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The Republican agriculturalist. (Norwich, N.Y.) 1818-18??, February 04, 1819, Image 5

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I l i .. - ■ ;. ,- 1|' ■. . ■ ,v^ ^ i- ' \ ' ' . ......... - - - . . • : ^ V: ^ . f. ■> C W ’m i . . . - :/r^.:j: .:. .„c.^ ■ .:. . „ t \ 'ii'. '\;'^]; J: r'.r^:-- '\ -V' ;.'j* ■T* ^ijBT«*rtixiW /:: V'i^: 'y*i \H' ^ IBTffn AvShiTlT^ina lu.-^ ftiti^t)| imnuant to ^ d | ^ A n « ^ i\am' I5r Ittr, I^VDIt:;^^ \v.«4 '■’■ ■■ajpHs^.w ^■4 TbtMUTOft} reir4^^ liiftted flri» **Calsa} III nres^ tie Cttintetcd « ari»i^ fron iSi^ fi^wiUe iwrces, 16 V e i^d ttljB V — l^licidiiM lt n*oOafMi(u^ io tlie westeiw district^:\ j|ft,i 4*axoiit{etiiilM ilpaieM |ti% t » % 9 « i j» o f ^ | i a f |j e f n |i t i i ^ a t . ! ^ ■' qidrtl% l9' to tdfmr alleg»unG« to i N f & la^fi »io4^liicli; w eoMtem^tlon a Jto time, (tKinj^ t ) ^ but of its i tif iJif* prtcticdt <|pffatlbn V« fcav^ yet to team # 0 * * ^ anyone liel In­ to,-&:ioi iotim i «.* !l *1 |2 f M D ll.* :! in die wetteim dM({%ty 1[*axoiiiaeBAboalj j[>teidend oa ireiteniiibiidi gfttioiiccn^iij^ - ■' ■' ♦ U O roO K jD e r. 7. T k ee^»>er«/‘J M a « i d tHeduke of iFti In ibe wring Wion.-«>We !u»ve great nlcaiure in pubhsb (^ tW( Cana) iiig. from ■^ . . i-Yoik Stale folloisiOff 1 ^ •W p ir..5<K M K )0^lbf% c a lc o tothe dwii i*iaww ^bo are Iwt tbe t n o g ^ . ^ * LQ TiiC grann rcnaiyic v| ^ e lejg^lfdadve Oo H » Majesty^s enirince iiito tlte hall of af siutagj thtr w h ^ a u e u ^ y roiM^ oot:over* la days, e 4 and greeted the t»o«i4K;|^ wiib exclama' lions of ri>< fe R o il The king being sektiidon tbe throoo, batr* ■ng on Ilia ligbt Iftoiwieur and tbe Duke |Orleam>aadon his M Ibe Duke De 6ej r% ddresscd hituself to tliU Pcers-arwJ desired i hem to be seated 5 and the Cbahcellor, in His Majesty’s Mme, gave the ^n»e permis- !ana) iog. from »n autlwotic'wunmunication, ibe -*ion tolhe deputieSi . c o d d i d ^ t^ale forionfingintemd^aiii^dotc, so bonorablt t'Ks Majesty then delivered the following. Speech t . Gentirmeiij At Ibe r'iWninenccmeiil of the last fcasion. ^ d f the fund would norjobjects of it r V ^ flKbOjE^ .^ t e fa-ybot before the first ‘‘When the, c n p e itir Alexander ai'med St Aix*la Chajjelfe, fwhicb was in (he middle we all deplored the evils which weighed so 2oo^uoo doilai's. of (he night,) aftcHlie late grand mlliiar) re- heavliy on our countnyi #lH^te^|iiib|% laade-, f a U h ; wew u^«ji^ljncl#«6fikJtti impeiisl majes- 1 had tl^ satisfaction, iioWevcr, of hoping lai^jSk^i|^IB ^ to ttihice the loan, ty went early we r o i l i«o«|tih|^, without unv for thfeir sj>eedy lehamationt a generous ^iOrSSf^ llipt . i l ^ i ^ imt exceed the limib previous notice, tnthe hotH of the duke of effort, of which 1 have the noble pride of RECEIPTS DtlRlIfG-THE TEAR Iffg, ^ and by-mulaal Con- Wellinglon, who t m llTen a t weakrast^ will saying, no other nation has afforded a more nf ^ht ^'^im w a iomni trf tilt wuttih wot iirodgealo 2 oo , oqo dollars, bins aids-dkvcatnp^ Tbe efopteior eblered beautiful example^ has enabled roe to rea- Cmiri FamL f t ! « « . are as fellews. to«It f i* r :,* |f iili-)K > s e e ^ that the income foi the room wiUjout ceremony, but in foil mil- lize these hopes. My troop* solely occupy J^ o ^ . •' ^ (M Iietr u n s , . . ^ * h x c e t ^ even tliesutn itary costuroe. Aft.cr almktng hTs grace bt ]?ceinhiiiitfMnpQ% iff 4 *' ' dolwi^eriKt.that there is still ajh® hand very cordially^ lie addicsscd bin. ^ lOff Dcf canh 4oo,noO| of 2T>726 nearly io the follovsieg works: I>ntiyft on ^ r r k iwfel A ' ^ ^ “ Doke of\Velf itigton--I lose not a boatpaManettm, •tooL io iM indloiil A v K . ,--V. • ” 70 62 f o w h i c l i a d ^ fiabiH^ia tlMiliaiidl of ^eCooimissioii* eft, 31 $t Decern*. ber,1817^ p S ^ Balaoce of the Dum) Fund, which m- SMioWtfitbf trea* ioiy, undrawn, on the 3tst Deceoi* bw, 1817, Balance whitm was la ♦ thebindt of one of the members of the boards after pay*^ tog for books, m , &Cv repaid by him io 1818, ' 21 6S lOf 1818, and to form a pan mont in calling oi> yeuto express niy #Rpl»fWlt|iQb year,, as stated of ihe oHiptaiion 1 feel, for the attention which Thionville: to-day thii flag Waves over the ,■*9.-, ■il; All w l^ rtmiectfuUv sulimitteiik jdtt3^TAtidA, • Sf 'trON OB WITT, r Ai V an ai‘KKK, -.•r‘-.-<- VATM.- ' V m s ’VEoOCRiuMnAN. fn m 0& 1 » tm in ConMpmcknt of th« •*« miaMigtii Uightt <if Famr t 1 have Roifolk Henildl, at Qibmhar. • Sr j ♦^Oilniffar, Dec. 8. iz Totnl roceipta in 1818, ia« eluding balance remain* ing Dec. s i, 1817» |5l3,058 24 « naci «« supefiiiteptli the laborious dutie* of piei>aiv mg It m p i to wbh bis thick upon him, for hA en^^ys the principa) now in advance, having added to bis mi PAYMEJifES. To the canal commissionenB) 466,606 60 For i nterest on loans. 16,260 Oq |483,330 00 RECAPITITUTIOE Ilecoipta in JSi8, including , Iwliiuce rcmuinmg 3I$t Dec. 1817. Tayments ill 1818, Balance 31st Dec. 1018, de- ; .^iledio ihe credtl of the *.Jt,imii>sioners in. hank, 483,330 00 J^29,716 24 ison, add who would appear not biaahing honors to come toi* mo sense rhy or my has uwifunnly experienced atyeu hands, since it haaUcininder your orders, Ufp words can do^jiMtice to what 1 feel—-as little am I able to wxfiircss my adrahatlon. •md the high gratification you afibided roe. three ycam^ Will evCr be (p me one of the It the late reviesrMir our tiwops^ e^pdall) by the Bneef 'miliisry naovcmeig. I rvei witnessed —thittitmot of l h Brtiidt gvo^ch. ibmefoits ici desire (bMyoti will permit me our country. to nominate yon a j/teld mi/'iRal o f R vm ^ — « t h . » w o in iln r ofSp.in b a . « e t ovt p o . f ' i , f • ’f *,'* i t tei::!--\.ervi... * . g g ^ ohs, 1 ' Ann ;meis»t«of ifale sa important... « k - }«..*.• ^ 5 ,,^ ^ shall no- wit o! _ l ! r l»y *■> «>i ‘ S irV r-plic, Id SSSiftet*; r ' ‘A> o J u ' - T , . , ..,,1 ... an aiKtetrfpitdeeeibtMV •^Great exertioiw Are now inking U'|tj, half an bour'ibo empefoi-’s on n imliot r) C a ^ t o f t otil at* ejmedttion 0.18,000 roer,Qg^ which he bad wem the dav before, wof f t ^ ^ n o s A v ^ f t ^ -ent to the duke, whonppeared in it at dir (rfGenerelO X b n e ^ (Count Abiabai,) wbe ordeiDfaRimsianfit’fd*inars>ha merous titles * tha^f « Yicei-oy elect of Bn’ ^ pacl the add .liotia I arnce of heini-give • eftos Ayres [” The progress already madi - * - . IS reported to be about, 5000 recruits, whe are wanting cveiy thing and as much mone) For eugravingj stationary, &c. 180 00 a t they can get, by fofc^ <^t‘b‘*butiona, O p FRENCH BEGIS from the merchants of Cadijs. “ The three fi-igates, of 86 guns each, lately presented by the Russian Eroperoiy ate held tft ireadiness for the convoy; and. 'r. laid in all the ports of the Peninsula, upon 513,049 24 Spanisb vessels of 180 tons and upwards. 1 mentioned to you some time afi;v5, that some of your countrymen were captives in the neighbormgfbi'tfess of Ceuta; they have since been removed to Malaga, where, after a short stay, they were ordered to he em- ‘ndoUii The ma rner io whirh Ihe empem ■oaforred thb hifrlrst pemnnaf comfiiimen vliich tbt^ hro r f IPtUip'loo has yet rereiv Mi, .viih all the cordiality aotj kindness of mintate friend.?? all Ohr fortresses; one bf my sons has run to Join in the first ^>yful transports of our liberated privinces, apd with his own hands, amidst the acclamations of my people, has hoisted the French Hag bn the ram-j arts of whole iferj ilory France, A(Fr The day on w% luny Children have been lelivered from the nurdens of an occupation which they bore with courage for more than most happy days of my life, and ray heart, truly French; does^ not feel less joyful for the leftniuition oflhe evik under which they falibhretlj than it does fof (heliberation of The provinces which to the present day The duke assent, and expressed his have caused me so many doleful reflection.^ deep sense of thedisfittcuished hoQOi- intend- inei;it the attention of the nation, which has ed him by his im{Kriftl majesty* ^ i e c!n\ idnriredjas I bate, their lieroic resignafion. “afler this intervie»',i tfce emperor; on hieefin/. The noble iinanimityof heart and senti- the dtikw, *si5,’ ‘ 1f«U must dine with me to nem that you manifested when I required jay i n {hoRu$ttMmi/hf'mf ‘ Sire,’ r‘*plie(. -he m^&us lor satisfying onr engagements, die duke, ‘Iliavctiot yet be-n uhic to fur an enligiiltned proof of the attachment of aish myself milh a cout.’*^-‘That silrall rto- he PVeueb to their oounjry, of the coi-fi- ifo wanting,’ rejoinrd tie emperor, ^if yot jenCe of thenaliou in her king; and Europe will wear the beiit I have in my wardrobe/ -tas received France with eagerness intlic to provide transports, an embargo is already aalules of artilfery aiitioimced the depai'ltin> 'ank auiougsL nations to which she is entU lecl. dccldTi-ation which has announced to he world the prineif'les on v bich the union ind a tnagnificenc swofd presented' to hij|.‘f the five fO-iU'Vs are fourukd, is at the race by bis ioipeiial majesty, on the Oc--ametime a sufficient proof of she friendship - . . . -r ’rhich exists amongst the smereigr-s. 7‘liis alefary umon, directed hyJusnVc and ren- lidtited by morality and rel-gion, having •o C'tbcip eiicl in view than p'evCiifing the arnes- of nor, by the tnarnlennureof ( re.itn s nd the pre.servntiQtl of. existing riidit^'', ■eVmifs us to hrij e for the etnds/iurttKe of h e ’Upssings.of a !ofig|ieace, iihieh such un ilinnreis sohmiiiienjly calculated |o. piC* •erve in Europe, . b'-‘ I have waired m sllenre for this-kappy •poch, in ’ order to celebrate the eat iOnnt soleiunily Wherein religion ccnsccrotei, the ‘ nrimfcle nidon of the people and kir g. L ,i r 0 R E . TtatidaUut jtdk ihe Cotnfnhm. PAKtU, 1 1 th, D ec/1818 Yesterday, ore DVloek in the afternoott. pfHis Majesty-frotii the Chateau of the T?d‘ barked for those dreary solitudes on the deschasses 5 the ai3j)erior«taffofliccritof M l cherish still more dearly since ithas-shrr ieries, In order to repair to the Oaambecof v?hen receiving the royal unction, in t he Deputies.' ^ The prodessiooi moved in the following order; A detacbmcnt o f gendarmerie; \or hoase- ticld dra goons pa squadron of gendarmcrh (kJst of them,f will call on Ond to wiincss.. uOd by whom kings reEgn*--the God of Clo­ vis, of Charlemagne, of S|. Emjfs; ! will- renew on the alter the oath frp.«upport (hn.‘--e' iiastitutions, founded on tl:r'« - fharier wldfb PROPERTY OP UNIYBRBITY OP ROGHESTER O R I G I N A L S T A T H E D

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