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The Tupper Lake herald. (Tupper Lake, N.Y.) 1895-1924, November 17, 1911, Image 3

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present ta the Tenderloin Pollot Bta- I ttoa; tat, although It was is the de- toettoe'a power to prevent their to> madttte arraignment la the Night Court lfcy a word to the precinct com- mander, he could not long heap them m. cells. They vara aatttlad ta a speedy arawfitfcm before tat a\a*is- trete, aad be we* aartala that unless tbtw failure to report to fto ahoeld alarm tkat gentlemen eteps would ba taken In the morning to bare the prlaonen produced In ooart They wart aura ta be arraign- ad la Jefferson Market at next day*! uftornooa session, If not earlier. Brlti toft that, oeoa la their presenoe. taa sTwomt, though a* might ba separated from than by taa length of the room, semttoae* thaa to to tht> _ Bat Brttn Wtoohot oa ta aav'taBm attBmttm to hit Ha fax up the gtofe* Uchtly, opaa a oraay .aottr door that ed aa •••DPI nam ait of hia earn- Ptaaad a a^^jhayr toward t viaage who wpa worthier at a Tha paper wan mm hake be- \Curt* emuVUaaVaadtoe; with * m* mWtoee Mll- Tha at It detaethro a|Ma4 Imtgnjt ihlad tt* bstmh, ail Mm behind ties work. HPX mlmi was apt boated tyes, howowar. Ba woa busy with poMlbrndaa aafillit IT taa Mtae ot paper ba had famed to tha oo burgmrt aaaoamdoa. Tha quartan mat norer was- la a bar* accept am? etow at torn face ml- nevertheless, he felt he had et •ornithine which. If aot a direct between bit knowledge and hit poaiUona, would go far toward coa- \ng them. That the aeto waa ed> to Carta OrtewoM bo had Ittle doubt It loqalrod email ««ort [reckoning to eoaotote that the Best- had gooa to anwde* aaaitiaont after visiting Orlswstd.t Bat thm . Brits bad Wraod enough to rince him that tboBrabmda aeboW as eager to gat pumiawiffli ot tha ioner necklace in'ha waa to get Maharanee dmmoad, anyway, if all the other gome bosoagtiig to famous atria* By a pattest, chwork prefcooe, Brits bad vetoed *tether the tteleat detofle of tha l'a moTomaata. Bo knew ail the acaomrw fraaaoii to thef \etropolUan Opera Hoaaa om the t of the disappearance of the jew- and he bad mode himself so- oted with tha system of ntpftonage nt&ined by taa aajpe aad ate tub- inatea eTer amen that Item That m, he waa aware, onreted ovary* connected, however etotoatly. themvstery. tt waa apparont to rit* that ha waa working against *» who, while not trained detectives Occidental ••am, wore tally M latent In their eoent a* himself. M watno owaalloBOa Swanlhad taaed all the energies of tha Basfr «B«r^whioh tha datactrra bad follow- « iaterestedly throttgboai their Tart- •w manlfeatatloaa. Br|ts waa coa- ^ced that he had tha Brahmla prleat ~ thank for hii own kidnaptatr; and i wag equally oartaia tba| mm aamo «tUe hand of brothani had tomrchad 7 homes of Braxton flamii and Car- jQris^old. Hewanaotgrren toatr ^hing much weight to mtfaitioa, re- A »Ung that faculty a» a paid and ue- ^'y Ineffectfrd fejaiiBlao rtfltctloa of *wculine loale.\ ' But something totd him ha must be» «f himself even mora rtgoronaly than JJ had done to data. If he WM' to traoe ** Miasioner dlamonda before the **\>. subtle men from tha Eaat oould •JJ them and put them forewor ba- ^ d the reach of any Weaterner. Jje thing waa In Ma favor. U»doubt- .J\' he had broken the Swaml'e line Communication by aalalng tho apiea JJ°» they could raport tha finding of y MHlicent note In Bandr* apartment lean all they r. to the mat aricroaeopk detail. that night ttttte doabt he ^ ••* a^BHeaer jew- thaan from thatr aang so* bor ft Mra. lalaatoaor*e Sbrarr. TU aand for tha- coptea, Bnrian,- •aid, ao ba attpped from the and atoitad to tha door, M bat akmt^let the oaagtaal leave your bamdt mntn I omtt for tt myaajf.• Tha deteettra wao to abaocbed la hie thoaghta am ha walked dowa tight altar tight of the dork main that he did not ate a pair of tyaa tieenatng ; af tha lower haSa. Thoat Heado^avtara. maa would have haea thaa ordtoartty oo the alert tt he bad atom them gUateaing la the remote raaiaa. MM tho detective pnaeaa oa toward tha ftroet. thoayaa ad* Tanoed akog the dank of the ball, and ta tha faint glow at a lewond goo-Jet at tha foot of oae/of the higher fttohta of etaira, thanbeoame vlatble hohiad a Waaler pert of tha two Orlomtala at that momoot detattaed ha the Wert Thirtieth ttroet ttotfoa^ The owner of tho eyea, whne Brim watted dowa- •tain, aa quleklv and tar mora quoatlj wont np. Brlta taraod ah) atapa toward *• Mulberry gtroot hi hia on odtoa, after a gUnoe Into Maantofa room that ahowed him It waa empty, ha ©til- ed Dr. fitch oa tho UWphoaa aad made aa appomtmaot to moat blaa m two honra hi the bor of the HoUaad Houaa. \Itw oae of tha ouletoat plhoaa m Manhattan.\ oald tha detaoUre, ^aad I want to talk to yon vary prlvmUly. They are not Ukaly to .know me thare.\ Brita puabod a bottoa, and whon a Haada^aartara attamdaat appaored, aant him for the Oontral Office nana, whom, next to almoatt, he trmitad moat. -Bend down to Burleo'a plaoe to an hoar aad a half, Rowaon,\ aald Brttf to tho other detectlva. N HoH hare a hundred f acatmUea of a letter atoned Millloent. Have ae many man an pat- •tale gat buay among tha hotalo. I want to trace the woman who wrote that ahmataro. They will have to look through every ragtttnr for a row pact Ifa got to bo done tlwrooj^ly, nad 1 want tt dona qukkly. Hera, m give yon a hot,- aad ho haedly acrtooW tha naaaea af a half-onadrad aoatohrlea-J of a ehma aneh aa ho thought tho fair native land, attpped through the door- way, crawled aeroja the Intervening apace between tho thraahokl aad the oamera, whJaked tha MllHeant note from tho board, and aa aflently made hie aaeape before Bartan had replaoad tho cork la tho bottle. By the time Detective-Lieutenant Brits waa en- veloped la the fog of tho •toam room, that tittle aoto waa la the pomamlan of the 8waml and Prince Kananda. aad thoae wortbiee wore atndytag tt ao awlfOy and ao prottably that are Brlta took hie cold pmage, the aaga and tha Maharajah'a eon made a awlfter, deeper dire toward the heart of the Muwlonor myatoiT. It waa aa a reealt of what they learned from Milboeot'a mlaatvo that tho gwaml aad tho Frmee want aoparatoly to tha af Dorm Mend. It of tha tare man „_„_, J epumd him ao ateotively that at tho hundred lapreaatona were toady wdma Bawaon sent for mam. Half an hour tfmrward, a* aaaay detoatlvm warn enmparlng tha aatftoaa priata with the algnaturei of att me BBWoemto In tha reaiatera lot Mow York, mom vahlonable homm. fHta. aa fit aa a nodm oAar am far- bottag. walked brtakly to the aaarWe kmoy of the Holland Bomaa aad lam- ad fitch in tha bar. That hotel ta ant natronlaed by the Bright fight t*. oaa reason being that'll rtWgfr**\ Ion were in tho onto whoa trim aad\ fttfh draped uoamntfm owoK ano end vra hoao# a^mVa^. asoBm aPmgmmma glaBg9tm>BI eeM drinks tn paaetuooon of talk, oaralng the dotage, attamciortstlea, nod atato ot mind of Cortia OriawoM. The third leanlt ot hOUkemt'e little lattar and tha Baaternors' Joint vtatt to the Fifth •mmaa hamvom, waa their daoh m aemarato cabs to a bach- elor apartment hi a aide street Juet ot Central Park, whera, ahortly after their aorersi arrtvala. they ware In tmdr lamt awsttom \Tmi mmi wxm^hwvwtostnymttoToaam loaaan Tm ^*«>ri»g anloaa wa a atrofco of bad lack, rm pamlod on one aetot, howwrar, and thnTa what 1 waated to am yon abeat, Vhot do yon know about Braxtea Bandar \I know ke'a all right.'* fttoh re- plied. *0ne of the heat awor. M \Kmm him long?\ .. yeara. I wm fortanato m the eaaa of a brother of km, and that 'tdreaaa at —. _ ._ J.eiraa-MWnaMthnt mn-ather fallow wm iiail«ahtnd1> wm- J^dPjt m always ntof^.BmgannV 1 '\ ^t*efl. anayne ho doeev\ e^ trton wea> •ewanvwaaa i»i oaamrfmf'm aw townoy tfeJeMdi Bfe, mda '\ ~ Sa coo 'lp nlayad rwea. r^Bnewn m«aw_ amromlhrtt^worahaadod am gyiawipnmpa^o* fl^Bwt W amor an tjV B^ag^eiaaW\ * emommym* amp/ n mtoap mtth tho Oran^lapw to ~\ oat a tattoo; who wm after Urn • \Toa talk at At your eiperlaooe to ooBm oafomm/o aaPBrn* wwupmTm/ oaoB BBBoml aT M^oawa) owaolB|nmmaa|(i •Never bom to love to my Bm tabo,\eaid rbaao ayaa m mar hood and'omv bo» eBB^gaWnwmwo: ta m Mr „ ., ^_ , ,, jajgrtharww 1Bat~ ao|t' In. :'dan| : earn, handh •k^tmi Mm. mmamaoT^MaVoe amoh aa f av emaomo atoammmmmma^aaj; ^ emmnamm nap ammwamm wmr ^m* amnnan. BM'waBhmbladlhmbawam^^ win am miaa. I doaffr onow whyhm dldaX hut I to know mat day ho learned of Bor that „___-, Whale BaBmg. ^, tar a attbht ammaL'lhaj ^w^ ^*^ oPrw^mTP^OA ^^^^^^m\m . w^^^ t fh^nmmjgam^dMMna^tk^A f^ dB^fBBJ •• \or™\\\^™ir\ ^^'\^ \-dtoBmB> .^wmnaf > ] bt^ nnam and mlltui, ' ^_ ^ a vague tense that tho ecrap J Paper would be otlmmedtato raiua 2 a clue to the Brahmln—that If he ** a aot Intercepted It, the acholar by J? w ^ould have been close upon the wseovtry 0 { tb » t ^^0,1^ It romaln- Zl ! BrltS! Wraaelf to ascertain the 5Eity and whei«abouU of Millloent J^ re the Oriental prisoners could JJJaunlcato with their chief. Thorn ****** worn aafa enough for tha MflBoaat mtoht patronlaa. \What ttem win 1 mo year naked Rawaca. \If rmnot back In three houra. rn call 70a up,* aald tho detective. Thau, having arrived at a panne la tho parnuk of thajawale, ha haatoaed to a Turkish bath, whera, being a lit- tlo weary from much metropolitan journeying and muscle-bound from lorn of Bleep, ke had hlmaalf baked, steam- ed, chilled, kneaded, and noaadod Into shape. The great datecttvVa Indulgence in that luxury all unknowingly gave to tho other aide aa advantam to the race for the Mlaatonnr Jewaia that well might prove fatal to hia anocam. Long bafora Brlta reached tha hot*eir room tot ayaa who had passed him to the hall of the tumhM-dowB loft building waa at the door of Burton's worknhop, straining tho angle of his vision to fol- low tha photo^ufraver at work. Thorn gttttorlng eyea foreuaed their gam through the keyhole on a piece ot pa- per which Burien bad fastened with thumbtacks to a board, and which, In tho glare of aa arc lamp, confront ted a big camera with a powerful lenn. Al- though the eyea followed Burton w wall an they could about tha room, their owner WM not ao much Intonat- ed la the artlaan'e activity M ho waa la tha email whlto sheet of paper on which he could discern linen traced In a woman'! hand. Patiently waited the owner of tho eyes. He waa of » race that had cultivated patience through the centuries, goon or late, undoubt- edly, the man Inside would go from the bench beside that great white light to another part of the room. A few yarda would suffice for tho man With the eyea, and even whllo Brlta atlll was talking to B&wson in Police Headquarters, Burien briskly covered thoae dosen or ao f eeutp get a chem- ical In the row of bottles in the rack at the far and of the shop. The man outside, crouching until he waa little higher thaa an upreared cobra of bia WM a'Counterpart of the Two Orion tela Imthmlormi 'One*wt_ . Jul, tha eeppooedly devoted re- tamer of the rich Mra. For tha aaoond note to Ctortm Orm- wald that tall lata tho bands of Hiidooa tha one Prtoce tereeptod at tha door of the Fifth Ave- nue mansion ta which tha great mil wm held—was written on a letterhead that revealed to Nandy and tha Bwami an address they very much de- sired to know. Had that address found Its way to Dctectlro-T Jeutoaent Brlta as aooav It would hart anted htm much delay, and would hawo tparad a large part of tho ejty*e detective force the necessity of a laborious search through Manhattan*! hotel regmtara. Burien wan one of the moat aston- ished young men tn tower Manhattan when, turning from bin row of bottles, he found the note entreated to him by Brits had vanished. At Brat bo as- sumed ba had f aatenod tt carelessly aad that It had fatten to tha floor. A quick hunt ahowed him he wm wrong. He extended hia eeerch to every part of tho room, and tt WM not until he had disturbed the dust of ages that he realised the ecrap of paper actually wm gone. Hie aenaatlona following that iwallsatlon ware not of the pleaa- anteat. Brlta was one ot his beat one- tomera, and he knew from the deteo- tive'a eernestnees tho note waa of ex- ceptional, Importance. It solaced him only in part to find on taking the plate from the camera and putting ft through a developing procem that the lens had done Its work more faithfully than he. He held In hia hand a perfect duplicate of tha latter. That would not satisfy Brlta, of course, hut It waa better than it would hare been If the note had diaappeared before the photo- graphing was complete, Burien hast- ened to subject the little plate of cop- per to the acid bath, and ae the minute points of the halftone came out with gratifying distinctness, the young man rejoiced that he at least wm able to produce tha facsimiles tho Headquar- made mo pretty solid with tha waoie family. Braaton baa dome ma several good tarne.'' Ton think that square look of hm la not a treat, thenr Inquired the de- tective. \No mlaVthe doctor, who talked at hw ease with tha detective than ho would have dreamed of doing with nay af hie fashionable patients. M Hc's tha goods/\ \Well rejoined tha aleuth* Tm glad to hear you say to. I don't mmd telling you ho made mo a nttle aus- picious this evening. I moat ear that for an honest maa hia attitude wm n little queer.\ •m what wnyf* \Well said Brlta, \he wouMnt let me eee a Mt of paper that might have helped ma a whole lot in this matter; and tost for a moment I began to won- der whether ha waa aa eager to have tha MUahmer mystery solved as ha pretended to be.\ \TnerVa no pretense about Braxton aanda,** mid Pitch very paattlYely. \He does want tale thing straightened out, and he wouldn't do anything to any way, If ho could help it, to hinder you.* ; Brlta thm told the physician mora fully how stubborn : Sands had been In regard to the note tha millionaire himself had taken from one of tho Hindoo burglars. Ill admit it seemed strange,\ aald Pitch. \But if you go on the assump- tion there la anything wrong behind It, you'll lose your point Sands la as square as they make 'em.\ \You don't think, then,\ asked tho detective, \it la possible his infatua- tion for Mra. Misaloner would lead him to do anything to queer hia riv- als r \Moot assuredly not,\ replied Fitch. \In the first place, he Is not infatuat- ed. Braxton Sands ta genuinely to love with Doris Mlssloner, and he la the kind of man. who knows the aort of woman ha wants. In tho- neat knowing tt. tt they hadn't Miss Holeomb, arteweed aughttfthawe shown bin hand awatalhjA \Have you any other oi Idem) a I\ asked tho doctor. Ba appmred to ho grattaed by tho trend et tho bra's thoughts. \Several tstoga.\ aadd Brlta. of our Wall Street mem telbr mt half a dosen tnqutriea about OriawoM hare teat to tho flnaarial •goiolen lately. I had that ead worked up, aad I found out GHswold had ad by a hear, raid.\ \Hurt mnchr* 1 \Pretty badly. Ho tried hard to mil a block ot suburban rami estate \fhcee thing* am ooly straws, how* aald tho doctor. \Of courwe, well have to have muck more eub- atantlal evidence bafora wo anything.\ \Well for one thing,\ returned Brits, \I expect to know to a fow houra Just where tho dlamonda are. At any rata, bow they were token out of the city, If they are hot la Now York. I've got, ft,hundred man work- ing the hotels to find out, and If yooll coma down to Headquarters with tot la n little while you can eee the re- sult\ Tha detective stopped short ta kda words aa Curtis GrlsWold entered tho bar. The clubman went to the cigar counter, lighted a cigarette, and by the Impatient gesture with which he snatched It from hia lias aad throw it to the floor, he betrayed the fact that be had applied the flame to the cork tip. Hia manner waa nervous, bis face slightly drawn, and his hand trembled as ho took another cigarette from the case and once more puffed at It in his staccato fashion. He did not see Brits and Pitch, m they wore at the other ead of tha bar. \Oct me a messenger!'' Grlswold aald to the bartender, aad aa the maa pulled the crank of a call box, the clubman took a card from his pocket and wrote a fow linen hastily upon tt. I't'k^f wlu rttei ami et his .;;.. In uemmmoe of mat ama' ••* av»»^»^^^^»ww ^p» epw^er awe*eep> ^ lea #tnm.d> ' mmhmmmomhmBemn.' • VBw^^^^ w - ____^ r tho Benomiaiiie amT hwT-*toe^ t sH that was kmymf ^' Miniomt &tllajtoajm\ Mia. Detareohe> -a widow OT divorcee tho cowld not-teU. h^ Imd boaw h> hotel seroral mohtha; aha baa oaa tho moat loxurtom aadtae la tha ' bwihttttf, aad aao atomot to be tttoUy awppBed wtth imnoy. att gowns ware jos^sweas, 'aid' w^bjsl 'afth'' wm» oar, n won m sm eejeume aroaaav. am she hwpt m the hotatH gawoge.'/-• mra. Dolaroebe had few vhdhw% Tae araax ireqmoax'waa a 'Bmn:'emm|i town who mat niaay re»m e^ amf* bmtm of bonhoaj to hntottf| smrf» amat Did tho iiiliiiiijSftWlBr htmf (Buyea. If hto aato* was at say veal • tayoa^aaoa to thai tstotro gator, tho manager dM not »BM toB tog-tt What was ft? Wby/^wm Mr. Oriswo»d--*t>rtm Ortswold. aeero tory ot the iraejtom Trust eon^ahy, aad a leading anember of tha Bb^tml awtctah, - t CBO MB' 4*m*IMUgoaA 3* *m; fjl

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