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V •* -lr ubHc-Pemocrat BROCKPORT, N. Y. Eg-=g=== VOL. H4 Established Oct. 1\. 1856 - Consolidated 1925 THE BROCKPORT REPUBLIC-DEMOCRAT, Thursday, January 19, 19\2 10c per Copy - S3.50 Per Year Village 1 of Brockport Police Blotter Brockport Rotary Cub Scout Pack 316 _.. Morgan Manning. Snow Carnival Queen Welcome New Members Series Of Musicals Finalists Chosen 9:00 a.m.- Office Hoy. took a Petit Larceny complaint at 47 Adams St. Twelve Christmas tree bulbs were stolen from the Christmas Tree - in front of #47 Adams St. sometime during the night. 10:13 a.m.- Officer Hoy received a complaint from Ten Men Discount Store jhat Jhere_was ^..\iTSffn in the store with a gun. Officer Hoy checked * the mman and found that the man had a pellet gun \hat had no hammer or shooting action. Of- ficer Vonfisca ted the penet_gjun v \^:0GrprnT7- ^Officer Hoy investigated an accident Si ~Pay Ave. and Market St. involving a I961T Chrysljer being driven by a-Loretta -Martin of 5544 Ridge Rd., Spencerport and a 1968 Ford being* driven by a Josephine Beedham of 38 .* \Rochester St., Bergen. Minor damage was sus- tained by bth vehicles and a report was filed with our office. 3:14 p.m.- Officer Burton Smith took an acci- dent report from a Charles Deacon of 21 State St., Brockport after he struck a dog belonging to George Bolton on Frazier St., Brockport. 4:15 p.m.- Officer Burton Smith assisted a traetor trailer that could not get under the rail- x-oa4^r^«le-0-n-£©iith-Majrr-S-n' 4:20 p.m.- Officer Henry investigated a three car accident on Erie St. by the Brockport Diner. Thadd Krajnik of 2713 Kendall Rd. Holley was towing a car on Erie St. and got too close to the oarked cars and struck a pickup truck owned by Alan Seever of 147 Barry St., Brockport. No m- ^^.^^uries were involved and minor damage sustain- * ed by vehicles involved. 8TQ4 -PT-HIF—Officers Bur-t-o* Smith^-and- John Brown took an accident report from a Joel Wie- czorek of 16'5 Barry St., Brockport and a Peter M, v Lawrence\ of 88 Merry Lane, Jerich, Nf.Y. 9:40 p.m.-^ Officer Brown issued a traffic ..^summons for--\Driving- with ObstfBtctedr vision*\ TO a Steven G. Campbell of' lo912 Browh School House Rd., Holley. Cub Scout Pack 316 held the first meeting 1972, on January 12, at the Brockport United Methodist Church. The opening flag -ceremony was conducted by Den 4. - Three new members were officially welcomed into Pack' 316 by Scoutmaster Robert Klips. The Bobcat pin was given to John Lingg, Gary Shif- ton^ and Paul Klips and was pinned to the uni- form ofeach new cub by his parent. Parent par- ticipation is an important part ofall_scouting_ .activities in- P-aok- 34-6—a-ndr-frarems must be pre- sent whenever their son earns an award in scout- ing. Such awards were presented to Joe Klips- Wolf badge; and Tim Pacilio—the silver and the gold jarrow. Jeff Klips was awarded the Webelos \ribbon. \OtHer - \Webelos awards went to- Bill Kimherly-scientist and service star; Scot Ma- cumbr-craftsman and naturalist; and David Sch- roeder-geologist. The highlight of the evening was the Den com- petition in various feats of skill. Sit-up awards went to Cubs Joe Klips and Tim Pacilio, who tied for first, and Webelos winner, Ron Masters. In- dian wrestling awards went to Joe Reding for Cubs and David Schroeder for Webelos. Push-up win- ners were Cub Danny Miller and Webelos Jeff Klips. Annual uniform inspection was held and the meeting adiourned-ior refreshment^.—ft-wars-an^ nounced that the next Pack 316 meeting will be the Blue/Gold Banquet, to be held on February 2, 1972, at the Baptist Church in Brockport, December 12: • ~r 12:25 a.m.- Officer Hammel and Br\W\ issned. -iwo \traffic summonses for \Crossing the center lane and \Having an open container of alcohol ,X**in a vehicle\ -to- a Frederick A. ^Buzard, Jr. of RFD #2, Creek Rd., Holley. 2;-05~&.-mr- Offieer-Brown issued a traffic sum- mons for a \Red Light\ violation to a Gleason D. Mattison of 7313 Ridge Rd., Brockport. 2:15 a.m.-^ Officer Hammel issued a traffic summons for a \Red Light\ violation at Holley St. and Utica St. to a Robert J. Campbell, 100 \•*•%/[t. Vernon Blvd., Hamburg. 3:14 a.m.- Officer Hammel received a call frtfm the county dispatcher to check on Sheriff Car 232 at 18 Brock Manor Apartments. The Deputy had been at that address for some time now and the Sheriff's Department wanted to know if the Deputy was OK. Officer Hammel checked and found the Deputy was OK and was \inishing taking a complaint, ^ 1:47 a.m.- Officer Adams answered a com- plaint at 87 Erie St. regarding a noised—caru. -effteei—ftdanTS - fOvised the owner of the ve- hicle that phe car was disturbing the neighbor- hood and asked him to leave. He did so. 2:15 a.m.- Officer Adams broke up a fight in front of the Roxbury Inn. 11:40 a.m.- Officer Hoy received a Petit Lar- N&eny report from a Raymond Knapp of 6 Keable Court, Brockport, who said that someone had stolen his wallet while he was in the Brockport Village Inn. Officer Hoy checked at the Brockport Village Inn o but they did not find the wallet. 12:15 p.m'.- Officer Hoy picked up a dog at 103 State St. and $ook it to the dog warden^ 12:50 p.m'.- Officer Hoy pieced up~two dogs at J$& Cagey Place and,jook them--to-the dog warden. kJ^|ua*==4MM«er^Hoy , =^ Photo by Dick Hosenfeld Deborah Redmger delivering her five minute speech as part of the competition in 'Snow Queen Contest. Picture of finalists and judges with rnore information about festivities on Page 3. The^Ltbhs CTuT? ''\' The Brockport Tloarmg Reporter A r,eal treat' was in store for us. Our own \Debbie\ Fleming did present her youthful view (with slide pictures) of her trip to Sweden last summer. She traveled as a member of Youth fer-Oftderstanding and was assisted by her Swed- , Ish chum, Miss Yvonne Lltid from Goeborg, and e/change student (Senior) at Brockport High. The 3oard of Directors met immediately fol- lowing our adjournment. > Jan. 3— Attendance was .up to 70.7% (includ- ing those excused and make-ups). We-have elim- inated several unexcused, habitual absentees; those who can't~attend-have~ been notifying our\ Secretary better. This begins to show on the record! Our youth triopDepp, Thorne & McFarlin, gave an interesting paneljdisjciis&lOJi^-egeseflted-m-a- good points. Witness - questions and answers flowed until almost 9 p.m. Our lone guest was Zone Chairman, Sandy Brinsmaid who presen- ted perfect attendance awards for the year '70- '71, as follows: Booth, Cleveland, Dickinson, Hicks, Hiler; Jacobs, Johantgen, Jones, Lavender, Linscott, Marks, McAllister, O'Brien, X, Quinn, Read, Sandow, Shoff, G. Smith, Whittenberg, Wolf. (21 in all). Ed Read and Roy Shoff received 20 year a- wards. (They kept most of the records!) Monarch Chevrons for all 10-year, 15-year and 20-year members have been received. Will be presented by our President Mort at Monday's meeting. Be on hand; get yours The Western Monroe Historical Society announ- ces that it will present at the Morgan-Manning House on Sunday, January 23rd at~77T5~ p.m^a program which will inaugurate the 1972 series of musicals. Jonathan Parkes, from Battle Creek, Michigan was a student of Robert Sprenkle, Eastman__ School of _Music _a_nd_ ,gxaduated--irem thaT\gch\obT~ \wftbrffie\Performer's Certificate m Oboe. He was soloist with the Eastman Philharmoma under Howard Hanson when the group toured Europe and the near East in early 1960's. Mr. Parkes will receive his Masters Degree in Music from the Eastman _School, this spring. Joanna Parkes (Mrs.) from Washington, D.C., was a student of Joseph Mariano, Eastman School of Music and graduated with a Performer's Cer- tificate in Flute. She was first flutist in the East- man Wind Ensemble under Frederick Fennell, Fulbnght scholar to Paris for study with Jean- Pierre Rampel and received her Master's De- cree from the University of Michigan. Mr. and Mrs. P'arkes live in Fairport and have three children, Margaret Johnson (Mr^JLaAfeafflHatas-bgerr-ar -resident ot Brockport for ten years and is well known to us through frequent appearances at the Morgan-Manning concerts both as soloist and accompanist. The program will include the Bach Sonata for Flute and Cembal, Saint-Saens Sonata for Obe and Piano and the Gordon Jacob Trio for flute, oboe and piano. The public is cordially invited to \attend. Brockport Rotary Potpourri From This Angle Pack - 316 Cub Scout and Webelos winners in feats of skill aetivitiesr Junior Womens Club Welcomes\ Nei^ Members Brockport Junior Women's Club held their monthly jneeting on Thursday-evening7 January~13, at the Sweden Town Building. As we returned day we made u grams during report from George Rosendale of 2969 Colby St., Brockpor^ who reported his rain coat taken from the High Bridge Restaurant Friday night, 12/10. 2:55 p.m.- Thre e boys turned in a purse to Officer Hoy. Officer Hoy notified the owner that we had her purse and she could claim it at our . office. ^ X\7:15 p.m.- Officer ^Zimmer received a Petit <,arceny complaint from Leo Canfield, 232 East .^.J^&jJSrp^kjgorjU^ •removing the_jT.hri.citmas tree lights from his display and were throwing them at the* passing vehicles. 9:35 p.m.- Officer Burton Smith received a r tQ-jcheck on a Burglary at 103 Clinton St., Brockport. Eugene Taylon of that address showed Officer Smith\ the front door which had been kicked in and showed him where someone had gone through the house, -\nOlfSHpTm.- Officer Burton Smith issued a traf- \Tlc summons i'6T**Wssihg \ofTtle\ right\ to a J ah-\ ice Campbell of 134 LeChase Dr., Brockport. ^11:08 p.m.- Officer Hammel assisted the State P.pUoe_onjRt. 3> Lin front-otMacela Real Estate with a bad ac.cident. „, 11:10 p.m.- Officer Zimmer picked up a dog at 87 Erie St. and transported the dog to the dog warden. December 13: fca?dl , e^ i nS^r^S?urday^ January 22 at 7 p.m., Dewitt Clinton Restaurant. Jj you did not obtain your tickets ak last meeting, get them from Secretary Roy Monday evening. Chicken and dum- pling and Prime ribs. This is our Zone party. We welcome as our newest member, Lion Ed Wagner, who was inducted at our last meeting by Lion Lloyd Jpnes. Past District Governor Ed Read and his wife Harriet have returned from their Caribbean -egotists. Ed iiiade cip~his\'aItendanceJon ship_boaxd. He had an unfortunate accident - leg got mashed between a floating deck and tender - no bones broken. The Brockport Welcome In,an impressive ceremony new members were initiated and warmly welcomed into the Club. Shown pictured are back row: 1 to r— Presi- dent Carol Bott, and new members Prue Pe- corella, Helene Wilkison, Becky Ha zen, Gail O'Keefe, Pam Fuller, Judy Tryka, Jan Kandor, Donna Mancuso, Linda Cusato, Front row, 1 to r: Kay Reed, Ann Wilke, Barbara Gathard, Kathy Holler, Lori Skoog, Alice Sykes, Patricia Tuttle. Sheila Maynarc' _ _FoJJomng_-the_husiness portion of the meeting, Monika Andrews, a former Peace Corps volun- jser, told of her experiences in India. Wrapped in a beautifuf native sari, Monika supplimented her interesting program with slides and a dem- onstration of the technique of folding the length of Indian silk into a graceful dress. to the High Bridge last Thurs- for the lack of any formal pro- Ehe last two weeks. In fact, the ivening may best be' described as a three in one .session. ! - — --^- The first section consisted of electing pair of- ficers for the club year of 1972-73. The slate presented by the nominating committee was ^lectetiraTrarrtmoxis'ly; The officers will be: George Bell- President; Gene Wood- Vice Presi- dent; Bill Rosecrants- Secretary; Arnie Fleming- Treasurer; Herm Kirkpatrick- Director; Mike Kennedy- Director; Joe Hensley- Director. The second section, substituting for our pro- gram, consisted_of the Rotariannes comprising the Snow\Queen committee and the Twig Chair- man (?) for the dance brought the club up to date. The third section, conducted by Ron Goehle, v covered the snow carnival and its activities along mtdi^lafls^Gi¥-a-woxk--da7; \ Our judges this\ time around will be the Presi- dents of the Albion, Gates-Chili, Greece, Hil- ton and Holley Clubs. The Presidents will be at our meeting before the judging. The snow queen committee has been in touch with most of the Rotariannes and made known their need for five dozen cookies from each one contacted. These are urgently needed for the refreshment period after the snow queenlinalists have been chosen. - If you have not been confacted, or may have forgotten, please let us have your cookies for that night. The January 20th meeting will have as its guests the finalists-oa^hB^rio^^eueeTrroiite^tr ~~W\wErr]Ee the only chance the members will have to meet and talk to these girls before the final judging on January 22nd. Ron Goehle is the program chairman for that night (the 20th). Joel Dalkin is responsible for the January 27th meeting. We'd let you know what his program will be, but frankly we're afraid to ask. There will be a club assembly on February 3rd. This will in all probability be the meeting when the* almost final informatiQn_jffl~&e-gu€eees--ef- •fai'l'ux'e\\OTthe , snow_ c^rnixai will be madeavail- Bbler And'Tf will be nice to listen while kffowing full well that .there is no urgency to get orr about the affair. And do you call a school drop-out who rides around in a hot-rod a little-read riding hood!!! Thought for the day: You. are only young once and that excuse won't last forever Student On Wagon Club Chatterbox Deans' List 3:00 a.m.- Officer Hammel assisted the College Security with-two -boys- wha-haxHsrokert into the girls dorrnr Now that winter is really here and 'the holi- days are -over,\ 1 hope \we can all get enthused witf club activities and the programs- ahead. This month we will be touring our local hospital, followed by a question and answer ses- sion with the 'administrator. This should be of special interest to newcomers, so we, hope to have a good turnout. Tin m glad Lo hear we had many newcomers. 8:49 a.m.- Officer Hoy checked the alarm ring- Cotrt. on Page 8 . at our Christmas Party. It sounds like everyone had a nice time. My new daughter was only a tew day's\ old so, f egTectafrlyT-f liathte-miae-fe- Our thanks to our hostess, Virginia Vesty, for Coat/on Page 8 James (Jim) Bullivant, of 126 \Lyman'.Street Brock- port has» -made the Deanls- list for the last semester at Cbbblesk-ill Agricultural & Technical Cb liege at Cob- bleskill, New York. Hs average was 3.05, while carrying seven subjects in Business Administration. He is the son of Mrs. Ibl- ffn Pthfffr r,f Ri-nrVpp'rt \n fl Mr. James Bullivamtof Ovid. Jim will graduate\in May. YoiTCairt Afford _ TaJBiKfLA Used Car wAiiywftere flse I ! MjUfLfKiljN ROUTE Jtl'Htl Ol Bit H PUu, BHOCKPOKVHr^ WE WILL NOT BE UHPiRSOLD-l 100% GUARANTEE FO'R 30 DAYS ON ALL 0. K. USED CARS.

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