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2 Press-Republican — Tuesday, August 28, 1973 Newsprint shortage forces newspaper cutbacks Rv The As&oriated Press wqeks by ft.-QM tons a. A number of the nation's larger newspapers are suspending same of their editions and standing features such as comics in order to fcltt of «1 growing shortage of newsprint. The shortage of newsprint, the paper on which newsp^aggrs are printed, has me r eased con- siderably in the past week because of two Canadian strikes — on railroads and at some of the mills which turn out the newsprim. —An estimated,65~peT\~cent oFall newsprint used in this country is imported from Canada. Canadian production had been reduced in because of the mill strikes, and it now has been cut to nothing by the nationwide railroad strike. The Wall Street Journal an- Tiotnrced in-ks Monday editions that as part of an effort to continue publishing \the essential news of the day,\ certain steps were being taken.- Among them are the cur- tailment and suspension of certain standing features, suspension of all were running short of newsprint funded and were beginning to take actions to conserve their supplies even before the Canadian situation worsened. —(A—Montreal, --grkhe—Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau said after an emergency Cabinet meeting that he would call Parliament into session if the railroad strike is not resolved. _ _ Even with ideal conditions, a promotion activity, and place men t__jiew^rmt^s1ioftage\ will be felt by of^smct-iwrnf-errthe amount of advertising to be accepted and the number of newsstand copies to be sold. Newspapers across the country U.S. papers for the next 18 months, according to Canadian experts. They said the main reason was that costly new mills, which take up to four years to build, have not been Pap^rmaker says rail strike imperilsCanada's reputation MONTREAL (CP) — Newsprint industry spokesmen said Monday strikes at Quebec newsprint plants and the country-wide rail strike have produced a crisis which lan newsprint industry's interna- tional reputation. A spokesman for Domtar Ltd. said the rail strike ^began as—as aggraVauan tor the surge capacity to handle the in- creased demand.\ A 45-foot truck can handlers tons 100,000 tons of newsprint have hot been produced because of the strike. of newsprint whereas a~boxcaf has . \With stockpiles rendered in- more than double the capacity, at accessible by Ahe rail walkout, industry, progressed to a concern iind-now can be- pul Jnto a crisis category. \Our industry is'geared toward rail and there is nothing -that can be said to minimize the potential dam* to onr economy if the strike is -He said if there is no early set- tlement of the rail strike \we .may be forced to shut down.*' _ ^r-^The situatfOlvTs threatening our industry's- reputation as art.\ in- ternational trader. Customers may regard us as an unreliable supplier and shift to markets elsewhere. 1 ' A* spokesman for* Canadian. International Paper Co. (CIP), whose newsprint plants in •allowed to continue.\ v . _ p some of the-slack but did .not have \the in Quebec, and Dalhousie, N.B., have been closed down by strikes since last. July, estimated about r - ;•.:• • , News in Brief Canada's ONP growth slows Canada's cross national product rate of increase in the first quarter, Statis- tics Canada said Monday. The GNP rose $3.3 billion; or three per cent to an armualTate of $116 billion, but after allowance for price, increases, real growth shrank to about $1 billion or less than one per cent, the report said. * Both the increase in total dollar volume and the nrine^tenths of one per ceTit in real growth were one-third of the first quarter rise of 4.S per cent and 2.7 per cent, respectively, it added. Buffalo teacher pact adds $4 million re buffalo Board or Education million more'than allocated.- \We're bxinging the baby and leaving it on your doorstep,\ board member Arnold B. Gardner totd the mayor. The board and the Buffalo Teachers Federation worked out a planned three-year agreement over the ^Weekend, but the dollar figures given Jhemj Monday were only for the_ first year, customers, he said. There had been, no new devel* opmerits in negotiations with the striking workers, but \we remain ^available to resume talks at any tkne>\- the spokesman.said. ^CIP and union negotiators have not met since Aug. 2 when the union turned down the firm's latest contract offer.- Major issues in the dispute in* job security, cost of living adjustments and a two-year rather than three- year contract. Price Co. Ltd. plants in Alma and ffehogami,- Que., have been shut down by strikes since Aug. 10 and there have been no announcements of resumptipa of negotiations. In Ontario, Abitibi Paper Co. Ltd. shut down its newsprint mill at Smooth Rock Falls Friday, idling about 50u workerSr and closed it* Sault Ste. Marie plant Sunday, laying off about 600 workers. Company spokesm; \f other mills could probably keep going until the'end of the week before the rail strike created a shortage of materials and halted production. \_4Spruce Falls Power and Paper Co in Kapuskasing, Ont., cut production to about 40 per cent of capacity last week. Although about 200 jobs were directly affected, out of work. Perm Central trustee off ers solution The trustee of the New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad Ce. said in Washington Monday that if his plan for reorganizing the Penn Central is not accepted, He will seek a liquidation of the Penn Centrals assets. The trustee, Richard Joyce Smith, testified at an Interstate Com- merce Commission hearing on reorganization of the Penn Central. Under his plan, freight service would be continued along an 11,000- mile core railroad. The. system would be financed by $200 million which Smith said could be gained through sale of Penn Central assets not included in the core network. A^HLlJP men are sharing-the re- maining 85~jobs, working part time. In Montreal, llie Uazette, orig- tblish Sept. 3, - Labor Day, announced it will not publish that day because of the. newsprint shortage. The papejr^shojrtageis not only af- j5~tlje supply of newsprint to newspapers but also the supply of such basic items as business forms,, corrugated boxes, waxed paper and paper bags. In Cooperstown, N.Y., A. E. Rick- ards, manager of the newsprint division of the Canadian Pulp and Paper Association, told newspaper publishers the tight newsprint situation will continue at least through 1974. - Rickards said, \the next 18 months cannot be contemplated by publishers without concern.\ Tkstc Windsor there has been no. paper shortage until recently. That shortage is beginning to be felt among such basic items as forms, corrugated printed waxed paper and paper bags. Generally, newspapers are dealing with the problem in a like manner — cutting back on some standing features, reducing the number-ot editions they, jirintand reducing the size and number of pictures. A number of newspapers said they had already been notified by Canadian firms that newsprint shipments for 1973 would be 10 per' cent below 1972 levels. Magazines which are either relatively new or* which are at- tempting to begin publication have been reported frustrated in their attempts to locate the high quality grade of paper on which most There have been only a few in- stances of newspapers being forced to stop publication, but many say the situation is critical and could JKlMLse _Jf_ the Canadian labor situation isn't resolved soon. The- Bellefontaine, Ohio, Ex- aminer failed to publish its Sat- urday edition, the first time it had been forced to take such an action in 82 years of pub** 8 *** 1 *^. 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If that d established, the N abolished as it nov Functions curren the MLD would thei the new bureau i department. Williams que thoroughness of th regarding the curn the MLD. \They met wit! officials. They new employes and ney plant facilities to knowledge/* the m \How can they cc recommendations * met with employe good department... department. The u where reorganizat **£ it already is,\ Wii He speculated tl were split into 1 recommended b; Report, the MLD Correcti< In a story aboc political endorseno cated that candk sought major par Ryan says he did Republican or Di backing and only * an Independent ca ther stated that ai get offered party A story gave the as the fmal qoa cK * r ^ng-Wyaa5nJL gj*y Pei u during\ the payment period. \ actaaUy represei IOWB paymectf 1 year. A story Fiattsbvffgh astor TrotnbJey was ek dezioi tfce Federa oaoocs of tbe^Foe trtct. Mr. -Tromb

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