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ji'^ ’ ' : 3 . . . Legal lloiice s % r “ a ’H S I san.is'i i f S o l V \ i famed at the ¥am®, P«We^, of Education reserves the right to reject any MAN with car to distribute Uterature. pick up orders and deliver merchandise for $10Q p er week. CalTGL 3-9312-W. Education reserves the right to reject any bipdfag ?o f ^ b ; |l ^ s : 5 h 5 s e ^ & the^date 1 bid Education Greece .Central School District ^o , X R o c h e s t e r ^ ^ N e w L ^ * _ •By DATVID McDERMOTT Purchasing Agent » M . y 7 . » 5 9 • \ CIXAM( Legal notice .Deceased. . JIXAXION FOB PB W F OF „yer FiJt 7 ATtorney f o r Fetitioner, §po wers Buiidlngj .Bo'ehtcsler 14» N* F. The People*^01 the State bf Wew York the Grace of.Ciod \Free and Independent noW^ dead; to his Or her \ legal representatives, legatees, or assigns, and all other persoi have or claim' to have any interest by purchase, inheritance, or otherwise in said estate: of JohnVA- McCall, deceased; V S s distributees of . Send Greeting; charge 7 |o , ' Wrip Wanted NATIONAL concern has local opening for auallfied man. \Write Personnel. 1467 Moii- roe A'venUej Kochester, for interview. Sendees HOUSE PAINTING. Guaranteed. 1 estimate. Minder Decoratini !TS LAWN Bradinf Gardenrs plov 2-5331. \TV ANTENNA installation. Antenna re­ pair. Complete electrical wiring. Roof repair. Very realsonable. Call GLen- I .fwood 3-8267-R or GLenwood 3-8129-W* 3AIRDEESSING, ytmr home, your con venience. Licensed HgJ^ e s s e r . Reas enable rates. BEverley 5-8843. SUuations Wapted grass at .3-3902-J. rilling to do yard work or cut •our convenience. Call GLenw<) 0 d Lost For Rent BARN or garage. North Greece VidiSty, Greece, for storage of landscaping\ equip­ ment and supplies. Call GL 3-4992. Turn McGuiye, Inc., Complete Tree Service and Iscaping, 253 North Ayenue. STORE. Five-Rjom _Apa.rtiaent. Ideal for small business. 2451 Edgcmere Drive. CH 2-5560-J. MOVING? Call us. Experienced movers, j low rates. Greece Moving & Carting. ' CHar. 2-5800. ' CERTIFIED Sparkle strawberry plants S2.50 per hundred. $18.00 per thousand. Russell Ludwig, 816 North Greece' Ptoad. GLen. 3-8304-M. f*LUMBING repairs and remodeling. Old and new work wanted. Free estimates ; Arnold Radwich. 325 Cravenwood A '\ CHarlotte 2-2936. | ’HREE-PIECE living room set. Ideal for recreation room or ‘ cottage. $10. IDS Cranberry Road, off Edgeraere Drive. RAFTMAN 18” hand lawn ntower i new, reasonable. GLen. 3-71B3-M. Willian. j HAPPY-TIME tricycle,\ 20” Eront wheel. I Dewey Avenue. Fret 1 Nearly new. Blue and white. GL 3-7163 M. Manroe^and Yorkl | terials. d-eat ^workinanehip. i greens, trees, shfubs and no-M s. Ee i T aiito service » • Plumbing- Hoatlng • m E A R x m v R o m . m e . i^ o A D Safes qjidl Sjervice t _ ---------------- PAIRY. m i K ewd CRfAM BBy Youp Milk and Cream ’CASH Af^D CARRY” RASIS and ^Bve Money at Bucknian's Dairy OCR ICE CREAM IS OF THE HIGHEST QUALITY fS76 Rid^e Road West GLenwood 3-1038 • DITCH DIGGING • Monroe and State of New York, deceased, and relating to. both real and. p er­ sonal property, has lately niade applica- stance Nursery. 308 Frisb* ent, John A. McCall, you __ _ ;s .r f a . ‘7:ot7, S”V » . - . “ 'e is:r! >jate*s Court in the City of Rocliester, in meiai woi said County oi Monroe, New York, on the service, ai 19ih day of l^une 1959, at 10 o cl-ck in the torenoonforenoon off thatat day, why the said Will and o th Tobtament of Jt admitted to If any of the age of I otherwise im hy the said Will and ilcCall should* not be Oil, firas and coal. Sheet orlc. Free efciimaies. Promp GLen. 8-5693-M. Hud.son Avenue. —CCORDION and Piano tnnght b.v pio- . , s . r that he is reqtiired to appear by his ' ce LEVISION ,sg...,al guar(ton or CJmmittee. if he has Service. 16 yean one, and if he has none, that he appear vision car and h( and apply for the appointment of a special player’s Forn ' guardian;or in the event of his neglect ' or lailure to dir so a special guardian wilt be appointed by the Surrogate to represent and act for him in these priceedings. I.N TESTIMONY WHEREOF, the seal oi Uitj, Surrogate’s Court of the County of Mon­ roe has been Jiereunto affixed. WITNESS; Hon. MICHAEL L. ROGERS. Surrogate of said County at the City of Kochester, this 30th day of April. 1959. ‘L. S.) _ AUGUST D. VICARETTI. Clerk Surrogate’s M.A'VTAG wringing-type washer with pump. ‘ jr- ~ ^ Coujilf* C’lo»et c<»nribihHtI()n I s«at. 1 while 19** x 17” baton. 1 4\ center set. CH 2-2 MH-J. • A |R HA.MMER -$,epHc Tanks- Complete Ihstallation Sewage Disposal Systems Cesspools Cleaned SERVICE — E experiiiici large uptown store. Lutes . training on new sets. • '■* 2-2B68. 211 McGuire Road. CHarlott. ‘ .OT ><0 li.\ 200 feet. Grt-eci'. Kast Miin- Uou Knud, off Edgemcic Driw --- or Would like to Bell InrKci- paicel to tiuildei-. Two miunti.s walk to luke and boats. CH 2-1X79-R. CADILLAC, S tarcaft, Ca> uga boats. Mercury motors. Little Dude, Master- craft, Tee-Nee trailers, Greece Out- rance is not necessary i iire to file objections. LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE OF SPECIAL OISIRICX MEETING Ceutrgi School District No. 1 lowimif Greece, Monroe CJounty.-- The Board of Educattion of Central School District No. 1 of the Town of Greece, Monroe County. New York, HEREB'Y GlVE^ NOTICE that a special district meeting of the qualified vUers of said school district will be held at the School \ lilding on Britton Road in the Town of 4 d . 1 nf fhe anty. New York Building Road in I Greece, New York, in said school district on the 26th day ot May, J959, at 1:00 o'clock P.M. Eastern Daylight Time at which the Foils will be kept open between .. ______ _ ___ _____ ......... . ........... .. ........ the hours of LOO o’clock P.M. and 9:00 vide for the designation of additional public I (;ity of Rochester, in said County of Mon- and considering any o'clock P.M. Eastern Daylight Time for highways or parts thereof, as main arteries and gtate of New York, deceased, ^lay be made to the .said the purpose of voting by voting machine I of travel and require vehicles approaching relating to both real and personal Dated; April 21, 1959. upon the following propositionf ) the additional designated arterial highways property, has lately made application to the Gordon A. 1 R E A D T H E W A N T A D S ^ E Z EXCAVATING CO. 1024 Howard Road BE 5-4460 PLUMilNGf HEATING BATH and KITCHEN MODERNIZATION 1 William Denise, inca 486 Denise .Road qHar, 2-e702 • DRY CLEANIl< 6 ~ r i LftHITORY ^EtVICE I ’« * r O SERVICE SPEEDY'S NORTHGATE—3900 PEWEY 1948 RID<^ ROAD WEST Ridgecrest saiMpinfi: Center ‘ 2888 D E W ^ AVE. Dewey-Stone Section 402 RIDGE RD. WEST Near Dewey e WATER PROOFINCel CELLAR WALLS WATERPROOFED . 45 South A \r.. une block from Main Street. Rec.iuinicndcd by /eading Hat Stores. Legal Notice Legal Notice Arterial High' LEGAL NOT! that pursuant to 'IC E ' IS HEREBY GIVEN that pursuant to Secti«i 1660 of the Vehicle _______ ^ and Traffic Law and SecUon 130 of the | er. 25 Exchange TowTvUaw^-ef ihe State of New York, and The People of pursuant to a resolution of the Town Board | gy Grace of G« of the Totvn of Greece adoptedt Api B 21, | to Marguerita H. 1959, the said Town Board wig hold a distributee of WUli; public hearing at the Town Hall. No. 2505 send Greeting: Road West in the ' -- ------------ Legal Notice Miniroe NOTICE OF MEETING TO HEAR OBJECTIONS TO ASSESSMEM FOB IMPROVEMENT PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that the Tow n ■ogate’s Court ; Miniroe County Board of the Town of Greece. Monroe. In tho Matter of the Wdl of County, New York has completed its ■ WILLIAM FINDLATEIE, Assessment Roll for and in connection 'ivith i „ J certain street improvements of EstaJI I Road Curbing, Desmond Road Curbing, | Sparling Drive Curbing, Hager Road Curb-, ing, Delmar Road Curbing, Hoover Drive | Curbing. Vista Drive Curbing. Castleforil | Road Curbing and Lakewmd Drive Curb-' Ing, and for the installation of lateral sew -1 ers on Armstrong Road between Denise • Road a-^S Adeline Road in said Town of, L -„, f v ^ _ DRAIN TILE INSTALLED A. J. ARIENO—BE .5-4371 General Mason Wbrh & Repair* . GARAGES I , Jeceased. CITATION FOR PROOF OF WILL Robert E. Cappon. Attorney for Petl lot lange St., R'chester, N. Y. Tire State v t K New YOI God Free and Indepei 'indatler, deceased, i lendcnt at the Town Hall, N a 2505 send Greeting; R«,ad Adeline Road in said Town of “ l l - M a y S a \ , , ”'. o - 3 S l . . ' S S ' » - r r i . 5 f o Z % ^ T S lp S ^ .S l Daylight Saving 'Hme. to i „jent of WiRiam Findlater t»f Rochester, gnj ^jat the Town Board will meet at the ^ r against the adoption of proposed amend- , bearing date February 3, 1954. purporting said Town of Greece, on the 19th day of! * lents to the Traffic Ordinance of the Town ; to be. the last Will and Teslament ^959, 959 ^ at 8 x) clock -P.M. Eastern Bay-‘ i ^ y g i LARRY BEDFORD GARAGE GENERAL REPAIRING STATE INSPECTION ments to the Traffic Ordinance of the Town to be, the last Will and Teslament 1 at 8 a clock .P.M. Eastern Day- ' ?W‘o.“ i r e S r . S’S”, ; K S i : ' P K O P o S ? ' K « \ S v X '.r’o,'7iifc*.£f S “£,,: the following Resolutions be'j posed'to be made arteries of travel oi to have said instrument proved and re-. ,, toi wit: parts thereof are as follows; j corded as to the will of personal and real RESOLVED that the Board of Education I i. Skycrest Drive at its intersection with | estate, you and each of you are cited to of Central School District No. 1 of the Adeline Eoad^ i show cause aclpoted t \'.ESOLV iliows; ! Board of Education I \ i. Skycrest Drive at its intersection with i,iStrict No. 1 of the Adeline Road, of Grepce, Monroe County, New York, 2. Little Creek Drive at its intersection is hereby authorized to undertake the fol- with Skycrest Drive, lowing building program: , 3. Sierra Drive at its intersection^with I To construct and equip on the Skycrest Drive, so-called Maiden Lane Road : Dated; April 21. 1959 Site on the south side thereof 1 TOWN BOARD. TO^ ,^ 6 n ^ e south side thereof 1 TOWN BOARD^ ^ ym ^D ^ K R A F T merly approved and acquired) ■ Town Clerk in said school district 1 of you are cited to show cause before the aurrogate of the County of Monroe, at the Surrogate’s Court ' in the City of Rochester, in said County of 44 . 5 . 1 T I Monroe, New York, on the 4th day of I June 1959, at 10 o’clock in the forenoon oi that day. why the said Will and Test! I of said decedent sh^iuld 1 Gordon A. Howe Frank E. McCone Edward F. Burns Arthur R. Koerner Members of' Ihe Town Board, Town of Greece, Monroe County. New York. : • WATCH REPAIR • WATCH REPAIRING AU Vfork Guaranteed For 1 Year- , dmiueTt^ McCurdy's Announces t any of the aforesaid persons is under. S c b o l Q r S l l | p A w O M I s '\[nevm^eteht S r wiu‘'S e a s r u k e Sharon Bennett, 19-year-old so- I notice that he is required to appear by his prano from Ohio, aod David F - _________ ____ _ -I general guardian or committee, if he has Martin, 21, native of Rochester ,« o n ^ ^ f u c f a n d equip on the^ 1 H ^ ^ B T ^ I V ^ N ^ r a pub- Z a ’ iLRVeYDIX . A th e . y-caUed Tait Avenue site on .................. ^va-4,»:aA-ing--a-iii--hivjeld by tha-Towir Bo o ^ - d - g u a r d s ; or ^in \tKe 1959-1960 M c C u rd y se n io r sch o l- S ; school district a new ;ry school building in- hnprovement of said Legal Notice 'siae tnereoi between Road ^nd English merly approved and in said school' dis­ trict a new elementary school . building including improvement of said site at an estimated maximum cost of $ 935,000»60 McGuire Road (formerl; acquired) in 1 ig-will-br held by tha-Towir B Town of Greece, Monroe County, or faRure to dp so a special guardian New York, at the Town Hall, No. 2q05 be appointed by the Surrogate to repn Ridge Road West in the Town of Greece, and act^for ^in^ these jtrOceedings. Momoj. County, New p gas ' GRAND TOTAL and such sum of _ ___ __ _ ____ aggregate of the aforesaid amounts shaR be raised by the levy of a tax upon the tax­ able property of said school district and collected in annual instalipaents as pro­ vided in section 416. of the Educatioii Law; and in anticipation of such tak, obligations, of said school district §Hall be Rsued. PLEASE TAKE FURTHER NOTICE that ; above propositions will appear in the Iqunty, New J95^ at • 8 aiship awards. The winners were selected WHEREOF^ of j auditioniijg committee headed by Dr. Howard Hanson, director and improvement of Surrogate of said County at the City ’ Sewer District No. Rochestei’. this 28th day of April 1959. lated cost,, including (L. S.) AUGUST D. VICARETTI, Deputy Clerk Surrogate’s Court, appearance is not necessary ujdes Said lands are described as follows: Personal appearance is not necessar Commencing at a point on the west- | you desire to file objections, erly boundary line between the prop- 44-1-lT S.4S' . 5 S S ’ a T!L label of the voting machine: ' ' Shall the proposition as statqd in the ' Notice of Special District Meeting dated 1 April 14, 1959 and as affixed to this 5 and made a part here- erty forjnarly owned by the Samuel Tbayer estate and the property no owned by the Town of Greece Sewi District No. 1, said point being whei the northerly rear 1 - --------------- Stops Announced ''55 For Bopkmobile „ University of Rochester. Gordon ■W. McCurdy, vice-president of unless; McCurdy & GompRny, presented 5 . 7.59 Dr. Hanson with a check which ■will cover one study for each bdth Eastman students. LYELL-MT. READ PLAZA GL 3-4373 WESTGATE PLAZA ID 6-3783 will speak on “Emerging Africa.” map of the sameui u. Thayer est property made by Louis Kohl, Engineer and Surveyor,veyor, andnd datedated Januaryanuary 1958.9o8. <1) construction of an elementary scRool , mately 986.20 feet to a point; (3) thence made a part he expenditure of SI.- Sur a d J l Thence northerly along the afore- boundary line a distance of ap- dmateiy 710 feet to a poirit: C2) BY^QRDER c to a point which is the pafee of be j ning, , containing approximately f Greece, New York, i acres ot land. / , 1959 ■ ■ Dated: Greece, New York by DRU e r o f t h e h o a r d , o f EDU -1 April 21, 1959 DnAur CATIO k T >G)F. - CENTRA!,., SCHOOL DIS- BY ORDER OF THE TOWN -BOARI , School District Clerk ^-1 Town Clerk 43-3 4T 4-28-5§ 44-3-lT The Booknjobile o f liie Monfpe County Traveling Library is sched­ uled for the following Greece Monday and May 25 — De'ivey Avenue and Stone Hoad, 9:45 to 11:45 a. m. , Tuesday—Nortli Greece, 10 to 11 a. m.: Grand View Heights Fire- hou.se, 11:15 a. m. to 12:30 p. m. May 26—Bidge Road, corner of Elrngr'Qve Road, 3 lo 3^45 to 3-45 p. m. , lay 15—Ridge ROa^ Stone j id, 10 a. m. to noon; Town Hall, | 1:15 t o '3:30 p. ra. UNEMPLOYED?? ’ Dictaphone, stenographers, typists— Immediate positions open for experienced girls for temporary assignments lasting several days or Weeks at a time. S.Q.S. is Rochester's first temporary,^.eiMployirient service. You can work for us at the highest rates with no charge to you. Call for an appointment to registor/ CO 6-2738. . ■ii 4 The Greater Greete Press y May 7, 1959 h Club Meeting Siaied The home of Mrs, Robert Jef­ fers in North G reece Rogd wRI year’s advanced j be the meeting place today for the of the winners, j Travelers’ Club. Miss Ruth Riley irlfinttj “ TTiv»Qr*fYir»cr A -4 ]

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