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Greater Greece press. (Rochester, N.Y.) 1959-1977, March 26, 1959, Image 6

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IP ' PHONOGRAPHS . ^ APPLIANOES jj ! • Yot/f Family Store ^ 0 s i e r n A u to Supply iiOl Rid[ge Kd. W, GL. 3-21711| | ~ r o w FYF£. Mgr. — W Rroero Centid Sdiool District News 6 ! < . » * « S c t e l = = S g s I l * f :] Jorhe and S|e it^ Craig Hill School Our $eiehce Fair was UeW on St. Patrick’s Pay, Seven of us en­ tered projects. Gall and -Lee brought plants. Four white mice ;; Joeloiiged to David. Douglas show- M ed us the change in medicines. ^ The life of the hornet w'as shoAvh by Debra. Peter had a nic§ shell coliectidn. Torry had an electrical display. ^ ■ Mrs. Meyer’s Second Grade. liA t a l f e A PARTY ’ ' BANQUET !- SALES MEETtNQ WEDDING RECEPTION? * Dining Rooms to Accommodate up to 600 Persons ISLAND CO n A G E MOTEL 953 Edgemere Drive CHarlotie 2-9376 Your Host—Nick Biodato, King of Cooking Longridge School We are making\ our own Easter baskets and we are going to leave them in school just is case the Easter bunny comes to kinder­ garten. We have 35 different bun­ nies doing tricks in our room! Their legs, arras and heads move so that w'e can make them- do all kinds of stunts. Mrs. Weber’s Kinderfarten ' .Miss Farley’s third grade pupils are ve:y busy working on their puppets. Gary Visconte and Becky Smith helped the other children with their puppets. Guenter Hil- demann and Jim Secor also helped. The children will have a puppet show. Barbara Hurley Would refinery' they have in Oklahoma’s you like to see an oil and real i l K “■ g e t t i j ^ ground. Come — Linda Schweitzer' i Miss Haselkamp,^, JPph Grade Briaon B o o ^ c h g o l We had a pahel discussion pn the Civil War. Views on, slavery and states rights werls, brought out by each side. We also had a show case about the Civil War period with every­ thing from guns to swords and books to stamps. There > were oral reports on slavery and states, rights as weU as a home room bulletin board based on the Civil War with flags, pictures and famous documents to see an oii such as the Gettysburg address, oil” wells like! also made maps showing the?’ Oklahoma? Oil is! progress of the war. most valuable pro-] gob O’Connell West Ridge School We are maki^ puppets. We have fun anpl to do it. We made a big rabbit for Easter. Susan Cable We are making a display i room. On our table will be a USED CAR SPECIALS! sio« MUSI R E D u c E D 4 0 % FREE - lO-LB. HAM With Each Car Sold Over $235—This W e ek—Thurs.-Fri.-Scrt. 5 GOOD TIRES - BATTERY GUARANTEED 12 MONTHS BASIS 6% BANK RATES No Payment 'Til May ■CHEVIES •D O DG E S * FORDS •PONTIACS •PLYMOUTHS = ★ RAMBLERS = . . First Again With Ailing & Miles — N ^ w f l t ^ n n r N i w 100% TRADE-BACK PLAN A W N Q & 130T Ridge Road East Open Eves. Except Fri. & Sat. . ' Phone HOpkins 7-7260 Mr. Implccini’s Fifth Grade In our room we have standard bearers. One minute before 9:05, the Pledge of ” Allegiance comes over the loudspeaker. Three stand­ ard bearerfgo up. One bolds the flag and the other stand beside the bearer. We have standard bear­ ers because we feel that more se­ rious attention may be given to the flag salute. Gregr Hawryschuk LEGAL NOTICE I’RK-SENT; C..rdon A. Hmve. Sui>efvi'^or E d i'ard P'. Burns, Counoilmii John H. Tubb.*Councilnian Frank E. McCone. Councilm an A rthur R. K oerner, Councilmnn The follow ing, order w as offered Mr. McCone, who moved its adoption, seconded by Mr. Tubb, to wit ; W HEREAS, a w ritten petition d.nted Januni v 29. 19.S9. Was heretofore and on February 27. 1959, duly filed w ith thiy Board pursuant to Section 200 of th e Town Law of th e S l a te of N ew . Y ork, for the im p rovem ent of th a t portion of perm a n ent pavintr thereof w ith Macr, dam, the construction of eonc’ete de- pre.ssed curt>inc and concrete Bidewa'ks. Said im iirovcm e n ts shall be of sU-fldard ------ ification-.ifications, the .sidewalks five jn c h e s spec thick and fiv feet wide. ning uniform ly to a thickness inches at the center line. It is not pro- po-ed that th e gr.ide or the K u tte's shall be chtuiced except as incidentally necessary to the proi>e,- laying of the pavem e n t or finishinit of the portion of said highway. W HEREAS, it duly app e a rs th a t such letition has been duly signed by the ow n ers of real iiroperty owning at I half of the entire fron tag e o r bounds ... both sides of said street, and W HEREAS., it .duly appears th a t such i.etition was a l “0 du'y si n d bv le i- dent owners o w n i'g not less th a n half of th e frontage owned by resident own' ers residing in or along th e po’ tion c 1 such highway situ a te as aforesaid, an( W HEREAS, such petition w ;s dul? erknow iedged or P’oved by all tile sign crs thereof in the same m a n n e r as i deed <o he record-d, and W HEREAS, the m a x im u m a m o u n t, lU-oonsed to be expended for th e im- m-ovemeiit of said h'ghw a y as stated in the I>etitl<m is $S2,flfi0.0n, it is. pur- siiont to 'h e imovisions of said Section 2ti0 of the Town Law of th e S tate of Nt w Y o rk, hereby ORDERED th a t the Tpyvn Hoard of the Town of Greece, Mnni'Oe Cotint’’’. New York, sh.all meet at th e Town Hall, No. 2.oor, Ridge Road W e st in said Town, on the 7th day of A p ri', IS.fifl. a t K o'clock P. M. E a s tern StandarS Time foV the purpose of con.oide.ing t^i'e seM petition hnd hearing _ of all—pel soph iii: leresty t in the subject t h .ej;epl.jtoiicem- mg -the is fu i- h e r ORDERED th a t a copy of th is order, certified by the \fown C le'k. shall be , published in the Greece P r e s s , a news- j paper oirculnting in th e T-'wn. and shall be posted conspicuously in five (5) i>ub- ; iio places alone: th e said hijrhwav. s 'c h j p ublication and posting to be not less I than ten (10) nor m o re than tw.>nty ; (20) days before th e date designated , for the hearing aforesaid. D a ted: March 3, 1959. Edwsrd F. Burns Frank E. McCone Members of the Tewn .Bonrd, Town of Greece, MonlTre Countyl STA?rI#^*^?oglT! COIJ n t y o p MTiKiroE ? ' IFICATE ^ c o r d e d ■tg n a l thereof fihd or ofBqe Irf th e T -w ti of County, N ew Y o rk, on hereunto spt my hand and affixed the seal o f said, Town. D a ted : Mai'eh 8, I9,50 ii'eh 3, 19,59. N. RAYMOND KRAFT Town Clerk, Town of Gre It's ; Clear and Super Soft! The water is just right. If ou use less soap . . . And yoh can g^t aB of your wash­ ing done in less than an hour! at the Icon - 0 - Wash RIDGECREST SHOPPING CENTER. Ridge Road West at Latona Road W a s h . . . 75c Dry.... 30c Total-. .$1.05 As Many Machines As You Need CONSTANT CORRECT TEMPERATURE Open 24 Hours a Oay — r t a p a Week - ■ t

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