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Auburn journal and advertiser. (Auburn, Cayuga Co., N.Y.) 1834-1848, June 14, 1837, Image 4

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V I ■> j i t ifr’hi , U : fcit t o ' i i . i •i *, 11! £u,*1 ■ y H I '* ■t' l !# 1 .‘: O O L 0 M . B A N H A I K C E R A T E A.N3? AlfTI SCORBOylC SPqCIYIC-. HE peculiar p roperties o f t h i s invaluable a s o 6 2 s i F O R F A R M E R S $ G A R D E N E R S j r - „ F ESSENDEN’fe _New American Gatdeiierr article werediscovered apQidentJIy,about Containing practical dirt ctions. oh the cul- five y e„rs ago, by a gentleman of known aad ture of fruits, and vegetables, fee. * : aCj{nowleged. practical and speculative science Chaptal s Agricultural Ghymislry, a new _ nj reapetstabi!ily; and an enemy to quack- work. The Complete Farmer ; containing a com? er- dious epi'ome of the most important branches* o f a g riculture and rural economy; by the au ­ thor of the American Gardener. T h e Farmers’ Guide ; The Tlmticnltuial Register, &c. &c. Szc. For Sale by IVI=ON & T E R R Y . vjko a re also agents for fhe “ Genesee Farmer.” No. 9, Exchange Buildings. ery in all its forms, In a case which occurred within his own family, a young lady was af­ flicted w'ilb an inveterate scrofulous eruption, inline iia’rtly below fhe bair of the forehead J having long known t he anti-scorbutic proper­ ties oi ihe Cerate, he directed her to a p p ly it as a remedy. Tne constqoence was a n imme diate and radical cure; and at the same time, on tlie diseased part, sprung a band of pecu­ liarly rich, glossy hair, about three-fourths of on inch in width, exttuding the (ore-hair ac.vn ihe forehead that di-iance; and of a dolor seveialshades darker than the other hair A F T S B J S X L , g f l H A T is Slid against quack nostrum?, there J c is such a thing, as cr good thing , now and cf rhe head, which remains to this hour, Sur- then. The subscriber has succefdrd in hi*- ef- J j ,n <.ed at lhe result, lire discoverer projected fort?, to relieve those afflicted with Rheumatism, j a theory fm efT-cts, and has since that tinie beyond his mo>t sanguine expec'ations. Finn- , constantly kept the Cerate on hand, and dis tl reds in this place and vicinity, can attest to i jlf nsc-i*t to such of his friends and acqusint- the efficacy ol hi15 remedy, and among the uutn- ^ a ne(-s. a? his In p< thesis led him io consider ber, is the venerable Drt- Font-;, who after Mil- j,, f,j:er ?nl jet.ts for experiment. T h e lesult has fering severely for months, win speedily tc 1 peon beneficial in every instance; and in many Jieved by t h e use of one box—and iu justice Sz ( ca?«s such wonderful e/ft cts as have decided gratftude, nas sent me the following by the hand ^ i n in the beli f that he has discovered iis of a friend. A. G iilD L E Y. ! u icanu.i! • tli.it it is a specific, in scrofulous T O T H E P U B L I C . j <toe>?es ..f the heaJ ; that il positively does After a constant practice of medicine during inn-rove, perpetuate and iestorc the growth the last f o r t y - f o u r y e a , s, I freely declare lhat I J ofib c hair, when it is falnnsr, from diseased have never found s. remedy for Rheumatism debility ol the capillary vessels- and that it that 1 consider e q u il to A. Gndley’s fibeu- ; js therefore too valuable to be withheld m a tic Ointment- Persons Mflicled w ith lih t u mat ism, will do well to give it a trial. JO S E P H COLE. Auburn, May £7, 1837 ---- 3 The above kept constantly for sale [af re tail only] at the medica] Lahowtoiy ofA. Giij- ley & Co. opposite ihe Post-* *ffit e, Auburn. Price 25 Cents, pei box. D 5 3 , E E S S O H E ’S T J A A U f t T from the public. And il is- confidently be­ lieved, that if it has a fair trial, according to the directions, the public will not be disappoint- 1 e d —hut that il3 intri. sic nri'rit will establish for i t , a las;ing reputation, far superior tothe multifarious inert ‘Oiis’ aud hair restorative* of the ajfe. T h e Cerate is ml up in three ounce, hollies, with amp.e direction-, is well perfumed, and for curling and glossing (he hair, it is super­ ior to the celebrated Macassar. No d a o g er need be apprehended from its use. A 2 3 ,T Z - B ‘STSP3S2i,FS€J 1PIX, X .S. P E R S O N S afflicted with Dyspepsia, hnVe so often had iheir hopes of c ti'e raised only lo be blasted, lhat it is - ith » drgree of dif­ fidence that the proprietor offers to (his class ofthe afflicted any thing to excite new hopes; and it is only cm convicrion that he is ena­ bled to present them a remedy for their dis­ ease, from which they will not have to turn with d isappointment after a t r i a l , that he is now induced lo ask their attention. After fifteen years spent in the practice of me- d.cine, and having 1 ecoaie conversant w.th this disease, and witnessed the inefficacy of the common remedies resorted to lor its relief, the proprietor became convinced that the coiu- m o n i d e a , t h a t d e b i l i t y o f the s t o m a c h c o n s t i t u ­ ted the disease, was inoorrec! ; i’>r tunics and sMmulant?! which in that case sh-»uhl relieve, only aggravated the disease ; and i f cathartic? gave a mometrtary relief, it wa? at the price of future suffering. From ali the accompany­ ing symptoms, he was induced to turn his at­ tention tothe glandular and nervous systems, and is convinced it is a disease ofthe glands of the stomach, sometimes extending to toe liver and other glands, in a nervous temper­ ament, or the disease itself producing a high degree of nervous irritability. Taking tins view, he sought those medicines which were calculated to a ter the action of the glands, remove obstructions sn-d allay nervous ir­ ritation. After repeated trials, he has suc­ ceeded in a compound whieh answe s his ex­ pectations, and which he now offers to the public. Dvsp°ptic persons taking these pi!*?, will find their heartburn, fialulerc.y, acrid eruct­ ations, gnawing and pain of the*' stomach, chilline-s, lowness of spirits, pain and giddi­ ness ofth e head, and sleepless nights relieved, without increasing tbeir costiveness; but on the contrary, obviating the necessity of re sorting to cathartics. And while relieving these di?t iessing nervous symptoms, they are having a d ?°hstruent and alterative effect upon the glands; and tlius removing the disease. These pill* are an etficient anti-spasmodic medicine and will be found efficacious in hy­ steric di-eases, and all nervous pains, such as the nervous head-ache and nervous tooth-ache, tic-douloureux, fee. from their readily allaying nervous irritation. Mr. Holden— D ear S i r : —I cannot refrain from expres-ing my graiitude to you io offering your Hair Cerate, as an experiment njion two of mv children, who have been for six months l*ast badly afflicted wilh Scrofula in tbeir heads. One bottle has made a complete curd, and a fine downy growth of hair is appearing. WM. FROST. Boston, May Sth, 1836. Dp*r Sir :—I have used your Hair Cerate, and have found it to auswer my fullest anti­ cipations. * T can cheerfully recommend it to all afflict ed with the falliug off of lhe hair. IVM. AUSTIN, M. D. Mr.. Holdfn—S i r H a v i n g tried for the!n-t 'hree years all i h e most popular Hair Oils and C e i a t e s . and tny P h j s i e i a n s ’ Prescriptions, for restoring the hair on my head, to no effect, I was advised by n friend to make a (rial o fyour Cerate ; I did so, and two bottles had the d e ­ sired effect. I have recommended thd Cerate to several of my friends all of whom have ac- knoulegeda great benefit. R. M. BOUTQN, New York. SEFFor S d e by the proprietors, Holden Sz Vincent, Diuggists, 0-dvego, and by their a- g e n t . T . M. HUNT, Auburn. F i b . 22, 1337.-41 f t p H E Subscriber is determined neither to A p. npare, nor vend for others any nostrum, until }>' rleetlv satisfied of its general pfficacy in complaints tor which it is recommended.— He off r? the following to the community, in lull confidence oftheir utilito. A. G R I D L E Y . Auburn, Juuuary 18, l 8 ‘«,7. O ’D O N V A X . G X A . Specific Toolh-Ache Diops. These drops stand uripaialleld as a remedy; they will sub­ due the pain, and even kill the. nerve by a con­ tinual application—prrt.e 37J cents. T h e celebrated Egyptian CO R N & W A R T P l a s t e r ; It completely dissolves ■ and extracts the Corn or Wart, without causing the least pain. Price 37^ cents. J} trial o f these pills will be a sxjfitd-nt recoin- mendalir.n , yet fo r the satisfaction of those, who have not hud this opportunity, the f o l ­ lowing testimonials are selected : —■ San.J Lake, N o v . 1 5 , 1836. I am happy with the respect I entertain for Dr. Joseph H. Elmore as a physician of sci ence, of his skill as a practitioner, and for his uthaniiy and uprightness in all the social re­ lations of life, to state th«t I know the com­ position of his Anti-Dyspeptic Pills, (hat they are prepared on truly scientific principles, and in no way calculated to gull the public or call upon him lhe charge of quackery, but on the contrary 1 believe them to be a medicine which merits the patronage of the philanthropic pbv- sici m and the thanks of the,, public, and will be found adapted to the cure of the diseases for which he presents them. 1 have prescrib­ ed them in my practice and found tbe desired results, and since I became acquainted with hi? Anti-Dyspeptic p-lls I haveu>el them with u- niver-al satisfaction in dyspeptic and nervous complaints, and his Bi'ious Pill? are a sure and easy cathartic well adipted for lhe pre­ vention and cure of bilions complaints aud are truly a family medicine that can be used w ith the utmost safety. THOS. BROW NING, M. P. Sand Lake, OcL. 1st, 1836. I have been for eight year? afflicted with a severe uei vous head-ache, and at tunes r cruciating as to cause delirium, ant! ! have tried i many prescriptions but never found a remedy till I began the use of Dr. Ehno»-e,s Anti- Dyspcplic Pills—frotn their g'-o i effect? on my­ self and others of my a.-qua utance, T dtf un­ hesitatingly recommend them to all wlio are laboring under nervous affl ctions. • ; REBECCA BAKER. | New Ltbanon, Columbia Co.. N. Y. Nov. 1836. 1 I was suffering great pu n from the Tic-Doul- j a box of Dr. E'more’s A most important and invaluable discovery T R A N S R P A R E N T CEM E N T . This Cement 13 warranted toniend effectually, all articles of Glass Ware,.. Window glass. Chi­ na, Earthen w«re, polHied steel, &c. without t e eemem being in the least degree visible, __ Price 25 cents per bottle. ftjTTde Language o f T r u th i4 Simple, T HJB B RA # » B E T H J? X B B S-.. O N the. 18th of May, 1835, these o o w truly celebrated pillsTyere first m a d e knowjr in- the United States, although, in Europe.they had been previously before the public nearly a century! The American public naturally viewed'them with euspicir-n, but as on Jfial they were found what they professed,it was soon displaced b y 'hegreatest confidence. They have secured this character, too, under very ad verse circumstances, having to contend with Icase slanders, promulgated -hy those, mUrea ed xp. keeping mankind, w a atate .of er or as r e ­ g a r d s the functions o f their bodies. Dr. Bran­ dreth would here impress, on bis friends, and- the public generally, (hat however differ. eat niay be (he action of the Pills at d.ffer- ent times, such different action arises not from any alteration in the. pills but from.the state of the body—they ahmdd always be persevered in until the actipu is -.mfqrm*^ for they are an efficient assistant of nature, having the same kind ol action on ti e human body that storms aad hurricanes have upon the air, or that the tides have upon the ocean— they purify. W h a t so judicious as the copy­ ing ol nature? W e see, when she wishes to become purified that she puts herself in com­ motion, which has ihe purifying effect. And so we, to induce purity in our bodies, bring about a natural commotion, by artificial means, and experience has taught those who have adopted this course, and who.for this purpose, have used these Pill?, that they were in the ri^ht, because the resuli has been sound health; or, iu other words, every organ has become restated to a state of purity consistent with its functions ; and although there are many whose bodies are in such a state of debility and suffering that ail which can rea­ sonably be expected is temporary relief, yet neveriheless many persons who have com­ menced with them under the most trying circumstances of bodily affliction, when every other m>ans and medicine had proved al­ together unavailing, have been restored to health a'nd happiness from their use, and the consequence is, they are now recommended by thousands of persons whom they have cured of Consumption Influenza, Colds, In­ digestion, Dy-pepsia. Head ache, Pains, and a sense of Fullness in the back p a r t - o f the head, usually the symptoms of A p o p b x y .' Jaundice, Fever and Ague, Bilious, Scarlet. Typhus, Yellow, and common Fevers, oi all kinds, Asthma, u o u t , Rheumatism, Nervous Di>eases Liver Complaints, Pleurisy, In­ ward Weakness. Depression of S( irils, Rup­ tures, Inflammation, Sore Eyes, Fits, Palsy, D opsy, Small Pox. Measles, Croup Coughs, Whooping C\iigh. Qu nsey., Cholick, Chol­ era Morbus, Gravel, Worms. Dysentery, Deal tiers. Ringing noil es iu the Head, King’s Evil, Scrofula. Eruipirltu or Ft Anthony's- Fite, '•all lilieum, White swelling?. Utcers,some ol thirty years standing. Cancers, Tumors, Swelled Feet and Legs, Piles, Co*ttvene?r, all Eruptions of ihe Skin, Frightful! Dreams. Female Complaints of eveiy kind, especially Obstructions, Relax­ ation?, &C. Below are published some Curesof various Diseases, which (he Brandreth pills have ef­ fected—it will be ob-ervt-d that the testimonials are of recent date, and the persons referred to highly respectable. The thousands who use and recommend these jnlls, is proof positive of their e x traordinary and beneficial effecto. They in fact assist nature, to do all she can iu the curing every form and symp'om of the on y one disease to which the human frame is subject, namely : Impurity of the blood, or in other words, an impure siate of the fluids. These pills do indeed “ assist nature” to do nil she can (or the purification ol the human body ; yet I here are numbers w hose cases are so bad. and whose bodie? are so much debih.ated, that all which can reas rntbiy he expected is temporary ie- licl ; nevertheless, some who have commenced taking thf pills, u m b r (lie most trying circum­ stances of bodily -iffl'ction, « h r a almo-t every other remedy has been altogether unava ling. have been restored to health and huppb e»s by tlieir me. Dr. Brandreih has to leturn thanks toagpnerous and enligh'pned public, lor the patronage bestowed on him, and he hopes by making the medicine, as he has ever done, lo merit a continuation of favor. A S T H M A C U R E D .—The following extra­ ordinary case ol Asthma, which is aullienj ticated by seventeen respectable and wel known inhabitants of Greenwich, Conn. de­ serves by ad persons, a carelul perusal ; the most pttjudiced must own that evi 'ence is on the side of there pills, which, by the cures they are daily making, shows that there is no necessity for any other medicine. J his is to certify, lhat Thomas S. Brown, of Greenwich, Conn., was taken with a cold numb feeling, on the 13th of J u n e last He began to cough and raise phlegm', aud in die course of twenty four hours about two quarts of thick white jt Ily was expectorated. Throe physicians in Stamford, G r e e n w i c h ancl ,Saw- pits, pronounced! it a nervous hum id spasmodic notice may influence fh^m-.-to^aKte-1 (he experi­ ment. You Wffe a f - W e r tt y -i t o refer'them Jo mb, y voluntarily on my h a rt. 1 mmain yoni'friend,. ' JOHN * A. S T E V E N S Rheumatism. —A gentleitian- who had lost tiie use of his liinbs with infla’mm&taTy rheumatism and was 6o miserably, afflicted iliat he cquklririt turn in bed without • assistance; lhe! jiaitis wej-e violenHn alf paris of liis body-, (rut especially in his breast,back, arms and feet. Thi-?*' perfiqn' took no other medicine than Braridreth’s Pills; for two weeks he took- 1 2 ' pills par day,' and °^~ ten as many as twenty*, and in tbfee weeks-lie was able to get o u t ; and now,- havmg jicrse- vered with them so as to produce copious evac­ uations every day, is-at this-lime perfectly t?ur- ed ; it is not (Wo months sfnee- he was first ta­ ken ill. Now, Dr. Brandreth would ask, would this have beenr tlie case with your bled man ? with the man to whom mercury had been adr ministered? No! lie wpjild have been in bed moniIts, and his convalescence would have been tedious. The abov-e gentleman is highly respect­ able and can be referred to. A running nicerfor three years, entirely removed with eight boxts of Brandreth’s'R ills .— Edward Brown, son of Mr. James Brown, St. James-st., Kingston. Ulster county, for three years had a running Ulcer on his hip, which obMged him to be carried about, the doctors were in daily at­ tendance, and the best advice was had from Now York. All did not relieve the poor child,, who was not expected to recover. Brandreth’s pills were commenced with about four months ago, and a decided change was effected before the 3d box was finished, and now, having talari eight boxes, he is quite v ell. Fever and A g u e —Mr. G. Miller of Harlem, in September last, was dreadfully afflicted with Fever and Ague ; (]ie attack generally came on him every day about twelve o’clock ; the disease had debilitated him in sttcli a manner that N O V E M B E R 2 8 , 1 8 3 1 5 . FUST! received, a fresh s upply \ o f Badeau’S- ’• Celebrated Piasters—P r i c e SO‘c e n t ’s. A . GRIDLEY. G .1R G L T N G O I L FO R H O R S E S . T h e P r o p r i e t o r of this invaluable medicine, in offering it to the public, recommends it with unhesitating confidence in the speeclv cure of al the following diseases: Strains, stiffness ot the joints, all fresh wounds, old sores,g*u|[. ed bat ks. cracked heets, blood and-bone Soav- \ , r. -i - r \ ii, a* • „ i ii i- , 'Asthma, and after prescribing lor some time, m% windfalls, btrams arnica ouses, foundered - - - his recovery was doubtful. A gentleman who laid tested the goodness of Brand,etIfs Pilfs in his own family, persuaded him to try the med­ icine. After the tirsi box the Fever was per­ fectly cured, and by continuing taking the med­ icine for about six weeks, according to the di­ rections perfect health was restored, Benj. Weeks, of Westchester, was violently afflicted with. Dyspepsia, he could not take any food without the most unpleasant sensations in his.chest, head and bowels. His chest was so sore lhat tlie slightest pressure gave him pain ; liis life was most miserable; numerous were the medicines used; and the skiil of ihe first physicians tried in vain ; as a last resource he iook Biaudreth’s Universal.*, and in two months they effected a pprteet cu e. These references are given in hope that some poition may see tlieir own cases and may be induced to make use of the medicine, and there i? no doubt but that a good result will be ex­ perienced. '1 h e ce testimonials prove that some have used tlipmto advantage; but, remember. Dr, Brandreih ha? received, iu less than twelve m o n t h s , 8 , 9 0 0 s n e b t e s t i m o n i a l s I n / a c t , a l l who wish lo use them liave only ccasion to in­ quire of every fourth roan they meet, as it lias tiperi ascertained lhat every four! h man, in the City of New York, has taken this life restoring remedy. Price 25 cents per box. Dr. Brandreth s prinr ipal office, 187 Hudson, opposite Broom street,*where lie may be con- *• 11110(1 on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays j ami at the Central office , I Spruce street, on Tuesdays, aud Thursdays. Shortly will be opened at 276 in the Bowery, an office for tlie sale of thpsa pills. It wiil be cafted the Bowery Officp, and advice given 3 times a week by D,. Brandreth—due notice will he given of the hours. Kf\ HOGIJ E HY — Important Caution. —Dr. B: andretlfs Vegetable Universal Pill?, having gained great notoriety, ly the cures they have performed, unprincipled vender? of medicine find ng tln-re is a gn-H call i<*r them in conse­ quence, have had the audacity to Forge the med- ■ cnie. Now, be it known to all men, lhat Dr Bivmlrelli's Genuine Vegetable Universal Pill*, can never lie obtained of any vender of medicines whether drujigast or doctor, as nei­ ther me allowed to sell the Genuine Biand- retli’s Vegetable Pil's. The following are ap­ pointed agents by Dr Brandreth, to sell the Genuine Vegetable Universal Pills. Price 25 cent? per box. New-York. Messrs. D A Y , H A L E & LES­ T E R , Auburn, Agents for Cayuga Comity. ------ Suaim, Poughkeepsie. Benjamin Weeks, West Chester. Massachusetts. Mr. Musspy. CoinbiU,Boston. Mr. Q,uimby, Charlestown. Mr. Bixby, Lo­ well Coggerdjall & Walters, New Bedford. Stephen Howland, West Port. Thomas W* May hew, do. Rhode Island. Jno. E. Brown, Providence. Ii. Oma.., Newjrort. Connecticut. John B. Stanford, Bridgeport, Fairfield County. E. C. Ferre, Middletown, General agent for Middlesex, and six Other coun­ ties. Philadelphia. General Agent, Mr. William Wright, 169 Race street, corner of5th. 39tf. . . . . | to no effect, the ihree consu ted together, and ange, thrush, swellings, Szc.. &c. a «o /• n , ’ . ., . , , . • 65 , u V « • ,.i •. L l ’ i finally c,ecEred they could do him no good— Horn d is temper in catrle; it has been verv i i i . i ■ . - i F ’ j very ^ would, and must resu i in c o n s u mption, ami leet, for tbe horu uisiemper m c.urie; n nas oeen very justly (Ailed a complete Panacea for the horse ; put up in large bottles; price $1. T Y R I A N D Y E , FO R C O L O R IN G T H E H A I R . W a rranted to change Ught, gray, anil red H a i r ,t o a permanent and beautiful B o a c k or Brown, as Ihe person may desire,'w it h o n t in­ juring the hair in She least degree, but lsavcs I it with its original lustre; price $1. Dr. Dennison’s Celebrated Eye-W a t e r ; It is (inlv necessary to make a single 'rial of this : Eve- water, to be convinced of its supeiiority death would ensue, and that very shortly.— The pain was excessive in all parts o f his body, and the difficulty in breathing was such as a l­ most to cause s trangulation. IL was reduced to a mere skeleton, and finally gave himself up to death. After bring in this miserable state nearly tw o monlhs, he s a w an advertise­ ment o f D i . Brandief h’s Vegetable Universal Pills, and immediately sent by Capt. J. War­ ing, of G r e e n wieh, for a 2 5 c e n t box, and fouml lelief in a few days, which encouraged him lo persevere, and now having taken them for a- bout four months, according lo tbe directions, is R K V . B . H I B B A R D ' S V E G E T A B L E ANTI BILLIO US ^ f i l l s . F i Y I I E S E Pills have become known fo the Ja. public entirely by their virtues powerful influence fn relieving am Theii curing dis- Celebrated Strengthening Plaster. P R E P A R E D for P a ins or Weakness in the Breast, Side, Back orLim b s . Also for Gout, Rheumatism, Liver Complaint,and Dyspepsia; and for Coughs, Colds, Asthmas, difficulty ol breathing, oppression of th e s t o m a c h , &c., thev will give immediate and soothing relief; and for pleasantness, safety, ease, and certainty, are deeid<-dl\ superior to most othei remedies. Such persons whose business or avocation? require thatthey should stand o r s i t m u c n , or those of sedentary habits g enerally, who may be troubled with pains in the side or breas', a re advised to try one of these beautiful'plasters, as they are essentially different Tom all others,and free from those objectuns Which arc so reasonably made against plasters g enerally. Perhaps there is no medical observation better established, rfone more generally confirmed by the experience of physicians ofall ages and al! countries, (ban lhe fact that many ol the most difficult and inoura- bl.e Consumptions, originate in neglected Colds. In a climate so variable asotirs/ where the chan­ ges of the weather are frequently suddeu and imexpeeled, il. requires more c a re and altenlion loguaid againsHhis dangerous enemy ol human life,than most persons are able and willing to be stow. The bills ol mortality exhibit the alarming and melancholy tact, that tlie number c f deaths by consump'ion, are as five to one. Inasmuch, then, as this lalal disease in increasing and spreading so widely—and fern fully bidding: de. fiance often To the combined skill ot\ tlie most (ftl.inorit physicians. It IS a gratification to the subscriber to b“ enabled to offer to all of con­ sumptive habits, or those afflicted with distress­ ing pains in the side or breast, or any affection ol lhe breast and lungs, a reasonable and almo-t certain prospectof relief by using his Celebrated Strengthening Plasters .” He has had the plea­ sure ol disposing of them daily for a number of years in this city, and of the many thousands who have used them, has not heard one solitary complaint - on the contrary, \so numerous are the cures they have effected, so abundaut are the most positive and conclusive proofs oftheir efficacy that he is daily receiving, so ardent, so sincere, so grateful sth e la gu>go oftlm s e w h o have used them, lhat he is induced to offer them as decidedly superior to any thing of the kind, and is perfectly willing to incur tlie ri.-kol hav­ ing the term? egotistical. Sic.. and others similar applied to him, tor the pleasure ol knowing, that by inventing and disseminating as widely as poss bio hi? Celebrited Plaster, lie has not lived in vain. T h e y have b een used throughout the United States for the last ten years, and have e- very where given general satisfaction— tie has also the satisfaction of knowing that they meet with the approbation of o u r most eminent p h y ­ sicians, and ate patronized extensively by the medical profession generally, and probably there is n o t aii intelligent physician in the world, that would hesitate to sun(tion them with his name and influence, when made acquainted with Iheir composition. The ladies are respectfully informed, that they are prepared with reference also to a number of delicate .complaints, peculiar to the sex, lhat they are spread in a scient'fic manner, on tlie most beautiful soft, and pliable lamb-skin. will not soil or slain the whitest linen,and may be worn by the most delicate persons, in all situa­ tions, with ease and comfort, for one mi tfih.— Certificates have became so common, and are so often mere forgeries, thatthey are omitted en­ tirely in this notice. . The great celebrity these plasters have o b tain­ ed, may po-sibly cause some peison, alike des­ titute of principle and knowledge, to offer spur­ ious ones for sale. Tbe TR Y A X D SEK ! V E G E T A B L E . ----------- are nature’s friend, promoting health and strength, and oppos­ ing disease. T h e y are recommended, to the pUb? lie asr bfcidS 3 I i ttle superior to any o ther fanjily medicine id use.- . In any case or. complaint they wil'i no'fbe found lnteTtOT tothe Very best, and in m a n y cbrnjdaints they are far before all others. And here-let us observe t h a t it can b e n o a d v a n ­ tage, t o u s to recommend them ht ghev than they deserve, since their success is left to dependen tirely upoo a trial oi their virtues. Multitudes have a lready tried them and proved the correct­ ness of the above statements, and to others we would say “ t r y th e m . ” After trying a few portions, any one who is not satisfied with t h em is expected to return the remainder, andpayonlv for those used. W e as* willing they shonld sus­ tain for themselves the high reputation they have already a c q u ired, or sink into merited oblivion. T h e a m o u n t o l suffering which they might and which they would relieve,were their virtues only known, can hardly be estimated. In how many cases might a long and severe fit of sickness be prevented by the use of a portion or two oftbese Pills? And how many are day after day, and week after week suffering pasns and aches which the-e Pills n ever fail lo relieve, such as arise from dyspepsia, indigestion , costiveness. piles, diarrhcea and djjienluri /, sick headach, diszin ss , nervous disorders, palpitation, jaundice, or Pver complaint . disorders of the skin, such as biles , blotches sall- rheum, nettle rash , prickiv heat, &c. faintnees at thestomach. sour njomach, restlessness, sense o fful- nessand oppression, after eating, as i f bloated, and sometimes a n inclination la raise large quantities of w ind fro m the stomach, loss of appetite, a craving appetite, &«-. Sfc. But i? is mol riece?s«ry lo e n u ­ merate ail the diceases in which these Pills are uselul,as there are no diseases to which the hu-«. mam frame is subject in which they do not tend io promote the health and strenglh and comlort r.f thepatjent. They are particularly uselul in all fetna\e disorders; and in all cases of weakness or debility. They are'also of essential benefit in all gravelly complaints. Theii efficacy as a physic is b y no means their only recommendation; they are abo a tonic.— Instead of producing lasting weakness or debili­ ty, they invigorate and strengthen the whole system. There -is no danger ot becoming so ac­ customed lo their use that one cannot do with­ out them , forthe longer one has been in the habit o f taking them, the less does it require to produce the desired effect. This is an important recommendation, and one which should not be overlooked. - T h e y contain no mineral substance whatever, and no vegetable substance that can be any way injurious lo the system. They min­ gle in with the food, assist the digestion, and promote a regular and healthy action of the bowels., Each box contains 60 — Price 50 cents. ISFASSIi?S CO RN FJCiASTER. All those who try it, will find immediate re­ lief and an effectual pure. So many are the cases where it has been tried, and without a single failure, that it is npw established beyond the possibility of a doubt, as a certain cure. It lakes o u t all soreness and pain immediately. __ Price 25 cents. SE A R L ’S TOOTH-ACHE DROPS. These Drops will never fail lo c u re any case where the pain is occasioned by the decay of the tooth and consequent exposure of he nerve.— They have the effect not only to remove present pain, but also to deaden the m r v e s o effectually astorendor itincapable of feeling. Price25cts. Searl’s Catarrh or Headache S n u ff.— -A speedy relief for catarrh, letharthy, nt-rvou- headaches, nilamed eyes, &c. Severe headaches eomtnon- y yield to a simple pinch of*t. Price 25 cents. {t^?-The above M e d i c i n e for sale by T. M. H U N T , Dniflrtiist. A u b u r n . 3 2 1FE PILLS PHCEN1X B I T T E R S , at Mof ' T aps .Mddmhto office, Nq. 54b La-Broad- wnyvr-J* 'V E G E T A B L E , LIFE P I L L S have long been known and! appreciated for their extraordinary and*immediate powers of restoring' p e rfect health to person Eufferin« under nearly evefy fcinff o f disease to which the human franeis l iajjes^./,., , In many hundred of certificated instances they have even rescued sufferers from the verge of an untimely grave, after- dll the decptive nostrums of the day had utterly failed; and to many thousaads they have permanently se- ciired that uniform enjoyment of health with­ out which life is a partial blessing. So gTeat, indeed has their efficacy ifivariabiy a'nd in­ fallibly proved that it has appeared scarcely less then miraculaous to jtbctfo who were un­ acquainted with the beautifully philosophical principles upon which they are compounded aDd upon which they consequently act. It was to their manifest and sensible action in purifing the springs of life, and enduring them with renewed tone and vigor, that they were indebted for their name, which was bestowed upon them at the spontaneous request? of <=ev- spared 15 HVCS lhsy h&d obvi°usly re a<l- com- W t . 33ASSJ2TTJS t AOll the speedy and effectual cuie ni Iudi- gestjen or Dyspepsia, L i v e r Complaints, Jaundice, Rhumatism, Flatulence, Cholic, arid Habitual Costiveuess. This invaluable Medicine is prepared from the receipt of an eminent Physician, who has used it for many years with wonderful success for the above complaints—likewise for worms, sudden Colds, and violent'pains in the stom­ ach and bowels— a lways giving immediate re­ lief. It is of eminent service to persons of bill­ ious habiis, in small doses frequently repeated. Il cleanses the stomach and bowels, quickens the circulation, warms the habit, and if con­ tinued is capable of removing very obstinate obstruciions. In consequence of the frequent calls from -almostevery quarter, for the H e p a t i c Elixir, and its having been completely effectu.il it re storing him from a long standing dyspepsia, which baffled the skill o f t h e first physicians, i and the effects o f a variety of p a tent medi'.ioes, | the P r o p r i e t o r ' o f this Elixir, has been induced a ! o v er the celebrated Ihem n s o n ’s eye w a l e r ■! e,!'!re,^ and, so far as we can j tidne, x- ' iJiiee 25 cent-. ’ entirely in i-onsequence oftai ing t h e a hove pills, J l n l i . ISt/phiHtic D o zen <res. 1 saie -met .’prlam cure For s\ philis or ve- ne; eai. wiih ample directmns for u?e ; togeth­ er With oftHe d 1 . . -------- ~ 9 .11 a syi opsi? ol sy-vploms, treatment Szc. di-easo in a'.] its varieties. Price $ 5. R h e u m a tic P ills. Merchant’s Celebrated Vegetable Rheumatic Pills*and Linemcnt. mr Rheumatism, Gout, oureux w h e e l olfirii.e' _ , Anli Dyspeptic Pills, which have r« Iteved me i Cr. m“ 3, Sprains, Brui.-es, and ali complaints o of the pain and allayed the other nervou- svm- a siu.ilai nature Piich 50 cent? each, ptoins, gratefull for cure and hoping to in luce others to obtain like relief I ofLr this testi­ mony. MARY JAXE BILLINGS. From J. living in Stephenlown, Ren­ sselaer Co., N. Y. one mile from Hancock village, Mass. My health lor the last eight years had been gradually on the decline nutil something more than a year past, whin I became so iii ! applied for medical ad'ice an l fo'io'vcd the diredinaa o f eos'nen*- physicians without mit­ igation of my co from a strong and active man i had become disinclined for any ex­ ertion, nor indeed had 1 the strength to make but little. I wa? suffering from an almost constant pain and dizziu^-s of the toad, loss of appetite and great d.stress on taking m> food; a most obstinate costiveness of the bowels which no medicine* appeared to re­ m o v e : heartburn and acrid cruc-tations; pain m t h e back and limbs; the nights were past with litlle or no sleep and that little not re freshing, my whole nervous system was de­ ranged and in short 1 was sinking with dys­ pepsia, and those only w ho have been afflicted with the disease can judge my feelings. Find­ ing no relief from any remedies, my stre nglh fast fading, I almost despaiied of recovery— in th e opinion of my friends my case was hopeless, as they thought me to to in the last stages of consump ion. At length by ihe so!, icitations of a triehd I was induce*!, though w i t h o u t hope, to try D r . Elmore’s Anti-Dys- pet tie Pills, aad when I had u ed one box I had received some relief nnd was encouraged o to proceed. Anil now at the expiration of 6 months I am n! nost a new man, I am free from headache and dizziness, my appetite is re­ stored, food no longer di?tresses, my bowels are regular in their action, the he.i>tburn, acrid eructation and pains are removed, my repose is sweet, and my strength is so far restored that I am able to attend to my active employments, and fbr t h is change 1 am indebted to Dr. J. H. Elmore’s anli-dyspeptip pills. With gratuude I subscribe, J. RIFLE. Nov. 10, 1836- In allcas’.s of Rheumatism these pills will he found on trial to be the best medicine ever invented. The receipt was obtained bv an A- ro.erican physician ot the highest respectability, o! the celebrated French Phy-ician M. Du in.* ewx, President offhe HnspitaledeDieu at Par­ is, in whose hands it hail met with universal success. U * F o r Sale b y T . M. HUNT, Drugsist, Au­ burn; Also,by ALONZO WOOD, Elhridge. January 4, l«37.-34m6. - * D r. Cranford's Vegetable Pills, F or complaints o f t h e stomach and bowels. For many years this celebrated physician used these pi'is with singular succe?s in his very extensive piaoticc. Previous to his de-ce se, iiis receipt for them was given to a friend, who! in order to haveso invaluable a medicine pre­ served to posterity, transmitted it tothe present propi letor, who feels a eonfi.ience in recom­ mending them to the Public a? a safe remedy for in iige.nion, jaundice, billious cholic, sour storrach.lowncssof the spirits, and palpitau'on ot the heart, &c. Each box contains thirty five pills ; ^ rice 37^ cents. which vve ha e also used in our families, and have found them invaluable. Daniel S. Bells. Abel Palmer. John R. Palmer. Samuel Jessup. Hannah Hitchcock. Thom »? Bertram. P. V. T. J e -sup. Augustus Lyon. P i est on Salts, The very best “S mici . ltng B o t t l e ” ifi the world, for the Ladies, ,t is also vaUmhle as a restorative in case of faintness, for head ache, &c. Price 25 ceifts. German Asthmatic Pills. Or, pulmonary restorative. A Safe & pop­ ular remedy, m Asthma or Phth.«t., Con-hs, Colds, Catarrh, Spitting op Blood, Inci -went 1 ulmonnrv Consumption, .Nervous Affections, Dyspepsia, Dysentery, fee. Warranted to Mve immediate relief in ad oa«es of Asthma or ihihisic. nr? Price 5() oen's. ILF I he above articles a r prepared and sold wholesale and retail by Geo. W. Merchant, apothecary and chemi-t, Lockport, N. Y. Also, for sa'e by special appointment, at the medical' Laboratory of A. GRIDLEY. R CO., opposite lhe Post-Office. Genf see si .eel, A u b u r n . 36 vi. P ILE OiNTYI LN 1, or Bouum Ungentum. This medieme will effect a cure within -lout one we< k and often sooner if properly applhcl. Ii first originated from Germany, from thence to America. So valuables thing should not be hid from the world or lost in oto scanty. This medicine consists o f ointment and pow­ ders. f wish to lessen the bulk of human misery I therefore as a philanthropist, feel i t my duty to my suffering fellow-citizcns, tc publish it more C ANINE MADNESS or Hydrophobia, a safeand infallible cure for t h is alarming and d r e a d f u l d i s e a s e , is now offsred lo the pub Uc. i • . . . Directions for using will he given on the r extensively in this country. boxes. \ I Directions for using are given on the boxes T h i ^ i n e d i e i n d m a y b e o b t a i n e d a t T . M ! A u b u r n . Feb. lO ih, 1835. \Skinner’sB o o k s t o r e , A ubur n . . ! JOHN. SECOCMB. JO H N 'S E C O M B . . For si!e at T. >1.Skinner s Bookstore. Aubur© James R. Mens. Jrirn R Reynolds Hev. R Palmer, Henry Bowsley. James Moore. James .Mead. Isaac Olmstead. Stephen Waring. John Limbry. Greenwich, Feb. 22,1836. O B S T I P A T I O , O R C O S T I F E N E S S .— In this Disease of the bowel?, brandreth’s Veg­ etable Universal Pills, will be found singularly effective—three or four month? use wiilcurecon- stitutiona cc;stivene?-3—the pills, by exercising, strengthen the bowels. Influmatory Rheumatism , Piles and Costive­ ness, Cured.— Mr. Angevme, corner o f Spring & Elizabeth Streets, ISctv-York, for fifteen years suffeied excruciating torments from tlie ahove complaint. Advice and medicine were had from the first physician*-, but nothing gave him any .permanent relief, and he expected to drag out a nuserahre existence to the end of his days.— When, however, Brandreth’? pills were mention­ ed to him, and the cures they were known to have performed, new hope lighted up within him, aud he having persevered in their use for upward? of six mouths, is now entirely recovered, and in the enj .yment of health. Tha greatest part of the fifteen years, he was obliged to go on crutches, aud for (Iwo years previous lo commen­ cing wilh the above Pills lie was notable to get his boots on in consequence of hi» feet being so much swollen. C ■liveness , Eruptions of the Skin., and Piles cured, — Captain Krastus Fish, ol New London, Conn.. has been laboring under the above com­ plaints upwards o f six years, and has been so had as lo reduce him to skin and bone—-he has often not been able to attend to his duty, as master of tlie ship John, dining a whaling voyage, Iron) which he has just returned, being- obliged to Dave every thing to liis male, sometimes ior days together. Having seen numerous peisons who have received benefit from Brandreth’s pills, lie commenced with them six months back } for some time previom? he o-.ly weighed 136 lbs. and now, the IOth of .March, his weight is 157 ibs , and so much altered in other respects for the better, that his friends haidlv know bin). Although peifeclly cm ed he occasionally lakes tiie pill**, and is determined on no consideration to he without them for the future. He strong ly recommend? them to all. and especially lo sea taring men, and all those who go on fong voyage- a? the best medicine they can use His gen eral dose wa? from tw o to twelve at a time, he having al'vays remembered that\ it was the purging which was to cure ■ERASTUS F I 8 H. Dyspepsia Cured —New burgh, N„ Y. Feb. 12, 1836. Dr. Braindieth. '-ir : The very many flattering notice? you have received from re­ spectable individuals, of the success o fyour Veg­ etable Universat Pills, render it unnecessary for me to eulogize, or those who are iglioiant o fthe specific to censure. Having had ocular dem­ onstration as well as bodily, I cannot refrain from expressing am) publicly acknowledging the 3ig nal resnlt and final cure of that dreadful dis- knovvn as Dyspepsia ; hoping: such persons as may be afflicted with the above disease,, Ihis eases, have been so repeatedly tested (hat the proprietors induced to comply with the solicitat­ ions of friends in thus noticing them, extending thereby a knowledge ol the means of relief lo the public generally. They are highly appre­ ciated for the relief they affoid in affecdons o tlie liver and digest ive organs. T h e worst ca ses of chronic dyspepsia, h m t e r a t e costivenrss ndige.-tiorijdypp’ plic consumption, rheumatism, nervous or sick head ache, and s c u rvy have hp(n entirely cured, by a proper use oflhem. Also liver complaints, fever'and ague, bilious fever, jaundice, dysentery, or bloody flux, the premonitory symptoms of Cholera, dropsical swellings, piles, worms in children, fits, loosness and irregularity of the bowels, occasioned hy rrit.it.on, teething &e. I’hey act as an alter­ ative, cuthfli tic. (r laxative, according to the manner of taking them. Families having oc­ casion to test their efficacy.will e v r r a t l e r esteem them too highly to be without them. Partic­ ular attention should be given t o the nmpledi- rectiou? which accompany them. Tw e n ty pi|R in a box—each pill is a dose for an adult. O* Orders (post-paid) forthe abo\e arices executed promptly by T. R Hil haid. my principal Agent, 228 Boiverj. New-York- A suitable discount allowf d those wfto p u r­ chase to sell again. Ii. H I B B A R D . C e r t i f i c a t e s . I-have used Hibbard’s Family Pills in my fa­ mily, and do not hesitate (o give tl em the pref­ erence to any we have used. They are much esteemed by all who have tried th e m ' i n our neigh borlrood, JULIUS HOUSE. Perkin.?, Huron co. July 4, 1836. I have used Hibbard’s Pills.in my family, and am satisfied they are an exceliept family medicine. JOH N H., POVVEB. Norwalk, J u ly 9.1836. I heieby certify that I have used H ibbard’s Family Pills in various instances in my family, with very decided bent fit, and nuhesitateingl recommend the use of them t a all those afflict­ ed tr om liver complaints, or any other disease tor which said Pills are recommended. M ARCUS Y. G R A F F , Tiffin, Ohio, J u ly 8, 1836. Hihbaid’s Pills are the bsst medicine I have ever used. G. W. G I S T . We liave used with entire satisfaction Hib­ bard’s Pills in ourfamily—I consider the best recommendation is their trial. H O. SH E L D ON. 1 have used Hibbard’s pill?, arid fiud them superior lor billious complaints and dyspepsia to any other 1 have made use of. W h e n they can be obtained I would employ no other for similar complaints. D a . MOSES S H A F F E R . Woosler, Ohio, May 2 ‘1836. 1 have U 3 ed Hibbard’s Yegetable Family Pills for three*years; and have found them ex­ ceedingly valuable among all classes—negroes as well as whites. They have succeeded in e- very case of fever, and in aft other complaints in which 1 have am p :oyed therr.. J A VIES ROBERTS. Mill Haven, Georgia. Hibbard’s pills out-do any other medicine tb a t l havo ever tried, in their operation upon the bile. I have broken several severe attaCKS ol the billiou? fever on myself with one and two of the Fills, and seen (hem ptodor.e the same effect on rtinre than ’twenty others.— These pills proved to be a certain cure for the bowel complaint, which was very severe a- mcng the negroejs last year# I have a ls o seen two inveterate, feasgs of,dyspepsia of^.longstan­ ding entirely cured hy using your pills aceord- ng to the directions. - HENRY R. VIUETQ. Burton’s Ferry, Savannah River, Georgia., [G*For sale by T* M, H U N T , Druggist, Au­ burn.—17vL . ' reft r e to guitrd against imposition, printed directions signed thus, (*N. ; to pul it up in bottles wilh ample directions for W. B a d e a u ,” in my own hand writing, [an d - i t s u?e. to counterfeit which will be punished as ft-u^e j This E l i x ir is composed w h o l l y of vegeta- ry,] will he placed on the back of each | 1 st. r. ! ble substances—is safe in its operation for the Persons about purchasing will be part cular lo ask for ’ '\Badeau’s Strengthening Flust r,\- and j most delicate persons or children. Hundreds 1 o f recom m e n d a tions could be given if nec- see that they get the directions thus signed, without which none can possibly be trepuine — and if at any time tiny may be impos- d uj on, are requested to infoim me o f Ihe nan-e Sz resi­ dence of tlie unprincipled offender. T i n y nre pul up in boxes of one and two dozen ea< b, w r h large and alti active show bids, will keep with­ out injury in any climate, nnd will . e forwarded promptly as per order. Druggists. Dealers, & Country Merchants, are informed, tlial they are adveitised extensively throughout the Uni­ ted Statas.nnd consequently are generally known -th a t they will findihem a very saleable ar­ ticle, a t ali limes, and in all places—and that such a discount will be made, a? will render it an object for them to become purchasers. Mer- ohantsaml Traders gring east, west, north, and more particularly south, wil] find a small sum laid out on them, a safe nnd profitable invest­ ment, and one that would make a quick r eturn. The terms are invariably. CASH. Gentlemen wishing further information, wifi communicate wilh me by letter or otherwise. In conclusion. essary—t u t reliance is placed upon its o w n vir­ tue fora reputation. Boston,Oct. 25, 1835. S i r ;— Tn Ihe fa 1 o f the year 1833, I had an attack of the. dyspepsia which lasted me nearly two years. During thi? time [suffered much from mental depression, constant pain in the head and breast and sides, sharp shooting pains over almost the whole system : the food that I ate seemed to pass into my lungs and (here remain, giving me great pain, alterded with a strong degree of h e a l. At times I suf­ fered so much from the pain of indigestion as tube confined to the bed lor two or three days. During one oftbese most severe atlkcks, 1 was induced by the advice of a friend to try your veget. bb medicine. In the -course of a few week? I found m \self much better, and by tbe time I had taken two bottles considered mysell wholly free \rom the complaint. I continue, on the least feeling of any thing like indigestion or pressure on ihe stomach, to take about a ta- I have only ta add, (hat they are entirely free i ble-sptoonful of it which in the course ot a few from every species of quackery, and think ihe numerous cure? they have effected, are worth a million of theories, and invite the olo sest investigat ion of the intel'isent,scientific,, or sceptical. They mav he had at the principal stores throughout the United Siates and Cana­ das, and are sold al wholesale & retail by the subscriber, who is ihe inventor ami sole 'propri­ etor, at the B o w e h y M edicijve S t o r e , 260 B o w e r y , N e w -Y o r x . N. W . BADEAU. [Cf’FOR ■lALE at the Medical Laboratory of A. G r i d t/ e v & Co., opposite lhe Post-Office, Au­ burn, Sole A g e n t s fo r the County of Cayuga, \ m ^ o x i a n t i o i \ \ f c G R ID L E Y ’S . S A J u T S iH E U m OIsrTXffEKT. F ERSONH afflicted w if h S a lt Rheum, Scald Head,. Ring-wofnis, Scrotula, Extensive old Sores oflong standing, Pimples or blotches on\the face, will find thi? ointment in almost every case a safe and final cure, lls effect is to pioduce a temporary irritation thereby ex­ citing a new and healthy action, which, not only renders it effectual, but altogether more safe than the usual cooling remedies in general use; as such remedies not only fail of pro­ ducing a fin a l 'cure, but frequently drive the disease to the lungs or other internal parts, endangering life. Several cures of a most ex­ traordinary character have been effecied by the use o f i t , in this village and vicinity d u r ­ ing the last few months, some of which have been published, as will be seen by reference to the A u b u r n J ohrual and C a y u g a P a t ­ r i o t , of J u n e and July. T h e money will be refunded in all cases of tailure in the cute o f t h e three first above namsd diseases. O ^ K e p t constantly tor sale at the Medica Laboratory of A. Gridley & Co. oppositethe Post Office, A u b u r n —and -by most pf the Druggists in fhe Country— AI?o, by RichaJ Steel, Abbott & Fosgate and T. M. Hunt Drug­ gists, A u b u r n . Price 50 cents per bottle—pre pared only by the subscriber, sole proi rietor A, G R ID L E Y . A n b u r n ( Ju l y 21st. 3836. Evans’ Camomile Pill, T H E most certain preserver of health and a mdd, yet s p e e d y , safe and effectual cure f Indigestion, Nervous Diseases and al! Sto­ mach complaint?. A certain purifier of t h e b l o o d and a s w e e t n e r o f t b e w h o l e s y stem. Evans5- PillS- are th& .ssential virtnes of tfto camomile flowers, condensed. The camoinife tflowers havelong possessed^ high character for heir medical virtues. For sale by Ivison Sz Terry, Sole Agents for the County o lCayuga. Auburn, J u n e 22, 183(5. hours comph tcly restores me. It has had a wonderful effect in strengthening the stomach and invigorating -ihe whole system, and judging by my own case, I consider it in all diseases connected wilh the digestive organs to be a very vafuable medicine. RICH A R D M. BOUTON. Boston, Nov. 6tnr, 1835. D ear S i r :— I have lor three years past, kept constantly in my house, Dr. Bassett’s Elixir, and used it as a family medicine for all complaints ; and I really believe it has saved my family much severe sickness. ISA A C *DAMS. W a tertow n , Ma?s. July, 1836. Mr. Holden— S ir :—I have used your medi­ cine for Dyspepsia and Billious complaints with thf most satisfdctirv resul's. For Cholies, and Fever and Ague, I think an it invaluable medi­ cine. BENJAM I N DANA. [CJ’For Fale b r the Proprietors, Holden Sz Vincent, D'-uggists. Oswego, and by tbeir agent, T. M. HUNT’. Auburn. Feb. 22. 1 8 3 7 - 4 2 T O D R U G G I S T S <$■ A P O T H E C A ­ R I E S . viz F O S G A T E ’ S M E B lC I iV E S , A N O D Y N E C O R D I A L , asafeand effectual c u r e for Summer Complaint such as Diarrhoea, Cholera Morbus, &c. Ais LIQ U ID O P O D E L D O C , for th e relief and c u r e o f B r u i s e s , Sprains R h e u m a t i s m s , a n d B u r n s . And W O R M P O W D E R S , the most c e r t a i n m e d i c i n e for the dislodgmen of worms,infesting the d igestive organsol chi] dren and adults. T h e above articles m a y be bad of t h e Pro prietor, a t A u h u r n , and a'lso for sale by H ay s o c k , C l a y & Co. wholesale D e a l e r s in Drug a t No. 127, W a ter street. New York. Merchants wishing to p u rchasethese a r t i c l e on commission, as heretofore, wilLreceive im m e d iate attention,by addressing their order to B. FO S G A T E . A v n r n , Covupa co. N. Y.-A v g i m . 1 f J f ] F O B SO B E E Y F S . P ERSONS afflicted with inflamed or sore Eyes, are informed .bat a supply pf John­ son'’? celebrated Golden Eye Salve, prepared by L. B. Swan, Rochester, is just received and foi “ale by the s u b scriber. This Eye faly e is taking the place o f E y e W a ter iq Engfend and America, w h e r e v e r it baa become known, and there is no doubt qf its being decidedly superior J o the most approved Eye Water.— Satisfactory references will b e given o f cures in this Village, during the last four weeks, (CFPrice 25 cents p e r box. ■ A. GRID L E Y & >Co, opposite the Postoffice Aub rn, August 15, 1-936, The proprietor rejoices in the opportunity offered by the universal diffusion ofth e daily D » T o for* ,p.lacinS his VEGETABLE Llcfi FILLS Wlthm the know ledge and reach of e! very individual in the com unity. Unlike tht host ol pernicious quackeries, which boast cj vegetable ingredeuts, the L i r e P ill s are pureh and solely vegetable, and contain neither Mer- iry, Antimony Arsenic, nor any other mine­ ral, in any form whatever. They are entiiely composed ol extracts from rare and powerful' plants, the v irtues ofwhieln though longkDown to severa Indian tribes, and recedtly, to seme eminent pharmacentical chemists, are alto«e(]i ' er unknov n to the ignorant pretended to' medical science ; and were never bel0.- ministered in so happily efficacious a* bination. The first operation is to loosen from the coats o f thestomach and bowpls the varin-, impurities and cruidties constantly setting •, -ound them ; and to remove the hardened (ices which collect in the convolutions of tfte smal 1 intestines. Other medicines only partialiv c eanses these and leave such coliccteVI ma^es behind, to produce habilual costiveness wiih all Its train of evils, or sudden diarrhoea wi*h all its incumbent dangers. This /act is We)J known to all regular anatomists who examine the human bowels after df alh—and hence the prejudice of ihese well infoim-d men a-ain^'' the quack medicines of the age. The second effort ol the V E G E T A B L E LIFE PILLS, i t to cleanse the liver and lungs, theblood, v h . ch takes its red color froi# tbe agency oftbese before jt j-.asses into the hrait, being iftyg purified by the liver and lung-, and nour-shed by food coming from a clean ftoiriach. courses freely through the veins, renews every part of the system arid triumphantly mounts the ban­ ner of health in the bloomiug’ cheek. The following are among the distressing va­ riety of human diseases to which the VEGET ABLE L I F E PILLS are well known to be infallible : Dyspepsie, and all its train of symptoms, such a- Flatulency, Loss of Appetite, Heart­ burn, Restlessness, 111-temper, Anxitly, Lan­ guor and Melancholy, will vanish as a natura consequenue of its eure. Costiveness, by clean­ sing the whole length ol the intestines, with a solvent proceas, and without violence ; a.l violent purges leave the bowels costive with in two days. Dierrhaja ard Cholera Ly remov­ ing the sli'atp acrid fluids by which these complaints are occasioned, and b’- promoting the lubricative secretion of the mucus mem­ brane. 'Ihe Life Pills have heen known to cure Rheumatism permanently in a short time, by removing local inflammation born the mus­ cles and lignmenis ol the j o i n t 0. Drhpsies of all kind?, bj Treeing and strengthening the kidnies snd blad-’er ; they operate most, de­ lightfully on the?e importn t organs, and hence have ever been found a certain remedy for the worst eases ol Gravel. Also, Worms, hy dislodging /rom the turnings o / t h e bouelsiiie slimy mailer to vhic-h these creatures adher. Ulcers,and Invelelate sores, by the perfect pu­ rity which the LIFE PILLS g h e to the Mood, and all the humours. Scorbutic Eruptions and bad complexions, by tlieir alternate ef­ fect upon t h t fluids that feed die skin, and the morbid state of which occasions all erupthe complaints, sallaw, cloudy, arid other disagree­ able complexions. The use of Ihese Pills lor. a very short time, will effect an entire cure o f Salt Rheum, and a striking improvement in tl.e clearness of the skin Commop Colds and In fluenva will alwtys be cured, even in th t worst cares. Piles ; as a remedy for this n ort distressing and ohstnale malady, the VEG­ ETA B L E L I F E PILLS deserve a d stincl ard emphatic recommendation. It is well km v n *to hundreds in this cffy, that lhe proprirltrof these invaluable Fills was bimsalf afflicted with this complaint for upwards of ihirly five years: and that he tried in vain every remedy prescribed within the w h o le ctmpass o f the Materia Medica, He, however, at length iriod' the medicine which he nowtffer? to the pub i c and he was curec in a very short time, after his rocovery had been pronouneul not <nly improbable, but absolutely impossible h j any human means. D I R E C T I O N S FOR U S E — The Proprietor of the Vegetable Life Pills does nt t Icllow tl e base ancl merdenary practice of lhe quick? t f tbe day, in advising persons to \ake bisPilisin large quantifies. JN o ^ cod medic ne tan )ts sfoly be so required. These Pills aie to he ta­ ken at bed tune every night, for a week or fortnight, according to the obstinacy of tl e dis­ ease, The usual dose is from two to five, ac- coidingtolhe constitul’on of the j ersc n. Very delicate persons she uld take tu i Ivo t these more robust, or of veiy costive balits, may take three, or even five Pills, and they will cfleet a sufficiently happy change to guide (he patient iu their further use. 'They usually op­ erate w'ithin ten or twelve hours, and never give pain, unless the howels are very much in- cumbered. They may be taken by tl-e most delicate females, under any ciicumslar c e s ; and one Pill in a solution ol two taole spoons full of vatei, may he given to an inlantin the foi-' lowing doces: A tea spoonful every two he ur?, till it o p erates; for a child from one to five year? of age, half a Pill ; ^ami from five to ten,\ one Pill- • T H E PHCEN1X BITTERS, areso called, because they possess the povrerof restoring the expiring embers of health to a gle>wing vigor throughout the constitution, as the Phoenix is sain to be restored to life from the a;hes ofitsown dissolution. The Phoenix Bitters are entirely vegetable.composed ol a root found only in certain parts ofthe western country, which will inl'ahibly cuie fevers and agues,of all k inds —and will never fail to eradicate en t i u i y all the effects of Mercury, sooner than tbe most powerful prepaiaiion?of Ssrsapariila— will im­ mediately cure the determination of FLOOD TO 'IH E H E A D — never tail in I he sickness incident to young females ; and will l-e found a certain relief id all cases of detolity and weaknesi o< the most impared constitutions.— ' As a remedy for chionic and inflau n a tory Rheumatism, the efficacy of ihe PI cenix Bit ers* wili he dcmonsti ated by the use of one bottle.— For furl h er particular of fy’OI F A T ’S L I F E PILLS and PHOENIX BJTTEB S, apply at the respectable Druggists, or at Mr. Moffat’s office, No. 546 1-2 Broadway, New York, where the Pills car* be obtained lor 25 cents, 50 eeats or one dollai per box : and the B i l t f r g for one dollar or t-* o dollars per bottle. 0 =Nxnnerous cei ..ficajes of the wonderft* efficacy of both, may be there inspected. N. B .— T hese Pills or the Billers will gq- all mercury out of the system infinitely faste than the best prepared Sarsaparilla, qpd Cer­ am remedy for the rushing blood in t h e heaff or all violent headache, All persons who are predisposed to aprplexy, palsy, iie .. should never be without the L i f e P Us or Ihe Bitters for one dose “ Id time wiU save Jife.” They- equslize the blood, draw all pressure from the- head, and throw off every impurity by the^ pores of the skin. Prepared and sold wholesale and rafail by fhe proprietor, J, M OFFAT, at his office. 546 1-2: Broadway, betw e e n SpriDg and Prince streets New York. ICTThe above valuable medicine may be ob- (ainedof H. IV I S O N , & € 0 . , duly appointed agents, and of K . STEEL. Druggist, Genesee-st., Auburn. Also, of A. DAM MAS, U CD ,, Syracuse. Liver Complaint, great Debility, Chills an<| Fevers, Worms, Jaundice, Rush of Blood 1 Head. Rheumatism. D R . T A Y L O R ’S JA U N D I C E P I L L S . - T h e s e Pills are chiefly intended for the Jaundice, aqd w i t h t h e assistance of p roper df*’ w ilLoften c u r e . T h e y are good in all billi.q'Vi com p l a i n t s , and haVe beeh found o f g r e a t t •rvice u ease* e f indigestion Sd anl con *ci

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