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The palisades. (Camp Shanks, N.Y.) 1943-19??, May 07, 1943, Image 3

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- *'• - ■'*~ 7 V* r (~ 7 ' * ® Male Coll fcjr Cwwff, Creator of 'TForry and lira Pirates' ftr; Blanket RoM THATfe QteAY,M&6 ,1 WELCOME SIGN AT USO CLUBS Entertainment and lerreation ga ­ lore are provided for Camp Shanks personnel when off po»t by the four . OSC eiube in this vicinity. Ail haV(> the welcome mat out from early in the -day 'til late at night. All feature regular weekly events auch as dances, movies, suppers, dance eVassea and vesper hours. Also, they run such specials us . •> 1 teasure hunts, square dances, com ­ munity sings and other activities whenever a regular, event isn ’ t scheduled. And every night there are a number of junior ho s t e s ses on hand for impromptu dancing.- All - have formal dances once a month. Events are spread by\ the four clubs so ' that, for instance, a per ­ sistent. jitterbug could keep in a state of almost perpetual motion by going to the dances at .Nyack bn. . Monday, Pearl River or Orange ­ burg on Tuesday, Tappan on Wed ­ nesday. Pearl Riyer on Thursday and Nyack again on Friday, Special Service Program v Provides for Recreation A well remembered poster* telle Us that: \Morale is a lot of-little things ’ ’ . The Special Service of ­ fice at Gamp Shanks has found that R can, also mean a lot of big things as well. , Under the direction of First Lieutenant Edward Glass, Special Service Officer, a fat-r caching pro ­ gram of athietios, 'entertainment, music and education is being un ­ dertaken. These, together with supervision over- libraries, cafe ­ terias . service, clubs, and are proj- ects give an indication of the large job which is being done. .The athletic section, 'Second Lieutenant Louis Krem in ent.- thc Special Service Office is cooperating with the War Depart ­ ment in building a. Singing Ar my. Choral -groupe are being started and community sings have pre ­ ceded the U. S. O. shows. Simon Rady, music director, has formed the nucleus of a-camp band and oftshestra and urges any interested musicians to get in touch with him at the Special Service office. He will be of - great help in the obtaining of instruments and mu- aic ____________ • ■ ■ ' ; • ’ Reading has proved to be one of the soldier ’ s great off-duty ac- e cafe of Kim _______ tivit ies. * To take\ cafe of charge, that respect, two libraries will will coordinate and promote the overall camp athletic program. At the present time several gymnasi ­ ums are operating full blast. They are ali well equipped fur indoor. spor-Us such as basketball, boxing, : in the selection of cultural, rec- wrestling, and gymnastics. Out- 1 reational, and informational read- in be open, in the very near future. These together with sub-libratiee in all day rooms are sure to prove more than adequate.- ‘ Experienced li ­ brarians will be on hand to aid The Nyaek Club, at 37 North door athletic fields ■ are being built ring material Broadway, Nyaek, is headed by Di- various points convenient to all lector Edwflrd V. Norton, w ho is areatb...lieutenant Krem has sched- ulao co-ordinator for the four clubs, ! uleti baseball games with some of orl\ The service clubs will provide the enlisted men with places to relax j'n a nSn-military atmos ­ phere. Special features of these 540th QM The soldiers of the 540th were furnished plenty of excitement and thfiljs from the exhibition-boxing bouts put on recently by 2nd Lt. Daniel B. Schulman, Athletic Of ­ ficer- (battalion). . In the prelimin ­ ary bout, Pvt. El wood Barnes (147) of Company C, stopped Pfc. John F. Kejpe^' (148) of Company B in 1:35 off the second round with a Series. „of rights and lefts to> the head and mid-section. The semi- ana], which was jam-packed from start to finish, saw Pvt. Willie Hill (178) Company D, ek e out a de- ‘ riision over Pvt. Isadore Brown (183) also of Company D. Eahe (T74j Company B decisioned Pvt. Thomas Brown .(178) of Com ­ pany C in a slow-- bout. . 1. ^ * * * TViree cheers to Lt. Schulman fof Ris all-out effort in rounding out an excellent athletic program for the battalion. . His motto: “ A Game for Everyone ” .. . . anything from ping-pong -to th^* pugilistic arts. . . OK fellows,-let ’ s give Lt. Schulman' our one hundred percent coopera ­ tion so that the 540th may have one of the best teams on the post, whether it be anything from ping- pong to baseball, . . *- * * JOTTINGS: Pvt. Garnell Herrin, DEML and TC Chatter Leading the futility department for the ’ past month was Pfc. Hen ­ ry Abernathy, detachment mail .clerk, who made a hurried tiip to New. York to see a ball game that wasn ’ t scheduled and wasn ’ t played . . . For consistency, the award goes to S/Sgt. Fletcher H. Brown, who was overheard repfi- manding j a newly-made Pte. for not wearing his stripe. At the time the staff sergeant was adorned by his buck sergeant ’ s stripes of other days , . . In the -m'andiitea- In the final attraction of the evening, Cpl. • -e- . r - — -si ___ -ll-. o ’ lew s classification te the fact that Opl. Jack Kramer spent a 1 ing. and Associate Directors Mrs. Made- the leading majoil leagh e teamci line Foust and Mr. Lawson Brown, and jjaa high hopes o', putting to-j c i u bs Will be dances, games, and Regular weekly events follow: ; gether a tea|ii which will ba meic social • parties presided over by ; Hq, Det., former grid star for the i Sunday; 0 p. m., buffet supper ; than able to hold its* own with charming and ’ experienced host- ! famed Virginia State College Tro- 7:30, living letters. Monday: 7 :30, this competHh n. A full schedule esses. ! jans, now tR^- baltahoi, ’ ®f»t square dance class; 8:30, orchestra | of games with outside teams inf Many so iai els have thought that I P ‘ n K-P ‘ >ng r\«5 , hamp$on ” is willing 1^ Tuesday: 7:30, beginners; • the vicinity is'also being arranged. ; en , c€ into t j )fe a , mv meant, the ilcce Pfe all comers. ............. -• Muue • » an Itvinv Inllt-l-e ’ ______ _ _______ i_„ . .................. . . .. v. .. _ Opl. Jack Kramer recent Saturday night on the post. Reminiscent of the story of the off-again, on-again, gone again train was the status of some 56 T. C. Detachment Pfc.-Privates. On April ,20 .they were elevated to the tstus of Pfc.; some sewed their stripes on and other strove franti ­ cally to do likewise. Then, oh April 23, came the revocation/and all fifty-six were privates {main. At last-account, a few had (regained the right to wear their stripy and the remainder were too bewildered to even do a soldierly job of grip- dance., dancing class; 8:30, living letters. Wednesday. _ __ ___ Thursday: ’ ff'qatl vanced dariging < ’ • «: JS,\ living lifters. Friday: 8, mchest ■ a dance. Saturday : 8, hirth- On e of. the most popular forms end their education. Special gamjfi, open house. . ot reiaxalionJjL.CHmp is the m ovies. Service is striving to prove- that Lieutenant RofeKr* ivv^neiu* rr nrr *---■ — ft Donnelly, Thea- p is .only the . beginning. Pii.m has done a S°od job , on Army Institute and Army n 1 t r t* 4 * ^ V t A va 1 VklM r- • 1 »■ r- /V C M «. ,-v 21 .. _ r tie Gfficer in operating and maintaining th.e' Extension courses are available at The two-storv Nyaek ClRb has a ^ Uleahes on the P^« The 'pic- the office. The future holds prom- ..arv two p^,l tables Sko pin- tU, ' eS shown “ ,c not ise of the formation-of discussion aiy. two lool tables, tv\o pin^ but ale some-tunes presented well / groups, debates, and olaLss instruc- in advance of their big oity pre- tjon in a variety of topics. Closer mieres: The theatre section is al i y allied with this will be an arts so responsible for the showing of - and cra f ls section devoted to stim- training films for the various units, ulating the creative talents of t/he Jjn the field of live entertain- enliste<1 man menf, the Special tVvr^ice office has been fortunate in being able i to obtain some of the best of thej Biosdway talent. Such purveyors! of SJttrs and gayety as Allen Jen- j kins. I^ew Parker, Jack Powell and is now occupying Ross have appeared and 1 on Avenue B. 'day and house pai tv. The Itbraijy. _ _ _ pOrf^- tables, u libraiy. two tVading and writing rooms and a big Vtance floor. Orangeliurg Club The Orangeburg Club is just out ­ side camp, near the Four Corners. The building has 18 rooms, with ping pong, pool; writing tables, and n big hsl! which is. being renovat ­ ed for future dances and shows. Director Joseph Robiciiaux, and Associate Director Miss Olivia Dil- Officers ’ Not/s Thomas A. Moore,-Company D. also ,,1e world\ forrher years for the Virginia State Tro ­ jans is expected to be playing the Bernard W.instral, having iinng .■ returned from furlough — Corporal PoTtSwhimself withow* hi s daught er. _______ ____ ___ WAACs, Donna is seven months old. hot-corner ” of th e 540th baseball j -Marital Department: Fyt. Coy team this, spring. . Pvt. Lorenfco L. Hopkins became father April 16 Bryant, Company. B, famed through-, j of a son, Robert Is»e, born at Lefo- out the eastern\ States is scheduled : anon, Pa. Pvt. 'Harry C. Imnd ’ s to give life saving instructions to daughter was born April 27 at Luc- all* soldiers who are interested in ca, No. Dakota . . . S/Sgt. Arthur learning the teciinkjiff! of expert R. Gent and Miss Beuteh Haase swimming at the Nyaek Y pool in of Steele, No. Dak. were married the near future. . . • i whije the Supply Sergeant was on -The battalion basketball team furlough at Steele which closed a very, successful sen- , Wh< ,„ Pvt. Robert Howell (Ala- son last week was very fortunate bama) tjckies » 1 in having on its roster such an keyjs the „ a , s 1 Kno array of former, outstanding ath- ! ^ ound Then ' Alabama ic« A . p( c j 0 hn H. Day 1 come f in, 4 TTTg The Camp Shanks Off iceiw ’ Club | cte8 ' * „ J fc John H Dav .ml ?,OUnd ‘ hen Alabama doesn't « «». ^ i ; isiSS'lrrrS 11 ’ * Camp Sbankfl win hay* a place on! CJay, colorful • fm nitui t; of h • nMnv f . . a . m . . 4 W ^ Hickeiilooper. Some threat the largest of the U. S. *0. circiliU? ful pattern is placed in the main ^ f ' f 11 * l ou s a ' n< _ <>! cofi>hination — Oskalooaa. Mahaska “ a ,h “ * SLr* \■ - ■ * weekly events : Sunday: 6:90, vespers; 8. movies. Monday: 7; dabbing lesaons; 8, surprise party. Tuesday: 8, dance, music by hand from 540th QM Battalion.. Wednes ­ day: 8, community sing. Thursday: servicemen s own program, 'usually will) a dinner and a movie. Friday : 8. jmrty. Saturday: 8. amateur night ' , \ Once a month the Orangeburg I'PO ’ s troupers' club puts on a show with minstrels, music, comedians, etp.. Every month big dunces are rate entertainment of all Musical Program Music has always been closely allied with entertainment. At pres Medicolumn for a* large crowd of danoers. T taproom, rustic in motif, is in operation, and in the near future ! it ' is expected that cafeteria will 1 be placed in Service. A fully equip- Fi riance Facts It seems that all that ped kitchen is' available tude in the Finance Office brough A balcony surrounds the main ’ out the beet in our usually suave ballroom. Wheu the club is com- and Oiljane S/Sgt. Van Anden who , . . Ncxfl to pay day, biggest event, l > * e,e *'' furnished it is expected went to great' lengths to explain * V^-. lU . n it tt ' of the month for the Medics will t * ,at facilities for a reading room the work to hia new personnel the Rockland state Hospi- . • ^ , MnUa ^ ^.r will be available there., V \ opportunity. M/Sgt. Howard B. L. laiyine dashes for Haveistraw to be with his Flo. Meet the new C. Ol! Men of IT K- M. L., T. C., Postal, Signal, imlchri-J Finance, Engineers and C. W. s! . Detachments have been slightly Confused in the past few weeks os to the identity of their Command ­ ing Officer. First it was Captain Eari E King, then Major R. C. Dean, then Captain King again t- ir°Kecr'TttRi'-ii\'Hafl 01 ” ^ be the idg formal Military Ball. ’ WIU h ? available there. ( blonde). Did . we say work 7 • •n. Hf •tt West flue about two weeks hence. Last Great concern is felt about our and now Captain Elmer E. Gkey. Central- Ave in th»( town- ’ -is di- ,1 ' lonlh - the DSO-spottaored affa ’ r, , Major William O. Allison, com-, T/3 John M Peters who the other The aew commander comes from i , , M - , v. .T.) q..hoton' ., n d hpW »<• tbe Rockland.Btate Hospi- manding officer of the 540th Quar- fla >' teceived a post card with the the 786th M P. Battalion and is M , u ( v_ tal Recreation Hair r<*..llv b id the termaater battalion, was elected.' cryptic message 'Fiidky or Satur- still attached- to \their headquar of 1 fehluirad w\oekK'fevent.. \follows boys'bveathless. - president of the Camp Shanks Of- day Nile -Yippee! ” . We can ’ t seem tens for- special duty. •' ' tiOt«a fun oh the biggest and best fibers ’ Club, at the organization ’ ° m *ik<! that out. • , A veteran of World War I, Cap dance floor, wo ve seen outside of meeting in Apiil. ^ ___ | 11° bo J jtii i gg i c * — <gtgrha) in the tain ( then, 2nd Lieutenant) Okey, New York City. Only disappoint^ i Also elected were:- Major Fred-1 b, * aSta ,jf 0111 w - candidates commanded a company at Ft HtOt- ed looks ’ were, when . the fellows j ericp j. Zak. ' vice-president- 3nd| whio sweated out the exam the cocfcAl'pp.orgla, - and his crowning fotuid the - .punch was punchiest. In. Daniel R. Van Cleave, seci eta ry-1 oth , fil da >'v we can hepi the dlsai.jVdntinent of that peiiod pf ' Naimark, i whistles .tooting for M/Sgt, Xaister service-came when his men Sunday: n. buffet supper; 8, ama ­ teur progfam. Monday. 8:45, clanc 1 - ing ela.ss. Tuesday; ' 8. orchestra dance: Wednesday: 8, games; 8:30, bingo. Thursday : 8, orchestra dance. Friday: -7, tournaments; -8. movies -. Saturday: 8). open house. The Tappan Club, in the reno ­ vated barn of the Dutch Reformed Cinneh Manse, is in charge of Di ­ rector .Russell Wheeler and Asso- <■ lidt Diieeloi Irvif) Schwui.lx. Miss Elixabeth Mason is in charge of the RSO Travivlers Aid, which his an i headquarters' at, t,Uc 1 Tappan Ciuh Regular weekly f' . turec fol ­ low Vee-Tee who offered to drive one Major Edward 3 of the girls homo and didn ’ t- ex- , ,} arn03 n Gtaham plain iil later It wasn ’ t. n . car. 3 Ki-mk K. Pickelle mi n..s .a\motorcycle. And, .Pvt 1 An-.,r-i Board of Directors 'Ohio i Oher andei .doing ah • .m Cap;. Knight. S/Sgt. Don MeGlade, T/4 Jeri-y \Zuke ” Zuckei man. T/5 Jules promptu jitter-solo a It* Martf- !■ Ma - i ? r ^ 1Iido \ heads the club ’ s] While 6n that 2.9 mile “ forced' while;Pvt. [ ~ ni 'nnuitt'f*. While Major « u^tch Dav** Shoiner picked up enough • ‘ * na 3 at ^ 1 ^ Ie ^ 8 the House tima-virf 25 minutfto, the Finance 1 '''' !u ‘ M* in [ m ’ vs (lu>4 up an old one to beat out charge of the Entertainment Com, . th ;. ’ , )Ute tin- pi M ' All station, oomplorricnt officers Benas, We km-w ili.-ni wi-11.- found the punch was puncbleka. | Lt. Daniel R. Van Cleave.secretary- .- ° ,hC!r uay '/ we Tun hear the disappeft And What about that little Pe«r- - treasurer; ’ Lt. Col. Max Naimark ' tooting for M/Sgt. Lester service-came wnen ms men were sent overseas and he was com ­ pelled to remain behind. Following the end of the war, he, served in the reserve, and was called bac-R to active 'service in May, 19-12. Since then he has served at Ft. Ogelthorpe Georgia, Ft. Sam Houston, Texas, and Ft. McIntosh; Texas He canoe to ! Camp 1 Shanks February 18, serv- i ing with the 796th MPa until as- | suming Ijie . additional duties of f -t tomwa B djng .; - s eve n other -...detaCh- I rnen.ts. ■ ~ ■ ' 1 ----- ------- - — — — — ~ — picked for lough. j Then • there was | moron who took the hue home but , Sunday,; 4 . vespers: 5, buffet sup- j peT mn thei -made 1 « her _ take 1 it i aIe memV>eis ! < i; T, living letters; 8, musical f Staff Sergeant Joe Nalbonc, of the Club. &j-l Tuesday : 7:30, gioup singirtg, 8.30. the idea of the Ball, played Moth-1 occupancy of its .new clubhouse j square dance class. Wednesday : i er us most of the evening and j with an informal dance Friday | 17 : ?0 & .jorcl»estra' ' danc«. Thursday : j was a tower of strength keeping j night, April 30. Almost 900 officers | 8:30, movies. Fiiday: 7:30, living 1 ttw woli'ee away from the door. He , and their guests attendesl. A dilv-| ........................ ... ‘ Likewise i»g raimRorm faded to dampen, the vised to wi ’ ity hotne and hpveMhe letters, etc. Sulurday: 8. games, in- ’ Rh-acw al) tho ; r tj-Rka. formal dancing. ISknge^ Teddy CtSOhSa. ' | Spirits «f the crowd. \We don ’ t want to march with (hq infantry Ride with the ’ cavalr y __ _ ______ Shoot with artillery __ l — ’ Wc don ’ t want to Fly over Germany We're in the Finance Coi pfl. ’ ’ (to the tune of the Old Gra> Mure) After hearing same we were ad- Work* Bo'h Ways Don ’ t be careless and ' attract attention to your position. Any ­ thing that will disclose the ene ­ my's position to you will O hm lose server* stars taken off the doors, your presence to him. .■* .-. __ 1 ;-v» befvssMtaMIKsRlMMIkiiiMfflftltfyNIMfctMtedttmSa T\

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