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Ithaca journal, literary gazette, and general advertiser. (Ithaca, County of Tompkins, N.Y.) 1825-182?, November 30, 1825, Image 1

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w.1 umiii^in'WWgWBatokafrBij P U B L I S H E D O N ELEJDlG D BUS’. TO T R U T H , TO L I B g H T Y .AND LAW., WO FAVOUR. SWAYS U S , A N D -N O FEA R “SJJAfcL A-WE* [BY M G R J AJfDROS, ITHACA, COUNTY OF TOMPKINS, N. Y.—NOVEMBER, 30, 1825. [W IIOLENo. 433. ITH A C A JO U R N A L , ; L§Crar>j Gazette $ General Jl<lverliiser, t- '- • (E D IT E D ' b y EBENE7.HR M ACK,) j£published weekly, !& Jlfecfc Andrus, at their ’ • Printing-Qffi'ce and Bookstore. , .^E R M S . ' ' • T. To village sub.-oribors, anti those who [ . reseivc theivpapfe\ by po8t,-nd«rsj, two dol- ,|ar<* fcr annum, paynl-lo qnnrterly; or two ..tlollnrs fifty .cgu!4 if not paid till the end L of (fKe year. . . . 1 .It..To tliose who recmvf their papers at tlm offipe, one dollar lifty cents, payable in \ ntlvai'ce; or two dollars if not paid, till the ! end of the .year. sT7r H I. MaijfmliscriVr<s. two dollars, Tiny*. | i:. bio in advance: or two dollars fifty cents ' at thh end of the year. ‘ lY.- All arrearage* must be paid, before $ pape'’* is discontinued. J ’ PRODUCE, of «H hinds, tshen on regu­ lar payments, at the prices tlie merchants nilqw in goods. ADVERTISETtl ENT'S inserted at the . sate of one dollar pov snuare for three inser­ tions, and. 25 cents for'-each continuance. 1 ,pga| ndVertisenvcnts from a distance, must , jie nccompanioil by the cash, or reference given to n knoivn aud responsible' agent here. i • . . N q ndYertjjp.aiPnt i!iscQntm««» Without vordera or a. scttlenient. . Communications to tlie publishers, j mgstbe post-paid. ,- b , . **■ ■I,',..' p s i M s i w a . : BOOKS, PAiVlPHfETS. BLANKS,, '-Cards, 'Ifandbills; «S*c. &c. ____ . jFoi; Sale on reasonable Terms, . . . ( a x IXDTSPUTMiLF, TITL E GIVEN,). 325 Acres c f valuable Lantl: ¥ a OT-No. 71 Elector, situate one W A mile east of the village of Bur­ dette—a few acres under improvement, tlie remainder covered, with valuable- timber. For particulars, inquire ofthe subscriber, or of Samuel Stone on the premises. J. F. THOMSON. The highest price in'cash, will b,e paid by the subscriber, for Wheat, Rye, Corn, and Flax Seed. J, F. THOMSON. Ithnca, Sep'. 20, 1825.— ’23tf ' M A o k e r e e <&• m a l a g a w i n e — 20bbls.and half bbls.No. 1 & 2 Mackefel; 5 half-quarter 'casks of sbperioqr Malaga' Wine—Just received affd for sale by J. & A. BEEBE. October 5, 1525.—-’tf&5 REMOVAL. ’ J S, LEE has Removpd to the- « ff£r Store opposite J. Grant’s Coffee-House.-=C0 ' October 20, 1825.— ’37tf , Useful and Interesting. D t> J h G . IM l* * Idtely im p r o r e d s e lf- adjusting, patent fJW G E ’ TRUSS, FjlHB fuperiour utiiity of, tbi^Truts coa- ' A Vi-afa ip itfl Pioiple .moilc <tf flpplicatioii, . .as wall-#* the hpppy, effect, .(of iu approsi- [’._Anatin^uatiUeA)hfA,hflJRupttu:eJl«tdt Which, I ' , Id it* fornj. *nil opcirstion, differs frjm< *dl olhersj 5nafm>loba»|taction the principle of a double hinge, pregenting.. its fiat border r hVftc buter wuffs ©Tfhe npsrSB^dolyj'lvidv ''' iYconunve p^rt and cushion to its centre: * send i*, by its'own power pf adjiiatmetlt aiut r. »pprosImatingqiJalit‘C? QLthe-.UULtiirg gad., pu^eremineptly calculateir not only to keep the rapture in Its place without harm to the ndjaccat parts; but.nlso cslculated to, anti ha?, ia tnany instance.?, effected a perfect cure, in persons from SO jo TO. years of age. , -And even when a- cur,e Is hopeless. H will, b y approximating those pirtat on wh’ch thn ., .Truss pad, is applied, aotimily lessen, the ditDeni.ion8 of the .npUiro openlng, i|'8teml o f .enlarging it; a sis tlie grekt fault wltb the convex or ronpd formed pnda, tncoh'mically, . .though' erroneously, designdd T o r n t s s into its opeiiing. ' . * M g d c o f a p p licailon ,— ^In s o m e Cases o f rap-. •, ta r e A d iffrirenceof nijaptioB, a s icj form ,.size. ‘ «nd degree of pressure is necessary- A neg •( • loot of these abioitito requisites |s the only ! cause of ffulure in th|s» iiistrument, where . any means ofielief are practicable.- A. care- ■’ f»il obrerva.riseof thh/nnil nttsntiouto the directions on the pad for applying tbc Tru*s, are partjcularly requestedt In evidence o f the siiperiojify of this Truss, there are deposited, ai' the pevcrdl : places o f sale, Certificate?, more than veri­ fying all tiro patentee lias said of its excel- lemur. Ammig the naUihcr is a cortificatC o f the Medical Society of the Stiita ot New- York. Aiso from many o f the most re- .pnootfthie medicsi ini-titulions, as well n» emineat.-medical ptactiliuners, in this and ■ . «.tfier stater, . ■ . ‘ L'ertiRcafe Irora Nathan Smith! 51. D. C. S ■“—' ^ L ST fcotMnProfe^ohrtfBjfrieary am! , ('Pracltce of PhysUik, Siirgery,” Obr stetnckn, Yale-GOilrge. Y h i s d a y h & r liify.tiint t h a v e e s n m in c ! ; : t&r. A.Gi Hull’ASelf-adjnslIng Patent Hinge ' / i ’r u ^ aiid have a p p l i e d it i n soverill cases plineipSe upon which it ant?, mut from its ‘cffoets, J;do not iiasitiUo tn give i t a.decid- , ied.un‘fereRCet5aiTwiiiiosof lim-i,.i!itlI4iave .-avcrscvi. . R A 'fttA N SMI! H, Prof. of Physir k aiid Serp. YaIo €lo\ ' „Copy of n letter from Smmrel U, 6lnrs!,all, Hospital SurgeonV UniteH 8tnt«rs Navry, - Netv-York, to F . ho B.iron, Prq. Apotbe- . ‘ cary Geivprtl, V uited States Army. •Hear Sir—This will he hamled to by Br. Hull, the .inventor o f a Trass, wftiob : i promises to- be extremely useful -in every species t»f lloruia.' It fe,in.my opinjon, m far superiour to -all the TrUfees liitherto ■ used, thaH lnve determined to rnake use of them in all the ihh lJi)|ted'Slates' Ships, wlileli may be fitted out hi tlris ptJrtj Asn production of AmeriCaii ingenuity, it is en­ titled to a fair trial: ami I am porouaded you will takepleagur.e in. sfffjrdiiip! it thatj us licfe, ' by employing i t id the »rmy. With great, respect rin'd esteem* 1 ohR- dear sir, truly 1 yourobeiljnnt ter van t, - SAMUEL R. M A R S H A L L ... N e w Y o r k . J u n e - 4 , 1 8 i 9 . F o r sale by J . S. L E E , D ruggist. Ithnca; ffaoh 7 , 1825. ALMANACKS FOR : 1 8 2 6 , ■ . J UST published, and for sale, Q^T with liberal alhieanee to Mer­ chants, and other wholesale purchas­ ers, =£0 at the Bot>Ustore of MACK fe ANDRUS, September 20, 1825- ______ Horse, Wagon and Harness, F OR SALE by the subscriber very -Cheap, for cash. . 0. W . E. PRESCOTT. ;!tl;nea> Sept 2 T. l%25— '9AtC_j_ P H I N i l N G I N K , F OR ,SALE by the Keg, at Bonkstcite of the MACK & ANDRUS ■ A V E just received, ns hgeuls, at tlieir Bookstore, in Ithacn, a consignm ent oi the following Approved F amily Medicines, which are celebrated for the cure of most dis­ eases to which.the human frame isvftihjoct— Prepared only by the sole proprietor, T . W. D Y O T T ,. 1V1 ,D. Grandson, of the\laic cdcbrcled i)r. liobert- son,-Edinburgh, ' and for f»>1p, wholasale & retail, nt his Drue a«.d Fnmilv Meilicine Warchoilfe, No?. ITS and 1S9, north-east corner of Second and Ruce streets, Pliiladelpliia; and retail by his Agents and every principal Druggist and Vender o f Menicine throughout the U . States. Where may be had, gratis, Pam- phlets iu English, German, French, or Spanish, describing the qunlitjea of, each \Meiticine with certificates o f cilre^ perform cd, &c. Dr. ROBERTSON’S ,CBtEnnATEp S'toMictt E trxttt o r II«axth— for the cure of coughs, coM.<v approaching Consump­ tion, hooping cough, asthma, piiin-i in the breast, wind in the stomach, dyspepsia, bowel complaints.'■ dysentery, fefr —Prlct one dollar and fifty cmh per bottle, : DR. R O liER T S O N S V t g it a iit.rN e f . vous • CotiDrai., or N a t u r e ’s G uano R b ito w r r ive. —Recommended for The cure of nervous cnmplnints gruefallv. in­ ward weakness, depression of the spirits, head ache, trnnour, faiatncs.s. lipaterick fit*, nervous debility, intemperHqcc, mercurial disease, impotencv, di-^afes peculiar tf> Temales. to .—Pries one dollar andjifty cents ptrsm te :— ------------- \\ \ — _ D li. ROBERTSON’S C e lrbrated G out and liKEUMATicit; Bnorq. A *afe and effectila! cure* for tbwgaut, rheumatism, lurahago,- stone and gravel, swellings and weakness of the joint?* sprains*, bruises, pains in the head arid faco. fro?teil feot, &c. —-Price two dollars per bottle. DR. R O B E R rSGiVS Stom a chick B i t ­ te r s .— Celebrated for strengtbeotng a weak stomach, ihcrensing the appetite, and a certain prrverrtive against the ague and fe ver &c.—Price o.ne dollar per bottl'o. DR. ROBERTSON-’S ^ I k f a i.e ir u e Worm D e s tu o y ing Lozenges.— A medi cine universally esteemed for expelling ev­ ery species o f worms from'tho human body. Price fifty cent? per package; large pack ages one dnlluK - DU; DYOTT’3 PA T E N T U C H OINT ME NT— For pleasantness, safety, expedi­ tion and certainty of cure, is unequalled by any other medicine in use for the remove1 of this disagreeable, tormenting complaint. It hhs n6 unpleasant snie[l, and may be me-1 oh the youngest infant with safety. Price tifty cents per hrix. . ----- DR. DYOTT’5 IN F A L L IBLE TOO TH A CHE DROPS. Price 50 cents, small vials twenty five cents- DR. DYOTT’S ANTI-BILIOUS PILLS, which, if adminjetemil irtiiihe Ic j-emove the hHe from the stomach, ivill -prer-ent- «d -bitioas -eomplaintSf— n> a ligriB D t fevers, ague and fever, bitiomcolick, ptiin- .risy,. worms, dysentery, head ecbB, heaTt burn, loss of appetite imi'ts and coughs,dys­ pepsia or indigestion, habltiiiil caslivenes*, &c.—Price, 25 cents pfiLbox;^largeiaxe:, 50 cents- DR. YICSERST QINTMFATT , for the cute o f the Tetter, Iling \Vorffl,. t o . Price 3 7 . 1;2 eeuts per box. DR. VICKERS' EMBROCATION, for tho 'Rheumatism, t o . Price 37 1‘2cents \per bottle* _ •' TH E . RESTO RATIV E D E N T IF RICE. For clennsiug, whitening apd pre* rei ving the teeth and giiuis. \■ Price SO cent1- per box. • >. THE CIRCASSIAN E Y F* W ATER.— Cfelebraied for cilring most ilboiilers of the E i e«.— Price, Odicen’ s ; smalI Vi'»Is25Cent-. ' MAIIY’S APPR O V E D PLASTER CLOTH— A sovereign remeiiyTtTr all ulcers and S o r e s , s o r e breasts, b l l u s , s o r e le g s , s w e l l i n g s „ S p r a i n s , c u t s , h r n i s e s , p a i n s in the back and b r e a s t , c o r n s oti the feet, &r. Price, 25 c e n t s , 50 c e n t s a n d one d o l l a r for \each s i z e Pin si or. . Approved and recommended by Dr. Rush and Dr. Physick, of PhiladeJi'hia* uii!l by ihe most eminent of the faculty in the Uni ted. S tat. OCr* Tcifee nofic\ that, in order jto pt-e yaiit inyjosiliou, nil and each of tbd nliove geauine medicines are-neatly sented up with lull directions for using them, anrd signed on the outside cover? With the signature of the sole proprietor, T. W. D Y 6 T T , M .D. Since thn introducti'on of these Valuable medioines into the United .States of Ameri­ ca, (bey have acqidred the. liighest degree .ot celebiity fnr thfeir utiparellidod success in alleviating and curing diseases, which* in-a variety of instances, hud baffled s.ome of our most oxjierienced physicians. The exten­ sive and increasing demand forthem through- int the continent, for these twenty years post, testifies their importance to li»e |inbitck. For families and. individuals, whose resi­ dence or eiffemu'itances place theffl beyotifl theadvantugeof proetiring a physioigh, they are peculiarly adftpted; and for'whose con venience they are accompaniod with every ir t h r u c U o n nppertniuing to the symptoms of diseases, and prcper directions for using J. S. LEE . II as just recei ved a fresh supply of , DJIUGS and - MEDICINE, ■ ' \PAINTS Fall & sumniei' strained Sperm OIL. Ithaca, July 20, 1825. ’14tf Cobb’s Spelling; Book, IlEVISKD AND tWrpVteD,- v ■m^-ACK & ANDRUS are now ptih x v ^ . lishing frpm new sfereojype plates, _ ’ A J ”.ST STANDARD . . ' FOR 1’R'ONOUKCIXO T32S BBTOLySH • C o n taining The Rudimejils of the EngUsh Language, Arranged in Catechetical O rder; An organization of the Alphabet; an easy scheme of Spelling and Pronun­ ciation intermixed with Rasy Read- \TUB SUBSCRIBER S S now opening an extensive and en­ tire new stock ofL, ( j g o o p s ,': in theBriek Store, near Oiyego bridge, a few rod? south, ojf Main-street, and near the IlMel-^tlnt/reiiepiiyt|ppght' at reduced prices^ ^ ( \ \\\ . ( _ poriippahly low j arfe mixed Broadcloths ; i:cM Devonshire Kerseys and Ratteenr-'ftr wariptl^and (lurability’ not .surpassed, suitahlfe for POST-ROUTES.. T WO welkestablished Fost-routes, witha profitable nuipber of good subscribers— upon one of which. the m ailis carried—will be disposed o f on favourable terms to a responsible per­ son or persons, for a series o f years. Application to be made Imir ediately, MACK & ANDRUS. - Ithaca, Journal Office,. }, ‘ JWa?/ 24,1825- S N O T I C E . subscriber having withdrawn from the . Byewery and Chan dlery, takes this opportunity of inform­ ing his friends and. the publick in gen­ eral,- that h e has commenced erecting a Soap Sr Cmdk Mamtfactori/, : on the corner opposite. Jlie Market, where he intends to carry on the above, together with the B u t c h e r i n g B u s in e s s , and hopes* by his\attention to merit a share of publick support. W . NOCK. N. B. C ASH and the highest prices, will be given for Beef Cattle, Hallow, and JSoap. * Ithaca, Sept. 13, 1825. . * 22 tf MACK & ANDRUS. S°y(;rirbfir 6 . tS25., ;• M A G K & A N D R U S K AYE just teceivecf, inaddition to their former Stock, the following BOOKS: ' . Webster’s Address on \Bunker Hill Book of the’ Church— by Hobert Southey, Esq. L. L. D. 2 vols. royal ■8vo, Marshall's Life of Washington, 5 vols* royal 8vo, with plates Ramsay's do. ’ do. . A Tour in Germany, by John Bussell. ' Esq. Speeches of the differentjGovernours, to the Legislature o f the State of New-York The Life o f ftfetry Queen ofScots—Bv _ Geo.. Chalmers Jplm Bull in America Hunfe and SmbTlett, ilbridged, with ahd without plates Brown’s Philosophy,*3 vols. Silliman’s Travpis, 3 Vols, (calf extra) Life of Airs. Gxaham - - Butler’s Analogy Montgomery’s Poems, 2 vols^ Thacher’s Dtspqnsatoiy Column's Anecdotes ing Lessons; to which -are- arMedjjowiKoats* hluev; mix’d, and drab Cassimercs and Satinett*; Pull’d Cl^th ; super hottle-greefi anti, drab pelisse. Cloth ; blue, brown* and plumb colour’d Cnmbncks; Scotch, Tartan, &,.CiireJijue Plajds and'Stripes; black, col’d. and stripe Bbmbnzetts;' Booibasin, plain, striped, and fig’d Cir­ cassian fed* white, and pfhitCTl Flan­ nels; Baizes; Braganza, cassimere, and Valencia Shawls; rainbow, crim­ son, black, mad cotton do. j ' wbite and crimson Valencin Scarfs ; 'cashmere silk, merino, cassimere, Valencia, points, and dress Handkerchiefs; flag imd Cahton silkflo ; sarcCnet, Levan­ tine, and col *d Florence Silks; ’black and Col’d French Crapes; Silk-Lace,; drab, green, and black Silk Velvets ; hlack and col’d .Tnbby do. f scarlet and plumb-cojcurfed silk Plushes ; black Fidmes j-.rpal Italian sewing Silks and Tiviatsy-Bibanfhr-bhtck-aqd silk Braids- sofne Useful rjQpbles, with the names of cities, counties, -towns, rivers, lake?, <fec. in the United States; and & List of the Proper Names con-, tained iu the New Testament, and pronounced according to the best authorities. Designed to (each the orthography and' orthoepy' of J. W alker.' flv L yman C obb . Examine thoroughly and impartially, then judge. Revised Edition. T his edition has been thoroughly and carefully reviser!, corrected and enlarged. It has been carefully com­ pared with the -various editions of Walker’s Dictionary,'and strictly con- foi'niecf; in spelling and pionunciation, to the much approved principles of Walker.—It contains many useful ta­ bles and spelling lessons, and much elementqry rnfbrmation , ttof toBe found in any other spelling book, English or American. The publishers, therefore, have confidence in announcing it as the most USEFUL and CORRECT work of its class notv e x tant; qncf tbeyinvite j Teachers, Inspectors,.^and Trustees of schools, and gentleiaendf science ant} experience, generally, to a strict and critical examination o f its pages. ” The following recommendatory let­ ter is from the Secretary of State and Acting Sujjerintendent of Common Schools, who had an opportunity of examining- 5 -leisureIy-andcriticallyr the revised sheets o f the.preseht edition;— Mbanyj J u jtf-ff J825. The Revised Edition of L. Cope’s Just Standard f o r Pronouncing the English Language , haviog been pu,t into my hands for examination, t have given it an attentive perusal, and am decidedly of opinion that it is a work of great merit. |fc contains about two hundred words, used by correct writers, and which are not to be foundin Walk­ er’s Dictionary.: These pro distin­ guished by an fliteris/c.-r-The author hasalso iocreased the number of words, which, though pronounced alike,' have different significations; and he has made ’several- other valuable lmprove- ments in his book.—-1 consider it an ex­ cellent school book, and as such t rec­ ommend It, j . v . n . Y a t e s ,.. Acting Sup't. o f C. Schools , Sec. ( t t r Orders, from booksellers* mer­ chants, &e. proftiplly attended to.' M A C K & A N D R U S . ^ Ithac% 0 e.L 4 5 l.S 2 ff,- . Abernethy’s Surgical & Physiological W'dtks, 2 vols. Good’s Study of Medicine, 5 vols* Bell’S Anatomy, 3 vols. Cooke on Nervous Diseases Materia Medica Day’S Algebra—SaHtt?t Driphini Graeca Majora, 2 -vols* Dio. Minora *~ Playfatr’s Euclid—Cpnjerii Mair’s Introduction—Clark’s do. French Spelling Books W irt’s Life of Patrick Henry Prior’s Life of B urke Life of Scott—Scott’s Letters Zifnmeftffan on SoliturH Burder’s. Village Sermons, 4 vols. . Ivunhoe, 2 vols. ■ Female Quixotism, 2 vols. Memoir's of Queen Elizabeth—-By Lucy Akin . Locke’s Essays ■ - HazlitPs Lectures, on English Poets Blair’s Lectures, 8vo. Buru’s Poems, 4 vols. Ftilconer’s Shipwreck Gould’s Stenography—Stetson’s do.. Watt's LogiOk—Vicar of Wakefield Romance of the Forest, 2 Vols. Lights and Shadows j Butler’s Hudibras, in French and Eng­ lish, with plates ~ History o f Mexico, 3 vols. Sketches of Java—do. of Russia Adams’ Roman Antiquities Common Prayer Books Scott’s Family Bible, 6 vols; 8vo. Ithaca, Oct; 24, 1825-. July IS, 1825. HASH FOR RAGS. • MU-SICK**® AND-MUSICAL I M T i m i E X T S . A N£V,r !«mYpTllSr nECElVED Stf . M a c k & a n d r u s . August, 1825. G R O C E R I E S * COLLINS & HUNTINGTON A VE just received a fresh supply of.GROCERIES.- A constanf supply of SALT by fhe barrel— SO AP and CANDLES by the box or pound. CASH paid f o r RYE, by — * ‘ G; & H. Ithaca, Oct* 24, 1825.— ’28tf Brick and Lime Wanted. T HE subscribers will receive.writ­ ten proposals on the 1st Oct. next, through the medium of the post office, to furnish 5 0 0 , 0 0 0 f i r s t q u a l i t y B r i c k s , of 8 inches in length, 4 inches in width and 2 inches thickness— to be deliv­ ered as follows*viz:— 200.000 on or before Lite 1st April next 150.000 do. ' do. do.'June do. 150,000-do, ...tfol —do. fftily do. proposal will. be accepted to deliver aieSs quantity than 100,000; arid no pnrcimse will be made till filter the examination of the proposals on the 1st of Ofetober next* Propdsnls will be received at the same time, and in the same manner, for the delivery of 1500 bushels of STONE LIME, equal in quality to that known as “ Cook’s Lime,” at the periods, and- in proportion ’as \Ihe Bricks are to be delivered. . ACKLEY & HIBBARD, . WM. R. COLLINS; J. S. BEEBE. Ithaca, August^!?, 1825. ’l8 tf W ANT ED IMMEDIATELY 100 head 'of OXEN, STAGS— ftnd 4 year old Steel’s find- Cows fofr barrelling, inquire o f . JACOB WOOD, or J. F. THOMSON. fthaCa, Oct> '24. 1825 :'—’28tf and Gimps; Galloons; ladies’ black and whife silk Gloves; castor qnd beaver do.; an elegant assortment o f plain*' frill’d figkl and cross-barred Book and Jaconet, Muslity*; Cambricks; tam* bonr’d Swiss muslin Hd’k r and Col* lars; Inserting Trimmings; changeable Nainsook bar-$dged 'Greclnn stripe muslin Dresses; gentlemen’s black horse-skin Gloves; fur-topp’d & lined real dogskin do.; boaver and buck do. rainbow CravatsjTjunkf purple, anjcF spotted do.; cross-Uur, cambrlck,, and pijtent dq.iJVaptce^ lainb’? - ^ cotton Stockings; silk, copt, and pelisse Buttons; superiour polished s teel apd jilt coat d o .; patent linen. T h read; Tapes; Holts; fine, spool, floss and cotton Tbreadsj Milliqetts; C-ap Wire; Russia Diapers; Table Linen; Irish Shirtings and, Sheetings; hrownjand black Linens; Dimittes; Janes; /Fus­ tians; Bang?up Cords; Akwright’s su- periour Sea island cotton Shirtings and Sheetings; Providence d o .; Check Striped; Plaids; Bed Tickings, from % to .3 shillings p er yard; ,4 bale? Super heavy brown and bleached Shirtings and Sheetings; 4 do. Cotton Y a m and Batting Iqr bed-quilt linings; 76 pieces Calicoes, and Cbints;—an elegant as­ sortment as will he found in this til­ lage—all being recently bought a t re­ duced prices, nnd will he rjetailed at the cost in N. York last spring.-—An assortment o f mahogany and cherry- framed Looking-Glasses, from 4 s and Dd 'to $10 eaclif C doz. fur and Sepl Caps* o f the newest fashions,.from J 2 s to $7 1-2. . • 1 > To Inn-k^cpcra/ind others—a gefi- Tad assortment of -------- - GROCERIES warranted genuine, noiGtig which are : pipe pure real Swan Gin razors:,/boxe?,::brushes',;Ritler%JaSt% kt cfx»:dri&' eft/t/]|»'r»cH iiroifi ^'Krv n b '»1 .1^t'-il'i.'-;' jrasp 8 *|«t* ept-V v ret(nhJ^h^t9K 9 .ey|^^^^p^V . ging a wls, door and titble bhfl!, brads', tacks, \mlfE , saws, files 'and-ras^^i?eei% ^ \qpy^ speckspen, pocket 4 tap&horepsj; bleeding ■/* ppaths, ndll and handles and flyt, j es, Norfblkl'lh'd- hihtnhv 'English \ ; cro s S r ’c p t , a h d fl* ITeefe m iU s m v s y / c p f f e e t n j l l s ; p a d l b b l ^ J ^ h a n d irons, iron shovels*: patent hay anT diirig forks, neck yokes; sleigh faells^ ; trace chains, &o. kc. . V .. . ' - . A n a s s q f t h ^ n f p f 1 . .jfoHuw- ■ J ropr'.#ajce?L: /■; from 34 cents to 24 shillihgs^ potsjrrotn tp 20 do.'spiders. 3 to € shdlings, hake paps 10 to 12 shilling,' griddle^69.tft 97 cents, kettles, tea k ettles. Iron dogi from 4 to 15 sk illings,_cart, wagon apd chajse boxes, potash kettles,, caldroris,. . > \ f \ . - Five tons o f I R O N — -wagoh tire^ flat b ar and aseiw r ifon, ! t -2, 2 and 3 l-2 inolrbaid<ao. I 1-2, 2 and 2 1-2' inch hoop iron, nail rojs, steel iron fop stove-pipe? nnd stil 1boileFS, - JNailer % (Sanderson's Epg, Blister ah^;ch^s{edfc ' Swedes do. 3tl, 4% €%( 8d, ISid dnq ' 20d cat nails qnd brads, sheet Copper, Distillers’ Thermometers, .Brass Ketk' assortment pf, STflVTS of approved patterns!; eodk.afoYdi' frbtt ^42-J o -^25,4 jo X- hall stoves, $11 50,-Franklm to I from $11 to $34—aho, a hew and. much-apppqyejd^bhr^a'ddttradti^ stove, dpenon boih sldda,/ Ji'g e a e M assortment of . A * 'V D i e - W o p d s , &r D ie - S tu il§ r Lamp and Linseed'Oils, G\ue, , Gold-leaf, Sole & Upper .LeathW/ &c* Two- hundred bBls. qfidity SALT, porting ^ distance, new and bright. Theahovewillbb exchanged e n the” most .liberal terms— and the highest price given fdr wheart,'r ^ 4 eotn„ flax­ seed,- oats, white beans, timothy, and clovei 4 seed, buckwheat, barley, pork, lard, btittei*, ‘ cloth, flaunelsi ftilied cloths, bebs-w.ar, deer akins^ bear^Cross and. red\ foif, martin, otter, mink* muskrat and(fish- erakins*. ' ^ Cash paid for wheat, rye, corn, flax­ seed* barley, w h ite. beans, timothy seed, pot and pearl ashes, hatftng and shipping furs,4ce. T , . , Wanted immediately, 150 HOGS, of any tveight. ' ’ ' • \ J . F: TliGM S O N . Ithaca, Noy./S* 182% ,, ’304. do.. Amepicjiti do. dp. Signette Brandy, pure aS tin- ported 1 d°* Imitation da*' ' ' ( I hhd. St. Croix Rum, sWeet flavour’d I . do. Windward island d o .' Port and Malaga Wines • 14QO' lbs. reliokb and brown-fiugar , 5: bags IVpper, Coffee arid Pimento- ■ 700'lbs. Rice, Cloves, Nutmegs', Rai-- sins, Cassia, Pewter and Shot . Lead. Saltpetre,- Pipes,Codfish, Mack­ erel, Gl.iu.ber Salts, Sulphur, Sp. Flotantinciigo. A constant supply of Candies by (he box or retail. , ■ ■ On liberal' terms. 300 bbh. sweet-fla- youreti high probf Whiskey* Flour hy the barrel or retail. An assortment o f H. Riel’s Snuff and ■' Tobacco “ Pound arid haT-pound paperilmoking Tobacco, chewiag do. 10 kegs plug, twist, .arid real Caven­ dish Tobacco . . . Maccaboy'Snuff, in large and small jar and botlleSjKappee rind ScOtch'dq. Best Spatiish Cigars.- A general assortment of Glms-Wanmd Crockery- Warp,. A m o n g which, a re Hall Lamp Glasses, glass, mantel Ss socket Lamps, Proot- Glhsses, labelled qt. and pt. Decan. ters', coinmondo. pt. and 1-2 pt. glass Flasks, glass-Jars, ^.c. &e. A general .assortment Of 1 URDWAliE, consisting o f brass and iron bead shov els and tongs, chamber arid screw-bot- tom candlesticks, 45 doz. knives and foi'ks, pockef-bo'oks, bras?, pewter and wootlen-cocks from -1. to 20 shillings* chalk lines; compasses, tin lanrps. scis- . S ^ T ^ K J ii-K G T lG E ; ' To dll whom it m m Goncem. i G G N G E lY E th^m p y ^ ^ irhR v % p a p fiffi* tice w p * cesningliay but ! again rioIIcttyoniE.iittepfloiifibtt^ii other, notice, a s I tirink this will he the last that 1 slsiill give any o f y o q ,in thiS; therefore, all .those thafe neglect paying within the coufse of & vveeks,vmay expe'ct IdVpay* cost, if npfe; paid . within^ the ttine above specified.i As I regret to be abvays a d—- 1— until my ^ s . ... — ,— . But I humbly bD'seech,)}eg, a n d p r ^ , ... Tl;at you wilt allpay Without J e i a y ; ' and not have it tb say, 1 wish I bridft for I know d ie ougjat to have had if ^ lobg time since.; , - For his wages arc blit small, . For twd cDntS'awe.eki^riilir . _ T h o i e tltat uce, must Rave ft wfth effhe^ o f thdt printer's, |tlirica.; F. Wager’’4Groc0i^| Store, L u ftlow v illeJ. Bishop%rstore^ -Lrihsirig; Col. BrinkerhooPs .fl-roton.; Samuel Higgina,'stQf!efcPeru ^ or at the .bouse of the subscriber im Larisirig, • ■.— / C . . I I ^ G r l N . Lansing, Oct- 81 1825. . Cash for Wheat an# F2a%-Seed% n p iTE subscriber will pay cash for H W heat and Fiax-iSeed,.if dfeliv^, ered at his stom immft'djately. H e also ie just receiving a ha&dsorae as-> sortmeut of ' F a l l a n d Winter Goods, which will be solcl cheap. Also, a large assortment of. Cooking, Parlour, and Box STOVES, STOVE PlPE^ &c, J . D Q O L I T T E L . 1 . September 2 S, 1 82f5;—-’2 4 t f ' 1 ORIGIN A L STAINED

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