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VOL. l.-^NO. 17 Published in the Field by the New York Division c o u n t y . TEXAS. WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 13, 1 9 , 6 8 PAGES PRICE FIVE CENTS The Strength of the Wolf is the Pack, but the Strength of the Pack is the Wolf HOME ORDERS COMING RAPIDLY With Departure of Troops, New York Division Be­ comes a Memory. SEVERAL UNITS MOVE NORTH TOMORROW GREAT EFFICIENCY IN OUR DIVISION As Seen By a Correspondent on The Border. O rders w ere received from th e W ar D e p a rtm e n t last T h u rsday fo r th e re- lu r n to home statio n s of th e H e a d q u a r­ ters ;5rd B rigade, 1st B a ttalio n , N . Y. .Signal Corps, 2nd B a ttalio n , N. Y . En- aineers, 2nd N. Y. Field H o spital, and -n d N . Y. A m b u la n c e Company. H e a d q u a r te r s ’ 3rd B rigade, is sta ­ tioned a t B u ffalo, the 2nd A m b u la n c e flom p any a t RocheBter and th e 2nd Pield H o s p ital a t A lbany. The rem a in­ der o f th e organizations slated to leave are statio n e d in N e w Y o rk City. W ith th e d e p a rtu re of these troops aad Squadron A, N . Y. C a v a lry, the ‘ith N\. Y. D ivision becomes a th in g of th e past, and th e D ivision Comm ander w ith hia s t a f f and Jle a d q u a r t e r s ’ D e­ tach m e n t will re tu r n to home station. W h en th e above organizations arriv e in N ew Y o rk, over th r e e -q u a rters of the N. Y. N a tional G u a rd w ill be a t home .stations, th e r e being nine reg i­ m e n ts o f inf.antry, one of field a r t i l l ­ ery, three of coast u .tillo jy , an<l one K ii^ineers a t nome, nam e ly, th e 1st, 2nd, 3rd. 7tb, 10th, 14th,' 47th and 711 N. Y. Inf.antry R e g im e n ts; the 1st \ . y . Field A rtillery , th e 8th, 9th and 1.3th N . Y. C o ast A r tillery R e g im e n ts •Tud the 22nd N . Y. E n g ineers. To these should be added the signal troops, cav a lr y an d sa n i ta r y units. T h e N , Y. troops rem a ining on the B o rder will in all p r o b a b ility be or­ ganized tem p o rarily as a reinforced or provisional brigade, and w ill become p a r t o f th e com m and of B rigad ier Gen­ eral Jam e s P a r k e r , U. S. A., com m and­ ing the B row n sville D istrict. B rig a d ier G e n e ral Jam e s W. L e s ter who now com m ands th e 1st N. Y. B r ig ­ ade w ill in all p r o b a b ility assum e im ­ m e d iate com m and o f th e troops rem a in­ ing a t P h a r r and M cAllen. O rders for a fu r th e r m o v e m e n t of N. Y. Troops are expected daily. D u ring th e p a s t w eek, rum o rs spread through th e in f a n tr y com m ands th a t •vders had altu a lly been reseived fo r th e i r im m e d iate m o v e m e n t n o r th ; no •rd e r s had actu a lly been received for Southern D e p a rtm e n t a t San A n tonio • r a t D ivision H e a d q u a rters a t M c­ Allen regarding th e d e p a rtu re of any • f th e in f a n try regim e n ts, although lit­ tle doubt is expressed a t eith e r place k u t t h a t such orders m a y be received a t flay niOHient. HAS TAKEN MANY OF THE HIKES HIMSELF MHCHIGAN GUARDSMEN O E G A N I2X REV O L T R u t N e w Y o rk D ivision D iscipline D o e s n ’t M a k e F o r R ioting. 'ik e follow ing article appeared lu the N e w Y o rk T ribune under d a te of De- ee•^^e^■ 2, from E l Paso, Tex: T e a ring his silver eagles from h ia •fceulders, Colonel Louis C. Coveil of th e 22nd M ichigan In f a n try , invited th e rin g lead e r s in a m u tiny in th e liiehigBQ cam p hero to m e e t m m as to m a n . The in v itatio n w as not eeeepted and th e threatened revolt was X ' f ' h u n d r c d men o f the regim e n t srenn ized a rev o lt during the night, liem anding th a t th e y be tak e n a t once from th e B o rder. T h e y m arched through th e streets of th e yoH- isg “ We w a n t to go home! ’ W hen th .-amp o f the 31st M ichigan w as reached .Captain Isaac G o d frey and ^ C. V i l s o u turned the rioters b a c k into The cam p of the 32nd. Colonel Covell m e t the men there attem p ted to p a c if y them m a tneeeh. T h e v would not listen to him, shouts of “ N o n s e n s e ! \ came from of th e men. I t wa.s then th a t Colonel Covell offered to m eet th e mu- •<nmn to m a n ,\ and the revolt Biibsidcd. ..rrirvs'r™:..*\ is in th e South! B y C arl D ickey Special SlafT C o rrespondent N e w Y o rk Tim e s Palo-faced clerks who rem a ined com­ placently a t th e ir $l8-R-week-dosks and th e ir sm o k y hall bedrooms when 25,- 000 men of the New Y ork N a tional G u ard gave up th e ir jogs and contracts ranging iu p r o f its from $10 to millions to answ e r the P r e s id e n t’s call in Juno are now having th e ir complexions con­ trasted w ith the horny hides of the re­ turn in g guardsm e n , who had ‘ ‘ g u t s ’ ’ enough not to back out when Uncle Bam needed soldiers w h e rever he could get them . And the pedestals are all fo r the men who m ade the sacrifices, the men who volunteered to spend their ‘ ‘ v a c a tions ’ ’ on the B o rder as the guests and m inions of Uncle Sam a t the nninificcnt \ s a l a r y \ of $1.\» a m o n th— t h a t w o u ldn’t have been even beer money if the G e n e ral h a d n ’t giv­ en th e D ivision a general order No. 7. B u t the point of it all is not face­ tious, and it is not th a t any system has failed in operation or worked in a cum b ersom e way. All th a t w ill be fought Qut by the fellow s who stayed at home. One point is th a t , w hen the P resident called in an hour of peril, we said in our intensely patriotic A m e rican w a y : “ Oh, hell, let George do i t \ — George being the N a tional G u a rd. And George has not only gone and done it, b u t he has done it well— if we are to judge from the outw a rd appearances in th e cam p s of the New Y ork N a tional Guard. W liile all the return in g boys are g e ttin g the kisees th a t the stay-at- honies m ight have sneaked in six m o n ths, w h ile they are picking the cactus out of th e ir hides, w h ile they are telling, lies about how much they enjoyed sleeping w ith rattlesnakes, how much they revelled in those Tekas once-in-a-century rains, how good T e x ­ as gumbo mud fe l t in a fellow ’s ears and T e x a s sand in a fello w ’s eyes, how- much fuu it w a s to see ju s t how much space th e r e was betw e en the fro n t of a person’s personal com m issary de­ partm e n t and his backbone by going w ithout rations fo r a couple of days— w h ile th e homecomers are telling all these lies, th e rest of Now Y o rk is sittin g back to listen. I t is because everybody believes these rosy stories of hardships th a t the old guard never dies, although its stom ach m ight touch the ground occasionally. No m a tter how much the general public— those who do not bear the nam e of G eorgc~”believe th a t a fool and a N a tional G u ardsm o n are d if f e r ­ ent term s fo r the sam e thing, certainly no persons can stretch the synonym ity St) fa r as to say th a t one is born every m inute. Several million m inutes have passed since Ju n e 18— a n d recruits can alm o st be counted on th e fingers o f a closed fist. George was delegated to come to the Border, and, although m any of the Georges found they had been misnamed or th a t the sacrifices caused by the service w ere bearing too heavily up­ on those who wore in the fam ily, but not in the service of the governm ent, most of the soldiers are going home w ith the satisfaction th a t they have done all th a t the country asked— and perhaps more. W h a tever he has paid to the G o v ernm e n t f o r the vacation and the privilege of m a intaining security and ease fo r $18-a-week-clcrks to re ­ tain th e ir soft complexions, or w h a t­ ever the governm e n t has paid George to w a tch w a itfully or w a tchfully w a it, George is a t least going homo w ith the opinion th a t the sage m ight have been th ink in g of him, b u t 'c e r t a i n l y not of the A m erican public generally, when he said th a t every man owed his first allegiance to his country, then to his God and then to his fam ily or home. George is also going home w ith the opinion th a t if the difference betw een w h a t a m an thinks ho owes his coun­ try ami his country owes him were THE JUDICIAL END OF OUR SERVICE Courts Martial and Summary D Courts Hand Out Pun­ ishment. THE RECORD OF NEW YORK DIVISION payable in gold. Uncle Sam would re­ ceive about 90,000,000 \p l e a s e rem its\ tom orrow. H e believe.s also th a t it is an extrem e ly sensible thing fo r a na­ tion in danger of im p ending war to send 100,000 of it.s m ost w illing and w a rlike citizens out as a peace offer­ ing. W h a tever G e o rge’s opinions on all -tti.- ( these things the country apparently is [ a t last seeing, w ith the retu rn of the m ilitia regim ents, t h a t \ t h e y also serve who only w atch and w a i t . \ A t the same tim e the country m ust be ac­ quiring the opinion th a t there is no harden strain upon m ilitary discipline and m orale, as well as upon the pa­ tience of the individual soldier, than w a tting to put the foot in the path of glory and w h a t the poet says the path of glory leads to. The tru th of this has been found in two historical in­ stances when foreign forces were w ait­ ing to assail Mexico. Cortqs prevented m u tiny am o n g his men only w ith dif­ ficulty when he held them under se- vere training for more than five months before it invaded Mexico. The effect storm the Aztec capital. General Zach j Taylor, whose principal fam e in this p a r t of the desert is th a t he built the m ilitary road near H idalgo and the old brick bakery there, held his troops in train in g fo r alm o st a year near Point Isabel, Brow n sville and F o r t Ringgold before he invated Mexico. The effect upon th e m o rale and spirits of the army w as seen in the num b er of desertions and discharges. The Texas path of glory has been sandy and long w ith little w a ter or anything else to drink anyw h e re along it. But i t has been traversed thorough­ ly and every slip of glory has been picked from the mesquite. There were none of the unexpected th r ills event of a real cam p a ign to keep the men pounding aw a y a t a hike. They know only th a t they had to traverse eighty or one hundred miles, lift th e ir feet 80 m any lliousand tim es, and then re­ turn to camp. Only the pride of b e a t­ ing the record of the leading regi­ m ent, only the record of coming in w ith every pack and rifle on a real, live kicking man, only the knowledge th a t there was a hospital m a rk to ex­ cel, w ere the incentives for putting fourth every ounce o f strength. And who can say th a t the individual guardsm a n — George, to be more explic­ it—has failed in his duty. I t is true th a t in some regim e n ts George has whined and whimpered because a na­ tional exigency pu t not only a m ilitary burden b u t a financial burden upon him. B u t most of this w h ining an« w h im p ering was done because George came to the B o rder to fight and ovor- lookod the necessity of reducing his paunch, putting som ething besides lan­ guage behind his punch, and developing a bosom to put the medals on. W hen the powers reminded George th a t he was overfed and flabby, th a t he had to drop the powder puff and grab not only a rifle but a pitchfork and a shov'cl aud a hammer and a saw and hold his tongue as well, George just grabbed and held on to everything as required by the rules and regulations of w a r and w a tc h ful w aiting. I f some p a rt of George was forced to transpose the saying of the sage,so th a t the first allegiance was paid to his fam ily, whom the second p a rt of the trilogy of coun­ ty, deity and home couldn’t help on $1.5 a month, then George at least is to be forgiven for trying to follow the patriotic rule. George is the only per­ son who can criticise himself justly on th a t point, because everybody \ l e t him do i t , \ and now ho w ants to finish the job by doing his own criticising. B u t George is going back a sport, w h atever he might have said while he was hero. I f Mr. H a y or anybody else had a joke on George, George insists on doing the laughing. In his six months on the Border he has become too good a soldier to do anything else. And \ t h e tum u lt and the shouting may d ie ,\ b u t George still marches on, un­ m indful of his Texas hardships, remem­ bering only th a t when the bugle called he marched out and th a t when the bands played he marched back. For George has done iti Of all th a t has been said about the m ilitary system no word of praise has been withhold from the men who com­ pose the G u ard for their patriotism and their \ I ’ll-do-it-and-lose-my-job\ spir­ it. Regular Arm y officers have been unspairing in their praise of the regi­ ments of this division, of the discipline and morale of the men, and of the great im provem ent made in the six months on the Border so th a t the old myth th a t regulars and militiamen were unfriendly cats in the same bag baa been broken—a t least in the New York Division. \ T h i s body of troops has nothing to worry about f ’ said a Regular captain,nn instructor with the artillery, who has visited all the camps on the Border. \ I ’ll back the 2nd Field A r­ tillery against any other m ilitia re ^ - ment on the Border, and most of the other units have had a sergeant ami a lieutenant as instructor w ith every battery, a captain or a major with ev­ ery battalion and a lieutenant colonel with every regiment. one instructor in the Now Yor g W hat the 2nd Field A rtillery has done i t has done w ithout whining and whimpering. I t remained five weeks ?(Continucd on Pago 5.) Courts M artial, the name suggests drumheads, firing squads G. 0 . 7 and the articles of war. j h e soldiers of the N. y . Division who have most inti­ mate acquaintance with the system of m ilitary courts have either left on the 1:45 under suitable guard or have been tried by their Regimental Summary Courts and having done their time are loath to discuss the m atter. \S u f f e r death or such other punishment as a court m a rtial may d ire c t\ seems to the recruit who hears the ar^cles of w a r read for the first time, to ap­ pear with alarming frequency. The av­ erage soldier who personally comes in contact w ith m ilitary court generally finds th a t he has violated one of the articles of war th a t he has no recollec­ tion of ever having heard of before. Its number is 62 and after listening to the other 61 it did not seem very im ­ portant. TCc luun Jh it Hoped ii,' however, adopted a shotgun policy of hitting everything in sight and the soldier who iloos or fails to do something th a t his Captain said should not be done or done, finds that old 62 ju s t fits the ease, \ a l l crimes, disorders and neg­ lects which a soldier may be guilty o f \ was the way the author put it, and it was rather comprehensive when properly applied by the summary court officer. The summary court officer hardly comes up to the recru it’s idea of court m artial on first sight as, the articles of war have rather led the young sol­ dier to expect the real old drumhead style, but he soon dispels the illusion by handing out sentences of ten days and th a t \ t a k e s . \ Each regiment and separate organi­ zation has its summary court m ar­ tial, and we need but to tell you that in this Division since Ju ly 1, 2,132 men have been tried by these courts to show the effective way in which old 62 works as 9 out of every 10 cases tried is for a viola'tion of th a t article. Some of the offenders evidentally got by w ith a fresh shave, a newly cleaned uniform, a perfect alibi or some other defense, however, as only 1810 of these wore convicted. One class of man seems to make for the summary court the minute he lands in Texas if the figures tell the truth. This is the recruit. 1292 of the 2132, over half the cases tried, were men who enlisted in the New York Division after the 1st day of April, 1916. There is another kind of court in the Division th a t really measures up to the recruits’ idea of w h a t court mar­ tial ought to be; th a t is the general court m a rtial, and we have three of these at McAllen and one a t Pharr. Each consists of 13 officera and a judge advocate, the latter prosecutes the case in the ^ name of the United States and perform practically the functions of district attorney. About forty oases have been tried by general court m artial since the first day of July, and e few men convict.d of ser­ ious offenses, have been dishonorably discharged and sentenced to several year confinement in the disciphusry barracks a t Fort Leavenworth, desig­ nated as places for confinement. In the other cases, shorter sentences of two or three months confinement with pay forfeitures have been executed at t^he station of the offender’s command. During the service on the Border, how- flver very few serious offences have been committed by men in the Division and these few have been properly pun­ ished by the m ilitary courts. M ajor J. Leslie Kincaid, Judge Ad­ vocate on the Division S a f f has charge of the system of courts in the Division and L t. Col. McLoer, 1st N. T . Cavalry, Capt. Wm. Donovan, 1st N. Y Cavalry, Capt- D. J. Cadotte, 74th N. L Lieut. Cornelius Wickersham 1 2 ^ N ^ y . Infantry, and 1st Lieut. “THEY DELIVERED THE MESSAGE' Iresser and Edwards Finisti Three Thousand Mile Motor Trip. GOV, WHITMAN TELEGRAPHS GEN, D’RYAN At midnight, November 21, Privates J)aniel LeBoy Dresser of t^e 7th In ­ fantry and H arvey Edwards of Battery E, 2nd Field A rtillery left on a fu r ­ lough for a record motorcycle trip te New York City via Albany, bearing a special message from Maj. Gen. John F. O ’Ryan, commanding the 6th D ivi­ sion, to Governor Charles 8. \Whitman They used a Harley-Davidson side-car machine. Each man carrieil his full equipment and the riding was contin­ uous, except the time for meals, one man sleeping in the side car while the other drove. We haven’t heard the par­ ticulars of the trip from the men ee we cannot tell of the many hardships encountered or obstacles overcome, but the following telegrams tell of the ac­ complishment of the feat in a little over two weeks, most remarkable time. Albany, N. Y., Dec. 1916. /. Majot Oeii, 'John F. O ’Ryan, \ Headquarters 6th Dlv., U. 8. Army. McAllen, Texas. Dresser and Edwards arrived in Albany at 2 p. m. today, Thnreday. Total mileage three tbounssod one hundred forty-six miles.' Many thanks for vour kind message. 0. f \WHITMAN. New York City, Dec. 8, 1916. Commanding General, 6th Division, McAllen, Texas. Delivered message to Governor Thursday, one o ’clock after a bard trip. PRIVATE DAN DBEBSEB. CONGRESS W ILL ASK FOR COMPULSORY SERVICE W ar Department W ill Introduce BUI Calling for One Y e a r’s Train­ ing W ith Colors. A .special dispatch from our Washing­ ton correspondent states th a t a bill looking to universal compulsory service will be introduced at the present ses­ sion of congress at the instanoo of the war department. \ This was learned to­ day from an official of the war .depart­ ment, who vigorously espreiwed his views upon the subject. \ F o r the next fifty years we wiU have to compete in case of \war with armies trained on the field of b a ttle,\ said this official. \ I believe that to be successful in such a competition we must have a universal military fraSning. Take our boys at the age of eighfeea and give them a year’s aetaa) w tvlee with the colors in addition to eii m o n ths’ blackboard trainiag and when the necessity comes you will bav* a trained, reserve army of LAST\^IVIOTbN BEVIBW. Tendered to Brigadier General Lewis Tuesday—General Parker and S taff Present. Yesterday morning at o ’e l ^ k ' the last review of the 6th Divifoon <N. Y. troops) was held on W hite ffouse Field, being tendered to General Edward M. Lewis. Guard, Indiana, commanding the rdtn Division, with headquartere ot Llane Grande. General Jam es Parker, eom- manding the Brownsville D ietnst, and several staff officers were also pMsent and were twenty-four hour guests of to the other reviews of the except that many organizations h a ^ returned home and the ually growing smaller. The i J Z s B f l , US the E r i ^ ^ e is marching to Point Isabel. nal Corps and some of the U n its were absent bccanse they are packing up for home. I t was a good review, however. Stoddard, 74th N. T been detailed from time to time as trial judge advocates of the various F rank I courts. / ' \‘ r. I \

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