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Greater Greece press. (Rochester, N.Y.) 1959-1977, August 06, 1959, Image 3

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The Greater Greeg Press n through the Stores—and How! — — ’ Let’s Qi> Sapping! 1 0 ©K . HOUSE PAiNTirfG Free Estiiuates—Iisured MINDER PECOR4TORS panna, 'Shopipihs exp'ert for The Press, Is oh vacation. in this weeksis a substitute whose identity foreVer Will rbmain cloakeSF in secrecy. ' THANK?HANK GOODNESS,OODNESS, niy^weeklsj G niy shopping tour is over! I WOULD have to 'pick the hottest day of the year—and my 'pumps were killing “ ...................... \ to craviwl ‘ mer I -Oouldn’t wait to get home slip into my crepe-Ue-chine loungMg out, of my gi ;re ki :irdle S6( -----------------------------------. . . t t a k part o f your payclieck before it^s spent ,. .You w&n’t wonder where the money went Follow these three easy steps and you’ll soon be enjoy­ ing the comfort a reserve fund gives you. One: open a savings account at Community. Twn: deposit ,a set amount each week before start spending. T h jee ; re­ solve to leave your savings untouched except for genu­ ine emergencies. In 6 months when you check your savings passbook yon 11 he surjnised at how qu-ickly it mounts up with Communitv's liieher divideiyj# COMMUNITY SAVINGS BANK • Cor. Main & CliHloh • 300 Waring Road • Cor. Exchange & Broad • 424 Ridge Rd. West Mambar Fadartil OaposU Inturanca Cornonatlon drivmg CAN YOU DO IT Experienced truckers will tell you —keep your eyes moving—up and down, right to left, left to right. To stare straight ahead can hypnotize you into sleep. Try always to look beyond the range of your headlights. If you cannot see beyond them,’ you need an eye examination. ,>j See your eye physician. If he prescribes , glasses, treat yourself to the tech­ nically a^ihfate, precision fit kind W.& P, is famous for. MK YOO* f t l rHYtICIAir about oob « ob « WHELPLEY g PAUL , J>RE5€lt4PT10N OPTICIANS 6 se K eca hotel arcade ^ W E L V E CORNERS . 1790 MONROE AVlNOT m NORTHGATE PLAZA W 3800 DEWET AVENUE , ©House ot Vision 1959 ‘ ' j Whelpley 4 Paul „ I And wouldn’t you know it? No ioner than I had got fnyself alt it for a nice, auiet evetiins wheff- or a nice, quiet evening w the X phone rang! And there, on the .other end of the wire, waS Cousin Daphne — informing me that she was bringing sotrie friends over to my house that evening for a cosmetics demonstration. She said she knew I wouldn’t mind because I was SUCH A DEAR and would understand how she COUTLDN’T POSSIBLY have all those people at HER house be­ cause she had just finished paint­ ing tile Uying room. Well, to get back to ray shop­ ping trip, I must confess there were a few 'rather trying inci­ dents. I found some real bar- bains, but it was the hard' way— and no fault of the stores. I have definitely made up my mind that I will NEVER take the CHILDREN with me on another , shopprng expeditlonr For instance, I was mortified during my.vi^it to King Denton’s fabrics store at“ Northgate Plaza, where my precious, little Jacque­ line fastened a headlock on little Waldo and tossed him up and over the countei', upsetting several bolts of Mr. Denton’s choicest Drip-Dry Cotton Dacrons. Mr. Denton dismissed it all very lightly with some casual comment like “Cute Little Girl’’—but hurried both of my children out of the .store. Now’ I'll have to go back next week to get those im­ ported prints I want so much for my bedroom drapes. I wa.s as neiwous as a cat all the while we were in J. C. Penney's for fear my two little monsters might do somelhing to embarrass^ me in front of that nice Mr. Prit­ chett—and I was greatly relieved when one of the clerks told me that he was out to lunch. I know I shouldn’t have done it, especialTy when we heed 'a Flit gun so badly to get rid of the rose bugs a]t our house, but 1 COULDN’T resist the special on hand. lotion. I don’t think we girls- fulljc appreciate what a wonderful thing it is to have television and learn all about all these wonderful products! I was about to inquire about the duckiest. little house dress I’ve ever seen when I spied my off­ spring in. the vicnijy pf the china- ware department with a strange glint in their eyes. So I rounded them up and hustled them out­ side. [ I had a terrible lime at Wool- . worth’s! Waldo insisted=._on mak- ! ing like Kid Westy from .West { Meadow.s, picking up every pop ; gun and six-.shooter in tlje toy , department, while Jacqueline was . examining the archery sets. When j she started to draw a bead on , Mr. Slihgerland^' who Is- the man-j ager of the store?\I suddenly re- ( raembered that my husband had j asked me to pick up his golf slacks from Speedy’s dry clean­ ing store Then it happened! As we pa.ssed the snack bar, with Waldo and Jacqueline HANG­ ING onto my arms and DRAG­ GING their feetHhe bedlam start- | “I want popcorn!’’ “I want a candy baf!” “I want a chocolate sundae!’’ “I -want a Texas hot!” “I want ----- I want ----- I want it!” . _ Tliere comes a time in every­ one’s life when one must face squarely up to responsibilities, .1 had a list of stores to visit and ' a shopping column to,^ write. So I caUed the -Barnard ambu,- lance and sent the children home. It’s been an enlightening ex­ perience—doing this column—but I’ll be glad when Donrra returns from her vacation and takes over\ again. And if y6u dOn’t ’believe it, I stopped at the Key Drug Store and sent her a postcard—“Hav­ ing a Wonderful Time. Wish You Were Here!” ' I won’t go along'\vilh the “w''n- derful time” part, but as for the rest- of it—no truer words were ever spoken! “ Delightf ul Summer Drink Tip: » • It^s thre Gimlet. Hebe’s the fecijp’e suggested. bY ^ew Yoi i!EUHotel— ’ Yake three parts of ^gin or vodka and ouo P^rt of Rps le. f , . Stir with ifc'e. Strain and tTorve ©\h the rfleks* ’'—^Press Shopper Service JUICE IMPORTED FROM ENGLAND Available at CRAFT & CLARKE Meats — Groceries 2S47 Ridge Read West university 5-860'5 5vWVW^W V V WW V W WV^jWJWW ?Wtf^iV^WAVtf^iW^^JV Haggerty: & Mtihait K. V. Liquor Store l Newly-Stocked Items Offers You at 1439 Ridge Road West Corner of-Hidgtr Road—Opposite Howard Johnson’s And If You Don't See it — Please Ask for It We'll Try To Obtain It for You PRONTO! ' SEAGRAM'S GOLDEN GIN Extra Dry 94 Proof 4/5 quart $4.45 _Clnllcd Imporicd Whus and New York Stole Champagne M l 111 w m 3 HAGGERTY & MAHON UN 5-8160 PLENTY OF FREE PARKING AT THE DOOR ' OPEN 10 A. M. to 10 P. M. Delicious! Delightful! DE LUXE 49 Made FRESH EVi DONUTS Varieties! Made FRESH EVERY DAY Before Your Eyes in Our Newly-Enlarged Bakery Department One Dozen Half Dozen 69e 35c taUCKMAN'S DAIRY, INO. 2576 Ridge Road West Corner Long Pond Road FRESH M ilk d a ily i| Cash and Carry • Half-Gallon 47c .QUALITY ICE CREAM il* Made Every Day in Our Modern Plant I’l. Demand Pak '' Old Fashion’ed ;;li 89 c • HalftGallon • $1.10 Press Advertising Pays

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