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The Patchogue advance. (Patchogue, N.Y.) 1885-1961, September 29, 1960, Image 4

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fT^ *\ '' '^ILLJONS ECHO IT REGULARLY... FOR VARIETY, VALUE, DEPENDABILITY... j \^:j :: : wmm wm ^ Win v ¦ TL ^mnr* . ' - y^i mflfi Mi V^sr^ BHrmiBtf m$H BR0ILING °r FRY | NG 1 j^p^\ ¦10 FINER PJMIiTf AT ANY PRICE cS S^S!^ Whole , Split , Cut-Up 4fa 4fcm j ——I Or Ou a rt© Ted HK ftT aHC Cap ' n John ' s Frozen Seafood! (None PriLd Higher) JJ ^fefl Haddock Dinner £; 2 'Jj. 89° Fully Cleaned — Ready-to-Cook B BBH Jy lb. Perch Fillet p p . 4 ; dy 2 '^, 69° ™ Haddock Fillet ^ 2 ' ,£ 79 c GoJogethers... Fresh Cranberries sasffl e 'l. 21« Cranberry Sauce a?2'£s 43c Flounder Fillet R p *\ d 2 \~ 99* } \\' ¦ - ¦ Fish Sticks »*™ 3 £ 1 .00 2T «!SK« K UPPP «** *¦ *¦¦»* ^ Ac Breaded Shrimp „£- , X55 c SMOKED BE E F TONGUES 49J [WP — ^ i : » »$up«r-Right\ Quality \Supor-Rlght\ Quality mm WO J irr /i r ' rnxnT TCI I Stewing Beef - 69: Fresh Spare Ribs SSI FRUITS and VEGETABLES! \Syp«r.llighV* Qualify \Saper-BIgM\ Quality UAMEVfl%E lM California Roost £,? !. 59 ,?. Bologna °\ » L ™\Z 491 HUNE I IIEW Fancy Shrimp —- 69 , = j M „, „„ H1 „ H 1 WUNti ^^Q, Fresh Porgies *-* 39? Pork Sausage \\ 69 ,; B wl \ 1 ' *^ SEMI-BONELESS I TIW?M PE 1 „ TOKAY «J ^ C jinil liEU NAIfl d TOMATOES \Super-Right \ Quality jtfta f FRESH <fl A Full y- Cooked - *\••¦• or H .if KW larg e_ Re \ ipe rS7 | 9c SHANKLESS . . . SKINLESS 10 fo 12 lbs * jjw JV „ „. — EXCESS FAT REMOVED *Bk\W MKF ¦»• \' ¦ ' * ?•? I — r — —I Iceberg Lettuce w 17 Firm , Specially Selected i lb , C»IIQ b«g GREEN BEANS GREEN G T T 2 1 c s an ° s z 35c fresl t Cr ™b© rri ® s 21 ° CWEET MAC ¦\»« ¦«- ?\«- J. T> DAIRY BUYS! 9WVEE 1 rEMJ Fancy Quality J> cans Af^C fancy WLoonsin-WoH Ajed ^« nBMMH ii *m TOMATO « ** Sharp Cheddar CHEESI 59? ^ JHUHSDEI 1 # C TOMATO 10* 02.1 A. Bord.n^.nd-BeoffUbe. liAlflr llEL Ii 9 SOUP ¦« I %f€ p ar mesan Romano 3™ ;^W Jl BtftC A SPAGHETT I or «1 u « * T m Ched ' 0 \ Bit \STST - * 7 ° LA KU&Ji SPAGHETTI!!! A P^4/ € Muensier Slices F ^ic 8 p l \ ;33» P V AV A I A HB ^llffiC ASP brand ^ oz - 9j(0 SPAGHETTI SAUCE ^2\ ™ 37« •*• «*• i sSS? £» fAUnDCI I 'C TOMATO 5 461 EO '¦\^ S\i$' SlieM \\\ t pS 5S ° CAMPBE LL $ JUICE 2 4 »»5 9« i >,«>• , «; cof»w ] MP Brand—Our Finest Quality lumhina Cookloi Hoi p i g. Fight O'ClflCk Mild and M D II OW ' ,b - 57c Grapefruit •»»!¦ 3 ~: 49' Hy de Park AS «* TM « NT 35* gj^ „ p h .^s ft ,, , AftP Brand—Virginia Old Fashioned Fudge 4gj£ RAIT** Vigorous and win.y 1 lb. fic c Salted Peanuts JX 39' Cookies ^ *-— I tSS- L^Z ' H^l iZJ I»« A N inn »¦ OF s« w ... I f^\ to \ 1 \ '~ % \\\' FROZEN FOODS! ' i BI I > IJA . i Duncan Hines E S* S\r K *** ?» •»«-*> \.-» «-.¦» jane rarker Baked Goods Nestle 1 * Morsels Lt, '£. »• '£ «• Creen Peas 6 Z 95 e «„** PH ™, ., «». _ SAVE we! Meeker ' s Flour *\ \-~ U b „ 55« 8nHM0i TV Diinr , ^^ w , ^< a ' ¦ grift , Dl..«l.« —.. Kraft' s Parkay Margarine ' , ' £»• Campbell' s «-. - «*» ¦«» ;;„ ' 35« ^^t Diueoerry cne c,,.. .^,™ < T .r i-ti * !??B , *!J , » A \ ''*: d « ?? ^K) P lO 55c Assorted Cereals S :^ IJ J;;SP Stutfed Creen Peppers « r ^] 5' N^p/ rie 33* Instant Coffee «- • •— '\1.07 Macaroni J Cheese —* 'ijlf &KP iiuiant Gnffee \» \=¦\•'\ '\ \ 89« Sliced Strawherries »«\-«\i '^ S3 0 Danish Fruit and Nut Ring 49° ^\SS Sr^ \ - ' IBS I 11 — Chocolate Iced Square 43« ^ ^^L^T* -J5 m October Woman ' s Day Siloed Milk Bread ' , i°; 27c feis Liquid ueiergem „„ ,.!,., M 2I BATURESI INCLUDING : w | Florient Aerosol „££ZL, '^W* ao-^ i p. SAUSAGE COOK BOOK ^^I^X WE g\ 6 ^ 7 A TLANTIC & PACIFIC TEA COMPANV , INC . Bri g ht , New CROCHETED HATS mg^P ^^9f ll ^^USBBBSt ^S^P^^BS^SBBBSBK P r ' ces effective thru Satur- (comp lete directions to mako) Hi ll > J_ m %ilT8n Tr ^ TTflfc ? | ^^S WWP ^3 day, October 1st in Super ,„„„,,, __ „.„_ . W V% MP»T vJ?MinJ U i Mhl vl^l lta Market* and Self-Semce Decorative SHELVES TO MAKE for atorage W. %LAM^M mtf ^^X%. Mi . ^i ' I Vl^J ^ MW _ Hfl stores only. Now °\ SaU 1 ||C ^jj^^Kjgjj223fflHSfflS^^ ° n,y ** ¦ High School Highlights PATCHOGUE SENIOR HIGH < The bulletin board in Room 101 was done by Joan Gutowski , Suzanne Levermann , Judy Ruland and Helen Schrader , all mem- bers of Mrs. Louise Muller ' s sec- retarial practice class. The theme of the bulletin board is a job opportunities tree , showing the various jobs available to business students. * * * Patricia Shaber typed the firs t perfect transcript in the Short- hand 2 class. Shorthand 2 spell- ing champions for this week are Valerie Brigg? Elizabeth Er- hardt . Sharon Siffert and Car- men Vieo. All the members of the secre- tarial practice class have been assigned as secretaries to the teachers . Some girls act as sec- retary to two teachers. Mrs , Muller says that this gives her students excellent practical ex- perience and is a worthwhile aid to the teachers. Judv Zaharatas received 100 on the first unit test in Hy- Speed. * * * The students in William But- ler ' s English 2 classes were given a demonstration of the effective- ness of their study this week through the use of diagnostic and mastery tests. At the end of the week it was found that 88 per cent of the participating students showed improvement. * * * AA Athletic tickets went on sale Tuesday. * * + A Library Club for students of Patchogue Senior High School was formed September 20. The purpose of the club is to serve the school by having students hel p in the libra ry and to serve the students by giving them the opportunity to learn library sci- ence through theory and practice. The following officers were elect- ed: Delores Dearborn, president; Barbara Butler , vice president; Elinor Hansen , secreta ry ; Grace De Palo , treasurer; Roberta Josep- owitz , photographer. Students who win 100 points will be awarded a school letter at the Honors Assembly. Points may be won by work in circula- tion , reference , cataloging and other duties in the library. One of the most interesting phases of the work is the weekly change of bulletin boards , giving publi- city to books and reading. Chair- man of this committee is Susan Lewis. Sandra Brissenden is chair- man of the faculty assistants. Each member of the club will act as library assistant to some fac- ulty member , helping to bring the services and materials in the li- brary to the classroom. Meetings will be held during X periods each week and members will work before school , after school , during their free periods and during X periods , as they wish. We seem to have a peppy club , \ said Mrs. Jeanne Jahnke , librarian and advisor for the group. \They are capable and will be a big help in giving our school good library service. \ * * * All girls in the Senior High School have received their annual vision and hearing tests. The Health Department has concen- trated in getting these important screening tests clone early in the year so that students who have been found to need consultation with specialists may <h so early in the school year and thereby work to the best of their physical ability. * * * Review classes are being held each morning from 8 to 8:30 a. m. in preparation for the New York State Regents Scholarship Examinations. Thirty-seven se- niors are planning to compete for the Regents College scholarships , which include nursing scholarships , math , science , and engineering scholarships , Cornell scholarships , and scholarships for children of deceased or disabled veterans. The examinations will be given in the senior high school October 10 and 11. The amount of the grant ranges from S200 to $800 , depend- ing on financial need. The 1000 College Day program , sponsored by the Western Suffolk County Guidance and Personnel Association , will be held this yeai at Sachem Junior-Senior High School Tuesday night and Wednes- day afternoon. The Tuesday ses- sion will be designed to attract parents , although students will al- so be welcome. It will consist of a panel discussion by admission officers of various types of edu cational institutions. These panel- ists will be representing a type of college or university, rather than their own specific emp loyer. Those represented at Sachem will be a large university, a teachers college , a junior college , a small liberal arts college , and technical institute. The Wednesday afternoon ses- sion will host 58 colleges and uni- versities. This will provide an op- portunity for students from 25 high schools to meet with repre- sentatives from two institutions each. Tickets have to be obtained in advance through the school guidance department. It is strong- ly urged that parents accompany their children to both sessions. * * * The annual magazine sales cam- paign of the Senior class of Pat- chogue Senior High School will begin tomorrow and continue for a period of 10 school days. This yea r the seniors will be selling the same magazines they sold last year and they hope they will be able to secure many renewals about to be due. There will be a new feature in this year ' s campaign. The sen- iors will also be selling subscrip- tions to The Patchogue Advance. The proceeds from tl je newspa- per and magazine sales are used by the seniors to help pay for many of the activities that have become an integral and important part of the last year in high school. * * * Monday high school students were excused at 2:50 p. m. At 3 p. m. the teachers assembled in the audio-visual room and listen- ed to a talk by the Commissioner of Education for the state of New York. The commissioner pre- sented . teachers from the state , whom he considered to be doing outstanding work in develop ing new methods of teaching and these teachers explained the work they were doing to schools in the New Yo rk area by means of television. * * * Many of the history classes spent some time last week watch- ing the United Nations meetings as presented by television. It is very doubtfu l if there has ever been a time in history when as large a number of leaders from various countries have been as- sembled in one place. * * * Starting Monday, the juke box will be in the south cafeteria for noon hour dancing. This project is sponsored by the senior class as one of their fund-raisin g acti- vities. Joann Caceiopo is the sen- ior class president and in charge of this project. The . following sen- iors have been helping out this week with the noon-hour dancing: Judy Ruland , John Evans , Bonnie Lamens , Mary Legault , Jane Lie r bermann , Pennysue Smith , Will- iam Muller , Joan Mannino , Lillian Bowers and Bernadette Horak. The Junior Class elected class officers last week. The nomina- tions were made September 20 and the candidates were presented to the entire class last ' Wednesday. The candidates for the office of president gave a speech stating their willingness to accept the of- fice , their past interest , and lead- ership in the class. The candi- dates were then voted on last Thursday during activity period. The following were elected to of- fice: Eleanor Jacohi , president; Rita Crocitto , vice president; Sue Van Ginhoyen , corresponding sec- retary; Patricia Rathkamp, re- cording secretary; Gerard Cervel- lino , treasurer. * * * The French Club will hold its first meeting of the year this week. The officers are : Patricia Lee , president; Judy Zaharatos , vice president; Ellen Budd , secre- tary ; Eleanor Jellinger , treasurer, The French Club is now a mem- ber of Faesea , the Society for Services and Educational Aid. Through this organization the club will receive 10 French films , one for each month of the school year. * * » William Butler , chairman of the sophomore class advisors , has an- nounced that the first class meet- ing was held September 22. Elec- tions for class officers and home- room, representatives will be held this month . School news was collected by Mrs. Vivian Van Dien. _ The - i at Swezey & Newins ; t Patchogue . ^av«Aav%%»%*%»%»»H * »»»»*»+»»Vi This Friday & Saturday . . . SLP . . . S$ saving service .. . of course , it is free . . . slippers . . . here and there . • • and here we go . . . ACTION — If you want to see excitement , action and fun , this is the weekend to visit Swezev & Newins for its month- ly \Clearaway V days. Through- out every single department in the store vou will find regular merchandise reduced just for these two days for quick clear- ance. Here is a bargain hunter ' s paradise. CAUTION — All of the above \ cletiraway items \ go on sale promptl y at 9:30 a. m. Friday morning. Many of them are in limited quantity and some have assorted sizes. S' o-o-o-o we suggest that you do not delay in getting down to S&N early to take ad- vantage of this special weekend sale. * * * WEST COAST REPORT — From California and Nevada we have been getting notes from Millicent 'Dresses \ Murnane. Mill is out on the West Coast visiting relatives while on vaca- tion. Actually she is taking a \Busman ' s holiday \ because in each communication she men- tions the West coast stores that she has been visiting. POLICY SINCE 1894 — We take just a second to mention the price policy that has been a cor- nerstone of Swezey & Newins since it was founded (way back in 1894). S&N will not be undersold on any item of comparable quality. We have always believed that this is what a customer should expect when she walks in the doors of our store. * * * VACATIONING — B _ ack this week from Nova Scotia came Mildred \Hosiery \ Erickson who had a wonderful time but un- fortunately injured her ri ght arm slightly. Off this week and heading for Pennsy lvania is Ray \Men ' s Dept. \ Thomas . Expected back within the next two weeks are Carroll and Henrietta Swe- zev. Also on the \ returned\ list is \ Joe \Men ' s Clothing * Gut- teridge. * * * SLP — If you gals are in the market for a new dress . . . we have just one suggestion ... if you are interested in value and in selection . . . vou can not af- ford to miss the huge assortment of fine dresses at lowest prices that is located on S&N' s 2nd floor . As many of you know S&N has a smashing low price policy on dresses. We onl y ask that you see for yourself by eomnaring price , quality and they spell value. * * * MONDAY NITES — Many thanks for the letters we have received in the past few weeks telling haw much vou like the convenience of being able to shop on Monday evenings at S&N. We are pleased that you like it. * * * MOKE & MORE _ If you like to choose from a wide , wide selec- tion of slippers , you will want to see the style assortment that Mildred Erickson has in the very front of our main floor. For color , for style , for novelt y and for value Mildred has done a sensa- tional job of obtaining the best the market has to offer. * * * IMPR OVEMENT DEPT. — Have you been wondering what all the constr uction work on Main St. & Ocean Ave. is all about? Well , within a few short days these two main Patchogue streets will both become smooth , easy driving \black topped\ thoroughfares. Orchids go to the village \fathers \ who have taken this step for the improvement of the village. * » * FREE , OF COURSE — As the holiday season fast approaches , keep this thought in the back of your mind. Day in and day out , the year around , S&N people always stand ready to beautifully gift wrap your S&N selections free of charge. It' s another one of the many extra services that you enjoy at \the store on the corner \ . » * * THOUGHTS WHILE STROL- LING — S&N' s new half size shop (at the back of our sports- wear dept.) becoming more and more popular * every single day . . . Evie Drescher ' s jewelry selection complimented day after day by customers who say it' s \the best in Suffolk county \\ . . . many people getting their fur- niture slip-covered for fall and winter entertaining . . . well , that' s about it except for our usual . . . THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK— If your score is bad . . . table banging won 't help . . . you are the only one who can improve it. See you in the store during the week. /j ^E ^ THEFLOOR - i TCaBgm WALKER , Svr e- |pl||||3 § *ey & Newina vx|lllll|j/ Patchogue | Floorwa l ker ! LATEST DIVIDEND DECLARED at rate of j ^M / 2 /O ANNUM for the quarterl y period ending Sept. 30 , 1960 EARN EXTRA DIVIDENDS Deposits made on or before Monday, Oct. 17 , earn dividends from Oct. 1 , 1960. Deposits made after Oct. 17 earn divi- dends from day of deposit on funds remaining until end of quarter. Dividends Compounded not twice but four times yearly \The Bank where Thousands have saved Millions since 1896\ THE UNION s vvs\i;s BM OF PATCHOGUE , N. Y Cor. So. Ocean Ave. & Church St. Tel. GR 5-5800 Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. The South Shore Bridge Club held its monthly master point game Friday night at its regular club room in the Veterans of Foreign Wars building on Edwards Street in Patchogue. It was a 10 table straight Mitchell movement and the winners in the North-South position were : First , Mrs. Paula Fruend of Sayville and Miss Lau - raine Gall of Garden City ; second , Mrs. Madeline Maurer of Bay Shore and Gene Blau of Manor- ville; third , Miss Mildred Fuhr- man of Patchogue and Stan Davies of Bay Shore. _ Winners in the East-West posi- tion were : First , William Maurer and Mrs. Gertrude Goldberg, both of Bay Shore : second Carl Lam- bert and A. Waters , both of Bell- port; third , Mr. and Mrs. M. Katz of Bay Shore. A charity game will be held next Friday night. A memory nook of g'rlhood dates and other happy occasions could be rounded out to perfec- tion with your choice of one of the numerously styled wedding invitations on display at The Patchogue Advance—always at bud jtfit Briizea*=Mr. BRIDGE NO TES

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