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Brockport republic and Brockport Democrat. (Brockport, N.Y.) 1925-1955, September 17, 1925, Image 8

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.Ms. and Mrs. Edward Dofgan 7- . and re -past^week 4n-^Qront0,€a&,-attending *the, fair and visiting relatives;'\' Mr, and Mrs. Ernest Stamp, Sr., entertained tile following Sunday in honor of their graddaughter,, Miss Frances E. Stamii: Mr_ and Mrs. .Kimer KoDinson, Mr, 'and Mfs._ Fred Bryan of Coldwater; Mr.. and Mrs. Edward Knowles, Mr: and Mrs, Envan Fugsley, Mrs.' Mary Holcomb. Mr. and Mrs.-John Robinson, all of Rochester; ~-Mr. ang Mrs. ITorace Hull, Mr. and _JMrs_.-_Harry, Hull. Misses f)m-othy and Agnes Hull; and\ Wm. Hull of Brock- port; Miss ^ena Brown and Miss Edn.4 Stamp of Hamlin, . .\ \Andrew ? Dimmick' who \has been the sick list is out again.* ../.\.'.\ '~=M-iS'$®Lefl>l3ttetete is \entertaining her sister frots^iRochester for a few Miss Gladys Tteid was'hGpSTfroni Holley for the week end) where she is attending high school. • Mrs, Arthur Diminick- called on Miss Edna Stamp Monday* T ^\ Mr. and Mrs. Will BrowtFand Son, Floyd, were jveek end guests of their son anaTbrother, I^eo Brown anfl\fam-' ity of Buffalo. - . -0tre-rtE-W-M0&Et,S ih Miftinery vrllL be oil display Ion Sat- urday* September ISthu McDonald Sisters. . Miss May Cliff guest of . Mrs„ Owing' to: ^he bad Holjey ' \was a Carpenter last -*•--•\•- - it\ ' weather .of last JniMES^cMNGfe •i:/- v. wmm^ MM&MMMiii^MiMkZJiLi. In one of the: smaller newspapers of ^lar-a^Arerier-.t^^ their graficih find a Jbdghly \humdfous dissertation; —^nen^her-na^a^sure^h^ HJks-p.stedrrQf—Gtet*- endon, have returnad home, Grace E, Russell of the local fS.' •& •-, wm \-' tKe •' Mil\ pf' ~ County Junior Project workers Sunday the - stcs-eopticbn •'- lecture on -\ ^vas-^w-ar-ded-fi^t\pViiie~iir IseWipi'm^ Japan was not fiven, but \will be^glves ;ihrRocTiester WpositTpn TasTWeeg.^T next /.Sunday evening, Sept\ 20th, at J Schools in. the '\ below districts\ have the JBaptist Church at 7:30, to whicn o^ened'tor the, yearyvith the'following' all are invited. . ' ' iteachers: Lake- District, Miss Agnes, Mrs.'ft. Jubenville, SrV was a week Morrisey ot Calendohia; Comstock end \guest of her daughter, Mrs. • District. Miss Zetta Knapp, of Brofek- Ba^s,^f-^oche^te^-Jfesv^a^Bec re •• j pui L, S.w eden Center, Mrs. John Stick- turnjng.jwith her J^onday ; ± ....: . ; n cy Qf Brofikpfuit^^ooi^\i^r-icTdMjFs Mr. and Mrs. James Nesbitt and Mr. Ethel Kalaher and. =M-rs. Harry Nesbitt of Kent are Section,' Miss byHMTr~Exctenger-'^Mcli^lia\s^¥~lt§; text the old ^proverb* \tempora- mutantur,\ ' ''•.\' .''\Is the 'Monroe. .:'^,hen we -were who ^ colds,jsoaked: WEer. and ypung, people hid their Teet: in hot ot well v /^6W.Thftf : ' I to^>j: the--grip, tajcj&^uminewaad^are—siete all summer, '• piece of fatHpork in ah did sock. tle^'ira^und^Ke^e^p^aT night and went to work the n&xt morning; -now ^IhlTy^avlfTibMiii^ tion and two weeks ifi the house. ~ .J'Tnen Ave^had ^tpmaeh /aehes,- took castor oil and.recov©Hd;;fp.dw'they haye^ appendicitis, a •wreeji in.,the hios- pn c aT~an^-sTs jeeiTdue east and^gesT • f eelr^eipssndicular.* v '• •• '••\•\.' lerolOi .©V .now^they^^MrJ[ingMe^._ \They weht. tox-.a.restattrant for ain 5 ' ^y\jDW.'t&^rgg\t6/^~^f^~TpnlEij bi-oke a- leg, how they fracture a limb, >**! 1 \Theh. they went crazy<. nt&n th.e^= h^ve-; brain storing, . • :. _ / ~ ^ t ^'Ministers •_ j4r^l^>hell*\ Are Jtigh|: straight from the shoulder then, nmy *'Z JEh^, viea4^n^^ssay-- on ^flowers ttfet blogn^oir-Mpnammed's -gra-ye.^ at our Service Garage _ ^ :„ Mr. Rome 4s- a ^ery competent anic : v BROCKPORT JIR¥4€E eAJtA€T Pfiondr 235*W\ for Service enjoying the%l=dghts at the Toronto Fair and Thousand Islands. -•- Harry Burlce^niade--ar- business trip to, Detroit Monday, retnriilfig TnBHday- ham S^Th^^o¥kpdifI evening, -...-. :Hdmer Benedict of West Henrietta^ came Wednesday to visit his,father, Oliver Eeaedifit -'-.--- y ; • Mr. 1 \and Mrs. Willianx Smith and children \of Lyndonvllle were Sunday; 'guests of<Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Baird. of Qlarkson;. • Fourth i Ruth Ellwanger,\ of , Bi-ockport; Dist. No. S, Sweden/ Mrs. Edna Ellwanger ThoffipsQa,BrQCkpQrt - ^i^ 7 ^^- _? S'wgftpn,, ivrra-jMary Mark- Red 5istrict, Miss Catherine (Jerman, Bergen; rSF&rth Bergep, Miss Anna Shelt of' Pyrpn; Translt,.Miss Leila L»hgdon of, North IPer&stt^-——- 1 -^-^ • ' - I Mrs. Reuben Josey of Canandaigua was a guest 6f ner parents^ Mr, and ^rG^-Hcnry-Vandeirburg, last\week. Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Shaw Of Mi- ami Beach, Florida, were* week end guests Qf Mr., and Mrs, EL P. Barringer. Mrs. Elizabeth Manly and^ Mr. and Mrsr-Howard -Manly-^ere-guests Sun- -day-of Mrs. John Sherwood at Kent. ^JVING AND GETTING' \ A something- in us old and young dis- likes the thought- that we've \been stung, that any prowling human shark -ha^^ouh^-^n-us^-an oasy-marky^ some Jew peddler cpnie^a-slcgggling, our women folks with tongue a-wagglr I?& .^H stand a half an hour a-Eag=\ gling, that they ; may purchase t some-1 th'ing nice a shad«-below the TnarkeF prjce, They htag.'\nhntif.th^ir-baggaljBs- •Mi-s, Lillian Wilkendon of- Roehester jwaffv^a-guest -Sunday of .Mrs. —Myra Sharp, ; .~ ./ SWEDEN CENTER RnyfrinhfV -0a iHr rrtiirned home, Sim- day from a Rochester Hospital where he hatl bf-^n last week for treatment. -Mrs; l^llte SJTfi^ll-aW'^daTIgnteiv J«isif_, of Washington, p. C„ were guests last. w<>ek of. Jfts. C, D. Nelson. Mr. and Mrs. Grover SUckney epjer- .taint'd-sfc'Vttpat-couples—at—a- -theatre party- at the Eastman \last Tuesday evening, in jtonor of Mr, and Mrs. Harold SUcftney,,...-;.;;.-. :.:./, „, . -Mr*. -an4~itrs 1 --Roy- _¥ivn.Luyen.-.and: daughteY of SKacuse are ,spendin& their vacation, at the home of- their fine.all up and-dpwn the party line. While -mea-htiine hubhy-at the ^toreTtr telling -cronies o'er and o'er ho.w._he , outwitted Deacon Moss and got a darn-sight better hoss: So are ve t all the .while .5reiliv;e-mpEe»pr0Be^to^ther • than .tg^give.— yet we are wrong, the j past has shown it, for nineteen hun.-. dred-y^ara^we'v^ kno^rn-ttr-nTOi-RViaTy-r-. 3<^Ord^rs.Already Received The itKt^aseci |>njpn1arity of the irpproYed Ferd cwi has already become an-establishecj fact, gent who fias ambitipri to bring his\? life to-full fruition will ha^e to learn ] to measure gains much less by profit .than- _by-^painis^-q%r^all-^aatrlr: \TOTJIIKGCAJI •througn~iQltsrand jars are movin^ip- ward toward the stars,, and all \the! strength in my posspssion jwas JHfiaitt.l to aid the whole procession. We're calledTo^pend'oifr time arid treasure' without much though* of mete and I f When you order Doughnuts, Fried Cakes, Cook-. ies or'Cake fr^m_U8i be sure to get^pknt^ior' J^^^te^lj^eBTgeO!:TWelmrtBey\always want'mofe J than one—they are so good, freshaftd delicious'eveTy day •parenisr -Miv and Mrs. Alfred 'Luven. \Mfss\ tvatr and Bjerbeyt Doty enter- tained about fifty at a sausage roast at their home last Tuesday evening, r^ Ivilss JHeTezi ivespn has retUrneij-to 13atayia to cpntinue^er^ehopWw^Jte^ ^TrT\*anTl\\~Mrsr Cnarr®W~\Spear*\of &>D. Nelspn home. —^Fhe\ seven Juifidr Project girls of district No. 2. who have beep taking canning lessons are very much pleased to bear--that -th£y«&ve^captured 'flrst- .priBft-it meiRochester\ Ex^osiada-as- \vell as at the Brockportjfalr. Mrs. Evan. Wood Jslheir loah'ieaderr~ — jZ.Sch6di:distfict No/fS^periedlMonday Vfl&r Mrs. John Stlcluaey as teacher, measure. l T nused, the moth and rust -^\-f^oori-end -it, we -save it only when -we spend it-^-Bob-Adams .-.-.\' . i \=\\ trq:B : DETROIT r ' RUNABGUTv\ $260 COUPE . ;. ,.- 520 \SEDASJ^:;580f ^Samthe ajrno«nttrQtotopb^e~SS7l92,368 olden ^avebse^pkeed^wMt AmbprizedFord Deal&s-^-» sales record that is without precedent; See the improved cars at your nearest Audibrjzcd Ford Dealer's.-Hace your ofdefinow idTB^ttxcr* ferred position on the dealers delivery Jj$t;- Enjoy . the new beauty and increased riding comfort o£i \Fordcar--tiiis\FaU\ahdWintw. : ,' \\\>'• '•'\ \-\\-\-\\\'j GARLAND Floyd Halsted of Newfane is-visif- inj at the heme gLWard^Me-this -week.'\ \.\\\'• ~ \_J _,._„V \'\'\.'Z.~..~' M\r. and Mrs: HarTy^Nichols~ spent Sunday^^SfEneerpprtwim^err so57 -Walter Nichols.- - I son, Richard, of Springwater were Sun- m, day guests of Rev, ~~ Matinee eVery Saturday • .....^^THURSDAY miMW& v^^ ~~-~\'\'\-— '7 ^1TOOUT flffiRCY\ \ * W*y™* ^*5lds, Dorothy PBITpps, Robert Ames and Rbck^ -lilre-reuowsi—• ?—-—.-.--—... -J~ .,.-. •_.-*- . .' . .-.//*- -^— —r. —>;^:-. St \W^ Mercy'Ms the hie of i\^ U rt g ' S trl4 infatu^ion .On^man, her true loye for another mnn,\and mother love •* wns.._ Which Js tbtr\stmn ? •-' - ' . '• ^Juvenile Comedy—\OH TEACHER\ ; SATURDAY and MONDAY -—--=-'- EDMUND LOWE in -----°'—'-- -- \GKLAIER 1HAN A tHOWN\ ~ With Margare'rLivingston and Dfolores Costello A romance that sweeps to a crashing climax adventure arMltoYeT*^ —' '' • - Al St John in \FARES PLEASE . .- ^ _ifPIAY3AU^aFtfow for The in a_ floods\ of TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY _• HAROLD LLOYD.in \WHY WORRY\ „,For Laughers^—. - ...._._.'_..... riere;s your fun-loving boy of joy. You'll laugh at his fearless feats, amid a red-hot revolution ^ You'll love his fiery romance. \ •' ' LAUGH WITfi LlOYD^ AND WHY WORRY t—^ Ben Twt^ln^THREE FOOLISH WEERS ? ' Coming Oct, 20» 21, 22, \2% \THE^ TEN COMMANDMENTS\ Sunday witli iatss x^iO^r Jjamlaofi Mrsv Miwiii* 1 n'ohanaOf^iri and Mrs. =ttftti —Walter- -$t4eBaaah - of^ Mlnt'tto syent the wwk endrWith^Mrsr j'jpnnie Cooley. ._.. ,-, ._...__... ^'Mrs.-. tJRTrgF \Bo^eT^wlis^-hTaF\Been\ ilj.the past-week-is improving. -*... spent an gnjpyable^eyeaing.JasiJPug§i k \daj^wrtft^their pl^sld^I7Slrs z %v T eir^^ Kprtybh. '\ RETMAN^OAD . Mrs, Raymond Fi^edericks'visited at- the lienry Caterjiome Sunday. MF. ajid Mrs. h-ving Nichols and farriiry were Sunday callers at the Conrad Eller.,home. \ Mrs.'Elmer Ellis and son, Robert, Bppnt SaturoTay Tii TgocEesT.efr\^ ';• T GUS GIEfiEL (formerly of Brockport) Invites rants you at promises you to visit his Restau-' State SU where he GOOD HOME COOKING at Popular Prices Just the place to get your meala during the Exposition. R~ L. & B. \ot his door: ^y eels here free of charge. You will receive a royal welcome. Make yourself knpwr »5l0tf s Btop in front You ma check par- •*r latitjjlerifier See me before buying your-new- battery, I can \save you . -. mofiey-ori --.,.> . Storage and Radio Batteries Have your old Radio Tubes ' S^XTtTATEB Get 3 to 6 months more use on that, old tube, • Bring in the old tubes land have them, tested G^yAHUE N. MAIN: ST.. . of Erten is between the doorstep caress the world/will.admke Msi appearance. .. It is the pride of.ewry wife to see her husband well pre- sented. Moist men rety upon their wives to care fee their wardrobe. • .• • ll your husband were called away on business today;, would he have a refreshed suit to put on ? A.\ # '• ; K.._, lyw^-uSJU^-i^**--^** »^i'*-

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