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A U B U R N J O U R N A L , W ednesday, November 2 0 , 1844. A PE E P AT THE STATES. In R hode I sland , Clayjhas a majority ol 2 4 7 f. T h e re were only five scattering votes in the State. In 8ft c o a u iies in G eorgia , Polk has a major­ ity of 2,317, V e rm o n t, the ever-true V erm o n t, gives Clay not far from 8,00© above Locolbcoi-tn anil Abo­ litionism combined. The returns from 1J5 towns,- more thaw h a lf the Slate; show the fol­ lowing aggregates :— ForCDay ............................... 19.139 “ P o rk ,.., ......................... 11,766 “ B irney. ....... 2,417 Clay’s majority over Folk thus far, 7.373 do do o v e rall,. . . . . . . . 4,950 In I ndiana , Folk has a majority of 1609 in 81 counties. The 6 other counties to hear from will probably increase this about 200. Illin o is, like M aine and New H a m p -hire, is ever true to the Texas, Slavery party. It now gives S 000 or 10 , 0 0 0 . The Loco m ajority in M chigan is not far from 3,000. K entucky .— This State sustains her.-elf n o b l y . C l a y ’s m a j o r i t y i n 3ft c o u n t i e s is 7,421 - an increase of nearly 3,000 over the August electio n , w h e n th e W h i g s ca r r i e d th e S t a t e by nearly 5,000. D e l a w a r e . Clay’s majority in Delaware is 212. The W higs carry their Governor by 68. anil their mem ber o f Congress bv 220. The N. Y . M o rning News says— The' W higs bought our men (the Locos) by scores \ By this it ap pears that the party n> a s saleable there as it is here. Tennessee.—The Tribune of Saturday morn­ ing contains returns from 29 counties, in which P o l k h a s g a i n e d a b o u t 2200 o v e r h is v o te fur Governor in i840 when he was defeated by npar ly 4000. I u th e r e m a i n i n g 44 co u n t i e s h e wilt have to gam nearly 2000 lo carry lhe stale.— B o th p a r t i e s c laim th e v i c to r y . CC/5* T h e Slate has undoubtedly, gone for Ciay. According to the Argus, the majority for Polk in P ennsylvania , is 6,332. Birney received 313S voles in the State. V irqinia gives Folk a majority of between 2000 and 3000. N o r t h C a ro lin a has given Clay a majority o f not far from 4,000—and M aryland a like m a ­ jority over 3000. The returns from T e n n e s s e e , M i s s i s s i p p i and L o u t s i a n a indicate that these S t a t e s have cast their electoral votes for Polk and Dallas. The Texas question has carried the enure South for J a m e s K ■ P o l e . This would have mattered little, however, il N e w Y o r k , P e n n s y l v a n i a , I n ­ d i a n a and M i c h i g a n , all free Stale-, had not thrown their weight into the scale a n d deckled the contest in favor ofFREE T r a d e , A n n e x a t i o n and S l a v e r y . — The S o u t h has again obtained the mastery in the N ational Councils and ihe N o r t h may as well prepare to suffer the conse­ quences.—Albany Jour, of Monday. The following is the vote for Electors accor­ ding to the official canvass, in this couniy, - Polk. 5203; Clay, 4907; Birney, 376; total N o . of votes, 10,486. See official c a n v ass in other columns. “ W e are beaten, not because Mr. Clay’s pub­ lic course has not been honorable and highly useful, but because he has been held up to the ptfblic as a desperate gambler and profligate, and persistently charged with having instigated the Cilley Duel, which he labored earnestly to prevent. 077* Let our opponents hereafter nom­ inate any man who has been engaged in a Duel if they d a r e !” W e copy the above from an article in the T ribune'giving the causes of the recent defeat of the Whigs, for the purpose of alluding to the threat in the closing sentence. “ Let our op­ ponents hereafter nominate any man who has been engaged in a duel, i f they da r t!” says Greeley. W ell, friend—and should they date to do such a thing, what think yon would be lbe result ? Would they thereby lose a vote ?— W ould even one of the quarter of a million in this State who have up to this time expressed such a holy horror towards a duelist, on that account withhold his vote, or give it to the op­ posite candidate ? Not ONE,—is the answer of experience. All their horror, on this subject is intended for effect upon their opponents—N o t u p o n them selves— And we have little doubt that should old Diabolus him self receive the nomination of that party for the Presidency in ’48, (which by the way is full as likely now, provided old Clovenfoot can show him self to be a native American, in accordance with the requi­ sitions of the Constitution, as tvas the nomina­ tion of Folk a year ago.) they would go it with aperfect union—and although some few perhaps m ight not exactly admire all his recorded acts and votes, yet as in the case of Jackson and Polk, all such minor matters would be merged in the dom inant one o f the good o f the party.\ Almost every paper that reaches us brings notice of some scheme of industry which has been abandoned sinee the election of Polk. The know n sentim ents of him self and party are so directly at w ar with every thing like tbe real p osperity of the country that men of capital cannot be found prepared to invest their funds upon so unsettled a basis a s would be there af­ forded. Conld they know upon what they were to depend—w h e ther the Free Trade opinions ex­ pressed by M r. Polk during his whole political career, or those catching ones in favor of a suit- able protection, embodied for effect in only a single letter to Pennsylvania, were to prevail, they could then, perhaps, be b etter able to judge —but in the preseut case of general uncertainly “ hands off” is throughout the dominant feel­ ing. In Baltimore, three merchants had made arrangem ents for building each a ship—but so soon as Polk’s election is known—all a re given up. Arrangem ents had been made in Balti­ more county for erecting a couple of extensive iron works ; but the apprehension that a reduc­ tion is to take place in the duty upon iron, at once brings that scheme to a n end. Says the Baltimore American, in noticing the abandon­ ment of these intended improvements, “ The parties concerned in these enterprises are entire­ ly distinct. E a c h of these contemplated estab­ lishments would have given employment to a large number of workmen, and food to nearly one thousand persons, and would besides have to the wealth of the County and the T ransactions or the N . Y . S tate A gricul ­ tural S ociety for 1843.—Some months since we acknowledged our indebtedness to. Luther T ucker , E sq , o f Albany, for a copy of,the above valuable w o rk; and had intended, long ere this, to make some selections from its pages. But since then, other m a tters have occupied our room atid our lime, as well as (perhaps we might say. with equal truth) the attention of our readers. • T h a t state of things, however, has in its turn passed aw ay— The feverish excite, ment of a lv-lly. contested political canvass is over—and it is to be hoped all classes will now be enabled to turn their attention more directly to other m atters. In the indulgence of this feeling, we, on the last page of to-day’s paper, place before our readers, the opening portion ot a highly interesting and valuable essay, from the pen of the late ivorthy, talented and indefat­ igable searcher'after truth— W illis G aylord ,— ntldert State.\ NEW WORKS. The A natom y of t h e Human Body, is anoth­ er Medical Work of high repute among the pro­ fession, which has just been issued by the H a r­ pers. It is by J . C ruveii.hier, o f Paris—Edited by Granville Sharp Pat-ison, M. D , Professor of Anatomy in the University 61’N e w -Y o rk—con­ tains near 1000 octavo pages, and is embellished with over 300 engravings. It is from the last Paris edition, and cannot fail (when its extreme­ ly low price is taken into the account} to re­ commend itself to the attention o f every member of the Medical Profession.- E u passant — while speaking ol its low price, there is one fact men­ tioned in the preface of this work, which may not be generally known. It is, that since the H a rpers have commenced publishing Medical works, they have reduced the prices nearly 100 per cenl., which circumstance will not be over­ looked by those wishing lo make additions to who for lhe ten or fifteen years preceding his [ their libraries,—as all must do, who desire to death, probably accomplished more for the real j keep up with the improvements o f th e age. To benefit of the farmer, in the p ath in which he j be obtained ol Messrs. R. G. & P. S. W ynkoof devoted his energies, than any other individual in the State. In his exertions he was untir­ ing—and as his every effort was, to condense a n d cli.tbe valuable truths relating to the proper cultivation ot the soil, and lo other matters touching the duties of the husbandm an, so as to im p art an interest at the sam e time that they taught a truth, it followed as a necessary con. sequence thal the number of bis readers con- sta n tl y in c r e a s e d , a o d . t h e field ol b i s u s e f u ln e s s became more and more extended up to the time of his'decease. ■ We commend the article in question especial­ ly to the attention of ali persons engaged in the cultivation of the soil. It will occupy a portion of the place assigned it for several weeks, and will without doubt exhibit many truths of the h ig h e s t im p o r tan c e , f o r ihe w a n t o f a k n o w ledge o f w h ich , m a n y a m a n h a s seen h is fine fields ravaged, widioui being able to divine a remedy. —price S 3 . ___________ A H i s t o r v o f G r e e c e . — By the Right Rev. Con. nop Thirlwall. New York. H arper & Broth­ ers. There is probably no other country, in the history of which there are so many incidents of real interest, as G r e e c e , — whether viewed as the land of att. chivalry, eloquence or song— end therefore the above work, from the pen of a scholar of eminent abilities, and issued in such form as lo place it within the reach ol all, c a n ­ not fail to leceivc an extended circulation. Its style b al once rigorous and polished ; and the manners, social habits and political institutions of that renowned people are so treated, as to render it a welcome accession lo every library. It has not been long published in England, and this is the first edition in this country—to be is- sued in eigM Nos.' ai 2.5 cenis each. To be ob­ tained of J . C. D e r r y oe Co. T h e C o s t o f a L o c f o c o V o t e . — A farmer sold in this town on Monday two sheepskins for which lie was paid six shillings a piece. On Tuesday he voted for Folk and Dallas. On F ri­ day he is here again with a couple of skins, full as good as those he sold on Monday, and gets four shillings a piece for them The wool is off h i \ e y e s n o w . — N i a g a r a C o u r i e r . A case not unlike ihe above has occurred in this place. A farmer of Aurelius brought a lot of sheepskins to town on the day- before the elec­ tion for which lie was offered six shillings a piece —which, (considering the prosperous state of the country under the workings of the “ hatelul Whig Tariff,” we suppose,) he considered far two Hi lie, and took them home again lor anoth­ er offer. On the following day he voted for Polk and Dallas,—and 011 Friday of last week again brought them 10 m arket. His vote, how- ever, supported as it had been by a majority of others, had in the mean time done its work. The decision had betn given through the ballot- boxes that Free Trade was to take the place of the Tariff, and accordingly the buyers ol these articles had been made 10 feel thal it was no longer safe for them to purchase a l Tariff prices. Five shillings was all they would now give for them ; and conscious that the decision, brought about in part by his own vote, had placed every­ thing relating lo prices in this down-ltill position, the end of which it was difficult to guess,—the individual alluded to very wisely concluded to J other States pocket the 1-ss as it was rather than wait any longer for the workings of the experiment. lie accepted the price last nam ed, forming, ,upnn his lo', a very considerable reduction from what he might have received only the week p revious!! So much for the glorious workings ol Free Trade —even before it has been put in operation, o th­ erwise than in the destruction of confidence. H a r p e r s P i c t o r i a l Bun.e, N o . 1 2 , comprising the closing pot tion of the Book of Judges, The Book of Ruth, and a small portion o f Samuel — The embellishments for this No. lose nothing of their interi st or beauty. At D e r r y ' s — price 2s. a No. T h e C u l t i v a t o r for November, received at D e r b y ’s. At the present lime the following paragraph will be of special interest io farmers, being of itself worth the cost of the paper for y e a r s : T h e B i t t e r R o t in Arpr.Es.—Mr. J . H . Mc- Dewell.ol Cumberland! county, Pa., informs us that a neighbor of hi.s had two apple trees, the fruit of which was much affected with the bitter rot. Noticing that the ground under the trees was covered with White Plantain, which he thought indicative of a poor soil, he manured the ground heavily with stable manure, and the result is that the trees hear annually fine crops of fruit, not in the least subject to the rot. J a s i e s G. B i r n e y , the seape-grace who courted and accepted a nomination from the Locofoco party, while still a candidate of the Liber ty pariy, has been most righteously treated.— He has literally been kicked to death by both —Not even allowed a re-pcctablo vole among his neighbors! While H e n r y C l a y has r e ­ ceived an unprecedented vote in his own county and his own State—'While J a m e s I£. P o l k has at least received a like m a ik of approval from his own county, let every Abolitionist look at the position of B i r n e y , who, a fter h aving begged a nomination from an opposing party, and drummed up every thing in the shape of voles from his own—is at length left wiih the express­ ed m ark of the detestation of the whole resting upon him, comprised in lhe bare 13 votes be­ stow d upon him iu the place of his residence !! And it is not surprising whcn held in such just contempt by his own immediate neighbors, that he should be defeated in his own county—the W h ig candidate having been elected. A P r o j e c t K n o c k e d in t h e H e a d . —W e u n ­ derstand that arrangem ents had been nearly completed to s tart a large woolen manufacturing establishm ent, in this city, w ith a capital of $100,000, the foundation of which would have been laid this fall, but a s the people of the Uni­ ted States have decided in favor of the British m anufacturers, the design will be abandoned. Thus, an annual distribution 1 1 from twenty to thirty thousand dollars in wages, which would have found their way to our merchants, tailors, shoemakers, &.c., and the farmers in our vicin ity, is prevented, and the money will instead, be shipped to pay the wages of British operatives. It was in consideration of this fact, probably that a journeym an shoem aker’s shop in ihis ciiy was illum inatad on Thursday evening.— Utica Gaz. There will be plenty of such projects knocked in the head before a twelve-month is passed — the wind lias been sowed, we must now reap the whirlwind.—Roch. Dem. We a re informed that a sim ilar project has been suspended in this v illage. H u zza tor P olk and Free T rade.—Lockport Courier. A sim ilar project which was on foot for Ihe establishment of a large woolen factory in this place, lias also been given up. It was thought best to aw ait the result of the election before ta­ k i n g a n y f i n a l steps r e l a t i n g to it — and the e l e c ­ tion of Polk is of course a settler. So also with some few other m atters of sim ilar character. M a s s a c h u s e t t s , G l o r i o u s O l d M a s s a c h u ­ s e t t s . Mns.-acIuiHtts has done the business for Loco- focoi-m. and banished Polkery from h e r borders with a w h irluind. There, is nothing left (or J a cobinisin to do but to pick up its scattered frag­ ments as best it may, and be off. We received the Boston Alias, at half-past seven last even­ ing, brought over the Long Island Rail Road by Adams’ Express, and its contents are most glorious, so far as the noble old Bay Slate is con­ cerned, and calculated to render Mill more sick­ ening the re-ult of the struggle in some ofthe other States. The men of M assachusetts have done their duty in a style that does equal honor to their own character, and the character of the great principles lor which they went into battle. They have conquered at all points and beaten Bancroft and the cohorts of Jacobinism back to the contempt from which they had vainly hoped to emerge. The W h ig Electoral Ticket has been carried by an immense majority. George N. Briggs been reelected Governor by a major­ ity ol 5155 o ie r all oihers, the W hig Lieutenant- Governor and every member o f th e Senate and an overwhelming majority ol‘ the House of Rep resrn’atives have been elected by a very great m ajority. The city ol Boston has elected\ her entire ticket of Representatives to the Legisla­ ture, and given a majority of 3500 votes=over Polk and Birney, and 4000 over Polk alo n e ! The Whigs have elected seven Members of Congress and defeated the election of three m o re! The Hon. John Quincy Adams, the Hon. R. C. W imhrop, HtiU. Joseph Grinned, Hon. George Ashman, Hon. Julius Rockwell. Hon. Amos Abbott, a n d the Hon. Daniel P. King, have been severally re elected in their respective districts by large and some of them by im mense m ajori­ ties. Williams and Parnrenter m u st nestle themselves with T> incroft nnd the rest of the il­ lustrious dcfcab. d. The Hon. Charles Hudson lacked but 400 votes of his election in the 5th Districl, which is a great gain upon the vote on his first nidi two years ?intc, and he will un­ doubtedly be re-elected. The Polk ticket received52,848 voles; Birney received 10,800, m aking in the whole against the Clay ticket 63,706, and giving a majority to the W higs of 3.712 over all others. These returns embrace every town in the Commonwealth but six, which will rather add to than diminish them. The triumph is so thor­ ough and so complete that there is n o necessity for spreading lhe details before our readers, if we could conveniently spare the space for the pu r p o s e , w h ich is not ihe case. Monday w a s a proud day for M assachusetts, and most warmly do we congraiulate her citizens upon lhe proud position in which they have placed themselves before the Country by their gallant and noble exertions on that day. All honor to old M assa­ chusetts!—N. Y. Courier. C o n s i s t e n c y — The grand excuse with the W hig portion of the Abolitionists lor not voting for Mr. Clay, was that he was a Slave holder ' They admired his talents, his integrity, his prm ctples - b u t their “ consciences” would not suffer them to vote for a slave-holder, even although by so doing they conld drive the iaM nail foto the C68in of Slavery itself! This was the plea - T h e y have had iheir w a y - a n d il .heir “ con­ sciences\ are now at ease, we surely have no fault to find. Such is not our intention ; but merely to compare with it a remark made by G errit Smith, (the grand head and front of Ab­ olitionism ; in the course or a speech in Albany on Thursday evening. He th e n s a i d that “ ihe Abolitionists could not omsciriviously vote for either M r C l a y or Mr. P o l k , and it mould have made no difference had neither o f these gentlemen been slaveholders I They could trust no National party, either in Chnrch or state, for no such par­ ty ever d ared to take ground against American Slavery.” So that after all their silly assertions of their opposition to Mr. Clay, on the ground of his being a Slave holder, by which hundreds of honest men have been enveigled into their ranks, it now seems that this was of no weight what­ ever ! Thai the grand sin wiih Mr. Clay was that he belonged to a National party 1! Hold up, Gerrit—or -we fear you will lead the more honest of your followers to M orgauize them­ selves irom very mortification at the simple m anner in which they have suffered you to lead them . J a c j c s o n s I n f l u e n c e a t H o m e may be prettv nearly guessed from the fact that the Hermitage District in Davidson county, (Tenn ) which last j m i gave a W h ig majority of only 25, now fiv e s Clay a majority of 66—showing a net W h ig gain rrgbi under the \ Old Hero’s” nose, o f 4 i r _________ N e w Y o r k M a r k e t , Saturday. Western Feathers, 32 cents. y F lour, $4,67. Rye Flour, 83,37 to §3,50. Go in Meal, $2,50 to 82,62— W h eat, 8 1 ,01. N o rthern E y e , 68 to 69. Oats 27 to 34. Hops, 1 lij to 12. Prime Fork, 86,- 87^—Mess, $ 9. Prim e Beef, ©4,50—Mess, 86,- 25. Lard, 4^ to 5 J . H a m s, 5£. Butter 16 to 22. Cheese, 4£ to 5 |. There are no sales of Wool a t any prices. Thanksgiving in Rhode Island, Nov. 2Sth. In this town the carpel weavers now receive two cents a yaid less than before the eleciion. It is impossible for our m anufacturers to pay old prices and still compete with foreign m a n u ­ facturers, m I io only strive to supply iheir o pera­ tives wnh some “ ten cents a day and bean soup” for their labor. “ T he H utchinson F amily ,” favored our cit­ izens with a Concert, at Cliedell's on Monday evening. There was a tine attendance—all were highly gratified —and should it come in iheir way to g ive our village another call, there need be no fears as to an audience. The Whigs of Cortland County have elected one of the members o f Assembly, George J . J. Baiber, by one majority. The majority for Clay m lhai county is 11—for W right 30. The Abo- litionsts polled 559 votes. T h e R o c h e s t e r H o u s e . This is one of the largest and best Hotels' in ihat city, and is well kepi by the very kind and obliging proprietor, W .B . H amun , and is strong- ly recommended by A D e , . i c i i x e d G u e s t . T.heJ« are 13 newspapers published a t preseut m 44 isconsin territory— 5 Wliiu ft °Crn lr 1 4 bo,lt,on and 1 neutral. This speaks tile territory rich and f « T h e P o p u l a r V o t e . The Official returns from 21 counties of this Slate (all that have been received thus far) en­ able us to institute a comparison between the popular vote given for Mr. C lay in 1844 and Gen. H a rr son in 1840;—There counties are Albany, W ashington, Schenectady, Rensselaer, Columbia, Tompkins, Saratoga, Orange, Oswe­ go, H erkim er, 44rayne, Otsego, Rockland, K i n g s , Chenango, Chemung, Broome,Erie, NewYork. Climon, Oneida, which in 1810 gave Harrison 101,797, and have now given Clay 109,683. Accomplished as u was ;n lbc facc of ,be Thus it will be seen, that notwithstanding I ; rCaJl loiCe’ S teal credit is due iL.tniho n.dtii^ot Ai™.i;tL.n:„ie toLol (T.iravalu.t, who as one o f t h e brave.--t since 1840the Political Abolitionists have drawn at least 15,000 recruits from the W hig party, and notwithstanding by the foulest misrepesen- tations and frauds, almost the entire adopted vote was thrown against us at the recent elec­ tion. yet Mr. C lay has received in 21 connties 7,886 more _votes than did Gen. H arrison .— The remaining 38 counties will increase this num b erto at least 10,000 and perhaps 15,000. Who, in view of this result will say that the w h ig party did not do well at the recent Elec­ tion, and who can with truth say. rn contempla­ tion of such a mammoth vote, that the W hig parly in this Slate, is trodden down, or scat­ tered to the winds ? No true W hig, certainly. Here is a glorious capital, which if rightly used may, ere two years have past, rend the Loco Foco party into fragments, and annihilate it forever. Courage then, fellow Whig®, and look forward to brighter’and belter days which, if-we a re true to ourselves, will yet dawn npon our party, the party o f the country— [Albany Journal. men living. The bark Catharine, of Baltimore, and the John M. Garter, of Philadelphia, a r r i v e d day before yesterday. The only U. 8. ship of war here is the Boston, and we a rc in great w a n t of Commodore Turner or Captin Voorhies. The presence of either of these commanders, with the noble ships under their command, is sufficient to give every protection to the Arneii- can commerce in this river.” D r e a d f u l M o r t a l i t y — The Pittsbnrg Chron. icle relates a case o f painful mortality which oc­ curred from c atarrhal fever. M r. Darrah, resi­ ding in Alleghany county, Pa-, has a family ot eleven children. A few days since three of them were laken sick with the fever about the same time, a n d in twentjt four hours they were all dead. They weFe buried in the sam e grave A short time after,.three others’ were taken sick, and one o f them died and! the oiher two were not suspected to survive until night. Such oc­ currences arc as painful as they are unusual. e H-* CO tf. tf- CO Oi CO tf- to tf* to tf- 0 - O CO tf* tf- 04 to tf- tf® tf- *■£ -si o o: j— -o -o tf- -o •© — o» er- oi tf- cr. o tf- oi o« o J . O \J C © 1 - O !£| -1 t - t - IO O Jl W t f H. © W M Ot W h o le n u m b e r o f vote.-, given for G o v e r n o r . £. CD ©i fO>—‘ t o r o t — CO-— h—H-'tf-f—-COh—‘ CO^-h—11— •— lOCn cr. - J J. - s i P , o Ot W C -1 ( - CO - C - ---- W O Cl O Z 'O X O - ^ !C C t f O Cl 7. Gi « CO O' M illard F i l lm o r e . ................... Oi C£ j . I - “ tf tf. o Ol (O t f - t f *»I C 4 W Ol C ai tN. M W iw co ^ co 041 —* co tf- -o co ro or to to o cr. co Cj Ot tf- io go S ilas' W r i g l n . CO 1 * * to h* i—k to to er. t —1 to r* h— »—* >&. to | Alvo.n S iew n r t •q | ► - < n o o i'i-C p S - M oj to — r - cn -r as h aiM O > ® 1 41 e a r t - rfs - c o i m o 3 ^ M r f . r o - t o = c o ^ a s . c 3 , to ^ - ^ C i i - x : | W h o le n u m b e r o f votes given Si a 3 re ~. re 3 3 5 S £ fe g 5 2 £ S’ 2 S 2 3 % I f° r L ieu ten n n t- G o v e r n o r . .fc. 00 CA er. cn CD O H iO H fO M H M fC H H ,U H o: M w H tf H H W Ol 'o c i t - i a i - r tf c (o - 30 - c - - i a - \i to Cfl o CO O to C C« J . h- C O O O si cn CO Oi w it* S a m u e l J . W ilkin. t0 M t - t 0 ^ W M M M C * 3 N 5 O t M h - t 0 ( 0 — COtOtOCOtf- 3 - ^ t f t f O O t t O t f H r f i s l C l C O y i O C i ^ i O W u / O tf O W Oi M o W \UO W 03 tc C *0 'JO C7 Ot i* CO CO - A d d ison G a r d in e r . CO I I • j i w ►— !— co to j . h to m m h - o*. to to C h a ile.s O. S h e n a r d tf- 1 o c o r - v i - i u w co ro *—* *— cr. tc h - o i w c . - i v - u u t j w m . j H- 1 O 1 t—* h-» 1 v) \J O A a t - <1 |S- \1 C tf* Ct W tf. 05 o A tn w '-C c o l c . co *®i o oi h o o ^ h jo o o h- ^ ci 4 - ^ W h o le n u m b e r o f voles giv e n for S e n a to r . M tO M tO tO i—•► -•M t-.M M tfM W M W I — ‘l— ‘ H H l C O t C O O IflO C O O ’O t C ^ M t - O i O C O * J O C O O i t O < ^ J o h n C . B e a c h . to CO •—4 CO — to i— * CO 1—1 co to Ol i— CO CO CO CO CO IO CO 04^-1—‘ tf*tf-O O ltO tf-*—‘ tf-C. C4COOlC504tf-lOCOtf-iC W 'j W O t C t f W - l - W 00 00 *£ c -1 CO Oi Ol w w ^ x H e n r y J . S e d g w ick . CO >—* 0 CO 01 CO * co h h co to Oi *—k to t—k h -1 tf- to »—* [ H e n r v R rntllpv o co to oi - j o tf. w co to cc h* er. -o co -- a to cn o» 1 iAC|lly .o iatuey • t—* tf- CO Cn CO tf- tO tf- 10 tf- C.0 O CO tf- tf- Ot t© tf- tf* tf- Crt - i c oj © « - j w - I cn tf. 4 - er. tf. j - ot © tf. Ot Ct go © > - J - J O D C 0 0 0 4 - 0 0 — OOh* to W oo A. OI to to W © -3 ’ W h o le n u m b e r o f votps given fo r R e p r e s e m a i i v e in C o n g r e s s . tfx CO tf- 'X? H t O M t O t O H H t O M M M & M U - .C O M ’ h - M M tO C l « O 3 * . - 1 0 ) M 'J * - A . O 0 t M O » 4 O 0 0 - k O i ^ < I C W 3 > ct o cji s w co c cn Cb — a . o o - i O) co o; o t ^ cv W illiam R ich a r d s o n . Oi o tcbo — co*—co — co m w ro o t h»rocot—* m to m ^ w c*. O *—» tf- CO O Ot (Cl to tf- -o Z‘c to Ot O Ol tf* to CO to *c to CO CO to to 00 tf- Ot Oi CO tf- tf- 'X CO O CO o cr. CO G e o r g e R a ih b m i. M j I— ►—* •—* to to C* H to M tf* to ro t o i o co e 04 y. c iCh co co w - cr. -o so ►— 04 — Jo h n S toyles. CO CO H— -1 t— f—» K-H*h-k J—* M t - k - t —IO tf- tf- tc 04 O IO 00 tf- —1 tf* t— K- o tf* OJ O *4 to CO 03 w to CO to >— •£> CO CO CC CO tf- —J to JZ- » Oi CO OC H- co o CO CDCOl-itf-QOO*. G 0 tf*000l— t f Oi o ea W i—‘ W -J tO *1 c W h o le n u m b e r of votes g iv e n 1 for M e m b e r s o f A s s e m b ly. •e. CO o» Oc )—‘ COl—‘ JOtOt--*t—*fO—’ ►—‘ ►-‘ *£-—*CO»—‘ 1 CDH-H-k — H-kfOOt tOOt-JCD — fl& - J x O C A i i C - 1^.00 — -1 W ’t f Cl O X O O C © M O a *- O -1 Cl 05 © O <44 » •A s h b e l A v e r y . tU CO 03 I© M tO —' fO fCf-*M tO — Hh-4!*MCA5— W — H M M W C t C O i MCO h ' T — C Cil to O *4 O CC' H* O 4 ---- W 't f C t © C O © O O iO i\ .M C t O t C © - ] C t O f t 3 4 C O O O B e n ja m i n F . H a l l . tf- cd Ol W M fC H -tO tO w — — w — M M M h - M M C t © O t-IC D — O J H -A C C n W — -3 JO '.O C t * - a 3 C O a > O i C 4 > - 0 © t O H - - 3 0 iCOC>!£>fOttf R o b e r t H u m e . On CO co co >-* cc — co — ro »— co co o» »-* *•* to to co co co io tf- C i H M o Ot (Ct CO M t f M c COO iO Oltf-tOCO*^© tf- O CO 40 t— to CO -7 0 » ro <1 to Ot — tf- OO ©4 Oi CO CO 4-k o W illia m T it u s . Oi ►— c r. w» to co co «-k c o 11 © m co to oi to ro co to to co co O h - -1 o OJ C’t o Oi iii. to W t f c O CO CO <—» to CO 30 Oi tf* c: to T to -O CO ©1 C* Hi- CO CO L e o n a r d .S e a ring. Oi CT j O i CO to — to *-* CO H-k ro — CO to in »-k — ND CO H-k CO CO to CO C/5 ©5 — I— ** t f C Oi iO £k “ t f c . W Cl O Ci t f fO CO t f © tf-O C 0 ^ tf-t0C 0 -.7<0tf*0D t0*© tf*0400C Jl0l — W tf D a v id G o u ld. ►— — co ro©si—*ro — — H 16.10 ?o 1 E d s a r S m ith . tf-l C\ --© L© —i *-.7 — tf-to co io — C4-ICD t- o W C O t ^ <3 i ro ■— fo ro ©s •— to — m | A h iinh F itch tf- 1 o CO tc o; M co co to — >- O', -o o h- o co o> co 1 u,J,m L { ro co to ct ‘ io *—1 *—» »-* tf- ro to I A u g u s tu s Rond eo! o e c o s i o c o i o m — o i- o to ©*• to I lu:> | >— CO tc -4 00 to CO tf-tf-w o t c o t f - to t f - c o t f - c o o c o t f ^ t f - c n c o t f - t f - t f - o t '© I ^ hole n u m b e r o f votes given m © tf*. Oi i-* M -1 oj - t co tf* oi Ci tf- cn o tf* Oi Oi © 1 fm* Shpri ft\ Cs -1 -1 O C5 - c . O © W t f to O C5 t f t f 'D t f -t* w w 1 • 1 OUCIHl. )—‘ t O tf-to tO “ tft cOtf, H-*tf-tf*tf, tOtf*coH-*—t— — ror.fi e Oi r t- c. — o ot to c <i t f tf1 o t f - i cg i— -o IO 'O 04 O 50 05 'O CO a a w Oi O t f o -3 Ct CO -jH -tf- D a v id W h ite. Oi IO o tO tO —-COH-tO—ktCtfkCOCOCJil—‘ tf'tOCOtf-COtOtOCOtf- Oi©tfktf-tf-H-OitOCO*— ] er. t0C4©0itf*.C0*C-tf-O tf- o co tf* © co to oo ro tf- 04 © © or- o cc tf- cn io co o h - A u g u s tu s F e ttib o n e . CO 1 Ol I to — t-* CO to 34 I- N) M M K- tf— to V-k ^ | O tO GO 34 <J O tf- CO CO tO I—‘ *—* tf- *0 CO •— D tO C 4 X Jo s e p h C rocker. ro o CD to •J tfk CO •—* tf* tf* © © © © -0 0C Ox te tf* © -3 © -3 © © © cn CO CO KO tf- © Oi Ot tf- CD CD to tf- c?t © tf- or* CD © CO O CD CO © © © *-* CO to cr. tf- © CO CO to 00 CO 04 to © © tf- CO -O to CD to CD —1 f> W h o le n u m b e r o f votes given for C o r o n e r s . tf*. on tf- ‘ COl—*fOCOtf*tf*COtf- tf-»Htftf-tf*COtf-COi—*»-*»-*►— to Ol © Ot <t CO — *s? ^ i . O Oi to — -si — CO — 0 t f - - j © t f - - 0 to © Oi O -J -o CO © Oi CT. CO 3 D © O O Crt CO CT 4 © to K- P e t e r G . F o s d ick . tf- cr tf- \ciT CO Ot CO -1 CO -? Ot — fO-^COtOtfktfkfOtfkH-ktf-tf-tf-CO—*COtf-tf-tf- — tOOt © O i-O C O tf-C<--tf-© © iCO tf--O tf*CO tf-© tf-*-l© * — -3 to © Oi © 04 © © © Ol © tf- © O © O <! Ol CO CJ © tf- *— L o y a l S toyell. CO to —• CO to tf* to — C/5 to Ot tf* tf* to to tf* to CO to CO tf*. © i — — t f - tf - O tf-cO tf-tf* ^ .—!©. COOtOOttffcCOCO^.© yu. ©CO*^*COrO©-.TlOtf-ODfO©^--.lC0040ttf-COtf*tf* A s h b e l W i n e g a r . to r o i —»cotfto»-*fO tf*cocooitf*u-fO fO — cocococotf** © — — tf-tf-© ^ -tO tf-H -tf-<»© C O O i© O t*i-C O C O tf-© tU C C A j ^ W t O M - l O W - J f C t O t f s l G O a OitUCOtf* — S tep h e n R h o a d e s . to w-tf* co co © to •—* tf* tf* tf». co c o l N e h e r n iah H o v t © © © 04-3 — tf-co co to t f t f © —l © tf ot co 04 to 1 n e i i c u i i a u '• Oi 1 * •wi i to !—»•—* co to ©4 * to ■—1 ‘ 4 —* tf- ro to | H a m ilto n A v e r v tf*l 0*-CtC04<JO tf-CO co ro — c . 'C ►- ©3 to c*. to 1 « v c i y . [C p'There is, we learn. an acuve canvass go­ ing on among the Loco Focos, for the two seats whicli a rclo become vacant in the U S. Senate. Many aspirants are named, a n d among the most prominent Col. Y o i n g and Attorney-General B a r k e r . Mr. F o s t e r looks that way through his spectacles, but his shadow will never grow larger. Some say that the partv will be m ag­ nanimous and send Mr. V a n B u r e n and Gov Boucic. who were thrown overboard in a storm, to the Senate. But this intelligence needs con­ firmation. The repose of these distinguished bnt discarded Sages is not likely to be so dis­ turbed. But when are we to have the resignations ol S e n a to r s ’. V r i g i i t and T a l l m a d g e ? Congress meets on the first Monday in Dicember. \Vill .Mr. W r i g h t take Itisscut fora month ? There ts no objection io his doing so. But it is time ihat Gov. T a l i . m a d g e , who cannot retain both places, should send along h is resignation.—Alb. Jour. _______________________ A N e a v C a n d i d a t e f o r t h e P r e s i d e n c y . — Hon. G f . o e g e M. D a l l a s - in his maiden speech as Vice President elect of the United States, at Philad* Iphia, on the 8th instant, foreshadowed the future greatness o f th e hero of Cliepatclict in the following-language, as reported by the L o c o f o c o p a p e r s . 1 fie spoke particularly of the confinement of Thom as W . Xtoir, in ihe Rhode I s l a n d prison, and the sym pathy Celt for him by thegreal body of the American people, and he prophesied that ' the time was not far distant when lie would be liberated and raised tn the highest honors for his fearless advocacy oj the rights of mankind and the sufferings he had endured m behalf o f the people.” This language Ic it remembered is held to­ ward a proffigme villain, who, without the slightest sem blance ol authority or color of law, laised an army of ruffians to plunder the capi­ tal of his native Slate, and was only prevented from doing so, by the fiunness of the Iriends of law- and order and his own cowardice—a man who turned his weapons against his father and brethern, and who would have deluged the couniry with blood and carnage. H e is a pret­ ty object for thecom misscration of G e o . M. D a l ­ l a s . — [Rueh. Dem. W a r b e t w e e n B r a z i l an d B n e n o s A y r e s . Recent advices from Montevideo state this to be a probable event. A letter in the Commer­ cial Advertiser dated at Momevideo, Aug. 23d says. “ The aspect of things in this country is changing. Every thing indicates that Brazil is going toengagp in the war, and take Montevi­ deo under ber protection. The desperate resistance made by this gal­ lant people, supported as they have been by the sons of F rance, should secure to them the good wishes of every Chri-tian nation ; and it Brazil engages in the war, Buenos Ayres will be hum ­ bled in the contest, for the Bada Oriental is about a match for her. Nighi before last Colonel Garavalda, com, mand'tng (he Moti'cvidean gunboat, went down to the Boralo arid captured a Buenos Avvean brig and schooner; the brig with 5 0 0 b a r r e l s flour, and the schooner with Ycrva, tea of P a ra­ guay C A Y U G A C O U N T Y O F F I C I A L C A N V A S S . » ^ - s . t25 W o •*4 o —» CO ro 3 ; o ci its o o 5! •S te tn S’ha SP- 5- (5 _ a. 3 S’S S'® ~ 2 » 5 s I ;• “3 j r ~ 3 3 §> n S 3 ^ 'ST © *\* CO « S.-f! ® 3 u O f 2 1 * H it ^ ^ ? te I— 2 1 ci o c S c a t t e r i n g . —For Governor. S. W right received one; for Representative in Congress, B’ Davis Noxon one, George Rathone one, George Rathbone one ; for Mem6ers of Assembly, Tho­ mas Spencer one, .Tames Munroe one, Frederic P ratt one, Orsamus Johnson one. David Searing one ; for Sheriff. E rastus Pettibone one.; for Coroners, A. Culler, one, Elder Backus one. I n w itn e s s w h e r e o f , we, tbe Board of County Canvassers have caused this statem ent to be attested by the signatures of our Chairm an and Secretary.—Dated at Auhurn. November 13, 1844. LYM AN SOULE, Chairman. P h i l i p V a n A r s d a l e , County Clerk and Secretary. Statement in relation to Members o f Assembly, and County officers. — The Board of County Canvass­ ers of the Couniy of Cayuga, having met at the office o f the Clerk of said County, on the twelfth day of November 1814, to canvass and estimate the votes given in the several Election Districts, at a general election held on the fifth day ot November in the year aforesaid, do certify as follows, to wit : That it appears on such estimate and canvass, that the whole number of votes given for Members of Assembly, was thirty-one thousand two hundred and seventeen ; of which William Titus received five thousand one hundred and seventy-three ; Leonard Searing received five thousand one hundred and eighty-six ; David Gould received five thousand one hundred and eighty-five; Ashbel Avery received four thousand eight hundred nnd fifty-five ; Benjamin F . Hall received four thousand eight hundred and thirty-nine ; Robert Hume received (our thousand eight hundred and fifiv-lhree ; E d g a r Smith received three hundred and seventy- one ; Abijah Fitch received three hundred and seventy-four ; Augustus Rood received three hundred and seventy-three ; Thomas Spencer received one ; Jam es M unroe received one ; Frederick Trait received one ; Orsamus Johnson received one. T h a t the whole num ber o f votes given for the office of Sheriff, was ten thousand three hundred and ninety-seven; of which A ugustus Fettibonc received five thousand two hundred and one ; David White received four thousand eight hundred and twenty-eight ; Joseph Crocker received three hundred and sixty seven ; E rastus Pettibone received one. T h a t the whole num b er of votes given for tb,e office o f Coroner, was twenty thousand eight hundred and twenty seven ; of which Ashbel 4Vinegar received five thousand one hundred and ninety three ; Stephen Rhoades received five thousand one hundred and eighty-seven ; Peter G. Fosdtck received four thousand eight hundred and lorly sev e n ; Loyal Stoyall received four tfldttSSUKl eight hundred and forty-nine ; Neherniah Hoyt received three hundred and seventy- five; Hamilton Avery received three hundred and seventy-four; A . Cutler received one, and E lder Backus received one. In wittncss whereof, we have cnused this statement to be attested by the signatures of our Chairman and Secretary.—Dated a t A u b urn, Ihis 13th day of November, A. D. 1841. * L P M A M SOULE, Chairm an. Pmt.iT V a n A r s d a l e , County Clerk and Secretary. The Board of County Canvassers o f Ihe Couniy o f [Cayuga, having canvassed and estimated the votes given in the several Election Districts of the said County, at a General Election held on the fifth dav of November, A. D. 1814, do certify, determine and declare, that W ILLIAM TITUS. LEONARD SEARIN G, and DAVID GOULD, by the greatest number o f v o tes w e r e d u ly elected M e m b e r s o f A s s e m b ly fo r said C o u n t y ; th a t AUGUSTUS PE T T IB O N E , by the greatest num b er o f Votes was duly elected Sheriff of said County ; and that A S H B E L W 1NEGAR mid S T E P H E N RHOADES, by the greatest num b er o f votes, were dulv elected Coroners for said County.—Dated November 13th, 1814. * LYUIAN SOULE, Chairm an. P h i l i p V a n A r s d a l e , County Clerk and Secretary. T h e V o l e o f t h e L i b e r t y P a r t y . W e g i v e th e “ L i b e r t y P a r t y ” g r e a t j o y for having elected Jam es K. Polk, the T e x a s a n d S l a v e r y .candidate, President of the United Slates! We give them joy that through their efforts the Institution of Slavery has been forti­ fied and extended; that by them the steel has been thru.-t into the bleeding heart of the poor manacled Slave! 4Ve congratulate them that they have succeeded in opening a wide field for the trafic in human flesh and blood ; that they have shut out the last ray of light and extin­ guished the last hup., that sustained and cheered the soul of the benighted bondsman ; lhat they have succeeded in thrusting into perpetual ser­ vitude millions of their fellows, and reared around them a huge wall beyond which the cries of the oppressed cannot penetrate—against which the efforts o f Christian patriots and good men can never prevail! Yes, we give these mod­ ern Philanthropists great joy and much con­ gratulation, that while upon iheir lips have ever hung words of condolence, mercy and pity', they have consummated a scheme of oppression, that must call down the execration of all good men and the vengeance of heaven ! We however wish fhetn no severer punishment, than lhat which the 'goadings of iheir consciences m ust inflict upon them. We hope that they who have been so conscientious that they could not stop to do a mereilul deed—they who profess to be guided by the commands of the Most H igh, may ex­ perience no sterner rebuke lhau a full con­ sciousness that they have held millions of their race in bondage whom they might have succored, and turned a deaf e a r to the cries of the down­ trodden and forsaken when they might have ex­ tended the hand of kindness and mercy. When they humbly approach their God, supplicating pardon for their misdeeds, let them not forget th is, t h e i r c r o w n in g sin . 4V h e n they lay' their heads upon their pillows, a lter having thanked their God for the ease and comfort that surround them and theirs, let them not forget that but for their acts, thousands of hearts would not bleed —m yriads of spirits would not be crushed—that the hydra-headed monster, S l a v e r y , would not hold jubilee! Peace to thy conscience, worthy philanthropist, thy reward is in the womb o f the future!—[Niagara Courier. « T hree groans for the P resident o fthe A d B i b l e S o c i e t y . ” “ Three groans for the President o f the d d Bible Society! /”' This was one of the mad cries uttered by the tli-as'oned rabble of foreign­ ers and degraded Americans, which on Thurs­ day evening congregated in front o f the Times office It followed the cry of <• Three groans for d d old Clap ” 44Te shall make no commen­ tary on this occurrence—none is needed. The co r r u p t p a r t y w h icli h a s hugged to its bosom the horde of ignorant and intolerai.t foreigners, whose only opposition to Bir. Frelinghuysen sprang from the fact that he occupies the dis­ tinguished post of President of the A m e r i c a n B i b l e S o c i e t y , and is devoied and nniiring in his exertions to spread the I I o l y W o r d o f G o d —we say this party, by that act. has assumed a position which must a’rrav against it the piety and true Christianity of the country. When it comes to this, that a political patty, exultant over the successful issue of a base, anti-Ameri can coalition, signalizes its triumph, and panders to the passions and prejudices of its ignorant foreign allies by demon shouts, and fiendish groans for the presiding officer o f a society, h a v ­ ing for its object the highest, the holiest and most ennobling ends—then, t h e n it becomes the dntv of every good citizen, every Christian, irre­ spective of pariy, to a c t as the emergency de­ mands. Blen of New E n g land—sons of sires, who, braving the storm and the sea, sought in the wilderness of America a temple where they might worship th e i r ’G o d according to th e dic­ tates of their own consciences—the B IBLE for their guide and council—Freem en, a great and fearful responsibility res's on Y OU ! Prepare to meet it as men—as A m e r i c a n s !—Hartford (Conn.) Journal. 4Ve copy the following from the New York Republic and A m e rican: ♦if###*#*#####*#**#*# * if * AMERICANS * * * * * * * * * S H A N ’ T RU L E US. The owner of the slavc-pen at 4Vashington,; who floats the flag ol Polk and Dallas, ought to render special thanks to the Liberty party men of the north, for their effective exertions lo secure to him a prosperous business, by the open­ ing o fa new, extensive nnd profitable slave m ar­ ket in Texas — [Ithaca Chronicle. tC T ” J o h n G. W h i t t i e r . — The Quaker Poet and Abolitionist, was run as a candidate for the Legislature in Ameshury, Bla<=s. on Monday last, by the “ Liberty party ” and the Loco Foco*. H e failed of an election by four votes. A n d r e w ( J a c k s o n , at the H erm itage, on the 29th of October, 1S41, presented G e n , A r m ­ strong , bis old fellow soldier, with the sword worn at New Orleans. Alt eye witness or the scene describes il as exceedingly interesting and affecting We can easily conceive of its being so. _______________ _ F a s t G r i n d i n g . —Beach’s stone Mill in this town, manufactured 2136 barrels of flour in 6 ilavs o f last week, being 356 barrels per day.— This is using up 10.000 bu'hels of wheat in about the shortest lime we have heard of.—Ak­ ron Beacon^ __________________ _ D e a t h o f a R e v o l u t i o n a r y S o l d i e r . —The Seneca County Courier nonces th e d e a t h of H o n . N e e d h a m M a y n a r d a soldierofthe Revolution. He was born in 1756, was a t th e b a t t l e o f Bunk­ er Hill, served through the war, and afterwards settled as a farmer in New Hampshire. In 1788 he removed to W hitestown, Oneida county, where he was elected to various offices of public trust. He died at the residence of his son, Hon. John M aynard. A F a c t w o r t h r e c o r d i n g —The Troy 44Uiig states, that in the town ol Petersburgh, on Tues­ day last, three revolutionary soldiers aueuded the polls and promptly voted the W hig tic k e t - two of whom were brothers, the eldest 91 and the other 92! A T w i n U n c l e !—At Blassat in France, on the 20th ult., two females, mother and daughter, gave birth to a male child within two minutes of each oiher. The babies were put r.to one cradle, wliilsi the mothers were attended to, and the result was an impossibility to distinguish which was the uncle and which was the neph­ ew. ______________________ Don Miguel who is now residing at Rome, at the expense o f th e Papal government, has re­ fused the offer o f a pension from Portugal, on condition of resigning his claims to the throne of lhat c o u n try. He still hopes that the ‘ sober second thought’ o f the Portuguese will call him back. _____________________ S h o c k i n g A c c i d e n t . — A little girl, about six years of age, daughter of George 44'. Shaw of Newton, Lower Falls, was badly burnt on Thursday last, by her clothes taking fire, and before assistance arrived, was completely en­ veloped in flames. She is not expected to sur­ vive Dedham American. D e a t h o f C h i e f J u s t i c e B u c h a n a n . — A dis tinguished son of M aryland has fallen. The Hon. Chief Jnslice John Buchanan is no more. He died at his residence at W oodland, m W ash­ ington co , at 11 o’clock on 4Vednesday m o rn­ ing, in the 71st year of his age, a fter an illness ot about four weeks. He was appointed an As­ sociate Justice in 1S06, and Chief Justice in 1825. R e m a r k a b l e P r e s e n t i m e n t . —In the last Doylestown (P a ) Democrat, we find a notice of the death of Beniah HolJren, of Nockarmxon, at the advanced age of 94 years. H e died on the 14lh of October, and the correspondent o f the Democrat stales lhat, “ On the Saturday previ­ ous to his death, his daughter, with other friends, paid a visit to the old people ; found them in good health, and passed a very agreeable eve ning and morning. The old gentleman was sensible, agreeable, talkative and happv, and partook ol a hearty breakfast, after which he ob­ served—‘Now, my friends, this is the last meal T shall ever e a t ; I am about to die.’ It was in vain that his friends endeavored to dissuade him from such an idea—he the more resolutely per sisied in it, and said he was called and must obey ; but while he yet had breath and the pow­ er o f speech, he wished to give some in s t r u c t i o n s with respect lo his worldly concerns, his butial, Ac., and immediately commenced. Some few moments after he closed his last direction, he was struck down with a paralytic stroke, and never spoke more. lie lingered, however, on the brink o f death, until Monday morning, when he expired without a groan.” Y e t a n o t h e r D r e a d f u l A c c i d e n t . — 4Ve are again called upon to record anoiher melancho­ ly a c c i d e n t w h i c h r e s u l t e d in th e d e a t h o f a n unknown lad, apparently about 15 years of a g e .1zes I n th e a b s e n c e o f a n y p a r t i c u l a r i n f o r m a t i o n fro m I our Coronor, the facts in the ease, as near as w e c o u l d l e a r n , a r e a s f a l l o w s : The l a d w a s hired in Albany, on Saturday last, by the Cap­ t a i n o f a c a n a l b o a t , w i i h o u t e v e n e n q u i r i n g his j It having been denied by David Hale, editor of t! e Jour, of Com., and other Locofocos, that a banner bearing the above inscription w a s borne in the Locofoco procession on Friday, w’e are authorized to say ihat ihe following respectab’c citizens saw il with iheir own eyes and a re ready io bear solemn testimony to the f a c t : Joseph Josephs, 418 Houston sireet. C. L. Norton. 44S Broome street. AV. B. Lown, 8 Jay streei. E d . W eyland, 12 4Tarick street. Thom as Cooper, 31 Blaiden Lane. 44'm. H . Chambers, 527 Greenwich street. E . W. Lozier, ’250 Spring stteet. Robert Brown, 165 West Broadway. John J. Drake, 150 Franklin street. If Native born Americans are not sufficiently aroused by a fact like this to give their votes against a party which countenances such an outrage upon our government and institutions, then are they worthy to return to that vassalage to the British crown, from which they were freed by the blood of their heroic ancestors! We annex to the above the description of a n ­ other banner borne in the Locofoco procession, and have authority vastly more reliable than lhat of the M orning News, for stating that it was so borne, and that its inscription is accu­ rately copied. That after ascertaining how much indignation the parading of such a banner occa­ sioned, it may have been ordered out of the line, is possible,—but there it w as; aud, moreover, it tells lhe truth—for Polk and they who support him are fo r Free Trade, are for Texas, and are for Slavery, — white-faced, lily-livered, N o rth­ ern dough-faces, as they are. Copy of a Banner carried in the torch light procession, Nov. 1 . 1S41. CLAY POLK P r o t e c t i o n , F r e e T r a d e , A n t i - T e x a s , T e x a s , A n t i - S l a v e r y . S l a v e r y . The editor of the N. Y. American says :— 4Vc arc also credibly informed that J. B, Schmehrnl saw the banner, and as he is of the Locofoco party, he can tell how it affected him .—[H a rt­ ford Journal. T h e B e g i n n i n g o f t h e E n d —The poor delu­ ded L o c o f o c o s who h a v e v o t e d for Polk and Dal­ las, have signed iheir own distress w arrant, to accommodate a fem office-holders. They have now e.ause of lamentation instead of rejoicing. A sa specimen of what the laboring classes a te to e x ­ pect, a correspondent informs us.that a capital­ ist who had ordered a Surveyor in Brooklyn to lay out a plot for ihe construction of some thirty houses, has now, under an expectation lhat Polk will be elected, countermanded his order, and stales that as his only reason. The Custom House record shows large shipments of specie on Friday and Saturday for Europe ; while of­ fice seekers, regardless ol'the injury they have inflicted on the poor Blechanic and the Labor­ ing Classes, have already commenced their squabbles fcr ihe loaves and fishes.—[Tribune. R esult of T emperance .— A t lh e r e c e n t assi- held at Kingston, Canada, Mr. Justice Hc- german, in addressing thejury. remarked that— “ He was happy tosay that, in his various circuits through the province, he found crime sensibly on the decrease; and that he was confirmed in his opinion by his brother judges. That inlemper- namc, as a teamster, in which capacity h e 'h a d ance, the fruitful parent of vice, was of much proceeded irom that city to the weigh lock in this village, when the horses, being rather sikt. tish and detached Irom the boat, look fr ight and ran off', the tow-line at the same instant entang ling around one o f the boy’s legs. In this con­ dition of things the team continued their flight, uninterrupted, for the distance of a mile or more, and lo within fifteen rods of the lower side-cut, dragging the pjorchi'd (sometimes in the canal, and sometimes over its bank,) the whole distance! We are informed that, even when half wayr through this latal race, his cries for aid were heart-rending, and that when the horses were finally arrested, he still breathed ! One leg was broken above the knee, his bowels partly protruded, and :he back of his skull was severely contused. It was an awful sight, and a horrid death! A Coroner’s inquest was held over the body, the jury returning a verdict o f “ accidental death.”—[West Troy Advocate. A l w a y s a B u s y P l a c e in N e w Y o r k C i t y . — W herever there is a great deal of business done, good articles must always be sold, for people will not be deceived twice. At J o h n C . M o r ­ r i s o n ’s , No. 188 Greenwich Sireet, where are sold Drugs, Groceries, Oils, Paints, Teas, Dye Stuffs, Chemicals, Segars, Manufacturers' Articles o f e v e r y k i n d , a n d in f a c t e v e r y t h i n g o f u s e , there is a t all times a perfect turning in and out ol boxes, packaecs and barrels. This is a sure sign lhat satisfaction is given to customers, or else they would not go there. People from the couniry, as well a* our citizens, are sure to run to Morrison’s for they know they can do better there than any where else. ______ M r. Jam es Gaston, one of the nurses at the Eastern Penitentiary, in Philadelphia, was kill ed in a shocking manner, by John Bilman, an insane convict, on the 1st in»t. Bilman struck Gaston with a p lank, a s he entered his cell.— Bilman then tried to escape. Since his incar­ ceration, for horse stealing, he has confessed that he murdered his father ! E ditorial D uel .—I n the New Orleans R epub­ lican of the 28th ult. we find it stated that on the previous evening a hostile meeting took place on the lVIetarie track, between two well known members of the daily press. 41'eapons, pistols distance, five paces. At the word, one pistol missed fire ; ihe others exploding wounded his antagonist in the abdomen andlelt thumb. The parties exchanged amicable salutations and sep­ arated. The names are not given. at J °Dn„C- \ Co lh° U.n’ lhe Courier suggests, will be ...... ...Rom Mr. Putk s Secretary of State, if Bir. Pollr is to America during the past year, 1,044 895 President. Jam es G Birney is recommended -lo franks—V. e .m o re than $200,000, to aid in 'th e a place m tins sam e Cabinet, a s h aving been a* establishment o f popery in this country near- prominent contributer to the success of the Lo- ty a s much as h a s been received b y the Amer- co-Foco-Tcxaii-Frcc-Trat.e-Abolition party.— ican Board, for evanglizing the entire pagan Express. , w o rld! A F a c t . — In New York city, the vote in the Five Points district, that unmatched sink of crime and everything at which morality and de­ cency shudders, stood 668 for Polk to 158 for Clay. Over four to one! An inference may be drawn from this fact !- R o m i s h F u n d s . —The Association for pro- m o tin g anism , at Lyons, France, has sent more rare occurrence in the rural districts than formerly. That these happy results he ascribed to the general increase of weal h and prosperitj in the country, and to the more ample means afforded of attending Divine worship. His lordship observed thal one gieat duty of m agi­ strates was to see thal no more than a necessary number of tavern licences should be granted.” His honor alluded to the thickly planted sign posts in Kingston, and had he been presiding in tbe Home district, the sam e rem ark would just­ ly apply to Toronto. A N e w s t a p e k in a F a m i l y . — The minds of active children arc ever agog after som ethingon which their minds can rest. This principle of the hum an faculty never can be sa isfied short of enjoyment in something. This being a self- evident position, the question fairly arises what is the best food for such minds? Tf we wish their faculties to remain useless, deprive child­ ren as much as possible, of all sources of infor­ mation ; teach them that ail polish of whatever kind it may be, is superfluous. Then they will either be drones or vagabonds, according as the bent of their inclinations may lead them. But on the contrary, if you wouid like to have the offsprings o f your charge both active and useful, place such incentives before them as would lead a tender and susceptible mind into a train of useful thoughts which would so bias future con­ duct, as to justify the saying of the wise man, “ train up a child in the way he should go, atid when he is old he will not depart from it.” S h o c k i n g A f f a i r !—Last night about half past 11, as Nathaniel A. Lowry, at Jamestown, was returning from his store to his house, some fiends in human shape met him near liis dwell­ ing, and stabbed him with a butcher knife, and then im m e d i a t e l y fl-ml! 44’ho the wretch is, that could thus assassinate one of our citizen®, in our public streets, is a mystery. A public meeting will be held, and vigorous measures resorted to. The physicians think Lowry in a dangerous situation. He is slabbed in the abr dornen.— [Fredonia Censor. P o s t a g e R e f o r m . —The revenue from the postage in Great Britain, under the penny sys­ tem. in c r e a s e d in ihe last quarter, over the cor­ responding quarter of 1813, upw ards of forty thousand pounds sterling, equal to nearly TW O HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS. T h a t is done in carrying letters all distances alike, for a penny sterling the half ounce, corre­ sponding wiih a demand of TW O CEN T S PO S T A G E . ________ T T - There was a very considerable white frost at Biobile 29th ult. T h e K i n g o f th e F r e n c h . The London Tim es in a pithy article, noticing the visit o f Louis Philhppe to E n g land says : “ But this is the first time in lhe history of our relations with France, that we receive the Sovereign of thal nation on our soil of Britain, not because be has sunk under the reverses of intestine revolutions or foreign war, but because he is the successful, the trium p h a n t King of the F rench—successful, in his long struggle over the dangers of anarchy and rebellion, aim ­ ed repeaiediy even against his own life—trium ­ phant, iu the maintenance of that policy o f peace, which is the most characteristic and not the least praiseworthy element of his power. King Lou­ is Phillippe comes to England because he has successfully held throughout the vicissitudes and dangers ol the last fourteen years, the great principle that the prosperity and liberty o f France required peace, and that peace for France and for Europe, means amity with England. Seen as it will be seen by lhe eye of history, when the nunor differences of the day have sunk inio appropriate insignificance, this is the general ef­ fect—this the great and significant result o fth e reign of Louis Philiippe ; and when also it is borne in mind from what evils this policy has saved the world, there is no one of so narrow a grasp of mind, or so distempered a state of feel­ ing, as not to forget the petty irritations of the moment in gratelul acknowledgment of that good understanding which has been preserved by the blessings of providence, between the two greatest nations of modern Europe. A London letter noticing the disembarkation, sa y s : “ There was no mistaking K ing Louis Phillippe, even by those who were lam iliar with his features only through the medium of en­ gravings. There was his bluff, portly figure, strongly marked and expressive countenance, arid large grey whiskers. As he appeared at lhe gangway, a loud cheer broke forth—it was a hearty ringing h u rrah ; and his Blajesty appear­ ed to feel and appreciate its cordiality. Pie bowed long and low, turning in every direction, and then stepped firmly down the ladder, follow­ ed by Prince Albert, the Due de Montpensier, and the Duke of W ellington.” The last lime that Louis Phillippe visited England was in 1815, during the hundred days. When Louis K4TIII went to Ghent, the Duke of Orleans took refuge in E ngland, where he re­ mained until the battle of 44’aterloo enabled hitn once more to return to the Palais Royal.— Lotus Phillippe ha® entered the 72d year of his age. including the last, h aving been born on the 7ih October, 1773. A H o r r i b l e a f f a i r . — T he following extract of a fetter from Laha>na. gives an account of a most horrible occurrence which recently hap­ pened at a neighboring bland—dated Biarch 22d: >■ Y ou will have h*-aid from Capt. Green, of the Ontario, that three men deserted from him last Friday night. To day 2 of them returned; they wete brought to the U. S. Consulate A g en­ cy, and make one of lhe most horrible state­ ments 1 ever heard. * * They, as they say, hired a boat ol three natives on Friday eve, ami started for Hawaii. There were three in the boat, viz: W alter G. Pike, of New Windsor, Orange co , N. Y., Robert Bl'Carty, New York City, and Jacob Von Chet, belonging to Bltddle- town Pomi, New Jersey—the latter a colored man. They pulled all Friday night, Saturday, Sunday, and their nights, and became exhaus­ ted, and were unable to pull any longer. On Tuesday they drilled on the rocks a t Lanai, and, having been wiihout food or fresh water the whole of the time, and having drank salt water, they were in a state of starvation. They were not able lo get up the pati, (precipice,) and agreed lo cast lots to see who should die l'or the benefit of the oilier two. The lot fell on Von Clief, who was killed by blows on his head with a s;one—they then cut liisarrn and throat, and drank his blond—after which, they cut a piece from his right arin and ate it. Alter they became strengthened, they got up the pali, and met with some natives, who gave them food, and brought them across the island and to this place in canoes. The natives have been examined, and con­ firm itic statement made by the men. The dead body was found as they described, and buried by iliem. The Governor will send to Lnnat to morrow for the woman they first saw alter lauding, and for the remains ol the boat.'’ These men were subsequenty tried for m u r­ der, ami acquitted—and subsequently tried lor s-ea'ing the boat and fined 80 dollars and costs. H aving no means ol paying the line, they were working it out on the public roads. A N a t i o n a l S a b b a th C o n v e n tion is to be held iii the City of Baltimore on W edne-day the 27th of tins month, which Editors aie re­ spectfully requested to notice. The proposition to hold such a Convention, suggested some months since by lhe Philadelphia Sabbath As- sociaiion, h a s been sa n c t i o n e d by the S a b b a t h Conventions nf M aryland, of Delaware, ami ol the Disirict of Columbia ; by the American Sab­ bath Union, through their Secretary, Dr. E d ­ w ards ; by ihe ,Siaie Conventions o f Pennsyl­ vania and N e w Y o r k ; aud by the Charleston Sabbath Association. The Commitiee of ihe Baltimore Sabbath As-oeiarion have issued a Circular through the papers, in which the)-say : “ \\re invite Alinislers of the Gospel lo lay this subject before their congregations, ami procure the appointment of larae delegations ; we iovue the citizens of every Election District to assem­ ble in primary capacity, and appoint delegates ; we invite all merchants, professional rnt n , a g ­ riculturists, [[manufacturers and mechanics, to attend personally, or send representatives ; and lastly', though not least, we cornially and ear­ nestly invite officers and stockholders in canals, railroads, steamboats and stage line® forward­ ers, agents, conductors, drivers, and all oihers concerned in the carriage of persons or goods, or connected with the shipping inieresi, to altend and lake pait in the deliberations of the Conven­ tion. Delegates arc requested, on their arrival, to report themselves at the Lecture Room of the Fifth Presbyterian Church (Rev. Bir. Jlanm e r’s) ill H anover street, where a Commitiee of Re- cepiion will be in wmiting to receive them. D o w n f a l l o f a Shot T o w e r . — A large and beautiful shoi lower, in progress of erection in Si. Lotus, and which had attained the height of 160 feet, suddenly fell wiih a tremendous cra.-h on Saturday, the 2d inst. For some,weeks it had caused alarm in ihe neighborhood by frequent cracking, but it had been recently examined by skilful engineers, and an opinion cxpresed that there wa - no danger of its falling. But not­ withstanding this it fell, nnd involved in destruc­ tion two frame tenements, but without doing any personal injury, it was the property of Ferdinand Kennetl, Esq., ofthe above cay ; the loss is estimated at Sit),000. P r o c l a m a t i o n . B y W m . c . Bouck, Governor o f the Stale o f Hem Toik. Another y ear h as nearly drawn to aclose and surrounded as we are, by the unnumbered bles­ sings of God s providence and grace, nothin* can be more becoming and proper than to la? aside all secular engagements, and devote at least one day of the many we are allowed to call our own, to devout Thanksgiving and praise to the Author of the constant and unmerited mercies we, as a people, are permitted to enjoy I do therefore most cordially recommend that T h u r s d a y t h e t w e l f t h d a y o f D e c e m b e r next be observed throughout the State, as a day of Prayer, Praise and Thanksgiving, to our great Father in Heaven, our gracious Benefactor and Friend. By H is merciful providence we have been permitted to enjoy the comforts of hfe, and our religious, social and political privileges have been continued to us. D u ring the past year we have been exempt from the ravages of ma­ lignant disease, and the earth has yielded her increase : a growing prosperity lias been telt in all the business relations of life, and the blessed gospel has been gradually but surely extendin'* its benign influence. Actuated by its diffusive benevolence, Christian Blissionaries have not only labored among the waste and desolate pla. ces at home, but have gone forth lo proclaim “ ChrNt and him crucified’’ to the dark and be­ nighted regions of the earth :— E ducation, in all its departments, is diffusing an increase of knowledge am ong ali classes of the community : —Temperance, the handmaid of Religion, is j m aking deeper and wider impressions, ancl send- I ing joy and comfort into many desolate house­ holds ; while peace and prosperity are dwelling in our mid.-t. Let us, then, as one people, on the day desig­ nated, lay- aside the cares and the ordinary busi­ ness of life, and give thanks unto God. And wiih our thanksgivings let us mingle our prayers for a continuance of the numerous blessings we enjoy, and especially lhat there may be an out­ pouring of the Spirit of God, to revive pure and uudefiled Religion among us : the best security of our civil and political institutions. In witness whereof, I have hereunto affixed my name, and the privy seal ol the State, [L. S.] ihis e i g h t h d a y o f N o v e m b e r , in the y e a r of our.Loud one thousand eight hundred an d lo r ty - f o u r . WBI. C. B O U C K . The following immense story is told in the Editor’s table of the last Knickerbocker. The humor of this editor is utterly exhaustless : By the by, speaking o f pumps, there is a very mysteriou® contrivance of this sort in the village of Cherry Valley. When the good citizens are pumping, it utters a sort of subdued screach, that seems tc be a cross between the gutteral caterwaul of an enraged grimalkin and the opening bray of a donkey. We heard it three or four times, with increasing amagement’; and at length ventured to ask of a bystander, who was watching the Richfield cohorts winding their way down “ White’s Ilill” into the village. “ Iii the name of discoid, Iriend, is that a pump or a jackass “ I t ’s a pump, I guess ; though il does sound somethin’ like a jack, that’s sar tin.’ Our informant was a singular looking genius, lie had a jolly twinkling eye, a b road- brimmed, low-crowned old hat, a nose lhat turned under instead of up, and a face that laughed in every line of its surface. “ We had a curious jack,” he comiued, “ down in our town. He belonged to a terrible obstinate m an, who kept him in a lot back o’ them eetin’ house. Every Sunday when the horses was driv’ under the shed along the back end of tb e 'm e e tin r bouse, iliat tarual jack,would begin to bray, and keep it up all sermon time. In summer, when the windows was up, you could’nt hear nothin’ else, scarcely. The man that owned him hated the minister as he did pizen.and he could’nt put the blasted critter into any other lot, out o’ clear spite. But the folks wouldn’t stand il ; and' one day one of the deacon’s sons catched the jack and putting a knife up his nose, cut out a piece .-if the dividing grizzle, about the size o f a dollar, so’si to prevent his braying any more ; ’ an -1 hedid’ni make a great deal o’ noise while : I’n a s getting veil ; but when it healed, and he j It- ed to play o r bray on it. il made the awfulcst [ nilire V“U ever ln enl ! It was* different instru­ ment, altogether At first goin’ off it was a ter­ rible bray, but it ram e out atth e cen .1 with the , shrillest whistle you ever see ; sharper than a | fife, and as loud as the scare-pipe cf a locomo- i live mginc. It was tew much ; folks could'nt bear ii, and a good many of the congregation j’lned together nnd went to buy the plaguy nni- sn u ’e ot!'. The owner larfed when they called on him and told their business ; bnt liiey gin i him bis pri-e. and put the ctilicr out o' the pale- ofthe church !’’ D ru n k e n n e s s and S t a r v a t i o n . — A late Lon­ don paper states, ns the official returns, that some thirty-live millions of bushels of barley have been converted into malt and beer in Great B r itain w iihin the last year. The same land that produced this amount ol Barley wouid have yielded, with the same labor, over twenty live millions of bushels ol good wheat. This would have given to five millions of human beings each five bushels of grain for bread. If we add I to the above, the bread stuff's distilled as well as I mailed we shall have the key to much of the j pauperism, crime, and cruel hunger witnessed i in old England.— [Bull' Com Adv. G u n p o w d e r N u l l i f i e d — It is a singular fact that a French officer has discovered a method of taking away the explosive properties of gunpow tier, to be re-tored at pleasure. It is merely to mix the powder with finely powdered charcoal or black lead, filling up the interstices between the gram ? ; and if in this slate itis set fire lo, it merely fuses, and does not flame. In a recent experiment, two barrels of the powder ihu® mix­ ed, were plar ed one upon each other, and the lower one lighted. It burnt in about twenty minutes, but the caloric developed had so litile force, thal the upper barrel was but lightly charred, and its contents uninjured. The pow­ der is a t any time rendered serviceable by sifting i t . ________________________________ [S u n . B u s i n e s s C h e c k e d . — We have heard of scve- r ’l enterprises being abandoned on account of the result of the election, and some of our m an­ ufacturing establishments have thought it pru­ dent to contract their operations. Statements of this kind will be siezed upon for mt'-represcn- lation, but the facts remain stubborn. 4Ve are informed lhat manufacturers who had ordered machinery, to be constructed into this city, have in some cases countermanded their orders.— Blany workmen will necessarily be discharged ; and if any employer thinks it his duty to dis­ charge first those who resigned themselves to the direction of the enemies o f the establishment no one can wonder a t his course. 4Vorkmen will not be discharged for having honestly form­ ed their own opinion ; but those who placed more confidence in the demagogues than in the substantial, practical men who were striving to conduct a prosperous business and support the families of the workmen, cannot be greatly sur­ prised if they are left to consort with their cho­ sen friends. Blany of our employers have been so afraid of whatever might look like proscrip­ tion, that they have suffered political desperadoes to prowl about iheir establishments, drawing away the confidence o f the workmen, and infect­ ing them with prejudices against the very men whose interests were linked wiih their ow n .— Philadelphia Gaz. B u r n t t o D e a t h .— An alarm of fire was given here on Sunday morning which proceed­ ed from a room occupied by Teggv Carey, a colored woman , in a building on Stale street- called the “ flat iron.” On goirg to the spot, an awful sight presented itself. Peggy was found under the table, in the last agonies of death, wilh her clothes burnt entirely off, and the flames had communicated to the room.— The fire was soon extinguished, wiihout any damage to the building. It is supposed she w as intoxicated and let! into or heedlessly suffered her clothes to come tn contact with the fire.— [Bridgeport Farm er, Tuesday. C o r n S t a l k S u g a r . — Bir. John Bead of New Harmony, Ia , lia® made 395 lbs, of good sugar this season from the corn stalks that grew on three quarters of an acre. This is a t the rate of 5 0 0 lbs per acre. Bir. B. made SO lbs in a day, with a simple apparatus'ofhisow n construction. Five hundred pounds at 4 cents per pound am ount to §20 per acre. It would have pro. dueed, say 5 0 bushels of corn, at 2 5 cents, or S 12 5 0 . Tin: B a n n e r T o w n o f t h e U n i o n — Blount Hol­ ly, in Rutland uo., V t.gnve Clav 182, PolkO Birney 17. In 1840. V a n Buren had 7 voles in the town. D e a t h o f Gov. R u n n e l s . —The Brandon (M ississippi) Advocate says that Gen. IL G. Runnels, formerly Governor o f that State, who emigrated to Texas about two years since, has met a violent death. Report says he was- assas­ sinated by a band of lawless rascals, who way­ laid and shot him. It is said lhat Runnels, a n d some other respectable gentlemen, were sent by th e c i v i l a u t h o r ity to a r r e s t a parcel o f m e n w h o \bere commititng various acts of violence under the authority of “ L ynch,” or, as they styled themselves, “Regulators.” They, or a part of them, were secured and lodged in jail, and, as i Runnels and his associates of law and order, were returning home, they were fired on, and several others besides himself, killed. It was hoped lhat this report would prove unfounded. P a p e r B I i l l s . —There are at this time up­ wards of 6U0 paper mills in the United Stales in full operation, wilh a capital of §16,000,000, and giving maintenance to upwards of 60,000 persons. A n I m p o s t e r . — T he Madisonian stales that some person assum ing the name and passing him self for the son of C. A. 4VickIiffe, Post­ m aster General, has swindled the postmasters of Detroit, Blich , and .Peoria, 111, and drawn drafts on M r. 4Vickliffe, each draft-accompanied by a most affectionate letter, staling the Joss ol his baggage on the lakes, &c. There is now residing in Cincinnati, a yonng lad y f rom K e n tu c k y , w h o s e h d g h t in c h e s . S h e is stout in proportion lo her altitude. 11 Stand from u n d e r!’’ P r a i s e w o r t h y a n : - H o n o r a b l e . —The Mayor of Louisville recently informed the Common Council of ihat city 1 lhat he had taken the re­ sponsibility lo furnish thp survivors of the ill- fated Lucy 4\Talker with clothes and other ne­ cessaries required by the sudden and appalling accident that had occurred. The Common Council, on their first meeting, unanimously ap­ propriated § 1 0 0 0 to meet the contingencies re­ ferred to. A B e t . — Apropos of belting, here is a spec-i. men from a Michigan paper, which is the best on election we have seen. Some Yankee girl is offering'o bet 011 Polk’s election with any re- spee.table good looking young man, as follows r “ The stakes shall be tbe parties: if Polk is- elected, I win, and m arry the gentleman xvho- heis against m e ; if he is not, the gentleman wins and marries me.” CC7= T he Governor of Blaine has appointed Thursday, the 5th day of December, as a day of Thanksgiving in that State. G o v e r n o r o f Onto.—The inauguration of Governor of Ohio in December n ext will present a novel feature. The robes of office will be transferred from son to sire—acting Gov. Bartley will give place to Gov. Bartley elect. HCs* A Dr. Lambe, in England, now 80 years old. lived for the last 40 years entirely on veg­ etable diet. He has certainly given the system a good trial. H u r r i c a n e . —A severe H u rricane visited Jaclc-on Co., Blissouri, on the night of the 2-5th ult. Some fifteen persons were killed, and m any wounded. _______ 077“ Thanksviviug in Vermont, Thursday the 5ih day of December next. I t is seldom w e c a ll particular attention to o n r advertising colum n s, but wo now wish the reader to look o v e r Mr. Brinc- kcrhotr’s advertisement. Of all remedies for Consumption o r a n y diseusc o f the L iver and Lungs, this beans upon its face the stamp of honesty; and the testimony of its cures are so undoubted thnt there need be no hesitation in giving it a lair trial. I t is a source o f sincere s a tisfaction to find such a real balm for so great diseases, and w h o lly ap a r t from any species o f q u a c k e ry. A . L . A.# T h o t n b u rn L iterary A ssociation w ill hold its first meet­ ing for the season, a t J . II. C H E D E L L ’S L E C T U R E RO OM , on W e d n e sday evening, N o v em b e r 27th, 3844- A Lecture will be delivered by the Rev. Dr. H ICK O K , of the Auburn Theological Seminary. Subject, “ Rational self- confidence essential to success.” Lecfuro to commence ot 7 o’clock. T h e L e c ture w ill be free, a n d the public a re respect­ fully invited to attend. L . J O H N S O N , R ec. Sec. N O T I C E . T h e exercise in public speaking by members o f the Rhet­ orical Society, a t the Sem inary Chapel. test week for Monday evening, has been postponed till this (Wedn d a y ) evening a t 7 o’clock. A ll a re invited to attend. N o v . 2 0 th, 1844- __________ _ N o t i c e , i f y o n p l e a s e . T h e long < » d t3» short of my J e to the Gentlemen and L« ^ ^ vidnity, th a t there saint, a n d the sinner, o f th = Lord w ill) in the wUl b e p reaching by th c subscnber C com. “ T o w n H a ll” on t h e a r t c m o o n o f ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ P r e s b r m e n cing a t th e s a m e h o u r wiln tn fro! free terian Church, observing that bell , and a ™ are respectfully invited to attend. A fter - e , ^ n ethel o f th e m e eting w iirb e explained, ie. to organize a C h u rch” in A u b u rn. O. E . M O R R E L L C h aplain o f t h e S. Pnson. A u b u rn, N o v , 1 9 , 1844. - T. S . T h e “ T o w n H a ll” has been recently fitted up nailery a n d seats in good stile and read}’ for use.

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