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LEGAL ADVERTISEMENTS NOTICE OF SALE SUPREME COURT : S UFFOLK corxrv J«» 'EPH U \KRiS. : Plaintiff. ' : -against- : SAM CHU ' PAZZI and CILDA : r U 1 U R A 7 7 1. his wife; : A.MEK1C AN H O M i: COX- : STFJ r 'l in x o\ . i\r ., : Defendants. : IX P!'KSrA\( 'K OF A JUDG - MENT OF FORECLOSURE AXD SAFE, dated the 'Mh day . >f Jan iiarv. 1 ;»( ' .!. and entered her, in on ihv :U'h <!av ,>! ' .Irrnuary . U. WU . I. the vi ;d'Tsiirnt d , tire Rel ' ere-- in :~a:d . U - dt-mont named, will sell at publi c auction to the highest bid- d. v , r ' the Enmt St. ¦:>- ->f t,h<> Suf- folk County Court House. Gritting Avcni;. ' , Riverhead. Xew Yo>-k . on th. > 21s? day <d April . 15>M . at (en o ' clock in the forenoon, the prem- ise s directed by said judgment to be sold. and. therein described as l ' .i\ o\v>: ALL those certain ?>lots . p ieces or n^reels of land, with the huild- inir s and improvement* thereon erected, situate , ly ing and being; in the Town of Brookhaven. Oountv of Suffolk and State of Xew York and heimr more particularl y desig- nated and described as follows : The following lots in the sub- divided tract designated as Mas- tic Acres . Map l tfOS. Unit 21 , Lot 1120. Pddg.. Assessed to S. <v G. Ohiurazr.i. GEORGE HART . Referee. MILDRED McGlNFTY. Attorne y for the PlaintitT , OlViOe «fc P . O . Address. UU Ola Country Road. Mineola. Xew York. to construct a new Junior High School building with athl etic fa- cilities in connection therew ith on the Orego .i Avenue School site on the easterly side of Oregon Avenue at Medford . X. Y.. at a total estimated rost of *• _!. :u><> , boo , and providin g that the sura of i ' . 'i . ooo . oou . being the aggregate of said amounts , shall ho taised by the levy of a tax to he collect- ed in annual installments , be ap- proved ? PROPOSITION NO . 2 Shall the proposition as set forth in the notice of this spe- ial dis- trict meeting as Proposition No. L' . antlio izing the Foard of Edu- eation to construct and equip an addition to the Medford Avenue Elementary School at a total es- timated cost of s2(-(t , t) 0() , aad le -ors * root and equip said School at a total estimated cost of $1S:). - 000; and providing that the su ; u oC $110 , 000 . being the aggregat e of said amounts, shall be raise 1 by the- levy of a tax to be col- lected in annual installments , be annroved ? NOTICE IS FURTHER HERE BY (J I VEX that -p u rsuant to the provisions of Section 2014 of the Education Law of the State of New York , personal registration is re- ouived nf each voter. The Reg iste r of the School District , as prepared bv the Board of Registration at the last annual meeting of the voters of said School District, on Ma v • '? . I960 and May 4. I 960, and as prepared on February 17 , 1961 and February 2a . TOfil for use at the special district meeting held March . 'i 1901. will be used at the a foresaid special district meeting, and the Board of Registration will meet in the Auditorium of the Pat- chogue Senior High School . Sax- ton Street. Patchogue. New York , on Saturday, March 2o . 1 i>f»1, be- tween the hours of 9:00 o ' clock A. M. and 9:00 o ' clock P. M.. East- ern Standard Time, and again at the same place , on Wednesday. March 29. 1961. between the hours of 9:00 o ' clock A. M. and 9:00 o ' clock P. M.. Eastern Standard Time, to add anv additional names to the aforesaid Register to be used at the aforesaid special dis- trict meeting, at which time anv person will he entitled to have hi* name placed on such Register, pro- vided that at such meeting of the Board of Registration, he is know\ or proven to the satisfaction of said Board of Reg istration to be then or thereafter entitled to vote at such special district meeting for which such Register is pre- pared, and that the Register, so prepared, pu rsuant to Section 201\ of the Education Law. will be filed in the office of the Clerk of said School District . Patchogu e Senior High Sehool. Savton ^tvoot , Patch- ogue . New York , and that such Register will be open for insnec- Hop bv anv qualified voter of the District between the hours of 9-00 - ' clock A. M. and l- . OO o ' clock V. M.. Eastern Standard Time , on and after March 30 . 1961 and p-ich of the five davs r>rio v to the day set for said special dist rict mooting excent Sm-idav . inclu ding the dav - ' ¦ > • for the special district meet- ing. Dated : \natc ^ o^-te N> \v York\ . M-rch 2. 1961 . T*V OT? TYF \P OTT THE no r\^r> OTT FPTT.\ T T O\ rW T'VTOV FUFV <CT-mOT TMSTRTCT VO . 24 OF THE TOWN OF PPOOK- TTAV - FV . <?T-FFOLK COUNTY. XF\v VOT ? K By JOHN C . 7TYT .AX School District Clerk NOTK K OF SPECIAL DISTRICT MEETING AND REGISTRATION OF VOTERS Union Free School Dist rict No. 24 of the Town of Brookhaven. . Suffolk County. New York The Board of Education of Union Ere- School Dist \let Xo. 24 of the Town of Brookhaven . Suf- folk County , Xew York . HEREBY CI YES NOTICE that a special district meeting of the qualified voters of said School District will he held in the Auditorium of the Patchogu e Senior High School. Sax ton Street, in Patchogue , New York in said School District, on the Sth day of April . 1961. at S:4e o ' clock A. M.. Eastern Standard Time, f or the purpose of vot ing b y voting machine upon the proposi- tions hereinafter set forth. Polls for voting by voting machine will be kept, open between the hours of 9:00 o ' clock A. M. and 9:00 o ' c l ock P. M.. Eastern Standard Time. PROPOSITION\ NO . 1 Shall th e following resolution be adopted , to-wit: RESOFYEJU that the Hoard of Education of Union Free- School Distrn-T N<x 24 of the Town of Brookhaven. Suffolk C'^mtv. Now York, is hereby authorized to undertake the following braiding l-:ogra m defined necessary to provide additional educational facilities for such School Dis- trict, in each instance includine ; original furnishings , equinment. machinery and apparatus in con nection therewith, grading and improvement of the site and in- cidental expenses in connection therewith : a) To reconstruct the Patchogu e Junior High School building at 22-^ South Ocean Avenue Patchogue . New York , at a total estimated cost of £740. - 000 .; and h\ ) To construct a new Junto \ High School building with athletic facilities in connec- tion therewith on the Oregon Avenue School «ite current.lv owned b y the District on the easterly side of Oregon Ave- nue at Medford in said Dis- trict, at a total estimated cost ' of S2. 350. 000.: and such sum of $3 , 090, 000., be- ing the aggregate of the afore said amounts , shall be raised by the levy of a tax upon the tax- able property of said School Dis- trict and collected in annual in- stallments as provided b y Sec- tion 416 of the Education Law ; and , in antici pation of such tax, obligations of said School Dis- trict shall be issued. PROPOSITION NO. 2 Shall the following resolution he adopted, to-wit: RESOLVED, that the Board of Education of Union Free School District No . 24 of the Town of Brookhaven , Suffolk County, N ew- York, is hereby authorized to undertake the following building program deemed necessary to provide additional educational facilities for such School Dis- trict, in each instance including original furnishings , equipment , machinery and apparatu s in con- nection therewith, grading and improvem ent of the site and in- cidental expenses in connection therewith : a) To construct an addition to the Medfo rd Avenue Element- ary School building, at a total estimated cost of $260 , 000.: and b) To reconstruct the Medford Avenue Elementary School building, at a total estimated cost of $180 , 000.: and such sum of $440 , 000 , being the aggregate of the aforesaid amounts , shall be raised by the levy of a tax upon the taxable property of said School Distric t and collected in annual install- ments as provided by Section 416 of the Education Law ; and , in an- ticipation of such tax , obligations of said School District shall be issued. PLEASE TAKE FURTHER NO- TICE that the aforesaid proposi- tions shall appear on the ballot labels of the voting machines at said special distinct meeting in the following abbreviated forms : PROPOSITION NO. 1 Shall the proposition as set forth in the notice of this special dis- trict meeting a* Proposition No. 1 , authorizing the Board of Edu- cation to reconstruct the Patch- ogue Junior High School build- ing at 22o .South Ocean Avenue. Patchogue , New York , at a total estimated cost of $74 0 , 000., and NOTICE IS HEREBY\ GIVEN that the Town Board of the Town of Brookhaven , in Suffolk County , New York , has caused to be filed on the Sth day of Marc h , 1961 , in the office of the County Clerk of the County of Suffolk a certain map entitled, \Map of Property To Be Acquired by The Town of Brookhaven For Drainage Pur- poses situated at Centereach , Town of Brookhaven , Suffolk County, New York , property of Harbor Hills Estates, Inc. Said property is bounded and described as fol- low s: ALL that certain plot , p iece or parcel of land , situate , lying and being at Centereach. Town of Brookhaven , Suffolk County, New York , bounded and described as follows : BEGINNING at a point on the easterly side of Mark Tree Road distant 1 , 404.17 feet from the northerly end of a curv e connecting the easterly side of Mark Tree Road with the north - erly side of Middle Country Road : RUNNING THENCE bv and along the easteHv side of Mark Tree Road the following two (21 courses and distances : (1) North 5 degrees 19 minutes 42 seconds West 225 00 feet; (2) On a curve bearing to the left having a ra- dius of 443.54 feet , a distance along the arc of said curve of 64.62 feet; RUNNING THENCE on a curve bearing to the ri ght connecting the easterl y side of Mark Tree Road with the south- erly side of School Street (un- . improved ) having a radius of 20.00 feet, a distance along the arc of said curv e of 30.25 feet ; RUNNING THENCE by and along the southerly side of School Street (unimproved ) North 72 degrees 58 minute s 50 seconds East 244.02 feet; RUNNING THENCE by and along lands now or formerly of Harbor Hills Es- tates , Inc. South 5 degrees 19 minutes 42 seconds East 361.33 feet; RUNNING THENCE by and along lands now or formerly of Harbor Hills Estates , Inc. South 84 degrees 40 minute s 18 seconds West 250.00 feet to the point or place of beginning. NOTICE IS ALSO HEREBY GIVEN that the Town Board of the Town of Brookhaven , in Suf- folk Count y, New York , will hold a hearing at 2:00 P. M. Eastern Standard Time on April 4 , 1961 , at the Town Hall , South Ocean Ave- nue , in Patchogue , New Y ork , in respect to said map, at which it will afford a reasonable opportun- ity to all interested persons to make objections thereto or sug- gest changes therein. Dated: Patchogue , New York March 7 , 1961. BY ORDER OF THE TOWN BOARD OF THE TOWN OF - BROOKHAVEN. NEW YORK. ARTHUR MC COMB , TOWN CLERK. Sycamore Avenue School Is Dedicated in Bohemia BOHEMIA—Residents of the Connetquot Central School District attended dedication - ceremonies at the new Sycamore Avenue School here , Sunday. Representatives of the Board of Education , administra- tion and student body participated in the formal program. This building was originall y planned and constructed as a 900- pupil elementary school. It was started in the late Summer of 1959 b y Union Free School Dis- trict 17 . consisting of Oakdale and Bohemia. With the advent of cen- tralization last June , the building was modified to house Grades 6-9 in lieu of K-0 . One of its features is a multi-purpose room which serves as a cafeteria , band prac- tice room , adult education area or possible classroom space. The au- ditorium has a seating capacity of 4(55 and can be used as a com- munity center. A full size gym- nasium is utilized for physical education classes as well as in- ter-soholastie sports and student dances. Next year , the building will house Grades 7 through 10. Full academic majors in language, ma- thematics and science are in the curriculum. Majors in industrial arts , homemaking, business edu- cation , art and nuiMc will be avail- able. Entertainment for the dedica - tion progra m was provided b y the junior high school band under the direction of Howa rd Hallock. The invocation and benediction was given by the Rev. Edward Porter and the Rev . Daniel J. Nelson. Highlights of the program includ- ed the presentation of American flags. Barney Stejskal presented a unique, hand w oven , 50-star flag which was donated by Mrs. Joseph- ine Stejskal. Robert \ Potter of the Joseph Kovarik American Legion Post presented flags to the Syca- more and Smithtown Avenue Schools. The keynote speaker was Dr. Herbert Landry, who praised the efforts of the community in pro- viding children with adequate building facilities and a sound educational program. Following the program, the public was in- vited to inspect the building. JHS S pellin g Bee Set For Sachem ' s PTA LAKE RONKONKOMA — The Annual Junior High Spelling Bee will be the feature attraction at the March meeting of the Sachem High School Parent-Teacher Asso- ciation at 8 p. m. Wednesday at the school , PTA president Rudolph DeSantolo announced this week. The spelling contest presents a group of finalists from inter- class preliminaries held in the junior high grades. For the finals , prizes are provided by the PTA for first, second and third-p lace winners. Refreshments will fol- low. Urge Probation Services Cover JP, Police Courts RIVERHEAD — County Di- rector of Probation Ronald J. Edeen , Tuesday recommended pro- bation services be extended to cover justice of the peace and police justice courts throughout the. county ' s towns and villages. In his annual report to the Board of Supervisors here , Mr. Edeen pointed out his department handles many non-support cases for the County Children ' s Court, and of course , all cases in the county courts. \However \ he stated , \ we have been unable to provide more than occasional service to the jus- tice? courts. \ Mr. Edeen pointed out that a complete investigation by a probation officer of a crim- inal matter to be handled by a justice court, especially in the cases of youngsters , will assist the justices in disposition of the cases, and aid those involved by having the probation officer watch their future actions. District Attorney John P. Co- halan , Jr., has long been an ad- vocate of probation services to the lower courts in the county. Mr. Edeen also noted that with- in the past two years , the depart- ment has had a 100 per cent turnover in its staff. \The offi- ce s , resigning, all indicate they liked the work and considered the cause of probation to be a good one. \ he said. \However , all of these men have improved themsel- ves , and felt that in fairness to themselves and families they could not remain in a department where there was small chance for ad- vancement and where the peak of their earning power was reached after five years. \ He recommended creation of grades with progressive incre- ments for skilled probation offi- cers , to lend incentive and help retain the staff. Mr. Edeen also recommended higher salary levels for his clerical staff. Probation officers , who must possess a minimum of a bache- lor ' s degree , beg in at a salary of $4,860 a year , attaining a max- imum of $5 , 910 with experience and service. 250 Belle Terre Residents Hit Plan for Marina A public hearing on North Shore zoning petitions , conducted by the Brookhaven Town Board Tuesday night at the Terry vi lie school , saw approximately 250 Village of Belle Terre residents object to a proposed plan to build a marina at East Beach , Port Jef- ferson Harbor. The board held the matter for further deliber- ation. The petition was by the Light- house Beach Corp. ( Samuel Giles , president) and James McAllister for a change from \D\ residence to \J-2\ business on a parcel of approximately 150 acres of beach property known as East Beach at Port Jefferson Harbor and locat- ed north of Anchorage Road and to the west of Cliff Road in Belle Terre . The petitioners , repre- sented b y Patchogue Attorney George C. Furman , asked for the zone change so they could estab- lish a marina or marine park. The residents of Belle Terre were represented by Attorney Ar- thur J. Berger of Port Jefferson who presented a petition o ' -f* over 100 names of people against the proposal. He also submitted a study made by Edwin S. Voorhis and Sons , planning consultants , which maintained that the pro- posal would mean a \traffic haz- ard\ in the Belle Terre area. The board reserved decision on this and two other zoning peti- tions. Some opposition was heard to a petition by Joseph Baio and people to rezone from \D\ resi- dence to \J-2\ business a parcel located north of Route 25A in Rocky Point and between Van Buren Street and Fish Road for the establishment of an oil busi- ness which will distribute and sell oil to local residents. The third petitioner in the three-hour hearings was Henry Ward Beer , who requested a zone change fr om \B ' residence to \J-2\ business on a parcel locat- ed on the southerly side of Route 25A and westerly side of Miller Place-Middle Island Road , Miller Place , for \ commercial establish- ments. \ The only opposition heard on this came from several resi- dents of Miller Place who sug- gested that they wouldn 't oppose the issue if a buffer zone were established. All decisions were reserved. NOTICE TO BIDDERS The Board of Cooperative Edu- cational Services of the Second Supervisory District . Suffolk Coun- ty (in accordance with Section 103 of Article nA of the General Muni- cipal Law ) hereby invites the sub- mission of sealed bids on the fol- lowing: 1. Metal Shop Furniture 2. Beauty Culture Equipment 3. Automotive Equipment and Supp lies 4. Audio-Visual Equipment 5. Ele ;tronics E qui pment 6. Laboratory Demonstration Apparatus Bids will be received unti l 3:00 P. M. on the 17th of March 196 1 , at the Office of the District Super- intendent of Schools. 292 Medford Avenue. Patchogu e , New York, at which time and place all bids will be publicly opened. Specifications and Bid Forms may be obtained at the same office. The Board of Cooperative Edu- cational Services reserves the righ t to reject anv or all bids. Charles A. Mulligan , Clerk Dated : March 6. 1961 NOTICE Notice is hereby given that license number 7 RL 3101 has been issued to the undersi gned to sell beer at retail , in a restaurant , under the Alcoholic Beverage Con- trol Law , at 835 Middle Country Road, Selden , Suffolk County, Long Island, for on-premises consump- tion. JOHN DAMIANO , d 'b/a Marv ' s Pizzeria 835 Middle * Country Road Selden , L. L , New York Annual Purim Part y Held for Children Of Temple Beth El The annual Purim Party for the children of the religious school of Temple Beth El, Patchogue , was held at the temple , Sunday after- noon. Bert Friedman , president of the PTA , welcomed the children , and Rabbi A. Irving Schnipper retold the story of Purim with participa- tion from the children. Canto r Max Rajeck led the group in singing several Purim songs. The coordination chairman , Mrs. Al Brochstein , then introduced \Georgie Tricks \ (George Schee- fe) a magician , who enlightened the children with tricks taking them to India , China , and Africa. Following Mr. Scheefe, a cos- tume parade was held with all children participating. Accompany- ing the parade was Bruce Melt- zer on the guitar. Prizes were awarded for most beautiful , most original , and most humorous cos- tumes. Winners were Story Hour , Frieda Mieyerson and Alan Schlo- sser ; Hebrew school children were Nancy Gilmore , Morris and Eddie Gindi , Sherman Gordon , David Kurshner , Alice Jochnowitz and Bruce Schlosser. Photographs were taken through the courtesy of Henry Tec Dannenberg. Committees in charge were refreshments , Mesdames Jack Berkowitz , Nor- man Reitman , Herbert Sinkoff , and Program , Mesdames Sidney Jochnowitz . Robert ScfiToSser and Joseph Wolf. BERMUDA TRIP— ^^1 EK^ in^ dessert-bridge affair held at Mount Carmel Hall . Patchogue. by Patchogue Lions Club as fund-raising event for si ght conservation , was Anthon y Giampolo , center , l T . S. Army man stationed at Nike base in Rocky Point. A native of Pittsburgh , Pa., he will depart service in six weeks . H* » is p ictured receiving check from Ceorge Meyer , right , Lions Club president , with Tom Cullum , left , fund-raising chairman. —Photo by Dobson ' s Studio Lio ns to Hear Talks On JD Next Thurs. \Your Community and the Juvenile Delinquent\ will be the subject of the Patchogue Lions Club dinner guest speaker at 7 p. m. next Thursday in the Pat- chogue Hotel. George Pittman , Jr., of Great Neck , an instructor in one of the South Shore School districts , and a long-time student of child gui- dance problems , will talk on de- linquency and how it should be handled by the community . Mr. Pittman has been heard by many Island service clubs on this subject and some action by local bodies has been shaped by Mr. Pittman ' s recommendations. The Lions Club talk will have added time for questions and answers. YQi/U' 9ixmt \ ^ctdrie I 1 <]&_^L_— er> | ^ &*~\ »OU CAN COUNT ON Al» j \- * V March 6-2g „ ^ ^ „ ^ South Suffolk Girl Scout Counci l SUN. to WED. MARCH 19-22 SOPHIA LOREN PETER SELLERS \ THE MILLIONAIRESS \ IN CINEMASCOPE A>D COLOR — TOGETHER WITH — \DESERT ATTACK\ *i^- - \ -v/- - • \ - ' • • ¦ ' • - -N?^ 5 . . j ^ z ^^^B m .a My| W®** A , ^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^ * * ^ 0&* 005* I f i&^ ill N. £S/£fc* \ THU RSDAY &- ^ |1| Jf iW&tf* \ NIGHT M 0 B S y ^^^^ MARCH 16 ^ §| ^^^I ta^^^H ^^BBBBBBB^r BB B ^^BB L B&BBBBmmB<Bm BBm ^S B W ^BBi DUEVE-IN-THEAT Et E ! v Gala Re-op ening Program I <- THURS. TO SAT., MARCH 16-18 JACK LEMMO N RICKY NELSO N \ Wackiest Ship ^ A rmy \ \ IN CINEMASCOPE AND COLOR — TOGETHER WITH — V J > EXTRA ! BLOW BY BLOW f PATTERSON-J0HANNS0N \ FIGHT PICTURES > COMMACK (NEAR HUNTINGTON) VETERANS MEMORIAL HIGHWAY AT SUNKEN MEADOW PARKWAY OPENS 1Q £|<| FRL Ifl fr% i% m %J 1 TWICE DAILY THRU APRIL 9 iffF\ INCLUDES EASTER WEEK ORDERS NOW • CLYDE BEATTY * IN PERSON BATTLING 40 LICM3 THE \ Q RE AT ~ WALLEND'AS MOST INTREPID OF ALL HIGH WIRE PYRAMIDISTS • EMMETT KELLEY • \ THE SAD FACED CL0WH w PERS0W • Capt. ASTRONAUT • .wSHOT FROM A CANNON — 200 FEET 600 PEOPLE - 150 PERFORMERS 200 ANIMALS—15 ELEPHANTS 5 , 000-SEATS-5 , ©00 $1 , 750 , 000 Capita(-$8, 50Q Daily Expense PRICES MATINEE & EVES. $ 2°° $3°° $4 oc > CHILDREN ONE HALF PRICE Including All Taxes MATINEE DAILY 2 P.M. SKSoT I, 3 EVERY NIGHT AT 8 P.M. SHARP No Sunday Night Performance SPECIAL EXTRA PERFORMANCE SATURDAYS AT 10:30 A. M. WORLD'S GREATEST ENTERTAINMENT VALUE Mail This Coupon for Your Tickets Today K« » sn 13 » as ss si ra a» » w as as 2 J E UT\ ELI E tr .. - FIRST CCME— FifiST SERVED § 1 Date _ C mat. Lj eve. 8 ¦ I Date Li tiiof. i_j eve. H ¦ 1 No. of Tickets </v £u $ a i n I No. Vi Price Tickets (i la $ « I SI B Handling Charge $ .25 a a a Total Am ' t Check or Money Order S g 2 * Name 8 ~ (P' eaae print or writ© plainl y) ™ , J Address _ g K (NEVER MAIL CASH) Be sore to in- E dicate choice of 2 dates and state 8 1 whether afternoon or eve. Enclose soif 1 1 addressed stamped envelope. Make 91 1 check or money ordar payable to B CLYDE SEATTV-COLE BROS., CIRCUS. » J LONG ISLAND ARENA J g| TICKET DEPT., COMMACK , N. Y. | ltaa>ittm««a(MMM0arMnaraHai M EaMaiiS i ll Wl « nM U lill^a«lh«IMWil—i^WM*lli Mlii a il tWI i r il Ill '\\ I - ¦¦ -¦ -¦ '¦ \v ^ .A A. ^t A. 4*t jb. **.**. ,m>. A *AAA *. J » AAAAA ; ; < ^I^' ^JJ Personally \ \ Wm^^^ W ¦:! V ent re > { W^ifiN * * \ ! i . EIG BUSINESS | \ in a quiet way ! \ \ 9 ! We ' re a small agency, but ^ < we represent \ \ BIG COMPANIES [ ' ® t < It' s the companies that pay > , the losses , and we have > the time to arrange k < things properly. f ; © t I Try us out. [ ] Robert S. Mirabelli \ I General Insurance , Real Estate \ 70 West Main St. Patchogue [ | GR 5-0762 ! ~ .— .- _ . . .— — Michael Chernick, son of Mr. and Mrs . Jack Phernick of 9 Davidson Avenue , Patchogue , is a numismatist. Thai ' s rather a bier word to app l y to a young Tad of 14 , but his coin collection now on iiisp lay in the lobby exhibit case of tne Patchogue Li' .-raiy. prove . that he merits the title. \1 started my com collection m April lt>58 , ' says Michael , '- when :ay family and I were in Europe. [ wanted to keep some foreign . •oins as souvenirs. After a while , ! became so i?itc- ivsted in coins as meh that I decided to make a hobby of coPeciing them. \ The romanct? of coins includes \heir retail value , their design and their mintage , but far m ore im- porta nt is the k?y they present to [he historical events of which thev were an intrinsi c part , Miehae \ states. The Chernicks lived in England for most of their time abroad, and that is where Michael s coin col- lection got its fi rs t real imoetm . \It happaned , \ reports Michael , ' when , in a local newspaper , we ?ame across an article about a Michael Chernick man who was selling a coin cabi- net containing over :>00 coins. That coin cabinet became the nucleus of my collection to which I added many other coins while we were in England. At the Ashmolean Mu- seum in Oxford , Eng land , I had many of mv coins identified bv Dr. J. G. Milne and Mr. A. Thomp- son of the H eberden Coin Room staff in the Department of Anti- quities. \Among these were my Roman coins. As a matter of fact , Mr. Thompson said they would be in- terested in obtaining some of my Roman coins when and if I wish- ed to sell them/' That' s a tribute indeed to a young- collector. The Patchogue Library is pleased to pay further tribute by currentl y exhibiting those coins Michael most trea- sures. Young Collector Exhibits At The Patchogue Library LAKE RONKONKOMA — Dr. Albert M. Ammerman , the first president of Suffolk County Com- munity College , officially assumed his duties at the college February 27. President Ammerman was born in Coldwater , Mich., and attended school at Sturgis , Mich. He earned his bachelor of arts and master of arts degrees from the Univer- sit y of Michigan , majoring in poli- tical science and his Doctorate from Wayne State University. Prior to entering military service Dr . Ammerman was an instructor of political and social science at Fordson Hig h School and was principal of the Fordson Adult Education Center. During World War II he served as a communi- cations officer in the United States Navy and on sea duty in the Pa- cific. Following\ his discharge from military service Dr. Ammerman join ed the administrative staff at Henry Ford Community Colleg-e in Dearborn , Mich. The new president brings to Suffolk County Community Col- lege a wealth of rich experience in the field of education , in gen- eral , and in the community college field in particular. President Ammerman is now a resident of Port Jefferson and: will be joined b y his wife and famil y around March 20. He has four children , Ruth ; Albert , Jr., who is a student at the Univer- sity of Michigan; Kathy and John. The printed word carries the dignity and solemnity of the wed- ding ceremony when you select the expert craftsmanshi p of The Patchogue Advance for your wed- ding invitations and announce- ments—always at budget prices. —Adv. Dr. A. M. Ammerman, First College Pres., Takes Over Duties ALBANY — Will j am _ l' . Unit. - . chairman of the N w i!: State Traffic Commissi' - '' , has directed the installation of a twu-p hase , semi-traffio-aciuated s i r rs u I <.:i Medford -Avenm- at Roe Koulovard , Patchogue . to be equipp e d with a vehicle detector .'!\ > . Roe Fouievard. To Be Successful — Advertise NEW TRAFFIC LIGHT

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