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Authorize New Post Office For Site in Farmingville Congressman SUiyvcsant, Wainwright announced this week he has been advised by Postmaster General Arthur E. Summertiel d that a new tiost ollice has been authorized for Farmingville. This announcement , the Pi*tmastor Genera l advised , coincides wit h the optioning by Post Ollice Department Regional officials of a site , located on tne soutneast coiner of Farm-lo-Mai ket Road and Woody Crest Drive , meeting departmental requirements as to cost , area and location. \This new and modern postal facility, \ Congressman W a i n- wri ght said , \ will be constructed under the Post Office Depart- ment' s Commercial Leasing Pro- gra m which utilizes the resources and • investment funds of private enterprise to obtain needed postal buildings' . The new post office at Farming- ville will contain about 2 , 000 square feet of floor space, plus a loading p latform. The site , com- prising about 12,180 square feet , will provide adequate parking and truck maneuvering areas. According to Postmaster C. R. Rahnmuller, bidding forms , spe- cifications and other pertinent data will be available to prospective bidders when p lans are comp leted , at which time the Post Office De- partment will advertise for bids. Thus , an equitable construction value ivi. 'l be established on a com- petitive basis. \The site option, \ the postmas- ter noted , \ will he transferred to the successful bidder , who will purchase the land , and then will construct the building to Post Of- fice Department specifications and lease it to the department on a long-term basis , with lease re- newal options running up to 20 years . \ \Nationall y, \ Congressman Wainwrig ht said , \ more than 4 , 500 new post offices have been built since 1953 under the Post Office Department ' s uni que Commercial Leasing Program. \Because these postal buildings remain under private ownershi p while leased to the Federa l Gov- ernment , the lessor pays local real estate taxes. \ \Furthermore , \ he added , \be- cause the buildings are constructed with private investment funds , capital outlays by the Federa l Government are limited substan- tiall y to those for post office fur- niture and equipment. \ Congressman Wainwri ght also pointed out that Postmaster Gen- eral Summerneld indicated the need for replacement of 12 , 000 more of the nation ' s post offices because of lack of space and ob- solescence. Congressional approval has been given the postal modern- ization program with 1 , 600 new post offices scheduled to be built in every part of the nation during 1960. \Making this announcement pleases me greatly, \ Congressman Wainwri g ht concluded. \Your new post office will provide the citi- zens of Farmingville with the lat- est in modern postal improvements , assuring patrons more convenient mail service as well as providing a much better p lace to work for our dedicated postal employes. \ Read all about It in The Patch- ogue Advance , every Thursday, brimfu l of spot news and attrac- tive advertising. —Adv. ^¦¦ii aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiasaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiuiiiiiimuiuuiuQ I PA R TNERS IN PROGRES S j I FOR AMERICA / C^\ \ \ OAT THE GO f-Bftifc) j *™ \' *'JW!I__ fev^_____ . ^^^ ^ v ' ^^9^V4H^^HB^H^^H^^B|^^^|HiflBI* *3/ _ B ^B •Jxm**t^* \-Z^}S&^ - 5 Good Banking Habits in the V : *^Qj (8^^j [ § Home Provide Banking Funds *%MW. ^ \ 9 ————— • _ ' ¦ a for America ' s Growth and in Turn the Growth of i s \ I America ' s Homeowner. ¦ 3 ¦ 9 «—_—.—______________________________________________ ¦ I WE'RE AT YOUR SERVICE IN SO MANY WAYS ... j j aa ¦ \ (SL\\ THE PATCHOGUE BANK | 5 fSSSf \Service Is Our Business \ \ H ^AN^» I til^U U(^4/ ~^-MB—— _— »»—iM__ - -t— -_**___•—¦t— ¦__—— «—^a _______ - ___f_____ a ___ - _________ » g » I 3 • 47 West Main Street , Patchogue GRover 5-3020 i 3 • Branch Office—468 East Main Street , Patchogue GRover 5-3035 i S Friday Evenings — 6:30 P. M. to 8 P. M. ! S MEMHER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORP. B ?iiH.iniiiiiiiiitiiiiiuimiiiiiiiHH uiiiiiiiuiBiiiiiiinniiiiiimitiiiiiiiiiuiutmiii 'Mouse That Roared' Brings Hilarity to Ronkonkoma Theatre \The Mouse That Roared , \ .star- ring Peter Sellers and Jean So- ber g, opens Wednesday at the new- Bar Harbour Theatre in Massa- pcqua Park , the new Ronkonkoma Theatre in Lake Konkonkoma , the Mayfnir Theatre in Commack and the Deer Park Theatre in Deer Park for an exclusive Suffolk County engagement. In color , \The Mouse That Roared , \ tells what happens when the smallest country in the worid declares war on , ami actuall y in- vades , tin- United States. \ The comedy sequences that develop are hysterical comedy for the entire family. In addition to \The Mouse That Roared , \ the theatres are offering this year ' s Academy Award win- ning featurette — \Th e Colder) Fish\ —in color. I I I I T 7 / / / 1 M 1 7 HOW DO YOU OO SIR . YOU CRNT Y 66. 1 HU*T WIT H INSURANCE F(?OM ROY J. WATTS RO 9-8006 J Herger-Genat & Could Agency Kooseveit Ave. i.ftiie Konkonkiima Rezone Hearings Set in PJ Area On September 20 The Brookhaven Town Board this week voted to hold public hearings on five changes of zone petitions fiv parcels of land in the Pot.t Jefferson area on the evening. \>f September 20 at the Port Jefferson Court Room. This was decided upon 10 serw as a convenience to possibly interested people residing in the Port Jef- ferson area, who would nut be able to travel to Patchogue to voice their opinions. According to Supervisor August Stout . Jr., \There arc seven mem- bers of the Town Hoard , the six councilmen and myself. We be- lieve that many more than that number of people will wish to state their positions either m fa- vor of or in opposition to these requests for changes in zoning. We are therefore glad to roun: to the Nort h Shore io hold ihe-e hearings , as a convenience to the interested parties. \ The board also received bids on a bond issue for the Cherry drove Water District. The low bid was submitted bv The Peoples Nati on- al Bank of Patchogue . The bid sub- mitted offered the highest prem- ium of $' .i2ti , and matched the low- est interest rate of ' A. 1 per cent on the $175 . (iOU worth of bonds. In other action , the board set a public hearing for 2 p. m. September 111 at the regular meet- ing of the Town Board on the proposed ordinance regulating the use of beach buggies on Great South Beach. The board also took action on the recommendation of Daniel Per- ry, architect on the new highway office building in Coram , in rela- tion to the incompleted building. Mr. Perry had recommended pre- viously that the town proceed against the bonds of the builder for failure to complete construc- tion. John S. Parnon , the builder involved , appeared before the board exp laining that if the recommen- dation was followed up he would not be able to acquire the nec- essary bonds from bonding com- panies to do future work and in effect this action would put him out of business. In view of this and upon receiving assurance that the remaining work would be com- p leted by Sep tember 15 , Mr. Per- ry withdrew his recommendation and no action was taken. ¦^MawawjvMwawMwvvMVMVBWMvawawMWAWBWBWBaMiMiaiiHBMBiaBaBiaHaBaBMHiHiHaBBiHiBiiHi EXCLUSIVE SHOWING!! YOUR ONLY OPPORTUNITY TO SEE - - - \OUR NOMINEE FOR THE FUNNIEST PICTURE OF THE YEAR\ \\ \ ~ \*\\ ~ ' •• • •• •••• - «-'•—--j. --- FOREMAN presents 44 _ ¦_* mm mm - ®^ MOVSE THAT ROA RED \ PFTPR mri I PRQ EXTRA—Academy Award rcicn. oc-ixna \niK GOLDEN FISH\ \A Hilarious Movie! Peter Sellers is the Funniest Actor England has Sent to America Since Guinness!\ — Cue Magazine Starts Wed., Aug. 31 C F>omTI '? M!! ' Atr-rnnrilftonnrt Air-Con MtMinH DEER PARK RONKONKOMA Cor . of Deer Park Avenue '\ L*£* Ronkonkoma j ii- ou. r» . on Portion Road— and Bay Shore Road East of Httwkm8 Ave . -MO 7-2JJ0 RO 9-7575 -————¦——————-a S. Hunting Land May Become County Pk. Site Appraisals Asked: RIVERHEAD — The Suffolk Board of Supervisors , Monday unanimousl y voted to authorize County Attorney Henry M. Zaleski to obtain appraisals and conduct negotiations with the owners of a 427-acre tract of land in South Huntington , previousl y recommended as the site for a county park. Last month the County Plan- ning Commission recommended the acquisition of the former es- tate of the late Arthur Cwynne of Huntington, a prominent Wall Street broker who died last year. The huge estate borders North- ern State Parkway and Route 110. County Executive 11. Lee Denni- son . who has also recommended acquisition of the property for a county park , said , \The site is easil y readied b y western Suffolk residents , where- we have the greatest need for parks , because of the heavy population. \ The proposal , one of many b y .Mr. Dennison in his count y park and marina program, would ' in- clude construction of golf courses , tennis courts , picnic areas , and other recreational facilities. The estate is now owned by Samuel Ledbetter of Senrsdale , who reportedly paid $1, 100 an acre for it. The land itself mav cost the county almost . *1, 000 .000 , with another SHOO ,000 for develop- ment, Mr. Dennison estimated. Original plans called for its use as a Huntington Town park , but those plans have been abandoned. County Planning Consultant William N. Leonard said a p lan- ned county-town park and marina at Cra b Meadow in Huntington has been been shelved , at least as far as the county is concerned. Speaking of Business ADDITION — The Tinker Na- tional Bank of Setauket , Center- each and Port Jefferson Station , celebrates its fortieth anniversary this month by ann»uncing the completion of an addition to its permanent quarters at the Center- each office and a grand opening event that will take p lace the earl y part of September. Ex-Rocky Point Vamp Pleads NG To Arson Rap RIVERHEAD — Julius John Pinkosh , Jr., 25-year-old ex-Rocky Point fireman accused of starting fires \for the fun of it , \ pleaded innocent to four counts of arson second and third degree here Mon- day in Suffolk County Court. He was continued free in $500 bail b y Judge Henry Tasker. Pinkosh , of Sini Avenue , Shore- ham , was indicted last Thursday by the Grand Jury. He was ar- rested a month ago after fellow firemen said he was reporting fires , but not fighting them , in- stead watching them in fascina- tion. Police said Pinkosh started three house fires and severa l brush fires last Spring and Early Summer. Police charged Pinkosh started fires at the homes of Joseph Cal- untoni . Kings Road , Rocky Point. June 27; Joseph Bua of Uoswell Avenue , Shoreham , May 19; and Anthony Sini of Route 25 A , Rocky Point , May 80. Mr. Sini' s home was destroyed. The others were badly damaged . Pinkosh , an ex-captain in the Rocky Point Fire Department , was dismissed as a vamp after his arrest. County Exec Tells Need For Highway Expansion Urges Land Acquisition: RIVERHEAD—-Suffolk' s town and county highways are hardly adequate for the needs of the present , and New York State ' s fastest growing county is courting disaster if it neglects to make provi- sions now for \ what the future is certain to bring. Such was the warning sounded Monday by County Executive it. Lee Dennison at a co:ilci eiice of local highway officials hero in Riverhead. Representatives of most town hig hway departments were present at the meeting. The immediate need is the acquisition of suitable lands for highway purposes . Mr . Dennison asserted. \This will provide means for direction and control of the growth to come . \ he said, pointing out that the basic pattern is esta- blished by the routes for the Long Island Expressway and the Sun- rise Highway extension. Contending that enormous sums of money are being '' wasted'\ on the repair and maintenance if anti quated roads, the county execu- tive called for a planned and co- ordinated program of highway construction a n d improvement . \We need -100 miles of new high- way. \ he declared. Mr. Dennison ran into outspoken opposition when lie advocated the pooling of equipment. Brookhaven Town High w a y Superintendent Charles Barnaul said it would be impractical for several reasons and that inevitably, each town would want to use the same pieces of equipment at the same time. Southold Town Hig hway Super- intendent Harold Price , who dis- agreed emphatically with Mr. Den- nison ' s contention that the towns are wasting ' money for repairs , said neither the town board or the taxpayers would countenance such an arrangement. TO WN CLERKS TO MEET The Town Clerk s of Suffolk' s 10 townships will meet at the Shady Grove Rest in Ronkonkoma tomorrow , according to Arthur Mc Comb , Brookhaven Town clerk. Librarian Is Needed At L. Ronkonkoma LAKE RONKONKOMA — A professionall y trained libra- rian is being sought to re- organize and expand the Lake Ronkonkoma Free Library. According to trustee. Mrs. Robert Bleimiller , the office of Walter M. Ormsb y, superin- tendent of schools , has been contacted for possible leads as well as five library schools , the New York State Employ- ment Service and the Civil Service Commission. However , no one has been engaged as yet. The library is seeking a sp irited , ambitious , qualified person. For further informa- tion, see the advertisement appearing in this edition of The Patchogue Advance , or write: Mrs. Robert Bleimiller , Union Avenue , Holbrook , N. Y. PSC Approves Bus Operation To New Station The Brookhaven Town Board this week received notification of approval of a petition filed with the Public Service Commission by- Charles D. Hawkins to operate an Omnibus Line from Mastic Road to the Mastic-Shirley Railroad Station . The omnibus route will be on Patchogue Avenue between Mastic Road and the new train station in Shirlev. The PSC notice said that the action was taken without calling a public hearing in order to meet the need of the public in this area. The permission granted b y the PSC was granted on a tem- porary basis to February 12 , 1961 in order to supply service that is in the public interest. The tem- porary permission does not signify that the service will be continued longer than stated in the approval but says that any extension would be based on an appraisal of the need for such service after the expiration date of February 12. Mr. Hawkins will be required to meet all requirements of the Transportation laws and must show that he has filed information concerning his operation with the proper agencies within 20 davs. . UM RTN& \#CKT | i Famous ^^^ * % Through the /^- * ^i z ^ i\ Formative i f f ^ ^ r JX [ POWERS SHOES ! Hawkins Ave., L. Ronkonkoma | Shoes for All the Family j ! RO 9-6179 3 — ¦•¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦ •¦¦¦¦ «¦¦¦¦¦¦¦¦ •* | « M ,__________»».___ . * Open a Judson Charge I 1 Account Today! J 1 - u H ¦ HUDSON'S j * j For New Fall Suits J a For Men and Young Men • of flood Taste. 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' , 3 PATCHOGUE BOOK SHOP ] I Hid WKST .MAIN STRFKT GRover 5-3520 J > U.S. Coins and Slumps — Bought and Stdd < STERLING SILVER SK?^ by Miss Jean Campbell , graduate of Patchogue High' s class of I960 , in nationwide \Sterling is for Graduates \ contest sponsored by Sterling Silversmiths of America. Murra y Rose of Rose Jewelers , Patchogue , presents award. —A d vance Photo Miss Jean Campbell, a graduate of Patchogue High' s class of 19G0 , recently won a sterling six-piece p lace setting in the nationwide \Sterling is for Graduates \ con- test, sponsored by the Sterling Silversmiths of America. The six-p iece p lace setting was awarded to Miss Camp bell bv Murray Rose of Rose Jewelers , 74 East Main Street , Patchogue. On hand to hel p celebrate the occa- sion was , \l rs. H. Badman , bridal consultant at Rose Jewelers. More than 1(1 , 000 graduation high school girls entered the con- test b y reg istering the name of their favorite pattern of sterling pflatware with a local partici pating retailer. Winners were selected in a na- tional drawing held in New York. More than 2 , 700 prizes totaling $25, 000 in cash and sterling silver were distributed to g irls from all sections of the country in this , the second girl graduate contest. Patchogue Girl Wins Sterling in Contest ^^ HkL.. ^^B ___ *- * a - v -B ¦ WmWrn ' ''HHh ' ____ » _______ f_____^- ii ¦^^BBf*' JX* * ¦ ' -* iBfc M%m .. I\ ... ..^MUMW \ . ^^^^f_^-l^-l-^ _______ L___1 ' \ -^ AWmmm H|^^Hff^M|Ww^^g^^HHH _B __pdBf_-MiillliBlMB i^P^^i> - l^iM ^^mmf ^ mM^Ummm^mM^mWMUSm^MmmmHMW^mm'- mm KaA. . ____ ^^B^^m m ^^^ m t^^ m f mm ^ &^^ mm ^^SmmmWmWssSMm ^mm\ ^mnS imWI^L ^^m^ l^mmmlM ^^B^^^^H^^^I^^^I^r^^ ^7 ______ |^^B^^^ _^ r !^Q?^L^^^^^^^^H^_________________ H ^HH^^^^R^'^ta^H' \ S V \- II^^L___H^H^H ^^HHr '^flf^V'n •' * ¦** - ¦'*¦ ^rLH^H BHH' v #9; ! '*__________¦______¦ ^ B_ fil_g___y _&3M______&' 'i^' 'f >?^^^HI^H _ fIf_H HnBi^TflP ^^flHHml mmmmmmmmWSf tSWmmmmmVj iL 1 AT Wl F ¦fclfl •nn |!^^^^ RC39S Hl mlllsM-^IWMw __^^HB'^ mwili:«w j .^ i^ rrt^HHHH ^^^^^L^B&aes_«£ ___ S __ ITi^'^'^ _____^^^^^^ H HHH^^Bbii^HHH ffihljwffi ¦ K S __^ S__K^ K 9^^__ B _________ ' V ^_____ F ______ H mmmtWf mm^mmV^ m MmmE^^^IM>MmWm9BKMmW^^ W9MmW^mmmmmmui mmmVi&mmWmmW^^mm^DWmW^mmmmmmmW^m ^ m99M' _OT9^H _^K<^w&_K_tl&^B»ii!y^.flB ^^^Kj^^^^^QB^flH|JHH||jl|H ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_ P^^___E_^___^_f_________i^^B;i^^^^^^^^^_^__F__^___i^^ _^^^^ B^^ ^^B^^B^^W l_^^^P^^^_^_______ Fi ____H^ %^7^ vlHI ^^_B_llffi ft -mfii^^B'H^H. H H^L^Hi __________p^!__ i i : v \f! ^__ B< _____¦ . T B 9 P9 __ B ____________ ^ $^____^f( _____ K ^ __ l ________ - _____ ' lf ______l .mllmmm ^ Mmm ^m-mmHl IW II ^^________________ k-v4^_________f^' ^ ' t ____________ BH ¦HHHH HH HN M M ¦sSBlS^BlHFuuI ^ ___________ 22 H_________r^ _fl9lnFH ; _i «___« Wmmm%m^m%mmmmmmMmlKim%m%Ti . AmW f Sf mmmX • ' '¦ *¦¦ ¦ B&^l mmm ^l^mWm ^ tmmmm ^mmmm : '9t mlmmmm ^MdmU m,> ' -Hi _____ r __ fi _^_ rwH|Pl!%MK Riverhead Lot Will Be SC Park ing Field RIVERHKAD — The Suffolk Roard of Supe rvisors Monday vot- ed to purchase a half acre of land here in Riverhea d for $27 ,500 . and a few minutes later approved the sale of sli ghtly less than one half acre of county tax land to East Hampton To wn for $40. The board approved the pur- chase of a corner lot at the inter- section of Railroad and Griding A venues , near the courthouse and other county buildings in River- head. The sale is contingent upon the owner , William Victoria , having two old wooden structures remov- ed and any debris cleaned up. Count y Executive H. l. r-e Denni- son said the propert y will be used for a parking lot. The board also approved the sale of five lots of tax hind in East Hampton for $40. East Hampton Supervisor William Bain said the propert y, located near other town land on Springs Road , may be eventually used for a dump area. Dull moments end when you gel your hands on The Patchogue Ad- vance news and advertisements , fresh from th' e printing press. — Air.

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