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Greater Greece press. (Rochester, N.Y.) 1959-1977, December 31, 1959, Image 6

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t e ^ g a M T O T T ^ m r r s C d l N O r t M i « M 3 - s m \ th e rniniittum charge cla^ifte^ ada Is one doilar^ AdSrertisecsJini^^^ as 25 words withoM I ; ^ e deadline ^o|Jy is N ^ N every \ T ^ s d ^ H t e i p ^ r i ^ d INVESTMENT to own route sales business, training,; bene-, fits, must have car. $91 weekly to start, UN 5-9042. S e t t e e s SNOW PLOWING; Driveways and parking areas. Call between' 7 a. m. and 6 p. m. NO 3-7118. . W S lllE S S D U E m r I WISH to,talk with men with ears, willtog to work 9 hours* PIANO daily for- $100 per week. UN 5-9T42:;^‘ --------------- - POSTERS for ail occasions. Black, white or colored. Reasonable. Cait.NQ ,3-3199. ■for Sale - S PRING Hot-Point sto\'e condition. Reason; \3-5926. tuning . and Prompt service at res[sonable Tatek. Fred’-«orpeiir-®CHB-0248. is just around the comer, int sto\'e in good w*prking on. Reasonable. Call NO. FIRST, quality on TV service and repairs. All parts 'hnd work guaranteed. Good selection of t V sets. Daken Electronics, 1570 Dewey Avenue. GL 3-3355. 1 o r 3 iSooE CHEVROLET. flJC. 1110 STONE ROAD Sales and Service ' Genuine Earis NOitMield 3-4040 ^ A® STAMPS. Top-quality American PAPERHANGING, painUng, J)^ck ceilings, repairing, remodeung, \ best materials, finest w'orkman- ship. Free estimates. Taylert, 61 Tyler St., HOpkins t-0978. supplies. Under catalogue prices.' Free delivery. Call Richard i Cross, UNiversity 5-5926. day. Careful NO 3-3199. neat work. C;Call MUST sell rugs never used. 9 by 12, $30; 9 by 15, $35. Other: sizes. Also G.E. Vacuum, $20. Call BU. 8-4007. ! HEATING — Oil, gas and Cdal. Sheet metal work. Free esti­ mates. Prompt service. oReason- able -prices. Da%id Richardson &: Son. 1346 5-9025. ! Ridge Rd. W., UN -Septic TonM^ C o m p let^ynsf«|IafW Sewage-IMspcsal' Spfehis - CesspodH Clecmed ENCYCLOPEDIA Americana. 1959 edition. Special offer Contact, local representative. Call BUt- ■ ler 8-0232 ________________ E l EXCAVATING GO. CHILD 'Care at my home for em-* ■ 5-4460 ployed ■ mothers Experienced. » Call NO 3-S199 1024 Howard Road ALL controlled, detergen IS S8 Firty-pound drums Call-BA 5-565U ■nts, soaps anR' up ■ P.AINTING. interior and exterior. Block ceilings installed Best materiai.- used Liability cov­ ered Free estimates NOrthfield 3-0692 DAIRY USED suit.s. topcoats,. sport.5 s coats, cleaned and , blocked. Headlev Hatters. South , Main Street Recommended ing Hat Shops READ THE WANT ADS bv' lead- A The Greater Greece Press ' “’T Dec. 31, 1959 | MILK and CREAM Buckman's Dairy 2576 Ridge Rood-West All Around The Town r.Viversity 5-5705 ' OUR ICE .CREAM IS OF THE HIGHEST QUALITY SPEEDY'S NdRliaATE^SOO 'DEWEY TV SERVICE C » n « b rthfieldr3-8M ? or ^BRpwdirtR 1-2^106 STEBUO & RADIOyEQUIPJMENlE Not a Part-Tiifie Seridce_Mipir^ . H. l i i McGuire RM d - - - ' Bldgecresfr Shopping Center 2888 DEWEY AVI. Dewey-Stone Section.' • 481.«iiDeE'-RD^£Sl I Near Dewey , * ;U a « A 6 E S ^ ^ LARRY BEDFORD OARAGE GEINERAi REPAIRING STATE INSPECTION 289 Alpine Ed. NOrthfield S-7403 Plumbing - Heating • PLUMBING HEATING BATH and KITCHEN modernization Qualify Repair Service William Denise, Inc. 486 Denise Road NOrthfield S-8280 ( i'onfini'i d r I 'liti pa ■ WESTGATE PLAZ.A ID 6-3783 Museum Features Hans Christian Anderson ^ C n M iani the-othr, ippets portrays ‘ Steadfast Tin dialogue sermon on Voutii Sun- , Cleary o f S06 Bra.vton Road. Tracey Donna .vluier. daughter u, and .Mrs Ger;.id Eckei't and of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Miller children, Janie> and Elaine. 309 Bra.vtoji Road and granddaugh-; been holida> ,-ea<un gutsts of ter-of''Dr. and Mrs. .Ynthony F. £),• Ee-kert - pai'enla, ilr. .and Mrs. Favata of 271 Autumn Drive, cele- Fred Eckert of Baticruti Dme brated her third birthday on De- - - . ---- --- -- ---- - . .. Anderson i.- featured in the fil ” i program to be presented at Roch­ ester Museum of Arts and Sci-j enees on S.upday afternoon at 2*.30 ’ p. ra. and again at 3.30 p. m. | One film reviews the life of with the use of pup: the fairy tale. \The f I Christian Science coioa j Lecture Announcedl : Bi Hoad, Ba agent, is ! ‘Railrbad i — the Roche groups oi centers’ t( points to^ ■ J.ames ^ - lidge Driv presidenc: of R q ^ s Brenn^. I tdmey; wi Frank Del and Josep year* SEND IN NEWSl The power of prayer will be the theme of a free public lec- t ture on Christian Science next I Tuesday by J. Hamilton Lewis ot j Concord, hL H. _ ______________ I He will speak at the Rochester Chamber of Commerce at 12 15 cembfcr 17 %vith a party at the home of her grandparents. Besides her ’ little sister, Andrea, who 15 months old, her guests included Judy Holliday of 281 Autumn Drive, Debra and Ruth .\nn San- severtno of 21 Fernwood Park. ‘ Paddy JHeffeman of 112 Sharon ^ Oreece Area Church Notes and Schedules Bethany Presbyterian Church 3000 Dewey Avenue Alfred B. Wangman and Thomas E. Asbury, Ministers New-Arrivals Sunday — Services oi 9;15 and II a. m. Sermon theme: Hope Lutheran Church Dewey at -Wildwood Rey. Herman R. Frineke, Pastoi; A special candlelight service worship.. will be held today at 7:30 p. m. Services will be held Sunday 8:30 and 11 a. m. | \Open Reward\ by the Rev. Mr. at 8:30 and 11 a. m. | Wangman. c - j o u , j , i Ister Sunday at 10:45 a. m. His Church School at both services, es vrilf meet a°t 9;45 ^ ' i Youth Choir, 4 p. m.: Junior. ,, , r- - -n u , I ^ Man.' ^ doom, 114 Rye Road, on- Decern-j *• m ' a. m. sendees Sunday. A te r a . I 'Wednesday—Cooperative Nurs-^ confessional sendee will sTarT-at Dewey Avenue Presbyterssh | Greece Methodist Churclln Church I Maiden Lane at Long Pond Road Dewey Avenue & Seneca Parkway I Rev. Leonard Ives, Minister Gustavus Warfield, Minister j j^e first service of the new year Dr. John E'. Skoglund, professor v\ ill be marked by the observance preaching at Colgate-Rochester | of Holy Communion during wor- dnit; Tolgate- School. will be guest min- 10:45 Boys, born to— Mr. and Mrs. Howard E. Lem- cke of Hilton, on December 17 Mr. and Mrs. Emil P Wittme.--. ' mei 1100 Britton Road, on December 22 . - ' Girls, bom to— Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W^Hrowh- lee, 2641 Edgemere Drive, on De­ cember 22. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kent, 514 Bennington Drive, on December 23. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ruff, 4237 Mt. Read Boulevard, on Decemr ber 22. ' ;ing. 8 p. m. St. John the Evangelist 2400 Ridge Road West Deafbs STRAKA—Robert, of 178 Hilltop Road,' on December 28. He leaves his wife,’Helen Krizina: two daugh­ ters, Frances and Helen; a feon, Robert; two brothers. JdhiP _and Paul of Rochester: tw’’o brothers and two sisters in Czechoslovakia; keveral nieces and nephews. He was a member of the-Holy Name Soete:^, -Appstalet of Mercy, Dis- tidiation . Products^ Foreman’s Club and Distillation Products Technical Club of Kodak Park, PRESS - ADWERBMG ■ PAYS! John Knox Pi%sbyierian Church Greece Town Hall 2505 Ridge Road West John D. Maclnnes. Minister Sunday. - 9:30 a. m. — Sunday Church School for all ages, pre­ school through adult; 11. IVorship service, with “The All Shook Up Gospel\ as the subject of the Rev. iclnnes’ sermon. 10:50. Ihe Lutheran television pro- a. m. and^the Lutheran Wesiey Methodist Chareix Dewey and Christian Avenue Rev. George M. Davis, Minister Holy Communion during ship at 10:30 a. m. The Rev. Mr. Ives will deliver the communion meditation on “Draw Near with Faith.’- 9;SG, Church School for all ages; 10:30, Worship service; 6:30 p. m, Senior M- Y. F. and Intermediate M, Y. F, \This is the Life,” will be' •oadcast over WROC-TV, 11 idio prO-! Aldersgate Methodist Church 4115 Dewey Avenue owsaln.ow Minister Robert Hj R Church of the Master Lake Avenue at Elmtree Road Rev. Charles O. Harding. Pastor gram may be heard on WHAM at ■ 10:30. I. m. t — Junior High Y’outh ng, Town Hall. , ^C... Lake view CommiiMif/'Ckii^ch Long Pond Road and Edgemere Rev. Marion Pennings, Pastor Sunday Sunday School, 9:^5 a. n v worship service, 11: Sermon: “God and The New.\ Cbristiaa Endeavor. 7 p. m.- Messiah-- Lutheran Church '4445 Mt. Read'Rouievard Frederic J. Teichmann. Pastor Sunday, 8iS0 and 10:45 a. m.—' Service of Holy Commumiohi 9:30, Sunday School and Aduit Bible -- 6 p. m.—Luther League meeting. The following officers of the con­ gregation vvilLbe installed; ^ President, Edwin Harris; vice- president, Erwin Ballerstein: sec­ retary, Donald Jenssen; financial, sPeretary, Don Novelli; treasurer, | Edwin Lowitzer; . education chair- j man, Richard,. Berndt; evangelism | chairman, Charles Roth; steward-j chairman, First lai James Osborn; I Church of Christ, Scientist Rochester, New York invites you and your friends to a . Free Lecture on Christian Science ■ '’\Hoiv Christian Science Brings Security axid Peace'' .financial, then|lan; . property chairman, Ed-K \vSard'Fl6i%|c,v!an^)deacons, Frank' I /. Hamilton Leu is. C.S.. of Concord, New Hampshire Coley Marvin-,$oh^ta';;an,d Jp^^^ MEMBER OF THE BOARD OF LECTURESHIP OF THE 'MOTHER CHURCH. THE FIRST CHURCH OF CHRIST, SCIENTIST. IN BOSTON. MASSACHUSETTS. Covefianf Orthodox Presbyterian Church ^55 Hoovhr Itrive- . Theodore L Georgian, Minister Sunday, 9:45 a, m. T — Sunday School: 11, Worship s e r v i c e . “Faith's Perspectives’’ will be the sermon topic; 7 p. m. — Worship service. .Sermon topic: “Freedom from Want.’’ , - - v The Rev. Mr. Georgian will speak on WHEC’s “Prelude to Worship\ broadcast at 8:15 a. m. Rochester Chamber o f Commerce 55 St- J?aui S treet,-R o c h e s ter N . ’Y; Tuesday noon, January 5, I960,, at 12:10 P. M. r. -I Joseph I Aventie hi years of j ter Gas & was empli triciap - served .In •patcliing I Iionored I yeUremen Monday Gwece a Coort H Howe nai - J. Elmei over.as c Wesley Y as covmte of Superv Milton ] ager of tb Lincol^R was prom Sistant vi( ing. organ MUt, V ^years as 'Business j of the bai ten Roadi ' Dr. H, an-office Center f< tistry*Ag of Bufifalt he t^eAirF • Jhe Bo County T] for tfae R this inont 12^0 p. kJftdiiff'kti idfd Towii - Gre i^e ‘ Jhar.playe : families 4 2(ly#rs. teas tiiae- Now Bill

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