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The New Greece press. (Greece, N.Y.) 1958-1959, February 12, 1959, Image 1

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iis soars Avs., “ Qreete Press Sola to New Corporation ihip or ide ^ , . it efeiitta - - isSier 6-x of :|3G I»qis0 cJu^es: THENiW A WEEKLY NEWSPAPE_R DEVOTED^tO THE T Q ^ N OF G REECE 25—No. 32-^FEB. 12, 1959 5c, PER COPY GREECE, ROCHESTER,JN. Y. inii0’' PQUCEBEAT %. MMlGiE WEAS®R Police Clerk \ .CJiarles Yoncklieer& of 1052 ' llaiden Xane reported to. Detee- tivei William Barron that someone idok an .automobile enjgine from the outside of his garage. ' tw icer Joe Parina investigated a call at 359 Xakelahd Avenue _ wher&'Mary Fuseli bad been taken - ilL She was transported to St, i - Mary's Hospital in the Grand View- ambulance. , Officer Lowell Thompson inves­ tigated n Complaint at 305 Stone- wood Avenue where Gail Clark, ■ two, had strayed away from her h(nnet>at l^«l,'BstalL.lload. Officer tiOweia Thompson returhCd' Gail ■t(t.iheE mother. •Sam Guarneri, ow neA ’of the B£dgeerest Family Shoe ^^re, re­ ported t.o' Gfficer Hobert McKis-*’ sock that the neighborhood chil­ dren have broken all of the lights acCdss the front Of his store. The dapiage was estimated at $200. , -Officers McKissock and Edward Hess ihvestigated a call to 9&1 LWig JPOKd Jload where Mrs. Joint - Fornd'fold them that her little boy, liiko Fomo, two, had locked Jhimself in -the bathroom. With the rijii(d<tif a ..knife apd a screw driver, tb e ^ ic o r s manag,bd to set Mike Sgfc.r.,James Fraser, investigated a~ complaint at 480 McCall Road where Mp, l.awrence Savage re- pca-ted that her son, Steven, eight, Was playing in an empty lot near his home and was bitten on the leg by a stray dog. Mrs. Savage 4ook the boy to the Greece Medi- -cal Center for treatment. JWifh the hedp^<^ Seighbors, the stray dog W a sfl^^l^bnd tied wp. Sergeant F r a ^ . ^ l i ^ the City Bound and . Gleliii Goodno investi­ gated; ia^afiLait.j!?5 W10$t-Meadow JMMW ifULSSt li&r 3taft k MtUe boy waii- dciihs' tbrotigh ..her. baci^ard. A Jtbeck of the neighborhood re- .. 'sealed the boy was Gary Kaiser, years bid, of 103 Lesion Cir­ cle. 0 fficer Goodno returned Gary - to his hOifte. ■ 1 ■: 'Sgt. Robert G^mn and Officer ^eriier Sehmidtoqnn investigated an accident in Fetzner Road. The car^ involyed were driven by Lor- Taine. rKiminel ^ 1 4 8 Alfonso ISrive and .^ r e llh Mason of ' 96 Sharon Dri^ll^ Both women were . Mniiire^ anff;. were taken to St.; ., .Mary's Hospital.-Mrs. Kimmel suf­ fered, -a ia c e i ^ i o n M the left '‘ cheek, bruised knee and bruised ^ left eye, Mrs, Mason suffered lab;. '* erations .of the iefir eyeiidj-hnkl'e! _ a h d hlp-Jhiiiry. , Governor and Young SOP Stalwart Jr., of 58 Bancraft Drive, one .^id- the^Bbehcater area’s -most ardent young- Republicans, is shwon here with Gov. Nelson A. Rockefeller. The picture was taken,when Eckert visited Rockefeller recently a t the latter’s invitation. The 17-year-old youth was a vigorous campaigner for the GOP gnubernatonat candidate last Fall. . _ VarietY oi Colorful Exhibits A ssured for ^ r t s - H o b b y Show , CQlGrfhl exhibits to^^rouse fplks to the realization That Spring a, few w ^ te aWay Will highlight the annual Greece Sportsmen’s Show and Women’s Hobby Fair on Feb­ ruary 21, 22 and 23' a| Exposition Hall, Ridgecrest Shopping FeatufedP^iit thff^.free-admbsion,* Organizations CHANSE OF OWNERSHIF BECOMES EFFECTIVE , WITH 1^.1 VEDinON ' Dbnalci J. Bittner, president of H a tol R. Bittner, Inc.,^ ^ publishers of The Greece Pres 5 .-Slitce T94B, this Week an* ^ j; nounced the sale of the 2^year^W to Oreatei* Greece Publications, Inc., a new organization headed by ^ Pernando l)j Nardo of 230 Fetzner Road. The first issue of the weekly publication under the new own'er.sliip is scheduled for February 19. The concern acquiring the newspaper consists entirely of Greece residents. Four of the corporation’s five directors are members of Greece Council, Rochester Chamber of Com- merce. Di Nardo is president, Cosmo A. Plantone of 83 Ridge­ wood Road, vice-president; William E. Easton of 34 Elmghard Road, secretary, and Mrs. Mariane A. Angevine of 163 Wil- ^ lowbrook Road, treasurer. The fifth director, Elbert Angevine of the Willowbrook Road address, will serve as editor and publisher. No mechanical equipment is involved in the purchase. The' new owners have contracted to have the newspaper printed in the plant of the Bittner corporation for one year. The Bittner organization, which operates an extensive printing and publishing business, will continue to publish The Irondequoit Press. The Greece Press was established in 1934 by A. J. and Emma Ritz. It was acquired by Bittner & Scheible, Inc., in 1944 and was taken qver'by Harold P. Bittner, Inc., in 1048. Angevine, who will have active management of the news­ paper under the new corporation, has been affiliated with all three previous owners in an editorial capacity, serving continuously since 1940. Courfle in Mass Feeding Scheduled To Begin Monday , A basic course to train volunteers for emergency mass feeding programs under the' Civil Defense Administration and tt “ “ will 0 ler the Civil Defense Administration and the Red Cross len -Monday at Paddy Hill School. Sessions will-'be held on Monday®^-— ...... .......... . ................ .. ——— each week from 7.t30 to 9:30 p. m. R n n i T with Mrs.-^Louise Agate as in- V l l U n U X U i O D U U I i slructoi*. Residents who are interested in enrolling are asked to call Wal­ ter L. Whelehan, GLenwood 3- 0474, or Mrs. William Merifel, GLenwood 3-5879-R, j UMON SERVICE Twelve Protestant churches in ~ area will join 'in a o f ’Rrayer servide to- community show iMU be' extensive displays to interest aff|lers,.hpnh' ers, campers and boaf«?g enthusl- * asts. For the women, there will be afray of exhibits expoimding hobbies ranging frohi gardening to home decorating. Health pro­ motion also will be given promin- There will be live fish and game for the youngsters to enjoy along with 4-H and Scouting exhibits. Give-jDiWay Puature Through . the cooperation of GEeecB~bxisi^5 ^onqerns, a num- .r* nF h her of mefpikndlse ‘gifts will be awarded each afternoon and ev.e- _ ____ ________ ___ ________ ping of the three-day shpw. All i o ^ where -M m . Ernest\ c a ih ^ lw attend will be eligible for me. gifts Without charge or Obligation to buy anything. Special programs will -moJude outdoor sports films in color, to.: be shown dally-by the Northwest Conservation Association; safety instruction by the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, 4-H demonstra­ tions and a presentation dealing with youth projects sponsored by Greece Dodge of Elks. ■ There will be a revue featuring, pupils of the Margaret Hutchin­ son Dance School, oh-the\ opening •day at 3:30 p. in.; a hair-styling demontsratidh b'yJSfe Gus of An­ dre’s Beauty Salon,- on February 21 and 22 at 8 p. m.; a demonstra-. NtVCA experts, and a retrieving exhibitions by hdptfng dogs owned’ by imembers of the ?©$oeiation, on; February- 22 at 3 p.-na. Speed Cases Top Court Docket motorists, charged . „ _ expected to ex- ;Wbit include Greece Poet AlneH- 3 , bail at last week’s session of Town ,st V e t e r ^ ol Foreign Ware p ^ Hidgeway Bells d-H Club. lUr ^ Seoute. Holy Cross School Girl ^ Edgeniere Seouts. Eochester Sports Divers 3 ,, ^ violation,. »0,’ Club Civil Air Pattol, Health As- sociation of Eocheaer and Monroe , speeding. $15; La- Lodge verne McCauley, Brockport, signal Son^'^beSs^rsrTrJetrs Defense Organization, Northwest Conservation As Marine Corps Reserve, and Greece Recreat.irm DepaftmenL $10; Stanin, 143 Desmond Robert. P. Road, stop bail; ssoeiation, Army, . speeding, $15. 1 Also Ronald J. Barthojomay,- 45 Commercial exhibitors include ironwood Drive, speeding, Naum ' Brothers, Weather-Seal, Ronald M King Fabrics. Speedy Cleaners, F. Road, speeding. $15; George M. ve, speeding, $15; W. Lewis, 217 Nantucket Weather-Seal, Ronald i^mg raDrics, speeay Cleaners, F. Road, speeding, $15; Georg, T„ Boyce & Son, Schmekel’s Bak- Fairport, speeding, $15; ery, Rochester Hollow Grinder, ‘ O’Keefe, 62 Hammond Lpf Max’s Tackle & Bait Cove and street, charged with speeding, for-' Tupperware. Ifeited $30 bail; James C. Bamann, Gift? for show visitors have 2674 St. Paul Boulevard, chained been offered by the McBride Gro- with speeding forfeited $15 bail; eery, Winert’s Service Station, Dorothy M. Wagner, 563 Mille Towne Men’s Shop, George’s Esso Road, speeding, $15; Albert C. Mc- Service, Kulzer Brothers Servie'e Elroy, 178 California Drive, speed- Station,Lation, Greecereece Floorloor Covering ing,g, $15;15; Donaldnald Fraatz,atz, 2993993 Eng-ng- G F Covering in $ Do Fra 2 E 0., Davies Sea Food Markef, Jack lish Roa^, stop sign violation, .$5; fee; chairman of White Cross, MrsT ^\®\®'^^^.‘*4-Ctarence Wilson, and chairman o£ Wv.nr.,1,, I, ....... ’ ’’ publicity, Mts. ArcMe Bubier. • crest Family Shoe Stor,e, Schmek- Road, charged with school bus vi-’ el Bakery, Pee-Tee’s Pizzas, Am- oatlion, forfeited $10 bail, iand erJpjna Beauty Salon, Greece ‘ Ga-'Biya'ht • Rossitex 378- Lakeview rage, E. T, Boyce and o^ers. Discussion Slated The Women’s Society of Chris- tiop, of hui-t'and- fly casting by tiafi Service of,AlderSgate Math- Park, school bus violation, $10. Registration .Ojpens Registration for the new term at \Bethany- Cooperative Nursery odist Ghufeh will meet today at School, which wiH begin in Sej the Greece World Day morrow at 8 p. nj. at Trinity .Epis­ copal Mission in.^idge ^oad \West* The' service will be’.qqpducted ’ . by members of womeri’s, organic * zations from each of the participat­ ing ^churches,. ,,Mrs. Walter P . ' Geyer, Jr., is' general.-chairman. . Charles Wilson will^e^tbrganiafe, ahd Mrs. Wilson will* he the so- loist. .. A coffee hour will follow theft , devotions. I Officers Elected 1 ' By Women's Group The Women’s Association Of the ' Church of the Master has elected .X , the following officers: ' *- President, Mrs. Robert Bryce; vice-president. Mrs. James Ar? _ ''L' llngton; vice-president of Mla» . sions,. Mrs. Walter Smith; vice* president of Christian service, :-pre^sident Mrs. Donald Morey; vice-pre^sideni , * Christian training, Mrs; WID liam Davijs; chairman of spiritual ^ , life, Mrs. Beryl Carlyle; chairman , ^ ’ of love gift, Mrs. Flora HUghes; ‘ secretary, Mrs. Kenneth Pugsley; j , assistant secretary, Miss Jea^h Hughes; treasurer, Mrs. Clareneb McCann; chairman of nominating: ■ ' committee, Mrs. Edward Tschorf ,1 8 p. na. The progeam Include tember, is now untferway. Resi-' a panel discussion by four foreign dents who are interested may call students.' _ ' i.CHarlbtte 2-4342-W.' Gr^eie Serviceman ' Oil Duty III iSeriiiany v Pvt. Frank X, Ring, son cf Mr. and Mrs. Frank X< Ring :df, l3(i' Yerstreet Drive, recently assisted In providing tpansportation sup* port for the Sfl4th Infantry during its field\ training exercises ift GeW I many, - ’ ’ 4

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