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Brothers Join AF Together Service Paths Run Parallel Two step-brothers who j oined t h* Air Force togt ther and re- ceived their i asie training together at Lackland Air Force Base, Texas, have just boon assigned to the same souadron. They are Airman . \ c Daniel Wal. -h . son of Mi' , and Mrs. Vincent G. \V; I ' . MI of loO Oakland Avenue. Farmingville , and Airman b' c O.iaie; . i. i »;. vi .. -on. , -oa , >f .u rs. *' \ ~ 11- 1-1... . - : ! waisa o\ a i>> .. .ei u.aiiiage. After oomp h : mg iheie h ..su t mini eg. Cey wen 1 a^ . -igued t . the MM. -; ( ' omba ' t 1> -ferine S.pia i- ron at Lockhourne Air Force Base. C' -liio . 'i ll y have now taken th eir place w.th th e c ite Soeeri : \ Force of the Strategic Air Com- mand. Pen o ' P;> .\itsou is a Jun- * I' . 't 'f gva.duate <o ~ Sachem ILg 'h Scheo and worked a< a clerk at Bohack' . - on a part-time basis before criter- ia\ the .Air Force. Panic ' W i- ' n . : - a gre.duate of .\] \ en:ow-- ( P.e . » Hiuh Sc!v.ol .;? ; > ' was Worki^u \ in F-aitin-or c . M -l .. when h • an.! Ids , -t p-hy .ith r de- cided to ioin the Air Fo:ce to- gcther. Thev ' ve 1, e ste ed ¦ on-idet ah' e en hus ' a ;n ov - li fe m the Air Fore - , t p , i m 'l y since they are in >cnd-priva ' e ( pairters on tho airfield- \ .hive nvn t o a r om. The stcp-brother> ate shad ing a room w ' tii another ai man . and write hem\ that they have a television set. ' hi-fi . a rug on the tloor and , Veneti an blinds . Adel p hi Slates Annual Dramatic Production Adelphi College Suffolk Division at S- iyville v i 1 ] present its second annua! dramatic production. Chris- torh'V - Frv ' s \The Bov With a Cart . \ ;.l ^ :l. \ i p. m.. Ma rch 10 at th \ Sa.yville i -amptis. Greene Ave- r. lte. The t heni \ ef \Boy With a Cart \ is the >t ery of Cuthman. the saint of S:;>se\\ a h.\v whos\ deep an d unquestio ning faith in the benefi - cence of Cod compell ed him to build, with unskilled hands , a church where none had existed. The time of the action is about the yean i'00 a. nil the sc\ne is set in Sussex. England. The Adelp hi Readers ' Theatre will enact the production. OFFICIAL VISIT South Side Lodge -10o . F. & A. M.. wi - i meet at the Masonic T\m- p V . eo W s - . \ Iain Street. Patch- e s. : uo. a * S p. m. M onday. P 'are II. Royce. district deputy grand mast r. will make an. offieiai vi- sit. m^-wmmmmmnamtmK ^mmK '^amrmw^-'^mm^mrma^*^*—^***^^^^*^^^^* Jtdi n D ougherty, pre-uh nt ot th \ Friends of St. \ Patrick of Suf- folk County, announced this we k • i at the t 'u.h annual St. Patrick' s Dav parade wiii be held March 10 Barbara Mueller iustcd of March 17. This will giv e summer ;t -idin.i- ana \ ihe.r frienas in opportunity to celebrate , he said. The traffic c o mmit tee will as- semble the maivaers at 1 a ' .O p. m. a.t Hataison Avenue and LhaA. Mil- ler Place , and will march to Rocky Point on Route ° .5A. James Doggett and Fra.nk t ' ov- eney. who head the arrangem nt committee, say extensive p lans h.ave been made to make this pa- rade one of the la.tgest and most colorful in the histerv of the or- ganization. Miss uarbara Mueller an 18- year-old senior at VaiHiermeti.ea High School , Port Jefferson , was named queen for the big parade. Miss Mueller is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Mueller of Miller Place. Fifty-four organizations Lorn Suffolk and Nassau counties have registered to participate in the event. Prizes will be awarded to the best represented organization. Fire departments will receive a priz e f oe th e mos t attra c tive a p- paratus. The most artistic float will be presented with a grand prize. PJ Hi g h Senior St. Patrick' s Day Parade Queen College Special Events Series Start s March 8 LAKE RONKONKOMA — Bill end Cene Bonyun. American foh, - h rists from Brookhaven , will in- itiate the S pring special even - , series of the Sufiiulk County Com mi.nity College. At . N :. \ ¦ >•: > p. m.. March S. the Bonyuns will present, in the audito ium of Sachem Hi it School, a progra m <<f folk songs which will cer .fr <o^ ihe top.. . \America ' s Storv in Song and Ballad. \ The next event of the Suffolk County Commun.ty College w i ' l b an ail xnibit ;• attiring the work. ^ of tin 1 art students of Suffolk hig- h scho<ds March ' 27. US ana l 20 it. the Sachem gymnasium. Outstand - ing exhibit ors will be awarded prize ribbons and honorable idea- tion certificates. Other ' . vents m the series include an evening of chamber music offered b y the City College String Quartet. April Is and an illustrated lecture by Shel- don Keck , curator of res t o rations , Brooklyn Museum, who will spea k on \Restoring Paintings and De- tecting - Frauds in Art. \ Dr. A. M. DeLuca, coordinator of the series, emp hasizes that these programs constitute an im- portant educational activity in- tended not only for the benefit of the students of the Suffolk County Community College but for tin. - (•(immunity at large. Admission is free. Polar Bear Weekend Will Start Saturday YAPHANK — The P olar Bear weekend for the Central District , '3oy Scouts of America , will be held on the Scout grounds here in Yaphank starting Saturday morn- in g. All troops in the Central District have been invited to par- tici pate. The weekend will feature a trap tri p with stations along the trail f o r the dem o n s trati o n of c am p in g skills. The stations will include r o p e work , com pass and nature. T he weekend will close at 2 p. m. Sunday with a ceremony held at th e pa rkin g lot o n the S c out p ro- perty. Parents are urged to attend . The winning patrol will be pre- sented with Polar Bear neckerchief slides at this time. Conduct Talent Search For 'Stars of Tomorrow * A talent search is being con- ducted by Sconzo and Sons , Pru- dential Theat.es and WPA C , Pat- chogue. The show , c alled \Star s of Tomorrow , \ will he conducted from the stage of the Patchogue Theatre. AH residents of Long Is- land are elig ible to enter. To register , call radio station WPA C , GRover 5-4fi()0 for an au- dition. The sponsors stated that there will be two winners every week who will move on to the finals and the winner will receive a cash award. The winners every week will also share in a cash award. Seton Debaters Capture Trop hy In VFW Contest MIXEOLA — \Never a tour- nament without winning a trophy \ seems to be the slogan of the Seton Hall Speech and Debate Club as its varsity debaters cap- tured another prize Saturday in the Veterans of Foreign Wars Debate Tournament held here at Chamin a de Hi g h Sch oo l. Sponsored by Sgt. William S. Kimball Post 784 , Veterans of Foreign Wars , the tournament combined the members of the Catholic P^ orensic League of the Diocese of Rockville Centre and those ol the Nassau County ln- terscholastic Debate Association. Havin g defeated d e bat e rs from Bethpage , St. Mary ' s , Howitt , M a l- verne , Chaminade and East Mea- d o w Hi g h Sch oo ls , the S e t o n H a ll team entered the final round wLh a 6-0 record. Here , however , the y were upset in a closely judged contest. The final results saw Chaminade and Sacred Heai't Aca- demy emerge with 7-1 records while th e S e t o n Hall' s re cord be- came 6-2. The v ariety team includes Kath- leen McFall , Kathleen Conlon , Natalie Lagumis and Nuala Ken- n y. This same team journeys to St. John ' s P.ep, Brooklyn for a National Forensic League debate tourney Saturday. N ovice debaters Regma Ryan , Bernadette Napoli , Kathleen Hol- l a nd , a nd Je a n Klu g h e rz c halk e d up a 4-1-1 record at the W. E. Hewitt II. S. Farmingdale , Fe b ru- ary 21. Mixed in competition with both varsity and senior varsity teams, this was in impressive re- cord. Charles Wellander , a sopho- more, earned three perfect scores in extemporaneous speech in the same tournament. COLOR IGNITES ^0 ^^ EXCITEMENT IN NEW : ^^= = ~0^~ 2 ~~ 1 . EASY-CURVE/,DEM I-FIT:V;e j \\ ' ' ¦ WOOL SUITS- ; . - 'V: \ : ^&ZI^. - : - ¦ - ¦^ j- ^ a^r? ; L' nmi stakably ' til fashion ... thk> . - . ., ;- _ ¦ r ./- ~^^.i^T^\* 7 \ \\ - :- — - - -_. ' r look of gentle fit . s 'lim skirts , m^ %F * W - / \ ^ - - : -.: .„ H JB B JF Jr I / - —:- • - op vn necklines on short-cropped - H B H / / */? 7 j a cket s , intri guing button trims. HJ TO-Jg ^— .. . ^^fy s / Surprise of ' ol . . . this low price ,, \apr eacn . • ' \ \ \\ ' :- ¦ - . - - . . . / for all woo l. Sizev? to 15 , 8 to IS. f ~ ~~ ~~ —- - —.-.-:.--.:_ • - .e \\ J C2 * ¦ . .t^l' ™ ^z^~ * . v - . . * .. 1 . ... ' * . ! Wiil^^^S»f ^ sC rOLORS SPA R|C f^K ^1 FASHION ' S WAY WITH ^ I Jlil W ^JtM. . NEW DEMI - FITTED SUITS | $i2* ' ' j i ' * - . * : ' > * V* K * jj ^ ^ f ¦ ' Tt ^' j^* - * v * ¦ ^f ^ML» * * - « * ' 'V '!S5^. ^^fc_ ^MHK .^m^KBm ^mm *. ^tf^. ^tf^k. * ^ < i? r ' +* * +f* ' yi ¥ ^^^^ ¦ * ¦¦ . '* . ¦ -* \* ¦ -^^ r ^ *!* ' \' t 1 ' W ^SSOG B ^ X I ' * * *~ ' ^^t ^^ *^ fc. ^B^B mBUB ^ H ^^ B ^ ^^ F ^^S T !- ' : |P ;- . ' j R:»i*^^^^> *^^HBP|(P^^^^ Here ' s the eas y, curv y silh o uett e ^' -L : ^^K^^^ y^HB^- f ^ ^ u see - ( m f^ 1 ^^ sty le, leaders \j v ' * ^ : BB §^^^^^^H«^^^ :-X< ^ -< . - pressed or stitched down , color if- ' ^i^P^^Si^P^^OT^^S 'S' X br illiant.as fi reworks. Wool and OPEN MONDAY NITE TO 9 FRIDAY NITE TO 9:30 Shop with Confidence—Membe r Patchogue Merchants Division ^¦¦ aBatiBaBBaBBaBr | ; ¦ ' ¦ ¦ a ¦ ¦ WHICH IS TRUE B a ¦ ¦ ¦ ! ¦ j 1. All bonks are alike \ ¦ ¦ ! 2. All banks are diff erent \ m m i ¦ ¦ B ¦ s ¦ S Banks may appear to be identical , as twins do , ¦ \ but once you get acquainted you learn that ¦ S each bank has a personality all its own. And £ ¦ the one which most nearl y matches your own ¦ ¦ make-up is the one you 'll get along with best. ¦ ¦ . Since a lot of particular peop le find our bank £ I a sympathetic , agreeable p lace to do business , ¦ ¦ chances are you 'll feel at home here too. Call i J on us , won ' t you? Ask questions. It costs nothing ¦ ¦ and may well prove profitable. ¦ * ¦ ¦ ^ Peoples I NATIONAL BANK i ! OF PATCHOGUE \ ¦ S 115 East Main Street GRover 5-4700 5 ¦ ————— B { NORTH PATCHOGUE ¦ J Sunr i se Firanch Office 100 East Sunrise Highway ¦ MID-ISLAND OFFIC E ¦ I Rou t e 25 S e ld e n , N. Y. ¦ B . . ¦ Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation ¦ Member Federal Reserve System ¦ « IMM raw TED P1LGER S - thought for the week\ /f^k We write and service LIFE INSURANCE , f . j B have you a question? fw * mjmJS KF • INSURANCE • REAL ESTATE always call StJ ^ ^^ PILGER AGENCY «*¦ MW-liL 218 Medford Ave. Patchogue ^ ) ' :)1 JHBP l \ g^L«|Hi aaBaBtl a ! SAV E UP TO 35% ON FUEL THIS WINTER ! a ¦ • We manufacture storm windows and doors ¦ • Buy direct and save 5 • Fiberglas home insulation for attics and | . sidewalls. 4m^> \ \ NOTHING DOWN . . . l^M^ I I 5 YEARS TO PAY ! A^^^^K ! !M C RAE B ROS . W | 410 W est Main Street Patchogue ^ = ^ > K A ^*J \ 5 GROVER 5-4200 && td 4U ^ j ^ ft iK J ff T' f¦ ' •»¦ - Fr 'T 1» ffl \\ \ ^ ^ AD FACTS -33 Heautv is bis business. Ameri can ^ <» in e n spend over ^2 billion a year for beauty aids. To u'ain their share of the beaut y market, toil etry ad- vertisers inv ested an esti- mated £2!.!* million in N EWSPAPER advertising last voar. The Patchogue Advance Read by Every Member of the Family J r —, » UJ in tu ¦i n f^r«r^r»?»r^ CONTEST WINNERS— D1 ffi\ » Clubs of America sponsors contest each year among students who are pursuing course in dis- tributive education. Students who won at New- held High School are pictured being congratu- lated by Xewfield Prin c i pa l John Westberg. The y are Theresa Wright , center , p ublic speak- ing; Joseph Touhey, right , sales d e mon s tration ; and Carol Hardy, left , job interview. They partici pated in Suffolk Zone contest held a t N orthport High School February 21. Theresa and Joseph finished first in their respective areas . Carol came in second ! in her field. Joseph and Theresa w ill represent Suff o lk in state final s at Alban y April 21 and 22. —Photo b y Hanley Eye-Fillin g Sprin g Fashions Viewed at BPW Show , Party FASHION REIGNED » TZ™ Sl'^; v IT^S party sponsored by Patchogue Business and Prote-ssional W om- en ' s Club. Pictured are Mrs. John J. I5riscoe , J r., left , chairman of successful affair , and Mrs . Paul Eve , right , president of club. —Photo bv Casey Spring came earl y this year when lovel y models displayed the newest m eye-tiiling Spring fashions , in soft luscious colors , at a fashion show and cocktail party sponsored by the Patchogue Business and Professional Women ' s Club Sunday afternoon at the Suffolk County Republican Clubhouse on Atlantic Avenue . Blu e Point. I lie giithe ing o; about 200 women was thrilled by the beauti- ful fashions from The Suburban Set in Middle Island. Warmly welcoming the larg - . audience was Mrs. Paul Eve , pres- ident of the club who also thanked all the club members for their wonderful cooperation in this first public affair which the club had sponsored. Mrs. John J. Bris- coe, Jr., was chairman of the very successfu l event. Mrs. Paula Ma thews on was co-chairman. Mrs. Peter Wedegis was ticket chair- man and Mrs. Kenneth Foster , awards chairman. Mrs. Eve then introduced Mrs. Herbert B. Rowse who gave a sparkling- commentary as she de- scribed each costume. F ea tured b y the ca ptivatin g manikins were exquisite party frocks , fascinating dresses , many showing the ever-popular shirt- waist style , jaunty suits and Spring coats in gorgeous shades , with the new full back acc ent a nd interesting collars and sleeve- len g ths , all havin g a romantic ap- peal to the feminine world. Adding greatly to the enjoyment of the afternoon was the back- ground of delightful melodies by the Bostonians. Also , the lovel y v oice of Mrs. Dorothy Pavacek , who sang several selections , ac- companied b y Ral p h Kassner at the piano. M odeling were the following, all residents of this area : Ruth Neuss , Vi Signorelli , Roberta Howe , Di- ane Miller , Lynn Wedegis , Sylvia Skidm o r e , Shirley Hughes , D or- oth y Uh o r c hak and Pat Rowse , c ommentator. Mrs. Edward Duffy of Bayport received the special award. Mrs. Eve spoke in appreciation of all the marvelous work that had been done by Mrs. Briscoe in pul- ling on the fashion show. The proceeds of the affair are for the welfare fund. A \Meet-the-Candidate \ night will be conducted at 8:30 p. m. Tuesday at Newfield High School , cafeteria \B\ , arshall Drive. Selden , b y the Council of Parent- Teacher Association units of Central S c h oo l Di s tri c t 11 ( Cen- tereach-Selden) to consider the five possibles for a vacant board of education post. An election will be held between 2 and U p. m. March 1-1 to elect one of five candidates to the va- cant post of Dr. Laurence T. But- ler , whose ' term exp ires June :>0, PJI52. Also to be considered on the ballot will be the lowering of the mileage a student must live from his school before he can receive bus transportation by the district The five possibles for the board post are Mary Dotter , ' R obert Mull e r , Cha r ' e.s Bailey, Will ia m Martin and Richard J. Wider , all of Centereach. Members of the different PTA units of the dist rict will question the candidates and district resi- dents , all of whom are invited to attend , will also be allowed to pose questions. The meeting will be under the charge of Mrs. Michael A. Acampora, pre sid< nt of the Council of ' PTA' s of Dis- trict 11. IF IT'S FOR S\LE—ADVERTISE District 11 PTA Slates Meeting On Bel of Ed Post

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