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Republic-democrat. (Brockport, N.Y.) 1955-1974, July 05, 1972, Image 9

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ffsiett ^j^mr^m^^MMm BOOK \R««tnctS*le of C^Ck«p*«r« To ArW''S*y» Committee ^ i rebuked tbe apparent '1)k>ckbuyu^ ,, ofthatlraiited edition by collectors from other coimties. In a sharp statement lustweek, they cooceded receipt ©J complaints that this condensed mm tf «$ was sake to \outekie coUoctors.\ We are asking our tuppocters * to notify us e? anyone ofler^ sale of CWU Oupters at a \We are further demanding that outside collectors restrain from the temptation of inflating demand and price toy buying this limited edition off the regular market.\ * They quoted theauthor, Carl Moore, as »ayia« the basic intent was to provide copies to residents and former residents of Chili and its neighbors, plus libraries ami historian's file*. **Wti are asking all concerned to booor the author's wisty* they concluded. The statement adnxitted that since the public bad been aware of Cttti Chapters publication in small quantity, 'It is assumed tbat the value would jump over the months and years ahead.\ But \artificial efforts to accelerate this natural tendency seem dearly unfair\ in tbat they threaten to deprive the are* reafdiats of individual copies to pass on to their own children. «• Author Carl Moore said thatti* price was »et by U>e finance committee to meet poolishuag costs. He praised area merchants woo have voluotarily sold CUM caufters at cost from their shelves. But he noted tbat once copies are sold for the first time, the committee automatically loses control of the price, in the event of a potable resale intent. Moore added* ,r We don't know how much longer we can promise, but for the time being, I will try to fill Qia Chapters orders myself for area individuals who find the store shelf bear of copies. The author conced tbat bulk quantities as large as twenty or more to a collector are known to have been purchased by some known to do business at some distance from the Rochester area. \The fairest policy seems to be to give preference to local and area people first.\ Then if any are left, be said, \open the sale to the speculator,\ Ft, MtOCTPORT CRAFT FAIR •ww4 ir TU H.S. Lf»»iu«fl a C—>«• f—4 C*. Wkti: Jiff 20, 21, 22 (D«f»i»f AMMISI Sfsewsfk SeleJ Wkert: Maki $tr**t Irtexftrt Far Apf ficetien & Iafem«H«a Write Or c«« 637-1710 HL*. Italttrertft emu? wmidmwmfwiidim^^^M^ ii» ^^^ajPSjw ^ ^S^Wf^Sflb%W^w ^m* ^IF^WS. ^iSpS'^rw ^P^SJHJ T ^flfw*^rW l ^c^^'v ^\^ W-^a^^,w Spe*KeiT>ort Junior Baseball, Major League will celebrate the Fourth of July with a special Inter-League Ail-Star game. The All-Stars from the Bast Division will face the AU-SUrs from the West Division in a special nine inning game to be held on the Major League Diamonds behind the Intermediate School starting at 1Z noon. Everyone is welcometoattetidtTbeteA at * small fee together with games and prizes for the younger members of the family both girls and boys. There will also be a special event in which the All-Stars will honor a special person who i* the \Apple of their eye,\ Come see the balloon toss, the shot race and other fun. aj^^\S*^ w^*^ ^!^™ii^s#^^pjnHH' y*H*^^ ^^SiHWa'S'a^HM, sa*w we^^ea w^wia\ •n*^ * wj\(wawi e aw^ «^w^w*^ game to make this a Fourth to remember. Everyone is welcome. BROCKPORT CENTRAL SCHOOL BOARD OP EDUCATION AGENDA FOR ANNUAL REORGANIZATION MEETING Weiaeseay, Jaly 5, tt72 7:3* p.m.. Facahty DaeJag Reaaa, High Sckefl THE PUBUCKAiWAYSirJVTrEDTO BOARD MEETINGS I. 2. 8. 4. 5. S. 7. 8. Election and appointment of Board Officers. Designation of official depositories for school funds. Authorization of bonding for certain officers: a. Tax Collector b. Treasurer Designation of regular meeting times and days. Establishment of petty cash funds. Reading of communication. Employee appointments. Supplementary items: a. board, b. Administration. Hours M0M*i \•§••# s-HUfwwf •:305:45 Frl., 1:30-7:45 $at„7:30-4:45 ]pho||e jgjj^ji Satecial Nate: This meeting wiD be held on Wednesday evening in accord with K.Y.S. Education Law. The meeting place has been changed to the High School Teachers Dining Room - enter through the southwest door. m0*0***t**>^^A***0**0*0im*0**mii*^»0+^*^^*0^ WANTED I Dignified. Responsible, Retiree for Unusual Opportunity In Customer Relations. Pleasant And Rewarding. FOR INTERVIEW WRITE Box 306 ERIE CANAL PUBLICATIONS Box F, Sptactrptrt, NX 14559 MMWMWtWWM^IMWWMWW^WWWWWWMNW Chamber of Commerce am* it, >rt H.Y. 1*00, JULY 67-8 Pratt S Umbart PORCH & FLOOR Rt» WJ42 1.42 Nnr Veil. Aqua Satin [aflWAMiatl s«Mi Glass lattriar - Lata WfeHt 1J7 Now T |J 6tl . And Lots Of Bargains Galore PAINT & »4jP.|i¥|sgw a f • sai 4 v jy r Ar tK Sp«actrport fi.llll f ^ ' ~ \\ - SJ ^R0 ^a WW>^F»- ' AND AUCTION - Coming Thursday-Friday Saturday July 6-7-8 • m SCllBDUIJB S?«^. *f* c ?»»«/ be ff jr^. 1 *!* t* ll ^ w - J\**\ 1 *>* ,)f M^Kinocv. aw/ting »Sf \¥£i? **f t^**? ! *? k ' Atl awSpajmwBI meet« Vlttmn'* . Parit at 2 r M. and March to the Haaa. fmc* wiU be awankd. • FRIDAY evenkf, the Monroe County Htk Bind will five « band concert in the plaza from 7-9 PJH. • On SATURDAY aftctnooo there will be a canoe race, starting from Wide Waiew , SHSoSf^d^S. ««Kerc*ed participants contact Bob Slckdco at Austin's | # The Auction -*ai be hdd SATUROAV morninf at Marine Midland Bank parkim iot starting at lOajn. ; » -» SPONSORS*) ary •SAY «MMOVHSS*A*SA MSHCHANTS fc SUSilNCSSMEN ANtttft OfVfl St»ft *£***•**»*•* C«rp. mm'lQmmv £t'J*»irm St»»<li*Mf FamHy lt*mwr*iit '•ISSS.ffiP*' *t. %*••* BARGAINS a FUN AM. OVKR liWNt Ever rr*e H«4»>ra^c Hnitttr Sttvtns c«. H**a« C. f*t«re tm«irana« M«HH«« ctwrry tUmt* farnari ts»tu* Oajaf*«% TTaaii«hifcaae *** S*f*ta«jp##rr falm«r OaaMfs Of. Fr«i Kiaeker f i***^* Aantey, inc. VNtaft Klw K^ttt ^&!*« . j f •\

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