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Democrats , GOP Bare Platforms ; Registration Sat. Patchogue ' s village election cam- paign was enlightened this week with announcement of Republican a n d Democratic campaign plat- forms. Meanwhile , unregistered voters were reminded that Satur- day March 5. is Registration day foi- . the election. The Republicans announced their platform last Wednesday at a Mayoralty candidates ' meeting in Temp le Beth-El. Formal release came on .Monday and promises thoioug h defeat of ono-partv rule: 1. To Lower Tax Rate. 2. To develop \ needed free park- ing. \ ' •I. To employ a non-political vil- lage manager. 4. To keep YOU advised and informed of all village affairs. 6. To provide needed sidewalks , curbs and gutters. The Democratic p latform, an- nounced Tuesday night , promises: 1. Lower taxes. 2. Continued development of off- street parking at no cost to the residential districts. 3. Continue to promote closer cooperation between village and town government with respect to elimination of double taxation of village property owners. 4. Continue close cooperation be- tween the village and local civic organizations to promote Patch- ogue as the commercial , industrial , residential and recreational hub of Suffolk county. 5. Continue efforts to encourage Continued on page fi , this .section Expressway, Sunrise Completion Goal: 1967 Funds Remain Big If: ALBANY — If I\ ederal-aid apportionments and state highway appropriations remain at present levels during the next severa l yea is the state expects to complete construction of the Long Island Expressway and modernization of the Sunrise Highway through Suffolk County in late 19(57 , State Superintendent of Public Works J. liurcn McAlorran an- nounced this week. Mr. McMorran ' s announcement followed u meeting at Babylon with Robert Moses, chairman of the L. I. State Park Commission; H. Lee Dcnnison, county executive of Suffolk County, and Milton E. Goul , district engineer of the De- partment of Public Works for Nassau and Suffolk Counties and York City. The meeting' was held for the purpose of reviewing the state ' s plans for the two projects. The superintendent said con- struction of both highways would lie stepped up as rapidly as funds permit. He added that Governor Nelson A. Rockefeller had urged the department to comp lete major projects of this type as soon as possible because of their promi- nent importance to travel and commerce in New York State. Mr. McMorra n noted that in keep ing with the governor ' s re- quest the department in H)59 let more than .$13 , 000 , 000 in contracts on the expressway, which will be Long Island' s princi pal commer- cial route. This amount was 35 per cent higher than the volume of contracts let in 1958 , and equal to the volume for 1957 and 15158. lie estimated it would cost be- Continued on page 7 , this section Jurors Refuse To Indict Man In Shooting Case RIVERHEAD — The retiring Grand Jury, Tuesday night re- fused to indict a 27-year-old Hol- hrook painter on charges in con- nection with the rifle slaying of his next-door-neighbor. The jury refused to return a manslaughter first-degree indict- ment against Edward Rubio of Grund y Avenue , Holbrook , accused of the slaying of Herbert Cruz , 35 , also of Grundy Avenue , Holbrook. County Police said Rubio shot Cruz in the head January 31 , when Cru z stormed into Ruhio ' s house carrying a loaded rifle. Police said Rubio fired one shot from a sawed off .22 calibre rifle. The slug caught Cruz in the head , killing him instantly. According to authorities , Cruz , a father of two children , had accused Rubio of paying too much Continued on page 0 , this section HERO AWARD—?£rt . w.f, ST chogue fireman , was presented with a Jacob Rtippert award plaque and $100 check at dinner at North Patchogue (irrhouse Tuesday night, Jacob Rtippert award for heroism was awarded to Mr. Enters , whose promptness and ability a verted near tragedy. He nave artificial respira- tion to Charles Todd , right , a ne ighbor and fel- low vamp who was overcome in his home by cleaning fumes. North Patchogue Fire Depart- ment , which arrived on scene within three min- utes after being called , used roKcue equipment and was also credited wi th waving Mr . Todd' s life. He was hospitalized for week with serious case of toxic poisoning. Chief Richard Roddy, l eft , is admiring J acob Kuppert plaque. —Advance Photo Democratic Bd. Continues Quiz Of Twn. Zoning The Democratic Brook- haven Town Board set dates Tuesday for four public hearings March I 4 upon al- leged infractions of zoning regulations in the townshi p by the former Republican board . Seeking to nail down theii campaign plank of the Democratic party platform in last November ' s election the Democratic board moved to consolidate its political position by continuing investiga- tion uf zoning in Brookhaven Town which was begun by the \Scandals \ Grand Jury. Board resolutions setting the hearings were prepared by Acting Town Attorney George E. Lech- trecker , who had been appointed January 5 by Town Supervisor August Stout , Jr., to investigate zoning procedures of the former towm board. \We have good reason to think , \ Mr. Lechtrecker said Tuesday, \that 44 grants of relief on zoning regulations , g iven by the former town board , should be considered for revocation. We have good reason to think they should not have been granted. \ Mr. Leehtracker said those who had been given the grants of relief would be able to defend their grants at a public hearing. He said that arrangements had been made for Radio Station WPAC to broad- cast the hearings. Two hearings have been set for 7 p. m. Marc h 14 to decide whether to revoke the grant of relief in zoning regulations given by town hoard May 31 , 1955 to Sykale Homes , Inc. , for property at Sei- dell in School District 11 , and to decide whether to revoke the grant Continued on page 7 , this section Bayport-Blue Pt Bus Transport Issue Defeated BAYPORT — A proposition to provide bus transportation for about . '550 additional children in the Bayport-Blue Point School District was overwhelmingly de- feated Saturday bv a margin of nearly 8 to 1. Of 1 , 05(5 votes cast , fll7 were opposed and 118 were in favor. Twenty-one ballots were void. Approval of the proposition would have made school-bus serv- ice available to all children from kindergarten through third grade living between one-half mile and one mile from the school they attend. The special district meeting was called by the Board of Education as the result of a petition contain- ing 088 names. James Wilson Young, president of the board , was elected chairman of the meeting. Joromus E. Meissner and l.yle Thornbloom , both of Bayport . served as clerk and assistant clerk , respectively. The polls were open continuously from 2 until i) p. m. in the junior high school here. Mrs. Thomas Harris and Mrs. Philander Miller of Bayport , a n d Mrs. Peter Wedegis and W. Paul Shackelford of Blue Point served as inspectors of election. Cromarty Hits Governor OnRetardedCenterSite BLUE POINT—Suffolk County Republican [. ender Ailhur M. Cromarty on Monday expressed \dismay at the utter lack of co- operation we have been receiving from the Governor \ in regard to the relocation of a new $40 , 000 , (10(1 center for mentally-rctaiilcd children. Mr. Cromarty said that the Governor has refused his re- quests and those of Suffolk' s four legislators to furth\r discuss the location of the school in the Mel- ville area. Mr. Cromarty said that Gov . Rockefeller did not answer his letters or telegrams and indicated he had nothing to discuss in the matter of th(? center ' s site. \Demo- cratic state administrations have traditionally located in Suffolk County all the mental institutions they could , but I cannot under- stand why Gov. Rockefeller would follow this learl without furt her consideration. I must say that this apparent lack of consideration for the wishes of the people of our county dismays me. \ The Republican County leader said that he favors a retarded home but would like it . located in an area where \the center would he welcome. Why start off this center when it faces total opposi- tion? \ The GOP leader said that the entire! matter has been the center of so much controversy and \ so many charges and counter- charges have been thrown back and forth that I would suggest a thorough and complete investiga- tion of the entire matter. \ Mr. Cromarty said that the location of the site in Melville would take the fiOO-aere properly off the tax rolls and increase the burden for the rest of the commun- ity as well as decreasing property values in the surrounding area. The area is not easily accessible , he said , and would take land the Continued on page 0 , ihi - . section Mid-Island Dist. Group s Review Expansion Needs RIDGE — The first joint , meet- ing of the Public Information Com- mittee and the Board of Education of the Middle 1 s 1 a n d Central Schools was held at the Ridge School here this week. The needs of the district, for the next six years were reviewed , and the projection shows that in terms of present growth the dis- trict may anticipate an enrolment of approximately 3 , 000 pupils in grades K-12. The present buildings are design- ed to hold approximately 770 stu- dents. The expansion proposed in- volves additions to the present elementary school buildings in Co- ram , West Middle Island , Ridge and Yap hank as well as a 1 , 200 pup il junior-senior high school. It is anticipated that a sub- stantial amount of the cost of these projects will be under the State Emergency Aid Project. Another meeting is planned to discuss the cost of this expansion. Dennison vs. Taxpayers Unit Chief on Spending Proposed Office Bldg. Hit: R1YKRHKAD -- Suffolk' s Domovratic regime and the Suffolk County Taxpayers Association parted company Monday on the issue of the multi-million-dollar capital consti uclion program advo- cated by County Executive II. Lee Dennison. After association spokesman Herbert Bellringer , speaking at the semi-month.y session of the f> Board of Supervisors here , had called upon the executive \to i c- strain your desire to change the face of the county overnight , \ Mr. Dennison retorted that local gov- ernment has \ no choice \ but to prepare immediately for \ stagger- ing increases in population , new business and industry. \ \To provide for the new era , to direct and control the anticipated growth , it is absolutel y and ur- gently necessary to begin imme- diately the p lanning that must he done for highways , zoning, public areas , fresh water , resources, sew- age and garbage disposal , housing, business and industry, airports , marine development , education and agriculture , \ Mr. Dennison as- serted. Focal point of criticism b y Mr. Bellringer and by Col. Oscar J. Bloom , Ml. Sinai attorney, was the $:i50 , 000 p lanning, assembly and office building the executive wants built in Hauppauge. Mr. Dennison was expected to press for action on this project at the hoard meeting but agreed to a delay in the face of certain oppo- sition from the four Republican members of the board and possi- h' y from at least one Democratic supervisor. The new county center at River- Continued on page 0 , thU section Salaries Higher In Near Areas , CTA Tells Bd. BY JOHN McLAIN The Patchogue Classroom Teachers Association regis- tered its disapproval this week of the school board ' s decision to retain the 1959- 60 salary schedule for the 1 960-61 school year. In a statement released to the press the association claimed there aie \differences up to $800 be- tween Patchogue and sui rounding districts on maximum salaries. \ Comparisons show Patchogue aboui. equal on minimum beginning . .alaries . the association said. The Patcho K ue-Medford School Board submitted its decision to the association Feb ruary 1(5 afte r a period of negotiation between com- mittees of the board and the asso- ciation. John Chester , chairman of the board' s negotiating committee , said , \It was the unanimous opinion of the hoard to hold the line on taxes. We were not singling out the teachers for economy. We have been trying to effect other econ- omies in the budget and cut ex- penditures on capital outlay. \ The hoard gave salary increases for teachers last year and adjusted the steps required to reach the maximum fi om 1-4 to 12 steps. Dr . Alden T. Stuart , superin- tendent of schools , acknowledged that \ our toji (maximum) salaries are below some neighboring schools , \ but he called attention to the 12-step schedule as a sub- stantial improvement. In its release the association p la- .ed Patchogue-Medford School District salaries in relation to other districts ' salaries near Patch- ogue and within Suffolk County. A spokesman for the association declined to name the districts from which it drew comparisons. Twelve districts are above the minimum salary paid by l' atch- ogue- .Medford board for a Bachelor of Arts degree , 22 districts are eipial and l.'t are below the local scale , the association said. Under its present salary schedule the Patchogue-Medford hoard pays a minimum of $4 , 000 annually for a if . A. and a maximum of $7JS00 annuall y in 12 steps. For teachers with less than o B. A., including teachers trained under the three- year normal school program , the minimum is $1 , -100 and the maxi- mum is $7 ,100 through 12 steps. In the category of maximum salaries for the holder of a B. A. the association states that :M dis- tricts pay a higher salary than the local board , three are equal to Patchogue-Medford , and ten are below . For the Master of Arts degree or :!0 hours of credits above the Continued on page 0 . this section Patchogue Teachers Unit H its 1 960-61 Pay Scale GOP Candidates Issue Statements Blasting Dems Kepublican candidates for Pat- chogue Village mayor ami trustee posts unleashed their heavy artil- .eiy al a meeting of the Village OOP Committee Tuesday night at OOP head quarters , l. r > North Ocean Avenue , Patchogue . In .statements aimed at their Democrat i Party opponents , they unanimously ugre. d that \It ' s inn . - tor . ' i change \ in the village annuls ;. \ .! 'ittioii. Salavalore II. Shmtino , running again-1 Tiusti\ Robert T. Wald- ' :iurr , the Democrats ' choice for m.ijor , charged that Mr. Wahl- li.uiei . in i ight yeais of serv- ice , \ o;id disappointingl y failed to alisor. ' i siitlii iently the essential e eiui iils of government, to make him de. - .ii alec \ us mayor of the village . Referring to a recent de- hate between himself a n d Mr. Waldbuiicr . Mr , Short inn claimed tha i Mr. Wahlhaii er \failed to have Millions to ipiesti ollS vital to vil- lage u , If. 'll e. \ Albert A. Beiiincisa , a trustee candidate . Hayed the p ie. -ent ad- ministration ' s failure to take :i stand on whether or not the vil - lage police . -huiild join the Suffolk County force. Saying that the Democratic mayoralty candidate admitt ed that he d : d not have facts to form a jud gement on the po ' .ic <)' .n stioiis , he asked how citizens could vote intelligently on thai question if th eir own village: hoard did not know what to do . /¦•eh Zaharakis . another OOP trustee candidate, declared that the present admiiiisl'ation has treated rii- 'hs and gutters as though they were \ a fri'l and a luxury. \ M r. Zaharakis urged th .i t a reasonable percentage of the village budget be allocated In a systematic instal- lation of curbs and gutters . . . not \in one fell swoop, \ but over a period of vein s . John T. (Jack) Palace , third Continued on p age 0 , this section AA/RFf\!^APF of sedan struck Sunday at of three West Sayville men. Automobile was VV fULV ^rw-VVJlL LIEU unguarded grade dragged 500 feet from crash, crossing at Pond Avenue in Ronkonkoma testi- , Donaldson Photo lies to force of impact that resulted in deaths —J erry Donaldson I nolo ¦ unguarded Pond Road crossing - in Ronkonkoma that took the lives of three persons. Edward Von Popering, 5ft , his s-on , Lance. 17. and Mr. Von Popering ' s brother Herman. 70 , all of (52 Brook Street , West Sayville , were killed when their car was struck by an eastbound • LIRR train and hurled nearly 500 feet towards the Ronkon- koma station. Police said Edward Von Poper- ! ing was driving. Sunday ' s accident brough t to 11 the number of train-auto deaths in Suffolk during the past six months. ISLIP — In a move to prevent future accidents at railroad grade crossings the Isli p Town Board Tuesday authorized the installation of highway full stop signs at crossings otherwise unguarded by either gates or lights. The islip Board' s action fol- lowed Sunday ' s accident at the 3 Killed at Ronk. Crossing; islip to Install S top Signs BORN FEBRUARY 29— T \\ ,5: Year baby to be born at Brookhaven Memorial Hospital was Stefan Currier Johnson , son of the Hev . and Mrs. Keith Johnson of West Main Street , Center Moriches . The third child of the couple was born at 12:1(5 a.m. February 29. The Rev. Mr. Johnson , who is pastor of Center Mor- iches Methodist Church , and his wile have two other sons , Leslie , 7, and Barry, 2 , Pictured left to right are Mrs. Carolyn Johnson , Stefan, and two nurses . Miss Patricia Sinclair and Mrs. Marion Hammond. Young Stefan won ' t have his \first '' birthday celebration until February 29 , 1961. —Photo by Joe Gomez P' chogue Village Candidates Mull Election Issues Patchogue ' s village mayoralty candidates participated in a dis- cussion of election issues February 2-1 at a meeting of the Men ' s Club of Temple Beth-El. With Gerald Glass as moderator , candidates Salvatore Shortino , He- publican , .and Robert T. Wald- baucr, Democrat , presented their biogra p hical sketches and outlined their sentiments on questions from the 70-man audience. Taxes , village improvements and off-street parking were the main topics , with the Republican candi- date , Shortino , announcing his party ' s election slate covering promises of reduced taxes , curbing and sidewalks for village streets and the possible hiring of a village manager. Mr. U' aldbauor . an incumbent village trustee , replied that Pat- chogue ' s l!M ' i(l- (il tax rate will he lower , \ as planned b y the current all-Democratic village board. \ lie ¦Continued on page 7 , this section rA rVniHATF^ f \ r ,, aUh,, KUi- mayoralty l ^ /AiNL / IL / M . 1 Lj tD post discussed issues and presented their qualifications at meeting of Temple Betli-BI Men ' s Club last week. Mac Pap- anclt , left , Men ' s Club president , was host to Robert T. Waldbauer. Democratic candidate , and Salvatore Shortino , right , Republican choice. Ger- ald Glass , moderator of meeting. , stands between mayoralty aspirants. —Advance Photo /^B^S^X /w T^ in^ fe j y DWISIOM I JS) Buy With ^^^^fW Where You Confidence .. r<^ ij »SS^ See This Emblem For Classified Ads Telep hone GRover 5-1000-100 1

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