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The Republican agriculturalist. (Norwich, N.Y.) 1818-18??, March 18, 1819, Image 2

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A '' A M '\ ‘\ f!%ere tiierh / dntlk . -~-~ T / ter & ii -mij € ivntry > . \ T i r O R S D A Y , HAHCH IS, 1819, ' u w ^ ' m . - A h . w z w m i % . Tf;e (VieadBof tlie Adstimfetraljon 4jr« rt. <|uPFte{l to tn«. et at the House of Mask S teer iu ’lhe riliag'e o f ‘Norwich, on THB^fDAY ihe 23(1 day of HardiJosiMnit, for ther (turpose cf selec ting suitable persons to rejiresent the •Count)’ ia.the irestt Asseinelj|| atulioeonctn In tilt* NoniinatkiO of two’iSMBnllcrrs tcrepresen'jstfanger [ q every virtue which wili not assist JESSE B B E t - S T A t E PRINTER. the HkCrict. .vinOl der to oWmn a fair and genteral etc ppossioft of public serUiment, tl has “feecn thoiislu advisa-Me to dispense with the usual jTiode of proce eding by Delf gallon, leaving the cTioice of representatives in the innnoedr •»’te power ofa General Meeting. ?t is there* Jore fosiddentty expected that all who appre ciate tile- repiihrican privilege of csereisiiit^ €()ual rfghts,,wii( he prompt iiirheiratteadaaice . HASCALL HANSFORD, JAMES THOiMPSOM, . JUDAH BEMENT, .^JEZEKJAH BROWN, JtiH N RANDALL, YViLLlAM MUNRO, For iwo £>r three weeks wc Ijave beard In- luii'ics. about the new'tone\yf (be State P«bi vu*—^why RIr» Bnsr.- should abandon the stale adtninis£ration r&c. The circumstance d the Argus’ being consfcleted an <^cro/,jia[jer, jaatboriiics the answers we are about to make Mr. Buel’s friendship for all' adroinisStm rions, is,'and ever has been, governed by acj aritbinalieal •computation of Joss and getin He is stisecptifefe o f no fidendsbip which does promise to pamper his avaricc-^he is depf to, ah reasoning ivbicb is not based upon thri substantial argument of mterestj andissl ' ..... h% The dloi'n o f mntuat hope, w“hich had co«?| The huifdlng: was crjjureti (o (be amom centra ted tlie forces of opposition was nor. stranded; their conflicting interests could he [no longer advanced, by the union, and a dis* l|solutioni was the next 'quest ion in order, fllre party retired in sections, each squad bearing off ilS' proper share of disgrace leaving their non-elect Govecnor to give if tw coty Iboti^ftncl dotjtftis. Thi8 hOwiiRfal edifice, thus reduced to i m.pu of mins, cost the society U|>W»rd« c/gMtl thousand do flan. ‘(up the sfvip” or fight his battles single handed. l-fom the Hudson to the Lakes, « iiere Jesse Buel basely deserted his patron bttve » law passed Accordingly at the pres, in the “ hour o f inhukUton. . In. |>lace of p ij-ryY .pjyjg MAJOHITY; foe, maid leflectiug an honorable retreat, holdbg fest|ti,e whole cnoab Root iu>d his TanmiB March 9. “ ALL j . l o n HOBBTES1 ” fl’he lactioua managers must have bata mea gre ophiion of (he usHhrstamling e f tli€ pen |i|e o f tbiscomit) ir H i'y think to clipnf.'then' out of tlu ir votes t»y raising *a lii'(v(icrif(bal| clnntour aliout ” Higb f»a1 irles.” W' e are de ciih’dly opposed to over'frroivn sals dr’s and v-ill sta ll tijurK protest against them; hu: we witi iK^t ivink at the conduct of' a set oi and<3cprav« his h e s t t ; u n d the uttei- h „ „ „ e r , worfd teonlv a ifnent of every good sentiment or feeling, keeps proper pace with the accuwmubtionj j f his goods, wares and niercfaandilzcd, ^ Thp political con rse and character of Jes •se Buel, h fcjiulsive and sickening. He h abject, mercenary, bypooritical and treath- erou.s, lYe know that these terras are h'arshl 'roliljCHl speenUfors, who call (be rpop!c|cursoryex|!oseof hiscoriiplicated^ together amiappear before them v i hscrioof looking phiz, long sper-cbes and divers pro­ fessions of patriotism-^preachfcgahouttrorrui' men and high salaries, while their-sole olfli c: •is lo build tfimiselvesinto power. The nicnj ■who got np (lie hobly rtseeiing of the 25;r ^,..*dfiino,{!o not care a fig about Uic sraladcs— pu» ib^rn inU' otTve ai-d we VPfiiurtMo sav (hat Ihcy u ill p»>cket a round saliu-y Withou: making wry !ac(-s or tietraying any vv{»rking- of cpsisficiscc; ih(\ir gr< edy paws tvouhl h( crowded as lur inlo the Tre*^sury ks to lengilwn hiSjsMm-. His.Jsrealitotsb aUacb-j raents freeize uH the.prit)dples of-'honour aneij patriotism, into a cold, unfeeling, selfish love! of paltry gain. All his facuUiea are npoi; the tack foi'the attainraent o f pelf—his.wbole soul is absorbed in- avarice— his esclusive idol is GOfji), and he bows at its unhallcnved shrine with an industry which njasrors tlici devotions nf Croesus. A s he progresses in wealth, ho degenei'ates'in principb-^the in creases to Bis treasure, illiberalizes his mindj to his allegiance,, rO-nniting bis associates («nd espousing anew the cause o f - .hiii hat Mr. Buel is most justly chargeable with Tonipkisis— ^rvas the hearty advoc-ate oi [Quklisjn— the fulsome mlulator of Apostacyj •ud the mnlignant annthcraatizer of exein- )iai and ini'iiiiigsf for some Iwcfve pr fifteen years piasU • ^ -When t he rejniblican party of this state] was rcjit und distracted by the insidious ad jerants of Morgan Lewis, Buel was founeJ •n tbe coiincil.-and a felLw-worker with tijej most clamorous of the the terbulcnt spirits, He luboarcd for a dismemberment of tlu !pai ly.arid was associated with the very dreg.- of allllieBiclions which had previously cnc naced the republicans of-tbis state. He couivl inin<l.‘5 arc mnv iiiyolvetiiucalia! «h hilrt'anue \^elr^ing-hand o f the paukest Feder-| T l..p W » n..«<p 01 liici i,.4 t a * ,r™ « o ,,li,in-r«cipiorak.<a siiolimeivfs ivilU the bill rowH-, o.Hl ar.je.-.lou, of ll« ilbpo „f.G.orge Clinton nnd 'Gov.- Eihon (0 confer it upon them — T hey dcbpau of (>.vr r becoming KTpjit men by quietly tvaidrii- ItM the pwi>](‘ c.v!t for (hem, so they have s'e'*] thenaselves about dlitainirig the {sriae hy s'eahh.— Buf, we tell you ngaiii, gt o<3enie}. it woni (to-.^—such slippery tricks ivout “ -p vtis Uur stoteiuf ii( (lisit (he salary imeditg vvi an clcv.liii*neei'si.ii: hoirhy.ht'rsc, luis be» ■ denied. A( (he (lis.e, the managers very gr.ivt'ly dvehtmf that that meeting; had i,. refprenCr to (lie tuction—indeed, (hey wtr surprised (lint such an intimalion blKnild I ■ made— a (hvught so foreign to (be real ohier had not dared ro lulrude itself into (Ire! r dtsio torestetJ it indst—it vvastlie peojitc^ri weliar they were kindly looking after—Oiey woui. relieve the county of its btmheiis—iio inter ested or selfish motive actuated them ! t ‘^Y < general ion of vipers,” such stale, dcc-eptiro exifaits flic nakedness of your veracity. II ow doe** thei following extract of aJetler written hyoiieof (he Managers and published in th'- Albany Argus, (ally with the professions (be), made lo the uteeihig ? \neeting vms ptmEnv political , audl “ it dfcidi-,% in my opinion, the poUlititl char- “■ elder o f the comiy. Great merfluns mere made brj the Clint07nans. Depend on it, we ghe a ‘majority jieeei ■ Where no«r |» ijii A faetoi’, he darthsddilro, chufllcddf hi> integ4n (he Banal, so. tong «« ftiBousl rity, hbandohcd his frieneV sit a s h o r t b y the Jnnfo Wo^^ pejoiee thu If™ « , « jlio hypoctiital stool of- repop- raoce, and played o f the force oDpoliiicaf lmt oarreprcaemiktitrei breath the s*mc iw! conz&nioti^ by rB-apqststizing over to the ^‘rtloup, [cause h e had before deser ted and disbouoreidf ,, , ABP-OINTMENTE Pet hups soine cterftable reader may ask By-.(he ImoraUe i h C$unvit o f M p y lntm m Iwhether'MivHuel had not good reasons for ' : ; ■ BHKitlFF'S,. , - deserting Morgan Lewis, and attaching bim-T - LansevoorL self to the repiiblican party ? He had*- lu Aw uftdersfandhig of logic, the reason.'-; were cenriusive* The malterwas pondered [thus ;r— W eare down* The party is Ohe»aogo,—lYtlliam Mmiro, Dvhnvare—Martin R^eclcr.- . jeffersoa— A o I m « Trowbridge T%#i Jo* ephJCIark resigufU.. Gtiego -PasclTsI l?rAniclloh . Putiiaiii‘-*JSilwerd Rttclcb#e, Seneca— Jebiel B* Halley; Clerk;'viefe j . a x? . HHas Halsey; fesigwed, Obarfos P. gmitk minor corisiderabon-wtre the FoJfDS not ex-• V bausled) our caiise is hopclessij ray ^wrk* Cheneago—Fereii RAtwIel!, clerk; David strings W'dl forght their oMce ifl/jaborjor-^; ; Aaaon Cary comais. [.such bad pay. The rcpublicaris are hberai; Mailaon— Aaron Bsker, William iVfajcoIm and magnaniraoii^. J canaifeci regrets fot Bran R, Bakfr,.WitUain P- Cleveland, 'l^he- abandomitp then-in their adveisuy. 'rtev Will restore rae to tbeir confidence and par* Jonaiban iS renioved from the and oppvo|«oiis ;- and w*e likewise keoidronage; where 1 shall not only retain the \va-j jiiffice of justice ki-t©reeue. ges of my rperfidioiis desetqiGn,, hut partief themi 'I'hat h'& triminrag duplicity aiKijpate the fruits o f their persevWance and ifi-j(N, J.j on WedaesdayThT'n^^ jvaricror^^ ghillony, m a y b e ’known andexe - - . .r, crated by every good man, we will go into a; (offther to have your Noses eeiraled. and a deiiounccd— hlorgan Lewi|. eulogized arid reinrn made to Albany of (he number |) . 'Pompkiris abused. ■ ■were imposed on hy the salary strnlagetn ! ! Wf pray you will road (he ahovp exfrarl ae-ein, and then say whether iiarefaoeti ajihiry[ S|»i culatf-rs are worthy of confidence? Such pi jfid artifioes are the fruits of ni«wiirxeas and *beir iuuctive lelhergy converted into a bald pr dg -ey The leijter sii)s'‘ grc-al exerllons \vi re tnaeje by the Clintoniatis.” Here L faUchnod added to decepiron. The Ciinto- riians made rro exeliiou.s. A few iittlt vi dual.'i' who were acquainted wifh lhrii',nio»jlvlt’ de.rh; inch^q pftied in by chance. ^[ €iveiliem\ mope mougtiit .^Ct ly repuUicans. This beggarly union oi juitis, iip'osfates and federali.sfs triumphed U was a dark day for -Flew-York, and goor (KU weie exIrtQicly apprehensive that OI iiijipy and iilegittawte fl'uits would grow oi. ■vfsuch forced, uniiafurfd and incongriioufj onnexitriis, Various extraordinary ont-'pirrd to -bring (ogether * nugh. of tbr ■•ihjecls of-caprice, e-nvy, ambition aod mal vC, to preponderate against the best into-' rests of (he state. The genial cause pf te-] publicaoism was laid as prostrate as the tow •er o f Siloaftj. Duel, and the other 'fienfb of discojd and confusion, brooded over this [scene with demoniac satisfaction. Anotlaer caropaign opened; The repnb*| iicans rallied their discumfited brethren, audj [crowded a round the standard of political vir* tue. 1>,tNrai- D. ToMrxiNS, was again re- -ommeradecl to his feliow-republicans asmeH sting their eonliden.ee, and qualified tpoeGU- py (be chair of .slate. . The same fragments] )f opposition were drilled into alliance, and lO'rayc'fl against him, Jesse Buel ■was again Uevp ia a solution of the salary ineelio\: (lone of tltcir organs— the amalgamated far- So good people of Chenango, yo!'i‘w«r<> called {ions vere again applauded and I’epublicxira- The ..x.Jjimij Degider,inspeahmg ofdLC\.if.>.xm heals; and thir(y .more .are 'buildmil 'Opposition io ihc Adtniiiisii'at'irrii^ wakes thefol- ijj,j |](iar|y eompletedj for,the same naviga*; 'iowmgtriCcandjniliciousrmarks. (um. Allowing each boat to make th “ Si pee lUfSe men have Cunu-'out and ai v<iy ages in a year to New-frrleansf at tli rayed lliemselves as a party, in oppositTt>n 1‘- present rat« of freight anil passage; the i# our repuhlican state adfisuiistrodoi., it is hoped mine of sixty one boats is estimated at tM causeThey vnll co-isdesc. nd, to point out (be evilf rnormoua snni of 152,550600 per annunn rhieb tlioy propose to remedy, .If (hey gtilf Wliat a vvorld o f industry, enferptize, aefiv- '■l&im (u he. lepubiicsn-; it heUAves them ((Vaiul productive ness.—N At.. I nt . ■ (ate fiAly their creed; that, t he people may l-.now in what essential points (hey rlifiV-r {Voii.] The spell which had biToie enervated tbr pow cfof rcpuhlican.s was (hen broken.— riietr slumbering zeal avus renovated, anil determiiialion lo defcitt the machinations ofj |-iohllral brigands.-—The)f thddefeat .them D aniel D . T o te’Xi.v.q was railed to presk1e| over lliiB tleslinie.s of our rejo'eing state- (U.S reimhlicafi fellotv-ritizens felicilated [thcoiseL'es «[>Qn the nuspicjous event, and checriuliy returned to their domeslic culL he suhject nexfwee'k. The Aesrj nejm Fmn. {he Mlbany rKegisl“r* HLOJUOHS V O T E I testion ha* up in the Hooee whether the state o f N e w f o| Ish&ll tndke the whole o f (he oaex’i' weGteti H compeers were lefUo enjoy their motiifi©G'l« if-- A ifApG R Hoo.-^W»s hnlc-hefed at Gra nge Lcgrity.” Such reasons, vvitli a Witiinate B o g when uUve ^ iP. : , ^ . weigbmg 798, and When dressed 6h7ll>3, |ofLprii)g<>f sordid avarice, vvove-trresistably ,vi,|ch -k believed to b p jh e largest ever convinckg, -Hd therefore obeyed the sten* butchered in the countj^ of Essex, This hog (orbn voice of interest, and meianaorphosed and i( v. iU ' ' t>e ©pen by calculation, that he grew ti 7 lbi. him. 5 Glf ifdo a republican o] the genuine over a lb. a day from'the'time he was born school-; and that muight may be-set down ill k> (be irme lie wa* hutc?hered.-‘-NEtVAatt mahee, we freely admit,that fot‘several sub* years, he-puUished a respectablerepublicar.) -NEwiroxoir, M arch 2 . court of oyer and terminer w bicti if « s the only act of M,-. BueP. q - p “ %„-:S ‘ 3 ILtical battering and trc-acheay, we wouldof this weHi. The five prkooew-committed most cluerfully shadeTt vilh the mantle oi .border have all been indicted Th® oblivion. 1 , .ho.W po.into,he, rbaos of forgetfulness, ft is not, bowever. Friday ^afternoon, andwus continued over tS 4 solitary abberation which he has lo answer'hb I'N* undersfond ihat ifom I „ - « , . I j . iinpearftnee of the testiiuoTir, there pros T he foregoing IS but a prelude to more, of the convietiou of nil the pierso -.rod nMgtvifieci abaudorimcntsof -party, prin- charged with t-he murdtr of Mr. Jenrting*. ciple, confidence, duty and friends. J I xdex . Mr. EuePs elevated'and resnanslblG Situav . tiou, renders the investigation o f his conduct] - AS'xoSi.sHtNO F acts . lath e yoarlSllj p e e k .- ,- toa.*«.in,a, Sod \ are now in full tide of Buccers on the Missil-i bippi ami itsbribulxry s(mi«ii; THiRTV-oNl -4 the ini-n wlituit tlu-y have forsaken; end (« bheiv irlu reiulhe chief magifttrate ha-s devin- ted from republican principh s, As yet they tippearto ben party without a inofive* It b {inped that by a fiiH ,deve{opBmj'(it of (heir erceiltlhey w ill arqaire a name, a siatnp fu;(j impress., f'^y winch they can be more properlv known thcin by that of tm(rjMBr,BToNiAjirs. FHIB PH ILADFLPM A: 'We regret (o announce the (Ifstmction o{ thrt AJasosiic: HaH-^one of the most spacieusj 011(1 splehfitd hotldings inthe city of Fbiln- jlclpiiia. The oonfiagraiiorjon Tuesday eve* fling, 'The lolti»uingqi-arUcuhirs of (lif eve ti aio, t.opicd froiu the Phitadelfi-iiia Gazette o yeatcrilu) ; ' “ About 8 oViock iaet eveui iig-j fire broke Out in the Alasonic Mall, a s j.i ions and Ix^aiitiful huihiihg ou (he north shb ..... ..... of GtiBfaulj between .STeventh. and EighlltjKVier so degr.Kled an aecrorafioo; it Is .hijf.8 ■?trei Is. Il «<ummem*cd in the lower story or U'-dl room, B)n| appears to have oviginatefi trotn a detV'ct ivr G kn . J.vcicsoii,— At (he late dinner Baliiinore given in honor of Gen. JacktSOH ihe SMi toast was as follows; Gen. Jackson.— Who, like the Carthagen in warrior passed the prohibited boutids of a i iwiuy to close with him at home“-»and Itk rtannibal tho victorious in the field, destinedi to ho assailed In the Sertete, On winch Gfen, Jackson addressed Ih iresident at! fotlowa: ' “ What 1 have done, sir, yras for my coiliri (ryt Oonsoiuus that the first object of tnf' Uear( has ever been to advance our prosperity and bapriness, to receive the. approbatiotl d my felJovv cltizehxia to me a eoufee oftht bi^hpsl. gratification—it is the highest rewad, 4i'a soldier! -.Not only my public acts, blit my jirivale character have been as.«lfed; h«ve l)f-*n charged wi-ii jtcrsonal, mercpneri^j view's, in occupy Jiig Ftorida. I ^^cofn to ftti* (is it is'^hsurd, and could ordy origimite In bP; xuus. destitute of every manly |j civi’k in the c.b'unm'.y, hyjtuive ,mj tea? hut my country ,vvvU do o,„ fi-a >«i«v “■ l iiovv, sir, beg leave to give Tim isrh apd 13th HeptemLev toys on which.freemon dc;^^(e (5 {he. conqiH'f’j •'rs of Europe, and imCei' fheprdfci (vailnjr; {o the star spa.nglcd bKiiiief'’ saved Baltiniordf Icora incenflitiry polutiv n. The 9)-Ufiol)o ric Observer, in giving a state' of the trial c*r \ o i i Abtine, conrhi.'lnl -viih sayiivT;, ^Ole h:ts .since .confessed tN irrlmr, :i»d rrlatcd the cirfuin.stancc.s. -Tl« wiioif; t.r:ul wir.bhi'-^ r.cnlb»,rori will be pulb vbieh si'nrk? from the, fire phlce most ba.v t'ornaaiiirofiteif to die wood vr-otk— The ^^r .^tr.U(Uirc clement had so comjdrtcly iusinun <e(l if-seif liis’tMigb the recesses of tlie house ibeiore ilieuiurm vvas sgreudj tiuit all !-dtertit»te| ‘o extirsguiso if were iut'(Tec!lud.“-**'Y'hiaiiot'S( buittlhiK, an (ornament to the cVy, and ttf-- .Vv-.-j. of .BeiU'vnlence. soon brc«Ql!-M.!)s>eh''p*-(! {(-j loop sheet of Idazr; prosentiiig a s|)( otacf. .'{{ually gram! & awful . About hid!' p^si 9’o cit'-Vk tin* steeple foil in, adiiiag fo.- i, mnuifti't to (lift tcn’.btegraiidein'o( the scera' Most nf thefuruHure, am! tmiilemeuts of .fh. Ylaacuin nr( vvj.<i.» v«d ‘ y tbr act;-, ] -»f the breibrcii; r.n.l wear': happy t G.d.ir.Fs speorh, (u ho w;r, ,j| A that no aeckdriiis o f a serk-ua njtQre \ .ro ,Jb’iT!\ j and j.t.’di'c dj-'rucf.t's- 1 ! . > Ion itfo oetut3Lru ' [mu sentence can be ^’uTviud bopT jr,qi«.}!|. jiiHl.r-i] inra nntrrohlrt; and ’irsoeh p c;<f i PROPERTY Q’F DNIVERS ITY . OF. ROCHESTER O R I G I N A L S T A I N E D

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