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Warren messenger. (Glen's Falls, N.Y.) 1831-1834, June 17, 1835, Image 1

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TEN EYCK. \UW5N»S TA^LSi (N, Y .) WEDNESDAY, JUNE 17, 1835. # 5 ^ t i i e widow ’ s H o m e . BY MRS. *BUY. » , ! |, t eb!> ji)e not. tny frion r is to t-nvt- T h i s / i u m e en d e a r e d L> lu im o r lies, f ^ o r deem lliat I could ceat-t* t-> g r u - v f B e n e a th th e sm iles of foi eiy> sk'u # : J L e t th o s e tvlio fancied ills en d u r e , In search ot rest from home <ie|.ait, |N o ch a n g e ot placem a n r v e r 'c u r e T h e se t tl e d so r r o w s o f th e h e a r t . » «tyhese*scctu-s my fond affections. elaim, They sp e a k o f c a lm am i peaceful life : [H e r e , first a it'Appy 'brill.*, I cam e . H e r e , dw e lt fvr J < i>rs d happier witV- L ind though, \ ith h i i a I Toyed, tin s A | E a r li fo r m e r jnmg,e cf dehfeht, tll^ WTttrc^lfe f a v a r ite h a u n t# 1 trend, I feel 1 have, not lo t h i m quite. I t v c o t t a g e s su r r o u n d m e lii*j#r* _ . W h e r e those who shoretJTd# hhuntjr <1 w e lt ; T h e ch u r c h - e m b o w e r e d j n trees isn .- o r , ' Whore on the Fabbath day «<* knelt • O f t i n an open book I trace S o m e p a s s a g e by Ids t n s t e o p p r m c .I , Nothing further occurred till we silioivto he lost* stolen] or flrtiyed, but every tMie fhottghttM there wn< a kind ofttpecitil providence about it, which kept it on the right road after all; and, therefore, i t became a lair subject to debate whether the chan- ces against ov the ohanoes for were were all standing beside the coach at L’cttycur, ready lo proceed o\ the principal terraqueous part of our jotiriU y through .File, Every thing seemed to hove loen stowed into the epoch, ond most ofj .the passengers had taken their pro-\likely to prevail... . , #• per places, when the tail gentleman Before w e arrived tit Newport, (vrierl o u t— • . i w here we had to go oh hoard the (er* Guard, where is tny trunk !’ jry steam boat for Dundee, the ton- ‘ In the bool, sir,’ * answered the.vcrsation l;«d^ gone into olher.chaU- guard; ‘ you may depend upon that.’jncte, und, each being engaged about ‘ I have not seen it put in,’ said'the,bis o w n concers,. no one thought any passcnaeiv 1 and I don’t believe it is n-ore about the ItjuuR* fill just as the 1 ‘ barrow w as descending along the pier, the eternal long rifpitt cried but 1 Gua i cl, l»a vo you got my trunk V .'.titered ' Oh. sir.' said the guard, quite dis­ tressed, • tbere ?ureIy^l» 5 fno dptfht^a- bovvt the trunk now ‘Oh, jos’ cried Oh Lord, sir ?” cried the guard, os if a desperate idea liadu nt that me* ment rushed into Ivs m jiid,4 the trank w a s on the top. Has nobody seen if lying about any where V * ‘ I f it he u 1runk ye’re after,' cried a rustic, very coolly,11 saw it sink into that,Aveliee* a quarter o f ait holir syne.’ ‘Good Gpd!’exclaimed the distrac­ ted orffnor,‘jny hrttnk is gone forever Oh nay poor dear trunk ’—where is tlie place—eiliow me Where it disap­ peared.’ *. ‘Tbo plaeo being pointed nut, hit rushed madly up to it, and seemed as if ite would have plunged into the \oL my trunir r /w a te ry profound to sctli'clv lor his tW i/uard verv!l«st n iopertyor die in ihe attempt:— care o f it Er part ring* informed tlfat tho bogs ia this ^ irt o f ihe^coun'ry Were perfectly hot tomiess, Ite soon saw how .vain every . . . nn(| Ttifere 1 declare-': there!' cried (promptly, ‘ I hnvei tnkten care o f <hc owner of the missing property ;in o w There it-i» oU the top o f a ll/ ■*uy trunk it* still lying down.yonder; • It’s no sncli tbihg^^ried © gentle ^ upon the sands. . Don’t you seejt? man who had comeinfo llte conch a t.endeavor ol tlmt kiiUf'Wduld be; nnd T’he sea, I declare, i* just about ren- Cupar [that’s gzytruok.’^ ^ j 80 ♦L'i i eking it. \Vhnt a careless set oT por-f. E ters! I protest 1 never w a sso treated :tlle,enc..,...... .............. •#— » - . . . . . . . , . on anv journey befote.’ '[ bnofci and once more ssnffelrad' the p o p n e tors ol the vehiclepay sWeet The trunk vvns tnstanliy rescued ; i , o o t } vVhicli he knevv to have bet n lv iOT the Iojs. - from its somewhat perilous situa*;searched*J,o.the bqttojn before; and ...W h at w asjn he trnnk 1 hnv. no - f i n c / f f l m u r m ncRj>iiEst* - . a \Vc arc so'welt pleased' (My’ftbf N, _Yj v Post) with tiie teniperatt', catai. pcrsuasoi* totie nf tlio foltowiiig'\artKl»*. irom ths W»*h- ir»gnm GloUc*, tho spirit Of franknrsg in #btcli it was wriften, and tiiecogrucj ofrliti arguments ir puts fortb in support ^f Colonel Johuedn, that we give it tbe firsfplare in our paper, and a«k our readefn to give it tlie.first place in their attoiuion. ’Ono suuli ankle will outweigh** llioussntl culumnies, ' ' 4 ' * ' From tlie Washington Clolio. Tlie^opposBion grihu, we pt-rceivc, indulgje sanguineexpectatioiisliiatiome’ tiling fof lhe Imttfit: ofthe ftdfcfation of tlie Nullifiers an,d Natjontl*, ia io grovy <*otof the pbjectione taken by the Vir­ ginia delegation, the Richmond Enqui­ rer, and some other (units, io ttie nonr- ieniion of Col..Johnson. IVe regret ex. ccetlingly that even vfiia inucli of com- : j j ; g r e e t in a famUiurlhice . . . . . . . .... ........................ - - A ■ . . goine friend by him <*stc«*im*J «''■! i*.*V‘'* tion. and, all having been at length 'tho tall gentlt-iuan gav.eu over land put to rights, we vventtm our way tal w ater, mid sky, in quest °1 his. pro- , ni would tlie widow's numi nful drr.-s <VitU Btrnngc nnd di.-tnpt sccn^f r< r »r ' 111 w o idd b o r h e a r t 's d e e p I i n e - - B r o o k th o light j»*st, die lirrdles#. \■■'•id Uia my cherished solnce, iid'v, In all w tip m e e t a t to acco s t, TbSmrwivi v a n f e e t and c a n nvo« ’ The worth ofhirrH 1 'ed mid I*'*-’. Tliinit not yonr Q*iviu’lv seal 1 , . Although ymir coimsclsT rrpi-l Oh '■ ,’k - a i c un* , like il**- Sliunainitc-, | VV-Ull/'^lliy oullpii (ijtlo\ still U> dwell : M f thoiigtus lire to g»v«i*.. My ptiicc i-> I.) Ids ipii. l hrnr:l>, And t.nly r. i tiis l.onm 1.1 | 4 mv,*.i. M ay I I I , - i i i b i s ! . u iie m i r .irlii. Flora Ctmidiels’s F.dmburgh Jnnrnat. W D E h R IS M V - T K U N K ? It id well known jn Scotland, that [tlie ron,d from I.dinl)iirgh to Dundee. Ith'oiigh -only forty three mifes In ex ptent, is rendered tedious and trnbie- ijnnic by rnwmifrpoim itmor t cv n *nrm a fthe sea, namoly, tlie Firlh.s ol'Forlh Tov. one of which is seven, jand he oilier three miles across. S e v e __ Jroi rapid nnd well conducted stagejp*jrS(m Cupar. H e re the conch stopsnfew minutes at the inn, and there is generally a partial discharge of passengers. As ,aomc individuate; on tho present oc caslou. had to leave thus coaclu there V# its a slight discomposure ol tfte lug- gago. nnd vario'UK trunks and bundles w e re presently seen depnvtlngon the backs of porters, alter the gentlemen o whom they. belonged, Alter all bad seemed to havo teen ngain put to rights, the tall gentleman made his w o iiten enquirv respecting his trunk, j ■' ‘The trunk,'sir.’ said the guard, 'rotlar {Mitii.shly, ‘ is in the boot. | • Not a bit ol it,’ **nicl its -owner, wlui > i the mean time had been pecnmjr n, bout. ‘ There it I' ks in the lobby of tbo inn !’ . j The guard now began to think thnt this trunk was in some- way bewitch* e*<l, nnd possessed tv power, ttnenjoy- ed by other earthly trunks, of remo- cions encnmbrmtso ‘ Well, guard,’ cvjedhe at length. ‘ wlrnt a pretty ieltoMk^’qu ftref i here . , ......... .... , . eulty inuuced ‘J*jf*3ort and mion»ry -httpe plionld h|,ve EveryVofly then' joftkod abotrt. far resume his plaCo in the voncR,loud*.beengiven to the ege.nics of the cause . nan ted trunk:* the giiarj&Tan ] ly threalning. ]^vev^c-r; to mnke tlis o f ,|(e pe 0 ple. In U.fi end, fioweyer, U . ^ jjj on|^ serve to nilAl to Urn brtfarujfefo - o f iheir disappointment, flu* irpiibli. • ... j- ,u eani ofVitxinia/Keiinve mdouhir»M- * able, to Irarn. Verlmps the title deed* tet) pn ti,e j J , occaaiou frotp a ictujm- ofan estate were among the content!; tui|8' regjgd V ivlm t they \bj]ieve.d io^tj perhaps it %vns only filled wilhbrick! tlm of t\^lT cot).in Uenr». T h « and rags, in order to impose upon W p w 're hnnresscd with the belief tlnfGoi. ‘“keepers. In all likelihood, the my- 4 0|mapn dlTered radically niih the»tat« object is still descending gome of its great fundamrntal priiwi- K,'° 'hn nnn,A a plc8. One oT the leading ddegatfis d e - . .clared in the cmtvcnlion itm Col. John* eon w i i tfie friend <jf Uie Bank, andpuf’ JcoaeheB travel upon this road; but, (from their f cquent loading and un- at tho iorries, tlieve is not on- Hy considerable - delay to the Iravel- lers.'-but nbo rather m o'o than the n- ttal Hek o f damage nnd loss to their luggage. On one occasion it happen­ ed that, the common chances against lie safety o f a traveller’s integuments .vcre multiplied in a mysterious, but nost amusing manner—ns tlii* follmv ng little narrative will show. The gentle|rttttt in question was an nside passenger—a very tall man, (Hvlrch waA so 4nueh the worse for uon i von sre I —there’s my. truiikjstcito iis..^.. , thrust into the shedjike a piece of* descending like the angel s hfttchef lumber{ *• 1,1 Rabbi ntenl story, down thje ground’ Apd so it really w as, A t t U I end less a b y ss; in which ca*e its eonteHls — ■’ »< • ‘‘Will not probably be revealed till n great m»r»y things of more impor­ tance rind equal mystery nro made plnin.” „ v_ ............. — A t t i e bead ofthe- p iornt Newport, there foa shed with seats within, whero people wait for the lorry boats; ard there, perdu beneath a fmm, lay the endmnted trunk having lieen so disposed, in the bustle ofunloading, by means which nobody could pretend to understand. T h e gunrd, with a. hnlf frightened ^ ........ . ......... ...... ... look, approached the mvful object,/ C ourtiko .—A lawyer, who we knew L action the nomination, in thc.r«spccia nnd soon placed if with the other, well, d'ul'courting off hand. H e had got *>< - . i . ...* T h r orifice nf a d e e p pool in a m o r a s s is bo ! called in t^cetlaiul, ’ , F r o m tlie B o ston C o u r ier. thfi dissent, of Y'irginin on that ground^ Others insfaled that he was favorable (c- , a proteciive tariff end internal improve­ ment*. With *uch iinpresilom*, it irital : ailonishirig tbit a delegation comjriff ll- I most instructed to vote for.Mr. Riyss, ' Idioutd hesitate ta trcoinmemf Cblbnet . tJohnsdn. But althoujh they did not tvncvv Inaction the nomination, in the.re«pecta. , - , nd. H e bad goi a ]0 character of the Virginia delewfiqn things on board theJbrry boat. } n good prnchce and a high repiitatwn, L-fo ihuu- devotion.to the great cnUM*of ” ------ -r_-_n„^.Arr -*— *l',# npddle contained o f ; t|lC country, which u* assailed>hy svefy. Coke rf\-- one, as for being a jipecies df poliiichl knavery (hat th* irion Z g ^ S S ^ s a ^ S * E ! °r . n - W him in'o the m*iion jt wasn’t meet llist y wing itse l f o r staying behind, itccoril- , iaj( jrpnileniait w a s to go bn to Abnr- • . . ‘ M A A.I .. I /vn ft. It. 4-1 I ( » _ i - t. il. J. . ' i. • 1 'ill® MS . On.ourTnndtng nf Dtindco pinr^slie- proprietor o f the trunk so well after it himself, tlmt it wa« evident no no- cident wos for this lime to be* expec­ ted. HffoweA'Pr, it ftppenred that this , ^ . , was onlv a hill to attention- The ‘hould be slope ; *nd »ri ttfa de certain other articles being got nt which lay beneath. It was n ow once more stow ed uvay, and w e set .for­ ward upon tbe remaining p a rt of our journey, hoping that there would be no more disturbance about this pestl­ ed the astonished custodier of bag­ gage, who. todo him justice, seemed a n exceedingly sober nnd attentive The Lord have n care o’ its, sir i That tirunk’s no canny.’® ‘ It’s canny enough, you foo!,’ said the gentleman s h a rply;; but only you don’t pay p roper attention to i t ’ The fact Was, that the trunk had been taken out o f the coach' and pla- _ __ ced iu the lobby, in order to allow ofitiie long figure, devolved from window, a n d said,in an anxious toiie of v o ice— ‘ Guard, have you got my trunk V * Yom* trunk, s irI’-eticd the m an; 4 w h a t like is y nothing herb h 4 Heaven preserve the unfbriunate gentleman, and burst out o f the coach. for m y part, w a s fo proaeed by an­ other coach, which was about to start frotn the same place to Perth. A g reat bustle took place in thenar- row rtrcet a t the inn 'door, and some of my into fellow travellers w ere get- fiag into the one coach arid some in­ to the oilier. The Aberdeen coach was fonnest prepared to start, nnd, ju st a s the g u a rd cried ‘ all’s right/ lijjhlfvi! vun mu’a cvi*—when the wise their, jersonnl diritjle««»t tuiiess, andlN^wA'jir'iyd rtereeteli'tci satisfy them ttffTTtrtt *|*«ad must •over the land of diVeisifted in # that Drlightful luiur of ’witching love— lie caught up liis hat and was lecn As­ cending the steps of tlie cottage beside the hili-~ivhere tripped . A lovclj itnmsrl briglii nml fjir. She opened ihe floor, as he pqliirly ask­ ed, 44 is the Chief.FusUce within ?’* *4Nn, str,,r saiil tho preily one,4> but will lit* sbortly.'' “Ah, that’s no in*lier, said tfin flnnnsflliir, ns lie iva* c.nrtiiinl W'!!'- in the door, “I did not come fo see the father, my client is interested) only In tlie testimony ofthe (imigblrr. My cli­ ent, mtt'lnin, own* tbe maiisiouyoti stc that if they Cannot tu)w raconmunti, they I will not lend their influence jo cH*p;,r- |*ge and prejudice the preierisioits ttfa [oondidntc who has been preferred hr [ *uch a large mnjority ol the republicans : lnotberstatesof theUnion. TheywiR J ai las! leave the pubjie'mintl in Virginia Jrte, to form n decision upon n strict scrutiny of the political and personal clnnacter of the individual for whom c-dcmocracy ot her siwlar «ii the luifrage ot Virginia, ^ - If, upon inquiry, it is found that* Cob Johnson, so far frotn being a fiiend tn Ihe bank, has steadily opposed all banks lent member of the community of . . , „ i-tmmks. All was right tilt w e came mi .n that,siftiat»on-nnd it appear-,to the lonelv fnn „ f St. MiclmelV Id that his whole baggage consisted; ^ j ,erc a si((*.’road turns offto St. A n -: jt immediately ttupeared that tho »f a siqgle black trunk—one_of me-; j r e ^>s? a n y w h e re it happened that a * had br-on denosrtcd hv nistuke iiupi size, and no wriy remarknble m , fien^ er i,od ta leave us to wnlk to i | n t |lc. p (,rlh ;nsfea?l t»f the Jt hc-rdecn ippearanee. On leaving Edinburgh, nt servant having! J i 5 , -., R -*»**> cn.cn frhis tnintr hnd been di-nosed in tfie , . ... 2 , v,coach; nnd unless tho owner had t\.18J ru?k \ a^ dl ? 5 f .1 ibeentn waiting to carry Ins luggage \SImken, (, would have been in \em cowdfcs-bodt, amidst a great variety;' fofoer trunks, iiags,*bel6ng‘ ln o vvriy remarknble m ;1)asfieng er imd ta lonvt On leavungEdinburgh, |!iat ^ of feaming, a amklst a** real rarietv il,een'n waiting to earr^ s, lks'bnndlef^ rind carpel' ^ ie tall g e n ’lefnan, hearing a b u s ’tliart an In>ur, h a lf way up tlm Uiu-Sc j h Ad be decoroiisto st-e if f As,ep fa­ in* to the rest n flhe pn<»- ,le n1)ont the boot, projected his im | of Co*vric. A transfer was* imraedi 'iwl <Io('s htlt c”»jlrm ir-ir..*.” “ 'Certain* ' ihensely slender body through the lately made, to iho no small arrfWe-j *y> madam,” said the lawyer, ap the f«- > ^ ni. !m J Ati> ii* r\ m ,) la|__ 11 , /, I M . I ,. - a .. M ...... tF_ J . . .1 'ftii. I* n lifr. f/./l tl.n >. r*n r t n. r> i I 11 . « .. r. . 1 call nexi Sahbnth evening for your aim Wes.” “W hy, lir, it won't be riccesco. ry to sti>pieri(l the suit. I tljmk your eliaiil’s casR is founded in justice, and 1 am sure lie will win ins point tvirhoui any special pleading ; bn’, ns father litis t.'fe n twmty-one years upon siit£ bench, warring Bank, _ i p ________ with the same firmness and energy he exhibited in subsequent yenis in.warring against the British tlieiuRelvcs ; if it is found, that Iu the years 1814,’Jflaaml *10,when under the influence ofthe dis- asiers of the war, a lunik was again, and as n last allmutitvo, rrsorted !C, a» re means of restoring nolionjtl vfedi'f,—- Col, Johnson stood out agauist the Citipf j Adflgistyatc o f Ins choice, and ihe grihtt - - - M — , _ _ _ _ _ Httviiig arrived nt Ncwhaven, th e '0080'1 wdndow, in order. JUte the lady'm eiit ol niyscJfandone or two other' ]!|cr rntercd the npartiuci.i. It is nced.|body ofliie j-aputdietui irieadr in Kcib «i»nge wt - - ’ > '* ‘ ‘ ' ’ * roach, and n order that athe steant, ---- — ( T as the barrow - fi*® St. Andrew r ro a d ;‘ is not that an opportunity o f privately icquest rev us nerolss. ivftsmoving off, the tail gentlem a n 'toj trunk ?’ Come back,if you please itig that lie Xvnuid on arriving nt his, From il»i N. V. En* Post. aid--''Guard, lunk?’’ have you got my. nnd let me inspect it <rT}rai Immlr _ p nV tI!(H dostinaUOti, atrhd roe an aceonnt Ivy , ,•. The'trunk, eir,’ interposed tjie post o f nil the further mistakes aiuf ° •u»j i\o ■« »j» « m osji,* * * » f T « > » u AfFKCTiov ... \ btnifioir in- lms b e c \ ^ ,W 83'» a t »>msfdd,and he cndeaiitig lav; ol , '*? ***% i.„„— i. i i... n._ —.-fi bwlllB the attempts uiucli. Iiave been *Oh, y es, s ir,1 a n s w e red th« guard;.'guard; in a nentenjiona m anner, - is,d a n g e r s which w e r e s u re to befall tho! [’,\*5**5 tow a rdi\the J® csi • - 'lere.’ genim a n ’s trunk, nnd not y o u rs: trunk in .he course of the jo u r n e y .- - (To this* he agreed, and, about a wrok eman; ‘ w here abouts is it ? [The guard poked into tlie barrow, Wlookrtd in vain among the num- prless articles.Jbr the trunk. At Hth, after he Find noozled about Hfar'ng, al Corunna, in J- Cotiileinnation ol bef h to hicli; Iiave been ijfi. in additioq J^all- .ijjbonld evince Id# fixed detitmitHHidn to R’ou may be sure it's there. > , ......................... lNotrio sureofthat,’ quoth the g e .i-.y^r* the boot.’ , - - - ......... : - - - - ........ — ....... - tnn • * * ’ • • ‘ W o ’II m a k e Sure o f that, M r C u a rd after, i received tlie follow ing letter: . ' . , h'n ^ m m k w J “ oooi.dinglv bronsht'1\ ’ .1*djdtaiHy iv/'ul.td '!18 ! » \ “ » . . . ------------ --------------- I no'runic w as accordingly brouglit:VV(, had got a few m ileB ou this side | e a v ,ni iicr c|j,!dren sud.-d for H a - i ' at • ,ea-t l,“' ' 1 be objeCbgrr, taken ptwo or three minutes through nil;ba-cL. and, to the ,conftis.on of the oTStoneimven.wdiep.just as u«* Wt*r(*Larn f rom w |lfnre Mm’orthed m tl,i«jm n’n this point, will )tiflu. 1 bnles arid corners bTtjie mass of P**rd,/!V ,W . » ™ ! . f!-!.p'iP!'ss*'>fr die ol ihe boggieM^mits <|)l'innr't’aiT ,mva (lfts Fjnc(i vj6|J«bHic-lhe ^ t e l o n of thfi.People' ngaiftaii o tins f-il ^ 1 'th r e w ,mover upoti one side, and fo atfofdtoc'. Itegnnients, he drew oufjliishcad. Ie a terrier tired of earthing (||>Adgr* [. and seemed a little nonplustitefl. t‘ Why, here it is in the bootl’^ea- limed the passenger,4 snug at m% ittom, where it might have reruftin* I, F suppose, for you, till safely re* Trued to the coach vard in Edrn- jrgh.’ * [Hie guard made an aVt kwnrd a-. logy, p ut the trunk upon the bar-L K ’and away- w e ttR-wrnMo theL,pposi Ism boat. ■'.A v j'- lanosio# kinrl. mini-d who had thono-ht himcelf fnir-i- • l it i J • . J varn, from wlifnce Mm on gum a av no nnct tnougqT. mmseit ia r , passing one ol Ihe boggus»Mmits <,)!, , „• m , y tnfnlhble for this t.me, ,f was the,lhnt boggy road, 8n l . n E S l , . * Inrc|h ^ JL o n ^ th.ed'.o tall m a n s property, a, die ar-ns brass. threw .„a over uponone side, and the i ...... . ........... ttotv the n n i v e r s n r ^ e a A ? 1 ^ ( « of!, inside -and o u t ^ n \ “ \ “ i ’».- property nails could make it The trunk wns ....... ........ .............. ... su b ject o f ta l k , b o th in s id e a n d ° u ' ali p r o j e c t e d s e v e r a l v n x l - oil info th»;I ^ n, - , “ , • ** criIir, side, nnd every body said 1m would morass. As the place wns rather! ■ be sn r p r ip e d i f it Roc t o ltfi-jo u r n e y '* ^ f t ^ m . b o d y w n s m u c h h u r t ; but n f -’1 Uno* 1 Bs1' t,ir\ 1 5 t:,;u h r in j\ sa f e ty ; A ll a g r e e d t h a t it m a - u . r t.Ve r v H iin g l.a d a g a in te e n puttoi 1 t,u: ,hw ‘l th,f‘ \ ,,\ pv'-T (h -^f** ed a most extrnordinary u t s ^ r|f,htK tjie t aU man |Hft some two; , v, . thirds of iiiioself tiiiou ih the coach innoi ent—n phr.ifx* beji ' the com* * . , . , , , . - . > , . , >lc in-Srfttlnufl ti'iii. « «i. I. thry! >rt nlk. osrtnl manner, ntid: ^ ?»“»» 'V*'ninony, #ajs that t«awto vested «ith > iij *r*jMi':.. • <j a«!ted tin* giiard i f In xv;i» ^inc tlie.mcn are iliitcn to (Jib. a(it*r tot one that ttohup Andi't*.''!** 'he favorite prca* I k r <.f, Km'g James the E.isi, in h%i. tctlitk v.vitsr<afe io tin* I-oot. ?# ieu to it. The e ^ f f i o n s taken, witlrregrird to ! Col. Jonson’s coqrse on tbe Tnriff fibd Internal Improveiricnts, were cerfataly’ better founded thim I lie objection on ibe score Of thA \Bank. It ,i» true, tbit ‘ did vote for ihgHsureB .of; this .cjass, When, after the ivar, tlio)sysiem*'tvcre artfully proposed as indispeniaidf, the on*{o I%ci|iiqte ns well (he doimneiclni irrerisportaUon, a* tliemoacpienis of the national lfoo|m*-the ot(t«r, ox beirqir «<- ^ttaltio Uteteaqu

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