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Brockport republic and Brockport Democrat. (Brockport, N.Y.) 1925-1955, July 02, 1925, Image 11

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si5u«iw».««««-'« • - - ••*• •••• ««^ BtoiBfiiffiffi^lforMii* fesP^^^^^lff^iPl^ THE REPUBLIC,^^.BWOCKTOTTNV:'THUKSISfKY, JULY '% 19*5 HBE-- li- \ TIRES HAVE ADVANCED 15% AGAIN : SSJRT- - * For ft very short *une we will sell Jires at the old pri«^- ^1 Buy Now ,and Save TVIoney. ' .'/ ' •'• —GENERAJr TIRES DO RIDE-EASfER- 'r^-^-r -JPut>>tof ,- -.->• GABRIEL J3NUBSERS on your ear and see- the X$£tex&s&£~^~~^-? r • ~ Official Headlight Testing, Station for this vicinity. Hours-? s45~l Q P. M. ^ E. A. COAPMAN ' ^ The Heme of Clean, High eiasrPhotoplays Matinee every Saturday THURSDAY and FJRIDAY _ DRAMATIZATION A memorable episode of- American history brought to the screen in an elaborate production of scenic splendor and pulsating \- NEAL BURNS in \COURT PLASTER\ SATURDAY aSd MONDAY^ ~ The peer of all stunt.stars RICHARD TALMADGE in 'TEARING THROUGH\ What fight scenes for. the ifien! What- love scenes for the wo-T men! .What comedy for the kids! .What action for you all! , Sunshine Conxedy^-^THE SCIENTlFjC HUSBAND\ \' ^nrai ::: fhaHTiNCr 1^GER\j5Mpt3^ r: :: •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••*»»»*>»*»^»*»»^ IFROM-Q-UR REQULAff CORttESB! CLARKSXWn -tittle-?' Her home. _' - -Miss' Gladys -Geeley -JsHrUtte-aieft-' Rounds .spent ^ last »•••»••»»•••»•••»•» during Che jOhrt&tmas (Holidays^ with -•'\ f4e%ense® ^a, will fie awarded ftfity- seven young peepae of the. state, one week at Stoney Point. . Mr. and Mi's. John Talbot of Spen- cerpoi'tlwere Sunday qallers at' the THaiSie of Mf rand Mrs. Roy fetter, c -.-Frank Lewis' • and family <-bf • \Cha*-- loqe'spent Sunday Vith their parents, ^fW^nd^isTJCBl^ary.- ••.'\~\.:\\'.\ •\ Miss Mary, V^iatish, of Rochester wSs a guest the first 6f the week of Miss pk .Rounds.' * Mrs. George Schramm and s Master Robert Sizer of Rochester .were guests v/fre week end guests .of their„ sister, Mrs. Mary Rfiiinds.^ who^is-sta^«g-U)eaded--sunb« lhis summer with h&^-sipw, Mrs. .Alien Lewis, and Miss Mabel Lewis are spending the week at' the cottag af D- L. Files at Shore Aeres. RIMONrAt '• The marriage of • Miss Ada W. I. Clark,—slaughter- of-^^-kr-^.-GlaFk of 509 Haywartt Avenue, Rochester, formerly of Brockport and Albert Burns^ Tripp, son of Mrs. John Tripp of' Albion, was solemnized Tuesday aftennQon at toe_^entraLPresbyteriaH ochester.\ The eeremony from each -county outside. o* greater -New—:Y<>rkTr^or^papers^rea^g^^th7 the (funda/mental principles on wiiieu *taEr©easo^sae^Fs^y4^ountfedT -Tlre\ contest is *lor -school boys and girls- Jbetween the ages of 17, and 21, aid may-be written o& anyone of four given , subjects. The judges will ibe Governor • Smith; Franltlin D. Roose- velt and Ida M. JTarbelL 'While in i*Sw YOTK^e'senooI Te1rtMreB**wHt-b* ym$. P-eyformeTi af SiSOB'clocTtJiySev^ Sherman L. Divine. Ther^brute was becbnTingly gowned in whit© canton crepe trimmed in! chantilly lace and- silver beads.- \Her tulle veil was worn in.-eor©net fashioi* of Mrs/. Carl Nellis last Thursday. \ind caught with orange blossoms and Mr. and Mrs; W. F. Gage-of Medina^ Islie-.carried-a-l)ridal bouquet ci-white roses and bri£ lilies of the valley. Hiss Ruby Clark, color charmeuse with a bandeau of pearls and she carried an arm bou- quet of pink roses anda jilieT of the valley. The groom was.attended by Miss, Clara .Chilson and mother of his brother, Charles Tripp of Albion. Rochester are j_ spending\ the week t=JPollowing. the ceremony a wedding with Mr. and MTB. Jay Crary. . J supper was served at the home Of the '-—'- : \ • —. '--' ;brt*5fe3ntrtter\wlflBibi wm ^at&aettvely SWEDEN CENTER | decorated with lilies and pink' and S-Se.*!-,^-' Oove-rs-^were—laid for. tv^etve'^r the bride's table. Mr .and\ Mrs. Tripp left^m a motor trip to various points in ganada. They will.be at home\ after July'10th on 'Melvflle street* Rochester. . -\°\ . PJHZEMEDAyS TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY SINGLE WIVES\ *—m with eORRINJ^E GRIFFITH and MLLTON SILLS The story of a youthful beauty a girl'who-^found' happiness in the romance of courtship but Who^IpsHf In one snort year of .jmarriage. .* ' ' ' ^om^^B4-sfe&-how4Jii .-^ajght easily confront anv you^fascinated.'\ \ . ^^ mon in \THE DOft^-DOeTOR^ •y ^ 11 :M*ss\Mildred r -Rosedftle--spen4 sev-- eral days during the past week in Rochester, the guest of Miss Laura Hunter. The .July\ meeting -of the Woman's Missionary Society will be held next week Friday afternoon/July 10th, at, thee hHirch at 3 o'clock^ Thedevbuon-1 al service- will be in tharge^ ef Mrs.' Ooatmtied from page one -W. Br-Nor-tonr-This^^^meeth^is-for tie JRi<3uiMaon,^Et0ljea White, Mttdrea annual suamer,offering. The pro-'Walzer,. Loretta Forrest Pauline i;ram for ' this meeting includes- '*A Feltz, Kathleen Keable, Agues .Stew^ Review of the year\ and the presents-1 art, Mary Sunseri. Drawn fey-Mildred tion of \Th>-Story of th£ Pink\ Rose\ Walzer. . : .._ _ . Prize for Application in Fifth grade - j mif»7 J TQlfaEWWoRK - i A three days' visit to./New 1 ¥or^-<?ky- After flndtog a gas leak\ w: use of a Watch Jthe next thing Is to gflttnjaelrfia^.that_which settetn\ bmlnessi- the guests df a c^minitte& of hostesses ; weh—'known:--New—York woineiirj' oT Papers are to <be lilniitedj, to 1,500 and 2?OOO7W0rds and nrust t»\^rrrto-BSitrsr« Henry Morgenthau, Jr.riVeonen's^ Di.- visloh, 15 -Bast Fortieth St., New York .. City. The way to pass it along. enjoy ha; with musical arrangement by Miss Leajk'dovell and 'the choir, .._ _^ - w*~ «*— AF™|SAVC5™\-'™ equally nierltfed by Bernard ^aisett, John-Cowan, Bernard Luskey, Robert fEh^^r,^ofn^PakuIa^fi(S8%S^t^ Meya^^. •MuipUy,'direetQr^^f-con-j4aue^ tests and well, known in Brockport • ica Ohleh, Edna Shea, Winifred • Sny- announras the auto races to bf held r July 4th at Batayia. f»-*Tr . • The program will consist .of \five events •including two five mile rapes, a ten, a five mile\ handicap--and time trials. Wild BUI Albertson and Chas. ^Ganung expect to cop honors. —MTT-MUi'plly wishes ts' \anmtfe~hts~ many^Brockport\ frlencft-tliiatrlnedrly- ers_ahd cars \will be orMe best. Horse Races July 4 at Brockport Drawnj^bx.LpulsitaJKeafhey. Prize -for\- Application in Fourth gi-ade ecjually mefitefl byEvelyn~Hoyt, Agn^s Hull, Mary. Bopp^ Marjorie R0hbi~Susie~Gallo,~»Helen~Dbnoghuef 'Margaret Conner, Marion Hoiightal- ing, Rita Hayes, Evelyn Feltz, Dor- ^mry-Ec1vle^M«rirKe^le7\KayrTP^ ^—BLEAD^H^ C-ASSIFIEDAD8 SK FOR 8AMPLE& -v .,— ask to oee sfllnples of the weading invitations and announce-' nients we (havo printed'you may get a good idea now yotirs~wiil look.' dor -priceg-are very Teagomahle ggtt~~tihB' Consult thfe Re- srtog. man,^r6sepn~liynchj _Edward Hopkins; Andrew - Garges, William Cashman^ Francis Carges, JamesiGallo, Anthony Rubino. Drawn ky Helen Donoghue. \Prize for Application in Third grade equally-merited by-Mary Luskey; Dor-- othy Downing, Virginia Berry, Mary Gallo, Ruth Crowley, Mary Hoyt, Alice Kearney, Edward Hoyt, Rita Elliott, Nora Covey, Warren Walzer, Perry ^toekT—SSdwn-pd—Goveyr—Warren—Goh- work is of^he-best. -public Pr WHfiN BETTER AtJTOMOBnJBS ARE BUILT. BtJICK . Tlte Right Equipment Makes _---¥oiir Picnic a Delight '\* ^¥fa^tiMt-fee-ji»Fa-picmc-or a-mote ex- tended camping trig ^e liave^ many of tie ^ ^tideryw^Hee*- at cm tjokkly get them for yon ^ierv Jdek Thayer:—Brawh-by-Warren Conner. \ \ Prize for Good Conduct in Second gr&de eaMally merited by Gladys puff, Leona. Keable. Thelma Mosier. Mar- garet Smith, Joseph Bopp* Robt. Duff, Maxgaret^We4eh^Preder-ipk Doty t V4h- July seems to heighten the human desire to \look\ one$ r besi-^an appearance that meets self approval. Dresses an«J gowns of intimate material, selected for som- mertime comfort, deserve nnhnrried haplling in refresh Dient. _ _._-•' v ; ;.',.--,. -I; ^' _.;• ., Individual service it a promise which suggests our organiia- ingj fine result is expected. Ymlm ianship^when refreshed hy - - • ^ Cleaning and Dyeing Satisfaction Begins When You PbneSft • • ORLEANS DRY GLEANING GO. •dL % 34 Main St. '.r* BROCKPORT uestiont jCr€~nip% than a million Buicks in use today t~ cent Downing^ E'dwarJ'Donoghue, Jas. Dunn, William Green, Rolan Smith. Drawn by Vincent Downing. .Jgrize for Good—Gonduet'-in-First Krade - equally merited by Dorothy Brown, Dolores Duffy, Betty Elliott, Mary Franklin.*Ruth Plorack, Victoria Galtor«ita^Ho3^BoToth^ Kiosler, I'rsla Luskey^. Rita .a'-Brie^ r Anna Pakuhi,. Thehna R.obb, Vk-giSa Hosner, Marton^Readi(a?,^Oh^a-BarJiS^ Edward Bopp* -Joseph Plorack, Donald JCanner, T.pn T.yucB—Dnugn-by. Helen • • • • Dependable Cleaning ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••a •TvH'^ler. — -———\—^ ; f \-\-w-* ~r-—. - Lynch, John »r.' > • & m Co., ^ tnswers -Because Buicks are always popular with new car buyers and ^ilso because Buicfc's: dependable construc- tion results in a much longer life for Buicks than is ordinarily the span of service of a motorcar. % tsr Ltrakeyr Warren Pakula, James Glynn, Bernard; liUSkeyT - John Duff,\Robert Thayer, ^illiam Gashtnan, John„Cow-; an, Edward €afles. Francis- -Hoytr llob.ert Richafason, Thurston \Smte Francte Garges. Joseph-Lynch:. Dt&mz by~Fraacta~-©ti-ges?— —— • \ ??WiSF\ Choir Girls Fiefenfy\ Prize\ equall3t--mef4ted^Qy D^rotir-MeOHTtnT -Hilda Carney, Ruth Green* Helen Mc- Cool, Helen Kearney. Mary Duff, Ruth Ste^k, Mildred yVat^er. Drawn by Hilda .Carney. - -^ : The Junior Ghoir Fidelity -Prize, equally merited by-Marion Houghtal- ing? Susie Gallo, Marie Keable, HOT#- ard Wabjer, Joseph Shea, WilliantT Casbman, Rita Hayes. Drawn by\ How- ard—Walzer^ .: -~~ . «• IS A peaceful, pfdfitable and sane way to celebrate the Fourth is to~spe^ff -^ur money for mefrehauiJise4r1at~wiH kive you satisfaction for moifthr~tir -cbme^. — ••-..v-r,-7---^_._—,- ; ' r ./: .\ u'\ •--—•--•--.; Senior Choir GLls Fidelity prize equally merited by eight, drawn- by Hilda Carney. The Junior Choir fidelity .prize equally merited by seven was drkwh by Howard Walzer Following the presentation- of di- plomas and, awards, the- graduating address was delivered byt'Rev. Jos. Brady, who- admonished the students' to hold fast to a high standard of faith, courage and-endeavor ..in their journey through the coming years if they would ..attain the final goal-of success and .-happiness. Benediction was followed by a .closing hymn sufife by the School Children. FELTS & BURKE, Agts ProgrwThu Century fi - J EttWtrtliiiii. The old-timer who worked his way through college is UMirtM-iii-ir~—^ , now ^ orkto « ^8 * on ' s wa - v through,— *M»ttlNrW. -YT~—?~r~~ -snHMeatpoli* -Stsrr-- Whs Waste somr money on noise? i Fast Material Everfait cotton materials are guaranteed to give you perfedt satisfaction. If they,ilde we will refund the price paid for the material and making. Our 59c fabrics are on sale this week. . \ .\ ' • Ever Fast Cotton Fabric on Sale ' vCHi at ,...., i > In shades of Grey, Green/ Blue, Rose, Peach, Nut Brown, Gold and Orchid t; Take Advantage of This Sale Price _>~ ii ' i» *??• r and th^ tiore, - w 4were set \Were-wa: checked b

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