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The Honeoye Falls times. (Honeoye Falls, N.Y.) 1888-1987, May 12, 1910, Image 3

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....... GARDEN ilrl)c fljoncouc Jnllslltimcs PERSO'NAL MENTION I I ===-=N=o=,=,c=e to Advertlt<:rJ r- -Mr oncl MrH Hlrry R'lgPrs of Ollf t HI :Spri ~,. wert1 111 ',wn ~.t.ttlfd:\V and Stiitday t 1 vuHt lht:'lr p\'opltt OBITUARY. IHighSchoolEntertainment RailroadmgasaCareerfor, 1 WHEN YOU WANT THE CORRECT TIME -- Tbe High School enterlalnment on Young Men. 1 GO TO LEIGHTON'S. ~Irs Hnttlfl I 1lltbr1dge died at tlu Stale on Fr1day evemng was attPnded bv a One of th\' bt>Bt II neB of Pmploytuent If you alwat\ Y.ant the correct tame so }OU wail all'ta)S be on tame do not loose an) SEE T'\s I Copy for advcrtlscmenu to be :J chaaa-cd each week mullt reach th1s I off1cc not later than Tuesday noon to 1n1urc maertlon the nme week -\Jr .. \1a h11 H anchutt anl ~lnt F1\rl DrnH hell a1 d ctutdrrn i\hugart't and Hnrold ~pent FPverHI dayt:t nt Geneva the past vu~'k v1~:~1tlng 1\Jra Druech~le llo11p1tRI In Hocheatt>r on Hunday last 1 company tbat tilled\ tllalite Hall to tt e for yo IDi! IQBD to go Into today Ia rail lime but go to e1ghton s get 01 e of has y;atches that always keeps correct hme Stop Bll\\d 42 vtmrs Her hue band and hUlA llml~o of lh tea tiog capaolt} road work t'l her lUI train brakemen or ~~ra:vole~\l~h;~~~ ~~~~:.~~o:a ~£r~~~:l~ha~~!l~3 orklal~ol: $sle~hng a gold filled case y;arranted B m R~t-d, sun IVP The snnl\rRI waa bed A program of unusual merit l\:1\1'1 npPI'\ Jm omo Jve firemen Tbe pay of 'lltoee Do not go out of to u to bu} \\atches when you can buy better watches for less 111 Tuesday, H.e,; F H \ rnKeuren of I ed wuh a ePiectlon from 11 J ruv~ttor by poaiUoua ran~es from $75 a mon~b for mane} at Jicllltlllg the H1gh Rchool orcbeatra under the brakemen to 1100 a month Jar tlremen R, LEIGB'PQN d1rect10u of Prof Webster With ~haeea By good and steady work a brakeman --IN-- Package or Bulk --AT-- , J. S. Brown's THE MAILS GOING WEST CtOS£8-7 30 u. m and 4o 33 p m GOING EAST CLOSES-11 17 a. m and 7 03 p m GOlNG TO LIMA-7 30 n., m and 4 33 p m Office open& at 7 00 a. m and closes at 8 00 p m GEOIIOE A CARE Jn P M ======------ - -- --- LOCA.L NEWS. ptsrents aud Bll!ttore HONEOYE F 1\LLS N Y -~11!!!! L.:l u' G Stl't>le of Oaunndai~:na wa~ 111 town Bt~Vt!ral da)~ recently VISit I og l\I ra I 0 .\.meden and other friEnds Grand jury Invest1~at1n~ Election Irt>ne fi rench Marguerite Kevea Elma can become a conductor 111 from one to I Brabery Charge• I Nan Mme. Hbepard 1\llea Darron and ~wo yeara aud a fireman can become an JEWELER Governor Uughes f 1llowlng the elate l\luc 0 Brien vlollmste Kern and Er engmeer lu from two to three years '\\\'-\\-\\-\\'\\\-,....,.=,...,..,....,...,.,...,..,...,....,..,...,.,.,...,....,...,,.,.....,...,...,...,...,'\\\' meut mad\ by pr :uuuuH!• t U.ochester nPat Palmflr clalrm etlste and Corobell Cun'auctor~:~ tHUD about $toO, and eogm J ' I t\\o nnmbtore that were greatly enJoyed .1 1 1 r b k -Mrs G men Sm1th of !om a Ia eome to l revenl Corrupt Pra t cea at l loctlnoa are maue exc UBJVe Y rotu ra amen 1 FARM R 0 L L E R S A Dolls llnll by fourteen httle girlS d d 1 1 fi I what 1101 rn11ed after tlt:'r sttvt!ru tllnees on Friday deelgnatPd Att lfll .. } G .. neral I rom 1\li~B Me[ aughllu s room under ~he an eogmeere are rna e ou Y rom re f \'th BCJrlet rever !lie lenllly Ia all II 0 Mnlley to c n•oct the eiPCil n caeeal d f lh t 1 men CULT 1 VATQ R S nud~r quarunt111e ar1~mg 1n the late cunl!rt!BBinnal electiOn 1 r ctwn ° elr ehc 18 r \\as very l ht>re are Bbout a thousand ra lroad!l f cittz~na backed bvtteStatH A~l!ochmonsl \orkH pianist The vonng folks gave eere about $200 a month Oondnctorsl~e;.e.:~.:~.:~•;e•;e...:~A:'\.:~.: ... ...!~-Z,...!~.t~ .. ~~...!~ .. ~-Z~tt!~~ 1\1 I J In Monroe connty Mr 0 Malley has I c Jtt1ly done ID the Umted States and they own and S - J H U '''II rl & H u I B\f' bl\ught a - ra mra munPd Elmer E Charles of Warsaw as I hen f J1Jowed a vlllm solo b} MIBB operate about '\0 000 locomotives and an ' '\NATE R D RA '\N E R Cadillac autoch·hverv sptmding the wlnt~r wull her dau~hter p nl Ha\;eeand a VIOlin quartette by lllO ept>Cial proeec ttor to assist In prPeenrmg A ne \ eq 111\ numbtor of train!! For these ~hey '' -R Cht>~tPr \'Ill cAIPbra e thP 100 b Mrs Edwardd In Re llaudR, Oahf Jrnlu tiJe '''\ to tiJH arAI r1 JlrY which wu.s fonr \OUI ~ ladle!! from tlhe ecbool or req me a total of 140 000 engmeers atld ~ Is es:pected home 'h1s week • 1 1 1 1 cut d an01vereary 1 f II!! t~t>llh mant lillfil) •\ I ~ 'I \ 1 d 1 b lb c lt>Stra t lB wert> very we exe e firemen and over 200 000 conductors 0 G D D f N W' !IWorn Ill\ 011 '-''n ~ 1 enct>B 0 r ery I '~h!I!J Mtu uerue Webster aave the -ReprPPI'IOtl\ti'P Havens~ Ant $2 ROl - r PorgH t~nnett 0 e ~on aiHl colonlz ,tuu 1 BL p •lie hi at hand a1111 1 ' g ., and brakemen-a gr11nd total of train and • in aid of I I<~ toh•rll'lll and ~t OlPt Mr Ktt.u~:~ue Yo as In town M mdlly of tlllt! It Is thought thHre Yo Ill be about HID nPxt nurubet n V!olm solo the Watches I engme men of about 3o0 000 \.mong Hog 'l1oughs, Kettles, li'eed Boxes, Hay Racks, Maule, W agou Shoe•, Etc Drain Tile and Sewer Pipe Aldrld •• •t ono wH~Iudk to VISit Jut~ rnotln~r at N nth Bloom D.mct. The E!alectlon IS a very dt fficult this lar\e army of men them are tal wav~ ~ , \ 'l .. caeP!I to proPt>C It\' I f 1 b I • -StrePt C,nmmlR1lnn11r Sl el 1 a h 8 one rPq JlrJng mouths 0 pBtlent 8 or to many change~ occur au~ wh1ch cause /va f -Mre D llarrl~ rPtlrned home Slttlr B C cnmnut to memory and her~ki!Hul mae canc1ee and some 'hourmnds of new GROCERY and BAKERY bad the roncl ocr•p•r and a rorce of m•n dnv evening frnm R Jtland, Vt where lit lrcus. t.ry f the ~Jeco do noted a tnleut of lll~h firemen aud brnkemeu are lmed annual I' --AT THE-- I \ lahcklng up t'1P strPet~ she wns ol\ll\d tw 1 wtwkBII2n bv tho til 'I he Barnum & Billey gn•at Circus Ill to order Mles Webster IH a Blster of Mrt~ ly to recruit the aervlct> So llat!re are y k F d d M h' Sh ~'That tohRf'f'O prC1diCt>P lnfllllllt} DABBO'It .. rdllghtHr Mrs Dr H.dg~on appear 10 HJCIIt'~l~r ell ln Bday, May AuuaThnmae of Boston Y.:ho will be j18L80IIaUv chances lor heallby young or s oun ryan ac lne op 1 ~1 Both Phones Rm fnllv coov1 w I -!Jn WooDARI> nr -:Ill\ Minnie 0 llneo of the !Jules jl4 Ttli&Jiftho b'\' newa ut the diy to remembered by tho older mueJc lovlllg menlo get these good pnymg poBltlona I 1 H F ll ;.-i Y k 1 I MBII!III.chneett& I ueanP AMy hun office wae callfd to s rmh Byron Thnre thoaH whu art\ foud of the ~lrcns form of l lbl c from her vi~lte among us a few Ah!O the nulroall9 prefer to hire yonng oneoye a s, ..... ew or ======c:-~====== -Mr and Mrs JunPs MPrrltt of M,n da.v la1:1~ by thH 111111118 If her !:liSter Allee a nuaemeut Fur tlhy u~e \t~Ura th a baa yttUB ago Sbe taatJII with her husband mt>n from the country and email towne ;;;r-;~~ ':Ji$~;t:,!l;:..;r;,;~~;;.J r==...!~~~~r::_~e=;!~~~F..!F..! 1 r -------~\\\----. ro~> elrPAt arA thP huppv pl\rPnta of 811011 who hKs 81006 hettu tuk~;~n roth~ hoepllal bet!n tim leading sho v of t o world John Thomne engai!ed tu entertu.uunent ra~her thau City mt:m , 0 become firemen ~----- __ Mallnees TEMPLE Wnn en and Eery Day Children s BeatSeals Madnecs 2.5 Cents ROCHESTER \-/2.5 Cent\ The Beal Show for the Leaot Money In the City of Rocbeoter ---- FRED LINDSAY The SensntlonniAustrnllan Bust mnn Who Performs Wonders wtth n \\ Jup La PETITE REVUE 1 SrEPP MELINGER & KIN(, CUNNINGHAM & MARION !LA GRANNON A 0 DUNCA'N THE MARLO ALDO l RIO In Fun and Acrobau.:s !OM AND EDITH ALMOND I be Australian Duo TEMPLE SCOPE The Latest Motion Pictures Week of May 23-BESSIE Wll'>N the Famous Smgmg Contcdmn Gray's Balsam DOES NOf DR\ UP A COUGH BUT r PISSOLVES I r Sold by all Honeoye Falls Druggtsts Hydrometer for Lime- Sulphur. 1Jur111~ rPc .. nt VPIUB commercial pre 1 amt1ona of the lim to~ anlphur \10 aah have 1 etm 11~1 d qnite extt netvely for Ppraying for c~tt\1 1 hiP~rtfil aud plant disfai!PS fhf' I fl Jlrlt-fRry IIIISIUrt>B like the tl'ilme pu pond Y.Rt-11 are iiPfiVt>d from hme and enlphur Tho m~ut~nr!l f \Oolue of hme enlphur wMh for he trt~ti.Lment of of It 1wcte ie the polnhle fltlf hnr thnt It contams AnalyAIB of P.l\lltlJit'H of d1fft>r Pnt brands eold 10 the StatP of New ): ork durmg 1000 Hho 'N trh:u the range Ill deneltlea of the solntaoue thot were ex arniOP.d was from 28 80 to 33 fJO dPgreeB Danme It is ev1deut that With tho varymg reimlta In wepanng hme sulphur eolntionij hy profPaewnal as well ue ama \eur mak.,rtl, some mflasuro of Atrength and value must bH found 1f the orch11rd IBt IB to do uniform nccnrute work Ill hie spraying Such a measure hea In the specific gravity of the concentrated mix tnres THE HYDROMETER F. very fnut Rrowur ~ hn te makiiiR' hill o,wo oolullou u Ill find a hydrometer with n BCB e of 0 to 30 Banmo more smt ablt1 for Ina .PIIr(lfJB a O~hnr h}dromet NO are lntendt>d for tlse In tcatmg corn merclall1me t~lli)Jhnr eoluLI ms Tho Booeh & I omb Optlcul Co oupply lndrometera of oil kinde for all pur poets E E B\U,Oil &SO~ U Mnin St 1 1st, Hocnn.suH CHARLES W. 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Write hllKII ROYAL t.IRDICUfB CoT TD J.,aRoY N Y,U If A. r·.--..·~·~·---·~·~· i I t i i t Confection' Excellence We can gunrnntcc Delcarn Cnndtcs mth perfect coufi deuce We prepare all of the l raw mntertnls, nnd we know lhcm to be unsurpnsacd llcnwmbcr the unmo-Dcl· 1. cnrn, bccnusc \If l!teJ)'re De/cara, l!tev're De//cloUJ \ • Mod•br,.• Rocheater t Candy Works 407o4U_ ... ......_·\'· ·-·-·--- born Frlda.y morning Ja 9 t Congrat 11 j 8 at B~t.tRvltl to bt' Ollf'fl\tt!d upon Thill vear 1t comee forth with an e1 t~re I and high grade concert work In that and brakatnerl and lattlr conductors and tiOOP II+ w tq 11pm~nt which coat the llallnage Cit) engHJetm~ beo1use they have found by E Th HI R d I -Ml\ I \'\'\ WlgglrJK wl 0 hua a mont $!500 OUIJ A ••ry novel feotnre ol the pro~ram exp\'lence thai the men from the rural Subscribe for the ··TIM S'' Bll~Cor.; ely;~~~ r~cpo;,, ~hfu~rc~~~~~db: poalllllll In tho '\\\ ol HlhiAy LltldHBy fl • m•lll perf or nJnc• \ ~IV n '\ waMhe R Jlnbow Drill by eighteen ynun~ dl•ttlcta \'\ etrouger and more hardy & Cnrr has been home for flye or 1311 tt r1 e nnge, on t\\ o stages, on an lm I ht.di R til white with colored an shes and inlltRII<'d In thrlr new q 1artera when weeks beCDillilf~ of Ill nee:~ manes H.Jman race track tUJ t 111 the rumbowe to match The drill wae have leas bad hablt:o! nod g1ve better ea~ ready -Mr aool Mre J D Noxon havo gone domu rhe cllmux of the p ogram \ worked ont by M\' Eleanor Howard 181 ~~:~\~~1~w 1 !; ~~~~catJOnal ABBoolatlon -Oiark 1..~ II \rria fi\TU01~ m,vlrlll pic- to Phlladalplna to vielt friends 1 thtl apo\ling performance of Deap n lo and wae g1veu uudcr her d1rect1on aud of wlllch ttJO New York Central 'and 'ur 11 with }{ lflli VPit In Al\iCH. 11 are 1 1 d 1 r.nrnlng, unrlPr thH anaplc~e of the Active -Mrs ~ D Flick returned hom .. hlBt a mad lirenc~man who lt-aJH! fro n t 16 IB quite a ways m ths ea 1n t Je matter othar raJltoa hare members is reaching week alter eptHiding thu wlnt~r m Pclsa dome of the tHnl and IRnda on hte bard of marching nod posing of an) thing of a 0 It Into thu r lro.l dtetru ts of Nttw y 01 1r H ~~P. 01 N lff C:Prl'' Uena C 1hfnrnla clu<~!lt Addlllonal thrills are given bv BIIDtlar nature ever prllBflllted here -LivonlR htl'h flr.ho.,l hall '\\'ll will -A~sPmb1)mlm Whltn wa!t home a Jupuer a p tre Yo lute AmbiUn horee l\1Jpa Ethel Chapman gavu a humornue pav HonPnVPF.sll!l hlgl Fnhnnl nlnRat few daJ&IhApastweektolook after his liTidt!tt to trht! d1mt1 of tha t~nt 111 R reading ~Ire 'lobbsotthe8ew1ng Car lhriP Pn~ ~atnrchn A rPIIlrn R\me farm interests ba oon an~ decflnds aw1d a Niagara of c e 1 that was fiuelv rendPred will be pla\Ptl Tnnn 14 -Dr Whit~ has re n contiuerl to ~he explodmg rocketa ami tlrttworka Tht>o MIRH Webstt'r gave another vwhn fiB ~The l\lotlroA Po111ty Y P S C E bon!fe fur the P'\At tHn d H 8 and bas hRd therH Is Charlie the J I rat bpynnd. ail lectl m that was thoroughly en]oved lA holdinll thPlr C\onwntirm In WJ>flt Htm to 'akti some'ul bie owl) mediCine <)lleetlon the most remarkublu bnlllldl A langlmble farce comedv A Ua!le of ~!:~J 8 so~~~:; IH 111 ~Lt~~~t:;:on ~rom the -R J F I zGQra d I~ home B\Ck whh ~:~~~ P~~:a:~~::l~: ~:~st ~ 8 °~~c:r:lfy ~ :~:~,~ ~~:~=~~;~~~ uu:~t: 1 t:~o\\: 1 1 :t!:~~:c~P~ 1 f 011 :: 1 ~~f -Owing to rPifgln 111 hollr\a\P June 13 the mulllpA l panzie but he bus bt:'come the greutea~ Savuge 11ffordPd no end ul amuaeruont und 14 the fl p:11tor R\\R .. lll!ll xarnlnaUonsl I bicycl~ rlrler and acrntntu in tho world rhe ecenu Is la1d 10 R gtrla seminar} which wertt to nccnr on U 1 oi!R dBys will Church Matters. Ue does au act nn oou of the eau~~:es that The }onog lalhee ore plonning R spread be gnen on ThnrRdR) and Frldu), Jnne lathe wonder ol the BJ.rt' for 11 few of thmr college fnendR Ill the 9 and 10 M E CHURCH I In the menhgena le found Uw nu ~t rl' !4BmH toy, n l wo over zaalous membera azv P n VANtum~EN PAsTon markable r.'lologlcal exblbtt tver Eeon of the fucnlty In tht!lr efforts to ' rubber' -At the Pr ... eb\hmau ol U ch 1 es~ E:iuudav murum11 tmrvlca tSt. 10 30 j outside of the interior of tho African lind thmnePivea 111 8 h unlhatlng phght Rnt~rlay Fatht>r'Jt Oa\ will be ctlebrated P ~achinK by the pBRtor Snt ]\CI jill giH It Ia u lmbmo the hrt!t and and am forced to j uu Ill tho ft!allvltleP This is the OraL\ time the mHQ have been ' KlckhiR Aglt.III~'>L the Goad or ~he Htl I only bahy glrafftt ever born or exhibited m l h to their chAgrin honorPd with 1111~h a iln nnrl no ilonbt..-.. call or RABI!!ttmee 1 iD AmPrlcu. Only oule befnre 111 hta The cl Jslng numb~r wus a secoud se It ,!111 be much apprPch\ll;'d by thnm I t-;unday t':lohu •I uru:f Class mHetlng Rt tory has the aturk visited the ~1r 11 ff\' p n hlc 1011 by tho oruhttalra Nulloual A ira .:a..\Vhat Ia the p 1pula~lon of the town 12 ° clock ofa c 11 ptlve ZIJO of anlmal11 I hat t-vtn~ Inc 11 clua10n n w nd of'Ort!Otl is JIIStly of 1\lendou? T 1 the oM \\Ill') C'ln ~nn~B Rpworlh LMgn~ Rt 6 30 SnbJel t happBned ovt>r Uhy ~eue ago lu I o don~ due Pn f We.bBter to who1:1o pametakmg nPat' at tlw rfgl t unmbt'r w Will send a \Epworth I 11 RIIH Annlvt r~ary Stnvlco E 1 ~1aud TIIH yo wgstl'r dhul t t!lnre It elf rte dn11ng thu winter tim ancct!sslll vPar 1 a FnlBcrlptr 111 In the rlmea free I LeadHr Ethel Ohapman could be phteeJ on exhil..r~tlon H1 m llPtwannct! of the orchuatra 1e nmlnly Wrl!e yo tr gn fiR •111 a Jl 10tal Cl\rd and 1 E vonmg Bt1fYIC13 ut 7 30 Snhjdct, lluo Ia only tllree ftJijt tall lt~lll:l tlon dut' and thtl proceeds of the evening mall to tbiR olfict~ l\r 11 \ Epwor~h IJ!DI(Ile, Ita meaning uod olle 8t1Vflnth of tts rnothllr s ... ht 1ght lt e wertl 1ntt uded lo rPmnuernte h1m in -llaf:! uunna.l c mven~lon of tht! R'lch hi! work ~ young8ter IB worth its wmgh~ In gold p'llt for hiH Jub1 r~ ae v;ell ne tl10 fine eater nr~trlct E[lworth Leagnt> will con Rf.lgular P' IYPr 111 ~tln:r 011 ThttrAdav On the ht~t of p\\rformare are tlw n unee ma a lt1eat afforded -.:en .. In th~ Ml'thr dlot ehnrch nf J>llts(ord evenln~e lit 7 ~l) r~IL r)r reading II of 400 of the world a Ill OAt tnlentt d per tomorrow evtmln~~tl i:-J) Huv J W KIDKB2 ActB 2 rormen, The new parnde Ia a umrvot HKI OltK btl) 1111{ 1\11 1\Ut I lot UB giVe l 0 I ' tl u liiHLmtmn n lth a Pllttns m li \\ JJrebl:'ll~!'r o ... ~ s .. p,rlca paetor ,r Lhe church lethe ll111 It lt1 ulpanorumo of a thoneand wondl'r~ tnct Pr,aldtmt Tt f4 onveuUou will !:vE.~~T~~~~~cKC~~-:;, 1 ! lla~re ure three mll~s of 11. lleru tH a come to a cloe~u ~ md 1V ve~ulng ' Father's Day Observance npp r~unitv for the plloplu of HnnPo)e h\118 1\Dd VICIIIIty IO llt>A the greate11t FOR SALE -A enid coniNCJ.t>d In tlut Apring i11 hardtJr L 1 aet nd 1f Hun 1\~ anv other ee IBOD so It Ia Wtill to take It on 'h\ firflt ~ymptoms A trR!Oed 1111rll H 111fallble r.Hn'ih it1 11 ~lnss of warm unlk '' whlr.h has bllen add~d. a teaspoonful :~1 p 1wd~r Sunday mnmlu~ at 10 30 Preaching circus ever orgunz~d 11w ra1lro11dA by the pastor :Sub~t I he StrtJngth 1f wtl Jower ~he ratPS of fnru and topt>elal Manhond '' Sundny ech Jol nt noon Jnnt 1r Ululetian Eud ... avor at 4 o'clock Y P R 0 !!; •ne•tlo~ 111 0 30 81b ed g1ngt!r S1p BIJwlv JOCt 1 Christ 1t Vt-r!ltt>B\ John 0 20 -Sr Paul s Dramatic Olub w1ll prn sent fhe Ooroer Store with songa a11d •r• laltlea at I 11ingo Hull Wednoad>y I offer f 1r lmu edllhHiale my hand<~omfl flv., JlllBBI:lD,ller l\lilohPII r mnng Uu prnc~lca ly as good a~ nuw fnlly equip pHd at d m eltogaut ordH fur $GOO Thae !1:1 an t'Xceplionol o(lpmtunlty for anyone dt!Sirlng to buy a hiKh Rrade, slightly UBPd car l heap I F nANC£ 1 6I6 Weet -lim lfnu•n•e I '\' II Kh echool 132 47 53 lender MIBP ~bud N 1lan tt>a n wet deftiat at the llntultJ of the Event 1g eerv1cij at 7 m P.reontuug by Pittsford ll1gh 14ahool tPRm at Uvde 'he p\!:ltor Sil]\'CL 1 Are lltm N~tturully \11\y 25th lhnclng later ALL TIRED OUT. 115 h Stre•l New \ ork 10w5 W.C.T.U. Pt~rk ll\et li r1d11} n.fh rnnm1 Sc 'r\ .10 to Religion I! 1 8 Tbey we•e 11leo d\fijuted n' F~~,lrp rt Pr11ver mtmLmg ou [hnrrt~llly evunhli Ltncoln 1 Declaratton of Total Ab1t1n .. 811turduy hy the 11corp 0 to 4 at 7 ~0 Hundreds Wore 1n Honeoye Fall• 1n the Same Phqbt ecce -H J Ctrl~y wl n hlB bet~n y,frh the lion oyu Fulls WoO\Iwurklll~ Cn •• Large Barns Burned. bookkfl per for th~ paqt to or tw~lvf'l Tht-~ iar\u bllrne on thl.:l fnrm nf \hurt Tired all the lim• IV<aty nod ~torn out ni11htand da) Bnck aches flide nchl'!l Tbe parllculura of Mr I lncoln'a lotal aba~tnence s\nnt:i\\\\\\when vleitf>d nt his home In Spr ngfield June 10, 1800 by a comrnlttee from the couvl otion whloh named hun for the pres1dent1al office ar•thue detailed by Dr I G llollnnd yflRrB wall not conlld 1u with U u o• IV hr u, and 1t Ia likely 1hnt ht ~Ill dec de to leave town unleaR so twthllll{ Vtlt uu Hpooner II~ H lChl-'llt r Juncuou rorruerly tbe Dr Ot1t1 pldCt' \\ore dcetroyerl by llro on incud l} 111ght l \!II Wtwu dlscmer ud about I I iO, tho llru lnd g1u nHJ such headway Uult It waemmless 10 uttuiUJlt to save enythiug In tho undt rgro11nd eta ble wuru 10 lwad of ullch co~e 2 cul\es and U bull all c f which pi rtslwd IU tho fl:~m \ 0 thl fl or abnvn Ytt!n etor11d Tubcrculosts. All ou account of thti kid nAys M !RI h~lp them at their work A II mooye li all11 citizen 8howe you how Ja01ea Mol\.enzm, Eaet at reeL, Honeoyt> ~IIIIH N Y , eaye My esp• riPncn with Doan a K1dney Prlla wue f.lltlsfactory in evt ry y,: oy I euffert>d lntfln~~ly from kldnP} troublu und alth Jllgh I nnd~r wtmL In atmunh1 and took medici nee o( varions kinde I found 1 ttle or no r~lief My bnol< aohod conolantly nnd I could not ron well arts ng ln tho morning all ~ n d out HaadaM1es annoyfd me 1111 I l h 1tl but little R~rt~ng~h •r euPriU Fh ullv lprocnrod n an P l(idm~y Pllli at tlw I illlbruJRO DtiiK Htore 111 d &heir use brought prompt a1 d rmrmanent ro lhlf I know of othur pardes who have token D 11U1 B 1\.lduey P IIH w1th tho same 81Cceas\ (Statemeut Kl\llD Auauu 21, I\IOU) \Mr Aehmuu 1b president of the convention, nt tht:1lnmd of the cornnuttt'e visited Sprtngfl II tnapprl~e Mr I incnln officially of hie nomination In order ~hat the cer~11 Ill\ mig! t bo emo thly performed tiH con nuttt t hnd an in u Vlttw with Mr lluc lin bt foro tho h mr anpnlnlt>tl f r tt ' f mn1l 1 tall I htty found him at a I !!\ \o know ho;v to trt'at aortJAent hn had jtHt ncci\:td at the hunds of Bomo of ius conl:ll+.lcruto frhnula Knowing Mr lincoln H ttirnpt rHLu or rathur nbe,irumt h \tHis aud 11\bonug under the tmprt e811 n that the Vlt~ilore from Chicago would I ave wanta beyond ~he powerufc ld YitUt.lr to eutisfy, thtHtl friend!! had aunt In R 1n+.lry hnmpttra of wines and lhtiOr~ I ht!BI! etmngu fluids trouiJitd Mr I meoln uud he franklv oonftae~d na much t • tho mum bent of the nil: .INoon~E)tKsT comrniUer rho chairman at once ad On Oot11her 5 HIO!l, Mr McKonz o vie• d hlrn to rt!Lnrn the g1h nnu offtJr n, ¥R~calltd upon ond ht!tm)'l L an juet etlm•Jiantato hutgu~ata llB m•oy wou1d 1\11 etror ~in my prul~! of l>ORII 1 8 KHIDU) be pruaeul bo i Irs tho co nnittee rhus Ptlla now ne I WR!I cln h ij' tho ~tnmmor of rultcvod, hu m\du rcudy fur thtt rttceptlou JU06 v;lun lhty en df~atlvllly omli mo of ~hu CliOJJin)' uccorllnl( to 'lie own 1 f kldno~v cornpla1ut Tho \ronble hBK ld~aa of ho11pitttllty ncHr ntnrnerl nud my hulth could not Wlion tho conunlttto tlnally nrrivtcl, be bett1 r tlum It 111 1H tla tmaent tlmr 1 ~lr line 1ln grl'•lt I tlu m In rht au worda F 1r ealn by Rll do \It rs Prlco 60 tentR Uunth 1111'11 wu ruuaL Jth dg 1 nnr 111nt I 'I l OP.h r Mllb trn C 1 B lrf-.1, Nt w York heal the in the 111 1ut luml by bevera~o ~I ill Blo!: lfllH fur tho Unlh II HI uue which n Jd h ~~ RIV II to Ill\' h I~ th th\~ 1 ome-Duan's-uu j ouly bevHr lj,(U I I I Yilt v r m t 1 or allow For Sale. 1 etl ill my (Uttill) 1 and ( CI\IIIIOt COliS I!L ontly d• 1 art fr un It 1111 Um lift t!tllt orca lel1 1 It Is 1 nru Adn u H nlu from Ute 1 1:1 1r11 K llu t 111 hctl u tumbler to h111 Bubl11 r tiro bna-gy In ROod condlllnn lip\ Rnd plull~ 11 i th~m hit~ hl~liul!t ru FIIIIJIBJt of hHt PUI\8 Ill II qnlru llt Lhlll HI CIA In a 0 I Jill cold wah r or CUilrl'l, ofllcn _ __ ------ 11 11 uf hi a gn etll wuru cons! mint <1 to n 1 Altho Jijh 1 v' ry car In e1 rvlcca61t non 1 miru hiK c liiiHHlonoy nllll to f Jl!ow hlu dltlnn ht now In opuntlon, tho Nt \\ l\x liD Jilt 'ark Cuutml limn nru !!heat abo IL &IMX) lllu 111 my otlu r ntllllllll J nttnrfliiCt!:t o[ cnrfl nnd thlot untwltl otnndii•IC tl n fnct Mr I Inc 1111 which r.unllruu <1 thifl bolt f tl M Lht.!y lluvu u col~u lllillcn ~hu UraL ~~of In hht lnynlty t 1 thn IIIII )I r uu~t o' t~e Uw year IHOO nuw fnl~hL corfl I aro widely ku1wn ft m hiH f '\' IIH ucl - - -- drtlll't on tlw 111111 or 11 r. 'lit Htlun ''' llv A Marrtagc Announcc-lorollchrunry 2~ IHI. 1o IIIH HIK\\II Lin hlo ntlc 1 r 111 h uli ~I d1 cl Hlltlo a ( f ment. I dwnrd ( IJIIIIVIIII IIIII hiH tlnlll nordo vtpllnnudltnlldnlrftlcku•Jl ~ 1 M 1 J 1 rJ U ~Irwin \l'lktll unrlu wu m K JIIIK In nmrry 111 xt July oud \\U vury t1 1 ~y nl hilt 1111~\ttlliuntl HI th u \Um 11111 KOhli( to fit ut I If 1 rhrht nnl tnnkt lit 1 t Wr+ nt CJH +~tl m nfh r r+ cHI flU tctlo 1 1 1 1 1 111 r.•m 11111111 , 1 of tn tlu tr lmnm n l(rllllll cit ill(:ht Our lltt t will b• thu uv rthr I \\I' of Uw I 1(1110r lv II It 1 W Ill Y I hol!l , t 1 Jt ulcu fnr two lA furnlflhl tl lr ,m 0 1 h 1Hh ollie r n1nl IIlli d ''\ d '\\'\ (~lit) 1 II •. 1 1 t 1 ) k 11 I I I I Ill (l lllct r tl 11111 11 urI( 1 nut lltiW \C fi\Yfl U 1 If lu rt IH H t 1 1 Y l 1 Jt l 1 I 11 nrll nrn , 11 o~h nml lJrll(ht -t:ltl 11 '\ IClllll Nnlln 1 will d 1 thnt 111 riKhl Uhl N \\ I (, A Jlh}rlt I 111 nHtt 1111 R n rnfln of ~viii d 1 nil nnv othnr vnrulsh would I tub roulml-t 111\I~L t ~kt nil th pr 1 1 11 \ prn nn J mnoh tlint Ill ntlu r vnrnlllh c 11ll I.HIIIIIIIH nfl I 1 1 ' l 11 hiT! 1 to f1 Cllrl 11111 1 du It CIUI bn wnol ttl with hut H 1111 I r hctlon uf II l II II r llllllltrH of LIHl nhh rm inJ lrY nr d wntcr Cl\11 tltaul on fuulh rHtlnjltyPiallll dn lllllt\\lllll nOIIINumulnlllrlrflfnwollk WllhliL lo ''\ I hill Ill d ll J lltnh It In wthh R, ll• ~~~ tllllklnjln w hltn fiJI Jt I ry \ Ol\11-fiOo duto• dn~olvu lltllll thn lnlnl htlllth WlrtllfJr IUD \I fl Hihl hy llunluh 1111 r llrou II•• llllV \Ill II t 1k1 tlln I llVIrn Hint tu JlriHLICIII~ wiJil niL tlbtronll I Ntvlrlu,.ILJtt 'hJitJIIVIIIIC Ohnmbor \'\' It nit dt!Jt ul'l r 11 v. lit tlu r lh 1~11 lnin., ( 1116(11 H 111 +ly Ln ohlltlrnn h f I I I II r I c llltnlnK rtn IIJIIIII I r utili r IIRrt Ilion whortlll~hillir lrllltt IIIIUI 'llll 11 or nniC111I111 J;dVIII \\hh hllllliCJL CltiJI cllnullt,lulr(IH\ lftllohp rRHiduo thno 1 Alllltlllikttttuforcnll(hntllt.l hht 11nrl tlu 1ll~l'lt\' c 111 IJt utwrttlutll~ly cnltln tn which c hil+ln 11 Rrtl n111101 \HIIJI~ rmluoud In I hi• KUinJrnllun Ill• unHurpn1outl Hold by •II dn m 11 1 \r 1l~d I\ 11nrl rl nf hiKh ~'ndu U llllmlll.- rnrrlll(l\ n~ \Voila b< 1 ~,r~ llw~ Slt\te to gut the men needed for railroad poett ons n th1e Stattl The Asaoc1at1on 11118 nq mated Lhe co optuatlon ot the Tn.lbs to brmg the matter to the atteu t1ou of 'he yonng men in this VICinity Coureea of Prepautory Ioetrucuon, one for firemen and one for brakemen, an gavan hy the Association to fh &bosa who want etthor poa1tion to properly and aucceesfully perform ~heir dut1ea after employment They teach tho meRnmge of ull &he ela;nale In uea oo the tllllroe.de and evervth111g elee either a flreruau or brakeman needs \o know abontthe work thev Will perform The Hchnlnrshm fee IB mnderatt' and each scholar Ia g 1aranteed a position wlthm a mouth aftur compleUug ~he Inatruo Lion The I eBeons are very thorough }t>t plain and practical and nu CJ:3mma Lions nrtt r.-q 1ired 11111ess the E!ct liar wtllhPA them O.lrtofnl ttt 1dy of the lee eons 18 al that 18 necessary AI the railroads Will h1ro onlv healthy young lll+'n btttween 20 and m Yt! rs old the Aeaoclatwn Will accept only euch moo as ~cholars-ne 1t wants only men for l't llnm It un obtnlu posJLiona promptly Y lUI g n l:'n I~ tills \ lcuuty wl\o meet the reqmrem nte nod ~unt one of tho po Millon\ lllt'Utloned may obtain full par ticnlare free nf chnrge bJ addreesm~ &he AesoctaLlnn in care of thlfl office stating the p nnttnn preftJrred and encloaurg a two ceu~ stamp for a reply The f.lptendld work of Cuamberlam e Stomnch oud I i\tor Tobll.liB ie dally cn111 11 g to lllo!: 1t No IHWh gru.nd rt>m~dy for llvnr and b J'IHtl tronblt-e wue evt-r known before rho 181\UdB blues tOe II for CUring ConBtl~ltiOJI SICk hellrlRChP 1 blliOilBnl'BB j undfc6 and ludlgt'atl n t:lold by all dtlllt!r~ For Porc:h and 1 Lawn Cha1t1 Oll porch fnr 1lture lawn swmge fi )Wer etantJr mail bnxea plllllpll 1 chlfd rene wagnna &o}a, etc -It's b1.:1tter to gtve lhom a co11t of my red or grteu Porch Fluniluro E 111mel than to 'brow Hmm awuy-1f thev're not broken Ont' coat will do 30c can •covers 50 fqiJBrt> ft et All 8 r. 18 for FJalu tU li lrlliRh Brol! 1 \\\ CHI NAMEJ Notice to the Public Nollce Ia huroby given lhal all •• counts due lhe latt! W1Jilam I uy IIIUBt bu e~tlied by cash or nt>gotiable note 011 or bufore Jun1' 1, 1010 31f MIIR AnA rAY I leClHrlx Cttatton Tll~o~E~~Lfbe~~.;. 1 t~c~~~~e ~:~~ rn~~ pen lent To Caleata A Carr Jamca Carr Chlll'le• D Carr Wllllnm I Carr ltarrl•t Carr Mac Dran Jamca G Carr lmura C11rr Louis II Carr Ella Dutton Schn lck Rntl Jlonry Dutton hcin at law and noxt of kin of Ch11rlc!1 Carr !end llreotlng Whcrua llcnry C Carr t1 o Executor named In a certAin hl•trume L In wrltlmr btarlnll date r::~l~~~~ of~?iuc:ll:~c!c.t>;:. ~~fe ~fit:~~~~;~~ Rochuter In uld County of Monroe nud State of New York d..:.eued and relaU~ to both real ~~d ~t:S~:~!\a ~~~~ol~f mth•e Cf!~:;u:; Monroe to han saki ln1trument proved a;d r~rdetl aa a Will ol penonal and real atate you. aml eath of JOU are cited and required to M:nc:, ~'thia 1 ~ffi~:~~! <!J~ho 0 t ~h:teO: In nil County of Monroe. Now York on the Uti day oC June l!UO at 10 o dock In the forenoon of tl nt day then llnd thcl'fl to ettend t1 o prubnto of lUll I la1t Will and T•tam.at An !If nny of t1 o n(oruall Pttaollt .ru under: II o &l(o of twc ty 01 o yea\' or lnaano or ot.her- wiMI I neon 1•t t. t1 111 will pi~ take notice tl u.t. tl oy aro tl.'IIUirOO to All car by tleir Kaneral arunnJia If t1 •Y I ~avo o a I If thoy have raone tl nt tloy nppc!lrantl 11 ply Cur t1 o appolllmont ~~:~:~~~~~}~J,:: 1 ~~\iu 0 :o 1 '!- :, 1 :cl~~~~nJf~ar>t~ltl ~~t 0 J 1 r 0 :r!~ 1 t'n 1 t~~ 0 p~~~~tf.•!~ c':r ~h~r;::h:t!~ Hid Will In te~tlmony wlurMf Wo hava cau.OO tf 0 81'111 r tl U S ltfOitlllO a Court O( th• County of Mol n)C! t 1 bn hereto affixod [L \ ) Wltr I'IIA lion Sd !on H Drown Hurro ~:::rot ~il; ~ 11 ~tyJ:; ~~o Ac~~fl ot 1 ~~:. ~~:d ~~j \~~.onl ona tho uand nine bun ANDitl W I UDOllll Clurk SUrt'OII&I• I Co lrt twl Photographs, (nil nr l11co tl oncw Sill' lA PliO ros Get your l:ar~tcr Crayon Pictuu• where you !let the belt (or the money and take no dunce• VAN DELINDER'S liON I OYI I At I H N Y SLADE'S VANILLA INTEREST Paid on Deposits All accounts subject to check Without presentmg pass book THE TRUST FIDELITY COfttiPANY PO\\ ERS HL!)(, , llOCIIt STt R N Y ----~~~-~- CONCRETE! CONCRETE! Concrete Building Blocks Porch Columns. Chimney Brick and Gate Piers --ALSO-- Rall and Balustrade work HdoneAat tLhe 1 shortest I posstble nottce by JESSE Manufac:turer of all k.tndt of Concrete Work HONEOYE FALLS, N.Y. P 0 BOX 366 DELL PHONE 3461 I Make a Friend iWth Every Suit One reason why I have my clothes made by The Royal Tailors is that )hey are expert. f11end makers as well ns clothesmnket s. When they cut a smt tbry cement a good 11111, my cn~tomets nrtl so elnted wtth Hoynl clothes thnt they tnlk nhout them -nnd me- nil 01 e1 towu, 'l'be Hoynl Tullo1 s 111 e not ~pendmg a luttune m nd.,ertismg Without 11 touud- ntwn to stnnd on They n1 e g1 vmg tbe best dollar fot dollar sntlslncttou lD the conn lt). W. E. DURRANT Agent Try Our \\Want Ads\ I 5c per line. 6 words to the line rv~:-M:;~·:~:;..:;h;;;·~ ! could serve you well by showmg you a smgle make of Plated Table Stiver. We arc sellmg wtth unqualtf1cd gu:~rantces the products of several makers and arc showurg 16 Patterns i MA0 1 E __ e_Y __________________ _ Wm Iluqm M f f Co DON'1 GI!1 i Ro'\' I! Dru WllllllDLllD IN1 0 Wm llufm 11 Son 1lllliDllA TIIAT ANY i llolmco 11 lldwordo SINGLE MAKE 01' PLATED i Alvin Co SILVllll IS IT AND TIIAT R Wallace Son• Co ALL 1111! OlllllllS ARE Oneida Commuolty NIT Gorham M f ~ Co 1\ 10\U Ja 1\\ IIIUdl S Inc 1~ 111 line 1 uui,J cJ I I 11f ~ a tiMt loiHY11hc In I uf !tcrvlt:e t 11 i SANQER will aall you tha Baot Goods M•da i AND SHOW YOU GOOD ASSORTMENTS--- •••••••••••••••••••••••••ve .......

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