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Auburn journal and advertiser. (Auburn, Cayuga Co., N.Y.) 1834-1848, November 12, 1845, Image 4

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I h e c a r e ol. C o u g h s, Colds, A sthm a , Croup, B leeding of the B u n g s , W h o o p ing Cough, B ronchitis, Influenza, Shortness of B reath, P a in an d W e a k n e s s m - th e B r e a s t o r Side, L iver Com ­ plaint, a n d th e first s t a ­ ges o f C O N S U M P T I O N . W e m i t n o t assert that this BALSAM will cure CON­ SU M P T IO N , in its worst form, b u t it has cured m any a fter all olher m eans of relief had been tried in vain. A n d why nut ? I i seems that the W I L D C H E R R Y , was destined by N ature to be our P A N A C E A for the ravaging diseases of this cold latitude. Let not the de­ spairing invalid waste his money and lose T IM E , to him so a ll im portant, in experimen­ ting with the trashy nostrum s o f the day, bin Use a t once a medicine that Will elite, if aCUIfl be possible—a medicine that science approves, and m any years of experience have demonsl ra­ ted that it alw ays relieves. “ T h ere is no such thing as fail” in the his.ce ry of this wonderful BALSAM. Evidence the m o st convincing—evidence that no one can doubt, fully establishes this fact. For the sake o f brevity we select th e following from thousands. Isaac Platt, Esq., Editor ot the Poughkeepsie Eagle, one of the most influential journals in the State of New York, stales, under the a u thor­ ity o f his own name, that a young lady, a rela­ tive of his, of very delicate constitution, was at­ tacked in Feb. 1842, with severe cold, which im ­ mediately produced spitting of blood, cough, fe­ ver, and other dangerous a n d alarm ing symp. toms. Through medical treatm e n t and care she partially recovered during sum m er. Bui on the return o f w inter she was a ttacked more vio­ lently than at first, she b ecam e scarcely able to w alk and was troubled with cough, chills and fever every day, a n d appeared to be going rap­ idly with consumption ; at this time, when there was no sign of improvement, M r. Platt pro­ cured a bottle of W i s t a r ’s B a l s a m o f W i l d C h e r r y , which she took, and it seem ingly re­ stored her. She got a second, and before it was h a lf taken she was restored to perlect heajth, w h ich she has enjoyed to the present tim e, w ith­ out the slightest symptom o f her former disease. M r. P latt s a y s “ the c u r e c a m e under m y ow n observation and I c a n n o t be mistaken as to the E x tract o f a letter from a Post M aster, dated P e m b r o k e , W ashington Co., Maine, ) April 29, 1814. j M r. I s a a c B u t t s .— D e a r S ir: At the request o f m any of my friends in this place and vicini­ ty who a re afflicted,with consumption nnd liver complaints, I take the liberty of asking you to appoint some one in this county as agent to sell W i s t a r ’s B a l s a m o f W ild C h e r r y , and to send him a few dozen, as there is none of il lor sale within 200 miles frotn this. I have no doubt that it would meet with a ready sale i f it w ere where tt could be procured without too m u c h expense and delay. My wife was a ttacked about six months since with what the physicians called the first stage of c o n s u m p t i o n — a c o m p l a i n t v e r y p r e v a l e n t i n t h i s tection of country. H a v ing seen the Balsam advertised in A u s u s ta. (C T '200 M ILES FROM I I E R E , ^ 1 took the pains to send there for a bottle ot it, which she took, and which helped her so much that I sent for two bottles more, which she has also taken, and she now says she has not felt so well for six years as she does at ihis tim e, i All those who have inquired o f tne and ascer­ tained what eflect the Balsam had, are anxious to have some for sale in this vicinity, which is the cause of my writing to you, Please inform me by return o f m a il whether you conclude io send some, and if so, to whom. in o r d e r th a l it m a y be k n o w n w h e r e it c a n be had. I am , with respect, yoursv eic. P. G. FA R N S W O R T H . P . M. The whole country is fast learning that no medicine —no physician—no preparation of any kind whatever—can equal D r . W i s t a r ’ s B a l ­ s a m o f W i l d C h e r r y . A. t r a l y W o n d e r f u l C u r e . W a t e r v i l l e , O n e i d a C o . , N . Y . ) Sept. 15, 1843. j D e a r S ir —I owe i t to the adlicted to inform you that in January last I was attacked by a v e r y violent cold, caused by w o rking in the w a ­ ter, which settled nn my lungs. It was accom pained by a very severe pain in my breast and Sides, and also a distressing cough. I had in attendance all the be-t medical aid in our v il­ lage ; but a fter exhausting all their skill to no avail, they pronounced my disease a c o n f i r m e d consumption , and they one and all gave me up to die. After much persuasion I got the consent of m y physician to use the B a l s a m o f W i l d C h e r r y , prepared by D r . W i s t a r . I pur- c h a s e d o f l h e A g e n t in o u r p l a c e o n e b o t t l e , b e - lore u sing half o f w h ichl began log a in strengih. a n d it w a s v e r y e v i d e n t m y c o u g h w a s m u c h better a n d my symptoms in every way im p rov­ ing. I have now used three botiles, a n d am re­ stored to perlect health. The result is alone ow ing to the use o f 3>r« W i s t a r ’s B a l s a m o f W i l d C h e r r y ; and I take this method of g iv­ ing you the ^information, partly to pay you the debt of g ratitude I owe you, and partly that o th­ ers sim ilarly afflicied may know where to apply fo r r e liel. V e r y tru ly yours, JA M E S SAGE. M r. P a l m e r , D ruggist under date ol W ater- ville, Sept. 24, 1843, writes : The statem e n t given yon by M r. Jam e s Sage is well k n own to be true by this whole comm u­ nity. It certainly was a most rem arkable cure. The sale of the Balsam is very good, and its suc­ cess in cures truly flattering. Y o u rs, respect­ fully, D. D. PA L M E R . T h e m o s t R e m a r k a b l e C u r e e v e r r e ­ c o r d e d . H a d u o n fibld, New Jersey, April 20, 1813. On or about the 13th day of October, 1841, 1 w as taken with a violent pain in the side, near the liver, which continued for aboul five days, and was followed by. the breaking of an ulcer, or abcess, m w a r u y , which relieved the pain a little, b u t caused me to throw up a gceal q u antity of offensive m atter, and also much blood. Be- ing greatly alarm e d at this, I applied to a phy- siciau, but he said he thought he could do but little form e except g ive me some M ercury Pills, which I refused to take, feeling satisfied thal they could do me no good: m a n y other rem e­ dies were then procured by my wife and friends, but none did me any good—and the discharge of blood a n d corruption still continued every few days, and at last became so offensive that I could scarcely breathe. I was also seized with a violent cough, which at times caused me to raise much, more blood than I had done before— and my disease continued in this w ay, stil grow ing worse, until February, when all hope o f my recovery was given up, and m y friends all thought I would die of a G a l l o p i n g C o n ­ s u m p t i o n . At this mom ent, when tny life was apparently draw ing near its close. I heard o f D r . W i s t a r ’ s B a l s a m o f W i l d C h e r r y , and got a botlle which r e l i e v e d m e i m m e d i ­ a t e l y ; and by the use of only three bottles of this medictne, a ll my pains were removed—my cough and spitting of bluod and corruption en­ tirely stopped, and in a lew weeks m y health w as so far restored as to enable me to work at my trade, (w h ich is a carnenter,) a n d up to this 1 have enjoyed good health. THOM AS COZENS- Gloucester Connty, N . J ., ss. Personally came before me, the subscriber, one of the justices of the Peace in and for the said couniy, Thomas Cozens, nnd being duly af­ firmed according to law, satih the above state­ m e n t is in a ll things true. Affirmed before me, on the 20th day of April, 1843. ) J . C le m e n t , ,T. P . j Such is the unprecedented success of this BA L S A M . “ N a t u r e ’ s F a v o u r i t e P r e s c r i p t i o n ” a prescription congenial to our wants, as it is prepared from chemical extracts from substan- w hich the a u thor of nature has placed :“ Theexpressions itcu moou attu poui uiood, h a v e a scientific basis. Tbe ridicule which m any have attempted to cast on these common sense opinions must recoil npon them selves as surely a s that T ruth will p revail. B R A N D R E T H ’S P I L L S . T H E efiect o f this celebrated m e d icine is to purify the blood ; to convert the poor, corrupt blood, into the healthy, rich blood. A n d it is because they do th is that they have been so steadily so u g h t a f ter by all c lasses of ou r citi­ zens who have r e q u ir e d m e d icine. A n d it is because o f the pow e r B R A N D R E T H PILLS are now know n to possess as h e a lih resio r e is , lh a l r e n d e is them so popular. T h e y c u r e all affections, s im p ly because they m a k e the blood p u r e — a b s tr a c t o u t ol it ihose | q u a lities w h ich produce health. Now every solid part o f t h e hum a n Ira tne ts I m a d e from the blood and :he toed we eat 1SC0I1- ! v e r ied into blood to s u p p l y 'h e ' ' a s !e L\ r bo' dies are continually sustaining. v0 in lh e o r ‘ ditiary course o f nature we m a n u f a c ture our e n ­ tire bodies in about nine y e a t s fiom lhe food t a ­ ken in to o u r stom a c h s. Suppose th e bit od m a d e in this stomach cl ours is unsound, im p u re, oc­ casioned by rom e c ause o r other ; n may reler to 'i h e preceding generation; no innuer, ne make impure blood, a n d if so c annot bs h ealthy. Or suppose ihe air we have lived in lor some tim e lias been loaded with m a tters detrim ental toheaiili, or ourfood for a long period has been of an unwholsome kind, or thnt tlie mind lias been much troubled— lor g riet. a n x iety, or g reat attention to auy paiticulat point is sure to occa­ sion bad effecis on the blood. Any of these causes existing, good blood cannot be supplied to the body. • , j • B u t let B R A N D R E T H ’S P IL L S be used dai­ ly under these circumstances in doses irom two to six Pills, or as the case shall determine. W hat is their effect ? It is to carry off the im ­ pute matters from the blood, leaving only the «ood to renew every part ot the body. W h a t was unsound now becomes sound, and the stom ­ ach soon got® into so healthy- a condition thal even bad air or unwholesome food for a tiYne are unable to injure the h ealth m aterially. Even when the clim ate or lood continue unhealthy, the occasional use o f the B R A N D R E T H ITLLS will separate the im p n re parts and cause their expulsion, leaving u b a t is good to supply lile and strength to the body. When the bones are diseased, when every ram ification of the frame is out of order, the B R A N D R E T H P IL L S will in nineteen cases out o f twenty cure. Remem ber thal the body can be entirely rem ade from the food, bones and a l l ; and aided by this most beneficent medicine, in a quarter of the time it takes in the ordinary course o f n ature. In from two to Four y e a rs an entirely new healthy body can be exchanged for the unsound, the diseased, the miserable one. The slowness or the quickness of the change al­ together depending upon the effect the B R A N ­ D R E T H TILLS are made to produce; which effect can be graduated ju s t a s th e p a tient p leas­ es. N o possible injury can result from this; n o thing bin good can follow . E n q u ir e the ef­ fect of B r a n d r e t h ’ s P i l l s among yotir un­ prejudiced frien d s ; you w ill h e a r sufficient to satisfy you thai there is so r i s k in making the trial, am i th a l you will not be doing yourself ju s tice w ithout it. When your blood is once pure, noihing in the shape of food will hardly come amiss ; noth­ ing will sour upon your stomach, you may eat pies, or a n y thing in reason ; and the g reater v a ­ riety of food the b etter blood is made. All who have weak stomachs, who are dyspeptic, or in any way afflicted in body, should without delay resort to B R A N D R E T H ’S P IL L S —which will indeed strengthen the lile principle, and by per­ severance wiih them, entirely renew the whole body ; the m aterials now in it good, will be kept so ; those bad, displaced and removed. Good Blood cannot make bad bone or bad flesh. Aud b ear in mind, the B R A N D R E T II’S PILLS surely purify the blood. The method of preparing the B randrethian V e g etable E x tra c t - is s e c u red by L e tters P a ten t o fthe United Slates— Patent granted to Benja- m m B r a n d r e ih , 29th Ja n u a r y , 1843. T h e e x tr a c ts o f which BRAlXDRETiFS F I L L S a r e com p o sed a r e obtained by ihis new process, without boiling or any application ol heat. The active principle of the hetbs is thus secured, the same as it is in the living vegetable. The public should be cautious of medicines recommended in a d v ertisem ents stolen from me. A sure test of genuine BRA N DRETH P I L L S : Examine the box ol pills; then look fit tlie certificate of agency, whose engraved date must be Within the year, whieh every a u ­ thorized agent m u s t possess : if lhe three labels on the certificate, the pills are ll’ue— if not. ihey are false. T h e pills are sold a t 25 cents per box, at No. 211 B roadw ay. 274 Bowery, a n d 211 H u d s o n si. New York. M rs Booth, 5 M a r k e t-st, Brook­ lyn ; nnd by 20,000 agents iu Ihe U n ited S tales and C a n a d a , whose certificates and pills should be carefully examined before purchase is made. AOENTS FOR TUE SALE OF BRANDRETH FILLS IN CAYUGA CO. H. L. K N IG fIT, (at Bartlett & Co's. 78 Gen- esre-st..) Auburn. William Cozins, M G. E w e r Ac Co., J. E. Beardsley, W. Bennett, R. G. Brownell, Stoyell fe M urphy, 0 . Dibble, VV. Slade, O. Howe, Baylis fe Jew e tt, J. J . Tallmadge, Dixon, Green tc Co. T . Daniels, Union Springs Aurora. Scipio. Venice. Genoa. M ilan. M cravia. Kelloggsville, Ledyard, W eedsport. M ontezuma. Port Byron Cato. B 28yl ARTINE’S LOTION. In t i m e s of q u ackery, like the piesent, nothing btti extraordinary and established merit of a Reme­ dy, would have prompied the proprietors or ihe LOTION to hazard their reputation, in giving publicity to a Medicine, which, did it not stand on the basis o f intrinsic merit and known wm-ih, would be classed among the nostrums which now pervade the whole country. As a remedy for all complaints which it p ro tessesto c u re.it perhaps never had an equal. Iis wonderful powers have placed it pre-eminent in the esti- maiion of nil who have made use o f it. The Loiwn was invented some years ago, and is the production of accidental discoveries, aided by skill and experience. The original design ot u was solely for ihe Inventor’s own use, bui tiosoonet had it become established in his practice, than inquiries began to be made, by the ftiends of Ihose who had been benefited by its vir'ut-s. where it might be procured.— Thus its fame began to spread from individual to individual, until it became known as a never- failing cure, in most o f th e large cities in ihe Union. W ithout puffing, orthe aid ofthe pub­ lic press, il has acquired its own celebrity nnd found its way into public favor as an umivalleil and extraordinary balm in the cure of many of the ills to which mankind a re subject. In cases of Gout, Rheumatism . Swellings of all kinds, Dislocations and Fractured Bones, Bruises, Cuts, Conlusions attended with pain and inflammation, Poisonous Bites and Sungs, Burns, Scalds, Chilblnns, Corns or Bunions, and wounds ol every description, il affords an immediate and perm anent relief. Jt is perhaps lhe only article that can be depended upon in the cure of those Pains in the back and side generally produced by taking cold afier violent exertion and o v erheating. For Glandular T u ­ mors, Lum b ago,. Erysipelas, Tetter or Ring­ worm, and all kind of Eruptions o f th e Skin, it is a most excellent remedy. For fever and A- gue, Ague in the B reasiand face, Cramp in ihe Stomach, and Headache, it acts like a charm . Bui above all, in the cure of Tendinous and Capsular injuries, Sprains, and W ounds of ev­ ery description, il shows in a most astonishing manner, us magical powers. In addition to the benign influence the Lotion exerts over the accidents and infirmities o f man, it has been found no less valuable in similar complaints to which inferior animals a re sub­ ject, particularly the Horse, whose value and usefulness demands the particular care of its owners. In some cases where it has been appli- ed to ihis fine creature forslighi ii juries, it has i in addition to analmost instantaneous cure, river! I apparently new animation and vivacity to the i nmmal. It has become equally celebrated as our' own land for wise purposes, that many who j t U \ ™ ™ - 1 specific b°’h f° r rnT Bnd bT l\ know nothing of the mode of its preparation are following are some of the compla.n.s endeavoring to reap pecuniary benefits by sell- j e).ioril . ’ las p,0‘ I n i . r. .1 ap liftta c i m i h r i n n o m p n r in n n n p n r . I _ * * . Cuts, Kicks, Bruises, Strains, Chafes from the saddle or harness, Poisons in the pasture, ing an article sim ilar in nam e, or in appear­ ance, o r by representing their own trash supe­ rior to this BALSAM, or by putting np a m ix - , gcralch c choV Swe„ ,nos of the ,oin' tare and solemnly asseverating that n is import- (jaw, Fistula or Pole-evil, and Mange in Dogs, ed from a foreign country, which is not ihe case AU these deceptive a rts go to show that W i s - t a r ’s B a l s a m Is known to the world to be the ‘ G R EAT R E M E D Y ,” and m a t to sell any ‘mixture it m u st be like this in name, or purport to be like it in substance. - • DU* Believe n o t lhe cunningly wrought fab- rications—and take only tbe original and gen­ uine A V istar’s B a l s a m o f W i l d C h e r r y . NO OTHER CAN BE JAKE IT . Address all orders to ISAAC BUTTS, No. 3 2 A n a street, New York. AGENTS. RICHARD STEEL, and T . M. HUNT, D. B. Smith & Son, A . L .K tnne, E . Partridge, E . H . Waldo, C. Campbell, J. G. Isham, 0 . Dibble, W illiam Cozens, 35yl A u b urn. Port Byron. Weedsport. Montezuma. Cayuga. Aurora. Owasco. Moravia. Springport. THSSOLUTION. J J nershipnership heretoforeeretofore existing - T h e C o p a r t - h e under the firm of GOSS & H A L L , was dissolved on the 28th day of August, by m u tual consent. A L B E R T H . GOSS, ™ £2w l . CHAS- h a l l . M r. Goss will be happy to settle with those -hav ing ccounis, as soon a s convenient. - J j E W N O V E L S . — A l l R E C E IV E D os soon as published by J. C. D E R B Y & Co. D R. JAYNE’S FAMILY MEDI­ C IN E S . These v aluableM e d icinesare for sate by H . Sc J , C. IVISON, Booksellers, A u ­ burn, » ho are the sole Agents. Jayne’s Expectorant, per bottle, 1,00 “ Ilair Tonic, “ 1,00 “ Alternative, o r life Preservative, 1,00 « Tonic, Vermifuge, 25 & 50 cts. “ Carminative Balsam , 25 tc 50 cts. •* Sanative Pills, pr box, 50 <5c 25 cts. <■ American H a ir Dye, 50 & 25 cts. T H E W ARM W E A T H E R . The sudden changes ol the weather, during this season ol the year, exhibit a most baneful effect on the human system, dtbilitating and prostrating it. The stomach a n d bowels become deranged, giving timely notice to all, who are inclined to give attention to the warning voice of nature. Al such times “ Jayne’s Carmina­ tive” never fails to afford immediate relief, checking the disease and restoring the patienl to vigorous health. Mothers cannot be too cau­ tious with their children during this month, and the month following, a n d in the earliest stages of this sum m er disease, whether lrom teething, Oppressive heat, or olher causes, they should at once resort to ihis never lailing remedy. H u n ­ dreds o f certificates Irom respectable persons in this city, a re in possession of the proprietor, ready t« exhibit to all who may desire to see them at his office, N o .8 South Third street, P h il­ adelphia. — L IF E J L I F E ! ! L I F E ! ! ! “ A ll th a ta m an hath will he give forhtslife,” so we find recorded in lhe most ancient and best of books, b u i asi we see thousands d ying around us with Consumption, Croup, Cough, Asthma. Bronchitis, Spilling Blood, and other Pulm ona­ ry affections, we a re led to doubt lhe correctness of the above assertion, especially since it is so well known that a ceriain temedy m ay be ob­ tained, which alw ays a rrests those diseases. Dr JA Y N E ’S EXPEC T O R A N T never fails to give relief, a n d cures after every other means have failed. This can be and has been proved in thousands o f instances, where it has effected radical cures, a tier the patient had been given up by all his friends and physicians. JA Y N E ’S EXPEC T O R A N T .—This is un­ doubtedly lhe most valuable, (as it i.s decidedly lhe most popular) medicine ot its kind, ever in­ troduced in this Stare. The demand for it has been constant a n d increasing, from the time it was first offered for sale here to the present tim e; numerous testimonials of its real worth and usefulness„from very many of o n r citizens, might be produced, bur a trial will satisfy all, lhat it is a speedy cure for Coughs, Colds, Influ­ enza, Asthma, Hoarseness, Spitting of Blood, and all kinds of Pulmonary Affections.—B an­ gor (M e.) Daily W hig. ______________11 v a l u a b l e e x t e r n a l r e m - V E D Y . H U N T ’S L IN IM E N T .—Prepared bv G e o . E S t a n t o n , sole proprietor, Sing Sing, N . Y, This celebrated remedy is now for the 6 r-t time offered to the citizens o f A u b urn. The celebrity which it has obtained in the couniy of Westchester, where ii was originally intro­ duced, has induced the pjopnetor to extend its sale throughout! the country. There has never yet been discovered ar. e x ternal remedy that has proved so certain in its effects, in perm a ­ nently curing the following diseases .- R h e u m a t i s m , S w e l l e d L i m b s , P a i n i n the Chest or Back, Sprains, Bruises, Nervous Affections, W eakness in the Joints, Contrac­ tions of the Muscles, Burns, Croup, Salt- Rheum , A g ue in the Face, Tooth-Ache, &c. The following letters from the highly eminent Physicians who have had charge o f the Hospi- tafin ihe Sing Sing Prison for m any yeats, is tlie most powerful evidence in favor of this cel­ ebrated external rem edy, and is a sufficient guaranty that it is worthy the confidence o( the Public. For particulars see the Certificates ac- com p nnyingeneh Bottle. P r i c e 2 5 C e n t s . This may certify thnt I have used “H u n t’s Linim ent.” and think it an excellent remedy in many cases where embrocations are indicated. CHAS. A .H Y D E , M. D Auburn, 5epL 3tl, 1845. S i n g S i n g , D e c . 2 6 , 1 8 4 4 . BI y D ear 5m ;~R e c e iv e d your note o f y es­ t e r d a y , a s k i n g a n y o p i n i o n i n r e l a t i o n to H u n t ’s Liniment, prepared by M r G. E . Stanton.— K n o w i n g it s c o m p o s i t i o n , a n d h a v i n g f r e q u e n t l y used it, 1 can recommend it to you as a safe ex­ ternal remedy, and iu my opinion, the best Liniment now in use Very truly and res­ pectfully yours, A. K IIO F F M A N , M. D. C o l . F ig u r e V a n C o r t l a n d t . I fullv concur in the above opinion. WM, N. B B L C H E R , M, P . A g e n t s .— S . B . S H A W , ( a t J . C . D e r b y ’s Bookstore.) T. M. HUNT & H .G . YANAN- D E N , A u b u r n ; B e a r d s l e y , U n i o n v i l l e ; G . C o n g - don, V ienna; John Anihony, O rleans; Benj. F a rait, M anchester; Osborn Sc N am y. East Victor; S. Ilaw k ins & Co V ictor; T . H . Hol­ den, M endon; Smith Wait, M ention; Crosby & Dauchy, R u s h ; E lisha Iverby, H enrietta ; and Druggists generally in the Slate. W R I G H T ’S INDIAN V e g e t a b l e VV PILLS. If. during the continuance of Siorms and Floods the channels o f our mighty R ivers become so obstructed a s to aiTord a n in- sufficient outle t for the superabundant waters, \v$s c a n e x p e c t n o thing le*s than th a t the surroun- dingcountry will be overwhelmed by the Flood. In like m a n n e r wiih the hum an body—if ihe Skin, Kidneys and Bowels, (lhe natural nutlets for useless a n d Corrupt Hum o rs) become so ob­ structed as to fail in affording a full discharge of those im p u rities which are in all cases the cause of Sickness ; we surely can expect no oilier results :llinn lhat lhe whole frame will sooner o r later be overw h e lm e d with disease. As in the first place, if wc would prevent an in­ undation we nuust remove all obstructions, to the free discharge of lhe superabundant waters. So in the second p'ace, if we would prevent and cure disease, we m ust open and keep open all the N a tural Drains of the body. W r i o u x ' s I n d i a n V e o e t a u l e P i l l s , Of the North American Collect o f Health, will be found one of ihe best i f noi the very besi M E D !C IN E IN T H E W ORLD for carrying out this beautiful and simple theory ; because they coninletely cleanse the Stomach and Bowels from all Billious Humors and other im p u rity, a n d at the Same lime pro­ mote a healthy discharge from the Lungs, Skin and Kidneys ; consequently, as all the N a tural Drains a re opened, disease of every name is lit­ erally driven from the body. [£7=CAUTION ^ £ 0 As the great popularity and consequent great demand o f W right’s Indian Vegetable Pills has raised up a host o f counterfeiters, country a g enis and storekeepers will be on their guard against ihe many impostors who are travelling about ihe country sellingjco the unsuspecting a spuri­ ous articlefor the genuine. It should be remembered that all authorized travelling agents a re provided with a Certificate of Agency, signed W il l i a m W e i g h t , Vice Pres­ ident of the N . A. College of H e a lth. Conse­ quently, those who offer Indian Vegetable Pills, ami cannot show a certificate a s above described, will be known as impostors. The following highly respectable storekeepers have been appointed Agenis for the sale of W right’s Indian Vegetable Pills, and of whom it iseonfidenily believed the genuine medicine can wilh c ertainty be obtained : AGENTS EOE CAYUGA COUNTY. J. C. D E R B Y tc CO., Auburn. H enry R. Ford tc Co., J. B. Kendrick, A. S. K innie, Ludlow W illiam s, E . H. W aldo, John C. Y a w g e r & Co , Otis Howe, C Campbell, Slocum Howland, A. S. Allen, John E . Beardsley W illiam Benmett, Samuel Barker. Z L . Welib, tc Co. Stoyell Sc M nrphy, Samuel Close, Alfred Avery. D. Adams & Son, Centre Port. Port Byron. Weedsport. Throopsville. Cayuga. Union Springs. L a v a n n a . A u rora. Sherwood’s Corners. Scipioville. Scipio Centre. Venice. Ow asco Hill. M oravia. Milan. Pine Hollow. Genoa. Northville. Sterling Centre. tee. All of these, a s well as m any other com­ plaints io which dumb beasts are subject, giv e way under ihe singular efficacy of ihis invalu­ able remedy. Now, alter the Lotion, from its good works alone, has acquired a lasting .reputation among its friends, the proprietors deem tl a duly which they owe to suffering hum a n ity to give to tt g r e a ter publicity ; and they do this under th e true and candid conviction, that it never, m the history of medical science, had an equal — They are sustained in this sincere belief by thousands who have expressed their sentiments in terms of gratitude and joy, for the benefit they have received from its extraordinary vir­ tues, both m written certificates and verbal com­ mendations. The Lotion is composed entirely ofthe medi­ cinal properlies of vegetable substances, con­ centrated a n d rendered most pure by distilla­ tion and other chemical processes. As an in­ ward medicine, it is o f the roost innocent, whole­ some, stim ulating and cheering character, and will expel, instantly, those dull, heavy and hy­ pochondriacal feelings to which many are so subject, and give life a n d anim ation to both bo­ dy atid mind. ^ Price 75 ets. a bottle—For sale by H . G. Pow­ er, Auburn, and by C. S. Bartine, 323 Broad- way, New Yorlc. ’ jg y i B. FOSGATE’S C O R D I A L , a safe and ef- H u n ter & I\1c Knight !E7“0B S E R V E .— P tirclinseonly o f the ad ver- • used agents, remember, none a re g enuine except j W right's Indian Vegetable Pills. I Offices devoted exclusively to the sale o f the , medicine, wholesale and retail num b er 169, I Race --treet, Philadelphia, No. 288 Greenwich, New York, and No. 198, Trem o n l street, Bos- j ton. Nov. 25, 1314.-— 3Qy I T M P O R T A N T ^ JL A N O D Y N E C fectual remedy for S U M M E R U O M r L A I N T S , viz : Diarrhoea and Cholera M o r h u s ; a l s o , Flat­ ulent and Spasmodic Cholics. This invaluable Medicine for the above com­ plaints. surpasses any olher remedy now in use. Hundreds o f cases have come to the knowledge of the proprietor, where a speedy cure has been effected by the use o f the Cordial, after a resort to the common remedies had proved unavailing. Il has been extensively used throughout this State and elsewhere, for many years—has been approved, amli is used in practice by a great number o fth e most respectable physicians, as may be seen by their certificates and recommen­ dations accompanying each bottle. This medicine is discovered to be a ceriain and effectual remedy for the intestine diseases, pro­ duced by drinking of the waters of the rivers in the southern and southwestern States, which renders il of inestimable value to those who re­ side or travel in those sections of the country. N .r B. To secure the public against deception, the exernal label of each bottle is secured by a copy right, which was entered (according to act of Congress) in the Northern District of New- York, on the 9th day of November, Anno Dom­ ini, 1840. A fac simile of the proprietor’s signature will be found on the outer label of each bottle, if genuine. Price, 31 c ts. pOOPERS’ TOOLS, \ J sortm ent of the Roches.* , A GOOD AS- ■ix.. <.„! v the Rochester Coopers’ T ools, for sale by ___ W A T R O US & H Y D E , 73 Genesee-st. A u b n rn, 18-15. ITS PO W E R IS U N IV E R S A L . . “For the angel of death spread his wings on the blast, And breathed in the face of mankind as he passed.” \D E M E M B E R , T h a t t h e f i r s t AU symptoms of sickness, complaint or dis­ ease, has an origin which requires but little at­ tention to overthrow the first cause of illness. N E G L E C T At this season of the year when the otganic state of the body opens the system in a premoni­ tory way for the speedy gathering of m atters which end in CAUSES beyond the approach or medicine, aud finally lerm inaies in D E A T H . Kow necessarjr is it then lhat m a n k indshoutd become aw a re of the safeguard, whieh can be thrown around them a t a moment’s notice, when attacked by C h ills, Coughs, and Colds., Simple as such complaints may appear at first sight, they are the mere precutsotsof that disease which tn d in CONSUM PTION. Why then will people be blind to the proper course which thev should p ursue when the “ A n ­ gel of death spreads his wings on the filasi.” Awake a t once to the necessity ol preserving life and health, i f you have a severe cold, fly to' that fam o us icm edy, a n d use J . PEA S E & SON’S C o m p o u n d E x t r a c t H o a r h o u n d , Now recognized as the only curative in pre­ venting Consnmption. Its merit is lestified by thousands, and tbe whole United States bear record to its virtues. Sold wholesale and retail, by J . PE A S E & SON 45 Division street, a n d 10 Aster Hou«e R E A D W H A T IT H A S D O N E . The.U n d ersigned H a v e used J , Pease tc Son’s Compound E x ­ tract of H o arhound Candy, and freely recom­ mend it to those afflicted with coughs, colds, hoarseness, a n d consumptive complaints, a s an excellent remedy in those cases, and for tl.e use of the voice- professionally, nothing can equal it. We recom mend ii to our brethren throughout the Union : Rev I. Lindsey, M . E Church, 2d street. Re v. J . Crawford, pastor of the second M etho­ dist E . Church, H u d son, N . Y . Rev. M r. Lucky, presiding elder. N . Y . Con­ ference. Rev. Mr. W h ittaker, paster o f the Presbyte­ rian Church, corner o f M adison and Catharine sfeeets. R ev. W . C .H a w ley, c h a p lain of the City H o s­ pital. Rev. M r. Griffen, p a s to r o f M . E . Church, Bedford sireet. K ev. M r. H a rt, recent pastor of the Baptist church, Gold St., residence 521 Pearl st. Rev H em an Bungs, pastor o f the M . E . church Forsyth street. Rev. M r. Gibbs, 111 Third Avenue. R ev. M r. Lyons, p astor o f the German M etho­ dist E . Church. E lder K n a p p and Rev. M r. Maffit. 28yl tE7*Forsale by T . M. H U N T a n d RICHARD S T E E L , A u b u rn. ¥ S A R S A P A R I L L A , F O R the R em o v a l nnd Perm a n e n t Cure of a ll D iseases A rising from an Im ­ pnre State o f the B lood, or I i a b i l o f the System . If we read the history of visor,dees we are astonished that men live; I f of c u res, we are still more astonished that they die. And yet in fact nearly all diseases have a common otigin, viz : —in the organs which prepare and modify the blood, with a remedy, directed to the seat of dis­ ease, will remove a host o f its phenomena. It is the pec' liar characteristic o f Sands’ Sarsapa­ rilla, that its searching operation reaches the c a u s e s of disease, and the cures it performs are radical and thorough. The health ofthe human system depends almost entirely upon the slate ol’ the blood. If the vitalizing fluid which p er­ vades every tiS'Ue, every membrane, fibre, fila­ ment, gland, or olher organ, primary or sub­ sidiary ; if the tody be charged with tbe elements of disease, sickness must be the consequence, and until the causes of disease existing in ihe blood are eradicated) no perm anent relief con be expected. It is here that the powerlul health- lestoring properties of Sands’ Sarsaparilla are m anifested; and for this reason, in scrotula, salt rheum, and ali eruptive diseases, as well as in all derangem ents of the secreting organs, it is deemed infallible. The following interesting case is presented, nnd ihe reader invited to its careful perusal.— Comment on such evidence is unnecessary. N e w York, July 25, 1S I4. M e s s r s S a n d s : —Gents— I consider it but an act ol' jusiice lo you io stale Ihe following facts in reference to the greal benefit I have received in the cure ot an obsiinaie C ancerous U lcek on my breast. I was aitended eighteen months by a regular and skilful physician, assisted by the advice and counsel o f one of the most able and experi­ enced surgeons, without the least benefit what­ ever. All ' e various methods of treating can­ cer were re .rtedto; lor five weeks insucession my breast was burned with caustic three times a day, and lor six it was daily syringed with a weak solution of nitric acid, and the cavity or internal ulcer was so large that it held over an ounce o f the solution. T he D ictor probed the ulcer and examined the bone and said tbe dis- ease was advancing; rapidly tc the lungs, and i f I dul not get speedy relief by b.cdieineor an op­ eration, the result would be laial. J was advis­ ed io have ihe breast laid open and Ihe bones e x ­ amined, but finding no rebel Irom what hod been done, and feeling 1 was rapidly getting worse, I almost despaired of recovery, consider­ ed my case nearly hopeless. Seeing various testimonials and certificates of cure by the use of “ S and ’ s SAr.SArARii.LA,” in cases sim ilar to my own, I concluded to try a few bottles, several o f n htcli were us'ed, but fro m the leng deep seated characfer of my disease, produced no very decided change; considering this vhe only probable cure for my ease, I perse­ vered, until the dfeea.»e was entirely cured. It ts now over eleven months since tlie cure ivas completed; there is not lhe slighle.M appearance o f a return. I, lhcrtjnn, pronounce myself w e ll, and the cure entirely efftcltd by “ Sands’ S a rsa p a d i l l a , ” as I took 710 other medicine o f any kin d during the time 1 teas using it. nor have 1 taken any-since. Tlea.-e excuse’this long deferred ac­ knowledgment, which I lliink it my duty to make. Y o u r valuable Sarsaparilla cured me, with the blessing of Divine Providence, u h m nothing else could, and I feel myselt under last­ ing obligations to you. I can say many things I cannot write, and I do most respectfully invite ladies afflicted as I have been to call upon tne and I will satisfy them fully of lhe truth as sta­ ted above, and many olher things in rclercnce io the case. NANCY J M IL L E R , 218 Sullivan st. The following letter from one of the most em­ inent Physicians in the city of Baltimore, is pre­ sented with the view' ofshowing lhe opinions of Physicians generally in relation tr this valuable medicine,— many others o f a sim ilar tenor have been received lrom several of lhe most distin­ guished physicians throughout our country. B a l t im ore , Feb 4th , 1843. A. B. &. D. S ands .—Gentlemen—I have used your Extract of S arsaparilla since its introduc­ tion to this city. It g ives me pleasure to state I have found it to answer my most sanguine ex­ pectations. I believe it to be the best prepa­ ration of that v aluable article now in use. With much respect, yours, JOHN W HITR1DGB, M. P ., 46 Gay st. For further particulars and conclusive evi­ dence of its superior value and efficacy see pamphlets, which may be obtained of agenis, gratis. Prepared and soid, wholesale and retail, by A. B. & D. SA N D S, Druggists and Chemists, 79 Fulton St.,N e w York. Sold also by Druggists generally throughout the Untied Slates. Price® I per b o ttle; six bot­ tles for $5. (TT’T h e public are respectfully requested to remember lhat it is Sands’ S arsaparilla that is achieving such remarkable cures o f Ihe most dif- ficultclass of diseases to which the h um an frame is s u b ject; therefore ask for S ands’ S a rsaparilla, and lake no other. 17wl3 A C K I N A W F I S H . J u s t R e ­ ceived, a lot of new Fish, in barrels and half barrels a t 109 Genesee street. July 23, 1845. R. C. S T E E L E . M MEW AND ELEGANT GOODS. _L\ - R ich Brocha and Primed Cashmere Shawls, from $ 4 to $ 2 5 . Elegant Dress Silks. A beautiful assortment of Ginghams, newpat- terns. A fine assortment of French wrought Chero- izcttes and Collars. Alpacca and M eriro Ho.,e, a great variety. 5 0 0 more of those good Linen Handkerchiefs at 1 shilling each, and a great many beauiiful and cheap'goods at the Prison Clothing and Dry Goods Sto>e, 8 9 G e n e s e e - s t . Aubarn August 25ih.______________________ S A X E R A T U S A N D S T A R C H . M OULSON’S superior SA L E R ATU S and STARCH on consignment, kept constant­ ly on hand, and for sale at the M anufacturer's prices by A. H . tc J. BURT, Auburn, J a n . 29,181-5. No. 7 Genesee st O h i o g r i n d s t o n e s . An a & - sortment of superior Grindstones, received and for sale by W ATROUS & HYDE. H E A R Y E ! R E A R Y E I H E A R Y E I A L L Invalids troubled with dyspepsia, head­ ache, lojs of appetite a u d spirns, disorder­ ed state of the liver and its secretions, can be cured by the use of STA R K W E A T H E R ’S H E P A T IC ELTXIR, a sure remedy. Call a t VAN A NDEN’S—the only agent—sign of the “ Good Sam a ritan,” No. 5 Genesee-st. and try a bottle. OR SALE. A FARM SITU- . ATED on the main toad from Au- iilLburn to the Free Bridge across the Cayu­ ga Lake, 7 miles from the former and 2 from tfip latter place, containing about 33 acres of excel­ lent land under good improvement, with a good House, Barn and necessary Out Buildings, two wells ot water, and a choice variety of F ruits o f different kinds. The terms will be made easy and title indis­ putable. Apply to the subscriber on the premi­ ses. S. BATES. Aurelius, June, 1815.—5tl. f N P R E C E D E N T E D I in the use of M c A L l S T E R ’ S A L L H E A L I N G O I N T M E N T . M o r e l h a u 2 0 » - 0 0 0 persons cured during the last six months. It is impossible to give to the public a n ade­ quate idea o f the g reat success which has auencl- ed the adm inistration of the A L L H E A L IN G O IN T M E N T for the past six m onths. It is perfectly astonishing to witness the effects and hear the praises bestowed upon this medictne.— No one could conceive that a single medicine possessed so much virtue, and had power to heal so many diseases. But since it is well known that more than 2 0 , 0 0 0 persons have been cured, our friends will begin to realize the truth of our tem a rks which we made about six months ago, “That there would not be a family in America who would live a day without possessing a box o f M cA L lSTER ’S ALL-H E A L IN G OINT­ M E N T , if they but knew its vittnes.” The m a n y 'h u n d reds, nay, thousands who were doubtful of the ultim ate success of an ex­ ternal application to effect so much good, are now enthusiastic in its praise, and recommend tl wiih all their souls. Thie simple truth has been fully demonstrated, as iliusirated by the above cut, viz : T h a t checked perspiration is certain to produce sickness, and that iis restora­ tion is sure lo carry oft' the morbid humors and bring with it health. For example : By a sudden change o f weath­ er or from exposure of one, two or five minutes (while w arm) to a current of air, will inevitable produce some complaint. It may be fever, or it m ay be Rheum atism , or Sick Headache, or Inflamation of the Bowels, or a run ning Sore, or Sore E y es, or Asthma, Liv­ er Complaint, and Consumption. These or some other disorder are sure to follorv, merely from an exposure to a current of air for five minutes. Now how to reopen the pores, and permit the’blood to again drive off the perspira­ tion, has heen a difficulty which physicians were unable to overcome. No medicine within their knowledge has this power, and, conse­ quently, none has ever been resorted to for this purpose, until M cA L lSTER ’S A L L -H E A L ­ IN G O IN T M E N T was introduced to the pub­ lic, since which lime, p hysicians as well as oth­ ers a re using it in great quantities. Some are bold enough to call it by its right name, while some, put it into other vessels, and call it some­ thing else. And thus this Great and Good med icine is being used and appreciated by all clas­ ses, both professional and laymen. And tve can now say, with great truth and candor, that, “ Either the people mnst be beside ihemselves, or the AU-Healing Ointment is the mo-i v alu­ able as well as successful medicine ever intro­ duced into the world, the Bible Ointment ex­ cepted, a s Ihey are evidently one and the same. Friends and fellow-citizens! we have no de­ sire lo deceive you in Ihis matter, and if we know our own hearts, we would never utier a word or lift a finger to influence you to your in­ jury. N o ; we harbor no such feelings. We solemnly repeat to you, fellow-citizens! lhat we have no game to play in this business; we de­ sire to deceive no man ; nay, we would raiher suffer wrong than do wron^ \to others. We are, therefore, for show ing open hands and clean hearts, and heanily wish never to be guilty of making any statem ent not borne out with truth. It is from ihe influence ol these feelings that we address the public respecting the virtues of the A L L -H E A L IN G O IN T M E N T . Our object is to do good; and if we can by this great medi­ cine heal the sick, and relieve lhe pains and sufferings of our fellow-ereatures, we shall be fulfilling in pari that jusi command, «*tw<3o good, to be rcih in good works, ready to distrib me. willing to com m unicate.” We will now nam e some diseases successful- ly treated SA L T R H E U M — We have had great suc­ cess in curing this complaint. Many persons came who hod had this difficulty for 7, 10 and 1-5 years, and nothing seemed to do any good. We immediately ordered the ointment to be worn on the chest night and day, nnd at the same time, warmed into the leei, and a cure was sure to follow. The cause an affection of liver which was not suspected, and of course all enrations were worthless. Effectually cured, six hundred and fifty. P a r t ia ll y , se v e n ty - n in e . Still ob-'tinaie, eleven NERVOUS SICK H E A D A C H E . Many, very many individuals thought the ointment would not cure the headache. They said the difficulty was in the siomach, and that it was all noncen.se to suppose a «alve rubbed on ex­ ternally was sufficient. We can really laugh at ilicse persons, because we have not yet lailed in curing this complaint. We suppose wet could really dire the headache nine limes in ten lake lhe world over It is almost intallible. Successfully cured, eleven hundred. Partially, none. Sull obstinate, none. SM ALL l’OX.—This- direful complaint which is supposed only to be checked by vacc.inalion, may be prevented and it may be deprived of all its venom by the A L L -H E A L IN G O INT­ M E N T . Because no man has discovered a remedy for ihe Small Pox, therefore, no reme­ dy can cure this disease. Wlial folly! Every physician knows that all that is required is merely to keep the pores of the skin open, when all the morbid, virulent maiter will at once es­ cape. But it is from the locking up of the skin which does the mischief. From the experience we have had, tve have no doubt, that this oint­ ment, if rubbed a little on the chest and feet ev­ ery night and morning, is a complete preventa live. And when used upon those who have the disease, it ttilh u all cases save fife and cotn- plet ly prevent pustules on the face. DISEASES OF C H ILD R E N . How great a re the sufferings ot infants and children, when they can neiiher stale iheir wants nor p int out their pains! And how may thousands are swept off by giving infernal medicines, when their young bodies and tender frames are unable to bear up against ihem! — Whole armies are thus sent to their graves mere­ ly from pouring into their weak stomachs pow­ erful drugs and physics !! It is lo such thal the A L L -H E A L IN G O IN T M E N T tenders so safe, pleasant, and harmless a cure in their suf­ fering and sickness. Few, nay, perhaps not more than three or four in a ihousand would die ; while necessarily all would be instantly relieved of their pains and infirmities. Such cases as Croup, Cholic, W orms Cholera Infan­ tum, and all Summer Complaints, by whieh so many children die, the O IN T M E N T will re­ move so speedily and surely, that a physician will never be needed- M others! throughout all this land, we now solemnly declare to you lhat the ALL-M E A L ING O INTM E N T will save your children irom an early grave if you will use i t ; and we therefore make this appeal in their behalf, that the final responsibility may be your own if they die prematurely. Aside from every interest to ourselves, we charge you to take heed to what we now tell you. We are not now actuated by the least desire of gain ; but knou ing as we do, that vast bodies of in­ fants and children die early, which is supposed to be inevitable and impossible to prevent, we hold up our warning voice, and declare in Ihe face of the whole world. CH ILD R E N N E E D NOT DIE MOR E THA N O T H E R S . But it is from the want of proper nourishm en’ demonstrated, as we first declared, that this salve Woold reslore perspiration around old sores, and thus open the natural outlets for the im purities -which accum u lated upon one part, and escaped in the form of a running sore.— Olher Salves only dried them up, which was dangerous to life. To cure old fever sores and ulcers, the putrid m atter m u s t first be extract­ ed, and then the parts around must be made soft and moist, which can only be done by o- pening the pores, for the free discharge of the humours in the insensible perspiration. The All- H ealing Ointment, does this. Successfully cured, eleven hundred and nine. Partially forty-one. Still obstinate, thirteen. CONSUMPTION.—The cures effected in Consumption are truly gratifying. All persons with common sense know that when the perspi­ ration is checked it lodges upon that organ of the body which is most predisposed to receive injury; m o ther words the most tender. In a majority of cases it lodges upon the lungs, and hence colds, coughs, and Consnmption. Now S U C C E S S as the Salve opens the pores over the lungs, and draws out perspiration, so does it remove all that irritation of course, and nature soon re­ covers her strength ; and hence, too, a cure. N otwithstanding the noise and great ado made about balsams, syrups, sarsaparillas, &c , we doubt not that we have been more success­ ful in curing lhe Asthma, Spilling Blood, and Consumption than any one or two remedies ev­ er introduced to the American public. We are sure of one thing, and tljese balsatn men can go no farther; it is th is: That if the A L L ­ H E A L IN G O IN T M E N T will do no good, lhat person in Consumption will find it difficult to find any thing that will. Successfully treated, two hundred and over. Partially, one hundred and three. Still obstinate, Severny-eight. LIV E R C O M P L A IN T .-T h is disease has been treated more successfully, if possible, than Consumption. SORE E Y E S — Hundreds have been cured of Sore Eyes, who were unable io find help from any other source. We have known persons to send several hundred miles. Two persons sent over 600 miles to be cured of Sore E y e s ; an 1 they are cured. Successfully treated, seven hundred and nine­ ty-one. Partially, one. Sull obstinate, foriy-four. FELO N S , TUMORS, W A R T S , EX C R E S - EN C E S of every kind and character have been swept off by the thousand. Probably three to five thousand cured. CUTANEOUS ERU P T IO N S .—Nothing h as ever yet proved so successful in removing pim­ ples, blotches, eruptions, and all skin diseases, except the Bible Ointment. The reason is plain and irresistible. The Salve causes the p a n s to discharge their corruption, at the same tim eo- pens the pores for the full discharges of Insen­ sible Perspiraiion, and thus lhe vile humors which lodge in the skin and produce all these eruptive disease, and drives through the cuticle by the expulsive force ol the blood, and the skin is left clear and healthy. Successfully treated, seventeen hundred.— five or ten only, obstinate. E R Y S IPE L A S .—This disease has been trea­ ted as successfully as most of the diseases for which this Ointment has been used. A large number have been cured. W O R M S —W e pride ourselves upon the success we have had in curing this complaint. W henever it has been tried, it has proved tri­ umphant. We say it unhesitatingly, that there is not to l e f»und a cure for Worms so simple, harmless, safe and certain, as M cA L ISTER’S ALL H E A L ING O IN T M E N T . It .is really an infallible remedy. N o m o iher, it seems to us, would ever force unsafe atid dangerous materials into a child’s siomach, if they knew how certain the Oint­ ment is in this complaint. We would be willing io stake the whole repu­ tation of the Salve upon this one complaint Sj raiher than to go home \v,thont it, for mows them down as the rank grass (alts belore lhe scythe. M others! we repeat again, and if they were the last words we were ever to utter, and c.l course past the reach of all interest, we would say, “ Use the A L L -H E A L IN G O IN T M E N T lor sickness among children.” FE V E R S .—In all cases o f fever, the difficu!-; ai . d use it. Let them use it for every cum- ty lies in the pores being locked up, so that the plaint. It may be as beneficial a s ihe best pre the purpose of curing piles. We believe we should be justified in saying lhat it is almost an infallible remedy for the piles. Successfully treated nine hundred and four. Ob-4inale, seven. BURNS —For Burns it has not its equal in the world! W c should be willing lo have it tested wilh the very best remedy in Europe or America. Cured seven hundred and over. H A IR AND D A N D R U F F - T h e Oil press­ ed from the All-Healing Ointment, produces a hair oil unsurpassed by any production in the world. Now all those men.who put forth a desider alum to cause the hair to grow, that will not, a t the same lime, cause the free discharges of the Insensible perspiration, know they are deceiving the public by fraud and imposition. L d them take heed how they impose upon a too credu­ lous public. This Oil restores the Insensible Perspiration the same as the Salve, and imparts tone to the scalp. If the hair will grow under a n y eirctim- slances, il will under this. 11 has restored hair in nearly a hundred cases. Indeed it has met with success we did not o u r­ selves expect. It has given satisfaction, we be­ lieve, almost to a man. The good it has done is incalculable. Many, very many are restored to health who never expecied to recover. It has carried gladness and joy into man’y a dwelling, and we thank Him who is the Author of all good that he has been pleased to bless this sim pie remedy, put forth with sincere and honest motives, in I he healing ol so many diseases. It has already restored many a poor man to his wife and children, on whom all their dependence was laid. It has caused sighing and distress to flee away from many a poor humble cottage; and we believe lhat not ten individuals can be found among the 5 0 , 0 0 0 who have used it, who is sorry that il has come to his knowledge. Such is JM’Alisier’s All-Healing Ointment, and such iis reception among the people. W e then a second time Speed it on iis way. We say let il go inio all the land. Let the people M O R T G A G E S A L E . D e f a u l t having been made in the payment ot a mort­ gage bearing date the sixth day of February, 1S41, executed by W illiam Olney and Rebecca his wile, to Amos Bartlett, npon an equal and undivided half o f the following described prem­ ises,to w it: beginning a l the southeast corner of the survey fifty acres on lot num b e r forty three tn the original township of Cato (now Victory) county of Cayuga, on the east line of said lot; ihence south twenty two chains and seventy links ; thence west thirty five chains and seven­ ty four links ; thence north forty five chains and six links to the north line of said lot ;— thence east thirteen chains and thirty eight links to the northwest corner of the said survey fifty a c r e s ; thence south twenty two chains and thirty-six links, thence east twenty two chains and thirty-six links to the place of beginning, containing one hundred and eleven acres and four one hundredths of an acre of land, be the sam e more or less; which said morigage was recorded in the Clerk’s office of Cayuga County, in Book No. 30 of mortgages, on pages 50 Sic., the third day of July 1841; and. has been duly assigned to H arm a n Woodin, and upon which there is claimed to be due at the date and first publication-of Ihts notice, the sum of $148.- o 3 , l e a v i n g ib e f a r t h e r s u m o f $ 7 3 3 ,'3 2 w i t h in - terest from the sixth flay of February last past, yet to become due and payable thereon. Therefore notice is hereby given lhat in pur­ suance of law and by virtue o f the power of sale contained in said mortgage, said premises will j be sold at public auction at the Court House in the village of Auburn, in said County of Cayu­ ga, on the 8 th day of January next a t ten o’clock in the forenoon. N E L S O N BEARDSLEY-, Attorney lor Assignee. Dated October loth, 1845. 24td T h e reason is obvious, because, when rubbed upon th e b o w e ls.it acts like physic, whence the expulsion o f worm s ; besides the herb which is in the Salve is e x cessively offensive to worm s. T h e consequence is they m u st leave. Cured over three thousand. Obstinate, non e ! COLDS, COUGHS, tee — Innumerable are the ca-es cured o f these complaints, '“ he Salve rubbed on the chest and feel soon dissipates the difficulty. Between two and three thousand cured. SC A L D H E a D.— W e have cured cases that actually defied ten popular remedies, as well ns the ability of 15 or 20 doctors One man told us he spent $500 on his children without bene­ fit, when a few boxes of the Ointment cured them. CORNS.— IVe have cured more than ten thousand! One of our agents said he could give us a suing of names that would reach from the ceiling to the floor of corns exclu­ sively. SCROFULA.—If we had the disposition to brag, we might well do so in the treatm ent of the scrofula. Cases o f live, ten, and twenty years standing have only yielded to the power of ihis Ointment. It is, uiihout deception, a great ancl good remedy for Scrofula or King’s Evil. SOItE L IPS, Chapped H ands, Quinsy Sore Throat, Ague in the Face, Tooth-Ache, Swell­ ings, Inflammations, and the like, have been cured by the tl ousand. Also, in poisons by ihe bites of anim als, or nails, it has been equal­ ly successful. D ISEA S E S OF T H E C H E S T .—The Ont- menl has been eminently successful in curing all diseases ofthe Chest, such as Asi lima, Fains Weakness, Oppression, and the like. Nothing is so strengthening Cured ovpr fourteen hundred. NERVOUS DISEASES.— The Ointment is found lo give unbounded satisfaction in this class o f complaints. Ii im p arts strength, vigor, and elasticity, and takes away all lhal iretnu- lousness, weakness, and nervous irrilubilny. Several hundred cured. COLD F E E T .—Multitudes of people suffer from cold feel, and never know how io remedy the ev il. Tlie cause is too ieeble circulation in the extremities. Now lhe Oimment will open the pores, ctiuse increased rapidity in the circu­ lation, and thus restore warmth and comfort to the feel. Successfully treated eleven hundred. Obstinale, none. FIL E S .—We have known persons to offer five dollars a box for tbe salve, to our country O R T G A G E S A L E . D e f a u l t having been made in the payment of the money secured by a mortgage, execu-ed by William Olney, and Rebecca his wife, to Brad­ ford Cook, daied the sixth day of F ebruary, 1811, and recorded in the Clerks office of Cayuga coun­ ty, in book No. 29 of mortgages, on pages 415, &c., February 24th, 1841, at 5 o'clock P. M .; which mortgage has been duly assigned to the subscriber, and there is clamed io t e due there­ on at the time of the first publication of this no­ tice, the sum of $353,73, leaving the further sum of 733,32, with interest from the 6 th day of F e b ­ ruary last, yet to become due thereon. Now, therefore, notice is hereby given lhat said mort­ gage will be foreclosed by a sale ofthe premises therein described, a t public auction at the Court House in Aubnrn, on the 8 lh day of January next, at ten o’clock in the forenoon, by virtue of the power contained in said morigage. The mortgaged premises are an equal undivided half of all that certain tract or parcel of land describ­ ed a s follows.-—Beginning on the east line of lot number forty three, in the original township of Cato, now Victorjq a t the southeast corner of the survey fifty acres on said lot, thence south 22 chains and 70 links ; ihence west 35 chains and 74 links ; ihence north 45 chains and 6 links to the north line of said lo t ; ihence east 13 chains and 38 links to the northwest corner of said survey fifty acres, thence south 22 chains and 36 link s ; thence east 22 chains and 36 links to the place of beginning, containing one hun­ dred and eleven acres and four one-hundrpdths of an acre o f land.—Dated October 15, 1815. 24id N E L S O N BEARDSLEY, A. G. B eardsley . Attorney. Assignee. T y r O R T G A G E S A L E . D efault JLYJL h a v ing been made in the payment of a cer tain m ortgage, executed by Jam e s Diffin then of the town of Skaneaieles, in the Couniy of On ondaga, l o E . C. M errim an, then of Eibridge in lhe County aforesaid, and since deceased dated the twenty-seventh day of May, A. D., 1839 and recorded in the Clerk’s office, of the Countv „ Cayuga, in Book No. 33 ot mortgages, pae-el-ro Sic., September 21sl, 1844, a t 10 o’clock A. fli ’ on which there is claimed to be due and unpaid at the dare of this notice, Si 171.SO; notice is hereby given, that I shall sell at public auction .at the American Hotel in the village of Auburn’ on Wednesday the 24th day oi December nex,’ at one o’clock in the afternoon, the folloW|n^ prem ises described in said mortgage as follow -b. all that certain piece or parcel of land, situate m and upon lot No. 23, in the original townshm of Aurelius, now town of Sennetq in the Cuuntv of Cayuga, bounded as follows: Beginning at a beech tree a t the southwest corner o fland owned by Sylvester Gardner, ihence south 15 chains and 87 links to the centre of the road ; iben-e east 27 chains and 3S links lo a s tak e and’sn.nes - thence north, 5 degrees west. 15 chains and yy links t o a slake standing on the south l.neot sauj Gardner’s la n d ; thence west 26 chaine and 13 links 10 the place of beginnins, comunnne foriy-nvo 46—lOOths acres ol L a n d ; Al-J lhat other parcel of land on the same |„t’ bounded southerly and westerly on the road from Marcellus to Sennett ; north by the above de. scribed prem ises; and east by premises iormer- ly owned by Henty Harwt od, (it being a three cornered lot containing about one acre and a Imij or over of land.) since sold out by said Hartvoud —Dated September 18ih, 1S45. C. J. M E R R IM A N, LOUISA M E R R IM A N, SQUIRE M. BROW N, J a s . M u n r o e . Ali’y. Executors of estate of E. c , Merriman dec 2 nd (\T O T I C E . — P u r s u a n t t o a n o r d e r IM of Charles B. Perry, Surrogate o f the Coun­ ty of Cajruga, all persons having claims against the estate of Dennis S. Low, late of Auburn, in said connty deceased, are hereby required to e x ­ hibit the same, with lhe vouchers thereof, a t the store of Ira Curtis, in A u burn, aforesaid, Ad­ m inistrator o f said deceased, on or before the 1 st day of February next.—Dated, at Auburn, this 8 th day of July, 1845.— I ltd IRA CURTIS, Administrator. M O R T G A G E S A L E . — W h e r e a s , 011 the fiiM day of A ugust, 1843, E rastus TJ. Knapp and Mary his wife, and Xiauren T. Coleman and Ann his wife, o f Sterling, in Cay- uga Connty, /or the purpose o f securing: the pay- ment of seven hundred and seveniy-five dollars, mon gaged to Josiah Bid well, o f Hannibal, in Oswego county, all that ceriain piece or parcel ot land situate and lying in said town of Ster­ ling, described as follows: begins in the north­ west corner of large lot num ber forty-seven, in the .\'aid town, running thence south to lands of Ariel Barns, thence east far enough so thal line parallel with the west line, and ihence west to the place ol beginning, shall contain filly acres uf laud, which said morigage was recorded in the Clerk’s Office o f said County o f Cayuga, in book No. 32 uf Mortgages, at pages 131 fee., on the 30th day of August, 1813. Ancl whereas de­ tail!! has been made in the condiiion of said mortgage, and in the payment of two hundred at tl twenty live dollars ant! twenty-four cents, which is claimed to be actually due thereon, for principal and interest, at the date hereof, (the time of the first publication of this notice) leav­ ing an instalment of one hundred and fiity-five dollars o f principal, with interest from the first dav o f September instant, yet to become due and payable, which said payment, now actually due. has been assigned to, and is owned by Nelson Beardsley, of Auburn ; and the said instalment, yet to become due, is now owned by the said Morigagee: Therefore, notice is herpby given that in pursuance of law, and by virtue of the power o f sale contained in said morigage, said premises will be sold at public Auction, at the Court Hons*, in the village of Auburn, m said County of Cayuga, on the fifth day of Decem- ber next, at ten o’clock in the forenoon-— Dated Auburn, September 10th, 18-15 —19td ALONZO G. BEARDSLEY. Attorney for Mortgagee and Assignee t t O R T G A G E S A L E . W h e r e a s , Jay W. Carr and A m anda M. his wife, then of the town of Ira. in the couniy of Cayu­ ga, and slate of New York, to secure the pay­ ment of four hundred dollars, with interest, did, by a certain mortgage, bearing date the 17th day of March, 1841, morigage unlo Charles F. Coffin, of Auburn, in (he county and state afore­ said, ‘-All lhal certain piece of land situate in the northeast corner ol lot number thirty-three in the original township of Cato, now Ira, Cayuga county, known as the survey fifty acres,” and which said mortgage was recorded in the office of llie Clerk of the county of Cayuga, in book 29 of Morigages^on pages 448, &c the twenty-third day of March, 1841, at ten o’clock A. M. and on which said moitgage there is claimed to be actu­ ally due, ihis 8ih day ol Ociober, 1845, (ihe time of the firsL publication of this notice,) the sum of fourteen dollars, and that the sum of four hundred dollars and lhe interest thereon from the seventeenth day of September, 1815, is vet to become due thereon : And whereas deiauit has been made in the pay ment of a part of the moneys mentioned in the condition of the said mprigage,—Noiice is there fore hereby given, lhat by virtue of the power of sale contained in said mortgage, and in pursu­ ance ol the statute in such case made and pro­ vided, the said mortgaged premises above des­ cribed will be sold at public auciion, at the W es­ tern E x c h a n g e in the village of Auburn, in the county of Cayuga, now kept by Harlow C. Witherill, on Saturday, the third day of January next, at ten o’clock in Ihe forenoon of that day. —Dated Auburn. Oct. 8 , 1845. CHA R L E S F. COFFIN, Morigagee. P. G. C lark , Alt’y. 23td T N C H A N C E R Y , B e f o r e t h e V lCB JL C h a n c e llo r of th e 7tii C ircu it.—Clinton UurgRS uikI his wifo C atharine, I5tit..i. H. Durges h m\ j ,-8 w 'w Mitry, Ge-nge II and hie wifi* Anti, Hume* D Burges and his wife E .tznbch, vs J.nnus C. llu ’091 and hifr wile H a n n a h , O»oar 5 * B rges und hi\ wife Ciicncz.'t Cullm nu t hia wifi* t ’r.i.M , .Jaunts M Alien .uni Iiib ivtl’o J^iizibfth ChnU'feG McGowan . Junu-r, C.utmi- I). McGowkii, tlb i j i s G McGow n, Roswell litifbB Ur.mia Buigtu. Caroline Uutgei, lMmlic A. B u iv ^ e; ( 1 Bujl’os,George liujjjis O ivu Burges, Cnnrles J.Meriitunn AI. B.own, Lou sa iMennnuri. Jesse Ciuifc. Jmnes Alu. roe and Alien Munroe. ’ * In pursuance ami oy virtue or nn oidcr in this court, m w e in tho above cause, 011 the 3U l du j ol October in­ stant, not co is hereby given, tn u I persons In.vine; uny gen- ethl lien or incumbrance, by judgment, th - c m e , o t h e i - wise* on the undivided sh:ue or u.leiest of any ol iho o w n ­ ers 111 the pietutses heiem altrj described, lo j.uuluee lo me lhe undcffi*»nedt one uf the M.isteis ol* this C o u n , on or before ih« J*dih doy o f December m a t, at my office, in (im viiln;«ul tfyraeusc, in lire county < f Onund.igu, proof of iheir rospedive hens and hcum b m iices, together with sutisJactoiy evidence of the n mount duo iheiuon ; audio specify the nature ot buch encumbrances und tho dates thereof, respectively. 1 h o said prcrnisOfUHo drsciikod in tho hill o f com p laint ns follows: A 11 that Cerlr.iit piece 01 parcel u f land, p.«rt and pmcel of lot number etgh’y-ih'cc, in tlm i r>gmnl !oiVJj&b)/> oi CunjiJJu*, now in ihtr tn u o o / iilhr/dge, houn deal its follows—Beginning on tin* west bounds 01 lui ds o f Poior Cownhuvun, on said lot, and on (he uouih sidn ol ihtj turnpike rn.td and nt thu distance of five ch..ms und tfiiee h >ks souih of s a d C » \vnho\eu’s n. w. Conor, and 1 un­ iting thence south one degree west along said Coxvnhoten’a und Nathan G o tham 's tmni seventy chimit* und eighty, seven links, lo iho south bounds ol said hit. No. fc3, (now c o n iteo f a public ro a d ); ihunc-e north £0.$ de gives west along tho centre of said road 12 chums nnd link* , thenco norih degiees west 5 2 chum s; thence north ciegiees wesi five chums sind 3> links ; thence noillt 83 degrees v.ibi 3 chums and 50 links, lo ihe cast side o f a codai pn*t, thence noith otic degree eust 4 chains titsd 52 links u> u point 37 links e a st ol a while ash tree ; thence iior.h omi aud a hall degrees west 4 d rains mid 02 links, to u stuku and stones; thence n» rtli Bl degrees cast 6 chums arid eighty-two links, to the snot h-easi corner of I I . F Mather's vill-ige l o t ; thence north 7$ degrees west one chain and 79 links; Ihence north SOi degruis cust 2 chains and CO links, to the b. e. corner of the Paison.yo L o t ; ik.-nce north Gj degrees wosi 4 chains and 52 itnks, 10 lhe sunih bounds o f tlm turnpike ; thence north 81 degress east6 chains and 54 links, to tho north-west corner of Ashley Clark’s shop lot; ihence south 7$ degrees eusi passing along 8 inches weal o f t h i west side ofsaidshnp one chain and 37 liiilte ; thence north 83;} dt-gtcea cast 20 hubs, to the ti. w cm nor of smd C lark’s liarn ; ihcncu south 4A de­ grees east 3 chains and 04 /inks, to llie s^nlJj etui ~t .1 uoarcl fence on the s tv. comer ofnaul Cl irh’s village lot ; thence r.wrih 80 degrees east foui chains and 42 links, in tlm place o b gtmnng conlaining 130 U-JCO uctcs oliand, to j je i h e r w ith h strip o f l a n d m rpposuil t o he o n e ro d wide, tiring noiili of ilie iliu m promisra uml siwtli u f Die ulil Geneseo road. 2 id. A l s o , “ hi I th a t c e r t a i n o t h e r p i e c e - p a i c c l am i irnot of jniid, Ijivg uml liuing 111 1 I 10 town uf Granby, county ot O m v i'cn , a n .l Slate uloi«t>uid, being n p a r t ol lot number tinny, (30 ) and hounded 11 s follow*, viz; Uegtinm g al the north tn urnis o f said lot, and at the rmrihvvcsi cor­ n e r of the su r v e y i'tUy H i r e s , so ended, o n san l tot, iiinmn ^ llienco west aiotig the north bounds of said lot 2t> cJmins and 60 l<nks ; thence south paiailvl with the eusi boum « ol sutd lot 18 chums nnd eO links; thence cust parallel unh north bounds of said lot 2t> churns and <0 links, to thu ue?t bounds of saul stnvey fihy acres j Ihcuco noith nior.gthc s.iino IS chains and fcO linkj, to tlto piuco of hegii.pu.g, ciiiilaiiiing fitly iicii-b uf limit.” 3-1. Also, *' uii ih u t c e r t a i n o t h e r p i e c e n n d p u icel o f lunil, eiiuate, lying uml being tu th u 'iro n «l Cnmby, uliut:- 8.«id, k n o w n an d distiii'ru ish u d a s b e ing rhu S l u lo 'o one hun­ d r e d iic i c s o n lo t n u m b e r tw e n ty to u r , iu th u o n » i u a ) lownihi(i u l'Ljiuiiilor, (nuiv town iil'Griinby.)\ 4 r h . A ifl), ** :i tt t h n t c e r t a in o l h e t p i e c e a n d p a r c e l of hul l, piiuutu, ly in\ anil being in tin- town ur J l-m z , m ilio c o u n t y o f C u y u g n , b e in g p a r t o f l o l n u m b e r tnjety, t C O . ) 111 th e o r jg/naJ t o w n s h i p o J IL u ;u e , run! lu n g fuul ol subdi- v non u f Mid hit number 60. cnlU'il ’• Senun.ny Lui,\ bounded as follow s: Beginning ui the south west. corm*r oft*.ml lot nutnUci sixty, and also u n ite snuUiv.-uat cunici of said ‘‘Si-inii.aiy Lot,” assurvcytd byJohu W, Sawyer, and tunning noith n the noiih-\vc?t cornet o f snid Semi­ nary L o t ; ihcncc o iKt go far lhal a line drawn snuili pur* h JI h I with thu West line to tho souih Ituo tlietnof. .md thence west to the place of beginning, will include sevm- ty seven ticii’s oftund. Also, a l l the following dceeitl.vd precc ol hind, on lot mimlmr fil'ly-mno (59 ) «n M. id:, aforesaid, us folio wh ; S o much hind tis will bv m*cvs»niv nil lul number 56, nlimiHiiiil, uml un tho fnriii urcujili >! by Dumel Miutiin, m the >e..r J83D, for u road two tods in width, su'd roiui to commence nt tho iiuitimcfd cotuci of tho above described ptemises o f lot number 80, and rtui- nmg wcHteily and n«»xtlierl> around the grave yard,uud then following the mist lute of situ! M iuilm's f.ittn, on lui No. filt.y-iuno, until it intersects the pui.l « h gliwu\ near the north-easi comer o f th e » u-cc of lund now occupied by s.iid Mihllii). ou lot number 51} aroiesiiid.’' 5:l», Also, “ utl that c- rtnin other ptecr and parcel of laud lining liitu c H iam vil.ugn lot, in lhe village ol W ater­ loo. known und dist.nga.slu d on u timp ot s-ud vi'higc of Waterloo, in the county ot n n d ^ M n nlurmmi, maeo by John Burton, Esq . as number 2?6. Inn g fny foet front and tear, ami «*ue bundled and fisty-two h-ut (Jeep, being on tho fou'h sideol Rlitdiu Street ” Clb. Also, ** «•/ rhat other cort.mn pice*-and parrel e f html, being unothvi village lol, tn the a fores mi village of W aterloo, known and dithngumhed on suid Burton's m p, ol Raid Village, us village lot No. 277, on them uth *iit?. I* Elisha St rout t being fi-ty le c t fiont and i<ur und one bun- died and fifty two feet deep, it being the vtl.ugc lot d« « d.d by VViHn.in M Lee to Asu A . Diaper, on the 10th No­ vember, A U, J830 \ 7 h. Also, “ all tint*, certain olher pieco and pmcr.l of land fiituate, lyi g and being m ihe village o> Auiuin, bounded and described us follows: Beginning ou tho cor­ ner o f Genesee ttrcel a n J Seminary Avenue, thence iioith- wceterly aloi.g the side «>f satd Avenue ninety-seven hnkfrj thonco north 85 degrees east sixty Iwo links ; thence math six ^ d o g r n r s c o s t o n e c h a i n , th e n c e w e s t 4 2 l in k s , tu ti<o pine** o f li-ginuing.” p. O U T W A T E R , J t D ..ted O c t. 1845. A lu s tu r in C h a n c e r y . D anikl P la t t , Solicitor. 26wG M : N o t i c e . — I n p u r s u a n c e o f a n o k - der of Charles B. Perry, Surrogale of the Conroy of Cayuga, noiice is hereby given to ail persons who have claims against David P. John* son. late of Scipio, in said couniy, deceased, to exhibit the same with lhe vouchers thereof, to the subscriber, ai his store in Venice, in said county, on or betsre the tenth day of January next.—Dated, 30th June, 1845. 9td W ILLIAM D. B E N N E T T , Executor. N O T I C E . — A n A p p l i c a t i o n \ w i l l be made to the Legislature ol ihe Siaie of New York, at its next annual session, for an amendment and alteration of ihe Charier of the Village of IVeedspori, in ihe town o f B ruins, Cayuga County.—Dated October 20th, 1845. 26w6 N o t i c e . — A n a p p l i c a t i o n w i l l be made to the Legislature of ihe State of New York, at iis next a n n u a l session, for an act authorizing the T rustees of School District n um ­ ber eight, in the Town of Bruius, Cayuga Coun­ ty, to borrow a sum of money not exceedin '7 S 2000 Lfor the ^purpose of-building and iurnish- heat and perspiration cannot pass off. If ihe least moisture could be staffed, the crisis lias passed and the danger over. N ow i f physicians scription. and it may be the best frieml thal ev-* er entered their doors. Ifrieods and fellow citizens ! welcome this had some powerful solvent to apply upon ihe i g reat and good medicine to y o u r homes. You l i l t Bill skin and open ihe pores, there never .would be any danaer in fevers. The ALL-HEALING O IN T M E N T n that solvent, and will in all ca­ ses of fevers almost msianily unlock the skin and bring forth lhe perspiraiion. Those hu­ mors with which tiie blood is loaded, and which, . like the effervescence ol m ingling gasses are decomposing lhe pure parncles of the blood, find vent and immediate escape, by opening ihe valves—the pores of the skin. Sucessfully treated, seventy-three. Proved obstinate, one. FEM A L E COM P L A IN T S .—Its glory and power is manifest in no way more than in this department. Inflammation of the kidneys, of the womb, and its falling down, weakness and irregularity; in short, all those difficulties which are frequent with females, find ready and per­ manent relief. We have had aged ladies tell us they could not live s-x months without it.— But to females about to become mothers, if used for some weeks antecedent to their conSnement very lew of those pains and convulsions which attend them at that period wilt be felt. This fact ought to be known the world over. Successfully cured, one hundred and fifteen. Obstinate, none. . OLD SORES.—Many a man has saved his life by the A L L -H E A L IN G O INTM E N T , in the last six months, who was dying from the effects o f old ulcers and’ sores. It h a s now been shall never regret it, we pledge you our good word. CAUTION.— As the All-Healmg Oimment has been greatly counterfeited, we have given ihis nautiort to the public, thai no Ointment will be genuine unie-s the names of Jam es McAlis ter, or Jam es McAli-ter 4c Co., are written wilh a pen upon every label. The label is a steei en­ graving, with the figure of Insensible Perspira­ tion on the face. Now we hereby offer a reward o f $500, to be paid on conviction in any of the constituted courts o f the United Siaies, of any individual counterfeiting our name and Ointment. JAMES McALISTER, & Co. Sole Proprietors. GRAND DEPOT, 168 South-st., N. V. City. I was cured by McAlister’s All-Healing Oint­ m ent of a severe spinal affection. J . Nightengale, 215 Division-sf. I was cured of a very bad cough and pain in the chest by the use of McAlister’s All Healing Ointment. , s . Lewis, 6 Eldridge-st. I have used McAlister’s All-Healing Ointment for cold in the neck and was cured. John Corthus, 11 Dover-st. fTT*Agents— RICHARD S T F E L Auburn ; J. Holmes, W eedsport; Ingham Sc H avens, Ca­ to 4 Corners; Wm. Richards, Jordan ; J . Rich­ ards, E ibridge; D. B. Smith Sc Son, Port Byron. in? a School House in said Disirict, and to col- ( ieet by tax, on the taxable propert)’ o f said Dis irici, in three or more instalments, suffi. eit?nl lo r*»pay the sum so borrowed, with the in- terest thereon— Daied October 20,1845.—26w6 F i W P A L L G O O D S a t N o . 3 9 U E N E 5 E E-ST.— Just received, a lar<n? assortment of FA L L GOODS, am ong which may be found. Damask, Silk, and W orsted Shawls. Plain, Thibet, and Muslin d’Laine do. Stradilla, Alpacca, Brosha, und Cashmere d’Ecosse, Black and Col’d Alpaccas. Bombazines. Ginghams and Prints. Rich and Plain Dress Silks. Silk, Cashmere, and Cotton Hosiery. Irish Linens, Lin. Cambrics, Camb. H d k ’ffi. Cotton and Linen Diapers, N a p k ins and T a ­ ble Spreads. Bleached and Brown Table Linens. Lirien, Venetian and Lisle Thread. Lace Goods. Thread, Silk and Kid Gloves. Silk a n d Cashmere Mitts. Ladies Cravats. Gents. Fancy C ravats, Scarfs, a n d Ties. lu short, every article of desirable and Fashion­ able Goods in m arket, together with a general assortm ent o f SH I R T I N G S & S H E E T I N G S , Tickings, Battings, W addings. Colton Y a rn, See. J. W . STU R T E V A N T & CO. A u b u rn, Sept. 8.1845. r t A M P H E N E , F j r e s h D i s t i l l e d , W an d o f thejiest quality, at & shillings per JN O . H . C H E D E L L . Gallon O R T G A G E S A L E D e f a u l t having been made in the paj tnent ol a mortgage bearing date the 25th day of January, 1842, executed by John R. Fenton, of Mentz, in the county of Cayuga, to Solomon P Jacobs, of the town of Mentz, in the said couniy of Cayu­ ga, upon “ all that part of Lot No. 1 of the East Cayuga Reservation, bounded as follows: Com­ mencing in the center of Salt Street, or Auburn road, running W est within ten feet of the house now occupied by Solomon Jacobs, one hundred and twenty feet; Ihence Norih, fifty f e e t; ihence Easterly, parallel wiih the South line, to tho center ot tbe s treet; ihence Southerly, along the center uf the street, to the place o f beginning:” which said mortgage was recorded in the Clerk’s Office of the couniy of Cayuga, in book No. 30 of Mortgages, in page 305, &c., the third day of March in the year 1842, a t 8 o’clock m the fore­ noon, upon which there is claimed to be due at the date hereof (the lime ot the first publication of this notice) the sum of one hundred and forty five dollars and ninety nine c e n ts: Therefore, notice is hereby given that in pursuance of llie law and by virtue of the power o f sale contained in said mortgage, said premises will be sold at public Auction at the Junction House in the vil­ lage of Montezuma, town of Mentz, in said county ot Cayuga on the 18th day o f December next at 10 o’clock in the forenoon of that day.— Dated Sept. 16. 1845. SOLOMON P. JACOBS, Mortgagee. S amuel W. B udloko , Alt’y. 20td O R T G A G E S A L E . — M o r t g a - IrJL gor, Nancy Miller, Mortgagee. Solomon P. Jacobs.—M ortgage dated December 5ih, 1841. Recorded in the office o f th e Clerk of the Coun­ ty o f C ayuga, in book No. 30 of Mortgages, page 465, on the 31st day o f M ay, 1842. The amount claimed to be due thereon a t the first publication of this notice, is one hundred and fifty four dollars and sixty cents. The am o unt to become due thereon is one hundred dollars, wilh interest payable annually from the fifth day of Novem­ ber, 1844. The mon gaged premises are situa­ ted in the town of Mentz, Cayuga county, and are described in said M origage as follows : “all lhat ceriain piece or parcel of land lyins’in the village of Montezuma, near the junction of the Erie and Seneca canals, and bounded a s follows: Beginning in the centre of the street, opposite Jam es A. Clark’s barn, a l the northeast corner of N a sh’s lot whieh he now lives on, and run­ ning easterly on N a sh’s north line one hundred and forty fe e t; thence northerly thirty feet; ihence westerly parallel with the first mentioned Jine 7 to the centre of said street j tbence south- erly to the place of beginning, together with ail and singular lhe appurtenances thereunto be­ longing.” Default having been made in the pay­ ment of the moneys secured by said mortgage j by virtue of a power of sale therein contained, said mortgaged premises will be sold at publ c auciion, a t the W estern Exchange, now kept by Harlow C. W itherill, in the village of Auburn, in the County of Cayuga, on the 22d day of No­ vember next, at ten o’clock in the forenoon.— Dated, A u g u st 27, 1845. 17td SOLOMON P. JACOBS, Mortgagee. A rchibald P . T homtsoh , Attorney. _____ A D M I N I S T R A T O R S ’ N O T I C E 1JL—In pursuance ol an order of David D- B'1' iis. Surrogate of the county of Onondaga, notice is hereby given to the creditors of Seth Barges, deceased, to present their claims, with th® vouchers thereof, to Ebenezer Catlin, at hts dwelling house, in the village of Aubnrn, in lhe county of Cayuga, or Charles G. McGowan, at his dwelling house, in the town of Eibridge- in said county o f Onondaga, on or before the first day of F ebruary next— Dated July 26, 1845. E B E N E Z E R CATLIN, C H A R L E S G. McGOWAN, 14td Administrators- F I riely, together with a quantity of REE9 PO L E S , c a n be found a t 109 Genesee-st. R . C. STEELE-

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