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4-Oi^»«ii«yR«x)rd,Wedn«dvT*rutty2a,19e6 Medically Speaking Column Music to Remove Gall Bladders By Becdwven aid diet musk it die mediator between die spiritual and die sensual life. He alto referred to music as die harmonious voice of creation. I wonder if old Ludwig ever hnagined die variety of ways tin* music would play a rale in en- hancing one's \creativity.\ In a recent issue of \The Journal of me American Medical Associa- tion,\ (JAMA), authors Karen Allen, Ph.D and Jim Blaacovich, Phi) report on their study of sur- geons' performance while listening to music. Actually, they looked pretty closely at me cutting docs, writing diem up so that dieir respira- tion, pulse rate and blood pressure could be monitored. If you've had surgery lately and were awake enough to bear what was going on in the operating room, you may have heard some back- ground musk being piped in, maybe classical, or even rock, as you were being worked on. You may have wondered, \How can my surgeon concentrate with all mis racket?\ Actually, according to die JAMA re- port, a surgeon's concentndon and surgical creativity may be actually heightened with die \right\ music playing in die background as he/she works on the patient In their study, Drs. Allen and Blascovich didn't actually monitor the doctors as they performed sur- gery, rather, diey had a series of comparing dwir thetr physJotogfra? responses, with and widntt music The study was ^u^^l^^aAAjl AA nEe> ^BA^AA dMMRA^M'hn&m Banana peitonnea on 3u mate surgeons, age 31 to 61. They were asked to do some mnmcsnattral calculations in their head, as *cy listened to a mu- sical piece selected by fee study au- thors (Pachelbd's \Canon in D\) then again while listening to their own musical selection, and finally with no musk at all. The results: no matter what the selection of musk was, if die sur- geons chose it themselves, they per- nrmed much better. Performance was second best when they listened to die PachehVd lane, and when no musk was played duly tanked low- est When listening to their own mu- sical selection, the enrgeons not only ska, in psHbraung die rnsth, but ttaahr SnVhtft flfllhM*rifJsa\ ItlfVM f IHwaf^nnnlwi aWf l an^nsaWft ware a listening to Men an. the Irish mk songs. So whan you come nd you suddenly have a desire to listen to Party Como or it's because your ktg dds BMak into your unoonscions brain as he look out yonr gall bladder. Actually, if sur- naons wan realy smart, dwy'd play a tape dmt repeated over and over, \NoteUtoonMjch much, no fee is loo much.\ Have a good week, and, as s> way 1.1 tips dhan The anther is • ( OnviiKtulations La \ll I I \ Members and Leaders -» .*-•»- * ;tv- Obitu' RitaM. Saluting: OUR LOCAL FFA MEMBERS ChateaugayAgway Crops Center Lake Street Phone 497-6311 or 1-800-331-6311 MALONE — Rita M. ChihJ. 78. Dusne Stage, died Friday after- Feb. 10, 1995. at the AHce Nursing Home. She had been shore since Dec. 22,1994. Bora in Chateangay, April 5. 16, ate was the daughter of Den- ied Dearie Griffin Carey, Her —^^^^^a^ta^k^k^k^^^^n aV^^s • Hn™BUBOCeWBII HCsT* StegmdSMpd born Chateangay SdioolTohateangay, in 1933. '1937, she graduated from A. Bar- Hepburn School of Nursing in Following her gradua- she worked for three years at Metropolitan Hospital, in New City. On Sept 2, 1940, she was mar- to Foster Child at St George's Burke, by die Rev. Ross A. • jaOT inttDsVcu gWOoCOCaWOO on March IS. 1994. In 1945, she and her husband re- lo Malone and owned and a hop farm for 10 years. In •55, they moved to Otsego, where was enmloyed by die Homer Tubcfcatoeis Hospital for sev- ss*. They shea moved to Gou- nvur, wt-ere she wasensployed as social worisr for St Lawrence Mrtty. They then moved back to :go, wSsre she worked as a pub- : hah* nurse until she retired in 78. At that time diey moved back their farm in Malone. •vTS 4VAJLA^AX\A CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL FFA MEMBERS & LEADERS And I wish them all success in years to come. 40 East Main St, Chutewnjaj (Nad dear ta OtJasas Matlisil Isal) Phone 497-0707 Youth In Agriculture The Future Farmers off America VOCATIONAL AGRICULTURE Growing for America SALUTING FFA $ WEEK Chateangay Co-op Marketing Assoc. Chateaugay, NY Jo tiv K ah an W fai dn da za G an M dn C le Tl P C B P\ k bi C m r*r*A* OFFERS ^Encouragement ^Guidance & Understanding -& Achievement We Salute You North Franklin Veterinarian Service Dm. P. hLNevwi W.GPInfl Cturtmiuggy, NY It's National FFA Week! February 19-25 DoriaJ.E MOOERS PORKS — Dona J. F xosse, 84, of the Bush Road, died J« turday, Feb. 11. 1995, at the P nmpbrin Valley Physicians Hos- h lal Medical CeMer.nattsburgh. gi Bom in Franklin Centre, Quebec, bi et. 21,1910, she was die daughter R Jules and Emma Dumas Tram- si I* c She moved to the United Stales ar 1928 upon her inarriage to Ar- nd J. Decease on April 23.1928. bi St. Aaaoine-Abbe Church. E She and her husband owned and sc ented a dairy farm ra Churubusco the Frontier Road before retiring re 1970. They moved to the ViHage Y Churubusco and lived there until tv 85 when diey moved to the Bush ai nd. Mrs. Decosse was a communi- C w of St Ann's Church. te Surviving are her husband of 66 F as; a son and daughter-in-law. m nld and Leatrice Decosse of C lurubusco; six daughters and C ns-in-law, Armetie and Clarence ombley and Anita and Ross ombley, all of Chateaugay, Helen m Roma DeCoate of Mooers n Congratulations To All FFA Members SUNRISE Chateaugay Funeral Home 36 Church St Phone 51M97-6781 BertWUcm- Manager ******* m*f or SUNS For FFA members, the it -an opportunity. The setting aun signals their future as agrtcultui Jean's Qui ' Jean, Gary ai Chateauga

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