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Auburn journal and advertiser. (Auburn, Cayuga Co., N.Y.) 1834-1848, May 21, 1845, Image 4

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The cure uT Coughs, Colds. Astluna, Croup, Bleeding of the Lungs, Whooping Cough, Bronchitis, Influenza, Shortness of Breath, Pain and Weakness in the Breast or Side, Liver Com­ plaint, and the first sta­ ges of nONSUMPTION. W e w i l l n o t assert that this BALSAM will c are CON­ SUMPTION, in its worst iorm .but it has cured m any after all other means j f relief had been tried in vain. And why not? Ii seems that the W I L D C H E R R Y , was destined by I'Ll tore to be our PAN ACE \ for the ravaging fi teases of this cold latitude. Let not the de- sptirin g invalid wasie his money and lose T IM E , to him-so all important in experinien- tm j with the trashy nostrums of the day, but u s e at once a medicine t h u will cure, it a core be passible—a medicine ihnt science approves, and many years of expedience have demonstra­ ted that it always relieves. The expressions rich blood, and poor blood have a scientific basis. T h e ridicule which m a n y have attem p ted to cast on these common sense opinions m u st recoil upon them selves a s surely as that T ruth will prevail. B R A N D R E T H ’S p i l l s , t h e eflect o f this cele'brated m e d icine is to purify m e blood; to convert the poor, corrupt blood, into the healthy, rich blood. And it is because they do this thal they have been so steadily sought after by all classes of our citi­ zens who have required m e d icine. And it is because o f the pow er BRANDRETH PILLS are now know n to possess as health restorers, m a t r e n d e is rhem so popular. Theycure all affections, simply because they make the blood pure—abstract out ol it those qualities which produce health. N o w every solid part of the hum a n fram e is m ade from the blood and 'h e food we c a t is c o n ­ v e n e d into blood t o s u p p l y ihe waste our bo­ dies are Continually s u s taining. So in the o r ­ dinary course of'naiiire we m a n u facture o u r e n ­ tire bodies in about nine y e a r s Irom the food t a ­ ken into o u r stom achs. Suppose the blood m ade in this stom a c h of o u rs is unsound, im p u r e , oc­ casioned by some cause or o th e r ; it m a y reter to the preceding generation; no m atter, «e make impure blood, and if so cannot be healthy. Or suppose ihe air we have lived in for some time has been loaded with matters detrim ental to health, or onrfoiiH for a long period has been of an unwholsoine kind, or ihai the mind has “ T here is no su'-h thins as fail” in the histo-. 5 ^,,.,, m uch troubled—for grief, anxiety, or g reat ry of this wonderful BALSAM. Evidence ihe , attention 10 any particular point is sure to ucca- most convincing—evidence that 1.0 one Kin j s|(m bad effecis on the biuod. Any of these doubt, fully establishes ibis fact. For ‘he sake j causes existing, good blood cannot be supplied of bre vi* y we select the follmviiij? I roin thousands. (o the bodv. Isaac Plan, Esq.. E limr ol ihe Poughkeepsie I b u , |et BRA N DRETH 'S PILLS beuseddai E igle. one of the mo.-t inilueniial journals 111 J jy UI1(ter these circumstances in i oses trorn two th e S t a t e o f N e w York, states, under the a u t h o r - SIX p j ||S) „r as t|,e case shall determine, ry ot bis own name that a young lady, a rel-t- j \yilal js ,he)r effect? li is to carry off the im- live of nis of veiy delicate roit'tittm o it, was at - 1 p„re „iaueis from the blood, leaving only the tack'd 11 Feb 1 8 13. with severe cold, which nn ]g0,,dto renew every pari of the body. What me lut'dy proriu -ed spilling of blood, cough, fe- j a-as unsound now becomes sound, and thestom- ' ' .......... .. ach soon gets into so healthy a condition that ver, and oilier dangerous an I a larm ing symp- t >ms. Tnrough medical treatm ent and care she p ir tn lly recovered dui mg sum mer. But on the return of winter she was attacked more vio­ lently th tn a> first, she became scarcely able 10 walk and was troubled with c-m g i, cinlls and fever every day, and appeared to be going rap­ idly with consumption ; a t this time, when tneie was no sisn of improvement, Mr. Plan pro­ cure I 1 b ulle of W i s t a r ’s U a l s a m o f W ild C h e r r y , whi.-h she 10 dr, arid it seemingly re­ stored her. She got a s»cort I, and belore it was half taken she was restored to perfect health, which she has enjoyed 10 the present time, with­ out the 'lightest s y m p t o m of her former disease. even had air or unwholesome food for a lime are unable to injure the health m aietialiy. Even when ihe climate or loud continue unhealthy, the occasional use of ihe BRANDRE IH PILLS will separate the impure pan s and cause their expulsion, leaving u hat is good to supply life ami strength to jlie body. When ihe bones a r e ’ diseased, when every ram ification of the frame is out of order, the B llA N D R E T H PILLS will in nineteen cases out of twenty cure. Remember that the body can be entirely remade from the food, bones and a l l ; and aided by this most bencficeni medicine, in a q u a r ter o f Lite tim e it takes in the ordinary Mr. Platt says ‘-the curecam e tin ier my own coul.>e 0f nature. In from two to four years an observation and I cannot be m istaken as to the F.i-*ts.” Extract of a letter from a Post Master, dated P embroke , W aslnngion Co , Maine, j April 29, In t l . j Mr. Isaac B u t t s . —Dear S ir : At the request of many of my friends in this place ami vicini­ ty who are affl ete I with consumption and liver complaints, 1 take the liberty of asking you 10 appo nt some one in this county as agent to sell W i s t a r ’s B a ls a m o f W ild C h e r r y , and to s*nd him a few dozen, as there is none of it for sale wnliin 200 mi’.es from this. I have no doubt that it would meet with a ready sale il it were where it could be procured without too m u ch expense and delay. My wife was attacked about six months since with what the physicians called the first siage ol consum ption— a complaint very p ievaientin this section ol country. H aving seen the Balsam advertised in Augusta, £ 7 = 2 0 0 M ILES FROM H E R E .^ n j 1 took Llie pains to send ihere for a bottle of it, which she took, and which helped her so much that I sent for two bottles more, which she has aLo taken, ami she now says she has not felt so well for six years as she does at this time. All those who have inquired of me and ascer­ tained what effect the Balsam had, are anxious to have some for sale in this vicinity, wntch is the cause of my w riting to you. Please inform me by return of mail whether you conclude to send some, and if so, to whom, in order that it may be known where it can be had. I^tm, with respect, yours, etc. P. G FA R N S W O R T H , P. M. The whole country is last learning that no medicine—no physician—no preparation of any kind whatever—can equal D r . A V istar's B a l ­ s a m o f W ild C h e r r y . A tr u l y W o n d e r f u l C u r e . W atehville , Oneida Co., N . Y. Sept. 15. 1S-13- Dear Sir—I owe it to the afflicted to inform you that In January last I was attacked by a very violent cold, caused by working in the w a­ ter, which settled on my lungs. Il was accom­ panied by a very severe pain in my breast and sides, and also a distressing cough. I had in aitendiuce all the best med cal aid in our v il­ lage; but after exhausting all their skill 10 no avail, they pronounced my disease a c o n f i r m e d c iNSUMPTio.w an I they one and all gave me tip to die. Af.er much persuasion I gut the consent of my physician to u->e the B a l s a m o f W ild C h e r r y , prepared by I) r . W i s t a r . I pur­ chased of the Agent in our | lace one bottle, be­ fore using half o f which I began to gain strength, and it was very evident my cough was much better a n d my symptoms in every way improv­ ing. I have now used three hottles, and am re- stored to perfect health. The result is alone owing io ihe use of D \ . W i s t a r ’s B a l s a m o f W i l d C h e rry ; and I take this method of g iv­ ing you the information, partly to pay you the debt of gratitude I owe you, and partly that o th­ ers similarly afflicted may know where to apply for relief. V ery truly yours, JA M E S SAGE. Mr. P almer , Druggist tinder date ol \Vater- ville, Sept. ‘24, 1313, writes : The statem ent given yon by Mr. Janies Sage is well known to be true by this whole commu­ nity. It certainly was a most remarkable cure. The sale of the Balsam is very gooff, anff its suc­ cess in cures trulv flattering. Yours, respect­ fully, ' D. D. PALM E R . T h o m o s t R e m a r k a b l e C u r e ev e r r e ­ c o r d e d . I I a d u o n f i e i . d , New Jersey, April 20, 1813. On or about the 13th day of Ocioher, 1811, I was taken with a violent ptin in the side, near the liver, which continued for about live days, and was followed by the breaking of an ulcer, or abcess, tnwar->y, which relieved the pain a little, but caused me 10 throw up a great quantity of offensive matter, and also much blood. Be­ ing greatly Manned-tu ilus, i applied to a phy­ sician. but he said be- 1 bought be eon Iff ffo hut lull- forme except give me some Mercury Pills, which I reftis^d to take, feeling satisfied ihai they could do me no good: tnmv oilier reme- were ihen prncured'hv tny wife anti friends hot 11 .me did me any good—ami ihe discharge of blond and corruption still continued every lew days, and at last became so offensive that I cmild scarcely breaihe. I was als • seizt d with' a violeut cough, which ai tin e s caused me to raise much more blood than I hail done tefore— and my disease continued in ihis way, stil grow ing worse, until February, when all hope of n<\ recovery was given up and my Iriemts all th night I would die of a G a l l o p i n g C o n ­ s u m p t i o n . A lthis moment when mv tile was app trendy drawing near its close, I heard of D r . W i s t a r ’s B a l s a m o f W ild C h e r r y , and sot a botile which reliev e d me im m e d i­ a t e l y ; and by the use ot only thiee boiiles of this medicine, all my pains were removed—my cough and spitting of blood and corrupt ion en­ tirely stopped, ami in a few weeks my health was so far restored as to enable me 10 work at mv trade, (which is a carpenter,) and up 10 this I have enjoyed good health. THOMAS COZENS- Gloucester County, N. J ., ss. Personally rathe before me, the subscriber, one of the Justices of ihe Peace in and for the said county, Thomas Cozens, anff being dniv af­ firmed according to law, sauh the above state­ ment is m all things true. Affirmed before me, 011 the 2‘Jih day of April, 1843. J . C l e m e n t , J r . Such is the unprecedented success of this BALSAM . “ N a tn v e ’s F a v o u r i t e P r e s c r i p t i o n ” a prescription congenial to our wants, as it is prepared from chemical extracts from substan­ ces, which the author of nature has placed in o u r own land for wise p u rposes, that m any who know jto'htng of the mode of its preparation are en letv-oring to reap pecuniary benefits by sell­ ing an article sim ilar in name, or in appear­ ance, or by representing their own trash supe­ rior to this BALSAM, or hy putting up a mix­ ture and solemnly asseverating that'ii is imporl- enurely new healthy body can be exchanged for Ihe unsound, the diseased, ihe miserable one. The slowness or the quickness of the change al­ together depending upon the effect ihe BRAN­ DRE MI 1 ’ILLS are made to produce; which effict can be graduated just as the patient p leas­ es. No possible injury can result from liiis; nothing bui good can follow. Enquire the ef­ fect of BRANDRETH’S Finns am o ng your un­ prejudiced friends; you will hear sufficient to satisfy you that there is no risk in m aking ihe trial, and that you will not be doing yoursell justice without it. When your Wood is once pftre, nothing in ihe shape of food will hardly come amiss ; noth­ ing will sour upon your stomach, you may eat pies, or a n y thing in reason ; and the g reater v a ­ riety of food the better blood is made. All who have weak stomachs, who are dyspeptic, or in any way afflicted in body, should without delay resort 10 B R A N D R E T H ’S P I L L S - w h ich will indeed strengthen the lile principle, and by per­ severance with them, entirely renew the whole body; the materials now in it good, will be kept s o ; those bad, displaced and removed. Good Blood cannot make bad bone or bad flesh. And bear in mind, the B R A N D R E T il’S PILLS surely purity the blood. *■ The method of preparing the Brandreihian Vegetable Extracts is secured by Letters Patent of the United Stales— P atent granted to Benja­ min Brandreth, 29th January, 1843. The extracts of which B R A N D R E T H ’S PILLS are composed are obtained by this new process, without boiling or any application oi heat. The active principle of the herbs js thus secured, the same as it is in the living vegetable. The public should be cautious of medicines recommended in advertisements stolen from me. A sure test of genuine BRANDRETH PILLS : Exam ine the box ol pills : then look at the certificate of agency, whose engraved date must be within the year, which every au­ thorized agent must possess: if ihe three labels on the certificate, the pills are true—if not, they are false. The pills are sold at 25 cents per box, at No. 211 Broadway. 274 Bowery, and 241 Hudson st. New York. Mrs Booth, 5 M a rket-st, Brook­ lyn ; and by 20,000 agents in the United States and Canada, whose certificates and pills should be carefully examined before purchase is made. AGENTS FOR THE SAI.E OF BRANDRETH TILLS IN CAYUGA CO. H . L. K NIG HT, (at Bartlett & Co’s. 78 Gen esee-st.,) Auburn. William Cozins, M G. Ew e r -V Co., J. E . Beardsley, W. Bennett, R. G. Brownell. Stoyell Sc Murphy, O. Dibble, W. Slade, O. Howe, Baylis Sc Jewett, J. J. Tallmadge, Dixon, Green & Co., T. Daniels. Union Springs. Aurora. Scipio. Venice. Genoa. Milan. Moravia. Kelloggsvtlle, Ledyard, W eedsport. Montezuma. Port Byron. Cato. 28yl E X T R A C T O F L U N G W O R T . SA R S A P A R I L L A , F o r tfie R e m o v a l a n d p e r m a n e n t C a r e o f a l l D i s e a s e s a r i s i n g f r o m a n i m p u r e s t a t e o f t h e B l o o d o r h a b i t o f t h e f s y s - te t n . The removal of suffering has been the o! - ject of tl.e philanthropist in every age of the world, hut the tiue principles t f ireatm g dis­ ease progressed but slowly for many thou­ sand years, owing to llie limited means of a * quirnig knowledge; but since ti e utroducnou o( the printing press and steam eng ne it may literally be said, “ Light has dawned upon the world,\’ and the man of the nineteenth century posses-.es advantages which his father never did. In this g e n e ral diffusion ol knowledge, remedies have been sought after and discovered in the beautiful storehouse of the vegeiable creation, exactly calculated to combine, neutralize and dispel the subtle poison which diffuses itself throughout the general system, and prostrates man in the dust. Sands’ Sarsaparilla, a pure­ ly vegeiahle preparation, has been thoroughly tested in a variety of diseases, and is, front ex­ perience, known to be a sale and effectual cure lor Scrofula or Enlargem ent of the Glands, Leprosy, Salt Uheutn, Scald Head, Eczema, Rheumatism, Palpitation of the Heart, and oth­ er diseases originating in an im p ute or depraved' state of the blood, or derangement o f the di­ gestive organs. The following certificate, recently received, was addressed' to our agent in Madison, Ga.— The patient was greatly afflicted with Scrofula and M ercurial sores—had tried various reme­ dies without any benefit, and the afflicted are now invited to read what he says in relerence to Sands’ Sarsaparilla: M a d i s o n . Ga., August 5 , 1 8 4 4 . C. F. H offman , E s q —Dear S ir: As I have derived so much benefit fiotn the use of Sands’ Sar-apariHd. I feel it a duty I owe to the com­ munity 10 make the facts in my case public. I was afflicted for four y ears with running soies and Icetid ulcers on my lower extremities and also suffered severely from mercurial sores on oiher parts of my body, from the effect of blue pffl and other mercurials. I tried remedy after remedy, but ihey all availed nothing until 1 ob­ tained a boille of Sands' Sarsaparilla, which I found benefited me very much. I continued its use until I had taken eight bottles, when I was perfectly cured Judging from mv own case. ] have reason to believe Sands’ S arsaparilla is the very besi remedy for scrolula and mercurial sores there is ; it entirely eradicates the poison from the sts'em . After f rnr years of almost continual suffering, I now find myself a well m a n —entirely recovered. Y o u rs respectfully, fc WILLIAM BANKS The following' extract from a letter just come 10 hand will be read wiih interest. The writer, Mr. Almy, is a gentleman of the first respecia- bility, JuM ice ol' rhe Peace, 6cc. T h e patiem suffered for years with Fever Sores on his legs, and could find no relief until he used Sands’ Sarsaparilla. Mr. Almy. w ritingat the request, and on behalf of the patient, Jonathan Harris, says: B rooklyn , Conn., July 10 , 1844. G e n t l e m e n : I l has once more become my du- ty lo communicate lo you the situation of Mr. H a rris, and you may rely upon ii I do so with ihe utmost pleasure Mr. H arris says, that four of his soies are enlireSy healed up, and the re­ mainder are fast doing so He further says he has no pain in the affected limb w h atever; thal his sleep is of Ihe most refreshing nature, and his health in every re'pect very much improved ; so visible is the change, that all \tho see him exclaim, “ What a change !” and earnestly in­ quire what he has been doing. He has gamed in (le>h very much, and is able to work at his trade, (which is that of a shoem aker.) without any inconvenience. This is the substance of h's narrative ; but the picture 1 cannot in any way here do justice. The manner, the gratitude, the” faith, and the exhilarating effect upon his spirits, yon can but faintly imagine He re­ quests me to say he will come on and see yon as surely as he lives. May God continue to bless your endeavors to alleviare the miseries of the human family, is the fervent prayer of your sincere friend, H U M P H R E Y A L M Y , Justice of the Peace. For further particulars, and conclusive evi­ dence of its superior value and efficacy, see pamphlets, which may be obtained of agents gratis. Prepared and sold, wholesale and retail, by A. B. & D. SANDS, wholesale D rug g i'ts,79 Fulton street, New York. Sold also hy Druggists generally throughout the United States. Price, SI per bottle; six bottles for $5. (£7= The public are respectfully requested to remember that it is Sands’ S arsaparillq that has and is constantly achieving such rem arkable cures of the mcst difficult class of diseases lo which the human frame is s u b ject; therefore ask for Sands’ S arsaparilla, and lake no other. For sale by RICHARD S T E E L and T . M HUNT, Agenis, Auburn. - 50wl3 w R IG H T ’S IN D I A N V e g e t a b l e Storms and Floods the channels of our mighty Rivers become so obstructed as to afford an in­ sufficient outlet lor the superabundant waters we can expect nothing less than that thesurrour, ding country will be overwhelmed by the Flood. In like m anner with the hum an body—if the Skin, Kidneys and Bowels, (ihe natural outlets for useless and Corrupt Ilum o rs) become so ob­ structed as io fail in affording a full discharge of those impurities which are in all cases the cause of S ickness; we surely can expect no other results than that the whole frame will sooner or later be overwhelmed with disease. As in the first place, if we would prevent an in­ undation we must remove all obstructions, to ihe free discharge o f ihe s u p e r a b u n d a n t w a ters. So in ihe second place, if we would prevent and cure disease, we must open and keep open all ihe N atural Drains of the body. W r i g h t ’ s I n d i a n V e g e t a h l e P i l l s , OJ the North American College o f Health, will be lound one of ihe best if not the very best M E D ICINE IN T H E W ORLD for cariying out this beautiful and simple theory ; because they completely cleanse the Stomach and Bowels from all Billious Humors and oilier im puritv, aind a t the same liine pro­ mote a healthy discharge Irom ihe Lungs, Skin and Kidneys ; consequently, as all the N atural Drains a re opened, diseasv of every name is lit­ erally driven from the body. [r7=CAUTION «£jj As the g reat popularity and consequent great demand of W right’s Indian Vegetable Pills has raised up a h o 't of counterfeiters, country agenis ! and storekeepers will be on their guard against the many impostors who are travelling about the country selling io the unsuspt’clitig a spuri­ ous articlefor the genuine. It should be remembered that all authorized travelling agents are provided with a Certificate of Agency, signed W illiam W right . Vice Pres- I idem of the N. A. College of H ealth. Conse- D R. L A R B O R ’S E X T R A C T O F ! quently, ihose who offer Indian Vegetable Pills, LUNGWORT is ihe only medicine in the and canno' show a certificate as above described, world lliat will cure all who are predisposed lo i will be known as impostors. Coiisilmpiion. Liver complaints, or troubled with C.-ughs. Colds, Asthma. Pleurisy, Spitting ol Blood, Pain in the Side and Chest, Difficulty of B reathing, T ightness across the Chest, Palpua- iioit ol the I iran Bronchitis, Throat complaints. and all affections of the Pulm o n a ry O rgans.— If this is not sufficient, we will refer any one to oiheis, who (at ihe datp of ihe above) are now u-iiig this article in a variety ol protracted Lung anff Livei Complaints. The following net.de no Comment : Greenfield, S a r a n g i ro N. Y. February 20th, 1815. Mr. C. J. Roosevelt. Dear sir—The love* of life urges me to make tins effort to obtain some of your medicine, as 1 believe it will cure me. I will give you a statement of my case. About four or five months ago 1 was taken with a bad cold, and was very hoarse in consequence of working in water while hmlding a snw-mill, (I being a mechanic) and was tinder ihedocior’s care about four weeks, and goi so as to be able lo walk about and tried lodoa little work, which brought me on. a slight bleeding ol ihe lu n g s __ I returned home dispirited and sick. The'next day while sitting by the fire a blond vessel burst in my lungs, and commenced bleeding very- fast—the doctor happened to be n ear, and done ev- ry thing in his power to stop the bleeding, and finally succeeded after my lusing near a • quart from my lungs, and more from (he arm. j Bui tiiis did not l a 't but a few hours, my lungs were so spasmodic the doctor could not control them, and for five days anil nights continued to bleed, until there was no blood lo run, when il ceased and lelt me so weak 1 could scarcely breathe or stir. I lay for a long time in one position, until my lungs healed, and I began lo gain a little strength. But The following highly respectable storekeepers have been appointed Agenis for the sale of W n g h i’s Indian Vegeiable Fills, and of whom n is confidently believed the genuine m edicine can with certaiiny he obinineil: AGENTS* EOR CAYUGA COUNTY. J. C. DERBY A. CO., Auburn. Henry R. Ford & Co., J. B. K-iulr ek, A. S. K innie, Lu How Williams, E . IJ. w iiffo, John C. Yawger Jc Co , Otis Howe, . , s'isiigm . about lour weeks eff from a foreign country, which is not the case, i ago a relapse came on. and I hied a»ain at the All these deceptive arts go to show ihai W i s . 1 lungs, and continued tocough and \raise lar^e t a r ’s B a l s a m is known to the world to he the ' quantities of blooey matter e'very dav, and was • GREAT R E M E D Y ,” and that to sell any j rapidly hastening to the grave. My friends 1 mxture it must be like this in name, or purport 4 U1 ~ ------ to be like it in substance. 017“ Believe not the cunningly wrought fab. neations—and take only' the original and gen­ uine W i s t a r ’ s B a l s a m o f W i l d C h e r r y . NO OTBER CAN BE LIK E IT. Address all orders to ISAAC BUTTS No •?•> ' neighbors obtained a bottle for in street, New York. ’ * ~ ! ^ \as’ resort, but with very little hopes and neighbors had given up all hopes, and told me that I most die. The physician could give me no encouragement, except that my luims were not yet ulcerated, and all hopes o f recovery left tne until one of your pamphlets was given l me describing Dr. Larbor’s Extract of Lun*»- C Campbell, Slocum Howland, A. S. Allen, John E . Beardsley William Bennett, Samuel Barker. Z L. Webb, & Co. Stoyell & Murphy, Samuel Close, Alfred Avery. D. Adams As Son, H u n ier Ac Me Knight, QCr1 OBSE R V E .— Fu rchase onl y o f the a d v e r­ tised agents, remember, none are genuine except W right’s Inffinn Vegeiablo Pills. Offices devoted exclusively to the sale of the medicine, wholesale and retail number 169, Race -treet, Philadelphia. No. 288 Greenwich, New York, and No. 19S. Trem o n t street, Bos­ ton. Nov. 25, 1814.—30y 1 Centre Port. Port Byron. W eeffsport. Throopsville. Cayuga. Union Springs. Lnvanna. Aurora. Sherwood’s Corners. Scipioville. Scipio Centre. Venice. O wasco Hill. M oravia. Milan. Pine Hollow. Genoa. Northville. Sterling Centre. c IIE E S E M A N ’S A R A B I A N BAL- T H J 3 PRECEDING FIGURE IS GIVEN TO represent ihe Insensible Perspiration. It is ihe g n a t EVACUATION for the' impurities of ihe b o d y . It will be noticed th a t a thick c loudy misi issues from all points ofthe surface, which indicates the w o n d e rful process going forw a rd within. This perspiration flows uninterrupted- be great hopes of recovery. The difficulty is to get the medicine there. Now the Salve has the wonderful virtue of extracting the putrid dis- eased hum o rs from all ex tern a l sores, by caus* ing them to discharge. In like manner it ope- rales upon internal affections, by d riving all the im purities ihrough>he pores, to the surface. __ ly when we aie in health, but ceases when we i £-• hus ivitn consumption, if placed upon the chest are sick. It should be the care of every onelo it penetraies directly lo the lungs, separates !he see that it is not checked. Life cannot be sus- -poisonous particles that are consum ing them, tained without it. It is thrown off from the and expells them from the system. blood and other juices of the body, and dispo-l II is ihe simplest a n d most rational process in ses by this means of nearly all the impurities! creation, if one has the medicine capable of do- within us. The blood, by this means o n ly ,'in g it. The All-Healing Ointm ent possesses works iiself p u re. The language of Scripture this power to its fullest extent. I need not say is, “in the blood is the lile.” If it ever becomes that it is curing persons of Consumption contin- impure, it may be traced directly to ihe sto p -!ually, although we a re told it is foolishness. I page of ihe insensible perspiration. Ii never re -1 care not what is said, so long a s I can cure sev- quires any internal medicines to cleanse it, aS it ,eral thousand persons yearly. If this medicine always purifies itself by its own heal and ac was in the hands of some patent medicine braw- lion, and throws off all the offending hum o rs,; lers, they would make an uproar through the through the insensible perspiration. Thus we j country, that would be insupportable. Ann AGENTS. RICHARD ST E E L , and T . M. HUNT, D. B. Smith & Son, A. L. Kinne, £ . Parti idge, E . H . Waldo, C. Campbell, J. G. Ishain, O. Dibhle, W illiam Cozens, 35yl Auburn. Port Byron. Wi'eff'p, .jr. Montezuma. Cayuga. A u rora. O wasco. Moravia. Springport. R o o m p a p e r , v e r y c h e a p . English, American anff French PA P E R H ANGINGS of the latest and most bpatuilul patterns. Borderings and Fire Board Views, varying in prices from 6,1 to 8 s. a roll, at cheap cash Bookstore 1 door below the post office, on the corner, bv R. G. & P. S. WYNKOOP. April 30, 1345. me as . ., — of it doing me any good. I have now taken it about a week, a n d strange lo say, from the very first | dose I took ol it I began to mend—and my health is better every way. My night saeats j have nearly ceased, my strength improves, my , raisings are less, and hope is again revived • | but my medicine is almost goie, and I wish you ‘ to send me two botff.es immediately, and i f l re­ cover, I will do all in my power to spread the news that consumption can be cured. I remain yours, <Src., CHAUNCEY D. M E D B E R R Y . « e do not a sk people to use Dr. Larbor’s E x tractor Lungwort unless they are convinced from the prool offered them that a cure can be effected tn a cases of lung and liver complaint, provided the diseases are noi past all human aid. Principal office 27 Broadway, opposite the Mansion House. C J. ROOSEVELT, Proprietor. tCT’ RIC H A R D S T E E L , Agent for Auburn and vicinity. 15yl S l a t e s , E n g l i s h and A m e r i ­ ca n , of red and black stone.all prices, from 6 ff. to 4s. for sale in any quantity at wholesale or retail by R. G. Ac P . S. WYNKOOP. April 30, 1345. TV T E W S T Y L E S F A N C Y C A S S I - 1 \ M E R E S & V E S T I N G S * and not a few beautiful CLOTHS, cheap as a Broom, just received a t the Prison Clothing and General Dry Goods Store, 8 9 G E N E S E E ST. Wounds. Sprains. Sores, Burns, Coughs, Sore Lungs, the most desperate L’iles, and Rheum a­ tism of all kinds. It will prevent the Toothache, resloie Torpid and Perished Limbs, Frozen Limbs Stiff Joints, Numbness, &c. and can be depended upon to quiet Pains and restore Sore­ ness in all cases. This valimble Mediicine has been very exten­ sively used fur the last 10 years, while its in- creasing demand—the universal satisfaction which it has given and the Testimony o f a Mul­ titude of individuals o f the first standing in com munity, who have tested and infalliably proved its efficacy, shows thal it needs only to be used to prove its invaluable excellence.^ Indeed, all who have ever tried this Balsam prize it so high­ ly that they will not be induced under any con­ sideration to do without it. This Balsam has attracted ihe attention of science,and physicians and Surgeons of the greatest scientific acquire­ ments give it their unequalled approbation: while many of them in different sections of the U. S. now use it in t heir p ractice and have au­ thorized the publication ot iheircertificates. And now, to all persons who are afflicted with any disease like the above named, this Balsam is confidently recommended, for purifying the springs and channels of life, and restoring them to their natural tone and vigor. H undreds of persons whose declining health has brought them to the very verge of an untimely grave, have been rescued and permanently restored to the enjoyment of health, without which the bles­ sings o f lite lose their charms, and even life it­ self seems but a partial blessing. [E7“ F o r sale by T . M. H UNT, A u burn. One word to Agents—Never buy ofPeddlers. if you would avoid a spurious aniele, and wish to protect the reputation o f th e Balsam One word also to purchasers—N ever buy of those Merchants who buy of pedufers. General depot & agency, N . Grimes, Marcel- us. 28yl see, all that is necessary when the blood is stag- nant, or infected, is to open the pores and it re- lieves itself from all im p urity instantly. Its own hsaian d vitality are sufficient, without one particle of medicine, except to open ihe pores upon the surface. Thus we see the folly of ta­ king so much internal remedies. All practi­ tioners, however, direct their efforts io restore ihe insensible perspiration, but il seems to be not always the proper one. The Thompsonian, for instance, steams, the Hydropathist shroud.' us in wet blankets the Homeopathist deals out in. finitissimals, the Allopathisl bleedsand d o sesus with mercury, and the blustering Quack gorges us with pills, pills, pills. But one object only is in view, viz :—to re store the insensibleperspiration. If th iscanb e done, they say, we will take care of the rest. It will be seen, therefore, that all physicians un derstand alike what is necessary to a recovery, how much they may differ as to the mode of ob. taining it. To give some idea of the amount, and conse quently the im portance of the insensible per­ spiration, we will state that the learned Dr. Lew- enhock, and ihe great Boerliave, ascertained that five-eights of all we receive into the stom­ ach, passed off by this means. In other words, if we eat and drink eight pounds per day, we evacuated five pounds ol it by the insensible p e r­ spiration. This is none other than the used up particles of the blood, and other juices, giving place to the new and fresh ones, by c a rrying'w ith it all the im p u rities wiihin, up to the surface. To check this, therefore, is to retain in the system five eights of all the virulent m atter that n a ture demands should leave the body. And even when mis is’the case, the blood is o f so active a princi­ ple, that it determines those particles to the skin, where they form scabs, pimples, ulcers, and oth­ er spots ; but if it is directed inw ards anil falls upon the lungs, the consequences a re generally fatal. By a sudden transition from heat to cold, the porps a re stopped, the perspiraiion ceases, and disease begins at once to develops itself. Hence, a stoppage of this flow of ihe juices, originales so many complaints. It is through the surface that we imbibe nearly all our ills. It is by stopping the pores, that overwhelms mankind with coughs, colds, and consumptions. Nine tenths of the world die from diseases in ­ duced by a stoppage of the insensible perspira­ tion. It is easily seen, therefore, how necessary is the flow of this subtile humor to the surface to preserve health. It cannot be stopped ; it c a n ­ not be even checked, without inducing disease. The blood and intesiines m u st relieve themselves of all their worn-out particles, and poisonous hu mors, and they m u st go through the pores as n a ­ ture designed. Let me ask now, every candid mind, what course seems the most reasonable to pursue, to nnslup the pores, a fter they are closed, and let the perspiration flow, thal ihe blood may relieve itself o fits im purities 1 Would you give physic to unstop ihe pores ? Or would you apply some thing that would ffo this upon the surface, where the clogging actually is? Would not this be common sense? And yet I know of no physi­ cian who makes any external application to e f feci it. The reason I assign is, that no medicine within their knowledge, is capable of doing it U nder these ti.cum siances, I present io physi c-ians, and lo all others, a preparation thal has this power in ils fullest extent. It is M cA L IS- T E R ’S A L L -H E A L IN G O INTM E N T , or the W ORLD’S SA L V E . It has power to restore perspiration on the feet, on the head, around old sores, upon the chest, in short, upon a n y p a ito th e b o d y , w h e t h e r ffisea> p d s l i g h i l y o r s e v e r e l y . When the perspiration is restored, it lias power to penetrate to the lungs, liver, or any oilier pari of the human system, and so to act upon them if they are diseased, by separating the inflamed morbid particles therelrom, a n d expelling them to the surlace. It has power to cause all external sores, scrof­ ulous humors, .'kin diseases, poisonous wounds to discharge iheir p u trid m atter, and then heals them. It is a remedy that sweeps off the whole c a ta­ logue of cutaneous disorders, a n d restores the entire cuticle to its healthy functions. It is a remedy that forbids the necessity o f so many and deleterious drugs taken into the stom ­ ach. It is a rem edy lhat neither sickens, gives in­ convenience, or is d angerous to the intestines. This remedy is probably the only one now known, that is capable of producing all these great results. Its great value is in restoring at once, the circulation of the juices when checked or disarranged by cold or oiher causes. It pre serves and defends the surface from all derange ment o f its funciions, while it keeps open ihe channels for ihe blood lo void all its impurities and dispose of all its useless particles. There is a connexion, harm o ny, and leasibiliiy in it all that defies contradiction. It is a simple, but wonderful principle that preserves in healthy operation theentire machinery ofour being. It indissolubly holds together the surface and the internal viscera, the internal viscera and the surface. They are inseparably connected and cannot be disjoined. The surface is the outlet of five-eights ol the bile and used up matter wiihin. It is pierced with millions of openings to relieve ihe intestines Slop up these pores, and death knocks at y o u r door. It is rightly tertned All-Healing for there is scarcely a dis­ ease, external or internal, lhat it will not bene­ fit. Il will be found the most useful as well as the cheapest family medicine in the world. I have used il for the last fourteen y ears with suc­ cess without parallel. I have used it for all dis eases of ihe chest, Consumption, Liver, and the most dangerous of internal maladies. I have used it in cases o f extreme peril and hazard, in volving the utmost danger and responsibility, and I declare before Heaven and man, that not in one single case has it failed to benefit, when the patient was wiihin ihe reach o f mortal means. I never, to my. recollection, had more than five or six among the thousands who have used it, say that it was not favorable to their com­ plaint. On the contrary I have had hundreds return voluntarily, and in the warmest and m o s t pathetic language speak in ils praDe. I have had physicians, learned in the profession ; I have had ministers of the Gospel, Judges on the bench, Alderman and Lawyers, gentlemen of the highest erudition and multiudes of the poor,use it in every variety of way,and there has been but one voice, one united, universal voice, saying “McAlister; your Ointment is good.” CoNsrMPTtoN.—Of all diseases, we find this the most important, and concerning which w e i pulsion of worms _ _ _ _ - . _ • » L 1*L A mmm —' A t AM M m , h t 1 AM I ft AA M lb bb M-ft lab Y -b«A » 1 J h A Albl, S c r o f u l a , or K in g ’ s E v i l . —This disease is really inveterate, and hard to be subdued. It is generally seated in the sides o f the neck, behind the ears, and under the chin, yet scarcely any part of the body is exempt. It sometimes fails on ihe lungs, and produces consumption. It is a dreadful circumstance, that this disease is transm itted from parents to children. This Salve will extract all the morbid matter, by causing the sores to discharge ; and then lei the Solar Tincture be used to drive it to one point, which done, a continuance of th“ Oint­ ment will completely remove the disorder. This is probably the safest and most effectual of any method. It should be adopted without a mo- m ent’s hesitation. E rysipelas . —This complaint arises from im­ purities being driven out lo the surface by means of the Insensible Perspiration, and lodging in the cuticle, forms sores, pimples, See., it being of a caustic, acrid pntrilying n ature. It only re­ quires that it should discharge its virulent par­ ticles through the skin, and the dirli ulty will pass off. If suffered lo rem ain, and driven in wards, it is frequently fatal. Lei ihe Salve, and Solar Tincture be used as in Scrofula, and the patient will soon get well. S alt R heum —This is another obstin te dis­ ease, but can be cured effectually as the Scrofu­ la. There is no difficulty in this disease. H e a d A c i i e , E a r A c h e a n d D e a f n e s s . — The Salve has cured persons o f the Head Ache of | 2 years standing and who h?d it regularly every week, so that vomiting often took place. Ii cured the wife of a man who laughed in my face for proposing such a cure, and who now would not be without it for the best farm in the State. If any one will take the trouble to call, I will give his name. Deafness and E a r Ache are helped with the like success, as also Ague in the Face. C old F eet — Consumption, Liver complaint, pains in the chest or side, falling o f the hair, one or the other always accompanies cold feet. It is a sure sign of disease in the system to have cold feet. Some persons are totally unable to get them warm, and endure much suffering thereby. The Salve will restore the Insensible Perspi­ ration and thus cure every case. It is infalli­ ble for this. A sthma , T ightness of B reath .— If this dis­ ease is not hereditary and produced by a mal- formation of the chest, the salve will cure it. D yspepm a . —One would suppose a salve would not eflect this disease, much, but the All-Heal­ ing Ointment will cure two sooner than any in­ ternal remedy will cure one. S o r b E y e s . —The inflamation and disease al ways lies back of the ball in the eye in the sock­ et. Hence the inutility of all the remedies that are used upon ihe lids. The virtue o f any med­ icine m ust reach the seat o fth e inflamation or it will do lm le good. This salve if rubbed on ihe tem plrs will penetrate directly into the sock­ et and infuse all its virtues upon the disorder. The pores will be opened, a proper perspiraiion will be created and ihe disease will soon pass off io the surface. How easy and how natu­ ral ! It is a s perfect and valuable as it is sim ­ ple and philosophical. S ore L ips , C happed H ands , & c . — I sell a great deal of this salve to Seamen, who say it is ihe only thing they can depend upon to cure iheir raw hands-, when exposed lo the weather at sea. It a rts like a charm in these complaints. Two or three apphcaiions cure. PtMrr.es on the F ace , F reckles , T an , M as ­ culine S kin . G ross S urface . —Iis first action is- to expell all humor. Il will not cease drawing till ihe lace is free from any m atter thal may be lodged under ihe skin and frequently breaking out to the surface. It then heals. W hen there is noihing but grossness, or dull repulsive sur- lace.il begins to soften anff sofien until ihe skin becomes as smooth and delieaie a s a child’s. It throws a freshness anff blushing color upon the now white, iransparentskin that is perfectly en­ chanting. Someiiir.es in case ol Freckles it will first start out Ihose that have laid hidden a ml seen but seldom. Pursue the Salve and all will soon disappear. The reason for this wonderful change in a la­ dy’s face is, that it excites into natural and healthy activity the Insensible Perspiration, while ii renovates aud renews the surface, which leaves the .skin in as lively and delicate a con­ dition as the most fastidious could desire. It is put up in fine jars and beautifully scented on purpose lor the toilet. B u r n s . —Life can always be saved if ihe vitals are not injured. I have so many testimonials lor the cure of this complaint that I could fill a book. I suppose there is not a fam ily in the United Slates,-that would consent to he without this Salve a single day. if they knew its balin in healing Burns alone It extracts the pain and leaves ihe place without a scar. Q uinsy S ore T hroat . I nfluenza . B ronchitis . —There is not an internal remedy tn exi'ience, that will cure these disorders as quick as this Salve. It opens the pores on the neck and draws off the inflammation and im p u re juices, and a few days sees the patient well. It is sovereign in these cases. P iles . —The Salve acts upon the Files as up­ on Sore eyes. There is an Inflammation, which must be drawn from the p a n s . The Salve does this. H ernia or R u p t u r e . —T h is Salve has cured some very bad cases of rupture, and although ir might not all,yet it would be wise to try it. It is a peculiar complaint, but it may be helped some, ifnot cured e n tirely. I have not the shadow of doubt that it would cure thousands il a trial was made, who believe no medicine Of the least benefit. 2 s. worth would satisly a n y one, w heth­ er it would do good or not. W orms . —I f parents knew how fatal* most medicines were to children taken inwardly, they would be slow to resort to them . Especially “ mercurial lozenges,” called “medicated lozen­ ges,” “ vermifuges)” pills, &c. E v e n were it possible to say positively that worms Were pre­ sent, it is not sale The truth is, no one can teil, invariably when worms are present. Of course the remedy is riot applicable to the com­ plaint. Now let” me say to parents, that this Salve will alw ays tell it a child has worms. Let it be rubbed on ihe neck and chest, lo keep them from going up, and then down on the bow­ els, and they will soon leave. It will drive every vestige of ihem away. This is a simple and safe cure. No injury can come of it any way. But should it be cholic, inflammation of the bow­ els, or gripe of the intestines, it will effectually cure them as the worms. There is probably no medicine on the face-of 1 the earth a t once so Sure and so safe in the ex affection of the bone, nothing is-sir good a s 'th is Salve. ■ P o is o n . —1 n ever knew any thing so good as this Salve. It causes’the poison to discharge immediately, and leaves not the slightest- caus’e of alarm . Boisoix by nails, bites o f anim als, or burns, it removes when noihing else will. T o i l e t .—I have it done up in fine order for the dressing case. Although I have said little about it a s a hair restorative, yet I will slake it against the World 1 They may bring their Oils far and near, and mine will restore the hair two cases to their one. These are no idle words, for I a m ready to back i t with any reasonable amoant. O ld S o r e s , M o r t i f i c a t i o n s , U l c e r s , e t c .— There is no effectual way ol curing these’, blit by draw ing offthe putrid matter. To merely dry it up would only endanger one’s health more. That some Sores are an outlet to the im purities of the system, is the only reason, be­ cause they cannot pass off through the natural channels ofthe Insensible Perspiration. If such Sores are heated up, the im purities m u st have some other outlet, or it will endanger life. This is the reason why it is impolitic to use: the com­ mon Salves of the day in such cases. For they have no power to open other avenues, to let off this morbid matter, and the consequences a r e alw ays fatal. This Salve will always provide for such emergencies. There need be no fear. It is perfect. B ro k e n B r e a s t .— Persons need never have a broken Breast. The Salve wijl always prevent it, if used in season. L i v e r C o m p l a i n t . — Persons with this disease frequently have eruptions o fthe hands, face and other parts, and never once think that it arises from the liver. Their utter inability, lo remove these eruptions, proves the misapprehension of the disorder. Such must use it first on ihe feef, then wear it on the chest, and the difficulty will soon go away. I l l ia c P a s s io n or g r i p i n g o f t h e I n t e s t i n e s . —This disease caused ihe death of the late ac­ complished Hugh S. Legare, Attorney General, and acting Secretary ol the United States. It is the stopping up of the sm aller inte'iines, and sometimes the twisting of them. It is brought on by a neglect of the daily evacuations, or from incarcerated H ernia. The pains a re awful, and unless help comes speedily, the sufferer soun dies. The All H ealing Ointment would have saved the life of \lr. Legare and all others under sim­ ilar circmnsiances. All pains, gripings, inflamations and disor ders of the bowels will be relieved if uot effectu­ ally cured. C o r n s . — I f the Salve is used according lo dt rections, people need never be troubled with Corns,—especially, c u t out by som e travelling M o u n tebank, who know s he is doing m o re mis chief than he can possibly repair. A liule of th i s Ointment p u t o n n o w a n d th e n w ill a l w a y s keep ihem down. Indeed there are few com p laints th a t it will not benefit It is a family Salve of untold val­ ue. A s long as the sky rolls over one’s head and grass grows upon ihe earl It, if will be sought after, used and valued. A s there is no m e rcu­ rial subsianee in it, but composed entirely of vegetables, it gives no ground lor a p p rehension. R heumatism .— When this disease is located in any one point, the Salve will help it wonder­ fully. It will reduce swellings, extract the in- flammaiion, and lengthen contracted cords' al most immediately. It is valuable indeed (cr this painlul disorder. It will al.-o remove the gout : perhaps nothing can be placed upon the loe that will sospeedffy lake away all p ain. Let those who suffer from these complaints try a box, wihch costs but two shillings, and we doubt not they will be perfectly satisfied of the won­ derful value ol this ointment. 31yl A gents .— R IC H A R D S T E E L , A u h u rn. J. H olmes , Weedsport J.C. F oster . Pi. Byron. JA M E S M ’A L I S T E R & CO. 168 South st. New York ; sole Proprietors of the above Med­ icine, to whom all eom inunicaiions m u st be a d ­ dressed. (post paid.) Price 25 cts. a n d 50 CIS. I T S P O W E R IS U N I V E R S A L . “ F o r the angel o f death spread his wings on the blast, And breathed in the face o f mankind as lie passed.” R e m e m b e r , T h a t t h e f i r s t symptoms of sickness, complaint or dis­ ease, has an origin which requires but little at­ tention to overthrow the first cause of illness. N E G L E C T At this season of the year when the organic state of the body opens the system in a premoni­ tory way for the speedy gathering of matters which end in CAUSES beyond the approach ol medicine, and finally lerminaies in DEATH.. How necessary is it ihen i hat m ankind should become aware of the safeguard which can be throa n around them a t a moment’s notiee, when attacked byf C h i lls, C o u g h s , an d C o lds. Simple as such complaints may appear at first sight, ihey are the mere preoms.irs of that disease which tn d in CONSUMPTION. Why then will people be bligjgpo ihe proper course which they should ptirsub w henjlie “ An­ gel of death spreads his wings on the blast.” Awake a t once to Ihe necessity ol preserving life and health, if you have a severe cold, fly lo that famous remedy, and use J. PEASE & SON’S C o m p o u n d E x t r a c t o f J l o a r l i o u n d , Now recognized as the or.ly curative in pre­ venting Consumption. Its merii is testified by thousands, and the, whole United States bear record to its virtues. Sold wholesale and retail, by J PE A S E & SON 45 Division street, and 10 Aster H ou'e. R E A D W H A T IT HAS DONE. T h e U n d e r s i g n e d H ave used J Pease & Son s Compound E x ­ tract of Hoarhotind Candy, and freely recom mend it to thr.se afflicted with coughs, colds, hoarseness, and consumpiive complaints, as an excellent remedy in those cases, and for the use of the voice prolessionally, nothing can equal it. We recommend it to oar brethren throughout the Union : Rev I. Lindsey, M. E Church, 2d street. Rev. J . Crawford, pastor o fthe second Metho (list E . Church, Hudson, N. Y. Rev. Mr. Lucky, presiding elder. N . Y. Con­ ference. Rev. Mr. W h ittaker, paster of the Presbyte­ rian Church, corner ol Madison and Catharine streets. Rev. W. C. Hawley, chaplain of the City Hos­ pital. Rev. M r. Griffen, pastor of M . E . Church, Bedford street. Kev. Mr. H a rt, recent pastor of the Baptist church, Gold St., residence 521 Pearl st. Rev Heman Bungs, pastor of the M. E . church Forsyih street. Rev. M r. Gibbs, i l l Third Avenue. Rev. Rlr. Lvons, pastor o f the German Metho- disl E. Church. Eider Knapp and Rev. Mr. Maffit. 28vl E T -Forsale by T. M. H U N T and RICHARD ST E E L , Auburn. C. BR IN C K E R H O F F ’S T H E practical use ofthe Health Restorative being to relieve and cure those most haz­ ardous and agonizing of all diseases, Consump­ tion, Liver Complaint, severe Coughs and Colds, and Pains in the Bide and Chest, it is consider­ ed both right and proper that a statement be made more particularly relating to its properties. In the first place, it fortunately is compounded of native plants, herbs and roots, and has not sought, iherefore, the adventitious aid of dan­ gerous mineral preparations, which only palliate at the best, instead ol c u ringdi'ease. The fact of ihe Resloranve being purely vegetable, is cor­ roborated by the testimony of the eminent Dr. Chilton of New York, who a fier a careful and minute examination of it, decides the truth of it. and so effectually stops cavil on lhat point — Further, the promptness of the action of this medicine is wiihout doubt unparalleled : it shows such energetic action in eradicating disease and then healing the part, that the transition from impaired and enleebled health lo convalescence is astonishing and conclusive. The happiness of being the instrument o f such unbounded ben­ efit. is too g reat io permit this Restorative to cir­ culate as heretofore wiihin narrow circumr scribed limits, and the proprietor has made such arrangem ents with his General Ageut that (he remedy can be reached by all. The continued accessions of cetiificati's stating the most touch­ ing cases of disease happily cured, prevents the possibility of their being published to any ex­ tent, but yet they are left a t the office o f the Gen­ eral Agent for examination-. The'following cer­ tificate is from Dr. Chilton, the well koo'Wn N. Y o rk Chemist. “ I have analyzed a bottle of medicine called ‘C. Brinkerhoff’s Health Restorative and find that it does not contain Mercury, or any other metallic preparation, nor opium in any of its forms. It is composed of vegetable m a tter en­ tirely.” J a m e s R. C h I l t o n , M. D. C. B R IN K E R H O F F , Proprietor, N. Y. Principal Office 96 Hudson street, New York. Horace E v e rett, U S Agent, 96 Hudson si. New York, has'appoifited Agents for Auburn ; Messrs. Van Anden & Reed, No. 5 GenesCe street, and H. G. Fowler, No. I l l Genesee s t . ; for M ontezuma, Brett Sc Hurd ; for Port Byron, Horace Perkins ; for Weedsport, A. S. Kinnie ; for Jordan, C. H . Tucker. Auburn, April 30th, 1845. ■RHEUMATISM CURED f o r jLli C T S — No sympathy, therefore, is dui meet with the most opposition. It can hardly be credited that a salve can have any effect up on the L o n g s , seated a s they are wiihin the sy s ­ tem, But we say once for all, that this Oint­ ment wiU reach the lungs quicker than any medicine that can be given internally. Every body consents to the fact, that if a'healing m ed­ icine coukl be applied on the lungs, there would It would be cruel, nay wicltfed, to give inter­ nal, doubtful ffipdictnes, so long as a harm less, ceriain, and effectual E x ternal one could be had. C h o l ic , P a i n , o r I n f l a m a t io n o f t h e 'B o w e l s . — L et the Salve be rubbed in and heated with the fire or hot flat irons, and all pains and diffi- cully w ill soon cease. S w e l l i n g s of the Joints, or weakness, or any 25 due to those whosuffer through ohslinacv or seep..cism —when it is known thal DR. P H E L P S ’ TOMA­ TO PILLS will speedily check its agonizing pangs, and have n eyerbeen known to fail-ofgiv­ ing relief.in a s ingle case. They alsocure colds, p a i n s i n th e j o i n t s , back , b e a d a n d neck — an d will break up fevers, dyspepeia and billious com­ plaints, with great certainty. Tor sale by all the Druggists, and by agents in all the country towns. 28yi T. M. HUNT, Agent, Auburn- flREA T I T h e a l DISCOYERY m THE Iu v a i i d s a n d frie n d s o f t h e S ick . Medicine, however efficacious, has always been taken wiih dissatisfaction by the sick, owing to its unpleasant nature. He„ce, lit has ever been the study of all great physician.' disguise its nauseous taste. Bui iheir efforts have never been crowned with complete suc­ cess. Ii was lelt for Dr. Smith to accomplish. H aving given the subject his u nrem ittingatien- tion for nearly two y ears, he has, after spending a considerable am ount of money, produced a medicine which, while ii is e v ery way agreea­ ble to the palate, is sure to triumph over DIS­ EA S E & all opposition, and to repay him for his devotion to the improvement o f medical science. DR. G. B E N J. SM ITH ’S [ s u g a r c o a t e d ] IM PROVED IND. VEG. PILLS ” are the re­ sult o f his labor. Their effect and general favor with which they have been received in all parts ot ihe United States, w arrant ihe proprietors in the declaration lhat “ they are the greatest im­ provement in m edicineever known. Unlike all other pills, these neither gripe, produce nausea, or any other unpleasant sensation, while they are as powerful as it is possible for a medicine lo be, and be HARM L E S S . PA R E N T S cannot be too cautious of mineral medicines, which exert such an all powerful influence up­ on the system as to supersede every thing else ; stilling both the disease and nature herself alto­ gether, and often constituting a greater and more grievous disease, which shall weigh upon man through life. SICKNESS ITS CH ILD R E N , requires the prompt and certain effects of a mild and agreeable purgative medicine, like these pills. WORMS are instantly expelled from the -system by their use. F o u l S to m a c h a n d F n r r e d T o n g u e find positive antidote in the “ SUGAR COATED PILLS.” FEM A L E S , under any circumstances, may take them, and they will promote regular action, and preserve health and strength ol body and vivacity of mind. For certificates of ladids, we refer the invalid lo a pamphlet to be had of the agents. But we will merely refer to a few who have been cured by the use of these pills. , R. Thompson, 56 North Moore street, (neph ew of the late Judge Thompson ) cured of peri­ odical Headache and Pain in the Breast. E . 31. P ark, U. S. Navy,of F ever and Scrofula Jacob Carlock’s daughter, No. 8 Slaple street, cured ol WORMS. M rs. S. A . Gould. (M a tron of the U . S. N a v a l Hospital.) cured of Headache and Bilious Af­ fections. Sarah D o u g lass, corner of Ludlow a n d W a lk­ er sts., cured of Pain m the Head, Dimness of Sight. &c. James M. Turner, 581 Greenwich street, cured of W eakness in the Breasi, Cosiiveness, and Difficulty of Breaihing. Ira Alvord, Cazenovia, N. Y., cured of Bil­ ious Complaint. Jam es J. Bevins. Deputy Sheriff, has seen them used in the Debtors Prison with astonish­ ing results. Hon. P. C. Lawrence and Nathan Ball. M. D. of Michigan, have testified to several rem arka ble cases ol Fever and Ague. Sold at 179 Greenwich Si reel. N. Y. U T ’CAUTION.—The public should remem­ ber ihat No (Sugar Coaled) Pill' can he genu­ ine, unless DR. G BENJ. SM ITH ’S signature is on the side of EV E R Y box. This is impor­ tant, as miserable medicine may be envelopp.l with sugar. These pills are made of ihe PU R ­ EST M A T E R IA L S , and they will bear the scrutiny of either physician or chemist. But a worthless imitation has been made, which lias no recommendation bui the sugar which covers up a vile mixture of nlloes and coloeynth. B E ­ W ARE ol such imposition. A g e n t s .— T . M. H UN T and RICHARD ST E E L , Auhurn, and Charles I ticker, Jordan ; Monroe, Hyde &Co. Elbridge; J. J. Tallmadge, Montezuma; Ross As Seymour,Port Byron ; A. L. Smith, W eedsport; Jno. Snooks.Jr. Skanea leles ; W. H. H Sheldon, Fleming ; Morgan Sc Cone. Union Springs ; O. Howe. Lavnna ; Chailes Campbell, A u rora; A. Thomas, Slier wood’s Corners ; Wm. Sprague, Poplar Ridge ; A. Avery, Ledyard ; D Adams, Northville : A. Avery, Genoa ; Sioyell Sc Murphey, Milan ; O. Dibhle, Moravia ; W in. Slade & Co.. ICel. loggsville; J.G . Isham, Owas-co. Slnffi. TT'OR C O L D S A N D F E V E R S . J ) brought on by sudden changes of ihe weath­ er, ihere is no remedy so effectual as Dr. Phelps’ T O M A T O P I L L S , as they purge off all ulleu-ive matter, open the pores of llie skin, am! bring abonl a healmy state of all the functions. R h e u m a tism , jL v n p Fever. Sick headache, Jaundice, and all billions disorders are speedily and effectually cuied by this substitute lor CALOMEL, with perfect safely ; and iheir operation is so pleasant and mild as a purgative that ihey have acquired a universal represeniaiion of being the besi Family Medicine ever invented, for the aged and young, and those of delicate cons-iituiiims. They are never known to fail ill curing Dyspep­ sia, in a short lime, if taken according to direc­ tions. Price 2s. per box. For sale by the Druggists generally, and by M erchants in all the country towns, and by T. M. HUNT, Auhurn. 28yl I O R T G A G E S A L E .— W h e r e a s , on ihe sixth day of Septem b e r, one thou­ sand eight hundred and foriy-lour, W illiam C. T rem p e r, o f M entz, in the County of C a y u g a, to secure ihe paytnenuifohe thousand dollars, with interest thereon, semi annually, did, by a cer­ tain mortgage bearing date on that day, mort­ gage to Nelson Beardsley, of Auburn, in said county, “ All ihai ceriain piece or parcel of land situate in ihe said town of Menlz, and known and distinguished as lot number five, in Ihe sub­ division of lot number sixty-two, in the town­ ship of Bruins, military tract, containing one hundred seven and a half acres of land, as sur­ veyed and laid out by Jacob Tremper, in the year 1817, and being the farm and premises occupied by Catharine Trem per, deceased, at the lime ol her death, and which, on a partition of the Estate of said Caiharine, was set apart and allotted to said William C. Tremper,” which said mortgage was recorded in Ihe Cierk’s Office of said county, in Book No. 33 of mortgages, on page 427, &c. the sixth day ol September, in the year 1844, at half past five o’clock, in ihe afternoon. And whereas default has been made in Ihe payment of thirty-five dollars, being llie interest for six months, which is claimed to be due and unpaid on said mortgage at the dale hereof, (the time of the first publication of this notice,) leaving ihe said principal sum of one thousand(dollars. with interest from the sixth day of M a rch last past, unpaid, and yet to become due thereon. T h e refore, n o tice is hereby given that in pursuance of law and b y v i r lt t e o f the power o f sale contained in said m o rtgage, said prem ises will be soid at public Auction, at the Court H o u se, in the village of A u b u rn, in said countv on the 7ih day o f A u g u st next, al ten o’clock in the forenoon.— D ated M ay 14th, 1845. N E L S O N B E A R D S L E Y , M o rtgagee. A lonzo G. Bkardslf.y, A u ’y. mortgage bearing dale the hfih day of Decem­ ber, 1840, executed by Aaron Treat, of Con­ quest, Cayuga county,lo H arvey Balls, to secure the payment of the sum of two hundred dollars, with interest, and which said mortgage was re. corded in the Cayuga county C lerks Office, in Book number 29 of Mortgages, page 317. on the 16th day of December, IS40, a t 4J P. M. and on which said mortgage there is this day claimed to be due § 216,31 : Now ilierelore, by viitue of a power ol sale contained in sajd mortgage, the premises described therein, to w it: “ All that certain piece or parcel of land situate in the town of Conquest and county o f Cayuga, and is a part o f lot number twenty-five Brutus, hounded, as follows: beginning at the northeast corner of John W ilhenll’s land, and running thence north on the east line o f said lot, nine chains and t wen- ty eight lin k s ; thence west, eleven chains and eighty five liults ; thence south, six chains and sixteen links ; thence east, six chains and forty- two links, to the highway ; thence south, two chains twelve lin k s ; thence east, one chain and fifty links; thence south, one chain ; thence east, lo the place o f beginning; containing eight a c r e s , t h r e e fo u r t h s , a n d s i x t e e n ro d s o f l a n d , ” __ will be sold at public auction, at t.he public house now kept by H a rry Crandall, in the village ot Weedsport, on Saturday, the 28th day of June- next, a t lOo’cloclc in the forenoon o f that day.— Dated April 2d, 1845. HARVEY- B A LLS, W m . I. C ornwei . l , Att’y. 48td Mortgagee. M o r t g a g e s a l e . — W h e r e a ', E iihu G. Hackley, formerly of Auburn, in order to secure the paymenl of twenty-four hundred dollars, did on the second day of May. 1840, gram and convey unto Amos Gould, then of A u­ burn. by way ol'M ortgage, all those certain vil­ lage lois situate in the village o f Auburn afore said, known and distinguished as being lots number twenty-six and twenty-seven as laid down on a map o f the lands ol the heirs of John H. Curnpston, deceased, made by F. J . Little­ john for A. VV. Hackley. And whereas, the said mortgage, for a valuable consideration, was duly assigned to the subscriber on ihe 14th day of March, 1843, as collateral security for the pay­ menl of a noie upon which there is due.and un­ collected this day, the sum of twelve huhdred and eighty-five dollars and filty-one cpnts; and whereas, default has been made in the payment of the said mortgage, which is now all due. with intere-l from the 1st day of May instant, and nu proceedings at law have been instituted to re­ cover the money due on said mortgage, or any part thereof; now iherefore, public notice is hereby given, pursuant to the statute in such case made and provided, that the premises de­ scribed in said mortgage, will be sold a t public auction, and the equity oi redemption thereby foreclosed, on the fir't day of August next, at ten o’clock in the torenoon, ai the Western E x ­ change, in the village of Auburn.—Dated, May 7, 1845. JO S E P H T. PIT N E Y , B each & M organ , A tt’ys. Assignee. T V 7 0 T I C E .—Pursuant to an order of Charles B. Perry. Surrogate of the County ol Cay­ uga, the creditors o f the e slateoi Gad Cantp,de- cea'ed, are hereby required to present their claims with ihe vouchers thereof, at the house of Loyal Stoyell in the village of M oravia, on or before the first day of July next.—Dated, De­ cember 18, 1844. RUSSE LL A L L E N , f Adminis- 33m6 LOYAL STO Y E L L , j trators. C A Y U G A C O . M U T U A L IN S U ­ R A N C E C O M P A N Y . T H E members of the Cayuga Co Mutual In ­ surance Company a re hereby notified, that the a n n u al 'meeiing for the election o f Directors of said Company, will be held at the office o f the Secretary, in Aurora, on the first W ednesday in June next, between the hours of 1 and 3 o’clock M.—Dated, A p ril-25, 1845.—54ld £ . W. ARMS, Secretary. P. T V T O T IC E .— 'The ’Annual Election o f thir- 1 > teen Directors o f the Auburn and Roches­ ter Railroad Company, will be'held a t the Office of the Company in Canandaigua, at 2 o’clock, P. M. on Monday, the 2d day of June next.— The Transfer Books will be closed for thirty ■days previous to said Election.—Dated Canan­ daigua, 21st April, 1845. CHAS. SEYM OUR, 51w6 Treasurer A. ie R. R . R. Co. B A N K O F A U B U R N . T HE Annual Elefciion of Directors and Tn- spdeters o f Election for th is Bank. Will be held at the Banking House, on Monday, the 9th day of June next, between the hours of 10 and 12 o’elopk A-. M. By order of the Board. J. -S. SEYMOUR, Cashier. Dated Auburn, 20ih April, 1845.—1 Id M o r t g a g e s a l e . —Default having been made in the payment of money se­ cured by a mortgage, dated April 1st, 1837, exe­ cuted by Andrew Cock and Eleanor his wife, to Gardner Chidester, and recorded in Cayuga county Clerk’s office, in liber G ol mortgages, folio 482, &c. A ugust 23d, 1837, which mort­ gage has been assigned to the subscribers, and on which there is claimed to be due a t the first publication of this notice, the sum of one hun­ dred and ten dollars and seventy-six cents. N o ­ tice ts hereby given, ihat by virtue of a power of sale Tn said mortgage, and in pursuance of ihe statutes in such case made and provided, that poriion of the premises covered by said mortgage and described therein as follows: “the one eighth o fth e Levanna steam mill properly, bounded as follows, north by lands in possession of said Gardner Chidester; and west by the Cay­ uga L a k e ; south and east by lands ol E lias Manchester, more particularly described hy deed of Asa Foote to the Levanna Steam Mill Com­ pany.” will be sold a t public auction ai the Au­ rora House, in the village of Aurora, on the 28th day of June next, at one o’clock T. M.—Dated, April 2d, 1815. 48-d BENJAMIN F. COMSTOCK, S L G G U M H O W L A N D , E . W. A rm s . Ail’y. Assignees. M o r t g a g e s a l e . - O u the tweinh day of October, A. D 1841, Shadrneh Wood, then ofthe county of Orange moitgaged to Thomas Baker, Junior, then ofthe coiimy of Cayuga, both of the State of New Yoik, ihe fol­ lowing described premises, to w it: All ihai cer- lain piece or parcel of land siiuaie in llie lown or sterling, couniy ol' Cayuga and State ol New York, being pari of Itu number thiry-eighi, m the said town of Sterling, in the Military Tract, and bounded as follows, v iz: on the e a 't by Hannibal line ; on the south by the highway and land owned by W hiimg While ; on the WeM by land owned by Squire WilNon ; ami oil the norilt by laud owned by Joseph Barton, contain­ ing tuem y live acres of land, more o r less ; it being ihe same land deeded by Joel ICimball and Lois his wife, to ihe said Thomas Baker. Junior, by deed bearing date January 1st. A D. 1839 The said mortgage was recorded in the Clerk’s Office of Cayuga county, in hook No 31 of Mortgages, page 287, March lltlt, 1843. at 12J P. M The amount claimed to be due on ihe 26 it day of F ebruary, 1845, (ihe day of iltt first publication ol this notice.) on said mortgage is tltiee hundred and sixty-seven dollars and ninety- six cents The said premises will be sold under said mortgage, at public minion, at the Court House, in Auburn, in said county of C ayuga, on the twenty-second day of May next, at 2oVloek, P. M. of that day'.—Dated Owego. Feb. 26, 1845. 43ni ________________ WM. PLATT. Any M o r t g a g e s a l e . — Deiauii having been made in the condition of a certain mortgage, bearing date the firsi day oi April, lb37, executed hy George W. Benneit and I’lti- lena Benneit. his wife, to Jacob Griffen, and by ihe said Jacob Griffen assigned io Mali hew Bar­ ker. and by the said Manhew Barker assigned to Elizabeth H. Burgess, upon “ all thal c.-rtain piece or parcel ol land snuate, lying and being on lot No. sixty-four of ihe original township of Scipio, (now Venice) bumTded as follows, lo w it: Beginning at a black ash iree Mantling on the west line of said lm, ai the northwest center of lands now owned bv Daniel C. Ellsworth, ihence east, twenty six chains and three links; thence south four chains and iwenty-iluee links ; thence smith, eighly-iune degrees east, t\vent\->ix chains arm lifty eight links, bounded on David Hammond’s land lo land now owned by Jarvis Alward; thence north twenty chains and tliiity lu ks ; thence west filiy-three chains and twen­ ty links (bounded on said A luard ’s lands and lands now owned by Isaac Morse) to ihe west line of said lot; thence south on said iie 't line fifteen chains lony four and a half links, to the place o f beginning, containing ninety-four acres and ninety eight square rods of land,” which said mortgage was recorded in Cayuga county Clerk’s olhee. in book Y of mortgages, folio 152. &c., April 14, 1837, and upon which there is now dut lor principal and imerest, the sum of one thousand four hundred and sixiy dollars __ Therefore, in pursuance of law, and by virtue of a power o f sale contained in said mortgage, the said piemises will be sold at public auciion. at the American Hole!, in ihe vrilage of Auburn, on Thursday the l2rii day of June next, at l l o ’- clock A. M.—Dated. March 17rit. 1845. ELIZA B E T H H. BURGESS, J acoii R. H ow , Am rney. Assignee. N O T I C E . — Pursuant loan orderol Charles B. Perry, Surrogate of the Couniy of Cay­ uga, all persons having claims against the es­ tate of Anson Ames, late of Venice, in said county, deceased, are hereby required to ex­ hibit llie same, wiih the vouchers thereof, a t the office o f E z ra \V. B a tem an.in Venice, aforesaid, one of the administrators of said deceased, on or before the 1st day of October next. Dated, March 18th, 1845. 4GmG. EZRA W. BATEM AN, W ILLIA M W M A N C H E S T E R , AN SON AMES. Administrators. M o r t g a g e s a l e . —Deiauit having been made in the payment of money se­ cured by a mortgage dated June 1st, 1843. exe­ cuted by Nathan Sturgess and Betsey Iris wife to Wing Taber, and recorded in Cayuga county clerk's office, in book No. 31 of M ortgages, page 4 8 9 , June Slh, 1 8 4 3 , ai 9 o’clock A .M ., on which morigage is claimed lo be due at the first publication of ilus notice, the sum of $ 4 8 0 , 0 8 . Nonce is hereby given, that by viriue o f a power of sale in said mortgage, and in pursu­ ance of the statutes in such case made and pro­ vided, the premises described in said mortgage as follows: “ All ihat ceriain piece or parcel of land situate in the town of Venice, couniy of Cayuga and siate of New York, known and disiingui-hed as being a p a n of lots number fifty-lwo and filly-three, bounded as follows, 10 w it: Bounded eaM by lands owned by 3i*aac .Atnmerman ; souLh by lands owned by Alanson T racy: west by lands owned by Ira Elliots 5 and norih by lands owned by Roberi Delapp and William Taber, containing fifty five acres of land,” will be sold at public auciion, at ihe Aurora House in ihe village of Aurora, on the iOih day of July next, a l one o'clock P. M.— Dated April 16ih, 1 8 4 5 . 50td* WING TABER, E VV. A rms Ait’y. [V/I O R T G A G E S A L E . — W heieas, un ihe LV1 twenty second day of January, one thou­ sand eight hundred and forty lour, Ira Cook ol Byron, in the county of Genesee, to secure the payment of one thousand three hundred and forty lour dollars and forty one cents-, with in­ terest, did, by a certain morigage hearing date on that day, morigage to Alonzo G. Beardsley of A u b u rn, in the couniy of Cayuga, All ihat ceriain piece or parcel ol' land situate in the town ol Owasco. in the countv ol Cayuga, being part of lot numner sixty nine in the military township oi A u reliu'. and i ' bounded as lollov-s: Beginning on the east line ol said lot No. 69. a t a stake arid stones standing near an ash iree numbered 2 ——in 3 ihe sutvdivision of about two hundred acres ol land font erly i wnrd by Peter Howard, deceased, and runs thence west, thirty six chains and seventy five links io a stone set in the ground for the souih-wesi corner o f sub­ division No. two, in the division ol said two hundred ac r e s ; thence south, nine chains and forty eight links io a stake and siones, being the norih-west corner o f sub di vision No. 4 ; thendb east, thirty six chains and seventy six links, to the north east corner of said sub-division No. 4’; thence north, nine chains and forty eight links lo the place of beginning, containing thirty lour acres and seventy hundredths of an acre of land. Also all lhat ceriain piece of land situaie on said lot No. 69 in the original township of Au- rel.us, now Ow'asco, being eighteen acres and severity three rods of land on the east end of sub division No. 4 of said lot No. 69; the said sub division No 4 on said lot No. 69 being the land set apart in partition of Peter Howard's estate to his d aughter M inerva, relerence being had to said partition now on file in the Clerk’s office of Cayuga for further particulars—which said mortgage was given lo secure, a part o f the purchase money arising on the sale of said premises, and was recorded in the Clerk’s office of said couniy of Cayuga, in Book number 32 of mojtgages, on page 420 &c. the twenty third day of January, 1844. And whereas, ihe sum o f one thousand and ninety four dollars and fil­ ly live cents is claimed to be due and unpaid on said morigage for principal and interest a t the date hereof, (the time of the first publication -of this noiice) o f which said sum, six hundred and forty six dollars and forty one cents is actually due, and the residue ihereof is yet to become due. Therefore notice js hereby given, that ip pursuance ol'Jaw and “by virtue of the pow er o f sale contained in said mortgage, said premises will be sold at public auction at-ihe Court House in the village of Auburn, in said county oi Guy uga, on the 24th day of July next, a t ten o’clock in the forenoon. Dated April 30th, 1845. 52td ALONZO G. BEARDSLEY, N elson B eardsley , Att’y. Mortgagee.

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