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Auburn journal and advertiser. (Auburn, Cayuga Co., N.Y.) 1834-1848, November 12, 1845, Image 3

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*•—yggrgg-i. In t e r m i t t e n t F e v e r, lik e e v e ry other disordered m o tion o f : .le blood, fa o n ly a n effort o f n a ture to throw offso r a e thin g . m t is opposed to h e a l t h ; hence languor, w e a riness, ^ f ihe back a n d head, a lternate fits o f h e a t and cold.a'nd o ther ' ^..torrs o f fever an d ague. W rig h t’s rad ian V e g e table Pills are a certain cure for a ll kinds o f f e v e r, becau s e they excel from the b o d y those b ilious a n d co r r o p t h u m o r s 'w h ica ore the cause, n o t o n ly o f c h ills, a n d fevers, o u t o f e v e ry m a l­ ady incidentto m a n . £,iid Indian V e g etable Pills also aid and-im p rove d igestion a n d purify the blood, a n d w ill therefore n o t o n ly m a k e a per­ fect cure o f the above vexatious c o m p laint, b u t w ill im p a r t such health ahd vigor to th e constitution a s to enable i t to resist any future a t ta c k o f c h ills a n d fever. It should also be rem em b ered t h a t a m a n by th e n a m e o f W m . M. Spear, w h o sells m e d icine purporting to be I n d ian Pills a t the c m e r o f R a c e a n d F r o n t Streets, is n o t a n agen t o f mine, n either c a n I g u a r a n t y a s g e n u i n e a n y he has for sale. T h e on ly s e c u r i ty a g a i n s t i m p o s it i o n , is t o p u r c h a s e f ro m people o f unblemished c h a racter,or a t the Office and Geo eral D e p o t, No. 169 R a c e -st, Phils. W s s. W r i g h t . J . O DERBY\& CO., Agents,Anburn. Great Cure.—'The follo w ing letter is from M r. H e a th, n o w o f th e firm o f H e a th & D ay, B o s ton, P a . : Mr M. T . W allace—Dear Sir.—I heard o f B rant's Indian Purifying e x tract or Balsam for purifying the blood, a n d hav­ ing a'son who was troubled a n a aggravated w ith sores all oyer his limbs a n d body, f w a s induced, from th* high rec­ ommendation it h ad, to obtain i t and give i t to him. He is ten years old. and was attacked about six y ears since with an eruption, which, after a short time, became running sores all over him. Thesores discharged mucb matter, nnd seemed to be incurable, a s h e h ad had m u ch medical advice and a t­ tention in this city and elsewhere, and was not cured, and the disease was o f so long standing I was fenrfuL he would never be cored. But he is now, by the use o f Brant’s Puri­ fying Balsam, perfectly cured, and well, the sores and ulcers having entirely h ealed op. Yours, respectfully, MILO HEATH, 233 Third Avenue. F o r f u r t h e r a n d c o n c lu s i v e e v id e n c e o f t h e g r e a t a n d c e r - tain efficacy of this medicine, see advertisement in another colunmn. gold by T . M. H U N T , Druggist, A uburn.—27w2 The peculiar a p p e a rance o f th e C o n s u m p tive, t h e languor of their movements, th e m e lancholy gaze, an d th e s h a d e o f sadness thrown^ a round them , opens a t once founts o f inter- a»t and feeling in others. N o scene o f w o o r w rong is e q u a l to tlie d evastation o f this dreadful disease. W h ile there is time, use the H e a lth R e s torative, t h a t a d m irable c o m p o u n d ol balmy herbs, a n d th e s u c c e s s o f t h e cure is g u a tanteed. J)5\Dr. I. Smith, o f C anaan, Conn.. attended a voung lady for several months who was in a decline. He had given her up; unknown to Dr. S m ith, she commenced taking Dr. Sher­ man’s Cough Lozenges. She improved, and in a few weeks, by using them steadily, became perfectly well. T M H U N T , a n d R IC H A R D S T E E L , A g e n ts , A u b u r n IV T O T I C E .— T h e N o t e s a n d A c - J.V counts of C. T . F E R R IS fic CO., can be found at their old Store, in the hands of H . M. HORTON & CO. D a t e d A u b u r n , 1 1 t h N o v . 1 8 4 5 . T ) R A I R I E D O M ! o r . R a m b l e s a n d JL Scram b les in Texas, by a Southerner, with a m ap. A m erican Alm anac and Repository o f use ful Knowledge, for 1846. Price Is. W ebster’s Domestic Econom y and House Keeping, large 6 vo. W orks o f M rs. A cm ans, a ne«v edition. Memoirs o f an A m erican Ladv, by M rs. G rant. ’ A g ricultural W orks a n d M agazines, several new kinds. Wiley & Putnam ’s Library of Choice Read­ ing, several new works added. Barrow s’ complete W o rks. Ju s t received and for sale by J. C. D E R B Y & CO. a R E E L E Y S w h i g a l m a n a c V J _ j°^ 1846, fuil of useful m a tter, just rec’d at D E R B Y ’S BOOKSTORE. E n g l i s h and A m e r i c a n a n - ,, N U A L S for 1846.—A large assortm ent rec d and for sale v ery low. A Catalogue will be given before the H o lidays. J. C. D E R B Y & CO. P ORK B A R R E L S . — A f i n e l o t o f Pork B arrels ju s t rec’d a n d for sale by G R IS W O L D fic CO. W A T C H E S A N D J E W E L R Y . TT IS T H E O P IN IO N O F T H E 1 KNOW ING O N E S , that the Canal will close in a very short tim e. B u t the Subscri­ bers have this day received a very choice addi­ tion to tbeir stock of goods before on haud, which have been bought with such care and attention to low prices, (not iorget'ing the ‘-mm ble sixpence” ) as to give them an advantage over all competitors. The paper is going to press and the editor tells us that we have time only to mention a few articles, merely to give our customers and the people generally, a slight hint of w hat they may expeet if they will give us a call. Beautiful new styles M uslin de Laines, from Is 6 d. to 2 s 6 d. R ep Cashmeres and Cashmere De Cos, cheap­ er than ever, and entirely new patterns. Some very pretty M o u rning de Laines. All wool de Laines, for Is Gd p er y ard. P a r is ienne Florentine, a new an d beautiful article for dresses. S I I A W L S ! S H A W L S I ! S H A W L S r ! ! too rich and loo num erous to say a word about. And such calicoes for Is. per yard, as you nev­ er thought of buying, even m these economical times, for less than Is. 6 d. per y ard. And now to close, (for the editor is nudging my elbow, and says he c a n t wait any longer, although he knows we are working for the people) we would mention that we have on the way, the cheapest and best assortment of M UFFS ever brought to this M arket; all made fresh and new this sea­ son. Remember and call a t N o . 78 G o n e s e e - s t r e e t , Auburn, at the sign of ‘Cayuga Co. ^ Store, where these goods mtwi’and s h a l l be sold.’ J. S. BAR T L E T T fic CO. P. S. I have not time to say any thing about the 2 and 6 T we have on hand, and more com­ ing; hut it is so well known lhat ‘-talking is no use.”—Nov. 10, 1845. J. S. B. fic'CO. T)O R K . — T i i e S u b s c r i - X bers will pay cash for well fattened Pork, delivered at the sM a rket in A u b u rn. S. BEARDSLEY. Nov. 11, 1S45. J . E . P A T T E N . T h e m y s t e r i e s o f t o b a c ­ c o , by R ev. B. J . Lane, wilh an introduc­ tory letter to the Hon. J . Q. Adams, by R e v . Samuel Hanson Cox, D. D. Amaury, translated from the French by Alex­ ander Dumas. The Author’s Daughter, by Mary Howitt, Is. H a rper's Illustrated edition W andering Jew. do Pictorial Bible, No. 42—2s. Encyclopedia o f Domestic Economy, by Thos. Webster, F . G. S. The N ature and Influence of Evangelical Faith, by Rev. L. E Lathrop, D. D. Morse’s Cerographic Maps, part 8 , 2s. Ju s t published and for sale at the cheap cash Book­ store o f R. G. fic P. S. WYNKOOP. [E W B O O K b y L. E . L A T H R O P , D. D. Just published by H . fic J . C. IV I­ SON, The N a ture and Influence o f Evangelical Fauh, in a series of E s s a y s . Neatly bound. N ] M E W B O O K S . — A l d e x & M a r k - HAM have rec’d the following: Morse's Cerographic Maps No. 2. 2s. The Author’s D aughter, by Mary Howitt, Is. Amaury, translated from the French of Alex­ ander Dumas, by E . P., 25 cents. Illuminated Shakespeare, Nos. 69 and 70, 2s. H arpets’ P ictorial Bible No. 42, 2s. W andering Jew, illustrated. No. 3, 2s. For sale at the sign City Bookstore, on the corner. Auburn, Nov. 10, 1845. A S P L E N D I D N E W W O R K .- . The Artist, the Merchant and the Statesm an, of the Age, o f the Medici, a n d of-our own times, with a portrait of H. Powers, in two volumes, by C. Edw a rds Lester, E s q r., U. S. Consul at Genoa, author of the Glory and Shame of E n g ­ land. Frairiedom , R a m b les fic Scram b les in T e x a s . A House upon lhe Sand, or the Temrile of Universalism in Ruir.s, by Rev. P . Holmes. The Hero of 4 W ars ; E lijah Shaw’s N a rra­ tive of h is 21 years service in the American N a ­ vy, and brilliant exploits of American Seamen. The W ashingtonian H a rp. All to be had cheap of A L D E N dc M ARKHAM , on lhe cor­ ner o f Genesee & South streets, a t the sign of the City Bookstore. A u b urn, N o r . 11, 1845. T ? e S I N G I N G SC H O O L S .— W e s - tern Depository (or the sale o f Music Books. H . fic J . C. IVISON, at their Bookstore in Au burn, are prepared to furnish Singing Schools and Choirs with the following valuable collec­ tions o f Church Music, in small or large quam tities, a t New Y o rk a n d Boston prices. Carolina Sacra. The Psaltry. The Fsalmodist. Songs of Sacred Praise. Methodist H arm o nist, round and p atent notes, The Vocalist. Young Choir. Y o u n g Choir’s Companion. The Melodist. The Odeon. Kingsley’s Social Choir. Anthems, Choruses and Set Pieces. Also the Boston Academy’s M anual o f Sing­ ing, a work for Teachers a n d Leaders. Accordion Preceptor. Violiu do. Flute do. F if e and F lageolet Preceptor. B lank Music Books of all sizes. B lank M usic Paper in Sheets. Tuneing Forks, ficc. fisc. J O H N J. R I C E HA S JU S T R E C E IV E D a large supply of Gold nnd Silver W atches, Clocks, Jewelry, Silver Ware, Cutlery, Gold Pens, Gold and'S ilver Pencils, Spectacles and Fancy Goods too numerous to mention ; all of which he is determined to sell on very reasona­ ble terms. N. B. W atches and Clocks o f every descrip­ tion repaired in a m a n n er to give general satis­ faction. Job Work of all descriptions in our line, done with neatness and despatch. _____ M ' U S I C A N D F R E N C H . M iss A B B O T T will be happy to give instruc­ tions on the PIANO at her House in Genesee Street. H R . ABBOTT will give instructions in the FR E N C H LANGUAGE, either at his house o r abroad. m H E C H E A P E S T L O T O F IN - I DIA RU B B E R O VERSHO E S ever offered in this place, a t H . WOODRUFF’S New Siore. Til A L L & W I N T E R F A S H I O N S JJ FOR 1 8 4 5 - 6 ; just received by VAN AN­ D E N fic K E Y E S , M e r c h a n t T a i l o r s . Also a large and fashionable assortment of F A L L AND W IN T E R GOODS, consisting in part of Super French and English Broadcloths and Beavers. Super black French Doe skins. A variety or checked, striped, and mixed Cas­ simeres. Golden mixed Tweeds and Satinetts. Fancy Sauted Velvetes, Valencias. Plain and figured Satins. Merino a n d white Marseills Vestings. Plain black and figured Italian, Polka and S a tin C ravats. De Joinville Ties ancl Scarls. Spittlefield and Ponga Handkerchiefs. Suspenders of all kinds. Gloves, Cravat Sliffeners. Shirts. Bosoms and Collars. READY-M ADE CLOTHING, such as Over. F rock, Dress and Tweeds Coats. Cloaks, Pantaloons and Vests. Merino Drawers and W rappers, ficc. ficc., and other a rticles too num e rous to m eniion. We would invite all those wishing lo purchase any o f the above-m entioned Goods, to give us a call. We do not declare war, or burst any guns, for th a t w o u ld he expensive ; nor do we e m p loy a large assortment of salesmen and cutters at large salaries, to be added to the profits of o u r Goods; we attend to our own culling and sell­ ing, and that is the reason of our selling so cheap, and making such good fits. G arments of every description cut, trimmed and made in the most fashionable m anner, and warranted to fit. C L O T H S A N D T R I M M I N G S , furnished, cheap as the cheapest, to those who wish to get their garments made elsewhere. C u t t i n g o f G a r m e n t s attended to on short noi ice. Remember lo call at N o . 3 7 G e n e s e e - s t . , Anburn, 2 doors below Cayuga Co Bank. D. B. K E Y E S is Agent lor Jam es H . Chap­ pell’s French, English and Philadelphia Reports of Fashions ; also his Transler Sysiein lor Cut­ ting Garments adapted io any form or shape.— price reduced from #25 to $ l 5 —Price of Reports for one year, S3. A n b urn. Nov 5th, 18-15 —27m3 N E W S H A W L S . B R O C H E E lndoux C a shm ere, A iinure and Slradilla Shawls just rec’d and for sale at N o v . 5, 1S45. 7 9 G E N E S E S T R E E T . F A R A N D F A S T TIIEY HAVE TKA- veled—having many of them left the pal­ ace shops of the Old World not one month since, in all their freshness and beauty. Those OMBRE S T R I P E S , as finely and del­ icately shaded and color’d as one o f the most finished of fancy sketches, drawn by the gifted and eloquent Maflii himself. Those CASH M E R E S , of the most lovely colors, which the artist Dyers of Enrope can conceive, to please the fancy—to beautify and adorn the person. Those rich fig’d and Strip’d ALAPACAS, so much improved that they deserve a new name. Those new GALA PLAID CLOAKINGS, so rich and comfortable, so tine and so cheap. Then, again, those new and.beauiiful COR- IE N N E S , such a nice at tide for dresses. Then such extraordinary bargains in Linens, Linen Lawns, Linen Cambrics, M ushus, and Calicoes, among them, by the way, some ot the most beautiful American and English Prints, which this or any other season has brought forth. W hy Ladies just sto p ! you do not do yourselves justice until you have called here !— You, fair lady, whose taste for PLAIN GOODS is developed, call here! You whose taste for the GAY is decided, call h e r e ! AU you who have a taste lor the berutiful in art or mechan­ ism call, for you will here find something to gratify and satisfy that taste. In short you will find a universal assorim ent of Goods! both d a rk and light, G o o ds!! both light and brown, Goods ! ! ! of every hue and shade CHE AP ! fo r money down. aye,' or approved short credit either ,at r H . W O O D R U FF'S Nov. 5lh 1845. New Store No. 77. M U F F S ! M U F F S ! ! M U F F S ! ! ! A T N O . 101 G E N E S E E S T R E E T , where may be lound the largest and cheap- est assoriment of Muffs in town, and no mistake / Call and see. A. T. CARPENTER fit SON. October 29th, 1845. _______ ^ C H O Q L B O O K S , S c h o o l B o o k s . T h e la r g e s t lo t , th e c h e a p e s t a n d b e s t b o u n d School Booki/in Auburn, ate to be found at D E R B Y ’S Book Store. P a r e n ts an d T e a c h e rs are invited to call. SLATES AND SLATE .PENC C ILS, warranted to suit the boys and girls, are to be found at D E R B Y ’S Bookstore. QOFT O .F E N B u f f a l o r o b e s . — a . t . c a r ­ p e n t e r Ai SON have just received from the City, any quantity o f Buffalo R o b e s, w h ich will be sold very cheap for cash. Oct. 2 9 ih, 1845. G C H O O L B O O K S !— 3000 S p e l - O ling Books, all the kinds. 3 0 0 0 Reading Books, all the kinds. 4 0 0 0 Arithmetics, do. 2 0 0 0 Grammars, do. 3 0 0 0 Geographies, do. 1 0 0 0 Analysis’ and Orthographies, do. 1 0 0 0 Philosophys and a n d Chemistrys, do. 1 0 0 0 Algebras and Geometrys, do. Also several thousand more of other and all kinds of School Books in use, for sale at the cheap cash Bookstore, by the hundred, dozen or single. J. C. DERBY 6 c CO , Opposite the Western Exchange. E d w a r d l e s t e r ’s w o r k s . —The Artist, Statesman and Merchant, w ith an autibiography of H iram Powers, the Sculptor, and his Portrait, ficc., by the author of “ Glory and Sham e ol E n g land.” Just rec’d by J- C. DERBY fic CO. K o v e l s a n d r o m a n c e s . - E v e ry thing published in this line, for sale C A P S ! C A P S ! ! C A P S ! ! ! — J u s t received and constantly making up, Caps of all the latest F all and Winter fashions, at the Fashionable H a t, Cap, and Fur Store. Oct. 29lh. A . X. C A R P E N T E R & SO N . T M . T W I S S W I S H E S T O AC~- J . quaint the inhabitants of Cayuga Couniy, that he has received by recent arrivals, large quantities of Dry Goods and Groceries nt his store opposite the Bank of A n b u rn. Oct. 22. T J did Boas and Muffs, also a lot of Gentlemen’s F u r Gloves and Collars, a t the N E W YORK CASH STORE, Oct. 22 Opposite the Bank of Anburn. » P L E N D I D ST Y L E S o f s i l k a n d Velvet Cravats for Ladies and Gentlemen, at the N E W YORK CASH STORE, Oct. 22. Opposite the Bank of Aubnrn. T E A 2s. 6 d . sugar at 8 e. p< N E W YORK CASH STORE. C O F F E E 8 c . p e r l b . per lb., and very fine while sug ar at 8 e. per lb. at the 1 E R Y R I C H B O N N E T S a n d b o n - nei Ribbons a t the _ Oct. 22. N E W YORK CASH STORE. p L O T H AND F U R C A P S F O R SALE \ J cheap at the Oct. 22. N E W YORK CASH STORE. by J. C. D E R B Y & CO. N E W a n d V A L U A B L E B O O K S , at IVISONS’ Bookstore. Rambles and Scram b les in Texas, with a map, by a Southernor. The Artist, the M erchant and the Statesm an, with a likeness o f P owers, the A m erican Sculp- or. Cecil’s W orks, in 2 vols. The Israel of God, by S. H . Tyng, D. D. The Lord our Shepherd, by Stevenson. The Country Parson, by “ Old H u m p h rey.” My Grand Parents, do. Memoirs of J . D. Lockwood. The Philosophy of Mesmerism, by Grim es. President Mahan’s Intellectual Philosophy. •D I C H D R E S S S I L K S , A L S O A L - X t apachas, M. Delaines, Susans. Rep De co- peis, ficc. a t the N E W YORK CASH STO R E . A L M O S T E V E R Y T H I N G t h a t _Q_ is wanted in the way of Fancy and Staple Dry Goods may be found at the N E W YORK CASH STORE, Opposite the Bank of Auburn, and a few doors below the American Hotel. Ladies call and see. Auburn, Oct. 22, 1845 IO L E T , FR O M T h e - F i r s t of M ay nexl, the Store and Dwelling H o u se, with or without the B a k e r y , ;n State-st., now occupied by H u rd fic McCrea. Inquire o f • JN O . H . C H E D E L L , Oct, 15, 1845. 105 Genesee-st. i o _ S U E O I A L a n d i m p o r t a n t IVTOTICE TO THE LADIES OF 4-1 AUBURN AND V ICINITY .—T h e atten­ tion of the purchasing ponton of the communi­ ty i s respectfully and urgently requested to the new and elegant stock of d r y g o o d s , now opening at the Boston Cheap Store, N o 1 2 0 G e n e s e e - s t - , which has been recently selected in the New York and Boston markets, with great care. This stock will favorably com pare with any that has ever been shown in the place, in respect to variety o f iabrics and beauty o f siyles, and in point of cheapness it will be something new for A u b u rn, a s every article will be disposed of at a rate satislactory to purcha­ sers, and far below the usual price o f the same goods. A s the subscriber gives his whole at­ tention to the selection of Dry Goods, he is e n ­ abled to offer much choicer styles than other dealers whose attention is divided among many other branches o f business, and from his pecul­ iar facilities for purchasing, he is enabled to of­ fer them a t prices much less. “ Quick Returns\ will be the motto of the establishment, and the prices will be such as to ensure them. The rule of the Store will be to sell D o m e s t i c Goods, on which the profits a re merely nominal, at 10 per cent lower lhan any other establishment in this part of the coumry, and F A N C Y GOODS, S IL K S A N D S H A W L S , will, in all instances, be sold a t least 20 per cent, lower. Purchasers may know by this rule, what am o unt they can save by trading at the B o s t o n C h e a p S t o r e . The great variety of goods which this stock consists of cannot be fully enumerated in an a d ­ vertisement. SH A W L S m ay be found from a few shillings apiece, lo a splendid article o f India Camel’s Hair worth $ 5 0 , which will be sold for a little more lhan half that money. E v e ry in­ termediate quality, likewise, in store, all of whicli will be sold at greaily reduced prices.— SILKS in G R E A T V A R IETY , some very beau­ tiful, and all very cheap. D e L A N E S AND CASHM E R E S, too, an immense assortm ent,som e a s low as o n e shilling—yery beautiful at two shillings, and some higher priced ones, all of which will be sold a t a discount of 25 per'cent from the usual prices. A lot o f B ON NET RIBBONS AND LACES, from auciion.at half price. Rich Ribbons at 8 and 10 cents, and Is. and Laces cheaper yet, am ong which are Cap Laces as low as 4 cts. pr yard. R eal French Marinos, a prime article at 5s. per y ard, usual price S I . Silk W arp Alpacas at 5 shillings. A great variety o f other Cloak and Dress stuffs proportionally low. The subscriber Will not further p articularize, but begs of all persons who desire to make pur­ chases, to call and satisly themselves o f the truth of this advertisement. [C7*Be sure and not mistake the place. The B o s t o n C h e a p S t o r e is N o . 120 G e n e s e e s t r e e t , between the A m ericanHoiel and the Mansion House. The subscriber pledges him self to adhere to every word of this advertisement, and again in­ vites the public generally io give him an early call. ANDREW CHILD. A u b u rn, October 22, 1845. _______ R E F I N E D M O U L D C A N D L E S . T H E Subscribers a re m anufacturing a supe­ rior article of refined MOULD CANDLES, Nos. 6 and 8 , which they offer a t the lowest m a r ket prices. M e rchantsand o thers wanting a good article, will do well to call and exam ine. T e r m s C a s h . They have also a large slock of G R O C E R I E S , which they will sell on sneh term s as to induce m erchants wishing a supply, to call before pur­ chasing elsewhere. A H . fic J . BURT, No 7 Genesee-st. N . B. Cash paid for Tallow. Auburn, January 2 1 st, 1815.—38lf. 1845. 1845. A U B U R N IR O N S T O R E , N o . 9 2 G E N E S E E -S T .—I have now on hand a very extensive assortm ent of I R O N A N D S T E E L , comprising every variety wanted by the Black sm ith, C a rriage M a k e r o r M a c h inist, w h ich 1 will sell on the most reasonable lerrns, and 1 invite all using Iron to exam ine m y assortm e n t before they purchase, as they will find it to their interest to do s<v Al^o HARDWARE, of every description. Joiner’s and Carpenters’ Tools. House Trim m ings, a very large assortm ent. Nails, H orse Shoes, A nvils, Vices, Axes. Window Sash, Glass, Putty. Hoes, Shovels, Spades. Brass Kettles, Circular Saws. Brass Ox Tips, Garden Rakes. Also, Farm ing Tools for Hnying and H a rvesting. Lampson’s best paten: Scyihe Snaths M iller’s, H a rris’s, and W adsworth’s Scythes Cradles,’ Rakes, Rifles. Reynolds’ a n d H ine’s Forks. Quinnebaug Scythe Stones. Magog and Indian Pond do. Sickles, fire. A n d m a n y other useful articles which I intend io sell as low as at any establishment in Auburn. N. B. N A I L S , a go-.d article, (a very little rusty,) at 8 5 a Keg. May 28. I- V. T E R R IL L . A D D L E & H A R N E S S S H O P .— _ The Subscriber has on hand and will constant­ ly keep a general assortmen t o f w ork in his li ne of business, comprising the following articles, viz: Harnesses of all kinds. Saddles, Bridles and M artingals. Port-folio, Bellows-top H a ir cover and Fan cy Trunks, Valise-:, Carpet Bags, ficc. ficc. Also a very large assortm ent of Whalebone and common Coac1' and Gig W H IPS. All of which will be sold at fair prices on rea­ sonable terms, and warranted good. (CP’H e is thankful for the liberal patronage thus far re­ ceived, and respecttully solicits a continuance o f thesam e . A .V , M. SUYDAM. A u b u rn, April, 1843. 50if 5 0 A T I T A G A I N — 8 6 G E N E S E E S T , A G E N T S W A N T E D .— F i f t y Agents, to canvass the State of New York and Ohio, to obtain subsctiptions to the following new and valuable monthly publtcaiions. v iz :— Sparry’s Illum inated and Illustrated Christian Marty rology, or the Mysteries o f Popery develop, ed, Sears’ Pictorial Fairiily M agazine, establish- ed for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge. The Family Circle and Parlor Annual, The Literary Emporium, The Young People’s Magazine, and several other useful monthly publications.— Agenis will also be furnished with all of Sears’ iictorial works, comprising Bible History, Bible Biography, Guide to Knowledge, W onders of the World and Pictorial History of the American Revolution, in gilt binding, and with J. K. Well­ m an’s Popular Works, comprising his life o f the Rev. John Sumtnerlield. The Literary Empori­ um in gill binding, Bible References, T he School Girl in F r a n c e , or the S n a res of Popery, and E v ery Lady’s Book, also, with all of the works pub­ lished at lhe office o f the Fam ily Circle. The Youth’s Parlor Annonl, The Christian Family A n n u a l. B u n y a n ’s Pictorial P ilgrim ’s Progress, The Child and Christian Hermit, and The Last D ay o f the Condem n ed, all splendidly bound in Gilt. Liberal compensation wilt.be given to A g e n ts who can produce recommendations o f good mor al character and enterprise. Apply to the sub­ scriber a t his office, over A. H . fic J. B u rl’s Store, No. 7 Genesee-st., or address him, post paid, by letter, a t ihis place- JU L IU S C. BEM E N T , Publishing Agent for New York and Ohio. A u b u rn, October 9th, 1845.— 2 4 m 3 - * tnd form * D E N T A L S U R G E R Y . D R. J. N A R A M O R E w o u l d r e specifully iniorni the public generally, lhat having determined on permanently locating in this village,, he hag recently re-opened and fitted up tlie Office formerly occupied by H. C. W an- zer, (which is well known as having ranked with the first and most distinguished offices in the U. S.) where he will, with pleasure, wait on all those of Dr. W.’s former patients, and all others who may feel disposed to favor him, with their patronage. The above operator has, for some time past been engaged in two. o fthe most celebrated den­ tist’s offices in the city o f Rochesier, where he h as given the most perfect satisfaction. REFERENCES. Da. H . C. W a n z e r , Rochester. D a J . B . B eers , do G. N . E a s t m a n . Prof. of Penmanship, Roch. R . G. P a r k e r , Rochester. H . C. H arrington , do. N . B. A q u a n tity of the best quality of Incor­ ruptible Teeth, also o f Gold and Tin Foil will be kept constantly on hand lor the accommodation of other Dentists. Anburn, October 2d, 1845. M E W D R Y G O O D S — I t WILL BE ±1 recollected by many, lhat last Winter I wished to adopt the Eastern plan of doing busi­ ness, v iz : to deal only in what belongs to one land o f business. I therefore disposed of my P ry Goods, and concluded to deal only in Millinery. By so doing I thought mv neighbors would leel disposed not to deal much in Millinery. But things have changed, and my neighbors a re dis­ posed to deal in most every ihing ; (which they have a perfect right to do)—I therefore being among Romans, m ust do as the Romans do,—I must turn about and deal in other things also. I tliereiore have purchased a new stock of D R Y GOODS, (not a large slock, but a stock ol choice patterns) which I will sell a t a small profit for cash or country produce; and all that want Dry Goods, will please call on me. I have a large stock ol Shawls, o f different kinds, Brocha Shawls from $5 to $15, Plaid do. Silk do. black Satin do. black Cashmere do. for Ladies and Misses, bl’k and colored Woolen do. M uslin de Laine do. and a variety o f different kinds ol Shawls, which I will sell cheaper than any other store. I have some choice patterns for L adies’ Dresses—some­ thing new for Cloaks or Habits. Also Calicoes, Sheetings, Flannels, Cambrics. Tarllon Muslins, Linens and Cravats, and a good assortment of F a n c y Goods, ficc. ficc N B. Silver Lace, Silver Fringe. Breast Pins, Purse Twist Rings, Tassels, Ac. Ac. T. F . GRAHAM. T 0 P U R C H A S E R S o f C A R P E T S . Hotchkiss A Smith’s Carpeting took the first Premium at the State Fair. Their Carpets are made for the Auburn Retail trade, and the q u al­ ity will commend itself to those who examine. And the Prices —who that has looked at Carpets lately, have not found out lhat we have reduced the prices from 15 to 20 per c^ni. Purchasers will find these Carpets at the Brick Cash Store, just below Cav. Co., Bank. October, 1845. H A L L A CO. TOST R E C E I V E D & FO R S A L E by W ATROUS A H Y D E , No. 7 3 Genesee-st. M i l l i n e r y a n d n e w f a s h ­ i o n s — T. F. GRAHAM has received his Fall and W inter stock of M illinery, where may be found the C H E A P E S T STOCK OF M IL L IN E R Y in Auburn. W e have a beautiful stork of Vel­ vets, Uncut Velvets, Silks, Satins, Feathers, Flow­ ers, Borders, Bullion, Foundation, tj-c., which we offer a t wholesale or retail. W e would just here rem a ik that we h ave the largest and most beautiful stock of Feathers in W estern New York, which will be ali the go this season, and if any one should wish to pur­ chase a Feather, just call, and if we do not sell you one cheap, then we will not guess again.— We should have no objection to selling you a Bonnet with it if vou should want. And we would just hint to our old customers, and those that are acquainted with us, that we have commenced making our Fall and W inter stock, vnd shall probably keep the largest stock of ready-made Bonnets in Auburn, and for style we shall endeavor not to be surpassed. Call and see us, we will not charge a n y thing for looking. N . B A large assortm ent of Velvet Ribons, for Dress Trim m ings, Bonnet Ribons of every quality and style. No. 7 5 Genesee street, is the number. /7 A R P E T LO O M S a n d M a c h i n e s . ( J The Subscriber, m anufactures all kinds of C A R P E T L O O M S & M A C H I N E S , ofthe best quality—Ingrain, 3 -ply, Cumber and Point Brussels. Prices as low a s the same q u a l­ ity o f attiele can be obtained elsewhere. All or­ ders promptly executed. A V E R Y BABBETT. A u b u rn, Dec. 17,1844.—»33tl. ¥ HO H A S N O T F O U N D IT o u t that the Brick Cash Store is the place to buy cheap G R O C E R IES, call this fall and be satisfied. H A L L A CO. October, 18-15. L November 4th, 1845. A u s tin H o race S . H e a r Isaac A u stin Miss M a rtha H a ll M ils N a n c y A n d rus H a r r iet H e w itt Miss M J A llen G eo B H ayden J o s iah A lien Miss S K H a m lin L e v i A n d rus Mrs R e b e c c a tleyw u o d S U Bleven lsuac B u rgess, H ipley ic. H u ll B e a ill R o s e tta A B e a g loM rs A n n B r o w n J o h n B a rnes J o h n R Benson Benj L 2 Bovicr J o h n B a ther W m 2 B u rr H G C lute Mrs S u san C rane Mrs E liza C o n n o r s J o h n Chatfield Dorothy A U B U R N M A R B L E W O R K S .— l \ C L A R K 4c R E E D , s u c c e s s o r s to Clark & Baldwin, a re now p repared to furnish M O N U M E N T S , T O M B T A B L E S , G R A V E S T O N E S , cf-e., in every variety of m a t e r i a l ____ and form . AH persons d esiring articles in their line, a re requested to call and exam ine their slock and style of work before purchasing else­ where. Prices as low as can be asked on the principle of “ live and let live,” —and Wood and Produce generally, received in paym e n t at m a r­ ket prices. Oct. 22, 1845. 25tf F a r m f o r s a l e . — T h e Subscriber, wishes to dispose of a FARM in the town o f Moravia, Cay- uga Co., consisting of 50 acres — 10 acres woodland—House und Barn—good or­ chard—2 wells and 2 living springs. It issitua- ted in the northeast corner o f lot No. 73 of the old town of Sempronins. Term s reasonable, title indisputable, and pos­ session given on the first o f April next. Appli­ cation to be made to the sobscriher, a t hU resi­ dence in Owasco (on the east side of the lake) 5 miles south of Auburn. JO H N JERALOM ON. Owasco, October 1, 1845.—22m3 D IS S O L U T I O N .-T h e C o p a r t n e r ­ s h i p , heretofore existing under the Firm of Clark A Baldwin, was dissolved on the 10th d ay o f October, by m u tual consent. W M . CLARK, ■ E L I BALD W IN Auburn, Oct. 13th, 1845.—24w3. 1ST o f L E T T E R S r e m a i n i n g o n R a y m o n d D avid H llctcnb u r g h M issSa- rah Simon* M ist Louisa* do “ M arUia S q u ire J o n a th a n H e w itt A m a n d a N S p e n c e r A sa H ill I s a a c S p e n c e r A L H o o se Henry H o rnbnke M ary H o w e ll W m lligbe Trcmuin H a d d e n Jam e s R H u ll H enry Jerom e J u m c s I I S tr e e ter M rs Rebec* ca 2 S m ith M r c h a ir painter Steel S o lom o n e S liarw a h a n J o h n Skinner Thomas 9 Jack m a n Euphem iaSloun W a lter B Johnson & C o M ew rsSnyder Amos Scudden M its Oath* arm e Shumway MfssMary fctmith Shelden G Sm ith A L S tew a r t Sam u e l Slim sce M artin Shaw Daniel Snouk 11 Q Sckiom e I’eter Scott Miss Mary 12 S h e a rn N o rm a n 2 Jarv is T U Jcn k s M ary E Ingles De W i t t Iiittlew c ll J o h n C lark M rsE lizubethL e v i Benjam in C Leonard T h o m a s C o rnw e ll J o h n E L o u n s b u ry Levi S C a d y A J Lynch V\ m L C ralw Benj L e w is Miss MaTy Co we A L Anne C a rpenterM issM a ryL o v e Garrison Depoy Jam e s L e e T h o m a s D avis Rosw e ll 2 Leonurd C a tharine Schem e h o rne Peter Dem m m g JNaiiri A n n e T h o m p son A lcx’r D u n n ing David M cDonald J a m e s T iffany I) D o u g lass T h o m a s M o n roe M ilan T u r n e r Miss H a n n a h DicKimon James 111 Uluoro John S 2 Tuncir It M D e g r a tl E lizabeth ^ l a n b a l l B d w a rd T r e a t A n n E D o c Mrs G C M c L a u g h lin ratricK T h r o o p W m N D o w n e r J o h n M iller J o h n T a y lo r S a u l 2 D e x ter E lijah M a d d o c k S a r a h T u lladay M rs H a n - Decker Margaret Marron Joseph nnh D o w n s Frances C M o zier Benjam in T h o r p R ichard P D u c k w rth J n o M a rshall Miss C a th-V a n sfickle Mrs i» A liohen M ary urine V a lentine Miss Han* D u tton F r a n c is M ekem T h o m a s n a h £ F e n ton Jo h n M u rphy Leonard V a n V a lkenburghD r Fleater G eorge M u n roe G eorge H B F ling N o rm a n M cK ibbim Miss C C V a n d e iburghT a y lor F o n tain M o n suir M ead T h e o d o re 2 V a n z e lie Peter Francois M u m furd T o b ias N V a n A u k e n J e s se Frisby C a thaiine M iller Sally V a n W ie W m L Folson Jn o M a rble E m e line L V a n N e s s Chas U ridiey Chester McConn&n P a trick W a rd O scar G rover C a th a r ine H o rton V ictory F W h i te S a r a h A Isaac N iles S h e rm a n W h ipple S a m ’i B e n jam in N ickleson J W h ipple E lisha G o o d w in E d w in Nickol-t P a u l W illiam s S B 3 G rem is J o h n N ickols Mrs M arion W illson M r T h o m a s N e a r Miss M a rgaret W h ig h tm a n H e n ry W h ite W m W a r n e J a m e s Gleeson T im o thy G o o d rich Miss JaneN c Ison H e n ry\ Greenfield Miss E m -O w e n A v is W m a Phelps A N W i n g Jan e G roton W illiam E s q P a ttee Miss Eliza* W u k e m a n R e v M o n- Griswold S H G a n u n g MrsCntha- rine G errey E lish a W G u tlnan Z u rm ia H a m lin L or H G H a ll H enshatv Sam u e l H u n g erford Miss M aris H o lm es E u p h e m ia R e e d J a m e s C H u n tington fclT R ich Mrs Polly H a w ley T h o m a s R y a n Jn o H o g an R e v J H R o o t A lm ira H a ll D avid R o o t M rs M inerva H a ll U em a n L R a n o s k Edm o n d H o p p e r J o h n CC^Pe heth C gom e ry Al P a d d o c k Miss C M W h iio c k C a roline Pierce Ludow ick W e b b Betsey Peck A 1} VV h ite A lnnson P a d d o c k Honry W h e e lock D rury P a y n e VV W W h e a to n N S Pitcher ftliss A d e lineW h e a ton W ilb e r P l a t t C h a s B P a tten E d w a rd Pom e roy C A W h e a ton C L» W a y E d w a rd W o o d A n g elina W h itney Charles W e s t E lizabeth W ilkinson M rs m a ff and cap m a k e r Y o u n g C u thariue Y o u n g N a n c y 'ersons enquiring for the above Letters, will please mention them as Advertised. 27w3 AMOS S. RATHBUN, P- M. Auburn Post Office, November 4th, 1845. cA L I S T E R ’S A L L -H E A L I N G Ointment, or the World’s Salve, a certsitl cure for the Head, Heart, and Back ache, war­ ranted genuine. For sale at V AN A N D E N 'S, sign of the Good Sam aritan, No. 5 Genesee-sl. I c ll/TU S H R O O M C A T S U P .— A S U - 1V1 perior article of Mushroom Catsup fir. P ep­ per Sauce, can be bad at VANANDEN’S, sign ! of the Good S am aritan, N o . 5 Genesee stteet. A LL PERSONS IN WANT OF J l BOOTS and SHOES of superior qnaluy, will find it for their im erest to call at 12 1 G e u ~ e s e e - s t . , 4 doors below the American Hotel, Anburn. This House has been so liberally patronized st~-“ u was opened, that the Proprietor h a s de­ termined to make it a permanent Establishment, and has made arrangements by which he will receive supplies, weekly, from the best M anu­ facturers in New York and Boston. His goods will be such as he can with confidence recom mend and warrant to his customers, in every re speCt equal to the very best custom wrork, and some of them far superior to any thing ever made in these parts. Those who prefer Cusiom W ork can be ac commentated. As tothe prices, he is determined to keep them below those of any other E stab­ lishment in this county. F o r example— Men’s Kip Boots, 31,56 lo 31,75 “ Thick do 1,37$ to 1,75 “ Kip Brogans, 75 to 1,00 Ladies’ double sole Morocco Baskins 62£ to 1,00 All other kinds- in proportion. Sept 24th, 1815. R. W E S S O N , .Tr. N E W F A L L G O O D S ! ! A t th'e C i t y C a s h S t o r e , 9 6 G e n e s e e - s t , flEO . GULLIVER & SON, a r e X T now opening a splendid stock of DRY GOODS, comprising all the N e w S t y l e s o f L a d i e s ’ D r e s s G o o d s , such as GINGHAMS, a large and beautiful as­ sortment of R E P CASHM E R E S , Bluslin De Lains, BROCHADES, new and rich patterns. Prints from 5 tfi 20 cents per yard. S H A W L S ! S H A W L S ! ! S H A W L S ! ! ! In this article the Ladies can be sure to be suited. Cloths, Cassimeres, Satinetts aud Vest­ ings, which will be sold ch e a p ; besides a large Supply of P e d l a r s ’ W a r e s . N . B. DRY G R O C E R IES, a t very low prices. Sept. 23d, 1845. N E W F A L L G O O D S A T N O . 8 1 . D R Y G O O D S . — H a v i n g p d k c h a s - ed with much care and attention an unu­ sually large amount of Goods this season, the subscribers would invite the attention of buyers to as large and choice a n assortm ent o f STAP'LE AND FA N C Y DRY GOODS, As can be found in this vicinity, and at prices Which cannot fail to please the closest buyers. SIL K S —Rich, Paris, Stripe, plaid and plain chameleon, black and brown, black gro de Swiss, India and Florence. DRESS GOODS—Reps and plain cashmeres, (some very rich), mouslin de laines, victoria plaids, satin brocades, black, colored and plaid alapacas, ginghams, black and mode colors French Merino. M O U R N ING GOODS receive particular a t­ tention and desirable siyles Bombazines, Silks, Crapes, Stuff Goods, Prints, Gloves, ficc , can always be obiained. SH AW L S o f every description from the cheap Woolen Plaid to the expensive Brocha and Cashmere. PR IN T S —English and American—several cases very desirable styles just opened; among them, all ihe Fall paiierns of Meriinacs. SH E E T IN G AND SHIRTINGS.by the yard, piece or bale, from the best m anufacturers in the c-’untry. T H E H O S IER Y AND GLOVE department is complete, Bojaou’s best white, black, light and dark kid, of all shades a n d sizes. SH O E S —French, Kid and Morocco Slips and Buskins o f Rodger’s importation, Kid, Seal and Clolh black and light Slips, Buskins and Gaiter?. M ILLIN E R Y —Several cartons Ribbons, Bonnet, Silks, black, blue-black and colored Velvets, Flowers, ficc. TRIM M IN G S —Black and colored Velvet Ribbons, all shades ami widihs, Edgings, F rin ­ ges, Gimps, Paris Cords, ficc. L IN E N S —Lawns, Linen Cambrics, Linen Shirtings, Mulls, Muslins Laces, Edgings, Lace and Gauze Veils, Green Barage Linen Cambric Handkerchiefs, in great variety and very cheap, also all the varieiy of Goods usually kepi in a Dry Goods Siore. G E N T L E M E N can find a great variety of French, English,Belgian and American C loths, Cassimeres, Satinetts, Jeans. Silk.. S atin, Mar- sailles and W inter Vestmgs, Stocks, Collars, Black and F a n c y Scarfs and C ravats, Gloves, Suspenders, Silk and Linen Hdlc’fs, Silk, Cot- ton. M e rino and W oolen D raw e rs and W rap- pers. Silk, Woolen and Colton Hosiery, Tail- ors T r im m in s s , Arc. GROCERIES. A large and well selected siock which a r e of­ fered at prices conforming io our peculiar ad­ vantages in buying. T E A S —Green and Black of all brands and qualifies from 2 s. 6 d. to 8 s., (w e were very (oritinate in our selection of 2s. lid. and 4s.) SUGARS—Loaf, Lump. Crashed, Powdered, St. Croix. Porto Rico and New Orleans. C O F F E E —Moco, Java, L a g u a ra, Cuba, and St Domingo. M O L ASSES—St.Croix Syrup, Porto Rico, New Orleans and Trinidad. TOBACCO—Cavendish. Lum p , Nail-Rod, Pina, Smnking and Fine Col. SPIC E S —Ntiimegs, Cloves, Cassia, Pimento, Pepper and Ginger. M ISCELLA N E O U S —Raisins, Sperm and Tallow Candles, Soap, Lee’s Blacking, Indigo Alum, Copperas, Mustard. Pipes, Rice, Pepper Sauce, Salseratus, Starch, Cocoa. Chocolate, pure Sperm F a ll and W inter Lam p OILS. CROCKERY. French China in Sens, White, Blue and Sprig Granite W are, Cream and colored W are, Glass W are, Lyons Slone W are, fee., m aking a coin plete assortm ent in which we shall nos be un­ dersold by any one. We solicit ihe public to an examination of Goods and Prices. RATHBUN ic CLARY. Sept. 10, 1845. N. B. All kinds of country produce, Flannel, Woolen Y a rn, Socks, Kersey and Bags, taken in exchange for Goods. R. & C. T W . H A I G H T h a s rem o v e d h i s J • Jewelry Store to N o . 57 Genesee st.— A. M u n g er’s old stand, and has received a larg e a n d splendid assortment of C J o l d a n d S i l v e r ’ V a t e l i e s , Silver Spoons and Table Forks, Gold Spectacles and Pencils, a large a ssortm e n t of Jew e lry, Eng­ lish and American Brilania ware Silver-plated Candlesticks, Snuffers fie T rays, Plated a n d B n - taniaCastors, Solar, Hall and Catnphene Lam ps, and a variety of other articles ail of the latest patterns, which he will sell a s cheap as can be purchased in any Store in the State. Please call and examine. Auburn, June 24th, 1 8 4 5 . _________________ TT7ATROUS YV cenilym a d e a N E W H A R D W A R E *! & H Y D E H A V E R E - , , ____ ______ a n d are now m aking additions to their stock of goods, and now offer for s a la more complete assorim ent than ever, at the L o w e s t P r i c e s , particularly Housekeeping A rticles in great variety. Builders’ H ardware, consisting o f m any new and desirable articles. Farm e rs’ U tensils generally. Carpenters’ and Joiners’ Tools, Cabinet M akers’ H ardw are. M achinists’ a n d B lacksm iths’ T ools. Carriage M akers’ H a rdw a re. .R O N , ST E E L , N A ILS, GLA S S , SA S H . Mill, Crosscut a n d Circular S a w s . C o m m o n a n d Ditching S h o v e l s fit S p a d e s . B r a s s a n d I r o n W i r e . Sheet B rass—German Silver. COOK AND PA R L O R STO V E S , m very great v a riety, a t W h o l e s a l e and R e - i a l C O P P E R , TIN AND S H E E T IR O N m a n u f a c t u r e d g e n e r a l l y a n d to o r d e r . Sept. 21, 1345. ____________________________ 4 MERICAN INSTITUTE.— T h e l i P a i r of the A m erican Instituiefor thiscoUU- ty, tis now being held at M U R F E Y ’S Store, 97 Genesee-st., where he is exhibiting an unusual choice assortm ent o f A m erican Dry Goods, far excelling anything previously offered in style and quality. Also a variety of rich imported goods (in contrast) showing- how far our own manufactures excel and the importance o f en- courageing home industry. The style of B r o a d C l o t h s , C a s s i p i e r s , M n s S in D e L a n e s , C a s h m e r e s , and C a l ­ ic o s , deserve particular attention, as there are m any new and beautiful designs. It will be remembered that these articles a re now open for inspection and at the same time offered for sale at about the manufacturers’ prices, and the ex­ hibition will continue u n u lall are sold. Prem i­ ums awarded to those who call and make the first selections. Remember MURFEY’S Auburn Cash Store, Auburn, Sept. It, 1845. 97 Genesee-st. w H A T S H A L L W E SA Y ? - Some think ihat merchants in their adver­ tisements should without the least poetic license, simply slate the articles they have to sell, and invite the public-to call and examine th e m ; oih- ers, that they t-hould in strong and glowing terms tell o f the great bargains they have to offer, and the beautiful goods to display, and while all will agree th a i e x c e ssive boasting is neiiher p leasant or proper, yet we think but few will object to facts, such for instance as the follow ing: T h a t GRISW O L D CO are jusi receiving iheir sec­ ond large supply of Fall Goods—that most of them were bought a t auction—that they were bought for cash—and that ihey will be sold at extremely low prices. We have tried the low price system, and a re fully satisfied that it is the true one. Therelore, we would say to all who want “ good trades,” come and try and add your testimony to the thousands ot others, that cheap Goods a re to be bought a t the PRISON CLO­ TH IN G ic DRY GOODS STORE, 89 Genesee- street. Auburn, Oct. 1845. n i v T B E N E F I T O F “ S T A T E P R I S O N M O N O P O L Y 1 ” ® REAT PR IC E S !—The firm of R &:M.W at - - < « son &: Co. h av.ng been dissolved in consequence of the death ot M auhew and Robert Watson, and the undersigned having purchased the in ­ terest of the deceased, have associated them­ selves under the name and style of LAW , W ILLIAM S is CO. for the purpose ol continuing, in all its bran­ ches, the business ol the late firm ; and are now prepared to supply their customers with B O O T S A N D S H O E S , of every size and description, at greatly reduced prices, F O R C A S H viz M e n ’s b e s t C o w - H i d e B o o t s , $ 2 . 0 0 “ « 2 .2 5 and all other work equally low in proportion. L. W. fis Co. beg to remind their friends that theirs is the only PRISON SHOE STORE in town, and lhat they will not hold themselves responsible tor work sold under Jalse pretences by any oiher concern. N .B . All claims for and against the late firm, will be adjusted by the subscribers, a t the old stand, 9 1 G e n e s e e S t r e e t , one door east o f Beuiis and Leonard’s. JA M E S LAW , G. C. W ILLIAM S , A u b u rn. Sept. 1 0,1815. P . T . W ATSON. ready for the season (1815 ,} which forlighm e ss and superiorijoy of color cannot be surpassed, which is o very im portant part of the H a t, re­ taining the color until il is worn out. Also a general assortmeni of M E N A N D B O Y S C A P S , Buffalo Robes, Ladies Mull's, For Trimmings, ficc. L .V . K E Y E S . Auburn, Sept. 15ih, 1845. A N O T H E R G U N F R O M QCIIENCK’S CHEAP TAILOR- D ING AND CLOTHING STORE, N o . 75 G e u e s c e » S t« A u b u r n , Jf, Y . It having in lhe course of human events be­ come necessary that there should be a thorough reform in the m anner of conducting Ihe T A IL O R IN G AND C L O T H IN G B U S IN E S S in Auburn, the subscriber gives notice that for the accomplishment of that object, he declares u n c e a s i n g a n d n n g o m p r o m i s in g W A R a g a i n s t a l l m o n o p o l y a n d h ig h p r i c e s . H a v ing abundant means for the successful prosecution of such a contest, he trusts that the old exploded system of “ slow sales and large profits” which has so loug burdened this com- muniiv, \’ill come to an encl. Those wishing G E N T E E L GARM E N T S , are informed that the CUTTIK& uepartment . is under the superin­ tendence ol one, whose reputation is a sufficient guarantee that it will bp done in the best m a n ­ ner as to taste and fashion A better day is dawning upon purchasers of Cloths and Ready made Clothing. Our war will not be a war of words, (w rit the help of a dozen clerks,) but one of action : and although we expeci lo excile Ihe envy and op- position of our brethren in trade, we shall pur­ sue such a course as will make this the Cheapest Tailoring nnd Clothing Store in Aubnrn And we cheerfully inviie all who wish to buy C l o t h s , C a s s i m e r e s , V e s t i n g s , S t o c k s , C r a v a t s , S h i r t s , C o l l a r s , G lo v e s , a n d e v e r y s t y l e o f R e a d y M a d e C - lo t h in g , io visit thises'ablishm ent and see for themselves. None who do so will go away disappointed.— Thousands will see them, and thousands will get the benefit of them and will aid us in our warfare against Monopoly and H igh Prices .— Wiih this inscribed, “ W e F l i n g o n r B a n n e r t o th e B r e e z e . ” Who doubts the result ? SY L V E S T E R SCHENCK, No. 75, Genesee St. Auburn, N. Y . September 15, 1845. 20 N O W A R Y E T I “ A : NOTHER GUN” BURST, b u t fortunately, no one injured by the explo­ sion, and consequently the “Renner flung io the breeze\ for nothing. The Army and Navy, however, are in complete trim ; but our citizens may well be disgusted with a “ w ar” which (not withstanding the assertions to the contrary) “ will be a war of words.” The Mexicans dare not cross the Rio Grande, so long as the Ameri­ can Eagle hovers o’er. Ourcitizens need, there­ fore, have no fears, for the Subscribers, under the firm ot SHERW OOD fit M ARSH, assure them that the splendid assortment o f Cloths, Cassimeres, Vestings, Cravats, Collars, Sus­ penders, Gloves, df-c. tifc., which they purchased in New York only a week since, lor cash too, (m ind that) have arrived,and a re safely shelved at N o . 6 4 J G e n e s e e - s t., one door east from U’yn- koops’, up s tairs; and that they are now ready and desirous to clothe the naked “from Ihe crown of the head to the sole of the fool.” a g o o d d e n ! - c h e a p e r , and in a li t t l e b e t t e r s t y l e than can be done at any other establish­ ment in town. The reason lor this is obvious. We do our work ourselves, and are not subjected to the call of journeymen for wages. Therefore, “ c o m e o n e , co m e a l l , ” and give us one tri­ al for the result—and for the second trial we h a v e n o fea r s . Remember) one door below Wyn'uoops’, up s t a irs. G E O R G T 2 S H E R W O O D , FR E D E R IC K M ARSH. N . B . P a r t i c u l a r a t ten tio n p a i d to c u l l i n g gar­ ments to be made by women. 21 r i Til ALL FASHIONS f o r GEN- T L E M E N ’S H A T S !! ! The public will please take notice that the F a l l F a s h i o n s for Gentlemen’s H als have just been received by Railroad, and are now ready for inspection anil Sale at 101 Genesee street. A. T . C A R P E N T E R fic SON. Auburn, September 5th. 1845. THTNA INSURANCE C o m p a n y JJcA I n c o r p o r a t e d in 1 8 1 9 . For the purpose o f Insuring against Loss and D amage by F IR E o n ly ;—Capital 2 0 0 , 0 0 0 D o l l a r s , secured and vested in the b estpossibl m anner—Offer to take risks on term s a s favor able as other offices. The business o f the Com pany is principally confined to risks in the coun try, a n d therefore so detached that its C a p itali not. exposedto greatlosses by sw eeping fires. W ATROUS & H Y D E , A g e n ts for A u b u rn and vicinity Ju ly 4, 1842. 9 tf T AW OFFICE.—J. R. HOW, A t - 1 J TORNEY AND COUNSEI/LOR AT L a W, N o . 96 Genesee-st., (Exchange Buildings.) directly in front of the Journal Office Connting Room. T V T E W F A L L G O O D S A T N o . 5 9 _Ll G e n e s e e - s t . , one door east of Doct. SteePs Drug Store. N . H OVEY has just received a good assort­ ment of Fall Goods, consisting of most kinds of F A N C Y A N D S T A P L E G O O D S . Also a good assortment of GROCERIES, con­ sisting of Tea from 2 shillings lo six per pound Coffee, Sugar, Molasses, Pepper, Spice, Ginger Saleratus, Starch, Cassia, Nutmegs, Cloves,Ra- stns, fisc. Also a good assortment of CROCK­ E R Y , very cheap. Teas from one shilling the sett to six. All the above articles will be sold as chep as- at any store in the county, for cash. Auburn, Sept., 1845. N HOVEY. fjTWO GOOD FARMS FOR SALE, L O O K A T N O . 3 5 G E N E S E E S T . P. SMITH, ONE OF I K t J / VV the late firm o f K eyes <j- Sm ith, reH - / w ill continue to m a n u facture H A T S A N D C A P S , tbe best q u a lity, m o st approved styles, a n d superior finish, (w h ich will be sold C H E A P of course,)‘at the old stand N o . 3 5 Genesee st., A u b u rn. The SPR IN G FA S H IO N S for 1845 received and for sale. * 0 * H a t s and Caps made to order o n short no­ tice. M a rch, 1845. 45 ners, in the town of Venice, one containing 135 ACRES GOOD W H E A T LAND, the other containing 138 a c r e s v a l u a b l e la n d . Said (arms a re well timbered and well watered, with good buildings and a great varie­ ty of first rate grafted frnit trees. Said farm s will be sold at a bargain, either separately or otherwise, to suit purchasers; and a liberal credit will be given for a part of ihe purchase money, i f desired. For further particulars en­ quire of the subscriber n ear the premises, or oi Amzi Wood, E s q . in Seipio ISAAC BORDEN. Venice, July 5th, 1845.—15tf. N E W Y O R K A P V ’T S . d o u b l e A C T I O N , H A i t P S , A t 28,1 B r o a d w a y , N e t V - Y o r l L . T F. BROWNE, M a k e r a n d I m - EO R T E R , begs to call the attention of the Elite o f musical Taste, to his elegant collection of G rand 6 £ and 6 O ctavo Dopbi.e and Single A c tion H a rps, having all the modern Improve­ ments of London and Paris. H a rps repaired Strings, Instruction Books, ficc. 1 E 7 *List of prices and descriptions can be for­ warded for single postage. J. F. BRO W N E fit CO , London and New Yoik, established 1810. W e copy the following from the Broadway Journal of Sept. 2 7 :—The Harp, as an instru­ ment, is but liule known in this country, although in Europe it is considered as a necessary accom­ plishment to ladies of refined education, occupy­ ing any position in fashionable society. Every lady should, for many reasons, be a little fam il­ iar wiih this trulv drawing-room instrum ent.— In the first place it is a capital exercise, bringing the muscles into gentle.and healthful play; in the next place it is an excellent accompaniment to the v o ice; and lastly it displays the beautiful and gracelul proportions of n a ture’s handicraft, to the greatest advantage. Well might a learn- ed T h e b a n eloquently observe^ to som e young beaux, on beholding a young and graceful wo­ man sealed in the most fascinating position, like lhe Divine Cecilia at her H a rp—well m ight this Jearned Theban observe, we say, “ i f you haye hearts prepare to lose them now.” Mr. Browne’s Harps are by far the most mag­ nificent instrum ents we ever saw. Through his perfect knowledge of the instrum ent, he has ef­ fected many im portant improvements in the m e­ chanical department, and in the tone there is an extraordinary addition -of svveelness, purity and power. We can cordially recommend Mr. B ’s instrum ents, as we a re well acquainted with the character o f the firm of which he is the resident representative. 27m3 T H E SU B S C R IBER keeps HORSES AND CARRIAGES to l e t ; and as a general moving am o n g the “H a rm o n i­ ous Democracy” is to take place lm m e d a telr, he would b e happy to move, those out, who now intend to retire tothefr country s e a ls; and at the sam e tim e,' to move those in, who expect lo take their p laces. S T E P H E N S. A U S T IN . N . B. The fl E li te ” will be removed in m. few days. - S .'S 'A A u b u rn. A p ril 30,1845. * * 52 ’ WINDOW SHADE DEPOT.— VV N o . 7 , S p r u c e street, N e w Y o r k The only manufactory of any extent in the* Uniied States. The subscribers offer for sale the most splendid assort ment o f S IlA DES which could be collected together, consisting ofthe fol­ lowing s ty les: 1 0 . 0 0 0 pairs or beautiful Gothic, painted hy artists. These are a ll views o f celebrated pla­ ces in Europe. 4 . 0 0 0 pairs of assorted Gothic, Corinthian, and Landscapes, such as are generally sold about the city. 7 5 pairs o f the most beautiful Corinthian, p aint­ ed i/i Florence. 1 0 0 pairs o f some o f the most celebrated places in ihis country. ' 3 . 0 0 0 pairs ol cheap shades, from 62A cents to *1,50. We pledge ourselves toseil 100 pr. cent cheaps er than any other house in New York. Person wishing to see the process of gelling up the most useful articles, are shown through the painting rooms wiih great pleasure. SIGNS. BAN NERS, and IN T E R IO R D E C ­ ORATIONS not to be surpassed. TRIM M INGS of all kinds at m anufacturer’s prices. Persons buying to sell again dealt with on the most liberal terms. 17w23 B ARTOL’fis DE MAUNY. T Y P E F O U N D R Y A N D P R I N T E R ’ S F U R N I S H I N G W A R E H O U S E . rU0 PRINTERS. THE S u b s c i u - A BERS have opened a new Type Foundry in the city of New York, where they are ready to supply orders to any exivnt, for any kind of job or fancy type, and every article necessary lor a Printing Office. The type, which are cast in new moulds,from an entirely new set o f materials, with deepcoun- ters are warranted to be unsurpassed by anv, and will be sold a t prices to suit the limes. Printing Presses furnished, and also Steam Engines of the most npproved patterns. N . B.— A m a c h inist is consiam ly in attend­ ance to repair Presses and do light work. Editors of newspapers, who will boy three limes as much type as their bills amount to, may give the above six months insertion in their papers, and send their papers containing it to the subscribers. COCK C R OFT5& O V E T tE N D , 30m6 68 Ann st., New York K LL IIAlL f o r lho place where B O O T S & S H O E S , a re bought al G r e a t B a r g a i n s , W h ere the largest and best assortm e n t is kept Where you can always get suited. Where you may save 25 to 5 0 per cent. Where the work is ail warranted. Where you will get your money’s worth. Where satisfaction is guarantied. Where goods a re not misrepresented. Where you will be fairly dealt with. Where all who buy once buy a g a in.—In a word. Where every body buys and gels the very best of goods at the lowest prices—and Where we don’t take it upon ourselves to repre­ sent, or rather misrepresent our neighbors' goods in order to sell our own. R. W E S S O N , J r . 121 Genesee st. 4 doors below lhe American. Auburn, Sept. 22, 1845. T T N I V E R B A L I S T B O O K S . R o s e ( J of Sharon for 1845, ’44, and ’43. Universalist Companion, with a Register and Almanac for 1845. Commentary on the Gospels, by R ev. L . R Paige. Voice to the M arried, by Rev. J . M. Austin. Voice to Y o u th, do do do On tlie Attributes of God, do do P rayer Book, by Rev. O. A. Skinner, 1st and 2d Inquiry, by Rev. W. Balfour. Life of Rev. John M u rray, Pro and Con of U n iversalism . Law of Kindness, Rev. G. W . M ontgomery. Streeter’s Hymns, and others, a great v ariety. Flower Vase. Hours of Communion. S a c red F lora. Rev. H. Ballou on lhe Atlonem°nt—on the Parables o f the New Testam ent—his Letters— Lecture Serm ons—Select Serm ons—N ine Ser­ mons, fiic., and all the standard U n ivesalist Works ever published, also, Tracts, Singing, Sunday School Books, ficc. IRA CURTIS. H a lf w ay between the Auburn B a n k and S tate Prisoh. mHE BUSINESS a t THE BRICK I Cash Store, will in future be conducted by CHA R L E S H A L L fic CO. All customers who have favored us with their trade, are returned thanks. W e hope by keeping our store well stocked with Goods, a n d using our best endeav­ ors to please, lhat we shall merit a continuance of patronage. C H A R L E S H A L L fit CO. Brick Cash Store, October 1st. 1845. D OMESTIC GOODS, S h e e t i n g , Y arns, W arps, Batts, W addings, ficc., p u r­ chased before the rise, cheap at the Brick Cash Sioro. R A I j J-* & CO. October, 1845. ___________________ 1UOVELTY WORKS.- JjEaWgaJfc The Subscriber, having re- V moved to the N e w F n r n a c e and M a c h i n e S h o p on W ater street, directly opposite WaIson’s ^ D i s t i l l e r y , will manufacture and keep at all times ou hand, a full assortment of M ILL G E A R ING. Railroad Car Wheels, and axletrees fitted to order, from the latest improved patterns. BRASS CASTINGS. H e will m a n u facture Steam E n g in e s o f all descriptions, to order—and having in use one o f T u ’ion’s R o tary P iston E n g in e s , of his own manufacture, which is warranted to do more w o r k w i t h t h e s a m e s t e a m t h a n a n y o t h e r E n gine that can be produced, all persons desiring a r t i c l e s o f t h a t d e s c r i p t i o n , a r e i n v i t e d t o c a l l and examine for themselves. T H R E S H I N G M A C H IN E S , Ploughs, and all kinds of casting, and turning and tilling the same. Threshing M achines and other articles of Ma­ chinery repaired in the best manner, and on the shortest notice. Castings, warranted to be of the best materi­ al, furnished a t 4 cents per !b. JOHN CURTIS. Auburn, A u g u st 12, 1845.—15 N E W S P U I N G G O O D S . J UST received a t JN O. E . B E A R D S L E Y ’S, 7 9 Genesee st. Auburn, a choice assortment °.i N E W SPRING GOODS, ot the most desirable p atterns, which w i l l b e so l d C h e a p , All who wish to r u rchase will find it to their advantage to call am .select from the va- be found1V A u lon8 the various goods will Rich Grenadine Silks of every pattern, (a new article for Dresses.) Rich Repd M. D’Laine, do, “ Lawn and Broche Ginghams. New style Balzorine and Berages. D rab Moreen, G rass and Corded Skins, Cra­ vats, Shawls and French Collars. iE7“ Don’t forget 7 9 G e n e s e e s t , , at th* Prison Carpet W arehouse. N .B . ALYA SEYMOUR, (formerlyem ploy­ ed by G- Y. O b ton,) takes this opportunity to inform bis friends nnd acquaintances, that hi wilt be found at the above place, and would be happy IQ see ihem.—Auburn, April, 1845. 1VTEWFALL GOODS.-EDWARD i .1 IVISON, No. 87\ G e n e s e e . s t . , (Beach’s Block) Auburn, is now receiving from New York a large assortment o f FANCY AND ST A P L E D R Y GOODS, which he offers on as reasonable term s a s can be had a t any other establishment west of N ew Y o rk city. An enumeration of all the articles comprising my stock, is out of the question ; but for the benefit o f those who a re expecting to s u p ­ ply their wants in Auburn, and who wish t o a - vail themselves of a large and extensive lot to select from, J would sa j that England, France, Germany, and “ o u r own dear country,” have contributed of their abundance, in an attem p t to gratify and please the most lastidious. As numerous a n d various a s the tastes of the Ladies are, I feel confident the richness of my Brocade a n d striped Cameleon, the glowing lus­ tre of Italian, Gro de Rhine, Rep, Satin, and Matteone Silks, the brilliant colors of the Rep Cashmeres and De L aines. the beautiful textures of figured Orleans, the rainbow coloring of Fan­ cy Prints, the soft finishing of a r t bestowed up­ on tny silk and cotton warp Mode a n d Plaid Al- apaccas, th? high colored fig’d Brocha and Silk Shawls, and the modest Modes for “ F riends,” the fine fabrics of Linen Lawns and Cambrics, Sarcanelt Muslins, striped and figured, the high­ ly wrought needle worked Cambric Edgings and Insertings, the elegant stydes of Under Hd’kfs * and Collars, Scoich, French and American Ginghams, the Velvet Ribbons, black and col­ ord, Kid Gloves, and m a n y ‘other articles equal­ ly important to the ladies, must, upon exam ina­ tion, give me the preference in their purchases. T H E CLOTHING D E P A R T M E N T has also received us full share of attention, a n d from the importance attached to this branch of my business, I am enabled lo offer to gentlemen one of the finest assortments of Cloths, Cassi- meres, Satinetts and Vestings ever brought in to th e county ; together with all the little Nic- Nacs which constitute a gentleman’s wardrobe. The followingcompriscs my stock o f ready made elothinc : 1 .0 0 0 Dress. Frock and Sack, Coats, prices from $3 to 325. 1 . 0 0 0 pairs of Pantaloons, from $1,50 to 8 1 0 .' 5 0 0 Vests, Satin, Velvet and Woolen, from 81,25 io $ 6 . 5 0 0 Broadcloth, Beaver and Pilot Overcoats, from So to 330. 1 0 0 Broadcloth, Beaver, and Pilot Cloaks,’ from 55 to $25. Strangers wishing to purchase goods, will please enquire for lvison’s Dry Goods and Cloth'-' ing Store, where entire satisfaction will be giv­ en, in prices and quality. *. Sept. 3. EDW ARD IV I S O N .' N E W - Y O R K C A S H ST O R E .— J . M . T W I S S , wishes to acquaint the. inhabitants ol Auburn nnd Cayuga Conmy, that he has just arrived from the City of New York\ and has opened a Store at 11 9 G c n e s e e » s t ., opposite the Bank of Auburn, with a large and varied assoriment of FANCY & STA P L E DRY GOODS, all of which hei.sdeiermined to sell at Netr-Yor» Prices, and by a con-aant attendance to business, and a study lo please, he hopes to merit a share of public patronage. N . B. The Ladies will please call and exam- ine his Stock, amongst which may be foundi some o fthe most F a s h i o n a b l e D r e s s G o o d r o f t h e S s a s o u . W anted, two young men as salesmen, in the- above store. They must come well recommend- de. Auburn, August 20,1845. 17 T . M. HUNT, D r u g g i s t , 71 G e n e - see sireet, Auburn, keeps constantly for sale, at wholesale or retail, a full stock of D r u g s a n d M e d i c i n e s , F a i n t s , O ils a n d V a r n i s h , G r o c e r i e s a n d D y e S tu f f s , TI r u s h e s a n d P e r f u m e r y , Goods warranted and prices low. Prescriptions pul up with care, by experienced hands. August, 1845. N E W Y O R K S T O R E . C H E A P G o o d s ! and New Goods, is my motto, and the recent falling oft' in prices in New Y o rk has enabled me to make purchas­ es so that I can now offer g reat inducements lo cash purchasers'. I have just added largely to my stock oi CLOTHS, CASSIM E R E S and S A T IN E T S ; FL A N N E L S , and DOMESTIC GOODS of every v ariety. Also, a great variety of DRESS GOODS, consisting [of Alpaccas. Cashmeres, De Lanes o f new and elegant pat­ terns. together with a large stock ol GROCER­ IE S ,C R O C K E R Y , ficc., ficc. W ILLIA M ST E P H E N Auburn, Dec. 18, 1844. E x h i b i t i o n a t a u b u r n i n the month of Ociober, at the Brick Cash Store. H A L L fic CO. will be pleased to exhibit to ail those calling on them, second Dry Good Store below Cay. Co., Bank, some of the finest Specimens, and Latest Styles of American and Foreign M anufactures, o f D R Y GOODS, which will vte think, well pay forcaliing. All the new Styles, some Plaids, Stripes, across and mc-st every way. AJ1 the new Dress Goods, Cloak­ ings for Childrens wear, ficc. Call, tbe charges (prices) moderate. P O W D E R . B L A S T I N G , C a n n o n _L and Sporting Pow d er, constantly on hand, for sale, wholesale or retail, tw o doors e a s t of the A u b u rn H o u s e , by H. W IL L S O N , A g ’tfo r lh e A u b u rn, J u ly 10.1843 M a n u facturers H/TUFFS! MUFFS !!— J u s t r e c ’ d , 1VJL a large stock of Muffs, of all kinds and qualities, which will be sold low fof cash. Call and see before purchasing. T . F . GRAHAM. IANO FORTES, a t t h e PIA NO FO R T E M ANUFACTORY. No. 7 8 Genesee-st., A u burn, cheaper by one quarter than Instrum e n ts o f t h e sam e q tial- ” y. made in the eastern cities, in elegant Rose Wood and M ahogany Cases, with E n g lish and Boston G rand Action long Sound Board and Metallic Plates, w ith two and three Ptdais. Piano-Forte Teachers, A m ateurs and pur­ chasers, a re respectfully invited to call and ex­ am ine these fine toned Instrum ents, which are selling off at Great Bargains. Also T H E -3SOLIAN FO R T E , . or Seraphin,in different,styles and at prices to suit the tim es. H e lias also a fine selection ot Flutes, Accordions, Guitars, Yiohns, a n d -Bass Viols, with Instruction Books o f all kinds a n d a large assortm ent o f more than 6 0 0 different Songs, W altzes and Marches, _ for the Piano Forte/very cheap at the M ” S.c W are-Room, No 78 Genesee street. J. JrEKLlVAL. N B. Tuning and repairing done to order. Old Piano Fories taken in exchange for new ones. Oct. 6 . 1845. ________________ _ TVTEW C A S H ST O R E , N o . 1 0 3 JL\ G e n e s e e - s t . , directly opposite the W est­ ern Exchange, w h ere can be found the largest, handsomest and cheapest assortm ent of STA P L E AND FANCY DRY GOODS, in town, amongst which a re all Ihe new and fashionable stylesof D r e s s G o o d s f o r U n d i e s ’ w e a r , Gaiin Zobiena and RoyabFrussian plaids, and a full assortment of Broadcloths, Pilot do., Lyon Skins, Cassimeres, Satinetts, ficc., all o f which will be sold cheap as the cheapest, by the subscriber. G. V. ORTON. N . B . Please call and examine for yourselves before purchasing elsewhere, and save (o your­ selves a handsome commission by so doing. ’ G. V. ORTOtf. TTHRE INSURANCE.— T h e I I otv - X) a r d I n s u r a n c e C o m p a n y of New York, a l ­ ter paying all iheir losses by the late fire, h a r e two hundred thousand dollars cash capital l e l l ; and they continue to insure M erchandize, Dwell­ ings and Stores on as favorable term s as a n y other sound Company, Applications for insu­ rance m ay be made to T . M . H U N T , -Aub'nrn Agent for Cayoga County. August 19,1845. • QCYTHE STONES. GENUINE 10 QUINNEBAUG SQYTHE STONES, by th e B o x o r B o z e n . Emery Rifles; Scythes; Scythe Snaths. H a y a n d Grain R a k e s ; superior H a y f o r k s - Solid Steel Hoes, by the dozen. G rain C radles. SALiERATUS, by the barrel or less quan­ tity. Also, GROCERIES, STONE & WOODEN WARE, ficc., all of which will be sold cheap for Gash, by H. W ILLSO N, 2 doors east o f Auburn House. Auburn, July 10, 1843. frri \ROOTS and SHOES * ! JL) The business of BOOT a n d s h o e m a k i n g , VQfc, in all its branches, will be car ried on at the. old stand, by the subscribers, whs will keep constantly on hand a large assortmet. of BOOTS and SHOES. JEPXEATHER of every ^description con­ stantly on hand for sale. 3 E . CA T L IN . June 12. A. UNDERWOOD. O FAM ILY G R O C E R IES, F all kinds and of the bestqnaltties, for sale cheap, by IRA CURTIS, State st., A few rods south of the Railroad Depot. A U B U R N & S Y R A C U S E R . R . CO. SUMMER ARRANGEM E N T. T HE Trains on this road will run (luring tbe Summer as follows: THREE HA Hi Y TRAINS 'EACH WAY, Leave Auburn, going East, al 4£ A. M. “ “ “ « 24 P.M. u u u tt q « ( e x cept Sundays ) Leave Syracuse going West, at 9 A. M. “ « “ “ 2 . 0 6 « (ex cept Sundays.) “ “ “ P. M Freight trains will leave Auburn for Syra case on Monday Tuesday, Thursday ami Fri­ day of each week, at 7 A. M. and return sam< day. E. P. WILLIAMS, Snpt. Dated, Auburn, July 7,1845. . * B •LANK DEEDS, f o r * a m HENRY OLIP

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