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Republic-democrat. (Brockport, N.Y.) 1955-1974, July 05, 1972, Image 18

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WkeaUanfc <* ^WHewl From 4 * Scholarships BIT 400 Attend In the coming urate, the WieatUnd-Chlli Education Association will be awarding close to $1500 in scholarship s%aatT>ssT spe^ .sw^™ ^sasss isew^vt^e^c^jHFS* nns SJSIKF PW\*^^'^' - wSSSMMt flpSjpSj^ .jgSvwms^r HJBiniPlW WSiS>^v .wawwasemrai^mw sawmoaa ••aw*- proceeds of the prcductioo of projects. Cadi yens* the Wbeatland-CbUi Education conduct* at least one fund raiting activity to provide scholarships Ior n4ecc]aat> rnen and grsduatxni seniors. Traditional, much o( the money swurd • pataeotw to graduating sonars in the form of cotkge tciwUr«hips. also indode a stipend to narilcinete in has lfrw>*#¥ Olympics. In novation, fusads will bt provided fot* the irepstrttion of three retnritfnal itudeats: Donna M»Ud>o, Slierry Sher- man a«i Sue Sowinaki in the Association of Tloraen in Physical Education ha New York State SYtnmnttr wtrn> flO^FSM ••F^^F^^V^ ,§Bu v^w^F^^^PWlpTpW^PW »w-ww^^w ese*s%^Be w^ ^ a^«# SSIP^SPPWIS wss^ A W^^IFWW W*S New York from June ***> MHaB^k waaojaraeva 'SWWia*vsAia rf%s ftnaa uted by Us IWisastta—f fWli education AaiocitUaai wiH seniors at tat* gradasptisei A Commercial Web Offset Workshop that will study current web offset problems, method*, and technique*, wiO be bekf at Rochester institute of Technology on Augnst 2,3, and 4th. The program is designed for administrative, manage- sjaejsjp^is waNBnwi^r' a^ajpa* wTaatsn^^pw/a^ nvsv\ well at commercial printing management and supervis- ory staff members,. paper company sales personnel, those Is sales and service* m£Q management and re* search personnel, sod their ce«terpaxtsiotheit*indus- try. Among llici flcmonitritlnm aodtopkstobecovertdare: introduction to Hie iitboev raphJc process, a glance at gravure, sheet-fed offset pri- nting, review of web offset eouiomenL Dress dryers and offset, paper for web offset, and Ink-paper-press pro- blems. Campus, s sew motor lodge- ^p^BpWaw^S^S ^PVSW%FW# ^I»W^PWP^^ S Wn w flpSNSase 1 Farther infefmaHwi on the program is available by wri- ting WWaun D. \waa^i ^Sssvs sna\^iiewsa saws the basis of laadsrabia>. scholarship atad astsd. Arts Research Center. Ro- chester Institute of Tichaol- egy, One Lomb Memorial Drive, Rochester, Mew York Boy Scouts AH Set For Camping Over threetirttfaaad Itayre Scsvts arc getting ready foe Uidrtwo^reekcampfa^eatperieace this summer at the Maswwepie Scout Camps k^ted in the Adkowiacks accerdlag te am lataewicswUnt, tvada by M. Gese Crete, Sc«itFaecuUreo(tb*kcalOte4ianaCourK^ America. Mr. Cruse auwoonctd mat be sweets that this wffl be the baggeet csnspiac aissea in the history el the ceuacil with almost two bondred afferent troops putting their finishing touches to their plans for the summer camping trip tinder thetr'owri iendersbip. The laassawepk Scoot Camps stj« kept*! twelve mOst west orfTueper Lake. The MOW mere Boy Scout camp property todudes ten lakes\ and panels, gtsoyinfles ef bfkmg traiis and canoe routes, ana is starovnded by the Adtrondsck Freserve, which ofTerttailindtedopporbjnlties for additional camp- iog adrenture. The kfajsawepie Scout Csmpt operate three separate bsse camps. Csmpt ItounUineer and Voysgeur eacs, eparsft as s separate camp with dun^baB facilities, 4S^p^knnMS> sav^p ni^^ir^wsp ^amwi)B ^as v* SVWW*^W^B^HSJP' ^^t 1 WW*^^^^ J^^P^V^F^^W ^F• WF^ ^F^*W^^ ^^\™ archery areas, «etc» In Carap Forester* she troops do their own cooking, with the food being iatoedoet of the caran comniittary. Other program features sure similar. George F. ITran*, Jr., Director of Campsng for the coencil, snoouvxtd that me camp win be vwtu the direction of the toQowmg members Of the council staff? Hurdon It HtstiufSi Jr^ Seneca District Executive will be director of Camp Forester; ; AQaa Vittum FVontkr District Executlre win direct Camp Mountaineer; Patrick Gleason ss^BJf miflW'WW» > j»i»\M»f%ai s»?sj% 4nSSBSW^^smsw** #i»s)wiw»aswss as* w#sas ns^s» se*o '^•*emms-gp^»> ^a^ Camp Yoyat^f ? and Jsaapli P. Hefly, Great Northern SpVjmvTWS-aTww *s>aa^irW^HSWSMa v^#i ^w^Siaaa w^s ^PHWW^ ^^F^^S^WS^ •n»»^w4FWsaw^*'W^W' ^r^sw^^Fwams^^* • Over astes. hundhred ScosMvn^bein.tho-w^groupto %s^FSsasant w as^wWfSs ssjF^a*^ aeiraaFai^aaTe^w^n> ^s- waw^s^n IWI aowi^ •^a^w^w^wiFiw ^F^P^IP^BW* Camps on SaturtJay, July i at »:00 aMn. Each camp period Is for two weeha, with four periods being conducted this summer. The p-trlocis will begin on July 1, July 15, July 2S ^l^SSL to the regular summer camps In the Adiroodacka, at junior Leader Training Camp win be conducted at tbe Wnrrm Cutler Scout Reservation located north of Naphjat, Four one week psriods wiO be offsrod to the junior leadmrt, w4th the program designed to help the jf ft r Suttmmv nf R sl4tbrtoti^0tt^scjou^snthe^ help to the SceMitmaurter in toe operation of meir Troon. Richard Stably Attestant Director of Camping, wiil be in charge of the training camp. A Cub Scout 0sf Camp has been ado^d to the council camping profram thiinnnmer.UiFriUaa»o be conducted at the Warren Cutter Scout Reservation for lour one-week periods beglimiri July St, August 7, August 14 and August 21. Richard HiH (Ursa District Executive) will serve si Director of the* camp. Attend 'Plays Safaaroisc., as a inembershtp Sixth grade students and teapebers combined talents and ensrties lea? .the nrodnctksM of two olsvs, The Bookworm i ^^\a»«» js^s apT^^amjp^^a s^^s smt>s>*w *wS»samfcAFw^»v jmspvwi^-y sss«rSps- SSS»SF ^tsss^msvp? awsav-jSe* Joaoette Sdgar and her class produced Alice in ^T ^F^FWF^^F^ aeso'^H'^ s> h wv^pr n^wh^ff>^*^pv^»»^pw*pW^iF%MpF | ^^sep>#^^ «pjpSF<rsaF aia*n. najpa* av^4^* Conner students and a third for the BaBantyne School. An estimated lour buodred parent* and friends attended the final production, Sunday evening, June II. aj*ns^F avs^^p SVSP^^FS- •j^a^^aiP^FT a^^w vsaFV^ miw^r ^pn^^^^aaFv^^^^ff *\^y P^^^BP* * Joseph Roeettj, the eiemefttau^ art teacher, a^siudesU* not in the msio cast. Acth^itiesswch as these rexigtre extra time and effort oo the part of the tsscbers, shMSohs and parents. ^P!OS»WT» | ^ma aTssawMB SJss ww wam^^^Fsamssaiw Akce-MaryLoftas _ CaterpiUs^-4inda Bootaiun Housing and Recreation in Ogden) mm creased for the purpose of proridaag tie rJaaning, fisandag, erection, nutinteassce .and operatioti © recreation and nswamg facilities:|or eideriy persom. The Corporatioa was formed as an outgrowth of inquiries made by Senior Adults in the Ogden area td the Church and Society Committee of the Ogden Presbyterian Church. Although the Church and Society Q»innittee of the Ogcien Presbyterian C^ as a catalyst in forming the Corporation, tlie goals ef the Carporstaon -cas only be achieved thrnnah cencerted community effort To tost end, this Statement ef Parpasa iu* been prepared as a general outline and Statemeat of Purpose to tormolate the basis tor the resSsstisn ef flie goamsetfertnatOKloceetioao^the AtfiasjanctiB^itissasetoitate this If sit infill a\ tsprsvicla Cbeairc Cat-Jim Martai Mad Batter^pfark Haysck March Hare~Cbrit i~ ,WC. Qaoen ef Hoarta--JoAaa Rabn Mock Turtle-Dosna Dickson Alice's Mother's Vesce-Jedy Beavaett Ace of Spades in Card-Alien NersingeT The Bookmaa Introdortion-Domlme Versace Ubrariaa-Marnie Griffen Betty-Cathy Fraak aap^togKtit ^k^^ ^^^^gfi-^^i^^pf^k •eysooatarge^ Patty GrifDa WHOLESALE DiSTRlBUTO* WANTED COifOtATIOM Dawn Pearl Bob Lesnard 3arthMeirflte Abce-Mary Loftus Card Of Thanks Also, many ******* far aS bse cards wMIe in the to Harry BROCKPORT GLASS & MIRROR SHOP (Next To A & P> 58 Worth Main Strwt Aito, Piatt, * Widow Glass • Rtsidtitial ItpaiR - , \„ • linmci tptoHsis l yhwM6374207 1 CZ Jawa Motorcycles ARDAN Sales Inc. 7559 Ridf e Rd. West Ph. 637-5363 iTrtsixi»»?ou«vwiiu-av«Dya«aereoouswUfecamp each day, ami a prepared lunch wiU be served at the camp. The program Will feature aquatics. Itskl sports, nature activities, handicraft*, etc.' AUCTION. Real Estate And Household Wsdnesday,July 12 v 7JO|PJ|. Hergea, New York Sale to be bektat the house, «l Rochester Street, Bergen, New York. One and one^half story stucco, f rooms, 2 porches and expansion unfinished 2nd floor. Bt&tin IX& Lot appro*oroately-«^* x 331'. Hardwood Doors. Hot water hast. S car Warsaw, nicah? landacaned. Upon acceptanceof the highest bid,*J>0*t will be a wr^igw^wav ^f^s '^ms ^^vssswa waw« ^FWBP^S %ssai^Fas ^bppasww^rtSMfr ^WTP^F^W^^WF^'^IP V ^^^W - ^IF^W^^P** within m days upon cksiag..JPvaaeasion at tiase of OPEN HOUSE FOR REAL ESTATE -Sstirday, July •-from l:» to 3:0» P.«. also tale day from 4;»PJI. or by arrangemenU with Vullard PehgeOy, Managing a^ok«r7i*>IM-iat4- HOUSEkOLD ITEMS INCLUDE: araassjas^Hip^; Ap4a^%faaiaVa *aa^«pwaps?fca.'a?j wajajswM'iw^ ^w^p^S)^*™ ^ •^na^w^pm*^ MWMW#I boobs, picture frames, pots and r^ans, dishes, fiat irom, kereaeae Iffffpt, pitchers, w eedeai bwHs. gfwffwfffTi, **4 watches, old wooden planes. Caprice 7H electric start n M riding rooutr. miscellaneous tools and many other attk TERMS: Caah or good chec^ evee^ of saJk. Nothing to be removed until settled for- HARRIS WILCOX INC. SALE ifGR&, AUCTIONEERS ft REAL aXSTATK BROKERS ^ BERCEhl, NEW YORK 71f>4l^isto FORDHAM JOHNSON, OWNER SEATTUK, WASHINGTON i 4 BIG RIDGE amnWll Cam 1 RMIvC Hi PsarwUi CamtSjff wayw^Ta m Waves ssBjrasa> ^BJ wanssi as warm. ig avaiaa l • Fleming Mower Service ^^^ Nr: SALK a SERVIC4t IFV, a^smsaaaWlav' ^ Wftee/Nerse saa^HMa ^t. tsawMnaia '•awM^Faaave ssgFiwasg^ »ttslwp^v srwslVwsy il7K«hnRd. N fia^^aj^m aw V * - VI; SJVlpOif ilO-g'ii* Fslggg. wWa^sMHr* H^rN»AJt»»rPaua^.-F-^ ••l\ » #

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