Tbe brick work of tho addition to tbo tlolley I'utiiu Sc-huol building ia oom pletikl and l> Is oxpeoted tho btjlldioR will be ready fur occupauoy by Monday, September 18. Miss Editb Dunning olosod her term of school at Rtuld's Oornorn last Friday, and those who were present apeak high- ly uf tho oxerclaea on tho oeoaalun. A .uumbvr of pilzes were awarded. Mis* Carrie Kionoy'a school at Eagle Harbor closed on Haturda) last with a party on Henry D. Reed's lawn. About soventy-uvo persons wore present and ah axcelteul tlmo is reported. Tho Orleaus Repnhlicsn is Of tho opinion that tbo sewerage of Albion will not bear cracking u p to any great ox- tent. Will tho Republican kindly mon Mao somothing in Albion that will ? Tbo Presbyterian church' of Holloy baa engaged as pastor R<>v. U. C. Uason of Manllna, N. Y , who will enter upon bia duties tbo first of October. Tho church will remain olosod nuul then. Mr. (loo, H. Hbetuold, a prominent merchant of Hulloy, has disposed of his grocery establishment to Mr. Frod S. Wells, a highly esteemed young goutlc- mao of thai place, who had long been his confidential clerk. A grand Catboho Church Fair will bo bold iu Holley from Sopt. id to 29 , the proceeds of which will be apphod to the payment uf tho roaraimng'caat of rcaant improvements on tho Cathullo ohuroh property in that plaoii.. Ou tho third trial of Mr. Clanay, at Holley, on a charge of drniikenncas, the ]ury finally catno to the cooolnstou that (ell from a stoop on Monday and bruised bis teg quite badly. Burglars are suuujrtrattuginT^nawiinuT aud Lb Roy. ~^s Batavia was afflicted with'^nolo.'Toin's , Cabin\ lost ovoning, ; \S ii Tho Western New •'\fork Fair will,,bo hold at Roohosler, September Ifi-aOrSisnd- - aa, .- Livingston 'OQuTtty 1 court, Judgor-^asli - presiding, opens ut t Oeuoseo, liouduy, Sop- tombor 11. \ nuui of 'th? LoouBt\ Is groat. But is this tho very best the Rochester Union can do for a police heading ? , Tho Lackawanna hayo boguu flie \run- ning of four tegular trains each; way-ho- twoon EliniraSnilBaUl, HoruollBvllloi hastsksn S»QH to-tho uinouutot.tQ6.00O in the proposed railway (rom tlhht tovviitdPttth,^ _ .. . Crawford-Sundown, the belllgerahtToiUr- wauda bravo who assaulted his squaw, has gone-to-roT'Ior thirty days. Tho now Cvntml.Hiulisqn dcf»t-iuTU»)h- ester Is to cost •150.QO0, and will be fln- hdisd by tho first of Ootobor. Ah oil well Is being put doijn »t paiis< villo. Will that plaoo prove like \Bath—uot a good town for petroleum, b'ut'mulyit&r' hair oil. J l!oche|ter |«ipcrs are of the opinion that either publio ouWtaUimo'ntsln that o|jy sro lufljung wlnilcd, cr„ trm utrent, caa.'ija'w... f unlllilg too early. L. E . Loomis oommonood picking hiB hops on Tuesday. Ho reports a fine orop. Thoro is nothing like competition or at least M. tl IUoo thiuks so for ho hue now added boots and shoos to his atook whioh will no doubt make trloiid Wil- liam awako from - bia lethargy and do aomeihittg lot his cuuutry. Oharles-Olark uf Rochostor and Mar- ria Olark of Palmyra with their wives nparit last Sunday hi town vlaltiug friends. R. E. Poimnt. TIIEV TOO K A I1ATI1. eg oiall kind! a apecltlty. UY Silllli IMII Is rcploto wltb ylMng desirable, indndlng . ItoobrO *nd Single 'Breech Loading Hbol Gnnn, Rifles, tiiHo intj Shot Cotnbinod. lewder and Shot, Wholesafo »nd K*tall. Cartrideeu, etc.. etc BnrviTeH an operation of this Mac., but FISH1EG TACKLE My stock of those goodB Is tbe largest and most oomptete ovBT^hown in Medina- Call aod oiam ne tbla lino o( tacklo oofore bqj|Ing olBowbere. 1 ipafce It a strtdy to know tbo wants of the pabile a my line and strlrs to aopplj them wllb tbe beat to bo proctii* B. Pf. -JONES. * Gflnonl Agent t-t Baker & Pratt, manniiictnr- of tnfl'*Trirritiph'' School Desk, \and doalors^n- ktndj of School Furnl tare and Srutpltoi.- - Exprafls for two oenfxt. Lndiea, Jobuson sella a kid bntfen shoe hand mado ftqd haiid tnrned. man- ufactured b y Phol&n of Boobester. Tbey are light an d durable. IB oonHid^rntlon that tho price of riiilki will BOOU b e advanced, it woald bo well for sobooTfl to pnrohaso their black- board materials at once. A welt posted otcbanRfi remarkfl that the use of sunflowers by the girla IB \commended by the boya wbb say the per fa me Jost neutralizes the lunRk. A tramp who wa s opoe half-starved s'tateB that, ho was s o excoedirjhgly thio that-he wa s unable to tell wbether hia back or hi s stomach was paining him. MR Koran is no w getting'ont eome very Que Stone to b e n&ed in constrno- tion o! the elegant residence, of Mr. M. P. Mason at Carthage, Jefferson county. It may not be generally Ifcnowa that one of th e sharpeBt curves uAtfie entire sparse of the Erie canal 1B a t this place. Several boats have recently rvety nar- : rowly escaped Berions eoUifilomin pass- Iare reports or© favtifsljlie ta Sirs. <3orr- grovo 'H recovery. Dr. Wn'rjon was assisted by Dr . 0. M. GarlnokoT Middln- port, Dra. Fairman nnd Framo^ of JL.yn dorivillo, Dr. H. L. .Tanaesof Bh'clby ant: Dr. Cochrane of Albion. Decline in Plonr and Fee-cl. Wo will sell Hour and feed nt the fol- lowing rednced pncea until farther no- tice: Hixnil 15800 HUlsS^X Roller 7.26 Bine Jacket 1 7.00 Onamnt**ed Bupenoo *tp. any ei^ht or nine dollar 6onr Rofd ; by nptowu dealers. Middling? per ton S2S.00 Rorfonings per too 22.50 Feed per ton ... . 2 0 00 Flour iu aacka nt Slack BPJ'B. Wtei,i) it lJti.L. acta ou the Rrounda of tho former, last were vtotonous by a Kcuro of thirty-uvo t.t t>oo, i t i * said th e tally-keeper bo- ctirne nearly eihaused and woa frequent- ly braced n p with lemonado. Not So Vary fttranvo. A young man c*mo into town yester* day noon ulld register^ at on@ of the hotels. There was nothing in particular abont bim that would tend to arouse Dnnpiciona. Later in th e afternoon be wnjt Reen to para throngh Main street a number of times. This of conrse awak- ened the onnoaity of many who watched him very elosely. H.e nppeftred to be diligently looking for something, nobody could toil- -what. Bat , however, tho mystery was soon cleared np. Like all travelling men, it wa s highly neoewwry lo keep u p with th e styles. H e had beard.nf Adler k Co. and waa intent np- on finding |heir pln^e of business that b<> might avail himself of the opportunity to get a suit of clothes made np m the height of fashion at a moderate figure. Smear'\ Photofpr nplilc Roojns . Charles A. Staoey, photngraph*r, ia refitting hi s rooms for the winter season and has engaged Mr. Charles' T*fl Font-, the detriment of his morals aud health. He waft Quod lea dollars and coata. He paid. Tho Oral prtao at the Brookport Oam- ival of a handsome baby carriage, given by Daniel Paine, a furmtnro dealer of that plaoe, was awarded to Qlara Ear- dick of Roowlestille, N. V. Orleans county babies take tbe cake; yo n can hot on this, and no mistake. An Albion girl, on a recent visit homo from boarding school, npau being in- formed by tbe servant that no goose- berries could be* found for tea, was tod nttery disappointed all bnt, and in- tensely exclaimed, \ Why, what in the world is tliVfiatter with the goose ? \ Arrangements hare boon made, by which Messrs, O. N. Bowman O. A. Eddy and John Downs nncceod to the banking business heretofore conducted in Holley by O. N Bowman and L. D. rTn.nl . Mr. Hirrd's tU bealth necessi- tatoH his retiring from an active interest in the b nam CAR. A warrant ba d beuu plaood in tho hands of Deputy Fuller for Uio nrreat uf ouo David YnW a u a charge uf aa«a,uJt and battery. Ou Butartiay last tho ufOcor pnxHnled t o thu residence of Yaw, whtch ia Hititatod on tbo Main stroot road ruuniug north from thin plaoo and it bout one-half mlio thin aldu of Uie Uidge, aud oapturod bi s mnn. Tlio prtannor askixi JLixo pnyilegn of otutiiglug hla cloth on heforo being taken to Sdoilina which waa ehoorfully granted. YAW wont into an adjoining room and waa curtainly gouo long enough to have changed hla clothes a uomber ot times. Ofllocr Fuller now thought an tnvesUga- Uou thoronghly In nrtlur and atopptug to tho back door bo observed Yaw mak Ing great tiraa, croea-lota, for Oak Or- chard creek. Uo imraodiatoly gave .Chase, and gained ob tho fugitive rapid ly. Beaohtng Uie croc*. Yaw plunged madly lhn»ugn tbe water, wjnoh wa» up U> hta waidt, t o the other at tit*, with tho officer In hot pomttU. A t thtti jUqeturo Yaw anddenly turtitxl about. Rod dra.w< ing a rasor from his pocket, Ihrcatinjeds tu commit vuiotdo if any further attempt waa mado \I© ro-oaptnro him. Tho officer ttnnie*diaUUy sprang upon bun, threw him to the ground and Riieooaafully wrested Ihe dangerous weapon from tho prisoner's hand, but Jo s o doing a hand of tbo officer waa badly out. Hearetung the primetier the oiutwr found also an- otlior rnsor in one of hia pockets, which ho promptly appropnatod. B y this timo Ynw dimn to the conoiuflfon that it would be woll for him t o go poawfully along with tho offloor t o Medina, which ho did. He waa tnkeo befnro Justice Graves, \?fca^ found tho warrant upon which Yaw ha d been arrested was u> BatAvla has foiutoen doctor*-—but than, \*\ you know, htir stamach being go hoavlly oliargctl with manufacturing stock, alio may bo taken violently iU at any tiraq, Tho GeiiDseo State Nonunl School oponed yesterday, 'l'jio prospects for an ImxeJucd atti-ndauco qver last yc«c art good.. t?ov- oral chaugi» in the faculty bav» been JP*UI. It is reported that tho ono hundrttl Acres »tf apple orcharda uf T. C Ttoioa^i, Uja cilobrAtCiluuroerymaj/oi Walworth, Wayiie county, aro alnu&k utterly barrou ofiruli. The Brookport Sltfto Normal School con> ionc«d jraUrdaj' with * l^go attemU&Ov. d*hiii \» the largutit normal school tu the Hlate-, and will a^x}omhindkta ono thousand students. v Brookport papers aro twt. partlcolMry nhartned with the police farce, naivwith tho vmy« that are dark aud the tricksAkat arc vain nnurlod to m tho paving of -tfv»ita in that placo. Pension frauds which ar* said to oilst (n Wyoming ismuty, are bolug looked Into by the Wailduglon Pnwietn DeportinenU Af- ter which who is going to look Into tho Pwttfuon lioportinont 7 \ A large force of workmen aro engaged in rebuilding \Our Homo on the UllUtdft/' rtv eeutly bunirtl at Danavltlo. U wilt be an Immense building* Ore proof and with all modern Improvement*. Tho Clyde Tiniea itAtr* that the pepper- mint crop lu Wayne county will bo a light j cue this fail. The crop has Upon hamrrted ami thf dtjUUerics are in operation. The price l» imtited at |&.2o and $a3u. The Veorhta Hose oonipany of CanUteo are tn ha ro a n«w hatte-earriago which will rtwt $t,20U, a.nd are lo rvecivo It (or the first annual p«radc* at thotr lire dejartment, which ti tu tiUce place September So. The Ihwhrwter .Sunday Trlhuno comes out Willi a now bead, a prominent feature ^tttwhtch t*./&ne ptcturo of tho «|)gh4ook —although one unaoqaintcd might mistake it for tha city hall of tho penitentiary, Stephen Kimhail, aged eighty-two rear*, living hi the town of Starksy, Yates county, ootumUted sniddo by hanging himself with a mpe to a beam In a tiarn. It ta thought he wv insane. Ho leaves, no relatives. The Texas fovdr, which has proved so fatal to numy cattlo ID tho town uf Sennet, near Auburn, cnntiutiea to spread. Tho sheriff trtngraphed U) tho -6ovamor that mtwt »lriri(rnnt mnnatTros must bo* takon to «lAmp out the dlseaiDO, I'aptalnJ. B. Brown wan fired at whilo driving home from the cheese factory at Wopdhnll, Steuben county, and hbegeapo cordtngly diachargrd. •'••ffri • n \ wtimlerfxd, aii Lho hail passed within a -x ill a! .-'••\Hi LEAVES O F UIIASS. •To Fornlea-s. I wont aboat 26,000lbs rnoro woo l for whioh I vlll pay the highest market prico. Parties having wool for salo will do well to see me before soiling. I am ready to controot Wlioat, 0»tB and Bnr- ley . - - - - x. 0AW^5K . Dreaa ITIakSnff. Mins. M. E . MurpUy; formerly of Roojiditer, has oponed -a dress making estnbiiBhmoot in Ido's new block an d is prepared to do tot-olasa dresB making a t reasonable prices. The catting and fitting will Bo done hy tbo 8. T. Taylor system. • .. * Made from harmless 'materials and adapted to the needB of tAOing and fall- ing hair, Parker's Hair Balsam has takon highest rank aa a reliable hair restore tdve. »^__—tCESSt:——— J -—• Farmers bear io miDd tlmt Weld A Hill aro grinding from twelvo to fllteon handrcd bnsbels pf , 0 whent pe r day. Oonsolt'yoiir own interests and get their jpticea before yon BRII. Yon can haro all th e time yo u want to draw. JOSEPH T. MoonB. • .»**«. Soxk'A&^hack^und «-. &{^X£*« tists, who ie now a t work gettiug op •tmootifl tor hnplrgraoj^ua Mi: Si will have all kinds of winter scenery, among which will b e n abating rink in bis operating room, so tibial pictures can be tnkori in ftkirtinR ^coBtnme. Other new nod elegant Btyles will b e on ex- hibition ns soon an backgrounds are oomploted. , GroTnnd Limestone. I am 1 Belling carbonate of Lime Flour or ground limestone, the bcRt fertilizer in the market, All persons who are Ahont. to_ purchase- a fertilizer wijl do well to'give m e n call.' •* ™ JOSEPH T, MOOUE, 6reat < ro<iliig Ou t Bale' Of the bilHnery goods formerly owned by Mrs, M, E . Barnes. These goods will be Bold nt twenty-five por cent be- low cost for the next ten days a t No. 69 Main Btreet, Flams Wanted . AH variotiesof plnma wanted. Should b e delivered' in bulk. •ft, P- BQTTKN & So*. Importan t Notice. Mr. Adlor will leave for New York to- morrow nnd will soo n return with a flna stock of snitinga from which onstomers may then make their selections. Iu ad- dition to this, Mr. Adler will also pur. cbnae an immense stock of ready made clothing, ft wiW be remembered that many of the ready | made suite eent ont by Adler k Co. excel some that are made in other establishments to order, N«w York Graphic The edition pi. Walt WhitenV Le&yes of Or-iBa/'ftboni whioh so muoh UI1EF.I. INTO The Perry Oonnty, Pa., \B^mocral also hflfl an idea or two rpgnrtiloWtho csiecmed dictator of atlvertisiug rates: In view of tbo ridiculously low rates offered hy advertising agents, wuold it not be hotter for all of ua to dnip the whole batch of Ahem a t tbe expiration of preseot ooutracts, aud hereafter deal di- rectly with advertisers? Weare saUaucd tbat in tho end it would provo advauU-, goous to conn try pnbhaberB. I t i s tra&, some of these agenci'as will paval^hc y TSorJ&iaot to pay, \loss oeual cetromiBsiou of twouty-f|ye per cent,\ but at tho end of thoyeaf yn o may no t Jiiivo received BuiHcicnt to pay for tbo compnsitiou at twenty-0ve cents per thuasaod cms. Most of them want th e space in your paper whicb Bboald be given first-class, cash advertisements, and expect you to take ilyont in trade. They would have their \rending notices\ among yonr editorial matter if they coiild get them there, and offer yon a paltry sum there- for, \payable in ink or wood type.*' If yon demur, they will write yon in a tone of complaint that will seem to imply tbat they ow n yonr columns, or that yon could * not possibly live without tberrvalnable patronage. Tbey will asa yon to advertise in their ,l Direoteriea\(?) few wnhtw nf hfo head, cutting holes through;' the carriage to p No cluo lo the\ woald-lW Them La good prospect of Rochester cap- tsalLoLn purchasing laud at Silver Lake and, by another season. Greeting a mammoth hotel supplied with all tho modern conven* icmfor.snrnmer boarders. 6uch a - hotel oon^not fait to. pay a big interest upon tho invcstm*nt. The fan term of tho Union school at Co horton, SM^iawfco county, <wmuieuccd On Monday last* witJaNl 8. Scott as principal. Rita M. Hayes proce|aress, Amanda Perry intermediate-and Mfsa XR4^er*on primary, all graduates of the Stale Kt&mal School at Brookport, as teachers. AcronUng to tho Itoehesitcr UniotKa- boy called at the side door of the residence^oj> gentleman in that city and begged fofS something to eat.\ Tbe servant said they had nothing. M Qlvo me only a piece of bread,\ said the boy. A white terrier dog that had stood be>dae the girl was momen- tarily missed, but quickly returned, bear- ing in its mouth a large piece of bread that had been previously been given the dog for its dinner. Tho dog wont directly up to the boy, extended its paws, with the bread in Its mouth, and #>ve it to him. Has tho Union become a Republican papor ? _^ <* 3?he symptoms ar e moisture like per- npiratidh; intense itotiing, particularly at mgLt after getting warm in bed; acems ns If pin wormB were crawling in and abont th e reotnm; the private parts are often afTeoted. Swayoe's Ointment is a pleasant, Bureonre. Also for all akin di»e»»e». __ \_ - . ftnthbny Oomsujek's stlogatloiis thnt it contained objectionable pasaages. has been issued by Bess Welsh & Oo , Phil- adelphia. The book contains no mnrh trno poetry, BO many passages which stamp their outlior a s a true poet of a high, though certaluTy' not of the highest order, that if is a pity that Mr. Whit- man's own good oen&e has not moved him long ago to cut out tbe \Children of Adam,' words and lines, wbioh add nothing at all to tho beauty of h{s work auu whieh oertaiuly are not aVrnctiiral and vital Co it. The author of snob a poom as \O Captain, My Captain,\ does himself iDJustice and puta himself at a tnBacfvaofage most unQeceaaarTIy BhoT most oruolly by Hying in the face of de- oent public opinion. Wait Whitman's personality is too sweet and sonnd aud eloar to bo pnt by a mere piece of in- judiciousness at BO great a disadvantage ns that nnder whioh aiea.expfessioiiB iu hia poem—wantonly and willfully kept there against the advioe of his best friends—cause him to labor. Ho will not expunge them himself, and therefore ho must pay the penalty; bu t after h e ia dead tbey will be blotted ont of editions, for lovers of the good man will bo gnre to do for his famo that which h e himself has—we\»re sure, (palishly re- fnuod to do for'it, than flio rates tlioy offep--yuil' to iuHTrt their ndvertisemonts. Tlioy grow rich and unloss yon got your money in fld vanoo yon never got it. In the long ran tbe oonn'try press wouid bo better 61 without toem, and if Editorial Assooia. tion ale good\ for anything besides got---' ting up pleasant sumtupr excuf-siooB, tlioy onght to be able to establish a proper basis for advertising rates. \Plate si n with gold,\ Bays tho poet, \and thq strong lanoe of Jimtioo hnrtless breakB, Arm it in ragB, a pigmy's Btraw doth pierce it.\ This Bnme prinoipal ap- plies to thousands of qunok modicioe 4iow in th e market. Extravagant and spooiona 'advertiBemeat and elaborate wrappings are the means employed t o swindle a credulous publio. One trial proves the worthlessness of the artiole. Dr. Swayne moroly colfS attention to hia Qjntment for itohing piles, relying en- tirely upon ita merit for iti sale. Intense itohing after gottitg\ warm in bed is now a thing of the past \Bucuapalbo. \ Now, qniok.oompleto euro 4 days, nrinary affecton, smarting, frequent or difficult urination, kidney diseases. $1. at druggists. Prepaid by express $1.25, 0 for $5. -B. S . WEIXB, Jersey City, N . j. * Employmout for Ladles. ,TliA Queeu City -Snspehdor-tjorapaiiy*- -- of Oinoinnati, aio no w mnnnfaotpriug .pd Introducing their-new Stocking Snp- jrtcrs for Ladies and Children, and thbilr uoeo^lock'BkH^-SnapoDders for l.ndica. None olioniaTbo without thorn; out loading phyaiaians recommend them, and are laud in their prrino. These goods are manufactured by ladies who havo made tho wantB of ladies and chil- dren a study, and they ask na to refer them tn some reliable and energetio lady to introduce them into this oonnty, and wo certainly think that an ornest solici- tation i n every household would meet with a ready response, and that a deter- mined woman jiould - mTsfee\a~ buudBomer salary and have tbeoxolUBive agenoy for this county. We advise some lady who is in need of employment to send her name ana -address, and mention this pa- per. Address Queen City Suspender Company, No. 179 Main Street, Cincin- nati, Ohio. - 1 . Iftoher to fjoan On good farming lana by DAVID A. BBKBD. BOtf Vig-For Additional I^c«( iifcu>«jse« /Second J?age. •-1- *m^r. >-£ :^~w- .^rtijV 1 ,i^,.'ii,ii»i r -».r...,;'.r'V>i''',••'!:•• i »^'^. |i -l<i'.Jt*r ^tfw,ii^iiiiiijatta.^g»3^^^

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