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The Patchogue advance. (Patchogue, N.Y.) 1885-1961, March 31, 1960, Image 18

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Wellesley Club Offers Mill Ne ck House Tour The annual home ami garden tour .sponsored l>y the Nassau- Suffolk Wellesley (Tub will take place M. 'i . V 11 anil 12. I' roeoods of the tour will benefit the faculty salary advancement, fund of Wel- fesley College. The homes and gardens to lie shown are located in the Mill Neck section of Locust Valley and in- clude \Munnysunk\ owned hy Mrs. Frank Bailey, where only the gardens are on display; \Water ' s Edge , \ the home of Mrs. Evelyn Lehman , a brick Tudor mansion famous fur its English antiques; \Three Harbor ' s Hill , \ the home of Mrs. Muriel T. Eden which includes many orig-inal works of art and sculpture , anil the modern indoor- outdoor home of Mr. and Mrs. William Robertson Coo , Jr., where glass walls seem to brine; the pool settings designed hy Innocenti- Webel into the house. Appropriate flower arrangements in the various residences will lie made b y well- known members of the garden clubs of Long Island. •Refreshments served on the flag- stone terrace at \Water ' s Edge \ under spreading dogwood trees will be a feature of the tour. Tickets may be purchased in ad- vance from Mrs. K. Howard Mealy, ¦ ill Dundee Road , Habylon; or may he purchased on the days of the tour. BOY SCOUTS JOTTINGS TROOP 10 Troop 40 of Medford held a spe- cial committee meeting last Wed- nesday at the home of Hubert Bianco on Waverly Avenue. The purpose of this meeting was to discuss how many tickets should be purchased for the exposition at the Commack Arena May I. The boys of Troop -il> will ennvn. -'s in uniform to sell tickets. This scout- ing exposition is for Hoy Scouts , Cubs and Exp lorers from all over Suffolk County. Doors will be open from 1 to HI p. in. Cub Pack -10 of Medford held its Pack night Friday at the Treiuent Avenue School. The theme was \Know Your State. '' The opening was by Den 5 , assisted by its Den chief , Anthony 1 lowland. Den ' .I members then explained how they put together n display of the St. Lawrence Seaway. Den 5 had Lone; Island Indians and did the. White Buffalo dance. Den It put up a dis- p lay of Indian items along with Den 5. Den 1 had a disp lay on New York' s zoos . Don 1 members discussed how they made Niagara Falls. The following awards were given: Bobcats— Michael France , Frank Scutari , Kenneth Searles , John W. Russell , III , Steven Droz- dowski and George Efstration. Den 2- James Cnlfa , Charles Brown, dreg llajduk and Robin Bell , all Wolf badge. Den 5—Kevin Reeve and Robert Sliaber , Hoar budge ; Bruce Perry, silver arrow on Wolf; and Martin llowland , one year pin for assistant, cubmaster. JJen 1—Joseph Koziuk , one-year p in cubmaster , Wehelos , silver ar- row on Lion. Cubmaster Koziuk gave the Den mothers the 100 per cent certifi- cate from the annual inspection held in January . Following this was Den 2 with West Point Cadet March to the music of \Stars and Stripes. \ Closing was by Don 2. Games were then p layed. The at- tendance banner was awarded to Den 5 for most parents present. A group of Hoy Scouts of Troop 40 took a live-mile hike Saturday morning. They started in Medford Village and hiked lo the cemetery in Coram and back. The boys were tested on cooking, hiking, and the buildin g of a lire. Assisting with the hike was committeeman Harold Hates , Assistant Scoutmaster Mar- tin llowland and Star Scout, Hu- bert. Bianco , Jr. All scouts who at- tended the hike now have Tender- foot rank and are working for their second class rank. Legal Notice INVITATION TO ItHIIH'UtS Tin; Hoard of Education of Cen- tral School District No. 1 of the Town of B r o o k li a v e n , Sulfolk County, New York , invites the sub- mission of sealed bids for |he furnishing and installati on of a thirty-position Language Labora- tory in Room lit)! of the High School buildin g, Helipor t , New York. Form of bid proposal , speci- fications and other information are available at the business ollice . in the High School buildin g, Cen- tral Sol 1 District, No . -1 , Heli- port , New York. Bids will be received at the office of the Business .Manager , Centra l Sel I District , No . •!. until . '1:00 p. m. on Friday. A pril 8 , liltill , at which time and place they will be publicl y opened and read. The Hoard of Fducnt ion reserves the right to reject any and all bids and to waive any informali- ties in bidding. For the Hoard of Education Central School District No . 1 Town of Brookhaven Heliport . N. Y. March :U , ltldO . William E. Mulkeen School District Clerk INVITATION TO BIDDER S The Hoard of Education , Central School District. No . -1 , of the Town n f Brookhaven , Sulfolk County, New York , invites the submission of sealed proposals for the fur- nishing, delivery and installation of an elect ric budgetary, account- ing, and payroll machine to be used in connection with I he busi- ness fiuii ' lioDs and operations of the . School District , Form of bid. proposal , specifications , and other information are available at the business oilier in the High School building, Central School District No . •). Heli port , New Vork. Bids will be received at the ollice of the Business Manager . Centra l School District No . I , until . '!:0II p. in. on Friday, A pril S , I' . tiiO , at which time and p lace they will be publicly opened and n ad. The Board of Education reserves the right to reject any or all bids and to waive any informal ities in bidding. The final acceptance of any bid or the final p lacement <,f any order for an accounting machine will be subject to the inclusion of an ap- propriation fni- the require d sum ill the annual school budget for VMO-1' .Kl to be considered „( ||„. Annual Meeting of the School Dis- trict , which will be held on May ll . VMM . For (he Board of Educatio n Central School Distric t No . 1 Town of BrooMi nvon Bellport , N. V . March HI , I' . HMI William E. Mulk. en School Pis! i irl Clerli - A I' aiehogae Advance special- ty! Wedding invitations whose perfection in printing, desicn and paper quality cannot fail to please the pocket book. —A d v. i /^^^^ MHM ^ MM No Other Beef So Fresh Can Be So S .^fflH TENDER a \d FLAVO RF UL ! s * * «?w x _J_M^_d_ \ TJM——— ffl_i—iii_t___wi—_wi—™\^—^—**• _\\¦ «___> B0HACK DE LUXE TENDERAY * U. S. GOVERNMENT GRADED CHOICE Af^ p_| , f mBmf ^mBm ^^^^m^m ^ f mi Aiu ffE i if- 1 H^^ READY / ^ BK ^^ L ^^^ L ^ L W L MKLUlN J I tfl Hj %MV idr' u - \ i^lS^PMP^^ir- ¦ PORTERHOUSE STEAKS -95— ¦ i- ' ^^^^^ ^ i^ .— —- ~~ <. ur r D I Selected Mdk fy ed EPi _0& ^— U OHACK LONUSLMJD ^fj ^X | » M. llGS LB CQ C THE PROOF of OUR STEA K BACO N m% w EAL or RUMPS ** * ls IN THE EAT|NG , 1 HICKORY SMOKED 1M OUR w\Bk 4& I Mo^lC UZcU UOlUei / You'll enjoy Bohack DeLuxe Tenderay Beef. Try it today I rn\/T INSPECTED PORK FL ANI _ W ---- - ; ; / r j \ 6 V - o- 7 I RREAST f>r NECK RlR ClinP* I.AIM fUrtDC a »d prove to yourself that it is better beef. We buy onl y F7 N C7^ T - ^ R Z 3 ^ 1 B™ 57 ^\™ KIB SIl J; 5 L0,N to Z? 3 U. S. Government Graded Choice Beef... and you 'll find I OCCK _fl __P& I P0UND 39 C POUN D _ f 9 C POUND ROc ^e Government Choice stamp on every p iece of our beef. I zf rnTmi mm -TC- -Ol^ -V^ I _. ~~ s~-* * ~s~ ^ v The U.S. D.A. CHOICE seal is your lLlwER \V^ l PORK SHOULDERS CHUNK BOLOGNA j USDA ( guarantee of quality . Bohack' s own I BH H B ** I <?*edA .^ JC ALL BEEF or ALL MEAT P|| / CrAdlCF I Tenderay seal assures you of fresh- J \ \ SHORT SHANK PoHnd J3 C or LIVERWURST LB » _ J¥ C A^J^^ ness and tenderness ' T EDDY ' S L ENTEN S EA F OOD J \ [ For Your I BORDEN'S A - _ ____i ^__k Frozen Cod Fiilef 39 ) V Plover & HAYB llII P C 0 HE U ES A E R ~ LARGE # *0 Frozen Shrimp Jt:L< MI 73 C I c^ Needs... %ll f l 1 inU FOOD JL LB. PKG. ff 4$ o I You 'll find a wide variety of Kosher • #V ¦• VAJf 1! rm illURlA ^1 A _ r% FRESH FIUET A for P oss.ver food, l„ all Bohack MaCOrOII I COft W hCelS ' MJSS*' 2 ' * fKCS 49\ C od or Haddock u - 49° / *«-*\'«n\»okiy-..d i.- 8 B »J fnlik-11 - ISLAND MANOR ^„ u„i FRESH _> _ , Uland - M ° ke V ° Ur Sel \ l \ ,n ,,0m Ketil CaUDOae DELICIOUS HOMESIYIE * * _J 16 «\« J^C mi • ¦ n| #•¦ in «CX 1 Rokeach , Goodman ' s , Streit' s , Hor- m * f Honda Bluef.sh J9o ^^^^^ i _ ibby ' s Comed Beef Hash -33c Deep Sea Scallops 69° | 1 Lipfo ii ' $ Tea Bag$ j™ ^ MCKWE OF 48 55a I 7> 1 /£ ^ Chocolate Chip Cookies SUNSH,NE 2S* \ E s45 ,i ^. ' BROCCOLI (m^ HUNrs Si V^25> WTOIMIATO SAUCE 6^49- ASPARAGUS2 35 BUTTE R Hs -ilZ: Rp^Tl FLORIDA SEEDLESS - FANCY _ __ ^ _ - _. , „„„•, tI> 1H , t ^ na 7ZZ CAN OI C * CAN / Z C -TDJI BEPraill 1 ! 1 C ^. ^ft„ PLYMOUTH - WHITE & BROWN ™»^R BRANDS - FRESH I V KAPEFKUIT 4_$ BAG «$7 ° Large Grade 'A' Cottage Cheese W 30<= LARGE SIZE - HEALTHFUL - IN CARTONS _ - — _ -^ E fZ fi S B0RDEN ,S or ENDECO - SLICED ffl Mtjy fWW LEMONS CALIF A FOR IQC ^ ^^-r Muenste r Cheese ^:35< WmWiWl^m ¦lhl Il V ll |# *•«\¦¦ • 1*3 MM DOZEN H 5° SPORTED - SWISS KNIGHT B iW JW' j Wl '' ^ CT I I ( ***** Gruye re Cheese m:39 c SI^Q _ i Msyyil^^^^K y ^Z i/l ) B OHAC K Y EAST R AISE D _ n gm ^ - WBr M ^mSmWk i ^^^ ^S& . (, y { U rDIIMR f hll E 53 _9L *9 c BOHACK q-anuxul COFFEES i«lffl llli ii ll |^||| ^^ ( ^ * ~ \ %P^ %PlflP %H il h JJC ^ M GROUND FRESH TO YOUR ORDER ^ ~^^ Z^ fl^QQE i_^_SS^SHB Sk ?l/ BOHACK - ENR.CHED - SLICED «_ MANOR ROYAL BOCRIS T ^^Q P^PPM ^)! W WHITE BREAD VOAF 24 C -57° ^ 61« - 6S <S^JS f4____U___3 MADE WITH SHORTENING m ™ B ^ ===-^ 1— = sz ^ m \ *mmtBBm\BBBBBBBBm\wBL Sachem School Jottings Mrs. Danii'l Shybunko , ilcntal hyjlitMiist , prfsciiUHl IV pliiy v\\- tillr-il , \The Can; of the Tooth , \ in tin? auditorium of the CiaU-lnt Avcniji ' Schcjul. .McmbtTs of the lliir<l ami fourth ^ratios j ,;ulioi- |i aloil. (JoraliliiH ' Hrowti was the narrator and Patricia SVni . -k the \hab y tooth . \ I' etcr Willctto was Captain Had Germ anil the fol- lowing hoys were in his army: Mi- chael Hammer , Hruce .Strulilreyer , John I' roios , Krie Hart , Wayne Maurer , Walter McGroary and Hruce Miguel. Warren Davis was Captain Good Germ and members uf his army were: Hruce MacDun- i . -ll , Thomas Hrichler , Richard Towne, Michael CunniriKhain , Roh- ert Mayer anil Dixon In^ra , III. The p lay was so well received that the childre n will present it ajrain to other classes. Step hen llerrschaft led the I'I CI I KC of Al- legiance and the sing ing of \America. \ * * * HIGH SCHOOL Sachem Junior-Senior Hi gh School auditorium is the setting fur the fourth annual elementary music festival of the Sachem Cen- tral Schools , Lake Ronkonkoma. The festival will be held at 8:15 p in. April X. The public is in- vited to attend. Over 2f<0 fourth, fifth and sixth ^rade students will participate in this concert . BIRTHS HROOKHAVKN MEMORIAL HO.SI'ITAI. Mr. ami Mrs. Charles Somers of Denton Place , Mastic , a son , on March lit . Mr. am! Mrs. Elias Landis of Warre n Avenue , Lake Ronkon- koma , a son , on March l' . i . Mr. anil Mrs. August Guerrera of Fireplace Nock Road , Hrook- haven , a daughter , on March HI . Mr . and Mrs. Carlos Castro of 2a Academy Street , Patchogue , a son , on March 111 . Mr. and Mrs. Vincent DcTurris of Garden Avenue , Miller Place , a son . on March 2(1. Mr. and Mrs. David Crofford of Robinson Street , Center Moriches , a daughter, on March 20. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Russo of Meade Avenue , Bellport , a daugh- ter , on March 21. Mr. and Mrs. John Ferguson of Orchard Creek Drive , Center Mor- iches , a son , on March 21. Mr. and Mrs. Rocco Lo Cascio of Pawnee Avenue , Mastic , a daughter , on March 21. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Meyer of Washington Avenue , Patchogue , a son , on March 21. Mr. and Mrs. Andrew W'illis of Miller Street , Patchogue , a daugh- ter , on March 21. Mr. and Mrs. Josep h Funaro of Waverly Avenue , Patchogue , a daughter , on March 22. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Russo of Edwards Street . Patchogue , a daughter , on March 22. Mr. and Mrs. Krazier Venerable of Wading River Road , Center Moriches , a son , on March 22. Mr. and Mrs. John Dundine of Kevilo Avenue , Shirley, a son , on March 22. Mr. and .Mrs. Leonard Fine of Lake Avenue , Center Moriches , a daughter , on Marc h 2. 'i. Mr. and Mrs. Alvah Gilman of Terry Road , Patchogue , a daugh- ter , on March 23. Mr. and Mrs. Victor Garharino of East Main Street , Patchogue , a daughter , on Marc h 23. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Spengler of Peconic Street , Selden , a son, on March 24. Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Ztizierln of Chichester Avenue , Center Mor- iches , a son , on March 21. Mr. and Mrs. Josep h Masem of Oak Street , Medford. a son . on March 21. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Joehen of I' oosepatuek Lane . Mastic , a son . on March 21. Mr. and Mrs. Dezse Linbrunner of Taylor Avenue. East Patchogue , a son . on March 2-1. Mr. and .Mrs, Harold Merrill of Eagle Avenue, Medford . a son , on March 2-1. Mr. and Mrs. Peter Sherry of Avenue B. Lake Ronkonkoma , a son. on March 25. Mr. and .M rs. .Michael Bocchiccia of Main Street , Center Moriches , a daughter, on March 25. Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Brown of Bell Street , Bellport , a son , on March 25/ Mr. and Mrs. Carlo Ferraro of Clarkson Road , Centereach , a son on March 2(i .

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