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AUBURN JOURNAL. Wednesday, September 16, 1846. S T A T E E A I B A T A E B V B W , tb e l d t b , 16tfa »u«J 1 7 th Sep*eot&eir. W h i g S t a te 4 Jo aT«EtIoi». . . _ A State Convention, to b* comgo’ed of Dele gates the several counties of this e c u il to ffielr ” _ . tation tn the House of Asawt’olv, will be held Wednesday, the SJ3d doe) of . ^ ^ S t e s t o Gover- noon, for the purpose o f “ “ “ ^ ^ m m t o i o D e r s , nor.Lieutenant Governor, and ,his state, nt the o be supported by^e vt h ^ « « ch ofliej. ta,ines3 as ensuing election, ana to -ransa » maybe d,ee“ S^oWNSESD, J ' MK‘S \ORNER’ mNrcLCADV HAMILTON FISH, F r i e n d H u m p h r e y , h z \ a y n o k , C. P. KIRKLAND, GEO. W VV ELD, Albany Aug. 10,1816. State Central Committee- W h i g S c t a a t o r i a l C o m r e n t i o * . The Whists ofthe several Counties of the 7th Senatorial District, are requested to send their usual numbcrofDri- £2tes to a Whig Senatorial Convention, to be held at the Fvchan-e.in the villageof Auburn, on Thursday t h r t s t day o f October next , at 12 o’clock noon, for the pur- e ^m foathir a Candidate for Senator to be support thUDiatrictat the ensuing Election t o Place of Hon. John Porter, whose term oi ofiiee willex- pire on the last day of December, next. Dated, ^ h u r n , August Committee H. B. The Whig Papers in this District will please copy and notice. — ------ - -------- \ W liis CJottgre*»ionHl C o n v e n t i o n * The Whizs of the Counties of Cayuga and Cortland are + A rZ opriri Deleeates equal to tne number of towns requested to sen^Dwegato q ._,5th ,Joll?re6sj0„. 3 Di trietoobe b d d °l the W estern Exchange, in the vil- iazeofA uburn, on Thursday, the 2 4 t h day o f September n o t at 12 o’clock noon, for the purpose o f nominating a .uitable person to represent said District in thenext Con­ ran Itis hoped that each town in said District will be ’’presented. Dated. Auhurn, Augsstl4th, 1846 JACOB R. HOW, WM. I. CORNWELL, HENRY OLIPHANT. IRA BOWEN, H. S. CONGER, Committee to call Convention. W h i g C o u n t y C o n v e n t i o n . Phe Whies of the several towns in the County of Cayu- no. are requested to send the u--ual number ot Delegates to a County Convention, to be held at the Western hx- chan Te, in the village of Auburn, on Saturday the 1 9 t h dcu o f Sfptembsr next, at 12 o’clock noon, for the purpose of choosing Delegates to the State and se n .tonal Conven­ tions, and also to nominate three Cand date- for Members of Assembly, and a Candidate for County Clerk, und to transact such other husiness as may comubelort, tae Cin­ vention. It 13 to behoped that each town will be may rep- resented. Dated, Auburn, August 14th, 1846. EBENEZER B. COBB, ETHAN A. WARDEN, HENRY IVISON. WILLIAM BEACH, STEPHEN FANOHER, JOHN NIBLO, SOLOMON P. JACOBS, Whig Central Committee, Cayuga County. I* is recommended to the different towns that when they appoint Delegates to the Couuty Convention, they also ap­ point one Delegate from each town to attend the Congres­ sional Convention. TO TH E TO OUR l’A i More than six months hove elapsed since wc commenced the publication ol the Drily Adver­ tise }— a term, vve are proud to say, sufficiently long to have tested its entire success—and with this number, ends our connexion with b >lh the Daily and W eekly Press. Our successor H M o n t g o m e r y , Esq., wlio has f o r years been favo­ rably and honorably known as the Editor o f the Harrisbiu’2 (Pa.) Chronicle, and Lancaster (Pa.) Union a n l Sentinel, comes to us recommended from a high source, a3 a gentleman o f talents, res- jrc-tability and worth, and as a staunch aud true- he irted Whig. To such honorable testimony, it git es us great pleasure to add our own, derived from a considerable acquaintance with him per- 1 'ially and through the columns o f his Journal. Wo believe him to be in every respect worthy of the confidence of the Whigs of Cayuga, and w e unhesitatingly commend him to their support and encouragement, firmly trusting that they w ill not withhold fi’o n him that patronage and good will, which they have for years past kindly bestowed upon us. It is now over seventeen years since vve first took charge of this establishment. The Free Press was, at that time (although of the size of the largest then in Western New Y >rk,) ouly about m e half the preseut size o f the Journal and contained but little over oue third of its amount o f reading. And yet, a reduction iu price of oue fourth has been made upon the latter. This, in connection with the more recent provision o f free postage, places a large amount of reading within the reach o f all, at rates against which none can offer any serious objection. W hile on this subject, aud having no longer auy special interest to subserve, w e shall not be i har- ged with interested motives i f w e call upon our citizeus to continue to be liberal iu tlieir support o f the Village papers. They have been establisl - ed and are conducted ut great expense. By means o f the Magnetic Telegraph, and for the use and benefits o f which their proprietors are com- pelled to pay annually large additional sums, they now give new s from N e w York, Boston, Philadel­ phia, Washington, &c. &c. the same hour that it is published in the papers o f the city in which it transpires. In this respect Auburn is placed cm a par w ith the proudest amongst them ; aud thus are its business interests prom ,ted— i’s character exalted—and its importance increased. L -tthem then, be encouraged to the e x c lusim of those o f other places.—let the liberal spirit now manifes­ ted towards them be enlarged. Ic is in this way only that the spirit and enterprise of their propri­ etors cau be adequately remunerated—it is ouly in this way, too, that our citizens cau enjoy the great benefits o f a Daily Press, and the immense, the now almost iudispeusable ad vantages o f the Magnetic Telegraph. In withdrawing from the press, w e caunot for­ bear to express our thanks to those who have for so long a period been “ brethren with us in the profession,” for the many proofs o f cordiality and 'kindness, w e have, daring our editorial iuter- - Course, received at tlieir hauds Nor cau we w ithhold the expression o f o u r h ope m a t their ef­ forts and toil may be accompanied with adequate and ample rewards. With gratitude towards a valued and constant­ ly increasing class of patrons, whose countenance ar cl support have encouraged and cheered u s, aud of on amidst circumstances not altogether free frotn gloom, aud w ith sincere w ishes for tlieir happiness and welfare, w e respectfully take our feave. HENRY OLIPHANT. Having, as w e have above stated, disposed of our Daily and W eekly papers, aud iuteudiug to extend and increase onr BOOK AND JOB PRIN­ TING BUSINESS, all those indebted to ns w ill see the necessity of a prompt settlem ent of their accounts. HENRY OLIPHANT. E P ” The ’• Utica Observer,” a thorough going Locofoco, Polk and Texas paper, thus bears tes­ timony to the hypocrisy— to u se no stronger term - o f itsfriends, the State Admiuistratiou at Alba­ ny. The charges are all true, but who would have thought one ot the co-conspirators would have so soon turned State’s evidence: _ The Policy o f 1842— how it i, adhered to by the Stale Administration. If, b y the policy o f 1842, is meant what is iudi- cated by the title o f the celebrated law past tbat year, which title is iu these words, ‘‘An act to READERS OF TH E JOURNAL AND ADVERTISER. The readers o f the Daily Advertiser have b een apprised that the A u b urn W e e k l y J o u r n a l and tbe D a ily A d v e r t i s e r establishment has passed Into the bands o f the undersigned. Iu assuming this grave responsibility, he is fully sensible o f the many disadvantages he w ill labor under, especially until he becom es better acquainted with the people, the local politics, aud the peculiar interists of Cayuga county. This, however, is a difficulty that tim e w ill gradually remove. Ho is not insensible, either, to the dis­ advantages he mu3t necessarily be subjected to, in succeeding a gentleman who has so long en­ joyed the confidence and so w e ll earned the high position iu public esteem he occupies, as Mr. O l­ i p h a n t has. Bn’, to counterbalance, ns far as in his power, the inconveniences aud embarrass­ ments naturally attendant upon the post he is hereafter to occupy, it w ill be biff-constant aim to sustain the present character of the Journal aud Advertiser, and to render them worthy the continued support aud confidence of the public, and especially of the W hig party of Cayuga coun­ ty. To promise more thau to make them fix’\’ consistent, independent advocates of W hig prin­ ciples and W hig policy, and the medium of all useful aud correct information, both For eign and Domestic, and ns w e ll Religious, Literary, aud Agricultural, as Political, would be neither mo­ dest nor safe. H e w ill, therefore, content him­ self w i.h pledging to his readers, aud those who may hereafter become so, his best abilities, and his constant efforts to make them worthy the liberal and generous confidence w li’ch they liuve thu 3 far possess and leave the public to judge of his deserts hy his future course. This, after all, is the only safe standard by which to judge edkors, for their iuiatory promises, like those of loco foco politicians in pursuit o f office, are more readily made than faithfully kept. He* only asks, therefore, to be judged by h.s fruits and not hy his promises, except that h e w ill be constant in season and ou t o f season, at all tim es aud in all places, in sunshine and in rain, iu his opposition to loco fucoism iu all its phases— whe­ ther iu the shape o f British Free Trade, Subservi­ ency to Southor Slavery, opposition to Internal Improvements, friendship to a rag currency for the People aud a specie oue for the Government, or in whatever other form or color it may appear. This he has both the w ill and the ability to do. aud here his readers need fear uo disappoint­ ment. W ith this pledge of what he m il <1- -, and these promises of what he w ill try to do, tlie un­ dersigned w ill submit his paper to the candor and indulgence ol tho intelligent and liberal minded public of Cayuga couuty,— asking from them, however, nothing but what he may seem justly entitled to by those far whoso tastes he is to cater. Ho w ill at all times be found at home, with the latch string hung out, and always happy to see every good W hig who may have time to give him a call, and every honest, repenting loco foco, iu search ofth e truth as it is iu Whig principles, and as it always will be in the Journal and Ad- vertiBer. H. MONTGOMERY. P u n c h a n d t h e Q u e e n . — It is w e ll known, says the N. Y. Commercial Ad verliser, tbat Punch spares nobody, respects nobody; he lauuches his j ikes with reckless impartiality, and some o f them are bitter enough. The following is a specimen of the freedom with which he passes judgem ent alike on high and low ; and is curious, moreover, for the sort of light it throws on the royal manner o f life. It must not be supposed that the whole story is a joke. The report o f Mr. Blore was ac­ tually made— a grave, official document— aud is review ed, or otherwise treated o f b y most of the London papers. The times makes fun o f it, some- | what after the manner of P u u c h ; but some o f tbe journals discuss its revelations soberly aud with a i proper degree of reverential compassion for the i inconveniences o f royalty :— It is all very w e ll for Dr. Southvvood Smith and j the Marquis o f Normandy aud others to write ancl . talk about the dreadful accommodation of the poor. W e ask them, do they know the sufferings of our s.ivreigu lady the Queen— o f the field mar­ shal, her husband— o f the little princes and prin­ cesses, h appily too young to k n o w the full value of their sorrows I In the ignorance o f our democ­ racy w e envied the luxurious conveniences of Buckingham palace. For hour* have w e stood cnuteuiplatiug ils body and tw o wings, and say­ ing every five minutes in confidence to ourselves, “ That’s a pariilise o f stone, that is. That’s a gar­ den of E leu. without a suake.” And now—-but our feelings are such that w e must begin another i paragraph to give vent to them. Now vve learn that the dw elling place appoint ed for our snvreign. her prince and babies, is a most comfortless a b o d e ; and a place o f uo >ks ami corners; a place of racking noises and vilauous odors. Her majesty is absolutely lodged we take from Mr. Blorels printed report :— “ The portion o f tho palace occupied by her ma­ jesty and his royal highness Prince Albert, as pri­ vate apartments, is iu the ninth w ing; that they w ere uot calculated originally for a married sov- reign, the head of a fam ily; tlmt the basement ot this wing is also used by the Lord chamberlain's department for store-rooms, work-shops, &c, there being no accommodation iu any other part o f the palace fur these services; the consequence of this arrangement is, nut only that tlie noise and smell from these workshops, in which cabinet ma k e r f , u p h o lsterers. & c. are c o n s t a n t ly a t w o r k . (independently of the obvious im propriety ol such services heiug performed a part oi* the building so contiguous to the royal apartm ents. are at times positively offensive; but that the ar W ILLIAM FREEMAN* W e understand that a Writ o f E rror has been granted iu the case of Freemau, who was to have been executed on Friday next. This w ill, oi course, suspend the sentence, until the case can be argued before the Supreme Court. OUR W H E R E A B O U T S . W e are to he found at the old office c f the Ad- vertiserand Journal until tbe Fair is over. When .ve take up new quarters our readers shall be du­ ly apprised o f the event. HOME MARKET, LOCO FOCO DECEP­ TION. The loco foco politicians attempt to make the people believe that the foreign market is all they ieed trouble them selves about and that the home market is uot worth a thought from them. H o w nucli truth there is ia that, they can understand vhen they know that all the hay of the country which is worth more than the Southern cotton crop, all the potatoes, 99 out of every hundred ■Kisiicls o f oats, 29 out o f every 30 bushels of vheat and the same proportion o f flour, most of he pork, beef, cheese, &c., is disposed o f in the home market. For the years 1841, 1842 and 1343 the United Stales sent about 3,000,000 of bushels of wheat to England.w h ilst AuBtriaalone lent 18,000.000 of bushels, or Bix times as much, .ml the whole of Europe more than 20 times as anch! What chance, then, is there that England vill ever take any considerable portion o f our produce? She will do it when her crops fail in ’lie grain growing countries o f the North o f Eu­ rope, and then only, and farmers who imagine ■hat the bartering away o f American protection for British Free Trade and British good, is going to make them either apermament ora good mar­ ket, will find them selves most egregiously duped. A M o d e l C h i e f .M a g i s t r a t e . —The St. Law­ rence Co. Frontier Sentinel, speaking of the Li­ cense Law, s a y s : “ While tbe law is upon the statute book w e believe that, as a law, it should be respected, •heu'rii framed by that most equivocal o f all things, a Locofoco Legislature. But when the Governors, win* sign such laws, o penly call for and drink spirituous liquors at unlicensed public houses, w e are almost continued in what w e at first, suxpee’ed, lhe inexpediency of the law .— Such violations beget a total disregard and con­ tempt o f all la w ; and when countenanced by Go­ vernors, princes or potentates, they should m eet with what they merit, tiie frown o fth e press aud of an indignant community.” This reminds us o f a query cotemporaneons with that o f “ who is James K. Folk I” viz. “ Did Cato’ drink gin ?” Li^Ex-Fresident Van Buren arrived here on •Saturday last, accompanied by Francis P. Blair, Esq., the meat-axe editor of his defunct e x c e llen­ cy's official organ, the defunct Globe. By the way, w e hear that Mr. Blair is about to resuscitate 'lie Globe. Old Father Ritchie has brought him­ self, the official organ, the administration and the country into disgrace, and tlie party are determ i­ ned to be represented by some one else than the old dotard. It is quite time the enterprise was adopted. !3P T h e Fair which ts to come off to-day, to­ morrow and next day will unquestionably be a mighty fine -ofair if tho weather is fa ir. Tre­ mendous preparations have b eeu made by our cit­ izens, both for the accommodation o f visitors and the display of the various products o f the earth and agricultural implements and skill that are to be exhibited on the occasion. It is the occasion ofth e season above all others, and Auburn is al­ most literally upside down aud inside out. It will take us a w e ek to right ourselves again.— But when w e become fairly sobered down w c will chronicle the event. In tha mean time w e shall tell our readers what there is to be seen, who has it, what there is done aud who does it, and whatever else may be worth noticing. £jF*Tbe Locoloco comity C- uvention of Dau­ phin county, Pa.— in which ilie seat of Govern­ m ent is situated, was held last w e e k . A t it the Locofocrs talked in this w ise of Mr. Dallas and the British Tariff o f Mr. Polk : Resolved, That the repeal of the Tariffof 1342, after it had, in the l ist Presidential election, re­ ceived the s motion of every portion o f ihe de­ mocracy— after the party had fought aud triumph­ ed its banners, is a fraud rp in the party, and m eets our d ecided dis p t roval. Resolved, Tbat the Tariff' of 1846, does not protect our labor— tliat it d oes encourage Ihe pau­ per labor o f Europe— that if continued it w ill bring down the price o f labor, and w ill not pro­ duce funds enough to sustain the Government __ that it is an experiment emenating from tlie nnli- tication o f South Carolina, wh'tdms calculated to bring our mechanics and workmen to the level of the southern slaves, aud to bring a system o f direct taxes upon the Government o f the Union. Resolved, That Vice President Dallas has for­ feited tlie confidence of the democracy of Penn­ sylvania by giving bis casting vote in favor o f the M Kay bill. Tliathecontinues toinsult his own State by travelling abroad to receive honors from the South in payment off that vote. G3F* The Locolbcos of Albany County belong­ ing to the Old Hunker genus, held tlieir county Convention and made tlieir county nominations on Friday last. Tbe Barnburners are yet to hold theirs. The Herald is maliciously anticipating some fun ahead. N. Y'. a n d E r i e R a i l r o a d . — 133 miles o f thi.- ’ad between P >rt Jervis and Biagliauiptoii a u o be immediately graded. —, L aborers W a n t e d - — T h e contractors at Port- and, for the Atlantic and St. Lawrence Railroad, .dvertise for five hundred laborers, with a pros- >ect o f steady work for one or tw o years, at a foliar per day. T r e a s u r y N o t e s . — T h e New Orleans Bulle­ tin c f the 3d inst., says that U. S. Treasury Notes lave been sold in that city at four per cent dis count. ________________________ PREM IUM QUILL PEN NIB. J. C. Derby has shown us some specimens of his new article; (for a particular description, see another article in this paper) w e have tried them, and thiuk them superior to the steel pen, tho use •f which they w ill be likely to supersede; and o such as eschew metallic pens altogether, (and •hey are a very large class) tlie *• Q u i ll pen nib’’ •vill be the ne plus ultra of pens. For sale at J. •J. D e r b y & Co’s. For the “Daily Advertiser.” In looking over your paper, I see that amoug ’.he variety o f amusements to be offered to our citizeus during the Great State Fair, the perform- inces o f Rockwell & Stone’s Circus, will form a conspicuous part. The favorable reputation of rhis celebrated company, has already preceded :t, and notwithstanding the numerous exhibitions offered this summer, I ptedict a brilliant success for Messrs. R. & .S.— H o w can it he otherwise, •vhen they offer such names as L e v i N o r t h , H e r r C l i n e , H i t a m F r a n k u t , C h a m p io n , H u b - b e l l ; the celebrated clow n , J o h n G o s s in ; the beautiful aud talented, M r s . G o s s i n , and the >ther ladies of the troupe, who, taken as a whole, form the greatest Circus company ever exhibited. They w ill eater Auburn ou Tuesday morning, md w ill perform three times a dayduring the continuance o f the State Fair. ^ *' f provide for paying the debt and w ----- preserving the credit o f the Stale,” then the administration at Atuany have m no respect adhered to it. They bavo paid auything rather than the debts o f th'e •State, ana so tar from preserving its credit nr re spectability, they have not the credit oi' preserv­ ing their own respectability. Witness th f nrn scriptive course ol the Canal Board— their war AVright and the Cent™iT» t!matuni of Mr. b e u s e d to divide S ^ ^ l n V * ? vancing themselves. Witness theextM M n Br* ture o f $140 000 b y the Caual Board last veTr— ornen 1- ‘ a V liFrlm'Ufi by Which over $37,000 is saved to the ne,,p% aill„ 4 lv> and , 1 1 enormity o f the Attorney Getter .l’s t barges whi. h the Governor certifies as reasonable. The peo­ ple begin to see these things m.d note them.— W ith the “ Central Pow e r ” or Old Office Hold­ ers at tiie Capitol, the priori; le of the Veto Mes- sage is, keep ia. office and j»ay ibexnselve* H- bertilly, the people footing the bills. The Horse D istem p e r, w e are sorry to hear has appeared amoug the horses iu the vicinity ol Elizabethtown, N . J., where several have died within a few days. On Saturday and Sunday 15 nobleanimidswero seized, and died within a few miles o f Staten Island. fire, a quantity « f o il beiiift used, aud large fires t kept for boiling glue, &c. ” T h e r e ! Who. now, w ill envy the Queen of England? Dear lady! w h ile, iu their ignorance, people think she is breathing aits of Arnby, she is offended, stiffed, by the fumes o f a glue pot! And when, desirous o f pondering ou the wants o f her people, she wishes to lmve a quiet half hour to herself, she is compelled twenty times to send out her maids o f honor to “ b eg those carpenters uot to make such a dreadful disturbance!” Who would be the Queen, now? and then the blessed royal babies. Only see what holes and corners they are thrust iuto: “ It is only necessary to state that the whole of the accommodation which cau. at the preseut tinr , be assigned to the nursery department, con­ sists o f a few rooms in the attics o f the north wing ; that these rooms are very small and veiy low ; tbat in order to extend the accommodation with­ in this very limited space to m eet the growing wants of an increasing family [ e h ? ] and increas­ ing establishment, every possible expedient has been resorted t o ; rooms n o t exceeding 15 feet higli, and o f small nrea, have been divided in their length aud w idth to convert them iuto small­ er rooms; and as the royal children couhl only occupy attics intended for servauts, it has been necessary to cut the height ol the ground floor story into tw o , by the assistance o f a false ceiling, which has consigued the servauts to darker anil more uncomfortable rooms than has beeu agreea­ ble to her majesty's wishes.” H o w ever, the evil is to be remedied. For in ­ ly £ 150,000, a sitting room and tw o or three more bed-chambers may be built. And then— that economy may preside, as it does, over all archi­ tectural doings to be paid for by the G ivermnent —the royal pavilion at Brighton is to be pulled down, (that is, i f tbe Brightoniaus do not rise iu a body to preserve the solemn edifice,) aud the bricks to be brought to St. James’s Park, to be employed in the necessary alterations. SOMETHING DESERVING TH E ATTEN ­ TION OF TH E GERMAN WHIGS. Tlie Republican is tlie name o fa German Whig paper published in Cincinnati, Ohio, and the ablest and the best one iu that language, publish­ ed in tlie United States.. W e need uot toll our Whig triends how absolutely necessary it is to spread Whig truth and information of Whig doc­ trines amongst this numerous, b u t grossly defrau­ ded part of our population. Mr. Lefreing, the editor is now in Auburn f ir the purpose of e x ten­ ding tho circulation of his paper in this State.— W e trust every Whig who has the ability w ill aid him iu accomplishing this object. AURELIUS^ At lhe delegate meeting of the Whigs o f Anre- raiigenunil is n o t altogether free from tho risk o f | lius, fa-ld on Saturday evening last. ih ,n .M o s E- ley H utchinson was appointed chairman aud C has . T. F erris , clerk. Ou motion o f Henry Underhill, C. T. Ferris, Samuel Fitch, Henry Uu- durh.ll, Henry Willard, and Jesse Shank were appointed delegates to the couuty convention, with power to appoint substitutes iu case any of them were uot able to attend. Abram A. Slatts was appointed a congressional delegate with the suiiie power. COUNTY CONVENTION. The V. h ig Convention o f this county w ill be held in this Village on Saturday next, the 19th inst, It is desirable and even necessary in older that the v iew s of the whole W hig party may be finally represented, that delegates be in attend­ ance from every town in the county. As there then can b e no dissatisfaction w itli the delibera­ tion o f the convention, the first step has been ta­ ken to ensure success, The Washington Union contradicts,'as-“ pure fiction” tiie story in the letter from Havana, in rhe N e w York Tribune, about a peace with M ex­ ico being settled witli Santa Anua. P a r d o n o f A n t i - R e n t e r s . — Messrs. Tomp­ kins, Burrill, Osterliout, ami Knap, who were convicted iu Delaware eo. of Anti-Rent violations of law, and sentenced to tlie Sing Sing State Pri­ son, have been pardoned by Gov. Wright. Five persons have beeu bitten by a mad dog, in Granby, N e w Jersey, and oue has died. C=dS* Tiie MiKvaukie Gazette says, that 300 to 500 passengera, mostly emigrants, ure lauded dai­ ly at that place, trfsT Mr. Geo. D. Prentce, editor o f the Louis­ ville Journal, left New Orleans on the 1st. inst., ’ for home. He has been for several months at Bi­ loxi, undergoing the Hydropathic treatment for a paralysis, which has nearly destroyed the use o. his hands, and which threatened to extend to the arms and body. Unfortunately his health is but little improved. Sir John Harvey, the new Governor o f Nova Scotia, arrived at Hnlafax ou the 29ih ult., and was sworn into office the same day. E x p e n s i v e F o l l y . —Rev. Mr. Dear, Babtist Missionary, states that tlhe Chinese are supposed to spend (annually) $360,000,000 for incense to burn before their idols. S a v e y o u r E y e s . —The Medical Journal advi ses people w h o wish to preserve their e y es not to read in railroad cars when in motion. The following individuals were appointed aB lelegates for this town, to the Whig Couuty Con- .’eutiou, to be held on the 19th inst.: Is? War I, Abraham Gridley, Adam Miller. 2 d Ward, John Olmsted, William H. Coffin. 3d Ward, Rowland F. Russell, James C. Der­ by, Harris' n D. H awley. 4 A Ward, George B. Chase, W illiam H . Van- Tuyl. Delegate to tlie Congressional Convention, Ethan A. Warden. Town C nnmittee, Benjamin F. Hall, S ylvester Sulianck, and George B. Markham. A PER F E C T FEN AT LAST. Call at Ivisjn & Co’s, bookstore, and you w ill hid something entirely new, cheaper, more dura­ nte— infinitely more flexible, and unquestionably the next step to the ultima tlmle, if not quite that, iu pen making. The following is from a Roches­ ter paper: “ I t i s a little chip of quill, made to fit iuto a metal pen holder, capable of being mended like •my common pen, ami certain to work out two common steel pens. Washburn and Robinson have at last brought this n ew invention to the suc­ cess they had long sought in vain. Their pens are furnished much cheaper thau the steel ones, are all ready for use, do notcntch in i nperfect pa­ per, nor betray the iron hand by a stiff, unflowiug, mgraceful style o f w r iting; and will certainly ireute a new era iu the matter. Steel pens have rather grown worse of late, and we should be haukful never to see another, could w e only get * n nething no m >re trouble than they, and fi dy­ ing as poets’thoughts, and corresponding a little 'o one’s changing words; for a love letter, light md a iry; for a business despatch, broad and firm ; for a law y e r ’s dun, very black and aclieroutic.” POTATO FROM T H E SEED. This staple article of food has suffered from iisease to such an e x tent that it gives just cause •f alarm, iu regard to the probability of its total lestruotion. Those who have examined the sub- iect scientifically have come to tiie conclusion lhat the only way o f obviating this disease is to propagate from tiie seed instead of cuttings. The lev . Dr. Lord, who finds time from his pastoral duties to devote a portion o f his attention to the theory and practice of agriculture, informs us that he is convinced by personal observation, that a production of the potuto from tho seed is the only ,vay of arresting the disease now prevalent. In confirmation of his own convictions, he rc- bttes an experiment made by the Rev. N. S .smith, our city missionray, which is of much iu. terest and importance to the agricultural com­ munity. Several years since Mr. S. attempted to raise 'tie potato from the seed by sowing the ball. 'I he first year it nearly proved a failure, a9 the tubers vvere very small. Tlte seed o f this tuber, lie plan­ ted tlie uext season, producing an increased sized potato. He thus coutiuued the experim ent for four yeavs until he produced a y ield oi lull sized and very excellent tubers, and in greater abuu dance th in is produced by the old cutting. The seed ofth e new potato w ill produceacrop ■if larger sized, while tlie yield of the seed from ‘lie old potuto produces a potato only about the size o f a pea Thn-e is no doubt, nfter this experiment, thal ‘he vital energies of the potato are renewed by tiiis process, and that the potato disease will be jvercome only by resorting to tlie seed. The potato thus produced is free from rot, aud of a much firmer texture than those produced from he old cuttings. Specimens of these potatoes nay be seen at tlie residence of Mr. Smith ou Jefferson street, w h o has several bushels of liis nvn raising. The farmers and gardners will do w e ll to give this matter thsir close attention. [Buffalo Express. A F r e a k o f L i g h t n i n g . — T h e Mississippi Free Trader contains an account o f a marvellous scape from deuih ofthe lam ilyofM r. J. F. II. Dlaiborne, at their residence near Martha’s Vin- •iird, in that State. Tlie fluid struck the house •n three places. Air. C. and his lady were at the •ime taking coffee in a back parlor o pening on a .cillery. Tlie window im mediately over their heads, within one foot o f them, was shattered to pieces. A table before tliem was torn up. A dos ‘t o f china in thp gallery, and tbe contents o f die side-board, within six feet of them, were dis- u-nyeil. u ah ol them w ere partially paralyzed tlld blinded. The nuineut Col. C. raised his w ife up, she rushed out, p.ile with agony and ter- ••or, exclaiming. “ My child I my child!” The little girl with two servants, w e re standing at the moment iu tlie gallery, witldu six feet of the shattered closet. _ She was found nniuj tred, but covered w ith splinters aud fragments o f the plas- fered wail. The house was ou tire for au instant, Out was saved by the heavy rain which was fall­ ing. ________________________ A B f .a u t if u l R e p r e s e n t a t i v e — A correspon­ dent ol the New Tropic, writing from Washing. ion, makes die Iollowing statem ent: “ Alabama’s proud representative, Mr. Felix Grundy McConnell, isdaily illustrating tlie effects if the new Tariff, and taking off' the duties, in­ crease the consumption (of Brandy.) In his case • t is a paradox ; lie has redoubled his duties aud largely increased the consumption. He was holding forth al C deuiau's ia his speech yester­ day. lu the absence ot tlie reporters, and lest liis c institueuts and prosterity should, lose the benefit o f it, I will give you suineelegantextraets. \ group of his admirers w ere in attendance. It ran:—You see before you a gentleman, the ein- lodiiueut and personification of Democracy the proud representative of the flat-footed, square shouldered, hard fisted, dirty faced, squar<voed. cottou-shirted, wool-hatted yeomanry olAl.ibama, who goes in fo r •’ w e the people and tiie written constitution.” Gentlemen, I ’m the m o s t grace­ ful and capaciousdriukerextaut— seeir.eiudul\e.” &c. &c. What a comment upon the tastes o f the people is tills specimen of the combiued wisdom of the States.” , G e r r i t S m i t h , Esq.. of Feterboro, has recent- j ly made out tw o thousand deeds, conveying from 40 to 50 acres o f laud each, as gifts to iudustrious colored meu in this State, and it is said designs to make ont one thousand more. These lands are located iu different couuties, aud w ill make each of the persons to whom it is conveyed, a voter under our present constitution. Mr. S . has abont 800 000 acres of unimproved land in this State, and this movement w ill reduce it materially. __ Syracuse Star. S e n a t o r M c D u f f i e . — The Charleston Mer­ cury, iu noticing the report that Mr. McD. w ill resign his seat in the Senate, ventures to inform Thus lairly placed in the I the friends o f the various aspirauts to succeed field the W hig ticket can and ought te succeed, and w e do not doubt that il every w h ig does his duty, it will succeed. At any rate, let us begin right and work right and altogether, when w e have begun. We shall thus show that we de- aervo to succeed. ElflllSOXtit G ale .—T he Norfolk Herald o f Tueday says; A storm of wind and rain com- menced on Tuesday morning at an early hour coutinuing d u ring the d ay and increasing in vio­ lence till pight when it began to subside. The tide rose to an nncommon height. The steam­ ers for B altimore, B ichmoud and O ld P o in t w ere detained all day on Tuesday by the storm. W e take the following from the Albany Daily Journal o f Friday: N e w J u d ic ia l System . The Convention concluded its action on the re­ port of the Judiciary Committee last evening.— The following are the principal features of the system as a d o p t e d r 1. A Court lor the trial o f imppachmpnts is es­ tablished, to be composed of the President o f the Senate, the Senators, or the major part o f them, and the Judges o f the Court o f Appeals or the major part o f them. 2. Abolishes the present Court for the Cor­ rection o f Errors, aud iu lieu thereof establishes a Court o f Appeals,composed of eight Judges,four of whom are to be elected by the. electors o f the State for eight years,and four elected by the class of Justices of the Supreme Court having tlie shortest tim e to serve. The Legislature is to provide for classifying those e le cted every second year. 8. Organizes a Supreme Court having general jurisdiction in law aud equity, subject to altera­ tion and regulation by the Legislature. Law and equity powers are vested in this Ccurt. 4. Divides the Stateiuto eight Judicial districts, of which the city of New York is one. Tlie dis- tricls to be compact and equal in population us nearly as may be There are to he four Justices o f the Supreme C -nrt iu eacti district, and as many im-'r iu the district composed ofth e City o f New York as may from time to time he authori­ zed by’ law , but act to exceed thenum bee o f Jus­ tices in the other districts in proportion to its population. Upon tlie first election the Justices 1 are to be classified so that one in eaih district I shall go out o f office at the end of every tw o years, j After the expiration of these terms under such classification, the term o f these offices is to be eight years. 5. Provides that any three or more of the Jus­ tices of the Supreme Court may hold general terms o f the court in any district, aud any oue of them may hold special terms and Circuit Courts, aud preside at the Courts o f Oyer aud Terminer in any couuty. Provision is to be made by the Legislature for designating a Judge to preside in the Courts in bank of the several districts. 6 The Judges are to receive a compensation for their services to lie established by law, which shall not be increased urdimiuished during their continuance iu office. 7 The Judges are uot to hold any other office or public trust. All votes given for them for auy elective office (except that o f J u d g e) are de­ clared void. They are not to exercise auy power of appointment to public office. Every male cit­ izen ofth e age of 21 years, o f good moral charac­ ter, aud having the requisite learning and ability, shall be admitted to practice in all the Courts of the State. 8. Provision is to he made by law for the class­ ification of the Justices o fthe Su preme Court, and for designating the times and place o f holding the terms ol the Court o f Appeals, and of the general and special terms o f the Supreme Court within the several districts, and tlie Circuit Courts aud Courts o f Oyer and Terminer within the several counties. 9. The testimony in equity cases to be taken iu like mauner as in cases of law, and the offices of Master and Examiner iu Chancery are abolished. This provision summarily disposes uf over three hundred officers, and adopts the ouly rational mode of taking testimony. 10. Provides for tlie removal of all judicial of­ ficers, except Justices oi the Peace, hyj liutreso lulioii of both houses of the Legislature, i f two- iliirds o f all the members elected to the Assem­ bly and a majority of all the members elected to the Senate concur therein. Removal ouly to take place for disability or mai-conduct iu office, and au opp irtunity is to be given for the party charg­ ed to he heard in his defence. 11. Provides for ihe election o f Justices of the Supreme C mrt by the electors o f t lie several ju­ dicial districts. Tiie first eh clii n is to be a spe­ c i a l oue, aud not to take place within forty days of a general annual election. Subsequent e lec­ tions, o f oue Judge in each district may take place at the auuiial election. 12. Each county is to e lect one Judge, to hold u G.iuiity Court mid discharge the duties of Sur- roga’e. The Couuty Court is to have appellate jurisdiction of proceedings iu Justices Courts, but uo original civil jurisdiction, e x c e p t iu spe­ cial cases to be prescribed by law. It is to have such original criminal jurisdiction as the Legisla­ ture may prescribe. The criminal County Court is to b e composed o f the Judge so elected and tw o Justices of the Peace, to b e designated by tiie Board of Supervisors. The Judge is to receive a salary to be fixed by the Board of Supervisors, and the Justices a per diem allowance to be also fixed by said Board. In couuties containing a population of over 40,000, a Couuty Judge aud als i a person to discharge the d u ties of Surrogate, may he elected. 13. Em p owers the Legislature to establish in­ ferior courts of c ivil and criminal jurisdiction iu cities, but uot to be acharge upon the Stale Trea­ sury. Provision may also be made by law for appealing directly from these courts lo tlie Court of Appeals. 14. The Legislature is to re-organize the Judi­ cial dis! riels every ten years, and may increase or diminish their mimber, but such increase cr dimi­ nution shall not lie in >re than oue district at any oue time. Nn diminution shail have the effect to remove a Judge from office. 15. The L (gisluture may, on application of the Board of Supervisors, provide for the election ol 1 icul officers, uot to exceed two iu any county, to discharge tlie duties o f J u d g e and Surrogate in case of tlieir inability or of a vacancy, aud to e x ­ ercise such other powers iu special cases, as may be provided hy law. 16. Provides for tlie election of Justices of ilie Peace by the P e o p le; fixes their term of office at four years, and leaves their number aud classi­ fication to be regulated by law. 17. Prevents any judicial officer, except Justi­ ces of tlie Peace, from receiving auy fees or per­ quisites of office for his ow n use. 18. Authorizes the Legislature, on the appli­ cation of tlie Board of Supervisors, to provide for thu election of officers, not exceeding two in any county, to discharge the duties o f Ju Ige and Sur­ rogate in case iff vacancy in these offices, and also such duties iu special proceedings as may be pre­ scribed by law. 19. Empowers the legislature to establish tri­ bunals o f conciliation; but the tribunals so es­ tablished are uot to be empowered to euter judg­ ments or decrees against parlies unless they vol­ untary assent thereto in the presence o f the con­ ciliators. 20. Authorises the legislature lo make provis­ ion for leaving free to auy individual, the publi­ cation of tlie Statutes of the S tate, a u d the de­ cisions of the courts. 21. Provides f o r the first election o f Justices o f t h e S u p r e m e C o u r t b e t w e e n t h e 1 s t T h u r s d a y i n April and 1st T u esday in J u n e . 1847. Said c o u rt is to organize on the 1st Monday of July, 1847, and their judicial term is to be deemed to com­ mence ou tbe 1st day of January, 1843. For the purpose o f finishing the business now ou hand ill the courts, the old courts are to continue until the 1st Monday o f July, 1843, unless tlie busi- n e s s s h a l l b e s o o n e r d i s p o s e d o f . T h e n e w c o u r t is to a c t in aid o f the old oue iu d eterm in in g lhe unHuished business:. Provides for th e election by ihe Electors o fthe S t a t e o f a C l e r k C - m r t o f A p p e a l s , w h o shall h e ex-officio Clerk of the Suprem e C mrt, and shall keep his office at the Seat o f G iveru- m eut. The Comity Clerks shall be ex-officio Clerks of ihe Supreme C-mrt. Sueli are the general features o f the Judicial System which the Convention has finally wrought out anil adopted. W e congratulate lhe People upon a result so auspicious. Tiiis is the gr.-at measure o f Reform which brought the Conv ai- tiou iuto existence Long aud anxiously has ub- lic attention been hanging upon its deliberations. Butinen will breathe with freedom now. The great merits uf this system will be universally acknowl­ edged. We p.-int to its different sections with pleasure aud pride. They contemplate great and benificeiit Reforms. They m eet the wants . f the State aud answer the expectations of the Peo­ ple. Should the Convention fail lo accomplish other needed objects of Reform, the establish­ ment o f such au enlarged, enlightened and phi­ lanthropic Judicial System, vviii compensate, a thousand fold, for what it lias cost. Imp i r t a n t D isc i v e r y — I n s t a n t a n e o u s S t o p ­ ping o f a R a i l w a y T r a i n . — The experiment took place iu the Rue Ohaussee d ’A ilin, ou a model railway constructed forthe purpose. Tin* invent ir is au engineer named Alexandre. A model train was let oft’at different rates iff spreil, from fifteen to tweuty leagues au hour down a very inclined plain, and yet, liotwiihstandirig these circnmstauces, the train was checked with­ out the slightest commotion. The break is work­ ed by the conductor o f tiie last carriage, instead of striking each other, bare a tendency lo re­ treat. As soon as the breaks of the last car­ riage have taken their position, ihose of every othpr carriage iu the train act instantaneously, and by another admirable contrivauce, lhe loo - motive can, even at tlie create-t rate of speed.. be detached from tlie train. This is not all.— This very act ol separating the locomotive pro­ vides against i cc'dent from its running too far Mr. McDuffie, that that gentlemun “ is still Sen­ ator, and lhat it is the first time he has ever re­ ceived * warning’ tbat h is services vvere not nee­ ded by the State.” Y ellow F ever .— One case of yellow fever has occnrred at NCW Qrleftli6j blit jt WS5 Ifot Of such a character as to e x cite fears that the epide­ mic would b e extended. G en . H ouston , says the N ew Orleans Delta, w ill profaablo resign his seat in the U. S. Senate. The p rivate business o f Gen. H ., andthe delicate health o f his lady, w ill render his appearance a t Washington during the early part o f the coming session o f C ongress almost impracticable. R o m a n c e o f F i g u r e s . — T he treasury tables published in the Union and copied iuto the Loco­ foco papers generally, to exhibit the comparison between tlie tariff's of 1842 and 1346, are just abont as fanciful as its arguments. They are uot to be relied upon at alt. The specific duties on the tariff o f 1342 are by it converted into ad va­ lorem.* o f almost any rate that will suit its purpo­ ses. For instance, in oue table published in the Union, intended to show that £ ie duties ou luxu­ ries h ive been increased, it puts down Madeira wine under the tariff o f 1342 ot five per cent., and under tue tariff of 1846 at forty per cent. Now, the real duty under the tariff ol 1342 is sixty cents per gallon. What must be the foreign cost o f the wine which makes sixty cents a gallon only tive per cent? It m u st b e twelve dollars p e r gallon. Now, the Secretary’s own report shows tbat the average foreign cost is only $1,20 per gallon.-- Sixty cents, therefore, is just \fifty p er cent., or ton pet* cent, more lhan. lhe new duly, instead of b e i n g t h irty - f iv e p e r c e n t . l e s s .— [ K e u u e b e c J o u r . A n I n s a n e M a n to b e H a n g e d . —Dr. Brig­ ham, Superintendent of the N e w York State Lu­ natic Asylum; Dr. Van Epps, Dr- Fusgatr, Dr Briggs. Ur. McNaugbton, Dr. Him, Dr. McCall, •md Dr. Coventry, all concur iu pronouncing Freeman, the negro murderer. Insane, and con­ sider him a fit subject for the Lunatic Asylum,— [P llil a. Ledger. forward; for as s ion as it has reached a suffi­ cient distance from the train, say ftTly to one hundred yards, it slops. The invent >r estimates the expense of adopting his apparatus at athoii- s uid francs for each carriage. A commission, appointed by the government have wituessed, and, it is said, approved o f the experiments.— [Galignaui’s Messenger. A M a n R o b b e d o f h i s W i f e a n d C h i l d r e n . — Nathaniel Reynolds, of Belfast, Allegany c juuty, advertises for information in relation to his way­ ward wife. Betsey, who left there on the 30:b of April last, iu company with her new lover, Sam­ uel Fellows, taking witli her, five children, vary­ ing from 13 dow n ” to 3 yeara o f age. They are supposed to have emigrated westward and a knowledge o f their whereabouts would b e o f in terest to lhe father o f the children. W ashisgtos , Aug. 2 6 t t . Evening. Tli? N. 0 . mail came through this afternoon, with newspapers from that city to the 19th inst, inclusive. No n ew s from the army. Advices from Mexico had been received hy way o f Havanna. conveying the same intelligence tbat was received at N e w York a few days ago by the ship Adelaide. 7* Is i t ro.?—Somebody says “ newspapers often contain advertisements of plain coohs, W e Blip- poee pretty cook have no occasion to advertise.” B I T E L E G R A P H . FR O M N E W Y O R K . Reported for the A n b u r n D a l l y Advertiser. N e w Y o r k , Sept. 9th, 8 p . m- This market is rather barren o f important uews to-day. The southern mail brought noihing . f any moment. The Telegraph despatches of this morning from the south w ere as follow s: b e n . Kearney had written home that he would not return to the Uni ed States until next winter, 12 mouths. The Mexican G 'vernor Armijo, is said to have run away from Santa Fe. A great flood nad occurred iu Crooked creek, near ^ Madison, Indiana. Six men have beeu drowned, and considerable damage to property near the river. The Indianapolis Rail mad is so much injured that it will take nine mouths to re­ pair it. Tlie weather continues very warm in Balti­ more. The southern mail brings nothing important.— The weather heie iu New York, which has beeu Ibra w e ek intensely hot, is to-day, almost chilly'. the wind having changed to tlie east. L ist uigiit it b lew a gale, and some damage was done to the shipping. Many of the vessels ut quarantine dragged their anchors aud ouiy pulled up by let­ ting go a second. The ship Christophon C Ion dragged her an­ chor, and ran foul o f tlie Brig Oceoliq knocking iu tlie Brig's bulwarks. Th« siiip received uo dam­ age. They were got clear with s..me difficulty. This morning a sloop heavily Iudened appar­ ently with coal, was seen going down the bay be­ fore the wind without any person on board. The tide was so high to-day thatou some o f the piers it was necessary to reiuuve the tiour aud oth­ er produce. Several deaths occurred yesterday from coup de soliel and over exertion iu tlie heat. The disease which has lieeu so fatal amoug hor­ ses ou long Island, has appeared iu tlie city.— The disease is said to have spread fatally amongst tlie feathered race. The h .use o f Hon. B. F. Butler iu Washington Square, was entered ou Sunday night or M mday morning, in lhe absence of tlie family, and ran­ sacked Trom garret to cellar; fortunately tlie prop­ erty was insured against loss by burglars. A German named G uld, called to bury a man on M inday last, aud having obtained liis neigh­ bors horse, uot thoroughly broke, was by the un­ ruly couduct o f the auiinal thrown from his box and so injured oue of his legs, being brnkeu in tw o places tlmt he died. H e has lelt a wife and foiirchildren. He was drawn to his grave b y the same h irse tliat caused his dealh. Tlie Gazette aud Times s a y s : Geo. B a n c r o f t . — We learn from a source en­ titled to cr. Hit, tlmt Mr. Secretary Bancroft is making preparations lo go out as Minister to England, to succeed Mr. McLane. Jno. Apple­ gate, of Maiue, will probably be the Secretary uf Legation. Henry C. W ebb, mate of the barque Eugenia, which recently came from Vera Cruz, having eva­ ded the blockade, was arrested by iheU . S. Mar­ shal, charged with shooting oue of the hauds.— The shooting was accidental. A curious affair lias just transpired in Brooklyn. Ou Sunday last, says the Advertiser, William Beau left liouie iu a wagon, iu company with his wife, iuteudiug to visit some acquaintances at Ja­ maica. W hile ou the road Mrs. B. got i ut o f ihe wagon to have a few minutes conversation with a pers m whom she knew— leaving her hu.maud sitting iu the vehicle opposite a wood near whicu he lmd stopped. On returning to the place, tiie horse and wagon were there, but he could no where be found, although diligent search was made for him. His body was, however, w e are informed, discovered iu a remote com er of the wood yesterday forenoon, and was broueiit to the city, in an advanced sta'e of putrefactii i. A mail named G ;orge Griffiths has been arrested and partially exainin il upon tic- charge of having at the preseut time, 3 wives. O ie is said to be living in Wales, and another in Ph.l.odelphia ; and the ch irge is made by a third, who lives in Brook­ lyn. We hear from Elizabethtown, that Miss Martha Croes, daughter of tlie late Bishop Croes, was found de .d iu her bed Sunday morning. She had been complaining for some time. The trial of Commodore C. Spencer, for shoot­ ing his wife at J ersey city, is on at Bergen now ; no jury has y e t been obtained. The Sim says the prisoner’s father, who is a clergyman in Otsego county, his sister, and her husband, Mr. Bairett, of Chautuuque county, and his uncle, Joshua A. Spencer, of Utica, and a number iff spectators were present. The interview betw e en the pris- prisonerandhisfatherin prison, this morning is said to have beeu very affecting. The old gentleman, who was formerly in an insane asylum, appeared deeply affected by this heart rending affliction.— The prisoner wore a frock coat, and was neatly dressed. N e w York, Thursday, Sept. 10. 2£ P. M. There is no new s from the south liis morning. The Telegraph reports noihing worth sending. There was a current rumor at Baltimore, that Mr. Bancroft resigned yesterday. Tbe weather continues very cool and windy, and a storm is ev­ idently brooding— perha| 8 the equinoctial. A mau named Alrak Russ, cut his w ife’s throat last evening iu Orange street. Her head was aearly severed f. 0:11 b e r body. Tlie husband is supposed to have made his way north or west. Au insane woman cut her throat last night named Marielliet. An accident has happened upon tlie Reading Riilroad, by which one passenger was injured. The British Minister and Secretary ot Legation are in town. A man named Warnock stabbed his wife so that she was taken to the hospital. Warnock then ran a vay, leaving three children, who were not discovered till they w ere nearly starved. The Globe is out against the Free Banking system. It is said lhat Profess ir W olsey has d e ­ clined the Presidency of Yale College. A counterfeit $1000 bill on tbe Chemical Bank, was received in this city yesterday, from St. Louis. By a report to the American Board of Foreign Missions, now iu session at New Haven, it ap­ pears that the receipts o f the Society for the past year have been $262,073 The lasses sustained by several o f the princi­ pal insurance offices in Loudon, on account o fthe fire at St. John’s, exceed $500,000. A lbany , Friday, Sep t 11. A t 5 o’clock last evening, as the steamboat Ex­ celsior, Capt. Nelson, which plies betweeu tiiis city and C'oxsacksie, was leaving dock, foot of Cortland sireet, her boiler exploded with a tre­ mendous concussion, killing and scalding several of her passengers and crew. The bout immeui- uiely took fire Irom the effects of the explosion, and for a moment it was feared lhat those on board her who hail escuped tlie original calamity would lie eugnlphed in the flames. As the wreck drifted down tiie stream, great fears were enter­ tained that she would run foul o f some one of s e t- ernl ships which lay at anchor iu the stream.— This was pre\ eutcd. She was overtaken by the steamer Jolui Fitch, und conveyed over to the Jer­ sey shore. The boat wi s burned entirely to the water’s edge. The boat was new and patou ih e riverin June last, b ut was not one o f the first class. .She was engaged principally in cheap passenger business between N e w York, Caiskill, and Cux- saekie, aud was owned by Hunt, Nelson &. Sons, of the latler p'ace. She was valued at $11,000, and was but partially iustired. The whole number of passengers on board probably did not exceed forty. The explosion shook 111- large Steamers Hendrick Hudson and Empire, K i> g at tin; Cortland street pier. Tne tim beio were thrown high up into tbe air, and the b..dy of at least one person was seen fal­ ling with lhe tim b eis The boiler was not seen after Lhe expl 'Sion. That part o f it not broken to pieces, went immediately to the bottom Tlie sufferers w ere curried im m ediaiely to the l.o-pitul, and taken care of. Their names are, D.o- • iii 51 mson, passenger, aged 73, father-in-law of Alderman Gilbert, 1st Ward. H e was badly seal eil, and Hit d in a few miinutes after being taken to Ihe hospital. \V. Hail, passenger, lives 177 Lewis sireet. His face was very much hal­ tered nnd upper and lower jaws, both brokeu in several pieces, has a deep injury ou his thigh, and is barm on one knee. W. Van Wort, Ist Engi­ neer, had both arms badly burnt, and is bruised io his buck. G. Van Wort, 2d Engineer and ■innher to \V„ lmd his arms and .egsnud throat badly burnt. One ol die firemen is missing, sup­ posed to have beeu tlie body seen to have been blown up iu the air, al tbe tim e d tbe explosion. Tiie »atise o ftlie explosion is as y e t unascertained. Tne first engineer says lhat their was ouly about eieliteeu ine lies of steam on just before the ex plosion. From the N. Y. Herald. W e re c e i v e d late Iasi e v e n i n g intelligence of the highest importain e from the Rio Grande and :h C a b i n e t at W a s h in g to n . A courier is now in this c.i:y, despatched by Gen. Taylor Irom the Head Q u a it'is of the America ti Army, and w e are informed on tlie most reliable authority that uu proposals* for peace whatever have yet been made by tlie Mexican or American Governments, or by any of their accredited agents. This messenger left after Sauta Anna’s arrival and after he had sufficient time to make advances if lie intended to do. This news w e hardly expected, but it is nil ex­ plained by tlie fact which tlie New York Herald was the first to proclaim, viz., tbat Santa Anna had given assurances to his friends that in return- ing to resume the command o f the army, be should most implicitly f .Row tlie public w ill and indica­ tions o f tim people o f M -xico iu regard to the war. He i* no-.v waiting :o learn the popular feeling. This is one item. The second item of intelligence brought by this Courier, is, that the Ministers of England, France aud Spain, in the Capital of M exico, have given the gravest assurances to Santa Ana, that neither he nor bis Government shall receive from them one dollar, or the slightest encouragement iu prosecuting this war. ’1'1 ^ —: ) — -1— * , , v , Tl,is anses'i \ViUvullj Irom the immense damages which are flowing to the commerce and mining interests o f those na­ tions. which are so seriously aflected by existing hostilities. The third item is, that, up to last Tuesday no decision had even been come to by the Cabiuet to attack the Castle o f San Juan de Ulloa. If these facts b e so, and w e h av e them on au­ thority which w e cannot b u t credit, the futnre is all uncertainty; but the Great Begulator will de- cide i t all* B a l t i m o r e . Thursday e v e n i n g . The mail brings ii • intelligence irom Mexico or the army. Tbe St. Louis papers ure barren uf interest, bringiug notliiug from Santa Fe. The Mormons are using a ll their efforts to avoid the coming attack. The Union states that Hon. Arthur P. Bagby, of Afo., is c o n f i n e d to his lodgings, iu Washington, by uu attack of bilious fever. A p p o i n t m e n t s by t h e P r e s i d e n t . — Geo. Ban­ croft. to Great Britain, John Y. Mason, oi Va., to be Sec’y of Navy. S t e a m b o a t E x p l o s i o n . — —The Tribune of last evening s ys: Tlie verdict o f the Coroner’s Ju­ ry is, Death in consequence ofth e explosion, &c Mr. Hull it is thought will recover. The reco­ very of the 2d engineer is doubtful. The Express has a report that Mr. McLean w ill be ottered the State Department. B u f f a l o , Sept. 11. A favorable wind has wafted into port a por­ tion of the Upper Luke fleet, heavily laden with the various products of the West, aud quite a number are now iu sight gayly ploughing their way through the deep blue wutera ot old Erie. [ Com. Adv. B a l t i m o r e . Wednesday evening. The weather to-day, was cold aud drizzly The Stock Market coutiuued firm aud there was uo variation in the price of either state or city securities. W e perceive nothing new relative to tlie Sauta Fe expedition iu the St. Louis or other western papers. B a l t i m o r e , Monday Evening. The St. Louis R .-publican lias n e w s trom &anta Fe to tlie 3d Aucust. AhUoUgU there were ouly 450 Mexican soluieia m the place, the all.Uorillea asserted tliey had a l’tst i veu force ot 7 UU0 men ready to maioh at a moment’s warning .ieamsl Geu. Kearney’s expedition. Tnis was uot be­ lieved. No lidiugs from Gen. Kearney had beeu received tor fifteen days. Mexicau spies were distributed al.nig the Santa Fe roan. M. S. E. Swan, of Nuniiamptou, .Mass., was attacked and munJered by the Indians on the prairies. The Indians were becoming exceed- iunly troublesome aud w ere committing grievous depredations ou the persons aub property ui tra­ velers. Tliere w ere immeuse uu timers of the government baggage waggons lea\ ing iu an e x ­ posed situation on tlie .prairies vvuicti could be easily captured and all tlie supplies ol mr troops cut off by n force oi 106 Mexicans, it they only knew the exposed and aeteuseless situation ot the provisiou trains. The Indians were uttering their services to the Sauta Fe government, to ut- tick Gen. Kearney and to pluuder aud drive away all the American travelers, but ilie local govern­ ment declined accepting their services. Great excitem ent now exists at Nauvoo. On the 31st o f August an attack on the city was ge­ nerally expected. W a s h i n g to n , Thursday evening. The Hon. F. G. McUounell, of Alabama, com­ mitted suicide litis afternoon, at St. Charles hotel, by slabbing himself with a large clasp knite, th, ee times in the kueck and tive times iu the stomach. He hail been forthe 3 days previous, laboring un­ der the influence of mania a potu. Charles Jared Iugersoll has beeu renominated for Congress. The brewery of Mr. W estcott on First and Frauklitt streets, formerly occupied by Messrs. Boyd & Co., was destroyed by tire last night.-— Several other tw o story brick buildiugs on Arch and Green streets, were also destroyed. Mr. Westcott had $ .0 000 ins trance on Itis stuck aud the buildings own- d by Messrs. Boyd are also insured.— [A lb. Report. W a s h i n g to n , Friday niglit, Sept. 11. W e have New Orleans dates to tue 4dt. The Steamer .'antes L. Day arrived there ou the 3d from Limairieu, w hence she sailed ou tlie 1st inst. Noihing of tuteiest going on. A small portion of tlte troops only remained at tliat Fort; the main b..dy having marched for the interior. Lieut. Whitteuiore, in command at Indian Point, was compelled, by disturbances there, to pro­ claim martial law. Mr. George Van Wort, 2d engineer of tlie Ex celsior, died from the injuries received al the time of the explosion. This is the third death ascer­ tained. hospital most seriously injured. N e w Y o r k . Sept. 14. A G r a p h i c a n d I m p o r t a n t R e p o r t f r o n t h e S o u t h — I’he steamer Legare, at New Orleans from V’era Cruz, brings imp irtant information ot the entire loss ofth e U. S. brig Titixton, on the bar of Tuxpau river, 130 m iles uoith of Vera Cruz. Tilt Truxtoii was in there protecting her boats while they vvere obtaining pruvioious.— When she struck uu the ltar, excepting Lieut. Hunter aud a boat’s crew tiie officers and meu surrendered to the Mexicans, and vvere very well treated. Lieut. Hunter put to sea, capturing a Mexican schouuer, aud got ou board the Prince­ ton. Tho cutter Legare had despatches for our Commodore, supposed to relate to a three mouths’ armistice with M exico. About ten days since, Santa Ana lelt Vera Cruz for the city of M exico, previous to which, how­ ever, he seut a polite invitation to our Commo­ dore to m eet him on board the English frigate Edymion, but the interview did not take place. A few days past oue o f the English frigate boats came down iu a violent rain squall with a com­ munication for the Commodore. The next day a flag of trace was returned, but uo rumor of the business has transpired. The frigate Potomac is nearly disabled by the sickuess of her crew. The scurvy has broken out amongst tlie crew aud she has 110 cases ot this dreadful disease. Santa Ana’s reception at Vera Cruz was grati­ fying to him. Despaches from Washiugton offeriitg%jeaco to Mexico were taken out to Commodore Cobiter hy the Legare and ou their receipt lie eomnmnicatejiF witli Vera Cruz by means of a Hag o f truce. peace proposition would therefore follow Ssnita A u u a to the Capitol if it did uot aecompatD^ It thither. His reply will be known probably the next arrival. The yellow fever hasjiiade its appearance on board the British vessqfa of War at Sacrificios. Gen. Kearney left Bent's Fort oil the 5th of August with 1800 meu on half rations. H e lost 100 horses. T w o o t h e r p e r s o n s w e r e b r o u g h t t o t l i e September 14 October 5 October 5 October 7 October 12 Octi 4 e J 3 October 13 November 2 November 2 November 3 November 3 November 9 November 10 S a t a n ’s Progress in H o ston . A writer in the Courier gives a dark but cor­ rect picture of the retrograde o f virtue in Boston. In Ward 2 , he says, the overpoor and assessor told me there were over 200 drinking places, mauy of them kept by low auu worthless charac­ ters. It is computed tliat from 600 to 800 rum bowling alleys are in operation, to tlte ruin of ma­ ny youtus, tu say nothing ol the boys educating there lor the House oi C o rrection. As to the billiard rooms aud gambling pi,ices, they occupy the upper rooms o f tiie c h ief comers of many principal sireets. (as cau be seen,) and have their bars, as the usual appendages ot such vile places. Aud last, though not least, licentious­ ness ah muds as a coiuuiou accompanim ent o f ibe foregoing. C oncience .——A certain Jesuit preached in Arzzo against the unchaste women. -‘ One amongst you, especially,” said he to liis female auditory, “ distinguishes herself by her dissolute course of lile, the couciousuess of shame often amends sinners, and therefore I will here name the woman publicly. But no ! Christian charity f irliids! she might through this become scanda­ lized. I will, h >wever, do something to point her out; so that through shame, she may arrive at conversion. I will throw mv hat at her. She whom I hit w ill be the sinner.” The preacher no sooner took the cap iu his hand, but all the la­ dies stooped as 1 iw as p -ssibie. “ Good Iteaveus! exclaimed the preisl, “ hav e then ull the women bad coueie-tces 7” “ A nother E ffect .”—The miners, says U. S. G tzette. are leaving the coal tlte as regions last as they cau gather ineatis. A considerable number c.nue down every day and put them selves iu a way to reach Eaglaud, or Nova Scotia, where better wages can be earned. We speak n iw of tacts mentioned to us yesterday, by oue who knov s the movements iu these matters, and who fully understands and feels the operation of the new tariff upon the industrial interests of Pennsylvania.- T he O rkg > n .— A friend was describing to us, ou Saturday, a transformation of which he had become cognizant, mi board the famous steamer Oregon. It happened that he had not been on board in some mouths; and when he last was there, his heart had been paiued— for he is a cold wa’er titan of the first water— ity seeing a young man whom he knew , and whose family he re- A P a t e n t D e m c r a t . “ A TYRANT TO H IS SU l’.ORDlNA'l L S - .\ SYCOPHANT TO HIS SUPERIORS.!” The Washington correspondent o f the Bahim !v Patriot gives two examples to prove that Mr Bancroft sat for the portrait contained iu ij,j above quotations. First h e ordered “ Governor” Randall, a highly respectable person, who had taken a Messenger’s place in the Navv Depm . ment, mitil_ he could gel a clerkship, winch ia,„ been promised him— lie ordered this genth n.,.„ in att imperious tone to go and saddle and hnd e' his horse for hint to ride, aud this, too. whu, a negro servant was within his call. This is out­ side of the |-u-tnre. Now the other. A le.uii,,,. L cofoco editor, now at Washington, stai.-s th.a when Mr. Polk was about leaving the White House the oilier day, to pay liis visit to Old I oii.t Comfort, Mr. George Bancroft ran up to the I’r s- ident’s carriage, opened the door and let d o w n the steps for the Presidential family to get fa, and this, too, in the most sycophantic naunat imaginable’! W hv, send bin* to England, and whose carriages w ill not our Minister tlnovv and making easy for tbe entrance of uobility ut royal blood ! Verm > nt E l c t i o n . — Returns o f 117 t-wi.g give Eaton. ( l \ .) 13,926. Smith, (L . F .) 9 726. Mattering 3,344, c mpared with lust year, is a W hig increase ol 409 ; Loco Foco decrease 441; increase of scattering, 451. 'ihere is no ih uU left that there has been no election by the peo­ ple. Eaton w ill be some 12 or 1500 votes slt.-tt, but will be certainly chosen by the Legislature, which w ill be strongly W hig. The Whig Sena­ tors are chosen iu 8 couuties, and bmbably in 3 others; Loco Senators in 2. As far as ht ard from 79 Whig. 41 Loco and 7 Abolition Repre­ sentatives are chosen. In tiie first Congressional District, Henry.(W.- has betweeu 300 and 400 majority tints far, and is doubtless elected, lu the second, Judge Co! lumar, it is supposed, lacks a few votes ■ I a re-e lection. Marsh is certainly elected in tlte Third D istrict; and in the fourth there istto election.— Chandler, (W h ig) leads his opponent Peck. E l e c t i o n s . — T he coming Fall elections for Congressional and State Officers are to take plate in the following order o f tiute: Maine, Monday, Georgia, Monday, Arkansas, Monday, Maryland, Wednesday, S. Carolina, Monday. lVousylvania.Tuesday, Ohio, Tuesday, Mississippi, Monday, Michigan, Monday, N ew York, Tuesday, New-Jersey, Tuesday, MussaehusettsMomlay, Delaware' Tuesday', P e a c h e s . — Tlnsmost delicious of all tbe Fruits of the Earth, are more abundant this season thau was ever known. Hundreds of thousands of baskets have been brought to N e w York, and from thence scattered North and East upon Steain- Boats and Rail-Roads, at prices as low be to plate them within the reach of all classes. They are a great luxury, and a bountiful I’rovidettce has kind­ ly supplied them to the poor as w e ll as tbe rich. [E v e . Jour. “ Can yon give me two 1 alves for a dollar7” ixtqitirud a loafer at a retail store. “ Yes,” sa'.d the man, placing the two halves on th • counti t. “ To-tnorrow I will band you the dollar,” said the loafer, pocketing the money. T h e H on. G e o r g e M c D u f f i e . — The Columbia South Carolinian anuoniices that it is now ui (fer- stood that M-. McDuffie w ill vacate his seat in th-- Senate of tbe U. S. P e r q u isites o f R o y a lty.— T he annual it a ire • •I' Q lei-n Victoria is £ 5 0 0 00l> o r t.early $2,500 - 009! There are over i tie iiiilliou i f ha’d v.i tk‘ ing aud honest meu iu Great Britain, nut . in- . - whom recu'ves lhe ten thousandth of the auotttt of the Qu. en’s income. T h e F r f e T r a d i P o w c t . —Tbe H.-uri'sbir Democratic Union says, ifth e free tradersslmnl succeed In breaking np the manufacturers of the sixteen leading articles of coustmiptiou in tlu- couutry. aud import the $331 000.000 worth now made at home what do they propos to pay this enormous amoimtwitli ? If ill corujtt 20 cents a bushel, as their great, organ, intimated some time ago, it w ill take 1,655.000.00(1 of bushels—four times the product of the Union. If iu flour, at $4 a barrel, it will take 84,000.000 of barrels, tour tim es tbe amount ptoduced iu the United States. R i o t in P h i l a d e l p h i a . — Tlte Pliiladel[ hie. North American of ye.stereav states, tbat olt Sun­ day night St. Mary’s street was the si cue ol a terrible riot between the rowdy 'Whites and lhe Blacks. Several persons were severely injured, and some ol the police wounded iu attempting to arrest tbe participants. M exico .— T be last letters (s tvsthe Journal o f Commerce,) from sources of the highest respect­ ability iu tbe city of M exico, and other tr wi s, represent the dispnsitii u o f the people as ultoget ti­ er in favor o f pence. Tbe English merchants and English government desire peace, nnd as the American people also desire it, it w :Il be seen the influences are very strong iu that direction. M a in e . — T h e Animal State Election iu Maine takes {dace ou Moodoy next, the 14th inst.. and 1 *ids fair tu b e contested with unusual spirit.— Each oar ty has a fnil list of candid ite* in tlie field, and tlie poll wJJLJje larger than usual. The Times hipf^the drollest erratum that ever happened. Jrfir a “ higher being” read “King Ca­ nute.”—-DEmst. post. N o tp d iln ’ll as democracy has recentlyexhibi- tedvOFor “ Prelection and tbe Tariff'of ’42” read “Free trade aud tbe Britisb bill of ’46.” r An editor out West having asked the consent rtf a father to his daughter’s baud in marriage, ibe provident old gentlemen inquired how mnch m o ­ ney he could bring the bride. '1 he editor said he had’ut got auy money, hut he would give her a puff hi liis paper- The father was satisfied. E x t e r m i n a t e F l e a s . — Make a mixture of parts o f calomel and sulphur- Then seize varmint by tbe back of the netk. and lAjtill ho gapes npeu liis ntoutb. Thett thrust dowtTliis throat a dose of the mixture, and it is said that this w ill do the business up fur him- The right Hon. Sir Richard Fakeiihnni left tmvr. this morning for Marshfield, \\ here he is to be the guest o f Mr. Webester.— [Ib- Tltere is no mure deadly poison, than the com­ position used iu tlie inanufacluve o f loco li.co matches.— [Free Press. B e u are uf a ll kinds o f loco foeos. There is as much poison iu their politics as iu their matches. — [Detroit Adv. B a l t i m o r e , Sunday Eve. Information has been neetved in this city, tbat Santu A n n a sailed foe Sisal in s tead c f V e r a C m z . which accomiis for his ifett arrital at the la1 for place previous to the leaving of tlie steamer Mis­ sissippi. An A m erican P u n c h . — W e learn from the Mir­ ror of last evening, that au humorous paper is to be established in this city. Sucli a publicum n, if conducted with ability, would be verv success­ ful, and is much needed ; but us we said before, w h en speaking of a similar project— “ b Is” of m oney, wit, and. scholarship. wilL be net dt <1 to sustain it. The paper fs to fie called “ Yankee Dm dh ,'r an admirable name, and original withal.—E \c. Gaz- E3PA discontented man was quite !• o t.n c ■ in tbe habit ol remit ding his secot d rib wLa1 an excellent manager Ins first wife was. On' o' a!! patience, iu turn, he was Ci ji'routi d with 1 e t<- ruark tb it no one regretted herdealb nn u to..c the did t T h e l a r g e s t k i n d k.%own. —A vofuufeer wri­ ting to Louisviile trom the Rio Grande, says tbat tlie musketoes-there “ can stand fiat-footed itpi.it tbe ground, and without difficulty drink water < ut uf a pint tin cup.” An I l l i n o i s W e d d in g . — “ W ill y o u take this woman to be your wedded w ile V’ said a snag's- trate who was placing the indissoluble kunt o f lnatrimoiic ou a couple, mutually attacked to. oue auolher. “ W al, squire,’ said the g r am , a wolfish look­ ing cash inter, “ y ou must he a green ’uu, to ax such a question as that ar D ■ you think I’d be such a plaguy fool, old fellow as to g > to the b; r hunt, and take this gal from tlte quiltin’ trolic, i f I wasn’t couscriptiously deterinint d tn have her. spected, ltd up to the bar dud invited to drink bv Drive ou with your bizziness aud ax no more I . a !_ .......... * .. fooLmh several other meu, some youug aud others old enough to know a great dee] better, although he was already unable to walk with a firm slej). A t the second visit o u r friend was induced by i painful curiosity again to approach the well known spot in the forward cabin; and there, to itis equal astonishment and delight, he found the trausibruiaiii n above referred to. The “ bar” was \one and in its stead was arranged a sort o f post- office. Fur decanters were substituted pigeon holes; aud instead of the rattle once kept up by the “ muddler” in crushing lumps of sugar to sweetencock-lails, giu-sliiigsand brattdy-smashes, a busy hand was plying the post-office stamp on the backs o f letters. Honor to Captain Thayer, who has thus banish­ ed the liquid fire from hts palace of the waters.— [Com. Adv. The A c t of Grace.—The new Pontiff, by the customary act of grace, has released 1200 prison­ ers, charged with political offenses, from their dungeons. This mercy wns received with great eutiiusiiisin and applause by the R unattti. C 11 - siJering the limited population of Kune, 1200 is a lurre num b er of vi titns to the government. __ The United Slates has not a single human being in prison for a political offence. Politics m u st b e a rough trade iu Rome. A ttempt to R ob the M int Some adveutar er, wife visited the mint yesterday, Mtemnted to pocket some of the mint drops, but was discover­ ed, H e said it was a joke, and claimed to be a ftentlemaii ; fortunately, Captaiu Bennett was on his heels m seareh, having suspicion of hint as a well known thief.—[Phil. N. Am., Friday R e t r o c e s s io n .— The Alexandria Gazette has placed under its head the coat of arms of the Stale ot Virgiuia, in token of the separation oi that city aud county from the District of Colum- bia. foolish questions.” L ib e r a l O f f e r . — “ I w ill save yon a thousand pounds,” says au Irishman to an old gentleman, “ il you don’t stand in your own light.” “ H o w V ’ “ Yon have a daughter, and y o n intend to give her ten thousand as a marriage portion.” “ I d a . ” “ Sir, I will take her with nine thousand.” M a k i n g H i m s e l f U s e f u l . — A student in Western Reserve O . liege, who has heen there iu various s'agse o f education for niue years has sup­ ported him self by inoculating, and otherwise introducing choice fruits, aud has, iu faet. revo­ lutionized aud luxuriated all the towns round.— That man w ill m ake him self a living any where, and not be dependent up n charity for assistance. — [N e w a r k Daily Ads'. P ea c h e s in N e w Y ork an d L ondon .— We w ere informed that Peaches w ere sold iu New York on Saturday at 8 cents a basket. In July, 1843, w e Saw Peaches sold iu London at ten shil­ lings a piece. W e dare not ask any body to be­ lieve this statement— and y e t it is made upon t e evidence'wtnch our e y e s and ears turmshed.— [E v e . Jour. I rish wit .—‘“Stop, stop ? the pole of ihe car* iage VteYnntl h»s just- com e into tlie back of ours. 11 Then he asy, yer honor, it* is all right again our pole has just gone through the back of the cariage before u s.” Dow, Jr., says tn h is h earers, in a sermon upon outrage, “ You talk about having the pluck lo pitch into a panther! W hy yon hav’nt courage -mough to cast an insinuation at a roosqueto — You are wanting in the very rudiments o f courage- Id nine tim e s o n t often , you lack the courage to tell a sim ple truth; so yon sneak around the cor­ ners and bide yourself under the ft oo o f falsehood •’

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